BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-22-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, May 22nd

Beat MIgs. Listeners on the loose with Doug Benson. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Stuff it's Tuesday which means it's taco time and in some tacos Qaeda and clear favorite filling for a taco polian and try and let us. Yeah I really enjoy I can. Todd Kara that's it mattered brokerage. Rivalry so it was clearly a that. Taco Bell. Puts the needed did you get discipline tyra you're talking to put the meat at the bottom. And then they put the lettuce and then they put the cheese on top of that and shouldn't she's recharging the meat yeah firms jumped so his personnel. How do wish this cut through what are big. It's only he's not know they don't think it's good. So anyway. So you can when I was younger so I don't do anymore I just tough it out now when I was younger I used to just take my fingers in just switch the Madison geez it's a lot of work him stupid. Ice news and they had to start screen is also quite like him up one spot in the air I don't mind while the sour cream you're right it's drums Pontiac so. And opted smeared around yeah. Rabbit and now it's good to ya think its ups and maybe they might be an exercise is there that's great as soon weren't whose work a little before they're really good thing you're guaranteed on our philosophy and hard men a couple of our hours a day he's beaten me eggs it will be done Vincent vs Steve Perry's gaffe and Doug is playing for a another Steve we've got Stephen and she while Stephen you their search. It can happen I think it's I will bring you have to put the important they've played Ford and Steve I think you Saddam primaries in mastodon oh wow things can you can't I do our part on June 22 go to KI SW dot com for all the details joins up privacy macedon you can get your tickets now at eight XS dot com Aristide or air the hour now. My question is sometimes we will we will let both people play against Steve how we doing this we're donate just dug first solo artist Stephen will put you on the holder. All the cards are in Doug's hand no pressure and external influence and along Mexico City. Primus and ask yeah. Well for those playing at home and a refresher for Doug Doug you'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. You can now pass like you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you reading the questions come back the loans past yes this time exactly again. How long can CD is a lane and bowling Alley measured from the fowl wind to the head hands past. What company introduced the first hand to hand in the US in 1926. Form yet as to what is the capital of Peru. The. Which band released the album fly like an eagle in 1976. I'll see you know you ask who provided the original voice for the iron giant and grouped. Vin Diesel you ask what is the only continent without native reptiles and snakes. Who in the Arctic you ask which is the third largest Caribbean islands by area past. Judith Light portrayed which character on who's the law is Jolo yeah yeah. I'm lost what was the name of the group that conducts experiments on the island hole that's human external group six. Which children's book characters scared of happily lumps and who's always. Martin adult. A lot I we drew the yes how long in feet is a lane and bowling Alley measured from the foul line to the head pin down ten feet now it's. Tony you know digital. Now it's 12345. Six correct ad it's a decent score not bad with a bit above average. Lost trust just chilling Maine's no don't say anything and I now we don't need Steve DeVon Mitchell I noticed I was amazed so it's like man I don't sit penalties he's gonna get that he might. I don't know. While you don't know enough until somebody asks her a six. Doesn't like I was they've been through this isn't as good NN. Steve and here's your eight. How long can CD is a lane and a bowling Alley measured from the foul line to the head and 25 feet now thirty now it's forty know what our company introduced the first can't hand in the US in 1926. The. We're now you ask what is the capital of Oreo and Bruce is no picnic and Ruvell no. It's. No not only in released the album fly like an eagle in 19760. Crap. Steely Dan now. It's elaborate backgrounds just you look at you as sort provided the original voice for the iron giant and roost. All odds Batiste now know. We diesel as what is the only continent without a native reptiles and snakes its Africa. And Arnie yeah yeah as. These third largest Caribbean islands might area golf club and no Bermuda no. Florida this hello Judith Light retreat which character on who's the boss. Angela yes 12345. Cue the music BJ. At O'Donnell wins six top spot as he loses. Congratulations to Stephen in Puyallup nasty when you won body so yeah. Yeah. I'm as a macedon. And finally there's adding enterprise. And so some of the ones that I bowling Alley Lun I guess way to lower you weighed both of you to blow the lid. Yeah how long in feet is really mumbling a measure from the Fallon and had been it is sixty feet since this season I try to remember that one for the rest of my life Dan good luck and I was so much thinner used to essentially. Could Jackie be really good yeah. What is the capital of Peru is a course don't know oh. The Sun City Hemmer I remember Lima. Of course there is Lima Iman they had the other you look at the Lola. The third largest Caribbean island by area against Florida A is not islands and I would go with US Jamaica. Yes already currently all right but at a thank you I think to a mum that you didn't get to Steve I was what children's book characters cured of apple lumps and weasels. Dug up this one correct. Honey you're sending yet he doesn't exist on the I was hunting. Yeah I and then finally one Doug did not get him BJ's kind of beat himself up about on lost what is the name of the group the conducts experiments on the island slow. Are the dharma group Dhahran and did you ask. I got control and with a guy named Canada's side. That's right. I just I mean I need you you don't have to guess I'm one of those you know that answer you John to death and I couldn't color blue that I can remember that path. Good job I did not itself. That's my new strategies passing quickly give Elizabeth Smart and why you why don't dwell on any advanced TV dwell too much are the ones you don't no excuse this one right no I don't you sing an entire song a one point oh yeah. Ha I got a did you get you show your work I collect data about apparent exception congratulations. This deal and. On having dug beat mixed today decided it was tired or beat megs that's how you get a prize and it worked out well for Stephen a contestant. Thanks to Doug Branson who just basically showed you know what he's on his game check hot so earlier this idea first I tell you how have you how many ways are you tied Steve I know yeah. AAF gore tried a 5050 you now move learning every. The time except when it's all movie question and and I am Ahmed Alomar has managed. Yeah well that's the whole idea because Doug does love movies and that's what's happening tomorrow night and have to Peter Doug Benson doing Doug loves movies live tickets at STG presents dot org. And if you haven't been to performance of that it is such a great time we know that Steve is going to be there whether red is gonna be there and a couple of other guests going to be able playing games. Yeah spry as gas salaries are skewed to guess the secret that the licences so they know two of them. Yes they do so it's not a surprise to them yeah. But they'll be a surprise to people who walk and got really you know these guys and yeah Korea was sorely disappoint people who don't know have to understand or call you told me in diesel yes that's all been diesels here everybody's. Called Andy's old he was mistaken and therefore want to prevent these cozy and seek image easy content once as indeed Obama hammered by a decent human beings don't control that monster botnets Kaka. I don't feel that my doctor dot free up that option. Yeah. I won't. No doubt you don't strips to. Daughtry got stretches you know he's sure he may I know I know I don't install. That's just my guess. All right he's he's not at all I never met a summit to go what you just Tom Cruise Cyrus. Oh really busy and you ESP I couldn't tell on them when he was an idol she's yeah I think he's small. Most rock sir seem to be small to listen ones and American journal yeah. For the record he's 5803. I didn't yeah all right and I got three inches in some way that's a sorority it's a hypocrite if that here's a start out there offensively and a couple of and I have not been. Yes that's it that's that's exciting thing is that you guys will be out on the flat on the taping of the podcast tomorrow live taping at the Neptune theatre. Don't those movies and this is exciting because it always whenever moves on our show was on your podcast they take instant cred with all my college buddies that's tonight that's going on every year and really dilute. Our dog breads and talking about your radio show us that that's awesome that's a lot of work. CO OK you we'll send you guys are recording of the show you can you know place in the highlights the extent maybe and then PG comedic fun downtown they are. Right the course of Osama duke is that way I don't have to sit there and have some make fun of how dumb I guess I can't make it should make fun around yeah so that's a strategic can't make that I've done this before and I'm like yeah I strategic we will not make this one. Of course you Doug does a ton of things amino getting done with high and of course my favors High Court. Yeah we do the high court for Tony emphasize on Comedy Central income essentials like you know places like Burger King Donnelly won't sponsor shell where you. Deliberate cases are also taking the unloads so. It's in the NASA commercial television we're still trying to revive it somewhere soon it was so much fun to do I had no idea what a great judge Joan V until I was doing it. Yeah and miles smoke on upon then deciding. Who's right and do you like do you have regular Faber Mo you thought you were really judge extraordinaire how are you know what I had a moment it was so great to Judge Judy stole it why the Judge Judy did after I did. People were arguing over a dog I say let's put the dog down on the ground her dog goes it's to keep. Yeah and then she did. She did the same yeah I did see an episode where she did that she's left new edge is your first. I probably get a Carter didn't judge and your hey thanks for the idea now and maybe they get it for me because it seems technology is really great for the taking today People's Court and then have another TV Jessica. Preside over the terrific young Syrian Judge Judy first. Taking my decision and you bring that Dodd a Connecticut. All right that's a great idea if you go like yeah you go wants to shoot because they hey you're the one that I've actually gone after. I love that disappears that was so weird fact about when you have proof when he heard the bump in the night he was packing heat in the book reminds gullible here I'm gonna. The real malaria in a gun I don't know if he had time he called those characters having any objects. An umbrella once renal or you ask such an looking up on the old Google searching because we didn't move guy and he is in his ninth down is his own battle and a shotgun. And shot a little Porsche guy and like I'm looking at a right now so I'll ask don't look at me I'm I do something I had my nose up with a string yes strangely court Cheney gets in the procedure and shoot under this usually rains Vicki and their looking is like what the hell is that we don't know what that is the delegate is other tricks on Google and areas with a significant assault rifle. As seems to see the doctors all that's out there and I think gimmickry emirates. You being a realist not many criminals and that the court does anybody DuPont guns anymore or is that just politically correct now you can their. You became one of those and I don't think it's a thing I think I've seen him like that into G stores at an oil costs like fifty bucks golden boys each story is her let me make. New old toys 6010 places are kind of its. Very and I got this is saying mesic Britain and centenary serene I'll antique looking clay is kind of what. Well you don't sound bitter about that at all tonight that the ballot I wanted to. I can stuff my niece is only Jack can afford this. Brooke had guns are so cap comes out okay you know I still got dough so by does that kind of does a great story and. I noticed in the TSA thing yesterday and assistant area because aligned just so long and the the signs said he can't bring a gun replica. On to a plane that really mean I guess toy guns. That makes sense I suppose because who would know the difference if it's a rip it looks like guns yeah I mean obviously if it's a super soaker I hope that gets to go and play he thinks you're either not fully loaded. Seriously the Cabela's you get a pop gun follow our CIC about as a thank you Cabela's at least somebody still bringing them under the old toys are cool. Yeah there I mean I missed that court gone for five bucks to Alice although they go drinking get enough to pay the ridiculous money. It is time blisters on elusive our special guest Doug Benson knew tickets are. You guys to show them whatever you wanna talk about 206421 rock you can also text this is 77999. Your calls your sex and I seventeen on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. And I point nine KI SW the on the loose where you picked that topic. You guys to show 206 fortune one rock. You can also Texas and 77999. Here's our special guest Doug Benson to a Doug loves movies tomorrow night to Neptune theater Steve and reveled beyond our panel they'll be big yes. Two of the four guests a media playing the game tomorrow night there's a betting person I would bet that I'll finish in last place. There's that yes has really does. And really work that we only have a last place you'll just the failed car right yeah fair enough but I Wii at number one winner in three other people will be. He's sitting next that when I don't know be the biggest of all of the if you are in the league or lose I did do their electric watched him win. Yeah as TV presents dot org a site and get your tickets and you really got to check it out to those movies or watching it live is so much fun. And this is your opportunity to actually you know what do this is those were you get the wisdom not. Of Doug whoa you got highways and my kind of wisdom today yeah well yeah you have the special was the RA I might not be high enough let's try this yes this is one protectionist question is is Doug I. I know I've been you know just animals can you can't smoke in a fancy facility like this yes. I mean we were you came in this morning I was like oh yeah Dunn doesn't go into the credit people ready for the show what kind of animal did you have IE I have these things are called Gould. Caps that I diet dispensary may go to an LA and did you slow who tools would you like to 35 followed mammogram want. You don't do an empty stomachs of that in Harlem area you Sydney before I forest through eating breakfast cupcakes. Nice thanks again to mrs. Clinton and Franken. It's cynicism that is surfaced that there it yes. So yes so that that was the first answer. Add to that first question yes Doug definitely prepared the way done prepares for pretty much every day in his life. Earlier talk about how I don't do does the High Court and then Judge Judy had a similar episode with the dog you Samie Texas in an episode Judge Judy was the dog that was my friend they're from federal way Brian from Tacoma. Cool I think that's probably why watch that episode I heard it was a local Thai. And I saw a major to watch that episode and now I'm very frustrated because that was an idea stolen from High Court yeah I had no idea they got a real guns it's. My theory because the the all the people that wrangled all the cases for ask is basically. We did just like every other courtroom show in Los Angeles they just go to the the other records system and they just trying. The super small claims cases. That jazz seemed like he might be fun and I go to edit and then they go to those people are saying hey if you come on our TV show. Then we will. We will decide your case and we will also. Paid them that he you don't pay it is in the cost of quick somebody sue somebody for 3000 dollars if you lose you don't have to pay them. You know the loser doesn't have to pay the money reckons the showcase for. Oh no I can't think like most shows try to limit easily find grand which you liking California that's small claims cases there. Go as high as they twenty I that I always wondered how they got them on the show that makes sense yes it's like if you come on it and then people also just wanna be on TV yeah excited about that. And then but in the bottom line is even though they know it's not gonna come out of their pocket if they lose they still don't wanna lose. Right so the people still argue with each other like of their lives depend on an even those things in a manner that's fantastic I. And if you are the one owed money if you win you know you to get paid rather than some still to be deadbeat not pay you exactly that's that's what definitely shows how do you just do not wanna be wrong even when they if they know that they are we taking care of financially regardless yet nobody goes on their just chills they'd like still wanna win you still wanna be right. So speaking of High Court again Doug Benson Douglas whose tomorrow night the Neptune theater STG presents dot org. Speed High Court are on reverend Floyd has had a really good IDS they seem that. You actually did do a job as a judge in red cent why I think I got a new show for duck no yeah. You're ready you don't have a new show over to you have asked. I don't know how it. Yeah what you wrote it down as one of the things one of the questions I thought he did you write the questions a year out well you don't talk about I well I forgot about those things are trying to give you credit our I'll I'll I'll tell you are revs idea was he thinks it would be great if you could do other jobs while highlight what do you make a TV show we try to do other jobs. While being high see how effective you'd be like being a judge whose side. Yeah I don't know because that's that's that's why I looked into being a judge is you just listen to both sides of the case. And you just do you know you just to sign aid and even who's right who's wrong and I also would get to decide then the other in my then them how much money then again you know with the judgment would be. And now him. But something about other professions like doctor lawyer comp seems like you need to know I think to play that's what that's are trying to say is judges start and it needs now asks. Think that's just show up I'm just behind knows it I think. The bridges and seek a sudden the word judges weren't they some of these people that aren't real judges yet know what I. Until about small claims court and just talking you know. That he borrowed my ray can never he would back RA will give the big backer pace for the recap that's the kind of thing judges have to sank we exception yeah. Came out. You have to be just Ernie did here really borrow the break as I might say no he gave it to me what are you talking about how you are still I'd say many African rank get a judge to sign. It's bigger jerk in the situation bleak pick who's more unpleasant or you don't just decide against that person but that's person in the beginning is that the arm. The people that it's we hired to get all of the litigants and bring a man and now. And kind of coach them behind the scenes 'cause I can't talk to them you know at any point except for when and and on the bench. Those people work for all those shows switches people whose job it is to just recruit. They're just good recruiting. I'm odds there's still no ten. Launch shows on TV right now in syndication. And all of them need. Lit against. So they and they roam it's like a real job he's real millions of from Jerusalem so we have that. I have seen people doing it on my show probably that also work with Judge Judy that's also that's that's where the idea probably got. Quote unquote stolen to do the dog thing is somebody's vote. What are those. I'll remember what age we did on my court we should do it on. That person just the idea we only patent cases for dogs and I'm stoned and I think in the case and I'm so rugged the Judge Judy will start in iTunes could that's us yeah well this should obviously real honest love and it's funny some incredibly necessarily saying I get it done with tiger like dude how are you ask him I would die again I know that's the name of the show is getting done with I. And that's the idea 'cause they're so high. Yeah so I can you say it's not a right and that's what happens is I get. Every once they're all extremely Saeed gaining time. Because of Zhuhai. And I'll say it right it'll say you're wrong title from incorrectly. Could we want to know moved right what does he gets it you've had on the most. Who's been your favorite and who you never have on again on which weren't getting done yes OK. The most. Might indeed Todd glass do you know him yeah very funny dude. Kid gets it gets really tired really crazy so he's very. What was the other two aren't suited favorite favorite move. I had to say Jack Black just because you know he are we now college not blacked out because he got two time. And I and I like obviously it's the most popular episode was so it's got the most views because he just really. He just takes a big drag off from. Loved the newfangled shape and after you know he had two kids keep no one or more kids. And so we kind of laid off the wee little bit for awhile quietly because he's kind of we icon. Can cut through the smoke a ton in and pick of destiny right to rhesus. And now he. We took a big hit often vacant at the top of the show and then just. He says he's gone he's gone the whole time he met his wife was there with him she's sitting nearby and that. Tennessee foreign to me they said the C four at like five minutes in. It was cantaloupe at a senate as she just laughs you'd do it. She didn't have enough. I I. Already had five minutes they can't love your audience to listen there's another forty minutes and Jack Black high out of his mind to slinky got a ton of his channels like massage emotional reason one point tunnels that's fantastic and act like outfit I don't Sony you'll never have on again. Well I'd never again this kind of a mean way to phrase it looked. Very funny Collie named Steve Vern yeah national polls Sullivan and sons were also out Bill Maher getting drunk guy he's a good dude she came on and like a few minutes into you know around the final restart just monkeys like you know why I'm just gonna I'm at some slow have a beer here or whatever. I'm sure Juli can just hang out. He refused he didn't smoke for the entire episode but that's the show and he's the only person that did ya like Doug stand Pokemon and he just likes alcohol and every other drugs he's not really we've got a good and not good for Hugh Hewitt what do any drugs but. He came on and he agreed he was cool yeah. Keep plugging along with the format so why did get a dog would drunk you know why does Steve c'mon I don't understand why isn't. We have Michelle because I say think you know what she's gone I don't think north smoke I'm not a push her sorrow sir like OK I guess that's all right I guess I did learn. I guess you're being nice dude but it's getting dug with hot. Hi hey yeah why would you go wanna show like that if you're an eye and that's your money you don't have to smoke we don't want to but then you don't wanna show that it's all about smoking. I'm sure the common storm apart because the comments start saying really mean things. I don't look now because. These shirts and really mean stuff about the gas if they don't smoke enough if they're not smoking the right way if you don't have the right. And preferences of strain like it's really. Oh wow people are intense she's at a discipline spots like is everybody yeah she's donors surprised you know 870 years old select open yeah man yeah that defeats the whole purpose just to comply damn well I asked donors and an anonymous donors don't get it and it did it with Doug Benson now tomorrow night Neptune theater SEC presents dot org get your tickets and his listeners on the loose. It's on the new guide to show. 20642 on rock Texas 77999. Supported calls your checks with Doug Benson at 933. On the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Had a nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's listeners on the loose you've picked a topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. Our guests. Special guest Manson and Ambac studio Doug Benson and he's doing his podcast live tomorrow Doug loves movies tomorrow night after Neptune theater with special guest Steve Mays and the reverend Fuego writes this. Will be a true adventure ahead pick the two best movie buffs know Washington I think she steam. What you don't watch any movies or you saw us leave Menem yeah sold. How did you notice there and I did pretty good not a damn game against you do not out of why would you have been going on by yourself manager sir yeah. Yeah he did pretty damn good guessing Schindler's List when the answers Saving Private Ryan. That was a tricky today and thanks guys and it's. That was beautiful low because we think it's still very an ass moving we all think of Schindler's List and that's why I was so bombed like what other Spielberg movie talking about. Totally forget Saving Private Ryan has jettisoned loves the other player could still wind Arab militant the Brad yeah pack pack. Yeah I guess some are familiar with this guy Doug Benson but I like him and I'm gonna check him out great guests online resellers have to more with the could I ask that you think. Everybody would know about you would know about you you know because there yet because your community is a very cool so they know our way and everybody knows a great community. And NB a look viewers you word itself marijuana out long before we got to legalized in the states. And you're now I think I mean you're not one of the heroes because there was that documentary that they did with you winch each I think was on it and and I said don't tell is I forget what it was called it was a no idea but I felt like I. There was a but it was I remember they tyra she's done super highly and they said hey we had to go Tyson's guys dug back in your area and and of course. I here we are now where one of the states where you can do you have to hide about like you look at we both forget you forget for a better reason. They're gonna call ladies does Ohio there I don't know documentaries and well I mean yeah I want. I think what would happen if I actually did had as many as venables is gonna help a boy we may be remembered better award which is exasperating my old old man mind I think you Jack blacked out. I think it's like in our prove their retirement come on play beat me this isn't you know you know what it you know being high does that make you not know things in IE out he forget where your keys are. But you know how I see is I still know you know. The vin diesels voice and iron giant. That's right. Yeah you what do you got that right if he's just ask that Murray through gruden there and make him a solid clue until I got rejected Vin Diesel did the voice that and that cartoon many years ago yeah. Are you here in the east since the giants is more than just I'm gruden like he says these things. I love it Vin Diesel is the credited voice of daily route and teenage group Jihad and there's no you can talk like dark. James can you be mad at me for saying that. But there's no way we can make noises like herb lake a little baby molecular unlike how did you know yeah 52 eventually it will that's I mean that. Some sort of a fall guy just like when a guy Robby Benson played this beast in Beauty and the Beast and Muslim. Because it. I I even met the guy and talk to whom he talks like this have to count and and I'm copied into. Tom Brady used to play war. The ball you know where's that voiceover on every one they pick him that's why like Bradley 2% agree as rocket is because he's such a good actor that he doesn't sound like Bradley Cooper married but it's like you know you know that he could do that you know that he had he can pull that voice option. That's that's why I love that character so much sense it's like you don't just sit there thinking. Bradley Cooper Roy Watson. Another guy that did that recently. As Fred Armisen on the show final space which was on TBS examine current and and and Vicki nights like this hot new thing from Carolyn Rogers. But he placed high in knows him for the longest time I was like. I I saw his name in the credits some like what what voice is he doing and as it turns out he was doing as one character Kevin I'm like wow he like you said. It's pretty cool when you can't tell who the actor is and it's not they're not only was voice he's just being hit. George voice casting or the idea is well listen celebrity playing this character you know as opposed to. Like let's get the right voice and worry about that later that's why I'm looking forward to Incredibles two because that. Brad Bird is the voice that lady. Edna node always happy but he did the voice during you know early stages of production and then it was just like why should just do for the movies well. Yeah and it's such a great character and. And so do you always do so when demanding off the size and that text question about movies Doug what's about a movie the new avengers dead pool. The new one I guess or black panther wow have you seen all three have okay. And after I saw infinity war I was like I liked the black panther better but that was just my first impression of infinity war unlike did that I couldn't but there's something about black panther. I mean I know I'm just a white dude who's. I'm doing his best. But there's just something just how wide Schwartzel Louis yeah. It was just something so crazy empowering about it in general Mikey just made me happy that it's that the movie got grade it exists and is it that and that there's finally a superhero that's a true role model far. You know black youth. Like aren't you rendered as well but yet gets my I didn't count RF thin it if it moves faster like it's just black Panthers a great movie if they really did a good job with that. And then but then dead cool to know. Is how hilarious how it's so much fun and they do so many interesting. Call backs in the first movie. And twists I saw that I saw the double bill version of that you know the DA and the Thursday that it opens always double or use our brand watch dead pool and then you want to that's also is really interesting to see them back to back an Al like. Sort of like it yeah improvements that they may and one thing there's less of him dead pool two is torturing him into us into being immune. They had to do that the first line yeah there's not parts not that much fun and it is you know that's like my pee break for that movie. And then temple to they don't have to do that. And then he assembles a team. Whenever they're like assembling a team I star Deion you know go to these movies but it's so funny the team they put together. In an injured cool to like I haven't said a word about it to anybody since I signed because it's just. It's got it's such a fun movie agency went out when I. Felt like earlier this Fella that was a nice homage and I only saw the trailers I'm gonna see it next week but it felt like the assembly of the team was a nice a monster mystery man where they had a similar assemble a team he's meeting which Dane Cook actually I think made a name for himself because he improvised his role in and it was I was supposed to be in the movie. A mystery man but they loved his infamous in browsers so much and I saw that I go I wonder if that's like guy because that's a movie then I think it was way before its time because we weren't doing a whole lot of superhero stuff. At any of mystery may. Now he superheroes when there was lessons yes I can now would be people be more into it probably I think it's a good movie go check out anyway because of we've seen so much and it's got people that Ben Stiller and Hank Azaria I mean a year and William H. Macy who had this fantastic clicking Missouri in the it's a fun movie anyway but Doug. That's really tomorrow night it's all about movies because Doug does love them in and Doug we know it's early we do appreciate your getting up and joining our. Always great to cement minded all specially lake thanks for the beautiful weather today I know you guys are in charge of that. We are always says tell a trip is in town tonight via the fast I don't teller you know you can cloudy day it would take two days around you know that's a double header Tate Tate tonight Doug Doug tomorrow from the hum yeah yeah. Douglas movies tomorrow night the Neptune theater tickets STG presents dot org special guest Steve Mays and the red tomorrow night as well. And again SEC presents dot org now. Some big mystery must resolve. Mr. Ryan castle and shopping cart have in common you're gonna find out at 949. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock N 99.9 KI guess W all the gains yardage. Ryan castle. Derian castle. At a shopping cart having come find me on any corner in my neighborhood. Serious island within a few blocks. Restore honor and these. People. Dump the shopping carts everywhere. You need that would target does now where there are those the shopping carts have some things hooked up to him so when he passed. This certain threshold right now the wheels locked and that's great yeah that's great or just have someone stand out there with a big stick isn't leaving the grocery store parking lot. I think we're back yet extended. Kind of justice I think is gone time's gone by the way I saw that was targets initials and I ask you for Altria shopping cart watching parking over there next to the mattress to somebody dropped off you welcome to Seattle it's beautiful. Put a signed as a free and it's okay drunk typing. Now we guys we got a good couple lower Florida soul motorized shopping cart OK that's from Wal-Mart that's super. That's it could because they wanted to drive to a bar and they did they drove it to a bar was there was a bomb now about a half mile away these people's last name castle by chance. That is I wish we had video that the constant Ketchum found him and yet they got arrested as I don't know it's amazing friends. Right Cassel he's also an amazing crime any schedule packed he's up next. And gates. Horses got aspirations of Star Wars hey can you do what he impressions all of can you batted in her red zone and can really do want to. Blue dog he is okay. So yours is mine does good come you. It's constantly hear of the old song. Exactly you do looking fresh and let her. Rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy how much as bankruptcy cost. Well we've been very aggressive policy course very demanding what kind of broad gauge your filing there's a certain amount of dropped. Court costs and other out of pocket costs and you're going to have in any case. It goes so I think he's in a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the twelve chapter seven or chapter thirteen. I'm one of those things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys or look. Cost options. There's been a lot of times especially the relief chief places don't tell you upfront about all the court costs and one mouth for sure about the pain in addition to re entry fees. So make sure that you get their full picture when you're talking. Current prices. The bankruptcy lawyers on what the attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so that you can really make it true comparison thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com.