BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-22-18-7A: What is the worst thing a roommate has done to you?

Tuesday, May 22nd

Beat Migs. There is a new Reddit thread of roommate horror stories. Luke warm topic. 

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I've played nine KI SW the rock of Seattle and as the weather gets warmer you gonna need some new. T shirts to rock and we've got a brand new one for its Vijay migs northwest part T. John and cartoon style of my favorite TV shows and now the northwest part. It's a cool looking team Manning you can get it right now dead were all on their joke yes we are gas including. Death. Danny's. Try to get Danny be awfully nice message for the moment about things I was your relics movie maybe like it better for our. While now that makes unlike you sir are better. Wow. Right if you watch this sub Vijay made northwest RT you know way to go OK I SW dot com. Mean man. Pack. Aim them EU may have done and turn now. More tax rules. You saw some tees to tackle lose yeah well we're you know we're probably don't have that today right you guys have never really don't pay as. I hate going on in last night here my wife offered she's a do you want stir frying or do you want tacos. And I said. Today is not Tuesday also I was tacos today. Let's have that stir fry why this while writes here's the deal. You have. Stir fry on stir Friday not Sunday usually all wrong Steve. The aging and all Iran's drive how are well there is so strong that having somebody else repair his true form you are such a failure I am doing wrong eating delicious meal that was incorporated do shares they sit on the couch to watch wrestling I bet on Iran point eight pinpointed includes torture insisted today we get Caleb and an accord is Caleb green there's that are. Lord & Taylor what's playing for today's youth tickets check out hailstorm and in this moment now while we theater on August 17 it's gonna KI SW dot com for all the details of the joint tickets are available now at Ticketmaster dot com RST get the. Playing at home Caleb will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Caleb you can pass like you want but you'll only three guests as per question are you already the only. Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to live in which royal establishment. From. Being Crosby was born in which Washington city. Well now doesn't mean Diaz how many checkers doesn't each player starting game one and it's. Now. Sports nationals. No no learning archipelago. Is a group they know what I told Landis masks. You ask what sport did hall of Famer told mr. Wagner planes. Oh yeah as a winter classic Hollywood western is based on the film the seven samurai I. On what date month and year did the did America become independent nation. Things that are being near side is birds are. Caleb he got three correct ooh that's a tough one man it's really a tough one at that those kind of an easy one that unless one can oh you're right it is you know you don't it's okay yeah oh yeah. At that well hopefully that won't be done it yet hopefully they'll be deciding factor but I. I would be totally it's not. That was an easy point and you're right it's being and I missed it Steve yes are you ready. Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to live in which royal establishment and. Emerging I. The royals. Drones it's awards no royals. Meat cheese. No hope of being Crosby was born in which Washington cities Tacoma yes that's how did he checked into company checkers diseased players starting game last. And allotment now twelve yes may archipelago. Is a grouping of what type Malloy and math. Dirt now yeah. Fans know. Grants snow is what Stewart did a policy in her home this Wagner plays he's played baseball yeah it's a little flat Hollywood western is based on the drill in the seven samurai. Always good to bad and the ugly no it's it's hard rock. Oh in eight months and years did America become as independent nation. July 4 1776. C ads and what decade did Fidel Castro becomes the prime minister of Q six you know. One Q4. Steve you are. Three Caleb not knowing July 4 recess. When your down fall yeah sorry buddy. The supposition I think. I'm assuming it's for the Independence Day yes I guess throw stones I was like I don't know Debbie did did know it either. I thought it was amazing when you better right away so thank you Heidi I'll rip off now one I really really did. And you've. You know the decade that Fidel Castro became the prime minister of Cuba fifties yes that's it though if I guess he knows he's. It doesn't my next guest well unfortunately ran out of time and it doesn't matter I want you were very little. Yeah you know you can't lose my advice there coming out there outplay him fifteen losers songs and her on that day all right in my view were often the next point the classic Hollywood western that was based on the film the seven samurai I don't know maybe seven my few clues on how it might need seven deadly sins no no hold the Magnificent Seven the magnificence and which is. Recently remade with what Denzel and Chris Pratt and some Olympian and didn't do so well that is I don't know I didn't see it because the other one is a classic an agency that one instead. You know what I don't argue with that I want the and you want to be good because I felt like hey yeah that sometimes they remain good movies but I don't think anybody really is the tears fell westerns right now. It's too bad. Yeah because west worlds kicking ass so it was really isn't a western as it is a western and yes it's got a good scifi western mex. One of a meg Kalin did know was that archipelago was those at this little bit those are regrouping of islands. Oh would never guess that no because you're guessing there's an address from the well islands can remain a dirt sand and grass near my policy is not wrong I cleaned it Torre was the first British monarch to live in which royal as a timely notice this is at Buckingham Palace yes and it is yeah. Had a flew do you think he knows things. So stealing congratulations Steve your 104 correct calls for a check in now hailstorm and in the moment in this moment at wobble theater. Aug seventeen show caller number 4206421. Rock. Well a even though dead pool had a great weekend everyone still thinking about solo home a Star Wars story and Emilia Clarke is due out this weekend. You isn't as easy as it does RA I'm told that does by my people. So odd million Clark is in the movie now a lot of folks may not know she has been if you watched him throw and you definitely know who she is. And it's interesting because she's been in movies but they just haven't done well and I keep waiting for her to be the new break out actress. And it just hasn't happened in movies for her even though she's a huge star in the arguments from TV show. But she's been making the rounds because he's in solo she's on Jimmy Fallon talking about it. And in the conversation of course you gotta ask her since its Star Wars taking you do walking impression. And Emilia well she tries. In the school it says she we dialog to let me know that when you see the movie is just who will he sounds just what he was which is they. I can't get. Well I am ready and I didn't. He reminds he me who will keep the line of what airline would be yeah I was reading the Marines say renew jumped cyberspace. Far. It wasn't my ad. And maybe gangs and stay on the area this is now in the clear eyes in and picture we're in the news a quarter. I and you could say what you want out serves sir destroy Iran had all. Management turmoil. CO. Stating his error. It was her. The same man they'll lose and you are really data suppression states give loans and I. Then that that's slated to the end and discuss the continued embedded in her all. No I am the rent is only can really do one yeah. So yeah Luke. And get that Garnett movies. Regular Rowling is ours to ha. He threw them. Pool below are no are. And I was very streaky and Justin crossed. Yeah he can you do what ski and snow looks well that depends on injury I had. Pass pass pass thanks Vijay thanks to Canada will not too bad they get married like. That's a sex and it's manic look you know they got hey dad. I'll from the side and their tomahawk. Flight from these southern part of the will keep planet yes exactly they Yahoo!. Colombia just. It's. Jerry you're just that's mine those good. Tell you. Okay. They can turn it probably caramel. Okay. Yeah unlike something I've seen it's ours is gonna look you remember our. We now know a little bit better as a member. And Tom comes on a nice to delightful sort all that Danny can you do it screwed up and you. While loudly in Milwaukee now. Pre daughter and Alan your your daughter to do at all to any sounds like Milwaukee that's yet to hit your British yes. This piece of radio what he's yeah they're gonna Brady bonds are can you do did you are looking impression. Nervous. And I do it. Moon or. Love she's talked. To no yellow then I thought. Speak just. Why ours was an overall having strokes on the radio right now I have my tree. Yeah my throat cancer and I and most of his three million Clark well. Yeah absolutely. We don't beat him no and you may Bennett and me. You know let's hear you again we'll hear her. Yeah. Don't and. Hey man you guys are neck and neck for the worst. And I. Are wrong. Strong. How tough it really sounds like familiar card is doing something else that isn't my kids are dying laughing over here thank you. This has to stop guys these are horrible attends a volatile sector. It's. And I'm OK I don't analysis comes Tuesday with practice curiosity you have if you happen. You're absolutely right to mess like and yet there was no there's an orgy going on the studio. Yeah that's right it's bookie time. I had labeled is awesome online discussion about the worst off their roommates have done car. They involve fast. Sacks and pizza well. And maybe that's a tale about a 770. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine KI NSW Barack guns Seattle home. Ready had a pretty cool conversation where someone asked this question. What is the worst seeing a roommate has done to you want and I love this one. One person said they ordered food and acted like as yet who's who's treating everyone. I later checked my bank accounts semen and found out that she'd stolen my credit card out of my person charged all I'm God's call. I think about that I run the red intern and myself and asked the question today a person of course as it did you ever confront her about that because I'd be pretty furious at somebody did that to me and she says that I did. She's pitchers and hurrying confront her car delivery guy came. Of course never told me about it in their monitoring my bank distinctive statement that's and I found out he yes I see all jas and Hari I had a ghost takes somebody else's credit card and didn't tell them yeah. Yes an honest mistake BJ always sure you know people honestly. How stupid do you think people are people just I guess really just think panic or anything all you'll buy my stupid answer. I just on this he's sitting there as it was late thanks so much here are some Aaron thanks to splurge and our home and got a problem and all these your money and I roommates money your money that's a good point. This one I don't understand I guys that that my roommate got home drunk is a horse. I had horses want to get drunk I didn't know that oh yes it was the preakness over the weekend Alessio you write the other horse get very drunk I got done watching it doesn't why am I watching that's about that yeah. I I say yes and I you know what dude people dislike Al throw whatever metaphor I'd euphemism I don't care I've heard drink like a fish we talk to the skunk yeah exactly you can lead a horse to water. Like a horse Pope in my all right. Maybe that's what you gotta scoot up yeah maybe got six well either way the room it was drunk. And then heading in the leftovers of my pizza and replace him when his pizza with pineapple because he didn't like it. Who does that. See that's probably Danny's line because who doesn't like pizza pineapple I think that was a great deal I'd be like wait you took my regular pizza and replace it would pizza and pineapple that's a win I'd be pissed. Of why do ordered a pizza you don't like in the first place it's a very good points. No it's a very bizarre stories from people when you're trying to do the horse that nice he made bad decisions could point. Our job. So based on this red thread a roommate horror stories Yao we want to know what is the worst thing a roommate has done TU. 206 ports Glen Rock Texas 77999. What is the worst thing a roommate is done to you your calls your tax master audio slaves on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Nine point IK ISW Iraq Seattle. Ever ready conversation about who made a horror stories we're thinking OK how about you what is the worst thing a roommate has done to you. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Ron mentioned Taylor CUR on the Iraq. Poor dog lover aren't good thank you Bonnie what Shia force today. Leunen had nearly as bad as the wars stories of people but but nobody had a couple years in the let me do a book that yes you are told that. And lead by a Hershey together and let you know just keep discouraged doc did what a bad pick statistics back. It would lead based I come all men. Each rank although a lot of love and it's like I give him some grief for it. US to destroy the next day and they got pretty deep packet Rainier. Serb played (%expletive) and I really even greed for lack yes he's positioning for her oh yeah I would Sergio walker here is. That's awesome so I expect a multiple class lived all that beer at guard do. High. Act exactly the emergence day where I live together anymore we're still friends you drink together. Didn't stop it didn't stop with the beer you know it. It's an amazing lire experience when you are when you grow into an adult you realize wow my family and I just we we shouldn't be living together and then you find roommates you go wow I wanted to live with that person. It's like one of the first things you figure around is like man I need to live with the right people like Kenny I can't believe it was okay when I was a kid but this is a beating as an adult. Then easier similarly we see I see that damn pomegranate juice thing losing him a million dollars a bottle you know that's all we know yeah those and he would always drink and I I get pissed that that's on. I feel like I should get his converter and I got resilient young man go to Chris let's go to co Zach hey I because I can read them. You are on the Iraq. Yeah sure why because that's how about you man what's our roommate sourced or you don't we use the roommate that was our story was that you that happened deal. The so. I used to work security late night in Saint Louis and judge usually should be mostly gay agenda that wake up and I'm my naked in the living here. Spend this gag it blatant 400 imported by counting so. I cannot be bolted out. And was it because it was so big he'd just now why don't wanna put clothes on. Yeah you'd like blood appeared initially didn't and like I mean. Let you have thirteen people older like you have people overheard it and good luck you're naked. I don't know it again goes but I where they were they may or were they close the workload is like his girlfriend and her friend. I usually do what's wrong with bad and I'll put some clothes not. Our power couple though Amanda Blake. Yeah importantly populist priest any side who all of us GAAP. Manny and then a friend must decide okay I'm seeing your man naked yay me our our. Was he so big you could see me anyway. I yeah exactly it would come down went past that budget bill that would scare you into this. Not furniture and stuff slide and that's the and that that I'd be done. I would I would definitely have to move out to lose Tyson when being I was living in Texas they came back for military field exercise a fine of baseball's cocaine on the bathroom mirror laid out all my coffee table. This say I take him out and called the cops to him. This one's personal rent said that they got literally barricaded out of their own dorm for a weekend while. Her roommates F buddy came to town still whole weekend that could change your clothes for three days. She's getting get let them come in for a couple seconds here and there this is a big F buddy we demand they gonna happen it's gonna Johnny into Al Johnny you are on the Iraq. Yo what's up guys they Johnny which got buddies. I guess of economic development says that moved out but they're nurturing and be pro wrestler and medical got up early cool would it if you. To move in together you know get a place but one of the guys. It directly or 270. He always when number two you would never flushed it and why is he a massive until onion or you're huge. I.s that is that why he left them dressed the part where they like trophy prizes every was thinking. I think you're proud yet you don't believe them and kind of put both about nobody knew it was pretty discussing the sticking out of the water was doing that much you know and let the pile. I do indeed coming errands while brother Zhang again it's like this is. Yeah you just let the world are we letting a guy guys like I'm. All right SE a conversation you never the year and I was on a cake ma yeah I don't mind you know flushing them once it gets kind of weird but I understand some people have certain beliefs and that down. Come on flush him receives. Yes I and I'm always gonna flushing number one I got news for you. If you leave it that way really hang enemy I will flush all the time because I do not want to use a toilets. That has the number one still there because flashback is a thing and I am I'm sorry I don't care environment I do not wanna say the environment by getting your action all over me. My own when I live with a bunch of us would be to be tied to keep to tradition type of these kids. They ban they are all about that to a point where they would question me when I'm giddy because I was always flushing. And while Tennessee though you flesh and then number one that you're doing there. So let's head start lying and anything that every time there's a batsman when number two when I was number zero yeah I got sick of having that conversation. They idea why you only have flaws but I'm going to flush every single time mrs. subsidies it's how I was brought up. Yes my parents raised me to flush my number one. I think they should get Jarno you know what if they if they are really worried about getting gosh darn your gnome and all have to sit delegates flashback of your actual wind get a bucket MP in the bucket in your room. That's a great idea I love that idea and that's what they should have yes Scott Ian in Kirkland ENEU. Are on the rock. Our governor Don gas which got. So. I went here's Sacramento to go to school with our buddy of mine from Kirkland. And now we got this pardon and he saw the very did you get aid huge Turkey and the duck. I heard early and didn't duck he's on his way to Richard Dawkins who backed this. I exactly. Though. The fact they're partly people on our little patio of the place filled with liars after having a farm animal. And I go to do that this is one day and that there are Magid hovering incurred. Gosh this guy is serious he's a winner. Everywhere Saturday batted at it does that your typical guy but it's also that Bennett. And how much there he had eaten at the entire. Jar problem that you. I thought I'll guess a good thing. You know it's an interesting thing LAL whip Eric. It's just see how us guys are yeah it was good guy the guy that list had a talk live with us and it Turkey and flies and maggots and eaten date Kansas frosting. Easy to get minus on that yeah I do it I don't know hundred Gary is I'm your house tell him that I'm so happy I never did that. Of course I got a roommate that you know has her boyfriend's milk delivered to the house and us trying to take my upstairs nipped at the end to new roommates now one you were made yeah dirty girl your daughter's point oh yeah and dogs are those she considers all of my remaining and she's becoming a fan Astra made. Maybe seven through May be around. I think I might ask him the sums got to be done this is they know daughter son's face sums governor and a lot of this sums got to give. Hey this is awesome it's it's been a while our happy to have this guy back in CO ends of the Neptune theatre tomorrow for Doug loves movies yap are super hi everybody. Doug Benson in studio spent the morning when does the newest is 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know from one crime occurred at times by making your payments on time. Come on you're on your friends your mortgage I continue to make car payments and don't punish you keep your your case. Com you can also. 600 yards you can almost always get a credit cards almost do you. Bankruptcy sometimes this is secured card you know almost always have a really high interest rates don't. 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