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Monday, May 21st

Podcast for Monday, May 21st, 2018.

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Thank god when I KI SW Iraq the Seattle and he hit the rock shot that's we get the new Vijay makes northwest part tee it's a pretty sweet Sherry. Oh yeah you gotta get that bad boys did looks good got a song on there. Due to its that's say yeah but you know otherwise rare perfect path yeah you can probably just cross that out. Boys get highlight it I was. Anyway it's cool sure it's by the blue get it now KI SW dot com. Mean okay. My name dub. But we've got up small bit of Vermont today. Okay. I. Everyone get out there and get pumped up high there and it's Monday and that disease and if you say so many are rat. Dark in Destin we have John and Buckley do hopefully wax Steve Johnny's they're there. Or why can't I care if I look at what's he play imported as Steve. Up for grabs primus and mastodon tickets they are at the marry more park on June 22. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details USC primus USC macedon get you tickets now AXS dot com RE ST get out of air. Hey. For those playing you know Jon Will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions John you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are hearing from where the what comedian co starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Tony 16 movie central intelligence. And asks who played Alex's sister Mallory on the TV show family ties it's. That's what is the glass is mainly made up above. That's what's ocean is the island of Madagascar are located and you know I know India asks what is the minimum number of sides required to creating calling darn good. It's now. I don't know it's. No in soccer how many yellow cards lead to waste players disqualification. And tilt yet as it. Who played annual or so in the 1984. Film the Karate Kid asked. I asked to be San Andreas Fault is located in which states. Tell us as what baseball position is abbreviated to ass asks. Without asks Malia and Sasha are the names of which US president's children. Barack Obama. You have 23456. Correct saw not too shabby let's see if this can be a thing you know he finished strong and if Steve takes up too much time maybe he won't get the win. Very exciting. So little and I'd like SEC get whacked an error you do Vijay knew very yeah I have to based DRE irony. What comedian and co stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Tony and hardy movie yet as. Who played Alice's sister Mallory on the TV show friendly ties army malady he's. He's who was played via I'd just being big and yet it's what is the glass is mainly made up to toss and yes. What an ocean is the island of Madagascar are located in. Top Indian Ocean yes what is the minimum number of sides required to creating poly guy aren't. I now tags now. For now Aaron soccer how many yellow card sleeves too late players disqualification. Who you ask who played Daniel war Russo in the 84 round Montreal Rodney King adds to PC into Andreas fault is located in which states. California yeah adds what baseball position is abbreviated to ass as shortstop to ask Malia and Sasha are the names of which is US residents children Darby thanks Obama. Barack Obama yes and Steve well it's you way and it turns out days. Six and and that's let down the list. Strategy or else. Yeah I don't tomorrow. Yeah. We'll have a good romance Perry got us here Steve is the world's greatest today not only have a side that's. Smash yet no shots when they think Iran why do you minimum number of science required to create a poly gone to know 33. You need to three of those to have the animals is not that is not it's not a colleague Jonathan don't here's Tucson zap. This is Salina Tapp point particularly fits with what we have curved line. This must apologize right suspiciously like an angle when damn right I ask. You need to have that semantics. You have to try and go to make a colleague only that epic is exactly. There's a majesty needed need to know they stole 109 correct caller number 9206421. Rock. Got a new surveys more than half the people say they don't always wash their hands after they use the bathroom at work. I don't know why I work is the place for them always use the bathroom. Because they didn't say just in life they just say it works not most of their sinks network yeah I. I don't understand what the differences are they. And I would think you wash your hands more at war because that's where here and talk to everybody else has bacteria where your house you know you get the EU UK year old people sometimes I won't wash my hands of storm iPhone. And I have my phone a popular wash my hands. Yes and I yeah that's why wash my hands twice with people like you in the bathroom. I don't understand why it's such a big deal about this if I mean if you're on number two yes absolutely Washington the only number one is big enough deal I'm not. It's not come topping it with my hands and I'm putting it in the into the urinal as your penis nobody wants anything and nobody in nobody wants your penis anywhere near anything I'm guaranteed medal winners clear and ending on your body. This team's winners click how do you guaranteed yeah when you I don't know how to I don't know I guarantee it Carson could what I tell you on the DL yeah. Do I get my money back if you're pro hung having and how do you know it's not yeah. How do I know it's not clean. It's universally thought of that the PP area and a poor poor area are places where you wash your hands when you use them that's just at C universal okay. Right I know I understand that is and as a toddler from Chrysler pig but it's it's nestled in the very clean spot. With clean underwear it sits there and you know like it's all sweating down there you chafing your move I'm not doing jumping jacks that were made him it's called the detained for a reason is right around that area. Okay thanks friend Phil thanks for that didn't know you knew the argument that but I appreciate that I guess that famous really enemy and gross color because the tapes I think I am I'm just so the rhymes the paint is the reason why you have to wash your hands has nothing to do what what's in front much in fact it's that area that makes you need to wash your hands around the entire area is tainted. That said did I am reading a couple of things right now one thing some people might not wash their hands after they go number two inning you're touching the door handle. So then you'll get fecal matter on your hands even though on your way out yes not just a lot of your time yup ever will actually get the paper. On top of that but if you also some people go 2000 paper they say actually spreads and even more if you read that article that's why don't you just throw it covers and where they say actually is worse than just sitting on the seat myself third inning of the bath Marion I don't blame you gotta cover the -- why got a Hummer rubber gloves and I remember we're going along when they leave the bathrooms did you know you gotta get one of those body condoms from that naked gun movie. Do memo that was supposed to germs nemesis except that one in ten people say they eat in the back. Okay that's a little much yeah she sits at a time that I found a sandwich sitting on top of the total poker pro censor out and in the stall. And I and I'd put it on Twitter. And it was it and spread like. The balloon miners viral spreading into poor buzz feed reached out to me to want to do an article about white people would do that that's like dash around the Derek did the article on the positive. And I find that it was thrill. And Hughes is going to bad news and eating in Tibet from all the joy and I was like who is eating a sandwich. While there on the cover I don't believe him when he says that by the way game. His thing was he went to bathroom after he grabbed the sandwich and then left and and didn't know where he lost the second which we have appreciated that I cheated out there's there's never find a sandwich CM II don't necessarily believe it I don't we have more than ten people on our staff which means one of us task of beating in the bathroom. According to the statistics who year where anyone here would be in the bathroom now now now. My guess is like asking who here as herpes it was a bit yes I think it's safe. Since I've been eating and then realize oh I gotta go the bathroom and so while I'm in the bathroom I'm chewing while I'm doing other stuff but like I'm not actually bring my food and I've never had that happen in my life would you guys bringing your coffee cut the lead analysts think oh I do that yet. God created with me. Okay if I had a car I had no I don't even a secret rupees and everything I'm I'm gonna bring in the total health issue. You hero or rather attractive man Steve you don't know who wants some of us who came to work the next you know it's midnight and things into parts of my body was sore I hope. I don't believe in my liquids out. You don't trust this year I'll trust and romance and it. Sounds so I'm not leave any out there could be tainted. You know revenue revenue cities wanted to kill me many times in my given the opportunity and I can always a roof beyond your clock face funny and we're. I love how thank you mr. costly it's nice now is two things he's contributed so far ahead do Britney for the record I did Jed. I don't got to root for you with my refuse. That's forever man you gotta read about him someday he's going to be that guy he was a quiet man. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. At nine point nine okay. You don't rocket Seattle's listeners on the loose where you pick that topic you guys to show to a 6421 rock. You can also text does it 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about it's up for grabs but Steve doesn't have one rule. That's just managing green otherwise. Borrow from them let's go to Geovany UCL GO UR on the Iraq. Yeah yeah you hood it's. Somebody. Virtual have a level exploratory guy dumb move out did you know what's called sewage all. Normally that in a decent seat which we did good no small quantity your main library that is most pump have gone out. And I don't think that they came all the bases in the movement to go by the way keep that in mind why it has just moved in at this point. So so so your wife just moved in and you're cleaning out upon note. The man why Americans the plumber working on how Scott yeah. Yes yeah so to actually call me back do you told Khatami who would not looked good. And when I put deluded there was nobody Amanda. You know what I'm saying. Just floating rate they're not talked so I looked at the Canadian Edward okay omelet okay what will not too stretched out kind of looked on the beat either you know. Don't do your dirty business issue that could mean words that's impossible you don't you don't. Hello I. Am. Oh boy it's. Why. Oh so you. It's. Yeah unintentionally. Elbow below the way you cut those local regional mall. I guess it's a good point what kind of eighty it flush is down condoms. I honestly no I wouldn't I don't use them myself so I didn't know you couldn't. I think there's always I would think they were dead women with young you just watching anything down the toilet well I just like that you are fast and burners so this is biodegradable but I guess it's not desist. And I actually made a laser Harlow is able to get there they're only. Everything as a commentator Patrick. God dang I always thought my cat litter it's 00 IDs Geovany he's a plumber I feel he should have a co workers in Luigi and Mario now. I bet you bet you've never heard that before every GM you know what they do it. Follow and yeah all right I always got to be jet duty on Halloween if you work on home we should dress up as Luigi. Oh I definitely won't know all that idiot yeah they people's day while you have the physique to Louisiana it's your tolerance and are you more stocky like Mario. I literally you know I have yeah. Yeah that's good stuff asks. That's. Appreciate the gods you running that's awesome that's how you got busted you know well I guess CNN be careful what you flush and you think you flush away the evidence and you are not just. Round and well if you're stupid like I was you learn a lesson a valuable lessons enough trust those comments don't toilet or at least not your toilet. Those are your point yes thousand otherwise toilet if she's got her own bath and you can accuse her. All persons Texas say hey guys they can use your advice I was figure out asking how one of my coworkers do you think that's a bad idea the answer is no. And yes. Do it. It's no idea mistakes if it's if it works out great if it doesn't you've learned from mistakes. And there are companies now that are asking you to thank you Heather did well there is that. They have a new strategy be careful some companies now the new corporate strategy that's out there sort of unofficial says that you can ask got a coworker once. And if they say no you can never. Asked them again or it's considered sexual harassment. Why how which means if you're a woman in the workplace you've got to really be careful not to be coy. Because you might be thinking now say no but you know what let's see if he comes around you and yeah I mean there's there's that. But that says they're not gonna come around again because a lot of companies will say no you can't do it. That you can work it into your rock you're your pics like look I've only got one opportunity to askew out this is just yeah. He's a year in or you're out who's with me. Now you always want to make a video these days know whenever you travel if you ask somebody idea makes videos you know like to do for proms asking people I'm and I you know I think he got all these social. I yet you all these productions prices just asking not over email and include everybody in the company directory that's great I did yeah yeah we've tried all if you're into it. Yeah it's. You know it's a tough one man because I mean that he you don't really get to know people much better than you do your coworkers 'cause you're spending so much time with him. So it's easy that you fall for somebody. But it also is a tough place you know Steve you view Basque people are gone out with people the workplace and got awkward I made the mistake. Yeah twice yeah I think you always gap sometimes hard does with the heart once or else you need people are really mean now I guess nice going tender but. Bathrooms all bats from senator senator bathrooms of course of course what's up ladies day. Stupid stupid thing I. Our advice advice and again Vicky hesitates and today in the whole show that when she liked. I heard Rubin OK let you know of course players are gonna turn on the union wouldn't perk up now you are you learn quite a child. Yeah so be careful I'm at eight here's the let I don't know of women have the same problem guys do but I think most guys. Gotta be think it is a target on their back that you have to be careful how you approach any woman in the workplace. Because right now I mean really right now it's it's it's tough to be a man and just trying to be. You know old flirtatious without you know being considered a jerk or sexual harasser it's just not a good time until guy you'd. I think these guys can still as somebody out and not come off. And all like a jerk I hope your rights. I used to do it seduce you guys they'll continue to be doo sheets we're doing and ask people out by this so please be respectful of someone close to see uniting into it attracted to somebody at the workplace but you like the person they're nice guy. There are you always get along with them in the they despise it built up the courage to ask you Romney replied about that you wouldn't think that that's. Inappropriate and only hole I think if they trailing touch mere do you any pain with like just assuming the -- in my hands are up here for our. You must be really close for the presidency. Didn't tank. Well I Dicky Dicky is not a typical woman that I don't know what I know I. I would still think that's a very inappropriate thing to do what it did that you don't have my permission to just touch me on an all all. China rub up on the course so I'm not Matt that's an a for everybody just. Politely asking me out and whether I want to go out you're not that I would hope a feeling I'm not. I would hope people like says Vicki I really I would hope that you know that's typical. But I I'll tell if I I've always been socially awkward so I would be nervous I don't think I would ask anybody on I'd be friends say the wrong thing we've seen over the HR office fear knowing that happens when you're nervous I think a lot of guys who understand you some stupid stuff comes out of your mouth when you're really like somebody. I can't say about all I can say about Tyler exit disease and let me tell me I forgot or Willis is on the loose Tyler you're like what Iran Iraq. Yeah bullets and. The men's room afternoons right here in Iraq what do you for a body. And heard guys talking earlier about things we coordinator Dan and it was kind of a weird or what not like I want to orient you really I mean what percent. Yeah I know I used to get a third place and now. I'd also like that little bit of the soft every now and then and then she had a hard time stopping yourself OK okay. What they see you know words are literally so Walsh I mean I and my god he had never fully yelling on drug and should cause that's the best time. Well I imagine a Yuma yeah she came to me and ended up working grinding AMIS well I was trying to learn she. Well declare an ad out. Okay. It was she somebody that you know in the right circumstances you'd love to have grinding on you can sometimes there are some women that men don't find attractive we're where we're Sheehan and your world. I doubt it. I'll good Laila Ali at least at least and it wasn't a repulsive experience. Wow so Sean. Mayor relentless Syrian city is Seattle I want to hear these stories because you know what it's. It's nice to know it's not just always the man that Steve the idiot because that's pretty stupid thing for her to do. Yeah the relay in Chechnya the agency a lot of water. So she was on camera but no one ever caught a nobody rescinding she was fine after was. Luncheon and believe me I don't you go to get the camera and the Ed you're doing it. Oh she was black out drunk all man or at least she says she was. Yeah I want every other co I don't or other serious I don't this yeah. And do you know like Steve said you know that was some she did to everybody or you just the lucky ones. Don't you want to go out and don't think that gosh I've had some bosses that I would love to spend like K you wanted to work on me please. Yeah about this is my you know my hips it's tough it's tough now yeah I'm not really my boss though but I mean I well I supermarket co worker and I remember this girl I remember her first and last thing I'm not gonna say because daddy knows what's the first thing and machinery she and dude she was I mean. Oh man I would have catered. Work is crazy Sherry is no way it's uncomfortable in 2000 no crazy series anything makes me accusing it taints the name of the Sherry that I really dig back when I was in my. Twenties working at the supermarket man how this this is go back on the whole like given my coworker did Blanco are my coworker got mad and don't sanitize the water into the friars. Music row he got fired and we were still claiming the overflow mass soft the ground allied jets are that scene now yeah ideas. Nine point nine KI guess W all. You guys going night hey I ask don't get Iraq does Seattle. It's listeners don't lose your pick the top if you guys showed to us exports lime rock Texas it's 77999. Get a text message out with. So yes if she was their sister. She says that her sister's going crazy for her her daughter's sixth birthday party to the point where she is starting a goal on me to raise enough money for the party. I think this is insane why it's. What do you guys think and what should I tell my sister. I think he should tell your sister she's not it's and to go look at go find me and go through all the go fun be pages where people actually need help because something. Now what's happening mineralized I I don't even know I I am I don't. I'm speechless. Is that because you're on their page now donating money to get us as yet as Asa. It C the only response I have is one that's abusive. Verbally how is it yeah like I have nothing nice to see her at this point that gone are approved for brains yeah. Among many things. In the end this is when you this is when the fog this what I the father of that daughter that woman. Needs to pull aside and say honey. Go funniest people need help. You still continue we'll have a nice birthday party without that right sorry she can't get to awesome birthday cake if she wants yeah just get her pound cake and by the way I'm the father what do you have on the let's suppose he's spending on my ridiculous money and my granddaughter not not go find me I mean come on yeah I would say can I mean I know. Some people he's for whatever reason saying hey look it's always will donate when a mutt. But I guess it works and are in their favor but I only view it as times are tough for somebody for whatever reason it is. And they just need some help and I don't think there's anything wrong with that I know it and more from not easy to people who post or things like I can't leave from I'm doing this. This I'm embarrassed to do this but I need doubt because somebody died or somebody this in an M just I just can't afford. To pay my bills I can't afford this and I'm like okay that makes. That's what it should be forced to hole it takes a village kind of mentality yeah it's a typical fund me a birthday party. And you know I did I when I when I was a little kid I'd always I didn't always get the best birthday parties and it's always Phyllis is look we don't have that much money. And you know you learn as a kid you learn OK you have to learn how to manage your funding your life. You don't just go ask everybody. And like ten other Sikhs they really don't care that much my friend just had a birthday for her five year old son he went out to dinner and made it about him got Imus cupcake and that was at. They enter on the big elaborate party and he was happy that sockets on manners. I don't know line. Danny claiming illegally you know Danny would be the kind of guy and he put the pictures on FaceBook Lilly had a great time I took gonna Disney this and Disney had a problem another problem to Miami out yet that 10. Well I agree that lake. If you. Half the money do it I mean if that's your money to which one did you bread too you're asking for money that that's what I have a problem. Well here I'll give her any pretty case she wants but I can't pay for it and that's that's my own fault. Then the buck stops there she learns that you know I think sometimes they don't have money but daddy or mommy will try to at least have a nice time of the day here's a cupcake we'd. That's what I remember as a kid Italian you know he's he's not most of life get you know what you wanted to let you never always got what you want it's is okay what happened on that note. Do you remember your favorite birthday party. Too it's weird I I don't remember birthday parties I'm not sure they ever had before me did have a birthday party for as a kid I can't remember any decade telling Mike most of the mace that's parties that we throw the last couple years thanks to Glenn from window pane I mean maybe even measure birthday parties because it had like. Spector than the lesson that's now playing other bands and I've got to play but as a kid. I'll man my favorite was that he can deemed perfect I don't remember anything bad parents go like he man they decorations score all my friends probably see me and action figures around dolls. Yeah I am everybody and everybody into the night we all played with them yet you all play with it also is great action figures yeah Graham and is not a doll always. It's not a plastic he's tough battle cat is not a doll well Barbie has a dream fierce warrior cat and you had a dream came. Chris. Dickey theory is it for birthday party. Just teenage years yeah dad yeah Palin is I was sixteen we had it at the park and lake Stevens that the key to new era. Now I gave up liking to get a to get a car up. So instead of paying 101000 dollars her party I had a 1000 dollar haunt both him that option Smart move yeah again I I can do that had cats they have he had no idea of best bidder car you've ever seen and I we still have a beer cart demeaning. Though Y for my sixteenth birthday party like I just want my friends there's like ten of us. Had a cake without paying out and incident to goth kids running around his neck pinata during each other in the lake I wish I had video of that first pictures there's that I've never synar occasionally they're having fun that's why that would be such an interest in picture we weren't we kids like there's a bunch of under and happy got a good laugh yeah whoever hears a happy goth kids further rocker missing kids but we like genome. Keep doing our own thing. So that's my thing your birthday. I rest I got to talk to my siblings Steve. The one you don't know whose millions millions not Kurtz who complain if you're. I can't believe I don't remember any of my birdie they have had a birthday party I'm sure I must have my parents loved me I had no Lisa had won I just don't remember and we can do it we could take it like Chucky T. So apparently Vicky thinks that's gonna want a lighted thank you for Vicki because they won't believe that your kid who doesn't like everybody is only welcome it as enthusiastic as she was they shall get a sense. I feel bad because I'm kind on the same boat is BJ not that I leg didn't have birthday parties but it make a big deal about it and so most of the time it was. Just some family and I would just make sure and I had to have a very specific cake. I had to have an Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries and that's only cake and I want it sounds delicious yeah beyond that that's all I really wanted and I got it for years I was very happy with that. I'd I'd remember that they had great Christmas is so that's why I don't. It's weird I don't remember any birthday parties I don't remember once we get a joint birthday party for unum and rather of the Lisa she's been like to talk championing yeah. Yeah see there's only a picture of her DOS birthday party and really yep we all and then they especially phase in the cake. Because they're very nice. While listening to Joy Division. Vicki while they really like on call they aviation cushion my face into now our guy let's take you what you do round Nike that's my brother fallen on I thought I could make sense Sosa snorted yeah. Really don't like breathing My Chemical Romance sure it's rock and that birthday necessary that's awesome it was yeah an honorary you know that. White stuff on your face and green. I couldn't create regular. All over my doubt all right well as well. It in my IA I couldn't open my god that's a disturbing picture Steve we went up I know you get that picture of the screens and you've got to disturbing picture the thing that's an image photo shop nightmarish. Yeah Mickey you're all so I shouldn't Sherrod and yet you should check that go ahead do what you want I need to be we're just remember that's a picture of a sixteen year old girl just Andrea be careful. You can recreate it. Well now I know that actually stuff he's again that was ten years ago and you know you be of people probably I mean. He people who when told no that's our business I mean she looks like she's the same name normally. Young young young people who look young don't like because they wanna look like they're rolled up that they can drink but Vicky I I don't know if you ever gonna go to an adult yet and I'm sad typed enough. I got an idea I can drink out uncle. Can send photos it's like you would you don't like that you drink alcoholic or is this like some say hey give that little can drink I know they everyone always stairs MI AD and stairs and mean just like okay this has got to be a shake ya. I itself its listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guide the show costs and he has a very important question I what's everybody's go to munchies when they're enjoying the devil's lettuce. Oh yeah. So you know I thought it's considered symbols threesome I'm like well my favorite snack I suppose. It's prisoners clearly got that hey this. Who. It's you know what if I'm gonna if I'm having denied the devil's lettuce and then I will make sure I'm stocked up on my hostess and there's certain. Because I mean it's it because that's that's what I wanna have my book but back to mr. brown nosing. Come home from work in annual Cambodia don't really get completely they got in my mind toast out of McDonald's Coca column. Now I get impeached or commitments I thought I would get a big Mac. Terry you're cost quite possibly a crispy chicken sandwich and going I can't believe used a way a lot more. And I'm not hot fudge sundae Aaron yeah maybe two of them just in case of a not completely satisfied. It's a McDonald's might go to Dell also dominoes but no pizza but did the pizza and the chicken wings OK so now we're realizing your win here is your weight loss regime had nothing to do with it has yeah it is you just stop smoking so much yes that's really really quick and hot and just tell me drop. Seventy pounds it is so true man I mean I was and 275. Doesn't make 205. To ten depending on what day it is. Yeah have been now had everything to do it or that's the kind of Ben and Jerry's ice cream oh yeah you chunky monkey see this is true it's good stuff. Now a lot of munchies that I just a non stop that that the led us to do that to you yes they do managed anything currency. So if your read those are checks and makes Garnett. Lows I'm not disagree isn't you know I want to got to the don't dispute anybody with this one I mean I mean not that I spoke the doubles last dad who is listening right now. I don't want to father knows you're a lost cause just like I am my darling you know that on now really hideouts sought to sit down and go hey that's not pot that we're talking about Papa Vicky yeah. I'm more worried you know we say devils let us we're not talking about the marriage whiny it's it's a brand of lettuce you have to do so at the store that's like the winter apple could have been an apple yes Arnold called. I don't know day isn't smoke pot now Iraq right known ever have did you buy junk food is as always Taco Bell for me yes next impedes. Was not surprised nowadays are like gosh I just credit that was another one as they go to McDonald's I would get three soft taco supreme meal yeah. Too hard talkers so I can alternate them. They generally you'll lose soft pillow little hard back and forth here's out adorns me and awesome. He pizza now. And word puzzles I told crunch he deserted street they. Is that that twists her dad are there and things Villa Bellini truce that's why I'm taking the low coast Israel's local time and the women not chose logos to real taco thing automotive I would have pushed the rebels if I as I was exist yeah that's I think that's a real big seller late at night that has to be. For the stone crab man I ask is. In order to you kind of quell the amount of food that I can just put in my mouth. When that happens I usually go for something that takes a little work so pistachios is huge on match. That's a great car you have to work out you have to do a little bit and you know opening maybe burning calories up well I'm not eating as much I burning calories words is no doubt that's what I'll definitely be saying now from now on yeah they're good they were too high minutes from me gad that's why I like him because they can't just shut them all into my mouth mindlessly. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house if I fell bankruptcy. Yes you almost always can keep your home. Your house your car unit in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final. How would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on the spill you can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home. Human involvement Chrissie. Can chapter thirteen. I'm you can also keep those items. If you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen big up the second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. For keeping your your primary assets like. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.