BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-13-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, June 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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The weather's gonna get warmer I mean that was supposed to hit eighty this weekend. I know it doesn't feel like yesterday but giants mostly good I think nine pregnancy then you need ST sure I'll get ahead. That's great because I'm going to ball games this weekend some nice to have nice weather beaches. The Mariners up is that's right there's not. And common pummeled the single man's life is too. Anyway you know one way this team doesn't matter what can you are you'll always be a fan of rock if you get the PGA makes northwest hearty and whoever. What more info wanna buy at the K five SW dot com. He. Plan. Game time. You'll have to this day that's pray it it is what I did what yeah it's 00 in my non. Get up there you go we. Why I'm there they're trying to your box Vijay my boss is not responding. Push harder on the box yeah. I've always heard that's the way it is now. Host Georgia doesn't today we've got talk go in Everett glorious hour. Yeah hey where where we only are we should be claimed him today. Well it's a Dele you let down yesterday sometimes says Howard out why these days you have I don't know he's ahead. And tried calling you let him through you taco hater and no I hate talk rose to defending away you get your tacos you'll be feeling it on Wednesday anyways I'm doing and so maybe Steve will be feeling a loss today he was perfect ten the last one yeah I don't know wake -- in the -- well what is talk on the little optimism but I've got you but what is Darko played for today's deal primus and mastodon tickets are ready and armor park on June 22 go to KI SW dot com from the details. US trying to show SE mastodon get you tickets now at any access to our Steve I air. Ahead. Playing at home dongle has sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Stock do you think that's all you want but you'll only get three as is her question are you ready. Yet and. What are your early sixties did Mattel introduced the boyfriend of Barbie cash and it undertakes no picnic here now dorms as what explorer introduced chickens to the new world. On this you ask who was demean or second husband. 881979. Hit song by Pink Floyd was comfortably watch. Number otherwise this just didn't know. This sitcom Gilligan's Island how many of the original castaways are women's. You know treat you as what Forrest Gump was in the army when sports was he good act. Songs you asked what decade gave us the first ATM. I mean yeah yeah yeah as what is really cool wolf goes character's name on the TV show the Big Bang series. I mean yeah ice how many centimeters are in seven meters and taking adult. Fourteen know we must now aren't Atlantic City is located in what states. Orlando. Afternoon 123456. Evan correct Tucker you were doing so well there hopefully that won't be deciding factor member meters since enemies are always use a tendon. Some of that but yeah oh yeah maybe Steve won't get that one but I think he's like anyone he figures it out. Season jerk like that's why he needs you so much sums it jerks some say awesome awesome jerked out of cash. That's awesome terror arrests in particular car. I didn't do that once in awhile on fire today and don't be so impressed on Joseph be references that I totally got Saleh Al you asked that worked out Korea. Steve are you ready and what you're in the early sixties did Mattel introduced the boyfriend to Barbie and 69 now. 66 now he's an early. So small the reason Darrell are explorer introduced chickens to new world Todd W colonel Sanders now. Hassan explorer Christopher Columbus. She asked who was Demi Moore second husband Bruce Willis guests. 81979. Hit song by Pink Floyd was comfortably watching Tom did as Indy sitcom Gilligan's Island comeback and the original castaways are women's. Breaks asks who went for a scope was in the army what sport with these good act. Transit now mostly moms you ask what Dick Tiddy mr. and I ATM. What decade on the go with the easy snow tonight needs no seventies you Aaron. What is Caylee Colo goes character's name on the TV show the Big Bang theory are panicked yes Kenny and it's a tiny tanks how many centimeters are in seven meters. Simon needs now 7000 notebooks 700 U ads I've played. Would save New Jersey yes and steam no perfect and you got nine per hour there are limits and you get the win. Okay yeah yeah. I knew I knew that centimeters in the legacy would lose its obstacles salty. Yeah. Today he's got ahead spicy. Food you have read is on fire today you know it's somewhere seasons when you think yeah exactly I. I don't know what you've done what's going on you leasing a lot more clear than usual. I. Changed my diet a little bit went to the doctor yesterday oh that's right zone drinking a lot more water which we had to appeal more I know now ammonia tenure peeing excellence today Perry later. I the only one that you ended up missing was here there early sixties who want yes. And you just wanted to go with a 69 there the minister went to 61 of them then and attended ten you would have to add twenty and it's funny I know I don't even know if that's even happened yet it's okay you say I've got that back but he doesn't like he's still one half he got nine current graduation Steve park ride because our own your own champion BJ. Well I don't know man Vicki sit champion yeah yeah yeah. That caller number nine guess what you're checking out primus macedon caught a 9206421. Rock just like that's. Are numerous does something interest in mid applied for a patent that would help figure out whether a passenger is drunk. Plans that they can just do Americans to AM yes person let's go to Jack in the Box. It was looks like it was look at the user's location how well there and putting data the Euro which the user is holding their device and even the speed at which they're walking. Wow that's repeat that they're gonna begin all of that from my phone so it made what is a hope than they're not going to pick you up because they're afraid you know Putin there where. The they they're saying this might keep a drunk pastor from pooling with other writers all write to him who were pool now. But some people think that this technology could single people that have disabilities or keep users from hilly ride when drunk or high which. That's the idea of taking him over is that you wanna be responsible and not drive soul. Isn't that part of why we like Hoover because they'll take our drug Cass home. Or maybe since I would die if I was a maneuver driver I want mine he's missed just cycle prepare mentally for the drug gases that are about to come in my vehicle may going to get them something's. You know I get as an added bonus dice and take some bread. But hey man you're drunk you're some bread aisle. This is this thing they go out. I Suu Kyi saying. Out of five stars Brock isn't that the star system anyway I mean if you're a drunken idiot don't you get Brady badly by the were drivers and act is the system that tells you whether this person should be picked up. Yeah I don't I don't know why you do this on unless. The pooling purposes I get that I don't know of a watery ice cream when Liverpool. And and it's pick up some drunk yes it's likely you'll for me yeah you're right I don't want that. I don't even if I wanna share Hoover would anybody like I had the uber cool I haven't tried that yet I'm a little worried I was listening. It was a physical combat this podcast he talks he's he's admittedly very cheap as he'd always fresh out cheap he is so he always does that Hoover pulled his right. It's almost never. They never pick anybody else up so you see Cuba toxicity safe how saving two bucks you think I'm saving two dollars. And he's he's all about it wow. That's chief ya ya two dollar seems like nothing to save like why not just have your own Hoover at that point but if you're a guy that you know I guess if you save two bucks. I save a little bit more like at at night with uber cool and I've gone in with me like where I've. Then the only one in the entire ride or there's been a couple and it's really doesn't matter really can you talk into the uber driver what's one more person you're not gonna talk champ. The committee should do is likely defeat stressing and I nights out drunk in its dignity of every drunk because of three every single. And tonight and who were pulled winsome pool or say who were orgy. And and you figure out. And his chance to hook up with people on the back of someone's Hoover FL isn't big enough but I like your thinking and they can harder when Bershard zero. They can partner with Tinder yeah asks you asks her ankle and who ripped uh oh. Blue grass is not unlike you can anywhere else. Particularly gainers after discs. Lady came shill like yeah I definitely dating who Wear whatever they got now like to have the dating game exactly. Then there's what are play I just want to sixty Jenna wanted to a quiz that's why you would work with whom I don't know how to exactly go over there. What if what if they know what what do you view her own now and they would leave the case really the cars don't wanna reasonably ceemea may be done yes well then it's still would continue to go over to yourself for two dollars us. You got. It all works out well over says they have no plans put this technology use this time nor Kelly doing this for exactly at some point I think there's. I don't like the idea they can tell all this information from my song on this now let's start to be like sky net the robots are coming after aside I didn't all Foreman now. About time you jumping on board written I think I'm on that bandwagon but sources he gets in the when Steve can you give my car club a shout out Pacific kuril crew. Opportunities. Also introducing gradually on the way he's going to be actually patting yourself out on the part of that provides a shout out to Pacific Europe crew I think uliassi. During suffered their cars are really. That's a nice shot up there I don't know car clubs new age around and stuff I think well I think they like car collectors and have a fancy like in a muscle cars are now old cars I imagine that's what that is. And they do go to car shows and Anna may make everybody's like him parade a lot nicer is he knows sometimes in the commercials go to the parade it may simply makes a top rate a lot better. Susan is this hole you were always justice manager stripper dipper idea. The stripper different over all I think someone's gonna do and I don't know where you gotta like shark tank you got to put it in front of whenever that dude is a created over that shows up. He invested did the guy did go pro he's an over guys well OK I just hear member's name but he's the I would love to see what do you feel is was like to cowboy shirts. And he always goes you know wanna go pro guy and I invested heavily in who we're back and over regular day. You're the guy that he needs to partner with firfer stripper different who grow citizens who were Madison and that's that's for affairs yeah I doubt on how OK so this is Tinder plus boomer Eagles to her. Tumor I tanks and intensity he has already year Morales a new birth I. I'm. All right there for two dollars less. Are you as always know you always have value our cyber listeners on the loose where you get to pick a topic you get to guide to show. 26421. Rock Texas 77999. Your calls texts at 917. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I'm five point nine KI SW Iraq. So listeners on the loose you stick to topic. You guide that shows 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Something new something old it doesn't matter anything we talk about today two years ago it done matter. Except as a rule but Steve says doesn't matter if it's as simple rural region this is just a manager and bring it otherwise we're. Borrowers hurt 206 fortune one rock Texas it's 779990. Yes I techsters is that a great story about my dad. He recently Tyson my sister that she is DT act which I thought was kind of odd and sort of my sister. That we're talking about soft Bosnian my dad aren't the same team has time how I was gonna have a better game and he said you are DT asks. Finally and ask them what do you think DTF means and his response to doomed to fail. Loan not a whole hello. I tell him what it really means he had and he says. Oh boy I edit delete some comments on MySpace but he sat yeah I don't know I have never heard DC meaning doomed to fail was an emotional toaster a camera was a friend or family or somebody on FaceBook I was talking about there were Thomas and he knows really set a summary passed away. And a Stanley urges wrote LO well and know why do you think this is so funny somebody dies all the rice. And she didn't think that Al awhile man laughing out loud she's gonna meant lots of love. Yeah that's what do you simulate actually before the yellow well yeah like all I know that yeah I do remember PI I'm revered already and I cards like you know my family members LO well and you're right it used to mean lots a love before we got into this MOG generation despite a short and anything to write the full thing out here I'm laughing out loud yeah that's why I'm doomed to fail that's why I love the restaurant and it din Tai -- the great W restaurant because he's ATT avenue you're a UD TF to go to the ATF sure. I'm always DTS. For that yeah so good to have an at Safeco now. Yeah and I'm will go this weekend I think America gets dumplings need to do and I'm so excited to go see gains this week and for that Creason go to DT MF. I'll man that's opens a whole new world I'm DT DCF yes. Ice the Mariners a mrs. or mr. recap for the Mariners game what did you think do you think they're ready to take on the Boston makes yes I'm their greatest sweep Boston it's deceiving because I I I was assistant commentary I'm root sports and they talk about how really. The Red Sox haven't faced anybody really that tough they've had they've had one series with the Astros and they've had a series into with the Yankees say that is every what are we how many games are we into the season's 67 yeah and they just telling us today have a face and you want tough get a date with winning records they've taken all of their guys and statistically they've shown that the Astros in the Yankees they might be really the only teams of the Red Sox are faced with winning records. And as I do is I look around the league and you think about it. As that is I think that's true they've said they've taken on the angels I think I think they have and that's it so the Mariners and on the other side of it though they. They've that I think it played more teams with winning records therefore upon they might have actually earned their place more so in the Red Sox have so you're saying is that the Red Sox are DT MF. Could raise their time to fail there dooms it happened to mr. cook some arsenal of DJI series feeds down to blank for an antique desk. That's right yes nice fit words Jimmy DTV. Earlier talking about Andrew Garfield a song was bothering him because he was trying to have lunch and some woman it's amounts to a video for her sick kid. And so we asked this question to drive less annoying if you gonna bother celebrity running eating midst seems rather rude. So says hey what's worse fathering a star while they're eating or while they're going to the bathroom. Who that's tough to. You don't talk to somebody you're your own urine all you actually do not talk to dad and I don't think there's any good time to say hi anybody unless you know who they are and they know you. Because what because ET not gonna shake hands you know it's really awkward you kind of done private stuff in there. Especially if they're drop Purdue Scola I mean come on out hey how are asked I was on one contests. Yeah. I think yeah bathroom. Is definitely a place we just gotta you know pay whatever. I always try to specify a ballpark galaxies go or at sent chilling. I always try to find the Arnold as far away at the airport as far away as from anyone else yeah. It's always funny visited you we CME Minnesota shooters always somebody else then. Post up right next to me like this so many our noses is your favorite here in our donors and why you're here. But it's a celebrity comes up to you when you're all I don't think your problem might or are just toss it in the bathroom. Does that happen to me and I was actually kind of happy only because I was at a seminar copy and they've been there was a celebrity at the seminar doing the same kind of stuff I was doing on the personal growth stuff. And hadn't set any tone the whole time. But I had made some sort of statement to the you know you hope you share sometimes it's in the bathroom that's in the slow every turns round system Heyman really dug what you said. And I had to say I was happy that he spoke to me because she's a celebrity no I don't want to really talk about drum. But I think they you know I was like we did a celebrity wants bone and MSM I'll mime and I don't think guys should bother the. Celebrity I think to celebrity instances in the bathroom one time we're at a wrestling and I wrestle mania weakened in Dallas we went to some late night wrestling event as a midnight after wrestle mania there's a cement like Knights of Columbus hall or something like that. Pick up the Datsyuk. Look over the urinal next guy right next risen more trot my urine on who's Jake the snake Roberts oh yeah. As I I'm not gonna see any decade I asked to mandate Jake the snake I could get a different but I'd be afraid to say NJ oh yeah from the one experience we had FiOS sober Jake felt. OK still I don't take it serious Jakes does Helen because yet I was like come kill me not for you in the middle during the interview I paid a compliment he still wanted to be me I got to watch the crowd nice she's Vijay like Jake I really think you had quite a life he's done a great job and then he was like I'll tell you. The other one was at the parlor after we saw some comedy I was a sarcoma. And hit the bathroom I'm waiting in line for the girls the woman of a line and it was a debate not the aftermath of parliament the other one and just in Britain the Seahawks is ready for enemy cost assays are lucky about is that we share in the same batteries just. Since the eighteen be checked out for god and and he started talking. That's because a policy violent Jihad on the ugly guy he's a rookie year. And he's just he's started chatting with me while we were waiting in line about how it smelled in the bathroom. Oh yeah Hillary and does a fun conversation like I'll wasn't me yeah ha ha yeah I didn't do it you wouldn't know he did anyway because you can't Stalin and now he doesn't know that value now sort of the whereas a British series C resident you're an all I was in keeping the conversation on values kind of conversation and see and a you take its optics you guide to show its listeners. Fortune one rock Texas 779991. Because Jackson 933. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. Point nine KIS and Iraq on Seattle as solicitor is on the loose you pick that topic. You guys to show 206421 rock Texas is 77999. This go to Q and Riley and bottle Riley you Iran Iraq. Morning guys. Run the show which just pours money. Well I'm yeah I'm the underdog about the DR Bennett you don't know what good girl zero Earl vomit situation follow yet this is today. The start of what many Kansas State and against us now I need. Yeah he's holding out he's so that was the other one more year and is dealing unlike if he wants the new deal as a new. DL he feels a stairway eight seasons of what he's done for the team he deserves a new deal and all that fun stuff and. Yes he's got to me that Wendy and her eight years like I what are you weren't my words my. And it smells a lot like guys became chancellor situation. Which was great. Yeah not a valid they get more like mark John Wayne duke got all the now wait for more money yeah Russell Kansas. Yeah did you get my degree I don't old girl I'm. Why am I the second seed both sides and it's I don't know what is like to be a pro football player you have a short window of opportunity to make X amount of dollars in. And it seemed to just cut you any given moment the contract situation with football players seems really ridiculous because nothing's guaranteed for the most part yeah. Yeah and and you know it's. But on the same since he signed his contract and you know what the best way to get paid more is that a great season your finally every contract had imagined. So exciting it is a tough one because they can let you out of it anytime soon he would do it it's all it it does seem to benefit the NFL more so on the players. Com and it is hard to have like a college everyday working Joseph like all of us to be like almost sorry that you're only gonna get a million dollars this year I think kids. It's it's I hope he can feed your family it's he resolutely rice and may end and about eight years. Here's the thing you know he's not gonna get any better writes and edits are you giving him when you contract to reward him for all the great years it sounds like what he wants to does not how sports works now. And it's so funny because baseball is so opposite because these guys get paid and they don't do Pablo Sandoval currently is on the giants. And he's had a halfway decent season. He still being paid stealing into dollars by the Boston Red Sox he never did sing for them lent I'm not kidding literally did nothing for them and I think they got to pay him for two more years so he's paying for season opener at giants win and easy and cannot pay him. Who's that guy that. He's no longer playing baseball but he still gets a million dollars a year. All I can I attacked them I wouldn't I don't know what his fight with his visit Barry Bonds maybe it is is Barry why I can't remember somebody good somebody is still getting it a million dollars a year from. From his contract just saying that's an amazing that agent deserves to be in the hall of fame it looks like Bobby would need people at all. Bonds Cambodia also they've digital era reacts or must be and I can't. He had to do a lot of restructuring in order to be illicit things that salary cap is saying yes to the Mets yet I was yeah yeah. It is crazy it is it is crazy what happens while our old Latin America as a hero body Carson Smith. Carson Smith they traded away and boy looks that they may be great is still possible doing that Antonio wade Miley which you know a game a season. But Carson's Smith has yet to pitch a ball game and he threw his glug AME pits a couple of games this season. But got pissed off. Through his glove and anger and destroy his lame rum he'll be out for the rest of the season. After his first season he had to have Tommy John surgery constant Smith has been a mess is to go to LeBron James schools. How to handle a loss yeah I mean and that guy's gonna get paid. Well first Chris is a charming guy intensive chancellor probably not be able to play again Thomas has a leverage this favor as far as being a veteran. It is yeah I mean to lose him as well would be insane well I think and a lot of people are saying if you are not going to pay him and didn't anticipate this to be a possibility whiny new training and then. Size you feel like because if I couldn't get anything that they wanted to return to the extent the community but then they got this you got to know this is gonna happen I mean have you seen it with other players and I I know Julio Jones who is Julio Julio Jones is doing it for the falcon same day the same thing. No it's just like but I it's it's hard to fault these NFL players because their careers is sure sure they're getting destroyed. You know if anybody earns their money I mean those. Guys do if you ask me cause there's assays are fictitious birthday of Jason Bourne he's from started thirteen nice Arlington thome was born on June 13. 19:46. AM which I Susan Thursday night or Friday that's kind of funny and they would be 72 years old today is a recipe streets and that's. A lot of joint columnist who won't run into recess is all things could go on maybe he needs to just 172 I think it's time from the retired Cairo Manny still get a good 401K as but I can't crystal do you think you'll idea I think they would help monitor there the chance. Yeah are educated we were obsessed with the France thirteenth movies and first school we have a video project in you got to make your own video of like some kind of thing where involves acting. So we created our own Friday the thirteenth movie. It was like I wish I had a copy of it it was sort of poorly to have you that would be so lost an arm look on the teachers face when we were playing in our classroom could jump most people do something like happy go lucky and silly to think. A ten minute movie was anything special. Ours involve like breaking cuts out of people's bodies that we had to whoa we like like the slime from the good news slime. Two way wherever like you just draw lines or your values that series and actors are very and maybe some amazing adding people and she says just like. I think I have a classroom full serial killers yeah yeah there's like six of us that made this movie we were so proud of it. And you have reminded I wanna see that our men that would be fun to say Jason Gore he's admired he's the best place. I'm sue wall he iconic horror film characters live Mike my people there Mike Myers he's got Mike Myers of Jason Gore he's. Now that's crazy Freddy Kruger number one another face. Save now. We can't agree time. I of the counts I don't like us and good enough and annihilate our movies from uncle Chris what do you got I'm kind of it's Exxon chemical Freddy Krueger call for Kruger damaging side guy. Jigsaw that's pretty awesome for the first couple movies but. Well I guess you sincere about Jesse yes exactly actually ask also Freddie says the same thing tail Mandy Clemens. He's just kill them Jason wasn't even the first killer in the first movie. It was his mob ball spoiler alert. And we again. Early last night Italy's 38 years old and my DVR I still I don't watch yet seen all the other ones I have watched the first media is mom to do his work for a Anderson talks heroes that's unbelievable he spoils. I guess while I can believe you guys are on the same page with its Simon Mike Myers yeah because this is a new Halloween coming out October yeah it does look good now. And then Mike will be back to be in the man who is it time president bring back Jason for peace I think there I I don't know why he ever left. I think it's sunrise on the should do a decent movie three after being dark and scary yeah yeah that's why they're doing and how we know because Rob Zombie did Halloween movies abrasive who's gonna have Rob Zombie he's like. No they need this to have him stopped doing them that's the problem let him do his doubles three Jackson's house a thousand court says it is no Halloween has a Hindu rob right exactly yeah I'll OK because able who's got a good source of Sartre. All Abrams yes he's a list of jobs obviously the JJ abrams' star except people don't think he's as good as JJ Abrams that's the problem. Fine yeah fix on the series Jason movies well the last one was in 2009 so fullest and that all has been maybe it is time I go for and Night Shyamalan to do it don't gee really he disputes through May be something that brings him. He did serve or her split one recently that movie was popular thank you see had no luck I cherry. I. I love this Vicky saying. They should get the guy that saw a movie I didn't see to direct new movies that I didn't seal a deal runs tomatoes guy over you and you start seeing them. No movies you haven't seen I cannot see you have no opinion one solitary signs on when you say that. Lose. I here's the question and he's been answered what to Ryan castle and wrinkles having common. Sense. I'll tell you like the 948 its upside and Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DS don't you. He. Games yard shot. Mr. Ryan castle and wrinkles have in common well I didn't bring my clothes to Wear plastic bags morning resent. Can you give it to answer your tax stuff my shirt plastic bag that's. Yeah heart attack Iran and this morning and you always has cleared the high tech briefcase yeah right they're mostly where the wrinkles out where the wrinkles. When Texas has both meet Steve look more distinguished and oh yes and you'll find Botox these boys play you know a lot of while that sounds inappropriate for an appropriate for us it's inappropriate actually talk about takes Frankel says something. Get an iron and what's the story Vijay. Well. I would go to University of Miami found that having wrinkles around your eyes is actually a good thing Vicki listen this has seen a lot of women don't like this. They say makes you seem more sincere and genuine if you everything's right your eyes and so the ones. I didn't have the wrinkles. Stayed in the sincere feeling trust them so. You know he wanted to wrinkles lonesome and that's an onto anything about those crows feet Vicki. Yeah did you have a baby you getting old according to Vijay and I and there's some minus your very sincere that's all right castle he's sincere and he's gonna twelve pack. Inmates. Our consumer market there a special type of person to work in the deli in the meat departments where any of the missing fingers I know we we had the good guys do they do not know one night. I'll there was action to lose because their finger in the Delhi though and I was working out. Oh awesome. One day before area pizza party first day's going on for a day you know about injuries and I'll get some of the games yeah. Fighting gets his say so I think she sees figure closer to restoring your photography dictators all now I have only as the Rangers had a permanent shocker huh. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost aluminum very vigorously Collison course very demanding what kind of broad gauge your filing. There's a certain amount of dropped. Court costs and other out of pocket costs and you're going to have in any case. I think those are filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the twelve chapters and chapters thirteen. I'm one of those things to watch I'll forward your shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are looking. Cost options. There's been a lot of times especially the release chief places don't value upfront about all of course costs and what Malcolm joined after a pain in addition to re entry fees. So make sure that you get their full pitcher when you're talking. When you're comparing prices. From bankruptcy lawyers on what the attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so that you can really make it true comparison thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com.