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Monday, May 21st

Podcast for Monday, May 21st, 2018!

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely does talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. OK. I. And I've quite IK IN SW the rocket on the Seattle. You know us from an excellent broadcaster flatter now well there's a great station in Denver. That had to report on I guess a great event in Denver health and it's called bison hump day. And vices of those big buffalo like creatures. Yeah do we really need to let people know athletes and is just a case somebody didn't know vacation more familiar with DNA AAA baseball team in buffalo New York Post that the only way can I don't know you know what a life and Izzo credited you what's the bison. And is an at that thing from New York Buffalo, New York. My house release was somewhat paying attention has hit the guts they'd be treated Chelsea wasn't even paying attention to what we were doing. I know one of bison is there's really funny joke where the little placing guy goes to school Annie goes spite canvassed by sun. Come on I speculated. Now. Me yeah. I think I sun yeah. I felt like we just cut regulate do you school she says all right answered it pushes you there she is completely not paying attention even in my mind wedding just like advice you know my client and it's dirt Washington yeah this is math class. Cracked and yeah. We got vacated daydream. Well but I into the data in the bison now tell us please yeah I signed with advice on. Yeah well there's an event called bison hump day in in Colorado in Denver and well of course when it's bison hunt data got a senate TV people they got a report on this. And well. I'm Molly Molly who works for Denver television Molly Hendrickson she. Oh well should go other ranches association. Had to talk these people because well they're trying to improve increased bison population that's why we have bison hump day. But she shows a legit they need to hump yes I don't put on a Wednesday it is a fun Tyson spectacular poetry of the humans love that one all of the vice is getting involved yeah. And so she had a dim only have a difficult time doing this report because you know its place and hump day in the type device is the home. Something special the national western stock show today in bison home today and her answers we'll meet ahead of the show to talk about ways to improve. Think it's so good yeah Latin interbrew the bison population. Of the topical becomes a big east if you look at. Some talking technologies at the end it's not heard I'm done and. Let's. Yet if you're tackling or their Mitch yeah voters Erica up. I guess so Molly couldn't get past the fact that it's really it is what it is dude Mitch must've been Massa went there. Do you think sell bush even send the beginnings they mid to make me laugh. Probably I do only some Taliban hate Tyson Foods. All react when she's on camera all right join dad died died about that you probably round one how often that happens then. On the news like we used was we talk and some seriously there's some somebody in your team they just want to see they can meet you crack all that happens then added I know what's happened in my career. Yeah oh yeah just simply because nobody can see what we're doing usually. And so that's when anybody in this Toni Vicky has yet to attend while Vicky asks him yet. I sun yeah I. Yes so bison hump day. Jacqui see you being that guy Kelly ironic that while the other kid the cameras on the lady you're just going might do in some kind of Alia. Now look at me to come and taking care of by the bison DI YIA. C I definitely would be be an appropriate 10 for sure no doubt about it it's the you know by today's standards I'd be fired. Timberlands in the crater like it like talks like bill awaits your somebody along those lines and just good witty guy stealing. What do you do in the semi together all your coworker laugh yeah do something right antenna Dili east news crew who. Would be that a rule or girl yeah now. I you know. I catch Kathy Dirksen. Temperature morale like Steve pool being the guy I'm all right Mary Johnson many named it a little heroes yeah he should just kids. See our you're right that whole crew they all have a propensity now Q thirteen hundred removed obvious Aaron Levine I think Caroline music got a nobody messes left he does she does seem very serious doesn't me. Thank you good dude and I think they'll like it. I think you'd give people the glare yeah because there's a professional he's only I got stuff to do all right time for your silly this year folly I got I Casey about it. Almost you know what she's got a great she's got a great sense of humor yeah IRA if anybody has the ability as far as talent and sense of humor you're right she's funny and she's very fun you know she's she's a very fun person so yeah com. I was they did not list a Wiki though you have mentioned Liz you think you know no way it was we do that she's too professional. I don't see Liz and pretending to be doing a bison hunt dance you know they're out you don't really. No while I don't think you'll tell Liz does and we just don't know like that's it that's your thing. Jumping maybe half maybe you're right maybe she's just the person doing the bison hunt danced behind the scenes but it's always the one you least suspect great this is going to be getting back to yeah it's Sunday. Who'd slowly at least are. Are all oh yeah yeah Turkey's. Oh certainly he's out of his mind we know that used to work here right it's gonna be Turkey are yet probably Turkey ties with him when he got out who softkey five. Well it also be what do you think and feel like also we would de LA he's a funny guy he is the Hamas. He's got muscles are kind of melt I don't know what I Chrissie and all Chrissie and okay don't you all dollar amounts gala you know she looks like she's totally professional but again it's the one you least suspect faces Walter Kelly yeah I want to tell the grounding guy that's true you tried your device and come dance I don't know man I feel like announce feel like it's Liz do we keep it does the vice and hobos either you know the person that we least likely exactly do yeah contact Liz looks the most professional carries herself the you know really -- with the most prestige carrier of course he's got to be don't want. Jesse Jones on Cairo seven. All Jesse Jones yeah. Yeah you think. Well who else I'm just easily I don't know anyone else from Paris yeah you're right I don't either there's Deborah Horne I think she source for Kyra 70 man I Debra. Debra also is a possibility. Yeah yeah just because I think you now you know why because says Steve Ribble colored Debbie once. And it's like all of that debt is the funding for Debra what Jack maybe Deb maybe they may be Deborah has a lot of fun in the newsroom of people are looking like you know make enough you know making them laugh cracking them up. That's who she's advice and hope most well dance movies I don't think that's the big thing to say for anybody. I'm glad we figure this very creative thought this was Ella. Yeah do you think though they've they've they've they all have them all in the Molly moments. From the you know there was a law does everybody's had a one moment that I would think I mean every kind of a fun thing for all the newscaster she shared the one time where they just lost it. We just couldn't control themselves on the air and he just couldn't stop laughing I had to learn how to market Larson's got some great stories although. Yeah the short to The Today Show so she like. I I forgot Margaret were on The Today Show where she had the if you saw the closet which you there when I'm Matt was there I can't remember. Rescue me like I know I thought you know you're you're you're ugly you're annoyed that her show a lot nor I had 20 yeah I mean I'm honored but not as much you have no idea you I thought you Margaret had basically a great working relationship where she would tell you like you know above. Bison hump day and all those things. Yeah we're totally disagree and friends so of course you would know of course you know these things. The next morning and nine K I guess tell you. Got a new study says okay teens. They are happy to have online only relationships without meeting in real life. The talked about how that could be a dangerous thing at least according to some studies that have been done that I read about in Bernie Brown's latest book where. In fact a lot of people think it's OK just to have these online relationships it's all right they think that they're really getting social FaceBook and snatch at Twitter is to Graham. But in reality we're getting more more lonely because we just his creatures need human interaction might face to face conversation human touch and one intent of these teams got that's all right I'll just keep it strictly digital and I'll be act have. A person. In my senate right now I do think that social media is making him socially awkward and in this is this an example that people would rather live in a virtual world as opposed to an actual Orleans. But here. Is it the you tell what that woman in the book in and then out imagine if she's not young and seen as an insult but go to Matt how she's I think she's probably in her forties and and right may be early fifties and violent the most are. I mean. Younger people who have a different way of being now I mean is it just. We're not we're not hip to this amid we have an arm aren't in the sense that. Maybe this is a stomp it dead the society's going all evolve that everything's going to be virtual everything is going to be. Via online conversations and and and people are gonna find fulfillment that we were saying before being lonely. But are they really is someone that is happy and satisfied behind their keyboard. Talking to somebody and that's enough for them to feel. Social. I don't know maybe that's fun to I don't I know we say it's bad but maybe for a 560 person it's not. Yeah I met and that her let her stuff is based on psychological studies and and and she's quoted a lot of people put a bunch of old psychologist had to find that teenage psychologists I don't know if we have any teenage son on the daily prize that he got to go spend some time Collins or maybe get a Ph.D. Well it did the biological aspect of it they just go biology that we're we're we're creatures that need to be interacting with each other. I just for like they chemicals through release to make us happy the dope Aminu where have I got to Towson. And an artist and now like instead Gramm likes our FaceBook likes release that for people yeah it but I guess for their thing is is the is that it's it's false it's it's not like it's it's not quite as good as really having a fulfilling face to face he just -- if you need a little bit of that you don't need all that like this is okay but this is all you have. And I can look at the misery it's on the Internet and I you know and and and she talks about loneliness and people having to fit in and feeling like minded in. And really that you know I can to be an individual and so all of this is just cascading into people really being a lonely. Being forced to fit in not having a lot of interaction and Steve your right I think that social network is help people that were already socially awkward. But there are times in your life where you're. Not be so shy go mixing with other people it was encouraged because there was nothing else to do. Did you ever directed the the big school dance. And do you stereotypical. View or maybe a couple other people in the corner just staring at one I know I'm I'm I'm not saying and it's a good that was me yeah. Dramamine to my buddies we decided let's finally go to die high school dance we were an all boys school though we had sister schools so they always would that mall together. And I finally let's just say screw it let's beat those guys let's go let's talk to girls I showed up and we did talk to a single girl we were too scared. I had moments if you if anybody watched a lot look the last season of strange things you know and and and that last episode I had to just a moment where I would just go up and girls just made me feel. Horrible and there was no beautiful older girl to dance of me you know at least make me feel better. On I had the holders of these in the movie or typically prostitute Seattle that's the thing you know they maybe even the prostitutes the other are like marijuana and ability so but I had to get through those moments you know it's it's I think what makes you. A better human being to get some adversity. Challenge and overcome it because that's how you get to do great things and. But like Steve was saying like this is a different time like back in the day feel like gloved. Especially guys didn't really communicate they were told not to share their feelings than thoughts and even women it's like I know keep that pride they keep to yourself. And nowadays everyone sharing their entire life story on the Internet so innocents were being where a little more free I people are free and more comfortable to talk about. The inner workings whether it's you know mental illness or whether it's you know. Oh my god I'm just got a new diet I'm super excited sometimes over sharing but I am feeling. It's opened up a whole new level of communicating with people and when you get face to do you feel like you like that better than face to face Ifill I like both. But I don't know weird I feel like cyber sex or real sad yeah that's my mommy I take what I can get sometimes and it's called out let's keep pharmacy same amount. Yellow Vicky there's some about that does this study says that lake in front of ten kids find it easier to open up about their feelings on the unit can face to face. If it's at if it's a gateway to be able to communicate face to face I think it's a great thing. If that's all you can do is sort of hide behind your keyboard and you don't wanna face somebody. On termite and how good that is that is so if it's a stepping stone great but if it turns out to be a wall. And what if it turns out actually makes aside society better and I don't think that's the case but what what it you know let me I hope it does what does twenty years from now we realize that the world got better because people didn't talk to each other. They only and they only I keep video via. Social media. Yeah you know Steve and I talked about it before I just. The way people are with their pets is so much different than they were when I was growing up because Giuliani was a man's best friend. I mean that was the whole thing that we had a lot of dogs and cats in our neighborhood growing up. But the way people are with pets now. He's very different in the way people were what their relationship with pets when I was growing up and I was like there were abusive to pets but they didn't. Humanize them the way we do we were. Trying to find ways and excuses to get them to come into storage recessed yeah typically when you were you know we got to go to a store US your dog at home. And then he came back now I think you just dealing music drove fast on the dog anymore now since you say there's animal it's fine but is that reaction it. Is a social media way people are being an online in the way that people are being with their pets a direct reaction to how old miserable people were before that the only that's another good question I they. I'm I'm now where I'd I would rather spend how Madonna and you give me a hard time I ran and I don't lose the most human beings that most human beings drive me insane. And a lot of people feel the exact same way. And maybe that's also why people just like being on social media when you win sourced I knew continues log out and you don't put them yeah I'm gonna be exposed to them all the time. Yeah I I did because a lot of seminars I've gone to I've I've got a new appreciation for humanity and hanging out with humanity. And I used to feel the way you did Stephen there's still moments where sometimes I'm like oh my god sometimes humans Jeremy crazy. But because I've done a lot of this growth working a lot of the Byron Katie stuff I've got to have a different appreciation for humans could. Then allow me to interact with them more I'm more of I just have more of a fondness for humanity. Then I used to the Iraq Yemen wall so you really got its driving everybody crazy because all crazy that injuring crazy writing it stereo so I bet that is so that's why I'm having a good times because I make this the misery make it all right you ready dots on I love humanity got a motorist is my daughter's sixteen she's on social networks all the time it annoys the living crap out of me police are looking at it. Yeah like you're you reach pummeling your own parents rock hero is evil you're dancing too close together now I feel old Jones Millen via. Yeah Mickey makes a very good point you guys are making good point I just hope I hope. It's not added a degradation. Of great social interaction I hope it doesn't degrade to the point where we don't talk to anybody anymore and a lot of science fiction novels that are rated especially Asimov wrote how. People call us filthy and never therefore no one wanna touch another human being an only in Iraq via holograms. And you know demolition man only having sex by putting on a virtual reality helmet. I mean that's I hope it doesn't get to that man because no one actually be around the physical beings. What's your recent job male. Chrysler Holyoke let. I think that's your wisdom of the day what Tyson has a very good point are we guarding on the Internet at three words for you. Tied pod challenge. I know do I that's that's see that in that I wanted and that is why it's like an old person people eating detergent I don't understand where that's the thing defensively they make you two been faced a day of their pulling down those videos because it's. Somehow it's inspiring people to continue eat these tide pods what it's like yeah you idiot kids be like us we took the detergent and mix it with water. That way it was safer Mo USA today that good call yeah and so finally is that it don't matter cupcake shop that. Created cupcake. That looks like the tide pods yes it does this not this and to that was pretty funny. I think health started when fat people on the Internet making posts about how they look so aesthetically pleasing to you because they're squishy. Think he kind of look like he'd be really delicious and that means panic got spread around or at least what I was seeing and some people were commenting it's because it looks like it would be delicious and end. He idea to take a far too far but it every generation has their own group of idiots. Blake back and I think that nineteen teens are when he is or whenever the felt much deep and genuine yes there are other well chief we just went from nineteen d.'s that was a forty year difference I go ahead. Remember your little slack going picture in my textbook and high school and as these kids that would. Slam as many people's Likud in a phone Booth Arianna that was the fifties if we're. They would do that much quietly but you can pick she can break your arm so there's all is you know aren't good eightieth EnerNOC EnerNOC that is a. Vault into the mosh pit and that is one of the great American traditions okay thank you all goes to be on YouTube or who has visited there I need you back Kennedy people put in tons on their funds on that cold polls. But that's kind they keep. But then people eating dog food biggies right there are idiots that every generation is that idiots. Today's podcast is brought to you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne and he's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy Travis is in truth if you file for bankruptcy once you can't file again. Even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again. Different types of bankruptcies have different time limits between fire. He's chapter seven fold bankruptcy you can only found shelter several once every eight years. 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