BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-26-18-7A: My friends and I were idiots and we once did BLANK”.

Wednesday, May 16th

A couple of drunken Australians were at a bon fire and tried to jump through a bon fire only to collide and get burned (audio of party). Luke warm topic.


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Three big days Friday August 24 through Sunday August 26 wife Maria good theatre yeah our first time doing a three day event which means you know we have lots of bad. Lots of great music. Man made entire long weekend. Yes Alice in Chains have been seven holes later their final tour Stone Temple Pilots who can Steve makes for one side. I felt the freedom off site I think it was nice to make time for them to he'll be one. I didn't want Harry to feel insecure about his job and he's standing stone temple cartilage so I can use it ever since case. But I'm looking voting in the gym on stayed the dad and also my brother more than one from window pane we're gonna. Perform my sex type thing was something pilots union address. Profits of rain to be their call Three Days Grace. Cost is because your brother Glen buddy or your brother in arms bruiser Brody also performing pretty well Saturday taste yeah it's. Yep on Saturdays so you're going on Saturday get there's a burly give me wanna play and punishing people. How best and fine thank you Vijay appreciate you showing up your obligated to be ever gonna have you found. And a lot of other great local bands are playing as well close Virginians can be playing on Sunday as well as some are. Our friends and super psyched up and now walking papers on Saturday while. I must great local flavors and happy new address. All right and you want the full lineup when he gets it gets you nowhere to go. Did you sell now KI SW dot com two bucks each ticket sold benefits the fights all deep foundation. That's supporting the great work Trojan due to end homelessness in Seattle. Mean man. I. Now I can say but don't kid. Instead because this market Wednesday it certainly made it now we hope we today we've made it till Wednesday hurt hey works hard at this death we definitely have steam speaking of working hard a lot of times it's hard to wacky you but you have been black against thing once today from the bark yesterday this week you know Utah's well yeah I totally didn't and that didn't work out but maybe. Your opponents plow your does your Lackey did a day earlier had some time under your belt doing is hosting thing you'd be really good that in the end of wanna do for luck I'll go to James in snow qualities because Steve James are you there's there. You're very excellent let's keep playing forty's Steve rectified prepared he's got to. I don't devote one's sixteen of the emerald queen casino on Saturday June 9 go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Steroids he's too young ballot vote you can get Matt Ticketmaster dot com birds Steve good out here. Yeah. Play you know Jason last sixty seconds to answer ten questions James you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you ready black. Recruit only in the TV show the Simpsons homer gave up this whole for a single watch. Go first Diaz a compensating for something that is extremely boring is like watching what drives. Critics ask what year or early 2000 Johnny Cash died. So we score no. Terrorist assets cakewalk for the movie top gun and as you can be my watch any time. We heard you ask what TV show featured the fictional and Jessie and the rest first. Well almost asking what is the first thing Monday lethal weapons character raids. More as Xena bites were the name of the demons and what classic horror movie. Both girls. Senator Chuck Schumer is cousins with which comedians tonight. Yeah from what language to English Mara the word cool locked. Blunt yet as to how many times does the letter. We're now. You ask 2345678. Current rule not bad it's going to be clue definitely a lacking or there I say it's going to be close Armisen and sometimes he comes in just his horrible yeah yeah he plays to the credit seized because yesterday I got to zero. But Steve one what to do slack up yeah so have to see how this one pans out Steve US are you ready. In the TV show the Simpsons homer gave up his soul for a single why aren't doing good as a common saying for something that is extremely boring is like watching the wind to dry grass. Snow thanks hate you at sawgrass got to drive employed Curtis yeah. To play here in the early two thousands and Johnny Cash night. 2003. Yes a quote from the movie top gun as you can be my what are you need time. Top Duke's no mavericks now couple married now and an error. What TV show featured the fictional band just in the rivers policy asks what is the first name of the lethal weapons character rigs to home markers guest seed banks were the name of the team isn't like classic horror movies. I just noticed it was a lot of snow. There's always games now post and senator Chuck Schumer is present which comedian. Jamie. Schumer asks for what language did English bar all the words who are. Blocks prom Hawaii as to how many ties is the letter. For its. Eight correct we just that I. And you know when I. Each other ten K this is why. Did you did you give me that I hang on the line James here you are winner I'm going to feel like higher. You have your winner digitize that's how wars. You said what language do we get hula from yes I think guys are the Polynesian don't they speak Polynesian Hawaii to speak alliance. I I thought it was Polynesian and we called Hawaiian Eye. I honestly thought that I was just gonna be told that I was wrong and I was pleasantly happy when he's I was right well the both got to correct and that's enough for me yeah I you know what that's it's a good I don't know if they hope Hawaii's at their own language I thought it was on Asian. Of the Hawaiian language is eight Polynesian language so I'm guessing it's a tight forget. Okay not it's actually if it is indeed an offshoot and it's actually called Hawaiian type you know I've heard you'll see speak Hawaiian but I was just thought it was us Americans being an idiot. Lindsay was Polynesian but I but I possible but they're both idiots at the same time that there along with my kidney cancer truck. Hey. If the call from the movie top gun as you can be my wing man yet anytime he James got that correct not going there and I watched. That movie I'll let you know how it goes wow oh yeah yeah much top gun now. I'm not what I know I've watched the volleyball scene of course over and over and over I told you Steve and also he still hasn't watched all Shawshank redemption even though I wash their heads in the move BC and US need to watch I'm not watching a damn thing we'll see for forest an expert now ID that's why I think you may meet watch the whole thing I didn't meet US only has asked for you to watch it and you did and you ask for me to watch it and I did. I just I'll sleep yeah I remember that peer pressure you'll see this movie I assume that means CA and retired air heads is a cinematic masterpiece the movie you recommend are and I I don't masterpieces that was just the movie. I was speaking of cinematic masterpiece is the senior nights were the names of the demons and what classic horror movie. Hello razor hell raiser ruled Ricky knows now how do you know you hate those kind of movies now my friends love him now down okay. And plus I mean it's pinhead can head as one of the most iconic looks and all of cinema I agree. But yes fantastic never Saturday. Usually when he never salaries ha geez I'm not a big horror movie guy so that's true that's that's what it is so I mean unless I really really have to see if I don't and I mean it's steadily every seeing it man are you at all. I challenge you to watch the whole thing I remember you guys is on the started with me and I'm just saying you know what recent vacation to think man graduation and Steve I mean wait no never mind you tiger is James yeah yeah I gave. If you tie our beats you that's I get prizes around here yes. Redman so works. I saw our Ryan Seacrest this is a weird thing because. You know of all the hash tag me to movements. Ryan Seacrest was brought up in II during a couple people said stuff about him and yet he's still working. This hasn't affected his life he hasn't come out and said anything as far as I know about all this storm I think he's denied some things. But how is he still working while everybody else's so their ass kicked by this I don't understand why wind seeger Ryan Seacrest is like Teflon. There's not a Dallas amid allegations since they felt Warren as substantial as other people's allegations I have heard the same and that's the thing I you know if if if somebody would cause say what you just said Steve it would make sense to me but I've heard nothing. I've really been keeping up by the Ryan Seacrest stuff I mean I don't follow due to hash tag of rank secrets or maybe I'm not the one that talked about this and clearly your not following his career very well I Don Knotts but there is a piece of audio that because of what we know. Makes it seem a little creepy. There was a very awkward exchange between Ryan and Katy Perry on American Idol this week and just is not that he denied all the allegations and was cleared of any wrongdoing after years NBC universal did an investigation into due to insufficient evidence. Managers think there's an okay. So I wonder I wonder what pass Seattle love them then did than to go into the accusers and say OK what the hell's going on and on I mean does it do if he is innocent it's such that people can try to just c'mon say stuff that's not true. But anyway he was a commercial break came back didn't know they came back from commercial break and it sounded like Ryan Seacrest was hitting on Katy Perry. And they didn't realize they were alive. Ron and demonstrative. Well I hope they apple doesn't fall far from the very cool. It's all good. Complete jobs. I think we're back growing faster yes and that's really achieving this is your. Wow. Bottom martyrs how previous owner had just bang in this campaign against the desk yeah gosh do that's. That's that's boy that sounds like he's got a bad for Katy Perry can't claim on who wouldn't have a dedicated players in all fairness I think here's really hit non minority and people are just blown this out of proportion as well again. It's pretty is Katy Perry is yet Lionel Richie next there there's no contest and the man does not age no he doesn't. And you know why he's say is the one that's you know and they dance and on the seal and say hello Leo edged him joking around I maybe it's fatigue due I don't know what their relationship heard Katie. Yeah actually JD yeah we have confidence and if you're birdie KB. Yeah I don't know either as it did seem paralyzed. You did you do sound voice yeah a well that deep voice data and it really fits goes on and your mom is pretty I mean that's just a weird thing to slice it and everybody IBL zero deficit as a daily concentrating humanize Freddie daddy is a free tattoos yeah it's. What do you mean and how do you answer that tanks. Fists like you know I mean if he was. I don't he was my HOK. Then you are right Katie your Mamas pretty and the like a wash your picture to what they mean it seems appropriate that you comment on somebody's mom if you're kind of dig her and you Dramamine B did you get what urban is that it does that work. If you're a dude you tell a chick. That your arm her mom's pretty neat and therefore the chuckle like you is that thing. I don't know why they feel like we've idea. Over analyzing map hard I think sometimes use pointing out they are mom's pretty so you don't think he was back in honor now. Because that's what that's that's what the Internet thing. I know that's interesting because people just blow things out of proportion and he might have been I don't know he wouldn't is if she saw that he was hit an honor. I mean I as I could divide that they're all just joking around I I I feel like he was Kirby are you sticking up for a brother curve. Yes I guess for Brendan Byrne that's what I thought. I right Ryan Seacrest hosting enough for anybody or do well when we do you always say you all know why couldn't see your mom was pretty. See that's that's exactly I don't I don't think anyway it's also your mom's Freddy is that lead I was on the trying to have sex with him. And I don't I think it's a very weird thing to say hi all limits hone her voice he said any that's C that's Steve doesn't recognize that boy he doesn't and he does know that that's always the first it's like it tones of voice I don't think sometimes when I say things they come off creepy but you do look Omar guard you show look good generally refer her you're going to Fiat and by the way do not tell a woman -- there's no differences in tones of voice women are really good pick out your tone and they usually write and talk about you and well I likable but yeah death yet he is do you get noticed like when she's like come into one day DeLia let's work on exactly. Yeah maybe he really wanted to like go I'm morning load. So. Yeah you there was really creepy that. And I and I don't know that mom congressman's salary amounts pretty from Chris. Saying you know what it says she's Vista can come girl you can hear and anymore subsidies taken woman now so takes a little more than just stick and don't have the results are my daughter taken into taken with the sorry release him yeah. I answered since he its. I I have a question Korea what does it sound like went too drunk Australians. Try and jump throw bonfire. Only six coli and fall into the fire. Well you have to wonder whole life as we actually have the audio of this extravaganza beginning here at 717. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI NSW Rocca of Seattle. Well this is a story about a couple of drunks you gotta love that and then they're drunk Australians that's even better. Securing a bonfire and what they thought would be a great idea we'll be big jump through. The seven foot bonfire. Seven feet that's a big jump it's an awesome bonfire. Journalists they both decided isn't the same time. They both did the same time and they collided in mid air and then fell right into the fire. And of course he got on its fire and explode and and. Well I don't. I am. I got that love me I. I guy's awesome yeah. That's a great play by play Garrett guy that is a huge fire Dave really is dude I'm not jumping through that. Now I gotta say we consume copious amounts of alcohol little fire and got to be a good idea to throw container nitro fuel into the fire of course they did as you seem to be an excellent halfway in the video hence why the flames got larger than to have my mesa sedated him do the flames not knowing the other is gonna jump collided mid air and landed on the video the end result third degree burns so legs and throw. All of stands now degree burns to death row oops yeah all man again here's how it Simon those those geniuses as they decided to jump through the fire. And both hitting each other men in mid air and falling right into the fire are gonna explode. Yeah. Okay I'm. And he. I got that's okay. Guys heard a man so happy you were amazed to leave her legs but I got video made me Obama's. And you would think if you're about to jump through a seven foot high fire when you say hey guys. Clear out. I'm about to do this that's why you have both of them thought that at the same time well that alcohol they had copious amounts they did you strategy and things like that he had not really thought of I'm Tom. Well were they just geniuses yes they were and and so a couple of drug and Australians and they were in a bonfire they try to jump to the bonfire and they collided and got burned. Based on this finish this sentence my friends and I worry idiots and we once did blank. Simple as that. I'm who all have our dumb dumb little bonfires there is no way we're supposed and a man. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Finish this sentence my friends and I were idiot said we do understand blink. Calls and sex after Alice on Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. I'm gonna play nice KI SW Barack oh Seattle. If you haven't heard this audio. That's the video on the beach Jamie's. Age of KI SW dot com a couple of junk Australians decided hey man we're at a bonfire were drinking like mad man. Why don't we try to jump through the seven foot bonfire we we can do it and also. Grow our container of natural fuel into the fire so the claim is even bigger before they decide to jump to the fire they're all great ideas yes and unfortunately they really didn't coordinate this very well could they both tried jumping at the same time left in mid air collided in midair both fell into the fire. Getting third degree burns on their legs and their throats are gonna explode. Yeah. And yeah. I got that know me I'm glad I got an. Yeah. That harassment and I as the MVP of the whole video you see is still not an easy you know it all they're just doing this again it find some kind of viral video thing but I feel like that's the most. Sincere and genuine reaction you would ever get from something like this. That's that's awesome man that is so awesome. So based on this who want to finish this sentence my friends and I were idiots and we once did blank 206421. Rocked Texas 77999. Tristan incumbent Tim you are on the Iraq. Or get more important marchers and would you outsourced and anybody. Well I dislike get really it is drink alcohol are probably another tree artist Carrie wearing though. Where are you got Ichiro there ever pray and dad were all other merger to an hour outside. Well there is staying at least a big big big I'm talking fifty to sixty that he managed. Who they're everybody gently Eric Holder that everybody jump shot and I'm usually I'm I'm not attacked you don't alt Bridget I don't care about through my assault anybody I think somebody hurts our. I'm really up the board. Listed you listen to hear your mom when she said if they just done a bridge would you know you're right now I won't do that. Sierra. Only talking about. Now so I still. You know I mean Regina don't appreciate they bush obviously Belichick knew he had a couple of shots yeah yeah well so a couple of shots in your right the blitz like I'm on their until doubled to bring to my mama really units. You more shots and you'll suitable to bridge and let's. Hope we don't do the bridge we attended Brit you know like I had to make your first unlike Lamar you're dirt or unity together. Still IRA. Or a boy. A while he was. And he was having a little trouble with his pants apparently they they got soil when he was looking at the rocks in the shallow water is about Jumbo that's different routes showing sure there's waters be clean themselves you know it's a very good point do we do we take you know chances Tristan. Necessary to say recently well -- as a series of them big bridge yeah well I had an idea and he's alive. Yeah so you're near the view you got the story you've got and I'll read any lawyer ought to fill anymore madly just up the original live right he went down he would emerge about the bridge but his friends pushed him off both forehand he landed flat on his back in now broke some ribs Carlo. Yeah no immigrated C we've got to that was better than we expected yeah. Well that's an avenues where on the radio can't trust. It's first or studio at a M yeah you're probably right I mean these. Bruce is that's this conversation by so dude here's the thing your buddies do you see it shallow you sit there rocks they push you off the bridge. US flat at your back because you didn't plan that way you and you break ribs. I do you have those guys anymore absolutely. I mean if you're you're the guy that fell. Yeah well under on dumber almost Owens was Francis is wanna see you succeed in life yes that time so don't those guys let's go to Steve in Tacoma. Steve you are on the Iraq. So Steve finish his sentence my friends and I were idiots and we once did blank. Are also little and we are younger so no alcohol involved unfortunately bomb. But you've earned a mile or Clinton tennis on this field that in my hometown man that would certainly had an opportunity for the day so. You know over the telephone that is still the ball live in the air and try to get card or when a big hill there you go we launched from Lehigh and here are definitely get through obviously Dylan and you know like two and really there. He nailed destruct on that good when it came through the guy we can all get so the least got to meet a young the people behind them that we can now he people Giricek shotgun at him. Oh it's our second and then he you know I guess if you look at the public hill. Can't guard resting on their pit stop enough we're beyond that this agreement that you guys doing. And Billy Elliot Krieger school in but. Go on Mac guy in that game and daughter here later. Only the look how crazy is batting you know we senior remembered. Oh yeah I got here the small down from a street out of people so. I guess renewed a guy who cuddle on the element sound god nails and I knew Nelson's daughter success exactly consent of the. Do you remember that you're that guy. He did he had a year later gonna had a chuckle over you know up with a third they thought it would over and actually if you remember you know yeah I remember that you did you still you know popular young very glad that and got shot that's so. Yeah responding we're really happy he realizes his kids goof around a tennis balls does nowadays single area could be you. I mean yeah I I never in my life I appreciate the call it this is a different time to grow up and never once in my life did anything happen in people throw rocks you hit the back of the head there's all sorts of sounds. Never done everything that I was being shot at today. Yeah I would have never guess that I there. Every season stupid stuff that we think about like Darlington I remembered. He they're always on Halloween buddies that we don't get the exhaust fan on in my car's nose and you pick that wrong car and he slams on the breaks. And that's the lesson you ever duty stations are run and he's over his dad really catch yet oh do we do that was snowball same thing yet since some losses all man I had you know why I never ran so fast in my life then and luckily you know what I was doing the stealth move hide behind Bush's. Tail and as somebody's front yard and they caught my body. All we were nose still straight to someone who whoever's neighborhood we're original list of the backyard just pop consensus it's yeah I didn't wanna go back to my Allison because I knew me then that the guy five follow me in my house my father would probably do Jimmy worked some have beaten in Baghdad would've. We did a guy Jason sort of BB gun once Tom we must clear history as a biamby just monastery it was and I'd. Not me thankfully though we see him in the summer we thought it was funny good jump into people's pools. So we just all really bathing suit Chinese store in the neighborhood impersonal new York and and you just kind of sneak in there back guarantee can dip in their pool. And they can we call the pool hopping and you get out full guns and explores accelerate. Wow one guy. I was home and you always BB guns or shooting here. Dan do you are lucky there was a big begun again. If it's two days you know I mean you know that's a BB gun right right all damn. Well that was fun there's funds the cops yeah and you get hit with a BV's so you're happy hour's five to handle news. Wow. It's been six or eighty kids in a bathing suit. Running around fifty yeah I did that that's the thing is nowadays you really could not run well be called Libya mean it's it's just a whole different time do you think. I think catalyst had pools and our backyard so it wasn't like we did have access tool pool including my family we and above ground pool that we could have easily went to produces something about. Cool topping that list that we thought it was fine that's idiots that's really notice my friends and I were not idiots really are you with a different ones wearing gas. We've all gone on to do good things in life is that is that really different tall mature happens I'll. Just sleazy guys hit with the BB gun he got the black magic over. Okay. This is the last time you and I. Ever yeah. I think when someone says they wanna sacrifice an animal to some sort of ritual that's when you go I think you and I going our separate ways yes I think what kind of done an OK there it dilute demonic is aware of the tour thank you who gives a sick at heart but you know I had to get out that literally six. Guitars and that's I mean I'm all about witchcraft and everything because that's like to go to somebody you're sacrificing cat's out of their dead and watch you guys he's. We regret you and on becoming a major like CEO makes some big companies on June he made a deal with the devil to get there who could assess how it happens every now jets' own souls Alexio. Wow man man has anybody asked still get island actually is forming always name's Paul Allen and has since. I had the wrong guy should realize it was Paul Allen say go. And move through his recent drive by bicycles and they're super big goals on them sort of bombs. Like all yelling you've done that now Louise induced a big gulps will we got a super soaker is and we tried dentistry and anyone who's blocking we just bring him. Oh yeah and you and those super soaker smear and destroy. It's and it's not like the regulars reckon those things are legit and dangerousness a series to do some good similar the political hot tub coaching. Policy that's me I don't know why I feel like that's even more personal I don't do that don't have some hot tubs has the hots up the fools like well everybody goes in the pool but not time. That's I don't know why it's I don't want that people don't know my heart dumped I had the text of the day though Vijay and her friends I want senator make a potato cannon but instead of using potatoes we launched. Female to voice. All that's fun we drove by attacked our high school with it never got caught. That's awesome I mean really like they're firing projectiles that always say yes they are simply go smelled yeah very oh. It's a sluggish meld those as they come. Browse on my way to receive additional those. Our eyes. Well have to say that got really dark Beverly in America and then the doors and does for America prayer I can't believe it happened to me then all of a sudden it's. My co workers all decided to receive the plague. I had tabled this woman who was fired her the going away gift that she gave her coworker. Understand manned borders things you can drownings why why would you tell us I'll tell you why it's 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost usually with my office we we do have flashy it includes all your court costs firings these credit counseling credit reports. Inland causing chapter thirteen cases I usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of public policy cream on court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on shopper summons and start to file a fire officer was almost 200 dollars. You can send your creditors post office we'll take your senator Charles why you get gather up your information. Payments on the rest of the beast we jumped to thirteen cases. Payment arrangements in most cases as well she did your case file BC reach out to Eugene Casey doesn't really organization now. Sure thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.