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Monday, May 21st

Podcast for Monday, May 21st, 2018. 

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I wanna do this story for Vicky but of course he's not in the room because well she's rude and we're talking about the road is things you can do when you text. But she's doing it yeah being not present are there things you don't buy Vick. I see any. Got distracted by something shiny again and now she's got a great life but what I but the rule is things you can do when you text it's a new survey by buzz feed. And these are people basically that they couldn what they consider to be different text moves that are indeed rude okay. Not as Eddie he's going to be there will get ten of them yeah I'm saying she seven of ten if we get to them on a case of Vicki was less time you're on a day. Last week OK it's always you guys got to the cherry street cafe coffee place. So this was a date date like a guy that could below the one or I don't know I was like I used today and I lost touch with him and then he's like let's get together and so nice so did you lose guys in jail. Yes. Did you pull out your phone at all on the state only when my alarm is ringing. We put more C alarm ringing for. Do you like to get up for another guy pay testing that I thought I hear a lot of time has expired and a. I just a million alarm struck and later my mead and lake. Either go oppose some thing reduce some thing here so texting on a date do you think that's rude or not rude I think that's married. Yeah see. I announce I mean I saved I agree. But I seen people. At dinner and it's obvious that it's a day it's probably not a first day I would hope not but they're just on their phones. Just not even looking at each or maybe they're texting each other maybe this is a way to communicate misses is awkward period aired since human to human at that moment but. But I see that all the time now people are always taxed at the other the last time I was on a date there were no Smartphones. There may not have been CDs coming. I mean that's all that's left I was on a date I think so there's gonna come a point where it's not going to be viewed as root no different then did you considered rude to break up with somebody over the phone. Now that seems to be. Sadly the arm ruled that arm of all the things it's more honorable to do that in the tax gentler hope you don't stump you hope you can hear their voice at least let me tell you a -- out for what maybe fifteen years ago yeah you're right a phone call breakup was considered the lowest of low 94% of the people CI texting on a date rude talk act permits. We just go out like you know like let's say their business dinner with your friends and if they go to the bathroom do you ever flyer found all the time yeah that's fine yeah I don't count that. But I'm I try not to be that guy at a dinner even with friends I don't do the whole put my phone on the table who. A lot of people do I don't know in my hockey bodies lava like sometimes it long and the locker room like war have a rule like whoever pulls up their phone first to check their phone that's like crush of beer or some like that I that's also you know just some kind of punishment because it's like PH Monroe hanging out let's stop let's stop playing on our phones. Yeah how about during a movie at a theater. All I take calls. Baker yeah I think I think that's should be number one pol. Do you think texting at a movie theater is the right thing to do I just eat you for really for that two hours you can not just. Put the following not use that I yeah I you know I mean I use it for run. So why even meet who needs to see where he's got to go. Hey you know it's still I I don't use the phone at least to a solid and put your brightness on your phone at the bare minimum. We just yet our Internet users darkest possible until it's. Hi Anderson maybe somebody's apparent end date me they had to check their phone because maybe have a baby sitter and at the movies I can completely understand that's a phone call you see then there's no text. I think I if my phone starts ringing I'll get up and get out of this year because I feel like it's an emergency but text is not an emergency otherwise they would call you wouldn't think what if there's like some simple as the worst of the press conference held some -- the credit Hitler if what you might babysitters look at sort of breast pump I know I don't know how these babysitters things do we that's I think there's no big emergency that a baby since it needs to text you for if they can't find a certain thing no don't make do or they'll call you right. I don't know man a medal Vic Vic you know is India a former nanny I mean they can if you're gonna if you really need me you'll call me you won't act I would definitely call had to kid lock himself in the bathroom one and let himself out of his three. And I have like around. How I get this kid out of here like he's gonna do something and here's the other Kelly very near to the parents can have I was tempted but. Yeah 87% of us think detection during movie theaters is rude I can't believe that actually it's less then. The texting on a date I feel like you should be right up there with that. But that's still majority of us somewhat and then you talked about sexy Mira to do with other people Stephen they're like you know about that about three quarters of us think that's the case. Hub just replying to a text to a lower case K I hate that because they feel like I feel like they're not really OK when they do that. I just saw somebody posts something where I think we've become a society that we've got now where were mad. An emotional people based on text which is a completely emotionless. Thing to do like we read into things and I'm guilty of it I'm sure everybody's guilty of it where like you're like that where maybe somebody's just. Maybe the movie theater but they wanted to give you do wanna get back to really precise yeah cool okay. I mean why is K any worse than you're thumbs up thing that you like to do they. Yup there's somebody that's at the same because I think so yeah I think it did it meant something from people like you know that oil on the shore. Dot dot dot it's like on the dot dot dot means in my bag. Unless there meanwhile now now I can call it's trouble did that I had an ex boyfriend he attacks me it's like while Sherri can do that if you want dot dot dot yeah I thought I. Yeah thank you. Now yeah. It also could mean my club outside really the end of the conversation exactly it's like if it's sort of like to but I don't want you still are mad at you don't have a league high eighth. I guess. I should not to read into anybody's tax. You're the smarter one Steve because you're living in a happier world. Yeah you know because you're right chances are we could be wrong and even if you are right well then you get to ignore that idiot anyway because of being passive aggressive vice somehow through text not really you know confront you in the first list the got a problem instead they dot dot dot U. Hi Phyllis are just constant is replies with a moot chiefs. I find creative and fun you know some people don't like I like it now because. I got gitmo OG and tell my wife enjoys the my wife likes me so much better ever since I came up a bit mostly because I give our new one all the time and she's like high levels that mode you semi. And it's my way of communicating with a because she's never like my words through a motion to wordy for her understood if only got a dog scooping them did most GMs at all I don't think a CNET limousine or have you seen the W you're leaning on an egg plant. I have seen that Gary is final yet that is pretty that is true I never sent that or the dog proved to my wife probably should appreciation. Yeah clearly. How about us and in one word responses. Is that a bad things. He's a matter. If they giving you the answer that you need with one word I'm OK with that turns out you're in the minority in the majority Steve actually most of us don't have a problem okay good yeah obviously she's with the Rand novel every time we communicate and and by the way doing a lower case K two and more than half of us actually stink no you should you shouldn't just do lower case. Okay attention today. But intensely waiting to respond to attacks is that rude. Sometimes I like to like opening up. It's at the does little bubbles pop up on I hate when people do that and just let it sit there strike me down 2030 minutes and respond would like to words it's not sound good. Yeah you Tommy that I'm up to I know I'm I'm I'm I'm savvy to that game because I used to wake going all the other about to say some RM aviation closed the phone and I'm sick nearly immediate. It's always great when you finally it's on its exercise like what are you writing and I was right sounds familiar to you go all right sounds good only guess I was really thinking if. Recoup. The right weight to send a text because it's the whole student sexual politics game. He texting guy and he takes a good deed to respond to you want to seem desperate CO reply right away since knowledge you're waiting by the phone for is taxed. So wait a couple of hours okay you know yeah we should totally make these plans are that look nice on pick. See that. That would be. Home of the Ed if you did did the Don pick and you hit it that's what you should I think you quickly respond if you like it or didn't like it because you get quick response that I wanna make them suffer yes the I would be like I would be like. I thought she wanted this. And now what is it not good enough or did I go over the lion. You know because she's right you're you're you don't know if you don't know when you should send a dawn pick right big deal noticeably actually wants and sent it to me idiot are you try to read between the through bad times said oh there isn't enough hi Steve I don't coming your way nice. I sometimes won't won't intentionally wait just for the simple reason that I know that persons are a constant text her you know I remember is that just once. It's almost an immediate the last word and it and they don't always ask something in that last words he continued so Mike you know what I'm gonna wait. Some hum busy and I don't want to have to deal with the fact I'm going to be going back and forth who the person I just don't feel like doing right now I always like you know when I'm sitting on my couch doing nothing. Yeah the person that sends like ten texting around. I've I've lost friends that way just like I'm not talking this person anymore or the like. So I don't that I when did Vista they did this and taking ending ending in oh my gosh are up. Yeah now I'm very passionate and put young that would not with your matches put and one tax Jesus. Well most of us think that actually if you intensively to respond to it takes that's a good thing you know about 70% of us which makes sense you'll think before you speak think before you text. Seriously I mean that there's other run with that about texting while you walk. I hate that. I hate about when people are on their cell phones walking will come a mall walker so I got you know you're a professional off her clothes and give you to do you deserve what do they don't realize these they're going they're swaying in the middle of the road going very slowly. And you're in and I'm trying to get by them and I don't know are you going to the right are you going to the left excuse and they don't yet you say excuse me don't hear you because their loss to their phone to be fun obviously you know your final slalom courses some like that cannot say I on a night I get up to speed now they have to slowdown nice guy yeah horror that we do I need to go to a certain speed now and them I I am I just you know I don't like those people attacks Wally walker like c'mon man. And I I've been Mac guy and it's like I got to pull over the side and wanna be that guy I know it it's tempting to go listen to what text I can do this. Isn't it crazy that we are discussing. And texting etiquette in them and what ten years ago this was even. Yeah real long and that this was even a thought to have in our lives is amazing the amount of people I see on their phones like that and like you say ten years ago fifteen years ago. That was not the phenomenon but you lump public places everyone's got their face in their phones no matter what they're doing it's knots. How about texting someone who's in the room audio time. Really yeah. As it because you have private messages like do late in its your way of making fun of somebody if you had to make healthy keep it PG just won't shut the F up about taxing that's up they get. And I send in the dip elegy of them and the dot content. Yeah okay. Oh using a lot of remote he's most of us like you Steve but there are the 10% is hated to get through abusing just emerges. Christ daughter is there's no phone has the most recent attack that that yes Sarah get up with the times girl. Well Leo those are rude things you can do when you texts. Basically if you're on a date but the faraway right. In the exact morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. And is Madonna is our opportunity went out this stupid people that are happening on FaceBook does the actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because of it and yup we are going to act it out BJ this time around you'll be playing the role of the original. Poster and that is a woman by the name of Janet jet at enact. He'll be Emily gang red he'll play the role of Lisa street I'll be Tim. And Sarah you will be can match Hank the and I demand into an act. Try to be original poster once again is Denny so Vijay please take it away. Zip lead shoes and it is always. Yeah. Didn't kiss. Her not really fun yeah I did a nice seven months hard. Little like this towards fuel our minds. Many easy they just think twice the hard getting her again there are many ways to a point that you are now considering you both aren't in a committed relationship I assume these are both of seeing babies. Ladies and gentlemen the truth bomb has just been dropped by the one and only police stopped thank you for saying what everybody else in this thread was thinking. Sure yeah. So what should not as did you. Enough of yeah he's did you when you get my. Percent don't so. Who gave. Edge just yet but last time I checked that condoms costs like what ten blacks. Hate to break it DM when I'm pretty god damn sure that your cozy town is gonna talk a bit more than that. And the new mother of an tootsie channel I'm definitely have spent more than ten dollars on the thing. We only to take how do you think common plans that ask kids and make us. You can I'll practice on me if you want. Hash tags hello Louis. I'm not putting your last girlfriend there really wouldn't be much for that kind of think allied Al Al price tag tiny Tim Price tag so so so tiny. I and. I'd be tiny but I can get the job done Pakistan real good passion and emotion of you shoot. I'm okay pastel tiny Tim you keep telling yourself back and Aztec style and south south tiny. Mom has been dropped. It's a tiny Tim and Alia that. Such a real name is Tim your tiny disaster it's going to be you know. How about those the girlfriend and the acts or whoever it is let her girlfriends know how well they do McConaughey he's packet bald dude it happens every time BI and current like if you're with as such we have the ladies in the room maybe. All you're gonna answer for the lady well no I'm gonna say you and I all know our person. Cool there are girls. Came out and out of you may not have seen and on FaceBook but I did not to tell you during the break we know a friend of our all I did see that yeah pretty all he got some good it's amazing how they do that we notes up what the issue is like Solomon not so subtle words of delight us a big deal signal actually was very little deal. That's yeah. Where it hurts I mean look I can't blame them if you wanna hit somebody whether it's you just go for the PP area yeah I yea you're right both and a figurative and literal way the an open I think your question is it is a good one asking if you would juniors if you were with the current boyfriend a bank and obviously if he's packing like you know stores hammer hi I can understand that you would share that your girlfriend we asked we brag about it totally but would you tell your girlfriends if you lose taxiing. Maybe AAA batteries. Now now when you're dating them current line. If you're actually went and if it's just like a hook up thing like oh yeah about ballots terrible it was so signing an outlet that it will what was happening was the reasoning and hair. I think it lovely. Songs is on top of me but nothing is happening now I'd like hey let's go hunt. But if it's an actual boyfriend now he went down the mountain now becomes an unexpected down respected until you guys break out and you're actually like. Tear ladies ballot terrible passion and respect the dom I don't even though the worst thing a girl would say about her boyfriend NB a he's averaged. Are okay. Study your name yeah Nike nice decent okay Nissan. So you know that's code from girls that they don't if they don't brag about demands action and you know it's not going on yes they actually yeah and. Now passionate about the that I get and I really angry sex they really say Obama alone. Yeah that's true and then you can teach I guess yeah. Can you I take a Linear weighing in be like you called him mr. riady to little Daniels on an afterlife and things have replaced it and he's going to have to Wear that thing. Particular item closer casino Vicki to bring it up because I wonder how many women do stay in relationships with guys and unpack and much for whatever reason because I know you wouldn't because you need that it's not so much and winning media might look man didn't. I know I. Steve you definitely won't we we'll leave that I was packing much unleaded oh yeah it's. Stick around opening act it's a much say if it's not packing I've been the guys who aren't attacking and they knew what to do but there's some guys that aren't packing in don't know what to do so there's really no help. Yeah I was nothing that can be done that show I thought if the guy wasn't pack and you'd be done what do the guys up Pactiv heated and stepping up and other ways you know an Indy alum I. Oh yeah. You don't remember dozens of primary and that's does this time you know housing commissioner Larry yeah wow I'm not picture we now understand what I'm saying yeah. Yeah he v.s get another way is an have a good time Nadal match I just say he's gonna dominate at the alphabet. Yeah otherwise he. So then I like when he's doing an album but don't get me wrong but I like the full meal the outer I don't know I'm Smart you really notice it Steve's talking to dying for an inherent that we're not work and that I'm talking this hour and I do not want not what we like what if he has an apparatus that I've seen those videos is like the most like kill your man honey if your girls like hey will you Wear this apparatus well and I can lead to an ethnic. Yeah and it was twice usually low heels loop. No putting she's on top issues I would never yeah like what if your girls like dude you know I learned to nineteen years which not a manager bud Tripoli battery here right in a way you gonna put like a nine pulled on compliments. Dad made available it was like putting a they have a slip over Fresno county and I putted you know I guess it was it's a Sorbonne he had the right well and like delta and us is that for him. While I'll get his job done but you know he needs to get my job to continue. Wu not the most like make just chill your ego yeah handled everything I. I had no I didn't. Somebody proposed ad that would be a deal breaker I'd have to like look. You might be the most amazing person we have a great relationship that you completely ruins. Some business associates pleasurable held on a second what it you have to know you're not pack and like you've got a guy for did you propose that you have got to be micromanage you're not gonna be cold though she still gonna stay with me even on my command you wouldn't come through and help her out now. Why our data point if she said hey look you know it's not satisfying can you. Hathaway. You know I I feel Caylee I don't typically like I talked about you're not doing that I. There is difference unless and oh yeah I. I've got to thank you should do now with the don't know. Hang on I'll. Turn it should be hired anybody who thought pattern. Costing nine not just you poor wife yeah but I think she's rich. Don't think it'll pass to the opposite of pork right guys she's rich she's then he's still your pour why she's rich and have you that's. And the way that's supposed to go hash tag the last. Couple week here at stake delusional. Quite possibly continent. Well I I think better Vicky of course my daughter shallow but I think better figure that Vicki witty she dug the guy. You know he was micro man she would figure out a way to make it work that's admirable. If you like romance sure it's Sox but you've had all those years on this planet to realize the meat. I think he's Steve I think guys know where they measure up right do we don't know where we measure up and no you know that OK either we're out her awhile because you know way originally I thought that I just. I mean you watch adult films in your life without actually nowhere near what I Geist yeah and then all of a sudden you start you know not like you know you just kind of with age comes wisdom you realize okay we're those desert and and served there the all star. Exactly yeah they're they're like the football player that's gonna make the NFL yeah the other ones that goodness and the elites can't you can't. You can't you know you compare your flag football skills to the Al Jimmy Graham. Yeah Edwards by the way average usually doesn't mean isn't good enough and the likes people like me average but if you average that department you're one is gonna be happy you have you have everything you needed your average and that's just that's. Average means that's what you're supposed to have to make people happy that's why tall African like having a 2000 Honda civic and I really haven't yet made a point BA gets to their savior yes no no no no holes anywhere. You want that because you don't want the Ferrari the bigger I can get a big Hummer that's gonna hostile Murray why you don't want the big lie and I don't need to know this be a big error were talking about because you know I now. I think everybody have a different a different opinion on why average yield 10 yeah party boss but I think homers fine I think how great girl but the had to pay the insurance and everything and then now from new insurance is a word bit walking from side to side as this works. Let's now there's there's just got really. Or optimum I'm quitting the company that the one thing I don't agree on that would hurt. I must and I really don't make them good the hand gestures and I'm just like if this is my. He's always hear you say that's what you want I haven't heard irony if you're arm was involved in the situation back under my god what Monty I would want your arm anywhere really if that's what you're seeing is coming I guess he gives back which she's doing right there are so I was telling him my buddies yesterday I was telling me. How he once did a porn star. Right okay and she was a very good points started shoes apparently very skilled at what but. That she you know saw it and basically get the cow to have a baby. Because that's what they do impregnated oh yeah yeah yeah I guess yeah. Nobody ever had an apartment and said he thought you just don't get it periods. Earlier you don't know and I don't oh yeah I noticed for the got to have a baby and they have to go where no man has gone before and apparently she was so good at it that she was up for an AV and a war at all she's she's she wore old and she was so good at it. That she won and that's and nano award while our award for the U myself I don't exactly where Joe's eyes form luggage had to put a somewhere. I'm but here's the crazy part Hamdan she invited him. But she also invited her parents. To be there. Four when she won the award by your parents have to be my special senate and these things and all I can think is. I mean I look let me guess you got to Friday kids do whatever they do yeah I think they're beamed. As a father and a lot of bothersome if you could speak on this. Did you come if I want out of our artist not the right way to put that. Follow widgets. That's and I do. Happy there that would be if you won an award for basically they're making a cup pregnant and I was super super late proud of myself and this is gonna call this is lake. Lake porn like. Eisenhower a war against the OB GU I am with you I'm pretty sure he'll go to that I am I laughing I'll be happy about it you're right I have to do. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's a question from a listener my house is currently in foreclosure. Start making payments what can I do to save my house security in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage. You can't stop the foreclosure filing of bankruptcy. There's different types of bankruptcy. 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