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Monday, May 21st

Podcast for Monday, May 21st, 2018. 

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Shoes right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW rock of Seattle and he hit the rock shot that's we get the new Vijay makes northwest part tee it's a pretty sweet shirt. Well yeah you gotta get that bad boys did looks good got a song on there who moved to. Yeah that's say yeah but you know otherwise rare perfect path yeah you can probably just cross that out. Boys get highlight it I would say. Anyways cool sure it's by the blue get it now KI SW dot com. You. I. It's not. Okay. I'm gonna love my day I gangs and pumps it's been bogged down we can get on with the game you can copy dobbs. Let's get George and says that we've got Eric in Port Orchard air period there's there. Don't go great what do you blame for today's Steve up for grabs your parents think is the C hailstorm and in this moment that wobbly theater on August 17. Go to KI SW dot com for all those details and viewing tickets do you get now at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide get out of here. For those playing at home Eric will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions aired you can pass all you want but you'll only three guesses for question are you're ready. Not look good in Greek mythology didn't goddess of Dino was born fully grown from which part of Zeus is body. No it's. The note. Are now for what crime with Susan B. Anthony arrested in 1872. Weeks. That's what you hear in the eighties did these thriller album come out. I know. That's no time. 88 narrow caught in a day how many hours passed between 9 AM and 7 PM. Yeah as eighth thirties horror films starring Elsa Lancaster is the bright up rule must. Right yeah as a what year of the two thousands did the Pixar animated movies I'll come out. It doesn't know. It just makes no. News thousands by now know what's poison is known for having the aroma of bitter all men. Seattle okay well yeah I had dropped deduce that are out there is nobody out but what they're saying you still adjust to win golf. You get that done after he grabbed did it back still there's a possibility. Steve could definitely. Not pay any attention back at best bet we'll see you would have been Steve you're ready a lot of south. In Greek mythology even got a subpoena was born fully grown from which part of Susan's body. He's doctor no okay. Teased his arm to know it destroys. Now over for what crime was Susan B. Anthony arrested in 1872. Weeks. Voting to ask what year in the eighties did the thriller album come out the 84 no 85 note. Yeah. DD three now are all in and day how many hours passed between 9 AM and 7 PM that would be ten hours yeah as a thirties horror films starring Elsa Lancaster is the bride of blue Frankenstein yet as what you're in the 2000 does that Pixar animated movies I've come out of 2003 now 2004 no 2005 narrowing what poison is known for having the robot a bitter Altman's. We'll poisons. No laws chloroform to know. Are there poison ivy is now poison almost no way to organ of the body can suffer atrial fibrillation. The heart gas 23 force feed you and far Ted gets us. Sitting at CNN I hear amazing. Thing are you sorry Erica. You know Doug we appreciate it thank whenever they get flak. Never went there's he had no way a good sport. Respect men did you do all your sports game of honor now for right that's very respectful. Would you have done better yes so welcome okay smash. I have not played at about eight Vijay are being made four wins that's all that matters yeah I Greek mythology to got a Safina was born fully grown from which part of Zeus is a body was there has written. No no I when I got that right I'd back into that head to head yet she just I am wrong too easy yeah not only here aren't there. The years eighties at thriller came out that's 82 yeah you download right away get out there are that's why set our kickers but today and I was going in the right direction. You were and we're pleased to go far enough. The Euro 2000 that up came out. Yeah out now one I probably wouldn't get on an ominous days side and I Elisa cease I'd say 7899. Yeah I moaning yet. And then that poison that's in known for having the aroma of deter all this cyanide gas in that it gets to sixty zest and it. This yet no one thought well you didn't play BJ so it doesn't I know I said could seed got the Lynwood for current regulations the F yeah. Caller number 4206421. Rock spyware anti what this woman she had the entire plane yourself on a flight from Rochester New York to Washington DC for falling just a mistake by a gate agent. I'm the woman says quote I realized something was wrong when I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before take off. Now I wanna say something because I have flown out of the Rochester airport who. There's period I mean there's not a lot of people there at certain times date somebody know coming from sea tac. And I haven't been to Rochester for years. It's a small towns and I yeah court small Tim was a ghost town in there a year and it's a decent size airport for the town you know it's not like it only has three gates notes it's it's it's got probably forty gates at least. And yet. Itself I mean I. I can easily see how you can sit there are going well maybe it's small flight because I remember when I took off their worn a lot of people on nukes is that the airport seemed empty. When actually no I came back home on July 4. And it's these days it's a rarity even have an empty seat every time every got to play it at the claims falsely make sure you knew how cool would your space and Bob Bob ball off. I don't know what it would be like to walk on a plane and look around like I'm the only one on how feel like I'm like some weird movie. The attitude you're right you're doing what is going on did the did to people get stolen or taken as an invasion what's happening right I some weird like alien crime lord gonna come in talk to me or something like that. Think we can join this plane we're taking you to our place. Yes she said she was the only one in the waiting here for 45 minutes and her original flight was canceled so she and other passengers were initially booked onto a flight meant only for crew. Com it was later determined there was another option and an announcement was made to everyone but she didn't hear the announcement. So she issued left the airport went to her parents house stayed in contact us so she came back. And as she get this plane that was is meant for the crew and it was just her. And that it was a two person cockpit crew and a flight attendant and they were not happy that she was on board. Doing. What you're doing when they're suing the people on the plane down like did that dad did that like screw up their plans and like having an orgy. Yeah yeah that's we wanted to do what no I didn't know they do is still debt due I was just gonna flight three people. That seems very wasteful but no adult gas is cheap now I didn't let rob what facts so they had apprehended and is it that's so weird that they do that that's flight attendant to people Cochran Dario were OK I guess planes got to get when they got to go for other connection reasons I don't know but that seems like weird. G I would comment you Matt I would I would be the person they would be annoyed with because I was constantly remind all things you've got to I'd like another drink. I guess we're not so nice to have no recap Mike what theirs and a bunch empty seats and obviously a lot of extra nuts and like some and I was like if you're should not yet hit thing gangs here I guess I'm zero for different season different seats are you be my guy and seed 34 after. Nice not okay cool thanks very nice to run over tonight seat fifteen a fifty page and Alex knots. Signed you do would you would you talk about I didn't have that's prices as a new unit bringing that's a fifteen day to do it in 34 have gotten nods yeah this guy and thirty in fifteen and has not received his not yet I want my nuts. Do you think they were annoyed because they had a time of the UR clock and and and serve her I don't know why the people in the cockpit or annoy him unless they're lighter and unless they were like you said they were gonna have some some of the flight attendant. That's coming out with a us. Unified Plame yeah I don't think he can do that can stand up and it's not an eminently do that anymore I you assess the situation excesses sit still haven't found let's check her out let's see if she's okay to fly bigger shoes away hey we UW if you want to yet to take your shoes off in the cockpit and I think that is NSG as a terrorist is the worst terrorist ever it is only three people on the plane that the yeah I guess you're right they did you have a good shot that she's okay come fly the plane. And do a whole plane to yourself how awesome I'll be cool I feel like wells got those big does bigwigs and take their private jets I would definitely pop up all the arm rest and sleep. Made on all long way across one Rau oh yeah yeah. I mean that that you get when you read guys you get to Dudek has sometimes you know there are you know you have a hole wrote yourself may reduce my exercising you know. Yeah run back and forth. Since this time well yeah you know I like value at the whole place yourself. Do you want. But he's awesome man dude it is waits put it's weird it does feel like I like a black mirror like a Twilight Zone episode like where is everybody why aren't their more people here. While imprisoned imagine a flight attendant only did the safety briefing at the B of that flight. Yeah would you be willing to open both safety doors also you're gonna actually you have to do everything sir you have to know how hard you hit. You've got to do are they here if you go Kart Wii U we needed to do everything you did not sit in first class fusion pay for first class oh good question. I don't know that. That would be great if they could they do I think at Safeco Field. There's nobody in the ballpark and they still go sorry your tickets are for down there you like there's nobody here right let me go sit down in the fancy seats there's nobody here you know what's it. It needs the early days the days and the Mariners play nobody cares what else synagogue zesty warm the and now they know they don't want to do that. It's a plumber so I hope they let you do first class of the only person on the plane might not compares it's fifty we have come for an overbooked so few people on the plane and how we each got our own bro I laid across the slept most of the flight. By the way this approach tipped. Don't let them upgraded to first class if you wanna sleep on and off like that sent because you because they got you can't move that big thing between this to two seats right so you can't sleep that way and I I was so excited they bump me up because I was doing a red eye. Some and I saw everybody they're all row and I couldn't sleep and my a much more I don't find NN hero to everybody talked a bit I think everybody had one because I bumped up this sucker born every minute Taylor swift's arguments first class seat nationally down man down who you know who the sucker was made you have got bumped up with a sellout of the guy. I guess she. Government. And quite nice KI SW the rock of Seattle. I got this new survey. And dom. Well you know what if you wanna know people are doing their work is missing nasty naughty stuff what you gotta do is you got to go to the heads of I TV and so that's what this new survey did. They went to the guy heads of the IT department 600 different companies. Asked if they notice a lot of foreign traffic from employees that work they can't count us as we we have. They do watch porn home well. We should pay more for that to him ha ha hmm. Vicki. Its shares have been with me that I didn't realize but it's a very fun fact about our Wi-Fi here at the radio station. Yeah I if you touch or are on the Wi-Fi on your phone you try to go to porn site. Annually it's blocked the elite I ever noticed they see my desktop all right fashion Janelle yeah are good our our computers here at least in the studio hired and you know not blocked. So I don't know rental America haven't had that top one time with our IT guy like hey we need to block off who bombed the porn stuff because of that we interview porn stars and need access to yes so like if I go do. I heard this X and XX Don yeah I'm not familiar heard about that you who gets to be a site. To blow. Denied request denied category sex denied its excellence they take this Wi-Fi are all. Category six denied by web blocker. Yet key contact your administrator for assistance I would hope that we should contact our administrators say hey I'm trying to get on exam exam what's going iron. It's saying I'm denied gonna go to bathroom. And I kind of need to take terrorists are paying us now we saw some of them had great conversations are weary arm. Nod the lactation station yeah I mean lactation room and I can't get on XX dot com what's going on so now that I did this I wonder if it goes back to them saying. Hey this guy oh yeah on our life I was just trying to get on it. This would. Yeah you kind of stormed these gates never heard of yeah I think they've got to know who storm negates I got to know that Steve makes his story on the born it's very I heard there's little codecs videos such as video and us Fella try to read too because that's that that's that down innocuous you know night. Denied having denied man. Well there are other companies actually that apparently don't deny deny it bring him read to deny till. Yet territory administrator. More rights economic data plan have unlimited data yeah. So tell you guys. I win. Yeah both 600 different companies man. Apparently they don't deny and because they've noticed lot of porn traffic from employs a work. Big outs over really like over 40% of these administrators should yeah a high percent. You people are looking at porn during the day I wish sometimes there we stood when he duty studies the looks you. In gaps in this situation I would like them to be more in depth tonight say hey what's hi is it during lunch. Is it maybe. That hour before work is over to get ramped up for the weekend if you have it Gloria if it first thing in the morning to come like a couple coffee I was gonna say get an hour or so after the caught a coffee kick sending you gotta know about him anyways kill some time. Right or is during their fifteen minutes smoke breaks. And fifteen minutes and a that I I don't need the last time I can get that done. When there's there's always stirring up a phone conference call that people are logging into their forms. How about almost 30% of the IT managers say they don't monitor their employees' web traffic at all so you're free and clear do what you want and almost companies. He couldn now it's LA and we've we've talked about this before man. And there was a great book written in the twenties or thirties golf thinking grow rich and and and it was one of the first books I never heard about that said look. Sex drive and sex energy really really motivate people to do stuff they don't normally wanted to you know who you know and if you trans muted and don't actually go into the bathroom and they carry yourself and just take that energy and let it fuel you do all the other stuff in May be. Are not go to a meeting right after that up yet I mean something go to a meeting if you are if you're rip roaring like that but yes you know but yes I I think that. In a way a lot of these companies who are familiar with this book and familiar with the entire mindset. Go you know what little look at porn that'd be more productive as long as of those laws like take germ cells the workplace which is using it to jacked themselves up to. I give myself the energy jazz yeah. Dad's jazz oh at halftime and they announce that on nine that I was playing there were reducing that badly houses finishing million get a Neil Diamond it's called the jazz singer okay nest that would be a whole different album for. I yes so. Yes I'm aware is that there's a slippery slope don't deny that's not what you wanna say what they're probably not terrorizing you know you're telling people hey you know let's go let's go let's go. Dick Gil ramp up but there's going to be somebody who just does not control themselves they can't. Shut it down you know I mean yeah that would be rev. Yeah yeah about either ozone are showed a B rev. Don't bring me into your weirdness. You know he's and he would do that. I'm. Sorry this new survey pretty much for a ten of us a company say that employs yeah they look at porn at work a lot of the people at their workplace do it. Based on this what have you done it worked at if your boss found out. You'd get into a lot of trouble because you know looking at foreigner and I EA probably in trouble if they actually watching your obvious and you are. If he's doing something in Dallas right here I'm Don Nelson's trying to find the right line. For productivity so based on this what have you done at your workplace that if your boss found out about that you would get into a lot of trouble 206421. Rock Texas at sevenths. Hey how you guys what's it. Owner all right understood. So what you got goals force there which it would Jeffers today. Well I used to work in a plywood mill and so began. I used to run. I would go out. Don't know my mind every night every now we you by yourself doing this today they know would noticing you were stoned. I am no I have one other partners cannot or will drive. And where they Arab partners in crime with the stone age or because I know I I think you tell somebody a lot of what she really can Heidi it's some kind of stone case is. I'm so yeah sometimes I know some people that I just had no idea a little tummy time out on the horsemen I was big Stoner I would always event she's got a boy might cover. And I would say out loud night well you we didn't think you were until you sit behind a couple of things like Coke. You do Titus tells Steve you have great conversation with yourself when you're either stoned or drunk I think everybody inside thoughts take him outside as they come outside it's hysterical yes. So how to Donna couldn't tell. I'm I think my partner kind of knew but I'll go networker and Randy he's good enough days. They kind of kept it quiet. Yeah I mean I guess if you don't have a look at say it's obviously. A tough one to determine because you know they get you you could be argued you can operate a vehicle at point 03 I make is still pull you over but there's a level of of of drunkenness that's are tolerable but not it's not not a lot I mean what you did point away which is still. You're done maybe there's a level of stone this for some people they can still operate and function. I think it's going to be a pretty low salt low level. Maybe like someone who Demi uses CB decent where it's taking its barely. It you know some of those you view those aren't gonna get you still onus is more for pain medication yeah that's but. I yeah I don't know I mean it until they figure out a day where they can monitor that we like a breathalyzer and they're trying to figure stuff out but yes you can forget out I can't imagine there's any tolerance it's below it's going to be just like like alcohol so we really low anyway some of this person's from a grown ass man minimum level 22177. Of ten he crushed. And I don't know that means that sounds pretty impressive that sounds pretty amazing half of those levels probably finish in the Porta potty at various jobs site. Because for him and way you know you gotta get to the day you gotta do what you gotta do now I I hear this rumor that the reverend en Fuego actually might be doing something. It's not. Here all know your anymore but when I was security guard I would go through the break rooms. And take in things that necessarily work mine. So I could have tasty treats to eat during my shift that's hilarious. And do we know we got a lot of sacks the fact that he was a security guard down that's Larry is yet unknown suspects that I would say I would take guy would take the Boca burgers out of the freezer because no one would touch those if he did they were safe except for the person who brought them of course you were sort of freezer burned I'm pretty sure so I didn't ask Aaron I worry about that. Our yard yard despicable human being and I made sure that I was in that would take something from different break rooms from the different floors to make sure there wasn't a whole bunch of things at one time I ever thought ST do you think oil we had security guards in our building do you think they would take our stuff. Do it could be but you know we haven't had any incidents since he moved to a new building or anyone stunned there tactic dramatic email. Complain about somebody eating their food we had some very upset because someone threw away their food because of commute miscommunication but. Nobody out now. Ate their food so revs biding his time is are you saying he's just waiting. That horse somebody who's on there working your might have been the culprit I would never do it around here they had cameras here and I'm not in control those I don't worry about that. We go to Calvin Munro Calvin you are on the Iraq. And I tell them about it is something you do work if you bust on how do you view on shuttle. Well as some male coworker and humanity and owner's son. He used to a call escort services. And I am go to the shop we worked and get section that customers' vehicles. So that's a Kid Rock met Lisa as you call escort services for all the right reasons so I guess I I I see you guys were obviously not I do you did auto repair or something with cars because he was using customers' cars that were over there and overnight and having sex and I'm. A whole wow wow that guy was palsy and again from the owner's son. They are yeah I mean if anyone's immune to get away with it to be the only son. He really is a lot I asked did you ever did you ever see him bring an escort. Ariel delay late night tour. A listener he did tell me I think I'm probably a little and then he told us. They are Israeli mine rather adamant I walked away I believe we get that. Did he tell you like the quality of escorts for these like you know I endure these are some of them you know. I know I don't know but he did tell me want to add depth. Asia and I'd like you unlock saying you know what an eighteen year old music that was portion or any area. Well let's get to know you need a little experience what he's saying we're seeing it was seeks to process the blood that if you keep the receipt can you human he yeah habitats had to. They don't make their match Big Easy talent that's a beating dude in my car so I left my car you think this summer was this. I hope I hope probably I doubted dude. You don't you don't tell you don't have any say that either cast on this music camper cars. So I mean him you know I don't see us in six tenths on your Hyundai lieutenant Billy Martin and six hits bloody do you have yeah Kyra I delegates and spinners still. 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