BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-25-18-6A: BJ got sick from board gaming with someone who came over to his house despite being contagious.

Friday, May 25th

– News and sports. Today is National Tap Dance Day. A kid got banned from school for posting a Craigslist’s add selling the school as a prank.

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I do to us and I somehow some pretty sexist and I still the case like a smoker or dinosaur. A smoking dinosaur let's do besides a lady with a hole and throw it at all doubts about the anatomy. But at least at a place to put pigs. While Clinton. That's not exactly and I was thinking about well. So good deal who had the the bet I hope wedding causing many money by being RBQ leases. Hi. Any money down now Obama yeah I think a lot of listeners also limits and side that's lost than to be here. I actually was given a green light not to be here but I never know what to do when it comes to just common colds. You know I don't know if he got some like strep throat yeah you shouldn't be around people gripe I don't have that she does is lay. You probably have a cold okay and so I'm like well why I mean and I and actually I don't have like a massive colds like I have energy isolate I can really be here million. And my I don't my voice sounds a worst in my field. It's good idea yeah thank senator. You know burial and now I can again I don't get you as sick confessed her throat but I get a cold cellular once equivocal to say or any gets a person is China going to do we can listen I. That's what I don't know why I don't wanna be considered a bad worker would love to take in the day often gone past a bank worker part of it and does that tell you what do you do about that because somebody call me on the phone I know I got this call and know exactly where I got. Where somebody called me this weekend and we had a gaming day in my house okay and they say hey. Look I I have a cough some of the tail end this'll cost staying cold thing I can come but if you don't want to come. And I'm like well you tell somebody that wants to come vision come to your door just. Just politely say you know why he should rest up come back when you're feeling better yeah I know how life is very lucky man maybe you don't wanna get everybody six I'm racist and I wish I could say that I you know like you took a bad guy have repeat after me don't come to my ass and house. Haq C. Shouldn't say he's been basically just did the begged to take themselves out of the conversation do you get a little weird when people say they're gonna go to your party in and they don't. It made an excuse why not showing up to my thirty I don't know why didn't they don't wanna be off the list. Yeah I'm running hard money if you got a cold that's the thing that makes sense I can. I am a reasonable guy if you're sick of course you can't go to old flash thing they're gonna think we'll be easy to think I'm lying there. Well I there's only DJ right exactly I mean look when she got there is no line about it she was still sick I was like god I'm gonna get so infected because I was so mad when she showed up which was conferences are put at the end of the table Mexican press know who's a great idea I really should've. And that you should just say you know what you should feel better make it about men actually do what you know additional lacks still want some athletics. Stay the hell away pricing that's very Seattle see I'm too I'm tuned on to direct to be that guy I really here's a check now he says very sit down to redirect to be that guy but you weren't direct enough to tell not to come over because I didn't wanna be the whole I don't because I not direct then. Well as I listen I'm direct what I just didn't say anything as opposed to come out Gunnison passive aggressively saying them. I'll take care you can just I don't care about them I care initiative in the first place again today she should not come home that's what I'm saying and you're right about that I thank you for that's all I ask. Yes I read about that I guess if you're not feeling good and you're still contagious. And it's. Yeah I do I give you pass when it comes to work you have to come to work and if you if you do your best trying to infect people maybe not touch a bunch of things are wet wipes and style form for you summon a bubble that's an ally to do nice. That's why I believe it's a social thing you'll feel good O'Connell. Yeah and I I that's that was the uncomfortable thing because sometimes people aren't detail and they're not contagious and you OK cool come on over. But here I got this and bow stem was it such a special game night that she needed to be that's how we you know we yeah we she she didn't and then the whole group that we play with they live and another live far away so we planned this for two months ahead of time so I didn't ask the other reason I felt bad denied mania the guys there was just like to know uncle Chris Wii game all the time ago do stay home. Yeah could be you know but this was received comments from. Allen is exactly because I thank you so many times we out an entire evening. But you can tell you days to try really sick let the party well yeah I don't think she listens to what somebody else might listen that lives near this person. Are they gave you maybe don't live an hour away a lot of that it's okay that I was dead eleven hours a lesson that I didn't living in now and of course. I could be anywhere that's an hour away is an out of court this I'm not say and do what started me out I'm not sure I just threw a place out there I. They get it right I'm a sick man Steve what do with the. And think he's got no compassion what they don't address it for me. I don't because you got sick because you didn't want to deal from what some money. But because I I was it was not a situation you never been an awkward situation yeah I just show up. I gotta play I'm sick. I say I wish you were her but you have not basically saying would you view is that she should Daniela she should've done when he said is that a done OK see you are agreement agreement both of you. Well that's yeah got fatigued when I was six. I wish simply students in my doctor home daddy NAFTA coming in. Yahoo! I say I'm. I'm homeowners trooper Matt you're warrior was misled her work warrior hardcore. Hardcore. Here thank you gentlemen because I would love to stay home. I really couldn't tell you you have this morning on why do I have delay care about my job one who has to deal now you're not going to be your wife this you know I can't 'cause I'm contagious. Yeah yeah yeah. What are. Now how contagious like hugging and kissing continues. I'm hugging and kissing contagious you say you hugging and kissing the person and brought over for game night I don't know we shared food. How it related. There's shares are getting noodle. You know it's seriously what's gone I mean at this point I wish she would have asked you to prepare play I watched as she in that. She should ask people for prep player for so she wouldn't touch the food. It's these jedi unit handsets have some food what do you know we have like me finger salutes them you know so as I pizza yeah well yeah exactly. Fingers pizza chips you know snacks because she's grapes. Oh yea right like the industry's actually missed that one commissioner ray guy was way back on there and got back in my class why you don't in my mind's foggy I don't remember what I just said and you're gonna go way back to early this week. Sorry Vijay is loaded down. And I guess I deserve to get sick now from you because of that I'm not hugging or kissing you there and I yet but the that's the problem is how we start news now may God's eyes and and also my wife is like still get over bronchitis she can I say not enough government numbers as senior BJ stop talking for a minute I'm trying to eat my breakfast fit. I can't go home. I don't have to stay I mean I can die did turn this I get some Israeli decision around the go right now don't give it your belt off and everything yeah. I so let me say about this high school senior is yet he got banned from graduation why. Well because he tried to sell the school the success stories you can tell you all about it 617. And hung around. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW don't. 99.9 Jane I SW in Iraq and not Seattle. S newscaster. Named Christine. In this world. Right now do you scheme may have slipped news. But thanks guys thanks to California is a serious news and sports is very special day crane near and dear to my heart when I was younger man I wanted to beat. Attacked dancer in today's tap dance day. Happy national tap dance day. No I plugged my parents please tell you if tap dance lessons and never let me why did you wanna be attempting to tap dances are freaking cold. Wow so got to the plurality does dumb tax you know stick on the bottom my issue. My house in the basement oh man I don't know what to say about that. Didn't go well yeah I think so obviously I'm here and not a professional tap dancer now I can never take an attack dance class. Come and this is the times that day yesterday to add more to my plate doing between. Music. Hockey wrestle. And now now tap dancing chess. I didn't see me to tap dancing wrestler yeah Ted Danson Kate Snow was ever done that before. The stat was probably a reason why don't on the fourth and stupid idea yeah. Then you look at dance and feel like just like. Okay well this is a great great visual by the way guys. It's only give you some context I don't carpet they don't using taps into cars again yes it's part of why I've known him attacked us. My only wanted to tap dancing with school yes yes I actually thought so back off that I did Galileo announced. It's who you are idiots try to save that do what they would just match up to the music. If you're born in the 1950s I might think that you would think it's cool but it with the hell's think it's cool now. Everything old is new again and read her thank you grab my shirt on my side and I am not nice it's. Scientists doing big TV other geniuses are all shut down some. Some tax policy you like to do feel I know you can't do anything why should we do when it. Finds yup sorry talk about the intensity of an eighteen year old in Missouri is name is highly knees and stand from his high school graduation. All because of a senior frank. I don't recall us doing to your place. In my school or at least I don't remember anything that there wasn't anything memorable last assure all of you guys do as senior frank I don't remember any memorable either I didn't do it but from my kids in my class did poured glitter all over the school there rain and wash all the way. Okay so not really with a successful frank. Brad. I missed that call thank you have found any yet we did we put a bunch of spare tires around our flag pole all the way out. Sally can get them off and he can Zune music crane and everything you get a crane yeah wow yeah impressive. That's pretty cool when you malvo yeah did you get the trainer did you get to drive it I didn't. No unfortunately not and I got to spare tires. Beginning and a big partners. Plus free also adds yeah I I I don't think and I know I'm pretty harmless and mean Vicky series are harmless and that once seemed pretty harmless with this guy got. I've read Danforth you try to put the school of its first sale on Craig's list. The frozen as you said hey pointed desirable features including ample parking a large dining area proximity to Wal-Mart asking. 121725. Dollars and the reason for the sell due to a loss of students coming up. In reference to the graduating seniors seems harmless yeah school wasn't happy about it. In fact they random from graduation. That's a theory is talking about it and his mom is while talking about why he was stands. It's frustrating. She went she apologized he tried to make things right I think they're overreacting. The other people were gonna do like releasing the life nice glory you know building and beach in the Brian likes to lobby area black not. This is a bit more laid back plus students. Does the senior classes graduating. They didn't see a credible threat they have kind of huddled chuckle about it but they wanted him to understand that you could see how other people would see that as a threat and they try to relate to that like all the recess who shootings are saying they tried to head back. Also online so I don't see how is that straddles the loss of student that's all I all I saw I guess that's what it is. Could pick it. That's insane but that's what it is you're not going to support the lawsuits like that's mine is when asked him why you've got to be kidding you all the screws to students are all upset about this in fact more than 11100 people have signed a petition. To let him walk so hopefully there ever made gadgets it seems like an innocent mistake I really is I even think like that but I can totally see where you're coming from yeah I think. Has anyone on this idea and I may have to let them walk. Because there are real Jack not to get ignored in this country and on the stories you read about where we've got shooters yet said they were gonna shoot and nobody paid attention to what I could see we detox and amount yeah they'll let socks did you tell you what news do news. A stupid joke yeah I'd rather that than a bunch of mice running around my school tie Greek. Even impeached in the front I mean again that's a pain in the ass for people have to figure out and clean up somebody's sex NY where's DJ wise Marge Simpson on the show. How home heat. I know what I feel yeah I actually feel great but the voice doesn't dad his voice got blown out snap as Wear him. It's wanna go back to attack dancing things or just accident Ted Danson is awesome Gregory hinds and powers Stevie man treasury vote you city. And I left Gregory Hines is. He's I don't live anymore nobody lives forever yeah I mean if that's your list that's when you pull twos Gregory Hines and did you show just not that Gordon Moore. Crops then one person says Rodriguez talked not cool. Says the word game guys. We'll break ins are still cool down. I guess he's not gonna say hello not dancing boardgames idea should be that in and I play with the guys. Cool you know it's I've not caused when a woman invites a cable got to come into our house and then tries to force oral sex on her. Play good guys. Actually this is usually penthouse forum like she must not have been somebody you want our education or the mug shots and keep that in your mind the low. No actually. Amaechi most distress the picture but I think I think she's not really okay. Syria and I don't know about that take that picture for yourself listening looks like Cedric the Entertainer the way Don. And I was beautiful on someone's eyes well her anyways yeah this Carolina this name is Mildred. Yeah we'll 47 million sold oh yeah and yes yes somebody show up tour apartments worked on her cable. And here's a quote from the police rap on not making midsouth. The cable guy was there to work on our box while waiting for a he said he was sitting on the couch she came over grandest and fortunately placed his hand on her breast cool. The technician he's in his thirties you try to resist her unwanted sexual advance could she persisted and then perform the search and keyed on him. Command I guess the woman and said look I will turn this story I knew if you do not allow me to do this so. And and just said and also I will let the police know that you did this who you were needed to. Wahid didn't listen to our thankfully he told the cops and she's facing sex assault charges. Again it's horrible and nobody wants me involved but of course I see that picture yeah I don't turn down. You must be sick. I I mean I. She's got a she's got to campus not a repulsive to me what my title to be fair he would have sex with the lab right field nice that would have been released like she doesn't do anything Paul thanks again. Let's talk about the Mariners they unfortunate loss yesterday afternoon pick two I'm not happy about bombing near the bad luck charm BJ actors and enjoy good until you watch the game they end up losing four to three mariners up next step back home. Pentagon Minnesota for a three game since I believe and then the next game starts at 7 PM tonight at Safeco Field or you can watch it on every sport zone and apparently home cooking NBA playoffs OLA man things are looking a little interesting in the last. Five series now goes to Houston name a 32 series lead over the Golden State Warriors for the big 98 to 94 win tonight. The Celtics to wrap it up fulfill LeBron has other plans and losing Bob because I know the Celtics have a 32 series lead against the cavs. As far as whether 66 degrees and cloudy. And I think what you meant was is this in Houston has the series lead but the next game will be in Golden State. That's I heard. I mean I don't know why it. I do Saddam's elite yet you say you said the next game goes reduced he said the series goes to Houston is exactly what you said but. They do so they have the lead but the series will now go to Golden State like don't play and go okay Yemen today did the series lead is now in Houston that's what I said I just figured I cleared up in case and I thought differently but I know you meant that and yes so. About the rockets had their their their their defense of jump out to a team that team has stood there and somebody said that they could play football some of the guys on defense that that's how how small your son had said that no actually Josh Null. I do you believe it I didn't have a conversation about that I hear other people say that's not I'm so I'm not saying it. Well I know I will tell you this guy though Steve your idea about putting fields in the bullpen not a good idea. Now I'm because it can see if it's easy comes on the first and he comes out and dad does my. Double to promise him is he would typically he's known for him he needs to warm up I'm just hoping that maybe you preventable but he just comes out guns blazing right from the get go. Battle now I don't know without due feels right now. Yes it's sad because what a team we would be if he can be more consistent yeah. Yeah it has about you know what that that Marco what's his name I can't he was and that dude he pitched the other night he looks good. And not Paxson looks good so I don't know if you listen halfway figured them to mrs. Beasley signed a cross between Steve Bowen Miss Piggy is so true I am trying. My best not to sound this way but this is just I was born this way. We'll go to two members of the government here is off yesterday and let and I'm not crazy about yesterday was why BJ was doing a soft Casey case an impression. And then today it's more Simpson. Always are deteriorating yesterday I didn't notice it yesterday and I'll catch. Well yeah I mean I'm hoping by next week I'll be fine. And others as you random of dark studious Ramallah the Star Wars oh cool I like that guy. Wipe them all out and bite them okay malls and. I'd rather resigned as it is. And I had you sound my horrifying so yes Sheridan news in the dark so the First Amendment thank you letting. I guess they Steve he eventually treat this one out but it was way too late which is the fourth largest US stayed in service areas in surface area. So long ago Alaska personnel. Let's go to Texas no Alabama now no however now. Or you know now know what is he going Canada so let's government in place JU Montana there are times when he's in his. Montana. OK got it. You guys. Are you a shot and continue to 20642 in rock completely amazed at 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How to win or bankruptcy is going to provide me with really cool what are the steps for my situation. Under so much information out there about bankruptcy was the Internet do the work you've heard from friends in the and other people lose their doctor about their financial issues through our bankruptcy. There's also a lot of bad information out there are more of urban legends about bankruptcy. Turned to determine whether bankruptcy makes sense for you you need to talk to an attorney who's experienced through bankruptcy. 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