BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-17-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, May 17th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Three big days Friday August 24 through Sunday August 26 it's happening Wye River interest here and we've got a lot of great fans water all lined up. Can't wait to see Alice James man Allison for against James. And still don't pilots in the same night and the colts and watch it as outrageous on and on goes yes. Full lineup it's available Zia KI SW dot com yet three big days. You wanna yell take gets all day is some tickets some doubt you know what he's gonna KI SW dot com as you get tickets and I don't wish to get to five. Do remember two dollars and each one sold benefiting the fights policy foundation that supports trojans efforts and homelessness here in Seattle. Mean there. Okay. Now be paying. And in turn down here. Thanks. It is Friday June. So excited I mean it's still Thursday on dude no man has since it's it's a big deal weekend as far as I Yasir. This whole freaking day. Hey Abbott Thursday man this is like I'm getting ready for doing nothing on Friday outlook. Pick up a couple of our right then yeah I suppose in my knees he's doing hypocrite if we're talking about I'm an incredible employee yes incredible. Georgia doesn't today we got Tyler in Seattle and take on Steve Tyler are certain. Yeah excellent what's he plays for today. Tickets I sit down for packets gets you in a few friends or go to got the first big race of the 28 he sees an evergreen speedway and I was destroying community college mark Galloway won fifty shoot out. Happening on May 26 go to KI SW dot com for all the details UNC surveil without. Dot com RE ST out of here. For those playing at home Tyler will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Tyler you can pass all you want but you only get three guesses for question. Are you ready yeah I'm right. FaceBook was originally developed as these social tool for students that which university. I'd hurt you as who would stay and sister on the TV show south pars. I need to. Asks yeah which European country replaced the Deutsche Mark quickly hero. He adds how many strings does that typical Mandel and Alex. It was asked which city is notable for the nickname the windy city. Chicago the ads which novel portrays the life of the Jones family during the Great Depression. Which fast food company carries the frosty dessert treat. What is there are going now. He thinks that you ask who won a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Michael told yet as to who played mr. white in the movie reservoir dogs. All. And. How 12345. Of the six current moves. We had this me interest and it will be yeah. This right down very well that's now in the middle it's a little bit better than down the middle so yes you're right he's got a little bit better then down the middle chances. Thanks Dan thanks a sense thanks mr. stack Elin and I don't see Siemens us that it made sense well you Allentown to tell us how you know well he knew some answers and a couple whom received Hariri who yes. FaceBook was originally developed as they social tool for students that which you know our city he adds. Who is Steve and sister on the TV shows south market. Lisa notes. Mac news now. I don't know how would you European country we're pleased to deutschemark with the hero Denmark's number. Ducks now. Italy next harmonies. Rings does the typical Mandalay and happy for now I know sixty no errors. This city is notable for having the nickname the windy city Chicago yet as which novel portrays the life of the Jones family during the Great Depression. Wish how portrays the life of the Jo Stanley during the Great Depression she has no interest. 1984. Now. Mark Twain know all the places you'll go there was just no but I can't listen from the bush fast food company carries the frosty dessert treat Wendy's ads and that's who wanted to record eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the shouts. Yeah as one C three. Forward cock you'll lose I'll horn. Tyler oh well oh that's right they create and you know it's that Mays. Yeah you all missed the the same winds but Tyler got a couple of those extra ones correct so they didn't actually miss all the same ones for the miss most of the same well the ones that Steve missed Tyler mr. as well I played those ones that case you're rice AA so congrats Tyler you embody it. Yeah I know you're gonna tell you who will find out how to get your press moods he knew that the typical mandolin has eight strings I thought she would get deck and he's a musician kinda medium but he's a drummer. Yeah yeah oh million artists and musicians are close to save maybe didn't know about the strength. Wasn't gonna. Be mean here are you should you meet him outside. He also knew that the Deutsche Mark goes from Germany. Hot tarmac. Deutsche marks Diop. And then anybody know who stand sister is on South Park I cannot think your minutes at summits of my time but I can't it's Shelly yes go. Kelly artists because she talks like these fish he had JR he earned her mouth yeah. But the and then these novel that portrays the life of the Joseph fairly during the great depression and you this is way out mine and I'm I'm sure it's an old person's book and I still don't know if it's not To Kill a Mockingbird is that no it's not. This is the grapes of wrath. Probably something you would ask what are they now high school what do you mean higher in those memos that showed family and the Joseph death all illegal Joes junior had a snow so that when I was younger and normally I just not chosen to scrapes I'm sure along the Brady sure at that it's not that okay and congratulations Tyler beating Steve. That's I don't man you meet Steve you win that's how it is even if you tie Steve you're gonna get a prize that works to. Got a new study turns out only 3% of men are taken their wife's last name as they get married. We thought would be more because we thought that was a trend things are happening because I wish they would tell us you know old say fifty years ago what. That trend was like you know I bet it was less than 3% I don't know yeah I don't know anyone that I don't know anybody as they're Weis lessening. I don't either I think I knows only as a hide things yet the heights and I've heard a lot of those yeah it's weird because I mean it wouldn't matter. I am for some reason that's the one thing on traditionalists about which is ridiculous and I think about it because nontraditional as a a lot of things Riverside regional last made things. Third for all these years I just telephone line with that there. Apparently has assault on and you know from parties together as early as Ellie her husband took her last name on Lyme Disease Marcus I don't. Well yeah I'm bragging rights Louise west yeah exactly so I thought that was pretty. Are you kidding me I would be BJ Johansson and heart he said yes I'll take that right now Stan. 87% of marriages still winner take my husband's last name. Six for seven neither person changes their name. So please keep what they gotten. And 4% to Weis does to the high for nations are really high and eight we know Iceland's but apparently it's only 1% more than people who take the last thing and how how is that we don't know anybody that's kind of got. There was less than you Weis lessening. Oh yeah well yes I. It's a stage staying yeah I area I don't know that. Don I'm yeah I know I know he said that before you ask desert me yeah I mean it's not the name I run around with what my license but yeah. I did take it is a slow look you know maybe 3% I was crying and brother was ahead of the trend baby. So I forgot Shea is cam is counties maiden name and that's awesome it just worked out she idol does that yeah we did the idea I guess I did because I know I really wasn't there when it's like to know if I did it on my licensed and it would be a real big deal to me. Think yeah I hear that I I mean I sounds crazy like MS I wouldn't really change my name I had to go do that because I had a I had a name given to me when I was a dot before I was at dot because they didn't adopt those eighteen so I did have a different name performers is I have always nice name I was doing knife and a seminary moved isolation and is well with the last name. Dario. So Chris has RB Jason Barcelona I get the bag. Vicki and I that no one now. Well sir I mean I'd have to senile last thing too because surprise surprise that some aerial as names. You must do we have to save less and like no we don't need a. There are people with less than Barcelona apparently had no diet as lasting as Canada. Well the candidates Canada oh yeah I did that every team us in time to time there are chuckling yeah. I can't to Canada. Stick and hit it at an OK so how about this you wanna know what makes a guy take his wife's last name they said the bad trend what text has. A logic behind it poses several days who depend on who does a proposal. All of this that they don't have that down here okay. You know what if I I don't have a problem with that does usually demand does the proposal whose but I mean and heterosexual situation. But if indeed in in a heterosexual situation the woman does a proposal all right what else she's got the balls to do it why not the take a name. But here's what they're saying. Manner that have more education. Are less likely to take their wives last name so if you got a dumb guy ladies he'll take your last name according to this. That's interest go to his voice assuming I'm. On chip in me she's the ask us. She was a Smart one she went did some new age hippie thing and said this is the name we should use on the radio and at the time my career was going down the toilet it was going in neurology doing exactly role and she said let's figure this out because Mike because she came to me because the crew wasn't gone Mike could get a residence visits a Canadian job. As you said let's figure out a new name for you'll do it numerology and CD give you name it adds up to a number that means success. And you know I mean it. Six and number land. Yes it's yeah actually that's the way they do if I don't know how. How are they doing and number two iconic remembers how it's numerology or is she knew she had the formula I don't know how she did it but they came up to BJ Shea was the greatest name that. The greatest for my career the two and you need to have sex death six and six other Shiite but I think there's more of a mighty Slattery CE Sloan each letter means a number CN you're the six I need to drill actually had to change minds as a look at the tonight. Yet as we will reap the benefits of success yeah is that the 69 success and Steve durst does well shoot that's right fight. There and he does this guy he's seen and the winds and hasn't worked out soon. I believe grandmother yeah also why does that have to work any thoughts and honestly I guess she's mine in the morning. Yeah that's it. Had stolen. Who doesn't want a 6:9 in the morning you're so happy yeah you're very very happy about that. All your bank failures so highbrow and there are losers DJ the wording that's right that's different without a role that's to say last night as well. Hope chase and take it easy but these are out. I'm which is an ambitious 69060. Imus was a 69 in the morning Sherwin and you know what time we finish our shift that was timely and it was well on its luck. Who will now on from 606 to nine yeah I don't mind that there's one less hour plus all right our work on our before that I now it's an MPT this is your viewers right numbers numbers successes since. OK well also it turns on this survey younger men were more likely to take their wife's name and older men. So basically that if you want if you cougar if you're Kruger has this got to take demand usually I would say it adds. People like this but I go you understand. That basically the name you wanna keep which is the name you grow up with. Was named it was forced on the woman of that marriage to it's like Dick you don't have your own name your name and the name you were given was the name that they gave you a birth so you have no choice in this you think you do but you don't you take as somebody else's force last name even if it's the one you grow up what I heard some people and they get married the kind of smush their names to get after it doesn't I'll name. Okay now that is at least something original I will go for that. Tell you how how hour or so it should migs should remain sniff in semi hostile hostile environment may. And I like that notion makes is that I gave LA county three days. All right well yeah I don't think he got himself again endemic in the morning. OK I think I don't let us don't get some teachers made the Internet. Sixty and it's a 69 McGahee shield from sixty OK wherein we got it. And so we get a busy everywhere are citizens like you are Christian radio show that still work yeah. Buzz excuse the student section in the okay. Oh yes because they would they would support that can usually so well Steve yeah yeah I see that ever gone gone gone in the tower. You simply can't just like tonight is something naive and as bad joke now what are Lewis why you have a month McGahee show you don't worry because 69 out of 67 he's joked Steve does a really good now a debate that I time. You know timing is on The Daily Show it's true this is some bluesy to pick the top. You guys I'm sure you know he you know America's in the causing no Nazi and general area aren't. We've got to go and I didn't. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Listeners on the loose you think it's not you guys to show. Because you Jackson died seventeen. On the Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. I don't point nine KI SW Barack Seattle's blisters on the loose. You pick the topics you guys who shows 206421. Rock Texas 77999. You get to take this show wherever you want a ticket but remember Steve as this one room. The simple reason this show senator Tim Graham otherwise you're not big time. Bore hole turns go to Joshua bottle Josh you Iran Iraq. God has a bad Josh got first and anybody. Oh well do you think Steve us. They got a hypothetical situation sort of you know about what. The general general all right thanks Harry go walk up geospatial aviation. Hey I want you right here right. Let the cat share yeah Jennifer you have to clearly fatigued and carriage there nebula Williams. A well. That is and to see her ridiculous. Isn't your nasty you. How does that give up yet you do know WDC avengers movie yes she's the blue lady that was all strung up remember they were trying to get information not heard she was all strung up like they hate us right now fail out of that sentence mystique and mystique is the blue lady from the X-Men you probably Syria ABC Jennifer Lawrence and those movies yeah. Yeah okay so I decided I know I I know I think Steve is gonna go with Jennifer Lawrence on the mystique. Yeah and I have to say Tennessee moves. Well let's just because mystique has like less clothing on and that's the result they were dressed that way I do like well I've eight and I've always had a thing for mystique even back in what was the first mistake was her name. Who's director remain at hand yeah our panel Rebecca remains misty first. Yeah I can't argue with that I'm not knowing outage and Jennifer Lawrence is an attractive woman as well but yeah I'm Rebecca remains mystique was meticulous sexy about your buddy. I don't know I mean Jennifer becomes obvious choice. Oh okay. Does the ball hit the panic yell out. Outside this and I will tell you I'm a big Sharon Gillen sand anyway and and I and I have a that I loved red hat's Karen Gillen is our is a plus she's an amazing actor. Feel like I still you'll be great to stand with that chair right questions are they supposed to dean chair Karen they themselves in cost us. All of it. Themselves during the middle of the shoot you say hey look I got by him into my trailer. OK so they're just like acting as they take your editor Al sorts public junior. And all of that's a case of assisting actors then yeah I'm gone Terry Jones and then. I think indefinitely mistake. You know a lot term move. It's good point Hamilton and I not say well you know what I guess and I've I've fall Terry Jones career a lot just because I'm too from Doctor Who and I just always thought she was awesome. And you know let's you know probably little creepy because she's probably young enough to do my daughter so let me that when the go to guy out of creepiest. Yeah cause I was like somebody else thinks it's creepy cult eleven day and I've said before as the new season west world is on mob the mob character I mean age. Knee is Garrett Graham and our laws what are known as soon do you sell him a look get a name. I didn't get to any mutiny had always she's sexy and she's been naked on the show so exciting is this woman is unbelievable she's gonna be in the new console movie ten are okay I'm gonna go to. I think she's also socialize at all about him so well television has you gonna sitting there will be ten solo to let's go to Troy who's an. Upstate New York Troy you are on the rock. Hey guys go cap meant anybody don't forget no matter where you are in the country you can now hear Russell Brand new way radio dot com they have an app you can listen on line. You tell us a new radio talk company got Troy. But I also want I would hear it every day and yeah you're not nice at where you are not saying are you. I'm in Auburn New York are you admit it's let's hear Rochester buffalo yeah. Are little diluted. Years ago to Seattle and I always tell us every girl like you all costs shoot that well if you ever run into. My buddy brother Wii's tellem I said hi yeah I mean he's I he's a legendary rock. History's greatest manager in and you have poor Kyle Jones added those guys down within our guys went to college well for. Does a lot of guys are running to actually get in good shape. And I acknowledged 2000 my buddy ball who's up from buffalo so you get to radio guys bowler Wii's you should be be in good shape by would you all. Why are you hearing how good a good guys you can go on and say it. Did I might start to sign. A bad read not a Adam might look like. In about double talkers and are now. And you recently got married last year and he took his wife's name. And your direct all the mob that delighted yeah. That's why that's literally nothing to do you want to feel like. Non are proud to insert a little duck it's. I love that now was there a possibility he would take your last name was that they were in the discussion Troy. Maybe before he turned eighteen bad. You know we were ruined their partner relationship. In all now we are. Nadia are you you're that would give my grandfather. I'm proud as well. I saw some I know I'd say some I appreciate the culture right I probably would have done that to knowing the kind of person I am. Yes I had a horrible relationship with my dad to the point where is like he's he ran out I mean whenever I probably would have done the same thing I would take my wife's name in marriage just to (%expletive) off my my so called father. But you know what my my dad even though we fought a lot. He still he did so much grows up in America and I doubt that yeah hundred nonexistent in this kid's life Sonoma so I knew him but her because there's going keep your name festivities and idiots I know this is so. Okay good dad get a job and you can we do what you were hoping you would you talking about Steve that's crazy talk it's not secure relieving your your body or mind performers and acts of my last name and asked me if I can keep it. Basically keep the world we divorced I told that she earned it. Okay hope that's interesting what's on these somebody still stay with the last name that they had with that marriage I don't know the total people have done that too. I dice I don't understand why am I like that I don't get in my. It's just too difficult to change stuff. My girlfriend did that with her ex president is she so has her ex husband's last name and it's just because it sees it's too much money into complicated skin changes how much money is it. Harrison like I know well for an over my ex she paid something like 300 for both those Laker heard lasting change backed her original and then my daughters to get hyphenated. Remove it you're. Easy lay in LA at least she hyphenated Arianna she could have really been you know. Do you want skis and now there so I'm not what I got a problem always rather some women also if deaf kids with that last thing and it has been decided in the divorce they don't wanna change arrest him to sit there and that's in the same as their kids yeah Austria Holland yet that while there is that you write me these are you contact mr. Smith is taking operate her her daughter Sally Smith that makes a lot of sense. Yeah okay. Well I it is listeners all those you pick a topic you guide to show 206. Sports one rock. Few Texas 77999. We got more because more he attacks of 933. On Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I quite like JR. Iraq got Seattle listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show just go to Brian in Lindy and Brian you are on the Iraq. C good morning guys tomorrow Brian welcome to show us more money. So today is my 22 birthday congratulations man that's her thing duke. And for my birthday when in the senate in new word go and see where our money at the Pacific Coliseum and then and yeah who ride out. So good player but he meant to limit god testament and and traction you know the whole lineup goes pretty much slate. Gonna panic graphs without being a candidate Barack Al dance song and yeah ranch so. I didn't go much into the mosh pit stirred the first or banned because I want a Wear myself out the first time I did that. So I waited floor display area and I guess I'm literally three roads and pads. Away from them very proud stage like I mean Gary hole are just. Contact your eye it's and then I look at Kerry king any stroke this take Atlanta. Perfectly right at my seat to nobody nobody noticed so I did play decked out like two. Still in the capital mode can amend the Masha right up this and and how do you stay on the prime and the signature on the back and I'm like that it's so cool so I put in my match that. That was given to might be a cheap tickets but the bank had ripped during the martian I didn't know it. So dire picture had fallen out. And I noticed it so I went back into that it and I took out my cell phone which I never UN a mosh pit. And I turned on the light in its search there reality that and I found not pick a newly created or some. I created a new term guys it's just like look implore pick and a mosh pit. Yeah I. Well I saw that yeah and that they are usually yeah you closer than that is the one thing he won't ever alleged CIA ever like go when your license. Exactly I like that has a picture of him so is becoming a cartoon you drive with a giant beer in the sunglasses this is absolutely knows how else. Dude that's fantastic I mean now you know you gotta pick thrown out here from their last war. Ever I mean yeah that's pretty awesome and the and I am glad you were able to try to do that's the worst when you go OJ am and you lose some like I did. I'll save your bodies and slayer Moscow because I do think about that is a lot of mossy if you gonna go marsh from the other shows are on the other sets as well. The concert started to 5 o'clock and I don't I am ready to ensure that things you're not until like 1130. I'm married and I even get back into the states until 2 o'clock in the morning. A senior news Wednesday after the cause you just came back to America. Yeah and China. As it is not that far I mean Linda really isn't that Fuzzy and yes yes good yeah an eleventh hour drive certain our coliseum. Besides slayer who's the best and Doug to see that shall. He. My and so I have to go through lamb of god I don't recommend them for a couple of years now and yeah they're pretty angry I'm. Really excited to see all those people can only gradually cheered. Aren't good do it again and awesome. I know yeah I not man yes seriously they come in so close to two different place. That is the great thing about our area are you close to DC you're close to here. You get to see a couple of shows twice because of that Jeff and I know a lot of people bought tickets to the Vancouver show originally because they didn't think there are coming to Seattle gazillion announced the pain in the grand show until after the tour was announced ice so a lot of new rival Kraft then a few buddies I went also to go see them last night. And there is a global Adele I thought this is preliminary sense those kind of a pleasant surprise and now they get another opportunity as well in August. I also heard that the maybe Allen's world maybe admits heard this but I heard that extra layer added another show it. I Vancouver. Washington. Mean you're back to Vancouver wants Washington towards four yeah well that's right and I think added another. Yeah eight surge you're an element present search that's accurate don't so who believe me I have but I do that is anybody go to Vancouver to perform like to that level I'm not sure. Yeah well thanks so we're only ten minutes away from Portland right and so are laying its extreme. It's very rare yeah I would I would just imagine that they're downtown Portland whenever better facility for somebody to go do their excited I don't know Vancouver to have any facilities but I could be I I don't know political news of its own house minority Acropolis that they go that's a good idea Brian good job man thanks for the call and I'm so happy you got to get that pick back. You add those I was moving on it's going to bring upon hey man that's a little pocket is sore. Yeah you're my schedule the breath and think yes and no she picked the pick out your pocket now to be good. Solis is on the loose you pick the topics you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. At least excellence on sensitize sound think it was meant for us just as do an assist on my site in entire large pizza. Kyle thanks god. I don't it's like man who saw except Eileen entire large pizza loving stoned by the by the you know I definitely. Into the pizza you know we did out who's who were courting Iran relying studios the last couple of days in the first night we had size to order a bunch of pizza. Enersys like I kept Thomas of the you've had four slices or five and and from word to produce a small slice of exactly mirror one another one on the saudis on this feed so I can't handle this anymore yeah lead at least yours so weak for pizza at least you're getting exercise finals drops it's the only saving grace I told myself that too but after six or seven or maybe even eight slices it's really you've got to pass that all may exercise. Eight slices. A lot and that's an update on the whole slayer playing in Vancouver they're going to be playing at a Ridgefield Washington on the 23 August at the sunlight supply ample Peterson they're doing two shows in Washington. I'll Wear that was Ridgefield it's near Vancouver our announcement whether there's nothing yet titled as an embassy in Iraq there how I had no idea they had went out there. Good idea from those folks absolutely. Yeah I mean they're basically is a metropolitan suburb of Portland when you think about it I'll I'm no idea who live in that area. And it just didn't have a job don't Portland yeah. But that's the best of both worlds if you can. You know taking advantage I think I know Portland got some cool things. In and then you base your school report while they know sales tax that's what it isn't easy that Massachusetts man. He lived up near a New Hampshire you just go right over New Hampshire by all your stuff pay no tax on it. Come back to Massachusetts and north. So same thing with the Vancouver Natalie did exactly right Asus has led Denver theaters on par with white river this farsighted an immense size I forgot. Brian my parents are on hold which one it was my happy birthday today closed public still listening okay cool as I think someone's doing on the up on laminated side Tex I think if we haven't had Steve's territories and happy birthday yeah sorry mom sorry dad Brian's good are still here this crisis started up. I need parent hey you're you're rules happy Harry hey you're. Move you move. These burned today it is. Grew and. I mean I don't. Where you always easy you move you back here. Did this I think your father was the one that was really haven't troubles. It's funny it's the same song every time yeah you're hearing it differently managed again meet her yeah yeah yeah I feel like you're paying attention to your mom as the voices from the doesn't always end here in the southern boys are still hold harmonizing BJ I was always. All odds of them being married for over 45 year harmonizing harmony that's what it is okay. Here's a question for area what do Ryan castle and graffiti have in common well you don't wanna tell you at 949. May still gets into grass. Get your tickets now gasoline dot com if you wanna see these guys that's right they'll be there Three Days Grace. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. He. Gains yardage yeah. Hunter Ryan castle and graffiti have in common I'm Italian. The tally. Yeah doesn't graffiti sound Italians because I don't know it's beyond. It's not enough to make your feet. And then deny it must be a time out that's your best work like many yeah yeah. This revision B for this yeah. We were you distracted I was just really impressed with how clever though was this Vienna was an Italian Steve and I both you know while I am offended you and I were both of Canada can feel sorry graffiti. Yeah I much better yeah yeah and thanks so much credit that's now apologize you know times out there for my bad stereotype us for the two in this room. Yes thanks pass those guys good radio. We'll purses for their freedom we have seen in difficult to get rid of the homeless people get arrested for doing both hi I'm not sure that's really homeless the other homeless you do your feelings yeah Thursday don't mean you've got costs money and they don't have much. It seemed like doable straight over. I thought he was trigger CDS now yeah. Well okay graffiti that they tell you they feel they're. OK then eight should go. Home really think she's just threw a bunch of time cold cuts that we're gonna do. She's Rockwell Murray was in the cold cut family and that's not a time did you it was time and looked and do things. I've just is that mr. you don't back. And made some. They've got all these cool things of voodoo doughnuts and luckily I talked to the person that voodoo and said look man I really wanna know you best known as they told me they said look everybody gets lost and all these creations but are buttermilk is amazing. And I said OK I'm definitely get one of those. We gotta make you feel Jim hello big crowd for lunch forget your club breakfast at that movie donuts well why should negotiate crowd when you've just. Don't call it. Yeah. I'm 49 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener and I believe things offer for bankruptcy like my car you have to lose all of your assets and creditors are your file bankruptcy. So we finally did you would have to tell the court and the trustee that you have a car ownership of our loan you could. You say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. But there's a report Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you me have a payment on the car so my leaving an option bankruptcy. You if you mean that you cannot dispose of the record the end you guys know you must disclose or however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose into the court. Originally she need to continue to make payments on how certain are that you can keep thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time. As choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.