BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-13-18-6A: . Donald Glover was terrified of the first Willy Wonka movie as a kid.

Wednesday, June 13th

News and sports. Today is National Kitchen Clutz day. A woman tried to fit her head in a tail pipe and got it stuck. There is a new list of the most popular TV dads in each state.

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He may just start to show like this because I know this is a sensitive subject for palm O this one here is something that you know there's. They say don't talk about politics religion in. Qaeda does don't do it collects for Steve don't talk about doing a new Willy Wonka movies yeah. Ralph who are we gonna go down this verdict I don't sorry I'd say it's big nose a big big group some things should just not be at west yeah. I agree. And cookie dough ice cream. You don't need to add anything into it it's perfect the way it is the yeah I did see what do you you know but I think you in this case did I think we all we all love the new Wonka. No yeah. Gene Wilder really wanted it is perfection they should never too they try and they didn't succeed so stop trying Donald Glover doesn't think his perfection. I mean you're not that he hates Willy Wonka but of course he's the latest guy is saying could be the new Willie wind these 62 is wrapping paying. Yeah I'm trying to really want to they used to be Iraq big day your kids as you called young Gambino got young Gambino. Is it and yeah. I still like everything area yes I know you're as young Gambino yeah. He's not he's not is childish but he's not yacht. Easier O easy he's the average age Gambino depth. Guys you haven't heard Donald would they wanna do annually walker I MV because the fact. CA I would do everything you do bad that's that's and also was a little lackluster what happens Johnny Demps. So this in stride again. And he used that he does know the original Willy walker he's the one you love with Gene Wilder. But he said that man you know according to Entertainment Tonight Lisa you know that version that particular one did love is much juicy piece it scared the hell lot him. It casual. Terrified me is it's. Yeah it was really scary movie for me MLS so I'm but I really I was kind of terrified by it. I mean it's you know this the classic I think they've. I don't know there's there's been a lot of Willy Wonka so I don't know how much I would have to think about it on some level and it's cool to leave the food that people think your memory. Please do you love it he's obviously saying it's a classic EJ yeah there are not on and on unborn would put Donald who are trying to say yeah it's it's a heat it's it's a classic horror film that this sort of closely his record it's time with himself to be honest did Johnny Depp versions the only version for me well. I'll see is now you can match I'm just here Intel got these you know what I learned what Senator Clinton way radeon. Allow. It and I'll he's really. Steve he was papers. Hall and not only that he is it's he's getting ready evidence you know that's what I'll say that there. Sorry and Arthur Conan handled unintentional and hands on here and opening practice. You can talk to any. Ubisoft and scared me so bad when I was a kid gave me nightmares I can't watch that version I. I'm sure the incredible scared Jim that's been true actually but that's beside the point that's beside the point how can you say that the Johnny demo versions of energy while others. Tom I think he opened the microphone and he started speaking I I don't understand how talking work all day all right I assigns you know how can you say that that is not suited this is what you call. A generation gap you're not used in actually being on one side the side you're on using on the other side though you all people are stupid and don't know anything. Unfortunately you're on the other side of the generation gap my friend just so happens I just read an article that says people are getting dumber and clearly Danny is an example of that. Polarizing Jim we just take a look at the irony of that same impact. You live desk I dreaded. Classes are you America about people getting dumber coalition reading articles and I'll see you I said every generation has lost seven points lower than the previous tomorrow anyway well so clearly odd and it shows a dead easy I mean this is yeah. I remind anyone that thinks it's not stated Brad Brad Garrett movie connoisseur called Sharia as thank you and I have to agree with Steve Martinez. To be brutally honest I'd never seen the Johnny Depp and all because it's so stupid that needs to watch it as she. And I guess right you're Tim Burton's OK I don't know what if I wanna watch a Tim Burton Johnny Depp thing I've got 11100 other movies out there that don't crib from that from a class aren't you can't say I never liked him we need a union. If you haven't seen that you can't comment on our it and digest in America we might saying okay I'm the one that does all the guys are just sorry dude yeah I don't take my brand golfers is this says so much about malign deals. But this is still added in the room Danny. I know it does always says Depp was tortured character of Wonka that's see that's what people don't remember is that than Charlie chocolate factory the book wasn't as happy even though it was still scary for the time. But it wasn't as happy as is Gene Wilder want guys that there have been so that's why I wanna see what the Glover doesn't like the Shakespearean play you know we wanna see something that's a masterpiece redone over and over and see somebody else's vision of a I still think somethings are better left onto. School. When the Vicki do you agree or disagree. And they're both I'm not gonna want to manages to I wanna watch either home you know Vicky that's not to you you're just decided she's the other guys. I don't care like can't watch Johnny Depp won those like I'm not gonna ever watch it again and that's what do you like better only teams that turn care residencies she's in again now. How did you hear any idea you just say I'm like I might start liking it's easier. Yeah I yeah. The more like I gotta remember Vicki as she uses it in every morning so I need to I need that. How do you don't respect your hockey in wrestling Steve Mona crates and just it's true she day I made a creepy gas and Vicki is I don't know Vick he's buttons it is either the runaways. Well I should say heard Muslim center and pleasure but that's not right either. Now are her him too well her what she likes to watch buttons okay. I don't ever held under nevermind I don't know any renovating some guys like Jim Carrey's the greatest extinction carries secrets is better in the original. Does anybody say that's. We'll actually did anyway it got stamina I mean that was a horrible movie what's your original there's an original this cartoon. Cartoon stars there's another live action I don't know what's doesn't make sense that but yet it's if that was the dumbest idea ever since he's Denny likes him more because Jerry DeVore were each of the Gene Wilder that's sure actually now. I said look I like them both for their own reasons but I deftly to Gene Wilder had the better performance of the zoo. Bright yeah I mean I was dreamliner is a bet on want are well and you know all don't even sponsor that has special effects and new movies and and Tim Burton's I I like timber and signature on movies so. If they both had they were both good for me machine while his performance head and shoulders that he was a better one person is at or below is far better in the old version now that I agree. Thank you happy out all agree on something and I think the kids were for the kids which is such cartoons and idiots in the first one I like to kids better in and the first one in the second one. Now you are now you only like the kids better yeah I like the movie I. I'm I'm I don't like giving impairing the kids I like that my TV was just like that he holed more realistic like real like now a day kind of thing in the name made a gosh dislike even bigger. Yeah Amy. My car rail study to highlight those kids are perfect the way they were I like first assault and the dad from the old one because he was just so wrapped around you know accuses high tech. Believe me I'm I can't wait to see gets married you can see it in his eyes in the first one as he is leading whether. All right anyway Donald Glover and he could be a new Willy Wonka there's your big story Steve that's what's happening now thanks started my dad and Cupertino. You know something that you could be like this woman how about this one. Our house is possible she got her head stuck. In a tailpipe yeah fastest ski Steve's detail about it he's got the news for you as C seventeen. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all the a nine point nine then I ask W Iraq. Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys thanks to charities distilling company brown sugar fervor and editing S news and sports. Happy national kitchen clutches of America today and I had I tough you're plot started and it's. Just your can of beer on the floor I don't know what do visitors at a national we do Chardonnay and I felt like maybe dropping something like more fun. They're both really don't I agree yeah. You know what they used to create her own dad Heidi so man happy national Danny's a stupid one mile and a Johnny dead city movie. Is Saturday and Willy Wonka would Gene Wilder now I like general's office tons it it definitely does it does have a good day everybody death and you don't. He'll prove it's kind of weird day over the weekend was his son underage drinker and I love this headline an underage drinker got a head start and tell fight. I feel when stock of country music festival and instead Minnesota. That's right after over the weekend apparently there are a bunch of people check now Dirks Bentley. Miranda Lambert the Brothers Osborne bunch of other bands all rock and outdoor. I'm singing out to the sweet sounds yeah I'm reading out yeah this is not a rebuke that we're just try to. Plus you decide to get drunk. Again Jews under age looked like maybe she's maybe just a few years under age could choose underage decided no refund to stick your head at tailpipe and she did just that when. PS tell types and I don't pickup truck. She put her head in there and underhanded stuff yes sir it does. And I don't know he seemed to pick Syriana and test every dot com. Yeah her head is stuck and that's held tight to the point where daddy get the fire department to use a giants off to set her free. It's the video went on FaceBook over one point eight million people checked it out. And I just love how she took ownership of the entire incident she put on FaceBook. Yeah on the south side girl what you know about it has shot a hash tags when stocks UK eighteen takes my ass. While there's is holding death. All I had fully Mattel might that was cut. Yes she's ever since have you brilliant future had ever yeah I session does. Ten man as a bag. We inside to take eighteenth. Shakes my ass. Your best buy said a good time to I just to be one of the dumbest studies that have ever been done but I like it because it's just a stupid. Our Father's Day you know is coming up this Sunday all okay good. Really so website together a list of the most popular TV dads every state. Using data from other contrasts. So for instance are the most popular dad Jack Pierson from a show called this is us how you're number one all say it's a big shelf. I stay stay well without Gomez Adams from the Addams Family is really not dance. Haas couple people off picked George from the Jefferson's which I think is awesome Carl from family matters. Stephen team from family ties but what do you think. Who's the number one dad in Washington State and it's a TV dad we saw based on TV dad's name escapes. Yeah I was gonna go in the movie dads and that's why but I know I can't think about the idea I'm gonna go with us feel like I'm gonna go until Qasim mr. possible. Raw not anymore VA greatest that ever got one when you're probably right but does not that that's not the case is that's all I got pregnant so you can keep. One of the guys from modern family said Sunday if that's very near destitute and a dead end here and being. Now while Al Wendy. You might be no I'm looking at these days I had ten under he's right yeah I mean all the series Phyllis telephone banks how easy for me out of went with and I'm wrong. Of course TV's Gregg and again and Paul Reiser Mike Hsu dad's. Yeah I just want dad to do you have I think I like Phil for modern family that's a good pick but so that he and he did he may get stressed. Now Danny I'm still trauma. Fresh prince no now I'm going to read and I got to be in Philadelphia yeah otherwise are stupid. How about Ricky from Trailer Park Boys he had to make your race to keep us here he's been dead since then he's amazing debut in Canada Americans and tonight they are referenced himself right now on love that show why it's so we are doing I'm so happy you're watching that's every you're wrong I was gonna say Al Bundy red van and Vicki stolen so now maybe. Homer since and I mom. Shockley CD read you are correct so our homers and say yeah I got in Washington also number one in Colorado and Oregon. Following the only mommy in that area. Yeah people like to get high wants to Simpson's idea the best. Mom has. Also congratulations homer you're our father yeah pain and they'll be an animated spot there's the best father figure we are stoned out here. I salon dot some resentment on my two dads Wikipedia page you ask your kind of remember that television is one of the greatest shows of all time back in the late eighties. It's Jillian Michaels thought over the same woman thirteen years ago now have upon her desk and awarded joint custody of her daughter. I'd be I'd much either and there's kind of a mental illness problems for the paternity test no way instead they all moved together to raise Nicole as it Sudan nuclear family. I forgot that was the origin of that's of that show us right outside Davydenko who's who and instead of telling him was once a dad. You both Tyler still visually they really besmirch this woman's good man saying that she was going around I don't know sometimes love happens in the weirdest way. Well it's nice way to put Cohen around ten mariners. Right that's gonna ask BP. Again yesterday six to three. A shout out to miss Channing you're in Brian Healey each homered twice. Once again Mike Trout and even though they lost the man that guy's just. This is credible this year so far mutiny in the major leagues at 23 home runs another danger. I'll accept your day here's yesterday Mike Leake pitched another game another then again it's another great game. Could you pitch of the game and Edwin Diaz got to be safe again so man mariners are looking great up next the angels once again and again is that once and you wanna watch it. You can't watch on TV how we resist BJ Armstrong we've got to go to Safeco Field to watch the game you can also listen on the radio of course. Or if you wanna watch the Mariners. You have to put on your FaceBook. And watch on FaceBook watch. Yes god MLB is going to be just doing certain number of games this year only on FaceBook 25 game lead broadcast only on FaceBook. One of them being today's Mariner's game up 110. So why it's also produced by Major League Baseball networks are you all had your usual Mariner's announcers. And also this team's gonna featured tighter camera angles fell optimize the mobile experiences while so. I don't know how I feel about this I'm definitely willing to check it out obviously now class I don't know if I wanna live in a world where the only way you can watch baseballs on FaceBook. I agree dude that's all it is weird maybe were all but come on man down. The only people that I like that you would think Johnny Depp was a better Willy Wonka and give my other. Best idea I know a lot of older people though that they have their TV you have to have those you know have root sports and they're ready to rock and roll daily tasks like that. The icon right at the FaceBook and okay. H folks what I had to do against those guys. Hey guys let's quickly bring up the Washington Capitals this I don't know if you noticed it won the Stanley Cup last week did they really what they're still on a Bender. And it's awesome. They are calling the Stanley cups and there which I think is awesome all the players just don't street's legendary status. I'm at their big parade yesterday over 650000. People showed up a lot of table all man whose. CEO Brad it looks awesome and of course to teens drowned. Having a great time with the stands. TJ -- she keeps his Jersey over his head and in terms of your into the fabric of his Jersey all they ideology that was great that's how you do in Washington maybe I love all the of course everyone's covering over there Washington DC and once and was being interviewed by TV network. And I think he sounded a drastic. To catch the passion of this day and finally can see his team win the Stanley cups. The greatest week. I don't think this week I hope that. He says Saturday also your wedding. Or his future child he's right he knows what's up as they give them all that's just who I truly believe I got a priority ones off Denham a certain team I think I would become the capitals and just based on the bench that this team has been I didn't get a lot of new fans on this you're right I think it's close here in interview one of the guys he said yet they all talked about. Let's celebrate with the fans but let's go out and party with the fans and this is just is big for the fans are used for us to the warning this forever so I think. That's part of why he's been losing their minds of the one play at a Tel one of these young guys. My wanna stop posting things on your on your integrated story because you wasted your postseason brilliance like it is plus. But here's our vets in during the day parade in during the speech and all that talking to the estimated 650000. Plus. There are. Here I said Amin says this is it just I was saying. We're not. I. It's. I. Okay. God is an. Okay. Maybe you start jumping up and Alan lacy slowed down he's actually he's much yet. It's a good breaks on the Stanley Cup back there while this is this has been an amazing send it back. Haven't heard of any vendor like this in any sport I really true leader he's leading his team down and alcohol is she good for him. Bob men as far as whether 64 degrees and cloudy. Now somebody said this is this. Can Mariner's game as happened on FaceBook they did one earlier this year watching on FaceBook is okay but you miss the regular announcers and that's from Becky. Yeah and and that happens a lot of times that the game is blacked out and as a national game sometimes that happens to a CA yeah. I had you know and and yet you do miss you do miss the on your regular announcers unit time watch it. I am I don't know how well. There's it was a 1 o'clock is that once again partially you know what I have my phone and I'll be doing some stuff I probably could watch it actually it might even be more convenience maybe on the toilet you catch a couple that yeah I mean a on one side it's more convenient because. I I I mean I don't know if there's an app to be able to watch root sports on my phone maybe you have to do it through some sort of networking thing I don't know I don't have to whenever you need to do to be able watch TV shows your own. I'm bias I have FaceBook plus excel be able to watch it from where I am today that's actually more convenient. The part that I'm curious about is just how they do the angles because they said they did you closer angles and optimize it being on a mobile device so I am I'm I'm kind of curious to see how that goes I don't know I don't watch an entire game. On my phone. Yeah I mean I have funny because I'll watch on television while playing on my phone for an entire day so I don't know why this is any different. I've done it restaurant and again you know folks know that I'm a Red Sox fan I have the MLB. Apple but you can't watch wherever you're located they will not let you watch the local game on the app. Because they don't wanna take away from the the network that it's on so I never get to watching mariners games on on root sports. Have she Celeron M elbow on the MLB app and I don't I don't know how to do roots for the they have I think you have an out they'd both on Google play and on iTunes and it says it you can look at live broadcast games but I'm looking at online right now sort of odd percent why did president log into your cable provider or how are you it's great I need to do that in because that would make no money. Your watchman m.'s games yes sources say Steve don't forget the big news this morn the World Cup is coming to Mexico Canada and America and Tony 26 in Seattle will be the host city that is awesome all that's no idea about that this morning I'm very cool yeah I'm glad that Lou I I saw today and I totally forgot to mention the myself that is big big news I mean we are such a Seattle Soccer City yourself. It's awesome it's coming here to be verified this part of why I like bring up the stories about the Washington Capitals and understands getting ready getting excited for hockey you know about this text is great and never watched a hockey game but of estimates we want a Seattle team badly from Chris and I said that's what I love about hockey players are just. They're unlike other athletes manage just. I don't know there's something about them they're just salt of the earth kind of guys and I think we're seeing this with the way that the team is celebrating their fans and just you know drinking and having a good time they're not. They're not trying to act like they're above the fan base which I think is really cool and I think that hockey is one of the most fan friendly sports and am so excited that. Come 20/20 fingers crossed we'll have a team debt that we can call our own on arrival was Vancouver's going to be awesome. Somebody says I just missed the whole Ovechkin clip did you guys replay it please I love the capitals. Yeah well we played if you want to get back up again but is awesome memories are. Here I say not mean says it's it just costs saying. We're not. I. Okay. Yeah. If she is he didn't win the cup or is he about to join William Wallace and I giants rushed for just his rockets lose. What does this jurors boys and girls and where's the snow. Yeah I -- as always I think that's where he says what that means I don't know is while ago you know guys who are they winning this is not their first language we get the hair makes speeches in his pretty awesome. Yeah it is it's a very I don't know him dancing in the locker neurologist drunk and had do you miss you mix alcohol within this being your second language you get. Some great speeches did you see a couple of them showed up and I Jimmy Fallon a couple of days ago with a cop no I didn't see this is added a bit and and and eventually picked Jimmie up and held them up as he drank out of the top upside down to that extent odd man and that's since you get some cool stuff because when you're done that did the jockey from our that the that that one without what justified all right just I yeah user to see some resistance. Well I mean you know I mean these guys are their famous athletes may god into you like a general grounds and so associate als Lou I think he is union TV yeah and the idea right championship in situation. It's great I cannot wait to hear the news. And was supposed to get this month while a lot of hockey team right. It sits kind of shady like in the sense so we will get something elected to this month is when they get that they meet the formal proposal with the NHL. But some are saying that we won't fully know for sure until probably like wintertime did it. Finally a winter yeah for related to class formality as NHL's teases so somewhere between June 20 and wintertime we will know we have an NHL for a while elicits a small window you know hypothetical cables he might get installed because about the same window on a mountainous that he had no right. Nice way SA Steve he somehow got this one rice all factions is another name for what sadness. Tong no taste jokes so now yes I did a buddy nice yeah not bad mr. tong through smell can't you smell taste smell that's an informant and all right your shot at beating Steve. Mr. GTS and you've got a 20642 wanna rock it's plain beat makes at 647 but on the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. What's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. 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