BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-31-18-9A: Mike McCready and Stone Gossard join us live in studio!

Thursday, May 31st

Beat Migs. Mike McCready and Stone Gossard. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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It's pretty cool because we have a guy that designed to ensure flawless right here CNN studio and that's true. Oh. Great great president of the day great guys there. Chris knows Estonia and that's just doesn't he got an awful famous princess. Cruise bottom line is that Chris help us take you savings. It's. Read this thank. You talk about. Anyway I'll like why am I here I we love what it looks crisp as he designed to be Jamie's northwest part tee and it looks awesome. Hello I have a conversation Chris Wright just disagree with one of the characters can put on there and that's the damn dog saw you tell yourself I know I like it has in god uses his daughter. Know ever I learned of the monetary setback that lovely dog years whenever. He is awesome yeah she's. If you want this T shirt it looks awesome and you need a T shirt for the summer you know what to do go to chase high SW dot com. Clean man. Yeah James LE. OKMR. Undeterred now Florida third. I. Yankee yourself pumped up. I don't know duties very you know. Monday yeah you're you do then you forget about it but he does and it is indeed much you know like get Thursday's great because it's Friday junior yeah I think this first is this Thursday is just. Too good on its own Disney need discounted by Friday. I don't considered this guy and I also don't wanna have this discussion anymore I don't really wanted to once I'm with you it was on managed not getting any better hurry finals get right toward contestant then we'll go to and then we got shot in Seattle shot billionaires they're shot shot shot shot and I shot. I. Let's play for today seems like you say Al breaking bad now preach. I know I'm not I'll. I know I can just what are you also have followed I had no idea tickets to see Walter White or I'll go good it's five finger breaking punch a guy. While Javier Benjamin's. Why. It's all Breaking Benjamin that's how you can bring you guys are ready and committed five finger death punch I ran for dinner on July 16 good KI SW dot com for all the details if you're gonna take him out DT is now I live nation dot com Aristide get out of here. John might have a shot at this one cup for the. Well you know shot has sixty seconds to answer ten questions shot you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions how are you ready. What did American patriots dubbed the Boston Harbor in 1773. To protest what you asked. These village Ted's excellent adventure what serves as a time machine. Yeah as crews say the ninety's hit song all I wanted to do it's. Which US data is named after eighteen of dingle and. Don't know. The choice of student. I had hoped to present obligation to arrest. Gas stripe disaffection which body your games. I'm gas stride as suspects which body organs. No it. And now it's. Many mr. and mrs. Smith what was Brad Pitt's character occupation and it now. Which state is known as the aloha state. The white adds what baseball team suffered from the curse of the bambino. Eight new error. That is lowering her act. And I I had a shot but I don't think shot has shot anymore shot today that the cubs the curse of the Billy go my friend that I was not really Nokia phone that's what Avago this has their Kurdish is included. Now you know yeah let's go to cool yeah sending information out there that maybe you can actually use that another time out of line. Later the listeners who actually have an advantage to Steve didn't hear us talk about that yes and this is the result helping get to Steve thinks he's all that well I mean today I think he will be this ERA you ready. What did American patriots dump in the Boston Harbor in 1773. To protest British import taxes need to ask. In Dillon says excellent adventure what serves as a type machines also boosts you as to say Sally. He sings the nineties his song all I wanna do it's possible. I want to do its hands on guns. Is that chasing Jack men are easy Jack man close to the rule Melissa Etheridge snow girl and I want to do both. Solo. And I don't want our little moment which you weigh station is named after the king of England. I know I Putin's New York's no contest in Boston. Mass Boston you know. Washington's snow yeah gas brightest a text which body organs to blacks now. Ha ha ha ha I don't know America knows the kid needs now are in mr. and mrs. and it's it's the long OKMR and mrs. Smith. Well Brad Pitt characters occupations. Do to him and yes it. Wish you'd stayed is known as the aloha state coal why he's yeah and how what baseball team suffered the curse of the bambino the Boston Red Sox. Guys and Steve you'll win five to bringing all the Irish guy but then again now we really sorry shot just sits down. As you know you. There I shot. What can you tell home until Shia. Then we have tennis it. Sure you are the man he's. Yeah. If we could just found anybody else to play and they do not demand quite possibly I guess dryness picks which body organs Danny knows this deal. Oh yeah. I'm in your belly well in the stomach to stomach yes. If you knew that think there was a king of England named king George I let me Joseph Joseph you wouldn't know that it was Georgia usually induced injuries every religion has Georgia. I had a king Louis yeah Louisiana that was a good job dad he was the French can unfortunately tell. Oh yeah and also he was the king in jumbled look. Oh yeah it does hurt. Who sing the nineties is on all the wanna do you know the song yeah you do configured out no you know what man Melissa Etheridge New York address and targeted handed Sheryl Crow. Right that's not into but I guess you are correct to have her name right barrels from oh yeah. Doug gradually since the U what was fight correct pace car five guess what your check in and out may you may go see breaking bad desecration of you see bracing vengeance I figured I find shot caller number or size 206421. Rock chick bad apple friends. I tomorrow Steve yes we need to out of O'Hare club is listening our Boston okay so while he breezes and pastries from time to time right we need to tell hair club right now. Tomorrow is national doughnut day oh yeah. You know we needed it yeah we our friends at top artists and about are really knows combines a lull. I totally forgot about the never my hair club they don't waste your time because we need them for another day yes you're right I of course they do I sound like ours the American boys always combine. He got so in honor of that Yemeni top pots obviously going to be you know one of the one of the premier donut establishes we have here in the Puget Sound Tom they. They are doing what they're doing Burger King said they're getting on the party. And I'm like wait a minute Burger King you guys. I do you have don't say man you didn't they really don't but they say they're gonna have one they're releasing the new whopper doughnut everybody. Danny don't be too excited enough. Fire because it's not what you think. Because I thought oh my god they're gonna put like burger on a glazed doughnut bun and kind of have this is going to be amazing scenario whopper doughnut yes that's what I thought it was going to be. Now they're just cutting a hole listen to regular whopper on my arsenal so you take a bagel though from some amid the picture I'm looking at the good the whole Chris unity sesame seed bun. And you see they got a little slider which is the hole that. I mean it's it's a clever idea. I'm and so this still I actually think this is even core you know do we get if receiver price Christian and they're eliminating some of the food now you're getting though you're getting the hole is a slight. Saw. A hole as well as the don't know whether that nobody held a donut burger. Which is really not a doughnut it's facing a whopper with a hole and that's fine and to works for me I'm OK with tax but stats yes still whopper. That is so Ross here's what I wanna know though I wanna try the whopper slider because are they on to something. Little does he's yet to slider your big a lot of places I think whopper sliders for a guy like me. Where I you know I am trying to watch my my girlish physique over here may now know I mean maybe I wanna. We have a whopper junior yeah Abbott C a slider is even a junior junior really coming like like like like battered chicken tenders cumulative ten people opera slider. That would be great task is a donut holes made me think I wasn't having as much even though I don't hold to Mike basically four doughnuts and holes. Yeah so I'm sure the same thing huh coming sliders or shall be like coming real whopper is tidbits yeah esoteric. I'd so that's what's going on. Of course is not happening here because I don't know why prison happening happening in New York Boston Miami LA and solid and Salt Lake City why so let's city. And also places are you a major cities but what tells the Salt Lake why are they want holes Nadeau and their waters. I why are you asking me questions I do not have answers for I just wanna know it is the Salt Lake Seattle should be I've only been to the airport and it seems in a nice place we are prestigious okay is on sang museum and opening in Salt Lake but we're a better city is on saying. It's that I shots fired against what was. All right how Willie Nelson who I have to say amen you know this guy is such an icon. Com and you know he's a he's an old school country performer and I mean really and his music is old school almost blew grassy and in some people's minds opening a which are not willing else you're listening to. And yet because of his marijuana situations he's an icon he's become like Bill Murray you know what I mean he's yeah he's transcended whatever the hell is he does for a living but yeah he's one of those guys we are here to be a fan of country music. In unit to be a fan of Willie Nelson's music but I think everybody would love to just kick didn't hang on tore vessel Willie Nelson and listened willing Elson you have to imagine that cause much guns is that guy has smoked. This donor conversations have to be amazing because you know he sees all these why he's successful. You know what I mean most of our conversations had to be awesome so Williams shared some of his some of his knowledge some of those with the mankind. And he says quote negative thoughts will kill you. So you're even thinking negative he had achieves that first made the trip it's all about positive frame of mind Willie Nelson. And do what he's a country music reformer they don't use a similar positive stuff red dragon is they've got to bring it all wrong had to sing a song about it as. I have. I mean the guys now goalie key at the he has his own line of marijuana joints and I stats he's it was toward the world and made a lot of money because of it. Everybody wants to hang out Willy. How hard would it be a bit and it's got to be really easy to have a positive outlook when everybody wants to spend time with yeah and a good way now like you and yell you are. Barbie annoying if you didn't he was when he gets stoned and just show with you Aguirre for the latest this is another when he did this one hears sounds like Yogi Berra the old catcher from the guy he's he's a sell those though those oxy moronic things. Here's a Willie says it ain't easy. Unless you think it's easy. Then you're in trouble. Are we talking about you and I have my life I think these are in my life brother women's. He's as if you were. So he's saying don't think negatively but he says it ain't easy unless you think it's easy then you're in trouble which by the way. Does cellmate of but I think it is but even though we don't impressive well Billy I guess our crews don't shun oh really is what I won't question him. He says quote Willie says if you wake up knowing that this is going to be a hard day today because you've got work to do people talk do things to do. You'll make it. But again if I'm waking up thinking now work to do do we'll talk to things to do I guess I have to be positive about that doesn't mean a lot though some might not find things that I wanted to it. I hour talk to people aren't true stuff. We dodged a slide show. Because when you're smoking out of the I don't worry everything's different guy here I am man. So. You know inner drive and I am really stone if you ask them questions he used are saying things he I don't know we need to really read into it too much. How about this stuff about it this is if you really if you wanna accomplish something in life here's who will assess. You got to want and then when you get it you've got to still want it but if you think this is a piece of cake not on it ain't. Willie Nelson. I'm Carly takes you and tiger is an easy I wonder if the print this stupid ass yeah same guy the urine they surely did. I don't know who's out of I don't know if he's going he's written any books but he should. Our Bob hey I don't at all if you know like pretty much the biggest news of the summer. And that of course is is that there are going to be two performances this Safeco Field from Pearl Jam that's huge news. Even stoked about Staten. Mike McCready and stone concert. All of that then you may not know lot about their great up and coming in metro design those kids big join us in studio 917. We'll be talking with Mike Stone. On Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle beat Arizona always get that these guys in studio from Pearl Jam Mike McCready and stone Gaza. OK guys hello hello kids these kids. If they you know what they might be somebody someday look at them they are seller right now. And red card you know I you could we we love having you guys in we let obviously it's a great connection musically you guys in the rock embodied by a bit more importantly. I wish and we don't talk about a lot on the show but like I keep up on the issues and they have to an end and people as you drive in the city you see. We definitely have a huge homeless situation. You guys at the by tells you foundation. Honestly I feel like you guys figured this out long before any of our so called leaders did because you guys been doing great work for the homeless and and so that's why whatever we want and how do you Emmett. What did you guys decide you guys okay this is a thing because it is this thing and we're really happy that you can in fact you divide all the fun nations around this. You know man I would love to see those folks get the help they need. I you know I I've I think all of us in the band have witnessed that just like you what's going on the city and I think. We know from experience there's a lot of people putting their a lot of great energy and helping the situation we better. And I think more than anything it was us realizing that we had an opportunity to. Just elevate or whatever the platform is that everybody's working from and and try to consolidate and get a lot of energy moving towards this issue at a particular time. And so. That's all we can't really hope to accomplish is just if we can add. The energy in the form of money and organizational. On energy and just consolidation of people's. Efforts and highlighting those that are already doing really great work and that are really doing outstanding stuff in the city. That we can just be sort of catalyst for more change so that's that's kind of how we looked at that was sort of done via the the press. Opposite you guys at Safeco Field when you guys not talk to him and he had an incredible speakers there including diamond frank Clark from the Seahawks like you realize historian on it and now to stories that you shared about the neighbors in urine in the neighborhood they during a news is this extremely powerful that to realize how much. Impacts not just you guys in the guys do you think are the superstar athletes and realized while he was struggling with almost a sort of mock them. Comment frankly he just seemed brought upon this kind of that he don't did Maria I never heard that story before now and it's just since when you hear it's a real story. And it just has the heart strings and you go wow. And he survived and got through that often but a lot of people don't and has been his story was very inspirational I'm amazing to hear. That's right a mother might policy foundation because if you notice a big issues like this get politicized. And people start yelling and screaming and that just doesn't accomplish a whole lot because there are stories like that and also. There's the story of addiction which plays a big part in a lot of people's homelessness and of course you know you guys know the world of rock general addiction is a horrible horrible thing. Which you know can lead to homelessness all the way to death and so that I that's another great reason to wanna make this you know put money towards this to help all those phone. I think mental health and addiction are going to be two major you know elements that we've heard and learned about over the last. Couple years in in serving gauging this issue that Tom to serve. Wrapping your head around that those mental health and addiction are all part of them. You know that the big picture of wired almost issue is the way it is so. We got our. Hopefully support a lot of organizations are looking into that as well and supporting those causes. Yeah and with pain in the grass and that we make it easy miss you know last week we want to make it easier on your rockaholics all you gotta do is buy tickets to an incredible show you're gonna wanna go seek. And if you buy pain or resting its two bucks for every ticket sold goes to the vice tells you foundation. And you know it's it's great because these guys his foundation they just yet to find the right people that can help. And give money to them which is. Really what is necessary so you don't have to worry about what side of any issue anybody is on we can all agree people that need help should get the help we can all agree on that. Agreed I mean he. We are and they're very very so rich successful city end. It seems like that that kid there could be some sort of trickle down fanatic could be some sort of solutions with in all of that and that's a we're trying to find we're trying to work with Leno local businesses and local politicians and and find out what what we need to know because what you know. We don't know the solution that we know it's there's something out there. We should at least look for it. Yeah I am well semi just like I mean a lot of times of who the heck knows what to do you do yeah you know at some point money is needed. But then again you just gotta be it would give it to the right people who do know what to do. And there are better organizations like satellite downtown emergency services are treehouse or path and our power armed. I use care so there are actually they know those those that that there I think are very valid and working very hard in the city and so it's great to be able to. Highlight salmon and also. You know try to bring everybody together on this thing. Yeah I know I guess and it's ours what you have to do he's got a migraine and a drastic that's all you have to do unveil hey here's an idea you gonna help our situation. Couple of them I told you foundation held almost and you go Z some great music I think that's a win when I was at doesn't press comes at Safeco Field are sitting there and I'm that they give out like I know you guys have played in different stadiums from thinking wow and just a few months and many if she program in Seattle at Safeco Field which has a sand. These are real and itself and it's going to be such a Gramm flying back early from work conference in Chicago so you get back on a Friday. And get off the plane and go straight Safeco Field to see you guys in my body Cragg. Are going to be good for you guys and you've played stadiums but this is the first I'm playing a stadium in Seattle at Safeco Field. I guess also in front of Steve I think that's important not only the first time on the leg more nervous Genghis that is enough. Rally they're going to be and yeah yeah yeah yeah. On a deep breath on this place Austin you don't side this time back yeah it's been awhile since we've played in Seattle so we've all been pitching deserved to play and that day in particular it was sunny out yeah I was like well this is going to be nice this the stadium's gonna feel good when we actually. You get there in August so where I think were excited and I I think we're an American special show. I mean is it into because it's there it's at the big ballpark there's there's something a look when a bank gets to play at a stadium I mean that does say something. You know because not that's not something everybody gets invited to do. It is in your own home stadium is a little jittery does it feel I'm out I dealing get butterflies anymore I have no idea. See Allison probably more nerve wracking than most shows if not all of them you know because it's your family your friends you know. I think we put that we were expecting to sell tickets. But that you never know and it's been awhile since we've played here so we now. My nervousness we are gonna put it to announce that you know Safeco Field bond and it was going to be have fallen we're gonna realize oops. Oh yeah just played a little cart assets and yeah. Yeah zero audiences become more selective depth. Cohen the only constant. So thank you don't play a clip of an audio I went to wrestle me in big wrestling fan I'm also about when I found out one of the wrestlers further than we do you read Becky links is a tremendous pro Jan ten to the point where she's flying to Seattle. For the show and an opportunity to chat with terror and I asked her about her love for your ban in and this is what you had to say. Yes that's a that's pretty much and nearly all listen it's my number one yes they're up singing amazing kind of feel like at any time I've seen some lies I always leave and I feel like I need to dip I need to be better person. You know says from the lyrics of I am mind. And I know I was born and mellow guy but the in between his mind and I always think they'll stop you know and I mean when years. I didn't know when you're like general spider whatever he's trying to fairly to do next you're like well you know I you know I know I was born I know that I'll dive but in between is mine and I can do whatever effects so as. Thought I'd see whose policies that passion now give for you guys is there a band that does that free you like they would debt and do you guys do for her to do for me do for so many people. I mean it's certainly I I go back in time with the dog I am waiting to Aerosmith lead in the seventies I know son he's now I go back inside and a dozen vans now you know. I love senate messier who is from here I remembered almighty costs talk about it for remember there on Sam remembered Black Rebel Motorcycle Club I don't know. Since she's from Scotland where should I she's Irish OK yes oh that's she's the last kicker homelessness goes by it's awesome she's such as retardant and I. We talk like five minutes in depth about her love for your band it was pretty cool and the fact that she's coming is that where I was in New Orleans got. Also calls and we don't we make the assumption and it might be just music that inspires you the way she's inspired by you guys who she's a wrestler but you guys are huge inspiration. So it might not be another banner might be some other form of art that you guys go hey you know what man this is what really gets me. Now I'm the worst we're surrounded by people that are that are giving and and sacrificing. And putting others in front of themselves and I think Toro is inspired by that and it's you know it's. It's it's always it's always good to speak to see that Nicole members person who inspires me so she's right here. No pressure and I. Asked if she takes the pressure off that's it's gonna. Yeah it's if this it means Seattle it is that the Puget Sound and I lived in a bunch of different places so if there is just something about this area that just brings up the kindness and collaboration. And you guys know that with just the way your band came together in the early days if you and I'm from Boston the home of Aerosmith and I just. I don't remember collaborate in the collaborative nature being that way in the world and any sane people Susan is like it was dog eat dog and if you were successful is because you were stepping on somebody else can win like you were helping anybody else. This area it's really something is just seems to be in the blood of the Pacific northwest of the Puget Sound and help you guys have found that out which is working. I'm a police is still. Are even somebody like Bill Gates the you know who do you know. Who gave who's given so much money like made a bunch of money but really made this enormous sort of gift of of all this capital these accrued and Melinda gates foundation is doing incredible work all over the world so. In a note hit that's a guy that's inspiring I think that's a guy that I think will inspire other you know rich. Guys have you know rich people to give their money it to causes as opposed to just give it to their spoiled children and yeah. Plus the other thing. You're tracked an extra on a clever that aspect and Susan I Ara called. I talked to Johnny Ramone a long time on the late great ceremony he was talking about how New York scene was exactly what you describe us as cutthroat and Canon. And he didn't understand why we are so kind of like knew each other would help each other out and say. And it's I think you know what it's probably because it's such a small city when we knew when we were here you know growing up and playing music and in terms of a lot of bands didn't come here I think if passed that would from Portland to Vancouver and and I actually like we all started bands and it was raining you certainly don't want the same parties got herself. How we all know that we couldn't do without each other and when you're in a band that you really kind of you need your guys actually kind of feel confident sort of took. To play music you kind of need that support of your friends that you sort of learn that that's really kind of what it's all about arm bigger scale of well site. And when asked a question of religious texts are coming in and did these questions I guess a million times but I'm going to be million and one from new record what's going on Amy replied we're gonna play catch us in as a possible new record aren't getting there more stuff in addition to that. Power were writing right now and were recording and we're gonna have a record at some point maybe maybe 2019 so you know where we're optimistic but we're gonna. We're recording them and writing a lot I just cancel tore so you really you know get rid of that new record they want I'm surely be upset about that the promoters and it. Sat back yes are we can't make sure we can make that date is a running their record US's foreign that in America we we that's the Sox say they're not quite they're not quite ready yet for it's it's going to be good. See I guess who's a softness in the NASCAR is a shelter. Yet I'm Ron brings some songs and brings an ideas man who who do you shows the one that makes it the most statement not difficult maybe is a site. I'm not gonna be Mike McCready are still on because they're right here and I am looking into my life there. Write songs all they want to get like thirty M right now. I'm you know until solid until it has a lyric and intelligent you know and and sold at sings on it's really you know once it's still. A possible song so -- I think when he falls in love with it and and and finishes editorial process for him he really likes to get in there and like make it. Just right so. I would say that's what the hardest part is kind of crossing the finish line of the vote so what we're hoping now and is that the cubs have a bad season so any can stay focused on. Hundreds Zorro whenever he gets there are going to be fine by us we've there's no rush and there's no no pressure for him to do anything we got lots of shows a play area. About a lot of songs that we still know already and we'll just keep playing those songs and reinventing knows and hopefully getting some new ones at some point. I did just got to Don my head what songs are from your catalog has evolved the most and because you said they songs keep you re learn a new. Things add to it would Sunday shows like that changed the most from when you first recorded it. You know I don't know if there's any of them have really changed arrangement wise chair so much but it's it's almost like you sort of every time you play any sort of learned really subtle things about how they can be. Better and it's you know. It's a rhythmic thing merits leaving space where there wasn't space before or exists. You know being more in the moment listening to the lyric understanding Miller better than you did the first time you know. All of that stuff kind of adds to you know asserted the connection to the song so. But you know there's lots Austria jam sessions ago you know on and in different ways all the time so you know certainly even close had a few different. Now middle breaks that are. Think so long I can still solo isn't. But I think al-Qaeda allied is more like I think that turn it was it was and I were initially thought and in one way and then now let's turn into kind of a thing and it's kind of a solitary thing that would that I look at it stay in terms of there energy and how we. Reciprocate and how there's a pair it with essence so why does one I think this season as. Oh yeah. Yeah well you know it's it's going to be elements who two days man you guys come to Safeco. And of course it did not the latest who does some amazing and and the work you're doing it again that this is it just can't we talked about the mikes all you foundation really wanted to help Oklahoma situation. All you have to do you I mean really I mean there's so much more you can do whatever you want but if you buy a pain in the grass to get two blocks from those tickets each one sold. Goes device policy foundation which goes for a great cause because they just wanna do what a lot of us wanna do. They wanna help us on the situation they wanna get the people need help help. And it's such it's just such a great thing for you guys do we we we greatly appreciate everything you do for this community and of course the great artwork you've given us. I'm Mike McCready stunt guys and of course also thank you for getting up that isn't as if it's. These Israelis knocked it didn't dawn hours that really coincide with your schedule so we appreciate that. If you want more info about all this go to KI SW dot com and speaking of Pearl Jam when he sued pleasant who saw please let's do it this is can't deny me. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I'd nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's. Players they there's a headline you don't read every day as Jesus statue stop the runaway truck. How about that that's right up the better you get. That's pretty good. Geez that's divine intervention rather than. Happened. I here's what's going on we don't know what have on this truck if the guys brakes malfunctioned or he was just been really blowing through a red light. He had to swerve onto the sidewalk to avoid the intersection. He didn't stop. And was still barreling toward a bunch of cars and pedestrians but luckily the truck went right past a church and it's stopped when he slammed in. To a statue of Jesus. And it's not any Jesus this is actually a pretty famous sculpture called home was Jesus. And a guy to be smalls was the artist and it basically as Jesus line on a park bench for the blanket over him. And another version of it was blessed by the Pope Beckett when he thirteenth so it's a pretty long regular casuals are some of us it's mr. Kim's statue and it stopped the truck and save lives. This statue was been in the news before it too because it back and I think got 2013 or so. They there's one in Toronto that people thought it was a real homeless person and of course it gets very cold. So in the during the winter if you don't there's a homeless dude on your sleeve and people call 911 on the Jesus statue dizzy and realized. It was so all homeless Jesus statue of just basic Jesus sleeping out in the cold. I don't even know what to think about holes distances voluntarily go all in Toronto yeah but homeless Jesus he stopped a runaway truck. That and you know what I did headline of the day that is the that is the headline of the day they are here is a question that needs to be answered before. What deriding castle and a sobriety tests have in common. Come on tell you that 951. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. He. Game jarring action. What do rank castle and a sobriety test happened comment I'm failed. Very true I've never had to take one. No that's not true actually now that I think back I did a radio show years and years and years ago where I got drunk with a cop and he gave me breath analyzes. Which has failed. Congratulations I passed yeah I passed by making it through my show but I failed by about an hour and I was pleased. He's getting generally a drive home yeah yeah exactly exactly so when Tyson says Steve who's done both. Yes he had eastern time mine I do because I was falling asleep on driving nice words a little bit and they counselor I do sobriety test. Completely stone cold sober and delta hopes on how to do to gloat yeah. Lot of people are saying I do it DR Thomas L I got a ticket for sure okay out of the blue zero point zero yeah it is. To set the officer's badge number two Q six waiting for that. You guys are real nice that we are. Car number Vijay did all sorry Kerry thank you Ryan yeah. So this woman got medical costs over sobriety test because she wasn't drunk she says I am not drunk she just smoke crack okay I'm gonna. Different pile together as a lot yeah 55 years old by the way you know really been good when you're on the crack a 55 maybe. Yeah it's really doesn't talk about this during now she's an idiot I'm atheist thing is story. And totally and absolutely to hang out with them they don't search the party. Well if you like to party and Brian Cass is gonna twelve pack we also I think nobody Chris for sitting and watching us right Jessica's ex maybe. He made some. You get somebody else's Social Security number don't call for Linkedin I don't know how that's possible cinemas suggest really nicely yeah that's probably utilize. I mean people who should be very very willing to use Social Security number if you ask nicely I don't I don't signaling it's on there. Find out I was suddenly you're scams. Is out there wells crazy busy day Social Security numbers seventy. I. Yeah. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney secures another question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Some jerseys you do however when your file bankruptcies. Usually only have to attend one hearing. At the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually with the trustees are the trustee's attorney. Wanted to do is one of the things it's critical of bankruptcies if you give your attorney in the horn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for your discharge is your truth and honesty. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you've given record than yours truly. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime Ted choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.