BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-24-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, May 24th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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On a Sony fourth all the way through August 26 that's a Friday Saturday Sunday maybe quite terrific theater. Really I mean any rock band of significance even think god is going to be there for slayer yeah plus. I don't think there from a lost until pilots say ours is giving us and they will be Dan nice I'm telling yen and seven fold again they are significant. We left. Until we get everybody. She's in the way it's. Fun as they were not receiving. They're like ninety. Still can't. Still can't they're very significant very day or C I am telling you how in shape every day are you love is very good yeah. This yeah Bay's Jeff Frankie goes Hollywood again. Could be fine but the relevancy level very mellow and relaxed. Guys don't do it. Anyway you should do you should get a little. You want the full line if you go to KI SW dot com tickets until now he don't get two bucks for every ticket sold. Anything that makes all the Foundation Coal Lotta people don't worry you'll Oklahoma situation pro games as hey you know why. We wanna help benefit my dog foundation so that's a cool thing. KI SW dot com. He may. A hanging down the email. Games and stunned and turned down for Thursday. Long weekend Friday June. I am right now he'll be good enough fast food is to any dry eyes that's all we care about. We've pleasant that's all we care about. And we had a great may you cannot only ask you only sync it's been amazing but it was weird waking up this morning and seeing some when this on the floor. Outside allowed me I'm a browns yeah. What's the outside for outside for cars RS war crimes whacked yes. Peterson got text is like hey man nice. And I kept my top off my Jeep woke up this more own later on that side. That does not do and we are right in the way I see that's not fun when asked yeah. I'm sure on the bus then you know what you just know you'll certainly see grossed an hour contested today we've got a cannon peel out candy there's senator. Good morning guys can understand what the show money what's playing for today's Steve Levy finds her parenting is he primus and mastodon their ads are more hard on June 22 go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you want to get zarrella now at any access dot com I Steve out here. For those playing at home. And we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions can you could Grassley wants to you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready yeah. Thomas Edison was the wizard of Menlo Park in which East Coast state. How things. Or. And it's. Earns you are. Know her threatens a movie aliens. On camera no. Which comedian has the 1987. Special titled raw. Yes which baseball player titled his memoir wizards. It's what decade was Buddy Holly Warren. No it's dirty as to what is the name for Germany's high speed highway. I'm not a box yes it Bubba hotels Bruce Campbell played with rock and roll icon. So. I don't. I what are LSU tiger was drafted by the Orlando Magic in 1992. Q and don't yet as to what is the fifth to sign of the zodiac. No one G three forks Iraq. I'll spend then getting a deuce that's for sure it is yeah same scores that Steve got earlier today to figure Richardson's essence went to music so Pollyanna of these what seem because that seems to us to play. We don't know it is scores going to be high low kick his ass in this game wow O Steve Beatty is already clearly he would keep your essence at all Owens has is this team has been uncharacteristically. Pretty bad this weekend we jags. These are we weak and the BJ Shea morning show let's go Steve dominate. How we were at Douglas movies last night yes it's so it has kind of been illegally must that is the first major holiday declined to contact time he had that in Israel this Memorial Day weekend this is the thing I mean this is like oh cool holiday coming we know presents then I'll that's. Again none of those ones matter this is the big but any holiday gets me Dell's. Call a hard look at exactly thank you Steve and ready. Thomas Edison was the wizard of Menlo Park and what the East Coast state. Wore out Pennsylvania now a New York now. Massachusetts now who directed the movie aliens. All our Ridley Scott yes which comedian had the 1987. Special titled rock. Hey Murphy asks what baseball players title his memoir the wizards. Please it's. It's. I don't know it's. Didn't let dedicated his Buddy Holly born odds thirty C as to what was funny crap has no. What is the main important Germany's high speed highways. Off a list doesn't know 167 and I'll I'll bond you can't edit colleagues up until our Bruce Campbell played with rock and roll icons Elvis yes. What LSU tiger was drafted by the Orlando Magic and Julia how do you ask what is the fifth signed the zodiac lever knows. Turn out now. Tell me how you ask us what were. And you're 1938. Is it harder yes it was 12345678. You win may tell. Hole or it's. It's. Really heard anything you guys yeah I was doing. You know why I'm not sure if he's he's you know your wife. I had and now I got lucky as as we know Leo shirt and yet you did why. How. This is one that I thought you would pull the tooth he missed actually thought you would get correct Thomas Edison was a wizard of Menlo Park and what East Coast states yeah just it just intimate New Jersey yes New Jersey man -- for totally forgot everybody just goes with new York New Jersey and and Tom and outside well I know what's New Jersey but I thought if they like totally forgot and I would never guessed it at the time I remember now and I have to imagine BJ you know who the wizard was I was in a buzz saw Ozzie Guillen. No. Our Ron give drew. Ozzie Smith are all yes Ozzie Smith on Ozzie junior right guys Ozzie Smith you're really close there and I'll I thought I would it's a rightly he was The Wizard of Oz and and that toll would discourage you. I was so mad at myself it's it was he Saint Louis cardinal yes yes I think you're so I think today slips yeah hmm I'm an idiot you toss and I totally makes him over the Ozzie Guillen was also good I believe he might have been an infielder to tie dye number ones. That he stressed trying to I just remember him because he was one of the few guys when I click to baseball cards at a bunch of his cards hum and a decent man myself of course it's awesome smug look off. Well congratulations Steve your one with eight correct tolerate you are checking out primus mass economy are more park in June. Call number 8206421. Rocket that's what you got to do man and you got those tickets. This is some disturbing news a lot of people that say they want about politics and people like go I can't believe the president is because he's got geez George all the nuclear Muslim rear Rico. It's like yeah well what are the people that are actually in charge of the nuclear missiles like they're hanging out with them. Well they can mow the big story according to air force records that service members on the US nuclear missile base in Wyoming. Took LSD and experienced mind blowing acid trips. I don't see I'll summarize our minds are being blown young Zach is a scary thing for me reasonable guys have taken Ellis DM. Playing a good regarding the missiles that there is guarding him and actually doing well I mean I imagine if you have if you're that close if you want to you could cause trouble. Or if you didn't want to bring your back. I don't know I wanna go anywhere in a year and eating on a hallucinogenic. Yeah that's they've they were part of this big mind altering illegal drug ring. That operate undetected for months on this highly secure military base in my own back in 2016. They distributed they bought and used LSD man and other mind altering stuff to problems rooms on them it's nice Syria mean that they weren't doing it while on duty. At least yeah that's what they say. Well I hope Casilla and I'll mushrooms and I used a must since I was afraid even operated remote control for right television I can't imagine being here missile. Everytime I see a story reported about something like this in the government I always assume that whenever they said they didn't do they did. Okay active Syria saying yes I saw I I I truly believe they weren't there a whacked out while they are around the missiles. But on review register when they quote when a guy's he's quoted as saying quote I'm dying what is this going to end on taking acid not a resident felt paranoia and panic for hours after taking LSD. I know if I was going to die that night or not and and others said they enjoyed the drug. Now they haven't they did her part they have about quote from somebody and I don't know if he just gotta distribute it to him and then he took this trip. Or if while he was trip when he decided he wanted to go to Denver. There's one guy said oh yeah I watch YouTube videos and then when long boarding on the streets of Denver Wallace hi analysts see them as they want this. This is the white only story how the hell to get to Denver. It. You hear about though I regrets along with a different military and Silicon Valley but you've heard those stories of some of the people in the world silicon I had the televisions have a desolate area where they do all the tech stuff. That one of the big trends was micro dressing we have saved just enough just enough threat like super folk is an open up your creativity your mind I don't even know what that would be like. But what if you guys really don't microchips yeah that's a weird dale work tennis that's that's an interesting thing I know a lot of people to retry it like micro don't sleek white. All right I actually am familiar with that experience so at least the at least I know what it's gonna be Australian. Well I can hike in the worst in Iowa Oscar. But doesn't mean it couldn't be weirder. Oh dude Ohio lost always I if you if it didn't get weirder I would be surprised. Because I barely can see inside male body I saw my origin share we you're not an environment that blended well to it that's what you'll love going into the woods when there are mushrooms or somebody nature and a or you Massa I've heard stories of Buick on to woods or virus or whatever it may be always. So I Aussie Jiri didn't come to a place that Sharma here you're with us in a workplace are you saying that you guys are not a comfortable environment and I can really trip up. Yes okay. I I won't argue with that as someone who won the short trip throughout the most. Boone. In my youth. Mean and yet you've got a very. Weird expressive faces it is like all that we all have a gigantic smile if you ought to be like that snatch that filter your face becomes all smile yeah London Jerry that's exactly what I don't have a great deal yeah. He got to the really high squeaky voiced yeah. I don't know how you view that I not only that maybe even greater than the course I think Danny was criticized the most to try start crying now anyway but I can emotional euphoria kind of thing probably for sure and that's here's a look like waterfalls probably for us as a return as a math doesn't enjoy waterfalls for her one time and it runny nose is important in politics to. Our Stew on this tonight. Six I can't get it to stop there aren't going your mushrooms it's not going to stop. That's just that's hysterical. The other big ZZR mushrooms are Vicky who freeze you out. And man. I think looks like maybe the red I feel like the beard we just to corral leaning growling in the after meet this thing with mushrooms is usually stuff kinda does like the wave SO in my beard anytime it would move it would be like just moving and we do you almost look like it would be water for you guys moving in. And don't wanna touch it let it be like I wanted to too but I don't attach it like I don't know so with that a primary out and you don't want to start selling yeah nice getaway for me in right this is weird you could mean announced even your just what you think you might do mr. men series is in the military past and emotions are very popular because they're not detected by drug tests and. Move. And see. We don't wanna know how the sausage is made we just don't feel like Joseph to sit in a corner and you can't have like a zen Buddhist thing gone on there you insane he's paying huge dealers to observe and actually no different than what he does right now yeah I bring no that's what he becomes the basketball master and that's lease or sink in threes like it ain't nothing and what I had somebody wants an Hussein's and it goes in Portland. At Dobson sports hall of fame thing and I'm with a bunch of buddies. Andy it was a pop A shot and they were all walking around and I'm just drill them played I don't looking I'm just I found the rhythm. And I was tell the most like if you guys he'd get me to pour into the trailblazers I'm pretty strike a plate tonight and I do really well I'm not I think I could dominate the MBA if I was on some kind of lose it and it just around the zone. And makes you wonder then narrowly three point shooters like the stuff carries of the world are they just they just trip and no hatred and balls is that why they're able to actually shoot balls three from three point land series and everything would start turning into the black hole sun video web sound garden alone yeah I. I just really that would wanna do shams and the guys because I get very costly and very Lovie and I don't wanna be cuddling up next seat all allied got a regular cut off on BJ I get under Blaine GA it's my safe place and then I just our. Laughs saying cut and playing in this is like wow man. You have to screen experience journey went on to get that's what I did I was telling them everybody you guys and I don't want LP today. Nice because you have a good cuddle puddle I was gonna let Hamas wants guard any kind of from I won't care I'm gonna now I want it then but it Danny will be crying yesterday was so happy finally to you've embraced I don't want to I'll be sowing as I did a sweater with Therese beard hair. And be a good time this actually sounds like a party in Jones who sit back down Joseph be observing the whole thing. Yeah we're shooting basketball such a weird party that's a very weird. I think we should all go. Our guests at Talladega and my ability to coddle you know. Why. Committee said he will need it how much. And so I have my if you I'll I'll be doubled to make sure that never happened OK I am songs I get paid out there with another go funny I mean really open up the wall there's nothing better luck than me and I don't really that is indefinite. As of December and I have an us against the odds and Molly aspect involved PayPal you or write your check this company. 65 ways Janet Unita pay me to not doing that's not a good you scuttle makes us look great Cutler no I'm saying you wouldn't want me to cuddle you you've got to pay me. Helps keep you. How can. I'm like yeah I went from getting money getting sick this is not what I want and how about Amelie she says her first messenger who is New Year's Eve Tony sixteen I held a block of cheese or three hours because they needed to hold some things. I sat in the snow next door bonfire of the entire time. Yeah a lot of luck of chiefs I love that's amazing that is so awesome. This is the best friend I ever had she used it. I started this is almost you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. When everyone I talk about your calls or text at 917. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. I asked you Iraq Seattle's listeners some of those where you picked a topic you guys showed to us export to a rock text us. It's 77999. This simple. Whatever you wanna talk about you get to bring to the table but remember Steve does have a cool. It's a symbol will be Genesis of some energy and bring an otherwise we're. Sigma bold turns go to Jake in Monroe Jake you are on the right. What drug the key we act I got to start orient itself. We're all honesty and facts it's myself into our friends or our idea pretty much all day and not how quick you today after lunch nobody takes a couple sure I'm sorry I speed gonna be done it before okay. Salt going very sorry and it's whatever okay we get they're competent on the aisle and get off the list and you guys are really wanna build igloo looked build and glue and I'm like. You're out of here I'm gonna go get clear now you build an igloo I know. I get a call mission that I get to the sharks are my friend that is completely summer saying I teach you get back out here as fast as possible. Mike got to look at itself worst case here I think you've entered no I get to the top and eat it is. Black naked. On and around in circles scream and yet either gonna get him oh yeah maybe. Tell it to escalate the situation I. Covered a minute here and told him the Eddie can not stand the power of the north station and calmed him down and buried in the little bit snow and he chided. John and down and Nicky it's do you they TX zero and finally he can't say. Came off the mound we know and relaxed and then eighty. All exciting jump back up sheriff doll clothes and ran straight down mountain. Troll tackled and five minutes later and he would kick off the map. Are you out there you go. That is quite a trip. Did Hamdoon how cold was it too was it like in the twenties. All oil oil ends February so you know we where we were on the trail we were all these you know force feed yourself fight each note so you it way to beat the right now. Can show yeah I don't legend it was. Thirty degrees maybe me maybe thirty home when he windchill and everything Leo yeah rich girl tackled impact. Dave Dave had to get it under control and of course I mean different holding all of it each year so I have to do and you don't want to shame yeah that's my friend I'm I'm sorry you know I had. They're attacking them at least they probably had snow gear on because you relate to who wants attack on naked guy one of those military was Jericho pro attach your head at that time yeah I'll that's awesome appreciate the comment that's a great story so it just takes it and I was on LSD first time sitting on the couch astronomy is a Coke bottle on a coffee table I sunk three gum wrappers in a row. We silver witnesses. Read it into a little hole come on that's impressive you gotta go to the carnival at that point. You know they had those malls bottles usually in the ring and stuff on out you wince at stuff is gonna be I don't know Steele thought well I'm you're lucky he's gonna take that seem to give me that that's stuffed Teddy bear the price you gotta pay gap. For a bad cold fish yeah. Pam. It is this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206. 421 rock Texas 779993. More because of mortgage sex at 930 threes on Iraq. And they eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. I point nine KI SW Moroccan Seattle us listeners on the loose you pick the topics you guys show 206 fortune when rock. Texas 77999. Tasty that's for sure I'm thrilled to death pressure control the troops around the and ground. Let's talk to Richard and every Richard you are on the Iraq. And so the first time ever did rooms I was working with my cousin at a pizza shop. And after I ate the pizza. I've been decided. Well it look like it came to light snow trying to beat media asked our age I ended up Haydn underneath the desk for the capture registered. And then I ran outside you know as a running through this thirty acres. Around the shop and my cousin Sam yet during the bush. Ships. Could do mystery though. I would do it my best friend and it's been everywhere. I would tell on the Maltese story when he goes dude it's just a truly an unwritten rule accord back to normal and although old. Wow. Since he joined right now yeah new. Lou did it man. And how long were you trip and you know how many hours. And a good shape. Yeah baby. It's Tyson Steele on this from stuff Saab saying hey I tell you Suter and imagine looking your rank castle told a story about him being lunch rooms and having to do something with the Mariners when he was seventeen. Thank you guys you all rock. Oh yeah I mean here we getting in here because our Ryan did some recent stories. From back in the days he can't believe he's still on the air work in this business because of that well because of all the things he messed up the yeah yeah yeah I have heard the story it's insane it is a classic story I've only heard bits and pieces of it yeah this is my first time here in the whole thing. All we have right they area an area girls writing cast hall so you have requested tell your true story my friend. Well let let me put it see this way I was young and stupid and I thought I was struck. Kyra so the only changes and older. Yeah I fancied myself the sort of seventeen year old version of a hunter Thompson or something like I blew my rule is off how economic. And I was really really into whose agents at the time and I was working at my very first radio job my job was to from the baseball broadcasts on the small AM station in eastern Washington itself. A friend and I were hanging out before work one day in the afternoon. And he's like hey I've got mushrooms daily some I don't have to be worked for a couple hours but you know what. I can do this because I am a professional when it comes to right. Whose agenda drugs at seventy years old yes of course you probably something we should talk to my parents about. I'm so was so we got rid a lot of things to talk. So we split we split this despite a mushrooms and everything was cool. Until I was like a couple of blocks. From work and there was a song on the radio. And Everett it and I was like really enjoying it and that's when I realized that I was an eight ton of trouble played all hit me. All want total auto wrecks and I was like boom it's hard fought 40 god what do I have to do. So wise so I show up at work and I pull up I pull up up front. And in it in an absolute panic as I realized that I emanate awful awful awful situation. And I go in and start talking to India to the boss there who is the he's like the general manager of lake all of the radio station threatened and I got to set the scene for you this is a any Rush Limbaugh affiliates. I see in the guy who is the boss who's doing the show prior to the Mariner's game does a conservative political talk show caller yeah. It's a he is it a gentleman net of of not advanced years put sub but he's in the other gentlemen I don't know Utah's so and this is a conservative. Brooklyn AM radio station in eastern Washington now inserts a seventeen year old green and blue hair down to his shoulders Brian castle high on mushrooms into the sea gas. The deaths of perfect and it I I know what we're talking about but I walked into the room and I was like hey and he was wrapping up his show. And getting ready for the baseball broadcaster star and I you know I was in there you know isolate dinner plates and he was talking to me and I was at I was so afraid and in such a panic and I would I would started to explain something to him and I just lost my train of thought I just stopped and went I have to go move my car and I walked on the moon. I thought buck off. In my car like panic for another ten minutes like oh my god what am I gonna do. But on its side eventually pulled. Together and I went in there. And I pushed the buttons and I'd I ran the the baseball broadcast like just sweating at hand and like you know you have to do the the weather at the top of the hour and I would start planning like ten minutes before had to do ten seconds of whether it's like time temperature I can't see you an idea I was like oh my god. Have to talk to this is outlawed right today in the house to be like an animal stopped her local station identification and in my brain going I can't. And I could like get through this ten seconds and ocean off the might wanna be like the greatest relief fight ever felt in my life and then panic with like search back because I realized that in sixty minutes I'm going to. Have to do what they can't go home for help at all. Our own but I I men sit I managed to power through it end up by the time I got off work at midnight you know I'd come down off the mound and everything was so I'm. Was starting to be okay but it has. It was I said this yesterday elements term it was easily one of the worst days of my life it was awful I have never been so free to and that's just not the situation you wanna be in fusion do drugs like that anyway kids what that's definitely not the situation you wanna be enough hop on now on something like. Cinema experience as we don't know my car was absolute terror and that was an I was and that's really what I'm getting out of every 'cause there's that whereas I knew I screwed up I knew I screwed up at that point is that they re he probably was talking about like football or something else you know what they really need is. I've got my car yeah. She's got me thinking about the time this is when we first started Iraq early years a cast on you and Maryland back in the day when they had dom Ozzfest I don't remember the onetime somehow got a limo. To pick him a bunch of us took us down there is on Friday. I was done for the weekend like. Gonna go to this kind of take a trip to the other sock it to me who really needs so now I'm kind of out there are now walking around just kind of enjoying the environment looking at people. Feeling in the moments and I walked by the kissed every tenth. Bad idea whoever was working it as I can remember it like Steve Steve Steve we need you tonight. No okay don't do not likes the major media guide duke got caught in on the air with to talk about Ozzfest we're both sat on them they're right. And on site. All right and in my head I might do god do exist but I was walking over there I grabbed the microphone and I'll never forget it just hits me this is a terrible idea what why is doing here so I your miles and drove it. History is over and odds as to how they're going in the news this is long pause for America and why why did I say yes. What do I do to end all I can get out the first. Feel Ted. Is Ted America. I think it's bad guy in a back up yamana here but there's a lot of people here. And it paid up on it into the light we shouldn't go right. Thanks for second and Steve good just the idea how they'll have bad Steve what is angry capital club. Slash its. Could there's a lot of good. I'm glad I went near that tent yeah does it onto trucks yes yeah that's the lesson kids. Oh man well speaking Ryan castle we have a big question needs to be its. So right castle and the weekend. Haven't come. Here you'll find out at 949 night. On the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. He. Gained a yard short. But there Ryan castle and the weekend haven't done and I ain't doing nothing yeah. That's right mr. lunchroom some spectators do and though surprisingly productive yeah. So both the current long enough just got texted and oh wow I am very really I am well over six feet thank you yeah yeah sure that's what they were reference yeah. If you do both he can't feel your face off that that we can solve. A week and tell ya know it's good. Down. And both of Tommy emotions are back. As our Italian rats yes they have under many circumstances are not your friend. But say this man I'm one of those guys have done. Catch up from a sleep that's how I look at LA bound to catch up on the weekends and this new study out of Sweden says you know what and they say three over 38000. People. And I'm not people who slept in on the weekends to catch up on us that they missed. Are less likely to die young allow pirate that wasn't like asleep thank you your body like keep you can't just became just make a deposit five sale later. Which would be great right all of that if I can just build obsolete. Yeah wouldn't that be awesome tonight apparently means they're they're not saying a 100% true but there on the ways and it. How likely to have sleep always it's sleek and until like 6 in the morning until dinnertime. Brad Kassell wake me up for food yeah that's exactly what's gonna happen in the next four hours a rocket castle metropolis it's. And made some. There's big Star Wars burlesque show featuring sexy storm troopers were all right so what other movies he had good burlesque. I like this Iraqis were lost somebody you knew anything nightmare before Christmas. No see that's sexy Jeff Skilling didn't do for god yes I was sixty yards okay. Mary you are Titanic coming down an idea on why. Whatever it was down and then we should I. And made some good morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in to see my in my office so when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. We're everywhere any basic questions that you have. How I can give your call back. But they'll schedule usually spread a schedule you for a free consultation with me because the attorney. I don't mean would you personally we'll talk about sure. Basically your case and I'll pay you your question and answer session they usually rely on your view usually last about thirty minutes. I'll we'll get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about what their bankruptcy makes sense you're just uninjured and on bankruptcy option. I am now bankruptcies could affect you processors. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime at choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.