BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-24-18-7A:“I’m so glad my parents never saw me do BLANK”.

Thursday, May 24th

Beat Migs.Don Johnson would “never” watch his daughter Dakota in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Luke warm topic. 

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You've got to get yourself checked out the proper way which is why we've got a great shirt orient the PGA needs northwest part. When a real big last night at Doug loves movies podcast keeping you know that your old dad dad says no way shape or form. Those look like any other cartoonists is not a staff course. Gary coincidence that crazy coincidence it looks like AB new easy enough. Similarities there is no pun intended to incidental and they're awesome when you buy them from a guy silly dog. Com it's a cool looking assure you gotta check it out. Go to JISW dot com. Dean man. It's. Don't need. And it turned around through Thursday. This season when he needs. Sure that is well myself and Steve no kidding we had a late night like as Steve says that Douglas movies oh yes that's right you guys you podcast had a great time senate and re my local guide is known LA great comic shop awesome dude that was fun hanging out with him and then states human robot himself Ken Jennings all you went up against Ken Jennings jazz slow. Boy that sit there and that they really got no shot at that point you would think south. But you'll have to listen to dump those who. It's on channel and we're now really well. Yeah I play this much yeah Steve doesn't know movies. There's not a lot of reasons that do I have to let don't have sequels. Have sequels and Steve's mind I testicles everything our horse got out again and guest house bunny two at one point he had maybe thirty. Yeah maybe three and who doesn't ask me well I know that well hopefully does that we get some audio on to a yes drops is our best. That's a lot of fun yes well so there's a little bit of mystery there yeah I yeah while it may not be a wheel of fortune like appearances what you say and will fortune was discussed with the rams we just want that's grace but I we will safe. They Ken Jennings might not be as great as you think. Whoa. Shots fired and hopefully he's awesome they're great guys honest and didn't win and he's gonna. I know how I was I was like questioning his ability not his personality really is a Smart mother asked for a and it is just kind of fun sitting next then and just just seeing how that brain works. And though someone's who has someone's brain who might that Bart dip they're getting your mail yeah that's OK I might not either. There's nobody asks is Dorgan does and today we got Mike in all of my theory there's there. Am excellent what's he play for today Steve's legacy hailstorm and in this moment over the while movie theater on August 17 go to KI SW dot com from the on high speed data here. For those playing at home might well have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Mikey can pass all you want but you'll only get three Jesper question. Are you ready. Any person who cannot. Remember who they are is said to suffer from what medical condition and yes as Kyle Boise capital of which country bordering Pakistan it's. Sir now. I mean. What is the mascot for Stanford University. Oh. How things are yeah. Which comedian headaches daily show segment titled back in black. The lowest. It. Artists are my two Terrence stamp played which in general in the 1978. Superman movies. Aren't. You as any Wilkes was in the zest cinnamon novelist who would Steven king mosques. I know it's. RE DT yeah who wrote a novel Fahrenheit 451 and it's. Past the hour. Tonight guys yen dropped and is yeah he did well. All right well let you know ABC. First because he's time. Now yeah I mean might pay no mind. You never know that's true you never know why there's a chance are you saying that Mike has a chance. Stating that there's a chance on here comes. Steve does no movies it's very yeah misty loves them he just doesn't know of them especially Tom Sizemore movies. Jude almighty god I don't know any Tom Sizemore movies. I didn't know any reading your gas. We I did not just take your mind it was a big guy and restart when he's he's a guy in isn't in is always in every movie but he's not like the main guy now. He's in Lincoln trillion movies I can think of one and 9% until retirement Tom's Derrick ho talk at all putts I'd go a couple times Gary. At minute dawned on me that that was not the Garrett talks have been here earlier Olympics and wells Steve are you ready for this. Can give us a person who cannot remember who ER is set to suffer from one medical condition and the Manchester notes. Amnesia as us couple as the capital of which country bordering Pakistan its stumbled to know it's time tungsten yeah. Lybrand now Barack no matter who what is the mascot for Stanford University. Cardinals asks which comedian had a daily show segment titled Zack and blacks. Exclusive locks you as you have Terrence stamp played which general of the 1970s. Superman and move teams. General leaks now how to out Custer now. General George tomorrow any Wilkes was an obsessive fan of the novelist and what Stephen king's books. Missouri asks who wrote a novel Fahrenheit 450 winds. It's always Austin came out. Tom Clancy now. A toddler. Change there close at six which is the fourth largest US Stephen service areas in surface area. So long gone Alaska know. I'm losing go to Texas know Alabama's general California now. Washington and Oregon. No no no what is he going Canada over the government in place yet you out Montana there president and now he's in his career. Congratulations though you meet my call yes yeah my producer Mike took. So that's and that's not us. When video. And all the rest whenever I bet I will play it's my. You play a cold medicine at this point. He's day. A bowl the capital of which country bordering Pakistan to Afghanistan who yes do you look at that you very much better. Mike didn't know that Terrence stamp played generals odds yeah everybody in the ninety's I do and I was Maine yeah. That's right that's right that was his name. Who wrote the novel Fahrenheit 451 B it is every bribery now yeah. Man might have actually beats people would be so you're crazy stage it ended we did say that the fourth largest US state and surface area is I'm trying to. Montana. Net Nader he's got a job good job Steve fifty Brohm. That the beat makes police are on the on the Tex lines right now I don't know -- I disagree with sort of grows a question about the car and I know I guess cardinal when I might have been rock what is the mascot for Stanford University which is the cardinal yeah I know what I mean hello -- let us different than the -- what's -- remain free yeah called the cardinal the that's true because that's cardinal is the trees bud tree is called the cardinals I know that yes oh well if you're sure about that then yeah cardinals tree yet another -- cardinals prelude is said and that's on their would have been wrong canal is very until why is that tree a card Missouri cards mature into the vivid red color. Well in the end zone they call those countries cardinals next look carts selling his justice GAAP. I find that very bizarre united after a bird yeah they're and I never heard of a tree called the cardinals so they just call cardinal because A it's our tree and I I media more info about Texas and Burma cardinal Kerry Doug Baldwin on the line got. Get them online he knows he goes standard now you know RC don't exist. That's why don't moan because I went to USC so he would know think this is. Well I don't know is going on that but congratulations Steve your wonderful work. Correct gone before guess what you're getting those tickets to check out hailstorm and in this moment at the while more theater and August can't afford to 06421 rock. I wasted so much generals automatically have a watch that show Krypton I think they had their series season finale honey we know as we show ways and one member design dates on scifi Powell Kathy how Gotham is like out before about men desperate Donna's before Superman and it's like way before Superman how many seasons there. This is for a season all cast like she's under and heard of that shadow just it just started and I have to tell you it's surprise and editing I wanted to show about what was Krypton like before this is like taking place during his grandfather's days it has grandfather plays a young man who so this way before. For some sort of force Superman and the place is gonna blow up gotcha yeah out and I have to say I was I'm entertained by it. It's AMD in the show looks gorgeous they put a lot of money into the special effects and also into their settings children a planet greatness of crickets are yes yes so and it's you know based. Frankly it would be about anything I call late game of thrown an outer space is really what it reminds me of this a lot of intrigue and backbiting backstabbing and the acting and writing probably isn't as great as game of throws but it's still very entertaining. And the do the plays general Saad spoiler alert by the way because you wouldn't expect Amazon to show up if anybody knows the story line but he does sorry about that. But the actor who plays and who I love this guy's ins can't salmon. He's really he's a good generals not. A question yes there's there's a food supply of cars there and release guesses on confused as take muses are really in the future but it's kind of like futuristic it sounds willow creek dawn. It's not in the future it's just they have amendment technology that's way ahead of Mars OK that's but they had to but it's supposed to be like actually since Superman is today like he's hanging out current times. This so took takes place maybe two to 300 years ago are they still have advanced technology much more than we did all my question is how come nobody in the future raised genes. The surrogate question. Spoiler. There is somebody on that show that does Wear jeans are all yeah well but I but I am I gonna say no. Well I just don't assign any any future success on I never really knew what he's rocking genes. Everybody's got like pants on met Noah his jeans and you figure that genes would probably be one of those styles that would do well why when I wanna have genes are always comfortable I don't understand why console and jeans. Yeah yeah outfits that made it look like he went to RE IR was Eddie Bauer you know what I mean people studies so it's like why wouldn't you worn jeans because he wore stuff to look like he was gonna go back pack and I just didn't have we Mississippi and at some point in the future do we just lose out on genes unless there's a new thing that's even better had. But that's about it you know look dude yoga pants have become the new genes for a lot of women that's true and I am torments are doing anything. Shocked I. Outlets women wanna see that it's do we say yuck but there was a moment in time where nobody could even imagine not a mayor's good skinny skinny jeans and a tonight. Ray or cut jeans guys that you doc and more and Subaru baggy jeans where we're slowly getting slugger and it's not whereas you're right there's a good chance that in ten years fugitive Iraqi yoga dance man I am not about that is look like a summer sausage with a anything spandex I don't need in my life hey there's an image services at a strange British teams. Very exciting less spoiler alert. Is that strange and Krypton yes. That's why I was I was kind of Lehman something's got a strange in the Marley his daughter is strange is different than that insurance costs he said yeah administrations in DC universe it's his second cousin twice removed on the mother's side countless tolerated and we thank you for your episodes he went through DC universe knows only tomorrow and every idea yet the stepmother gotta you gotta amend the divorce he Jaya DC universe and yet you might not know because he's a deep cuts for some people but it's it's a fun show I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I'm just afraid that scifi. May not give it the timing needs to resolve whatever storyline they want to resolve this scifi cancels everything I mean they they irritate the hell on me thank goodness. Amazon prime picked up the expanse otherwise a lot of us were pissed about that decide Tyson they were done. Prisons in the very new genes in the future because the earth is not usually undergoing climate change we can grow typical class fiber materials anymore. But maybe not possible Chris. I like Chris is an explanation he gave us some thoughts. I really like them to know there's a steers a guy unity Jim with he wears your pants every day he stands around to make his package stick out what Jerry you know if you pay half mile an exchange memberships. You know I mean I like I said unless women. Or maybe gay dudes maybe they would want to see their guys like that but. Really we wouldn't just have the right body Florida's seems. Now it's like there's certain articles of clothing that he you know and a woman should Wear this because she looks really good and it whereas a guy from. You may have some like lululemon type yoga pants I guess not I wanted to back here is sad to see that the bag in his eyes joggers. I'm talking about the ones where you get to pretty much you know in out easily George Bush is is it used to say read my lips I mean those those young masri in my knuckle. Yeah I saw that pivotal. I'm not so easy urine urine Krypton three decency Kim thrown stinks BJ. Well I don't DL you don't like game at drones that great this is actually in space you call it love it but I mean does a lot of drama there's a lot of intrigue. And I think it's good though CII. Love the kind of stuff we go what the hell's going on. How did we get to where we are in the world of whenever and to let's all listen. It's our money so I don't like him thrown spaces do you spoil the show now for all because I saw I get like empire strikes back and the avengers thing. Well our. Can send money. Hey we have this popular actor who says he will not watch a hugely successful movie that his daughter was in. He says nope not gonna do. Who's this person what movie like talking about I'll tell you its 770. On the ground. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all the I'm not quite nice day I have SW the rock god Seattle. Dakota Johnson's parents still haven't seen here in fifty shades of gray. Due to the subject matter and of course says she's got famous parents I I keep forgetting that done Melanie Griffith as a mom and Don Johnson's or data keep getting that. I can clearly space and that is on so I saw Lister I noticed I come up before casino Melanie Griffin said that Susan wanna see because of the contents backed forgot Don Johnson and stepped down last name. Does dungy yeah yeah I'm Mali's assay for years yeah not gonna watch any fifty Shea is going to be when my daughter I do not need to see sex scenes of my kid. And Don Johnson says yeah I a would never see daddy. He said I wouldn't even see that she wasn't and it is not my kind of thing hopes to you of course. That's interesting would you rule if your daughter was in fifty shades of gray county hard I mean where as it were hello. Hope that would be yeah no it it would be difficult I would probably wanna see like an edited version where I could see her acting where there's no sex I would like to see those seats you do make a run Piaf prefer. The run out of the theater where my daughters and a sexy now. Yeah I need and don't just as red as a father there are certain images that you don't need in your head feels I know it's for ten and let's make believe but still. You know if she does a good job as an actor she does make you believe what's happening is real and how she's feeling is real and so that would be they're there are other movies like I'm watching Tom the hand maid's tale now and Elisabeth Moss is doing such a great job and a TV show but it sure my kid. I would like almighty god I don't wanna watch this because you've beaten up my kid amnesia goes through such abuse on that shelf I think I even like just like you were dating in that. Actress and I look I wanna go see any of the movies and involve sex scenes yeah there's iron about like. And I wouldn't guy I would say no you can't do Omar be jealous of it it would just I don't necessarily wanna watch and a screen. You can give us just making Powell I had won a seat out with a significant other and how I can you imagine would be I would a kid. Yeah if Lou was in movies and icing on C is karaoke you know generally round by other people OK that's I don't think that's this and it's that this is exactly December I think that's. The reason we're talking about this is because the subject came up because that new movie book club where four other ladies you're overly stimulative for reading fifty shades of gray. Don Johnson is in it as an old flannel Jane Fonda is too he's in a movie about that movie yeah. That James Bond is like a 102 years old Don and Don Johnson I think he's in his sixties. And she's in her is that she her nineties changed on nothing fun don't you think. I know she's in her eighties she's eighty OK Johnson 68 on a big difference yeah all right here's cheesy now she's still coloring them then. So that's why it all came up because he's basically in a movie that talks about the movie. You're the book that his daughter and remain a movie about but yeah I. Yeah I would want to see that it. Our topic. I just as yacht never gonna watch his daughter Dakota in the movie fifty shades of gray based on this finished his sentence quote I am so glad. My parents never saw me do blank that we don't we we we had thought about the other side this Dakota Johnson won her parents are actually doesn't yeah. So what is something you're glad that your parents don't know that you did. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Because your text after audio slave. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I point nine KIS the rock of Seattle. Don Johnson the actor says he would never. Watched his daughter Dakota and fifty shades of gray based on this finish his sentence. I'm so glad my parents never saw me do blank or maybe your parent you don't want to say I'm so glad members on my kid do blank. What is something you glad that your parents or you never saw your kids do very apparent suicide you do. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Go to Jack king can Jack do you Iran Iraq. Yes good morning area and they are Jeff Jeff wears buddy. Hey so I was nearly all all four of assuring them a better know. Debate it and where were you when you did this. My my. Oh. You're in the dead we won't know parents' house when you did this. Yeah yeah I'll look I'll there's Albert yet majority speed up and he's got the rooms. I'll learn all that I went all out all bags. Stand to lose. The idea first hour I've got nothing so I didn't think it works but then I I got it just looks older. Sister just got a little weird. Yeah we might as an outburst. Did you do by yourself there's no announcing a buddy with you in the house. I'd like it and that is exactly call 91 once a good job. Yes but you get that I like to. Do long sixteen hour slow yeah. And you would you miss a great opportunity to George Chucky cheese imagine Jewish rooms at Chucky cheese piece. If that sounds like a terrible I am an amazing. I got to allow the little guy that is. So so. It like he did an iPod called. And that's an absentee duke men and watch the proper hour at WW currently. Though like it and and they didn't have an outlawed the brunt well that. Oh. While. Our home man dad had to be did you have any interaction with your parents why you prefer mushrooms just. Yes yes I did actually went down there's had a lead I get barbaric ordered pizza and I thought that he guy what my problem George Bush gets a hug. George you got booed in India Latin. Also there everybody had to know Lego kissed it Strickland guess. He dad and I'd I'd I'd really bite people but nobody wanted to you know all of my dad and the and a over here at the Buick had to deal light. My ceiling jammed into like eagle. Anybody feel like flooding of fleeing into the street to experience. Wow man comments is remind every direct Iowa Oscar every time this. Appreciate the call due to presume that I lost every time we endangering your parents' house no I didn't guests stay tall man do trip and now like that your parents house than have to go to work. Yeah it's a thing I think about that. In college or at times very I made the mistake of calling my dad while some mushrooms and that was a terrible idea I realize this is a straight talking to them. And that it just hung up the phone. Yeah right time to wonder why did I do that. I just decide who believe they did talk to my merit a first sounds like I was excited till I tried motions for the first time all yeah that'll be great I did he want that I had a client is talking knowing data tried mushroomed for the first time. And his response he got Osama the actual food all right Lisa Stevens. Didn't know you like mushrooms never won an on your pizza man if I am moment of clarity. When I what am I doing yeah I gotta go finish on the final cut they are regarded as yet. I don't know why I thought I should tell you that I'm taking hallucinate gen X and YU be proud of that are wide right you care college is awesome dad. I'm really high really that your money is well smack dead. That's awesome. 20642 on rocky and also Texas 77999. Finish his sentence I'm so glad my parents never saw me do blank. Aria text message at 779 and our parents say no matter what I do in the navy into those on the men's room about a year ago I diffuse bombs and Iraq and Afghanistan. So do you think he couldn't tell them what they did Garrett a misty told them yeah you're right that's a scary thing to do for a marriage of a kid going into a military they're doing that. Hannah ideas on how about what I wish they know what my parents. To make ends meet when they were newlyweds my father was a male stripper yeah he was known as. The block Tarzan. Goal and I'm genius why hull no black tires and that's also are they must come myself that yeah yeah I'm not. That just seems like a great name who you on the black tourism and since that's also. Lucia sons and are not all yes we tease my I on the your doctor's not here. All we know all the ridiculous this is she does though and I mean you know that there's not much you can hide from and I think the one niece who says she's glad at least you weren't around for when she did it was probably knew New Orleans. Already ground PR yeah you're right I don't drive when Madonna if you were there with her I would hope not but you never know what that kid she just does what she wants president look that way Danny Rios got away. Yeah he's got I don't know how and I mean Mexico did you Judd deluge you did that really did that. Yeah she's that's who she is Jolie diss on the other hand. I never know what he does I mean he doesn't tell us anything about his life so I I he's probably done a lot of bad stuff. He now missiles on my fire moments actually I last Vegas strip. I got escorted out of the casino by security walks yeah. Last trip the last trip yeah I just don't hold on he should then. Now as nice. What would you do you did did you on your older and wiser area yeah I didn't. Normally bunker I was very drunk together Dorsey was I was the poker table. And I was playing having a good time talk and survivor talking trash you know how to have fun times but unfortunately out the older people at the poker table do appreciate that much. So they called the floor over which is a Boston manager guy. And try to get me kicked out multiple times. The third time I got creating reserve dropped an F bombs oh. No my father is yeah I just saw several chairs were knocked over and I want you know the words share Maya. 'cause bulldozing through those things man low we don't you pick you as this kind of guy this is awesome. Amnesty man right poker is changed nor wants to talk and have fun at the table anymore and I just get really angry these old people when they go do you do assumed noon and calmed down and non drug costs us. Irish haven't got tired yeah there's somebody chooses the wizard here mortgage scenario more focus on good morning Steve trying to party I guess nothing good happens at 4 in the morning and what do they expect men know they wanna get serious but they they give you drinks in that area effort I've made these so you know you play with drunk people and frankly. They would they do or don't later wouldn't be happy that you're talking like an idiot maybe -- we winning too much policy that you think that I lost like 200 dollars defend the first second highway money all of a sudden they're all angry at me yeah yeah there's thousand you're annoying and your beating them yeah yeah at Mac combination pissed me off Jewish human doing that since actually your little kid I remember your what are your first magic the gathering tournaments you couldn't read it and you were beating people. And they were so pissed and you just for his reply was to these guys that were like in their twenties and Joey is like eight. You maybe you should just play better you kind of sting it's not my fault and I'm like kiss him and get punched out like these guys because my kids this is great. Yeah you've always been that guy I'm not surprised sewed NAS where you out what happens after that is you've gone tonight. Casino all blue. Like he's getting mugged outside of the other casino. And my friend just looks we were walking down the and we Suze you're pushed up the you know he's getting sought news of the punches thrown my friends running Adam and I'm running the other direction. Both friends and Nydia are my arms to drunken neighbor now he can arrested. Oreo or you shouldn't yeah. Good John I try and do well son you run in the other direction of any problems trouble I did have that survival instinct to call enemy in the casino on six stormed out of the casino they don't have that data security everywhere sometimes on big security is not your friend. Physical they were not threatened by a day for easily like Murray out to people are we are now below you gotta go oh yeah and unions like comply Lee's do I was I was bruise under so drunk he's gay command line. Cold dead hand yes hole I thought it was right you don't you think you're right in your drawn to it there's no real convincing you that you are wrong Brad and soul to giant security guards and cars casino sunglasses dark particular rehab zoning and Dugas. I don't know I don't know how old are you using in Vegas and we only to go on why she's out according my friend it was pretty funny and everyone had a great time besides the people who were taking guests in death. Well of course is always funny when it's not them well. All right Tom well jelly of course at thirty years old he's about to be thirty this year operates an outstanding member of the community. I'm not like DEC thirty year old dude you know they got there won't move out of his parents' home in noon I don't dishonesty just did an interview with CNN and things got really thought word we got the audio you're gonna hear a 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I have lots of tickets that I have been okay. And those she's just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits on on what we can do is against. Tickets cannot be discharge an awful bankruptcy or chapter seven case that won't help you get your license back and adjusted thirteen reorganizations. Tickets are just turned the ball most precious tickets or discharge a bowl. 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