BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-17-18-8A: A new survey says 86% of people would dump someone over their pet.

Thursday, May 17th

Researchers in Scotland say the secret to happiness is turning your phone off by 10pm. Michael Keaton gave a speech at his old college and ended it with “I’m Batman”.


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That's not news that's that's more English and Scott all of them. It's my age you got to deal mr. Scott beam me up because he was gone soft on me yeah but I would use tarnished I am. It's criticized these guys you know are there did you go to. Which we definitely have dominion but Steve and I can't Scottish unit but what's this I am ya gotta be me yeah that's Kirk actually. New research. And that's again that's got restore long and prosper how that also not Scotty you're you're you winning the trifecta. Yeah I'm sure. Our fans crowding academy. I don't know yet researchers and Scotland have found the secret to true happiness. This is the secret writings are you ready yes and by the way Vicky you'll never have true happiness. A life because the secret is turning up your phone at 10 PM congratulations. On I don't yeah. Phones off. I institution go to but it doesn't you turn your phone off but not touching it probably she's asleep pumps are we talk about me oh yes some people told me that I might. Like I just retract on instinct that they mean yeah I if you fuel though if you didn't have to get up early. I mean do you play with your phone so you haven't for the house for us is probably turn your phone off at probably 7 PM I would matches we get up so early. Yes something you love people I go to bed like alive and yes that is aiming an hour before you go to bed turn your phone off yet do you turn on us but yet you see there's a chance and now I'm. I will make your point not to touch my phone the minute pumpkin dances and a psychological thing not for any research reasons but. Up until that moment I'm putting my phone on the nightstand some setting the alarm or make you should know emails that are right work related records or go to bed god forbid something happened so homesick whenever but. I could do that. The funny and I know most people can't look at their phone while Lara going to sleep because they feel wake up for me that's how I fall asleep. Is I'll go to Amy journal look at funny pictures are funny videos and as my ice into gauger B I'll put it down and away. That's a pretty bizarre relaxed to go to sleep. I know that reading can do that for some people but they say somehow the light of the phone but it doesn't affect you know I turned on the live by prince so as well. So they they found that when you use your phone later than 10 PM it messes with your body's rhythms and your head. People who use their phones late at night in right before they were much more likely to have all sorts of problems including loneliness depression and sleep issues subtle excesses I say mr. Armey who loneliness. Yeah you'd be surprised. You know I'm the amendment I've read books weren't like we think we're hyper connect we think we're connected woman do this but actually. We realize wait we're the only one here and we're not connecting really with people are only false connecting I Tex I live tonight in this is right next to me guessing that's connection that's that's the way to do it DS right. I don't know about depression I I doubt this is. You know there's all kinds of depression but she's the last thing I wanna do is. Is contribute to the possibilities of me getting depression and I know I can get it I know I've had it so I I think it is a moment it's okay if they say put the phone down I'm gonna do it. Mickey present a funny point does that tell sometimes and I'm trying to kidnap I'm playing my phone before a final just policies while also playing on my phone on the couch. And there's been times where it's been awkward to be on FaceBook in my fat dumb land on something. And once the man likes that post I was not but like worthy there's about like. Sad stuff all that's always good for the sad face stuff. Knows this is because it's there's rather recently users and I'm I was falling asleep in my hand landed on the are always so you do know you did that this Sicilian message says hey what. Why did you like that. As we talking about I don't know I didn't realize. Jason read taser says that I'm so sorry I falsely pilot from surfing FaceBook Imus who's land it on now once dissent like our America itself off an hour before bed time Steve fast tough access to hair fell petroleum all the another person so in a sea of all these comments there's one person liking and its name reggae your dog died and I can do that. So if you could if you can't go see the idea of addiction you know when I know an addiction is like so. If you can't put it down into the because I've always thought all right if I'm really not addicted to something obviously given up even if somebody I think is being unreasonable on don't be all right I won't do that. And a lot of us won't which means that if we get we will won't get to wind down and we have from all the chaos of social media. Also that blue light from your phone confuses your body keeps you from bawling asleep but somehow it doesn't affect Vicki good I got me the phone they have a certain day goes on your screen that makes him more like yellow view. Or something along those lines that it's been I'd vote night most awesome night mode does do that yes sleep OK because I I had 900 number yeah quote I never trusted I feel like that this is just put the phone is doing just basically pretend men and I I have maybe it works I don't know who does or doesn't vote. So put it down maybe put your phone down by 10 PM and don't touch it. You should be happier also that he's one of those people though that can all sleep without. TV on right thinking yeah so I have had my TV going when I'm falling asleep on Netflix and let it run a wake up at midnight and see that it stopped I'll turn it back on got to actually south. How I ain't I I think it started when racer where you're taking naps and like I wanna watch a TV show and I'd fall asleep watching the TV show. And now I can't not sleep vowing I have to be really tired are really drunk. I'll bring some the very night I mean when the other night I had to take breaks and hang over. Farmers and I want to point in my son's side past south. Well we've seen them. I'm an opponent one and something else in the OK well that makes sense and I hear you deafening and pass out once you continue your adventure and and and and come to the end of your venture Giambi a fear mind though because what if I got to wake up sort of a wake up tomorrow I just coming into the house yeah that's another there's the all right yeah. At this person's single this person has in recent AB can't live with people and do that if they have access to you because you write this Steve is nothing more. I never wanted anybody to discover me like that ever I saw the hole. Virtual reality glasses. Always you know yeah are you exactly we don't just watch it with not know anything else is no I don't need I know now. Now I don't want some might go hey near an end to. Got a new survey here that says 86% of dog owners say they would dump someone. Who didn't like their dog parent graduation you 14% you are not there. I am totally not do so until I went outside the idea idea that this is why I see. I think OK if I was single what I do I go I walked the park a lot of insight can now there's some a lot of nice woman but they're they're what they're damn dogs are gonna work out between you get a dog. I am not getting a dog that I got to a single you get a dog units are parts lead all the honey some could I rent them and Jerry acts you'd be approved walker. Oh yes I guess I could she get paid to do it yeah hey did you pick got chased attended the lead but then but I think I like they're dark sea they think I like dogs and I wanna be and some woman's flea bitten apartments. I know for me when when Lisa was allowed are my last dog before I remember I was climbing my wife that was like the equivalent of me my parents like I had to make sure she got along my dog otherwise there was no way that relationship would have worked. Wow and you see non tender a lot of bad guys open and they're commenting girls it says. If you don't get along with my daughter you like my god it's the dogs always you know win just don't even bother swiping right with. Maine and I appreciate that yeah yep I do appreciate you let me know ahead of time because I William you're you're out there why waste time yeah I got to tell the person get rid of the target smeared the dog that's funny yeah people who trust your dog to set them up three out of ten people say they abused their dog as a way to start talking to a potential daylight decent you know a single person should do. And I guess they're saying it works 84% of the time. It is an icebreaker I seen people who would never talk to each other and because of the dogs they do yeah I CNET at the park. I feel like man I would like to be able to do that with people without the dog cat because sure he can but it's hard to figure out a common interest without knowing the person and human beings manned more facts come on her right you know we're on the Chinese captain hit between the different love man that's like the most awkward thing hi we're humans let's talk. Right it's not only because we just forgotten how to connect we as Brothers if we want like let's just say we're on an alien world man. And I cannot excuse this and other countries if you all of a sudden know somebody's from your home state and you like another country and happened to me when I was in Peru. We are met somebody from Washington and they were like. Hey Andy yeah so right up the bag did but if we were in Washington we would never talk right. May I remember in Hawaii you know wearing a Seahawks are. I a lot of people go hey go hawks know we have a quick conversation but the team well what are we hoping for a you have. Because you've found something of a common interest and you have a dog. And so now says when you know instantly go that persons like me they care enough about their dogs are taking on a walk that's open up their backyard and Iran that their big spending quality time underdog so you get a lot of cancel a 100% down while the ice more than just being human I'm actually more energy now understand BJ while crowd the dogs of comes on comes up and says. Hey you like does now I hate him. Yeah it is understood but it Donna what do you say to meet people like you you know now is Sino NIH are already so nevermind it's a dog he's Georgian. Sell almost 80% of people say they actually are likely to hook up with some of the staff person also has a dog. See I think there's some wrong. I've I've had dates happen because of their dog park in the past C I think best I guess so that it's shorthand for you to know that I guess you are not least likable enough because you can take German animal. Yet as I guess what we nursing would dot let's replace dog with board games. And you're out like cafe mocks yeah and you saw Sony play a game that you dug. And JKR. Your primary game two that's awesome you have a conversation hey we still grab coffee sometimes is due bit. No it's not still the same thing it's just CIA it's it to me yeah that's it's the same thing you're right this is so you are right I can argue with that. I'd like to. But I like dogs. Yeah I do I do hate docs now. And I and I am now and I I hate to anything humans have them so you know I hate people like board games in DJ it's very very is that very specific anyone else who played four games not named DJ ally yeah. All right I would I'd I'm sorry my phone is blowing up I think people forget I have a job my friends who run with just keep on texting me at social and I. Kind of job I'm gonna god damn radio do you people know it's a little blows up all the time I suing people who did this you know I have this job that's him that's very decent iPhone and similar. Yeah way. You about a I don't know I want you allowed no I'm not gonna look let's try something nice note I don't maybe general we've agreed to I know you noticed I am the one friend that text went listens to the show and decides he's gonna text me. And I think it's it's in my pocket vibrating genius it's not the time to get in touch with me you know call us on the phone if you want to go on FaceBook I will not take up my phone Regis stupid text I'm doing my show. Well at least here now yeah well it's gonna hear how did Tyson back saying I'm sorry Jason how we got him. Moron idiot moron anyway he's actually about I'm not gonna I wanna know I tell you wanna know I don't job here is coming sooner we do go up but it does not curious about what led him to one attacks you why you can break one of your no I'm not a good honor roll yeah exactly and I'm not gonna do he knows my rules to he's out. He's yeah he's now lost texting privilege some blocking him. Hamas idiots I want to know now and I mean honestly I mean obviously I didn't feel good but his multiple millions and Dylan and I'm noticing right now look like pretty cool is buzzing like gets invited Mickey's house I don't. Slipped and I. So I mean that's. So who I like to argue that that is actually very accurate. Does this. All right so. You know let's are you ready for this this one I know like 16% of dog owners marry dog owners. Since he came down to it they'd rather celebrate your dog's birthday. Then their spouse's birthday. Must try cheaper but I'm people who take the day off for their dog's birthday okay don't tell me that. My bad sorry zodiac I can I mean I can handle that anymore. No I really can't. I'm not even sure I I I never got that hardcore about dog my dogs like. I'm more aware of that didn't do not know when her birthday his dad and I are going to be a sad and we get her birthday treat I've I've I've thought this was the whole other thing I just Christmas I thought the people get mad when folks go hey you know what I don't have to have kids and wanna have kids so don't tell depression and have kids on my that's cool and any turnaround they have a dog in choosing a decade. New and I might you know you kinda I do on the whole kid thing this is a way a you know you say you didn't want children they want the experience and all you've done is basically create these rays with a dog mode on this I don't think I'm. Pissed off teenager so us probably won't know the dog eats the couch now the K my kids as bad as they were did need to couch I'll be awesome if you came home today and Cyrus eating your couch that would be pretty amazing. Somebody says what if it's an emergency does that tax Tia. You know what I know I there's no there's only two people Miley this how many three people. Three people and so my guess I feel like you're the one that's not an emergency Ochoa never text for even if he was dying he wouldn't explain. Now if you wanted to buy something he text me I'm never he says he works it'll just commandos asked me on the commercial break. But especially people my wife and my two kids. Those are the only Texan I will look at right away and go what's going on anybody else you're not that important to me so why I don't care if you're dying don't tax me during the show. And I know I've one of my friends is dying touch me during the so I will leave and help you on how you won't you have a job here. That's what my friends is dying in needs me now the closest person that he gets to them now you stay right here. There's no there's no stopping me good luck trying to stop me from going to help my friend you. Friend of what did you do that someone's dying you can't do anything we gotta go do I can hold them. Aren't actually I'd pay to see them a pretty good with a sewing needle I guess it's a mop you could stitch mafia. Hey I got some great news for Batman fans Michael Keaton you know that guy. I'm sure statement I mean I'm so everybody know Michael Keane was the first that manhunt for the new movies okay good. How one should ever knows that. Maybe he's taxing you right now until I I would take Michael Keaton stacked all at a bus so now there's four important person well yeah because he's a guy I mean you know you're a celebrity I'll take your text. Michael Keaton just said something that made a bunch of Batman fans very very happy. What do what you hear his words. That's what we're gonna do 817. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the at nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's. Michael Keaton. He gave the commencement speech at his alma mater Kent State University Ohio. And there was an awesome moment at the end that made many bad man fans happy. I don't know more things to say you know let's take a second that got two words and I want you all to remember they're very important if I leave US anything's. I'm gonna leave you would these two words. And those two words are. I'm Batman. Consultant. That's that's very kind of you see south gay guys are doing and what you'll do it Plattsburgh. Yeah we may unions when they never invite you come June FC slid timely because most successful got a lot of Plattsburgh now all. Thank I mean think about putts Plattsburgh new guy continues to make some movies cause the guys in movies. Everything he's ever made it yes. And also lie I think Anthony Weiner has been there for a minute to yourself. I think he's never going to be asked to our. Do Tim Robbins. Folks are probably some Robinson and a miniature empire saw Tim Robbins is a guy I remember correctly but I think people not more people know you answer yes did your mom your stardom bumps and a pass and yet you pressing him in the same category so won't be on the free it's a second to the graduating class at school here that I was like when winds when someone unsolicited does their catch phrase yeah on the spot because they do dummy taking out why they are generously podcasts most majors the world of wrestling I obviously the couple months ago that talked to the million dollar man Ted DB Osce. Iconic WW you guys a lot of WUS a legend a hall of Famer and all that he always had a net cash race everybody's got a price for the million dollar man oh yeah I'm doing the interview I don't not gonna ask him to do that because I imagine everybody does that but sure is S as I'm saying good bye to him. He just drops it I think we have the idea of us here. Well I think you very much and I do remember wandered towards Jerry Jerry I should make an element and how. Let's go outside and you look through the door and that's in your world wrestling career former member board yeah. Let's see that's. That's what I would do that for the rest of my life you're remembered for something you did something that people always remember Mick Foley always. And I've interviewed him in even when I did the big trip to content with them he and everything with. Have a nice day to that was his tax rates. I think you're crazy to not do that I really really do. It is Imation wonder though how cooler people to these guys were they don't feel annoyed by doing mean mega zones constancy city seriously do I get annoying. It would get annoying but I would still do it because how do you stay Heidi Heidi you stayed in the -- in the public guy if you don't do and if you're good enough performer you can shake it. You really can I mean you really really can do it but it really frustrating when guys. Won't do it like a feisty comical Auckland on a big twelve to expand. You would know if you sit you yeah you see him but I had a lot you can beloved twin peaks that they know. I would say hey man. Which like a damn fine cup of coffee out of low end and it every interview now to excuse me I nearly every damn fine cup of coffee because that was his thing he's got all the time. Yeah I like it when they do it any unexpected I never would be the person I'd be like any. Do that line for me yeah I was besides I wondered if you go we've I'm not a midnight on the matrix and wouldn't go masters Shea he wouldn't do it go made an awesome was I wasn't expecting it I wasn't gonna put on the spot to do it's only did it there's a legit like holy crap he just did that. That was awesome yeah. I ER IE. I never understand that I think boy. That's why I love William Shatner because everything he does he has a little Kirk in it he's Smart enough to know stress I think when comics started making fun of captain Kirk and and the exaggerated way that they would do that whole character. Every role he has you can catch a little current and I think it's intentional because he knows. That's is iconic new performance and he will always in some way shape or form stay relevant. Need to he's doing the new Priceline commercials again he's back for their anniversary and easy to see captain Kirk can that and I think that's why he's such a Smart guy that Shatner. When do you think goes if everybody kept coming onto and say hey man say Scotty beam me up DDQ we get annoyed gotta be me he would be annoyed may be enticing you know after awhile yeah I'd depends a meat I have been around William Shatner when he tenacity stuff and he says no. But I also know that he's a great interview with so it's great performer so. I think you're Jimmy Walker bring up all the time. It's a really know or care about him anymore rivals is different and I get it but if he had said dynamite over the years and he kept saying it at least like Vicky would go always that the guys keep saying dynamite she and I don't want to be known as. Giant joked there's always should always raises catch phrase all the time and that's all he can do Eliot Gallagher I mean seriously I mean even though Gallagher is nowhere near as popular as Jimmy Walker was back in the day you were you will remember Gallagher does that once stupid thing he always does but I guarantee you if we were talking to Williams shattered has come and see Scotty beam me up he try to be like without guys seriously I did it yeah he would probably be enjoyed it. But if I would do it he probably wouldn't it depends I think it really netted him. Bonds Matt if you go here so meanwhile yeah I if I might be but the guys who don't ever wanna do it like they won't even do it on their own. Like you know that that's I look and your enemy you're a moron you don't know that's a catch phrase that'll keep your business forever you're an idiot one person. Suzanne the actor Aaron Paul gets asked a Costanza pitch from his character from breaking dad asks hey do you call I was a bit shallow allow that which by the way I is a great great thing because that's what Jesse's known for on that show Patrick Stewart refuses say make itself. See you know a credit I don't blame anyone out say what am I just this bold. But in my you'll carry it. After a while get a normally I will be your parent if I'm making cash you say that but after awhile it everywhere you went someone's like say this. Saying it. Treating you like is if your last I would love to have the chance to be that guy that steps to make again I make him bank. And I'm still I know I'm still out there if I wasn't the public finally Jimmy you are guaranteed while I was not make him back. And people ask him to do something where you didn't see a dollar summit damn maybe reserve a sore subject is probably Bakley was a teenager doing good times I don't know what kind of syndication dealers all he probably announce and write a lot of people back in those eighties and seventies sitcom has gotten jerked over and I regret came to Iraq residuals so maybe it's a sore subject from because he doesn't see dime one from good times I still think it's a strategic mistake. I should we say Steve I would be annoyed too I mean like I. You know we're 88 it surely can get annoyed when somebody is treating you like you're less than take a picture of me and you just do that yet exist yet that I I mean I saw I saw that happen and I had a con where Shatner was peppered by. A professional broadcaster which I was so shocked this person. And they they they pepper him for autographs and they told me he did ask him to start talking like a character on another TV show that he is doing. And you hear it this I would never be that guy. But I would doubt if I do an interview on the radio and I'm public I'm publicizing whatever the hell is your publicizing I feel like all bets are off we're just like we're all part of people basically advertising you but if I just met him I don't think I'd ask him I think that that. A different story every detail interviews of one day and everybody's giving him a hard time I'm not saying something I did you get a little frustrated personality still interviews I think you should immediately we had that one guy didn't wanna do it. You have one comic. And member even even like two interviews it was kind of a pain any gasoline ambulance and what are miles off. Now I'm not I'm simply I was I can name invoke what every other time you name them I know maybe your they dug them commences kicking and. We don't see a guy who likes and I wish I help ya ya know I can't I you're dad but I mean. And at least had agreed it was like what are you doing stuff you don't wanna do I mean this part of the comes with the territory just like you know. People sometimes say stuff to me don't talk about my penis you know they'll make it that that comes up and psych. Yeah you know really don't have a conversation about my penis but you know it's part of my job I mean it's I signed up for this and as long as the company still pays me I'm not gonna be upset and it's. If I know from my penis for the rest of my life but I still get paid. All right I'll take this to us we don't tell me you're not going to be known for your penis to clean things up. Realized I had people say sort of CN either what is known says amen do the end either that's whoever did. Sometimes you get annoyed but I also don't get annoyed did them I get annoyed inside but I really know what it's part of the job and Emma Romeo and every appearing either just because Charlotte showing you my friend. Well supposedly anyway friends seek in Norris does not this. External Basilan island. We'll purses and I met with excellent comedy comes usually see Mick Foley on my wife of Schwartz and mrs. should be Jed gallbladder surgery. Mix inter personal media wishing her well and and he ended it with have a nice day. I wonder how that started did Mick offer or did he ask I think he asks. Because it's tough with. I that's the thing I have a hard time with people sometimes put their phone call those that don't call somebody on the phone and the like will be playing some board games. And I don't be on their farming us OK then I'll put the fun of for me hey this is my blank say hi I'm like. Hi aid but I know that's gonna happen so it's like our evidence diet I got a new dog and pony show because again because it's 'cause what I do for a living. I always love the one that's had that happen in the personally and and has no idea what the hell's going on C got zionist society ten and awkward echoing this I'm like I don't Steve. Who who grew on the steel Europe. You boyfriend told me to say hi Diana and why well now you know it's unknown if you're just reared its very awkward moment I'm disguise the radio. Any censure for. And apparently you're not a fan I was at an audio recording of the thanks for that plus the I know somebody I would love to say to anybody who puts a phone for me please make sure the person that you you don't know those who I am otherwise that they did not call from Orlando. And what's really or a plumber is a vita can't be bothered by attacks in his pocket from Sony knows but he you do a perfect strangers continually ask him to do yes right. That's good you know why because my friends I I don't have to doing my friends are not paying me. But perfect strangers who listen to the show day and a way they're paying my they're paying for me to be able have a slipping. Moments I'd be wrinkle or he doesn't defines lines for fans as he realizes how does stand he would have nothing. Did you see action exactly might see a mad that's exactly. Right there's a bad ass he's a cool guy and who doesn't enact have you seen the picture of him where he went to Milwaukee any posed in front of the Henry that the fonts are so far no I haven't seen that it's awesome. They're very used to the statue version of him as the fonts and it's pretty cool yeah. Stay I would do that every day out of his live in the town that's the statue of me and stayed there all the time that's really cool. That's very very cool and learns it's fun tidbits of information out there doing what we're we clerk that he had his dyslexia. Which is why he always did. The a lot in the show because he couldn't remember the line it's all really yeah that is also so. The fines from happy is innocent some two bit data has not news show music videos up I know because of Family Guy they hit a double course. Family Guy keeps things thrown thank god it's really it's a Seth MacFarlane it brings back all of our childhood so that the young kids who know what it's about my mummies to watch it here OK you ask this. Now it was a jam I'm happy days plus the show Ron Howard is an area yet on us he was Alia and Anson Williams. Okay who composing room that was Todd Z. And Ralph mouth. I don't know his name. I used to but I'm I'm I'm kinda happy that I don't and Saatchi. Are throwing hands I don't touch it got to know what what's juts into the show was jumping the shark even at which by the way jumping the shark does come from happy days when funds actually jump the shark and they say okay. They've run out of plots. Yes you know that Danny so the term jump the shark actually came from that TV show. OK Denny does. You don't sing. Some I don't signature Oscar because I like too much. Gotta be honest. Iran having on the iPod I can I really can't. IU SA Steve he did get this one wrong that Peter raised Winston and who tells me to the original ghostbusters. All Harrelson now it's the towel now. This climber. Oh but as Steve actually had the actor's name right there was Harold Ray Anderson played he'd gone in ghostbusters. I shot did he seem OK you've got a 206421. Rocks complaint be made saved 47. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are. I'm people who saw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time of not having good credit and having collections each other's very concerned because. 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