BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-15-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, June 15th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Vijay makes agent KI SW dot com revealing his guys and I'm on the new marble when they're out on their flyover. He's got himself as a mix of weird humor anti establishment. Hang your head of security cracking shower peers enjoy the ride LCDs and other music video for country roads on their FaceBook. My local music and that's what it's all about especially Sunday nights here at 10 o'clock. Solid hours of all local music. Fans like Naples marbles. I am. Okay. I. Don't mean yeah. We made it and is Brian yeah. And who years finally I got to tell Saturday contaminants looks forward to that song just for the moment to be able to yell yeah now while they're in their cars and helps release stress and mermaids. I love this is such an awesome Father's Day week in and seen a couple ball games this weekend say this is and that is when there's going to be green I know it's gonna be beautiful out there yet I have some screen on Sunday man they're expected like 43000. Safeco Field on Sunday for father's why owls packed joint that'll be fun yeah. How would leave him. And own. Lol it is let's get georgians as did the day we got my digital wallet take on Steve hi Terri and her serve. Yeah there are hair and excellent what does he play for today's Steve teasing out primus and Macedonia got married Moore park on June 22 go to KI SW dot com for all the detail joins primus you wanted to dot mastodons can you take is that they access dot com Aristide get out of here. Those are playing you know Mike will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions might you can pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses per question and are you ready. Yeah. What dubious percentage rating does jobs for the revenge have on the website rotten tomatoes. Yeah. And he sent out. I don't mean besides no. I got its. A Dell had he hit song rolling in the why it. It's reverse now expect. What does and as. Advent calendar traditionally counted down to. Yeah as well as good as support the names of rose institute daughters on the TV show the same name. He. All missed our. In he English language how many words drive with purple. Tilt no it's. Three now so it's. Aren't you ask who created the TV show 30 Rock. But no clue all right well you got three correct it's. And I think that same event or dubious on him but he knows that means you've steadily and I can you just said something like you know always the famous bad rating but that have been better part if our infamous I suppose they BJ haven't you write your my questions for me. I that's exactly what I'm doing right now damaging do a little bit before hand like tonight before one right down by now similar you're only mistress I don't know do you agree that no words just because I have me. Better vocabulary. The new. Don't persist about me it's about the listener and a nine and OK so just because I am a better related listener. So we'll go on me sir I ever approval on you because your job as a broadcast the people not to be mr. smarty pants you don't usually I'm Loretta vocabulary new uses the word isn't true. Yeah I know that's awesome and he ACS in federal January other people write those questions do you you don't write them. Not for this one I get some of them are carried out there are no good just us much data do you know I don't. You guys Friday man was that in any news he's ruined yeah I feel bad for the listen refuses fancy words and they don't know when you mess is always you were the words I really don't find out why NASCAR of the questions I'm excited and I'm sure you won't get it at all because it'll be so our Steve always gets everything just to prove me wrong. It's just I just my wife's motto best hope this gets everything Nike ready. Back. Split dubious percentage rating does he does for the revenge tab on the website rotten tomatoes. And 69 is now. Thirteen now okay. Jostle for the revenge for precise now I still had the hit song rolling in the YST yeah as orders dude do you know what does an advent calendar traditionally countdown to Christmas is not playing great defense. What was the name of the car in night writers can't guess his team. What yeah what were the names of Rosie and two daughters on the TV showed the same names it's oh my god text he's. Becky with the good news it's. It's Becky Conner to lower the names of the Roseanne's two daughters on the TV shows the same names. Thank you Darlene yeah as a in the English language outings words rhyme with purple. Miracle wanting to know. Are durable yet as to who created the TV shows 30 Rock Jada thank you as who wrote the novel great expectations. It's. TS Eliot. Now 2345. Saying no. I'm canceling this game you weigh in south to three he doesn't win Jeff you get the win refs screwed this up so badly I'm so angry right now are you angry because you gave him the question again you supposed to say no or just say nothing he didn't understood he didn't understand the question you don't like god you know why yes you win Mike Dunleavy did not get out. And his name is jazz his name is Jeff Arnold Mike's gone Mike last. How Michael all right give it. That's the sound of the shows that life for this show being sucked out of all of us. I'm still scary network I'd be angry did you know he he he he mess is it. For the listener you already arrived at this I don't know what he does school when I tell you to listen I know I know I know and I do you have you you you're not getting you didn't understand the Becky question right and he helped you by repeating the question if he just let it stand you would have been stuck and you might not even got anymore right sir meanwhile he uses the word dubious which are poor listener didn't know what that word meant. And each for any tree and he could tell by the way answer the question and you didn't you had to think of dubious and when I said dude can you get a little easier way getting mr. fancy pants. I Don may be a mall for severing but I think sometimes owes our data said there was no word I'm tired I don't know how about where rabbits US fighter to our listeners DJ am and I'm not used to price is what everybody you work where I don't understand the work out why this is what trying to give prizes of people I just did that was has got Holliday who gets a prize at their 20 yeah. Yeah surprise win or lose. I don't put somebody called in there on the show you how stupid this yeah I guess so maybe I'm overtaken it but it's just like. Gallo rep favorites it's because he doesn't he doesn't play by his own rules. He should just let you suffer like he lets solicitors suffer needless solicitors suffered buddy and he helps you I don't understand. I did it is what you wind guys are something I honestly don't know how to retire these kind of moments like this is again it did this year or nit picker with these games and I understand I don't even know who would like we like to play board games or did I knew remand for rules and you get mad at him about that well I think of the guy in the phone. Who who didn't know he didn't know the answer to the question he was answering wrong Steve Reich's sometimes people just don't know things in years and he didn't help them he just let the guy go you're answering wrong any help you by asking the question against you could realize he was looking for two names and I look at that go read you should shut up for everybody if you're not gonna help people on the phone and don't tell Steve. You didn't know that he is asking two questions you miss that now if you ask him to repeat the question I got no problem with a but he sat there he was annoy you weren't getting it right so he yeah he repeated the question to you again I totally hung out to dry like you let the listeners are and I'm -- Lamar of course are trying to remove Don and now maybe that's another question bully him to a standard sounds nice thirty sent us a sense you sing songs sometimes you can pick and I am I don't know you do when it's this. I don't know and I tried advertising. You have to read hey maybe you wanna make an adjustment gets mad. That's all but I just think the listener that's all they can Obama you're you're you're a man to us I wanna be hero you can really move. All right is Mike ally anyway Ferris is yes and you can't see you caseworker I agree I think yeah this is stupid move on confident there won't look BJ Greece. Some of those shows me you know all right so who do we want you to don't give them my guest rather Mike I don't care. I really don't ties might get a get a like I'm having fun. Guy wasn't. And here we are with just one hour in three minutes last ten now just I wasn't and thought well clearly when are you having fun that is a very good question. I think it nine. I think it 901. I will be adding if I sects are determined radio this is just annoying station changed mission accomplished OK go change your station hate to leave favorite don't ever come back. Public that texted about you just don't ever quit you wanna make help out the techno I don't want now I don't I hate that text are right there hi hoping Ron's car into the other taxes and hate me. All right so finding other text just text there and then you all get in a safe place and crashing cars into each other how about that message that you do it and resolve an area. Everybody everybody and all the way I want to read in the middle of that pile at the presidency is a very dubious ways for you to handle our listeners. It is. Is that good guider right press yet not enough night waste EPS of zero. Upon sorely zero with dubious like what's the worst score they can ever run tomatoes that's why do we as a zero right that the answer right. It's not gonna talk to snap he's all oh god he's not crying over there. Does he knows I'm rates. Hey red by the way our relationship in the middle of the car crash file my dad and I apologize to you. I forgot to play this it's. It makes you forgot to play the song. You know grab and the other Dexter all the big car crash file. On car crash island. Now have to get them thinking about making a big island and have an all those people and I don't like that and and the cars and some circles not a word. I don't believe Otto was. Actually OK I can't Wear them like your normal purple. You know I think rise couple you guys have proven my point that we need to give the listeners will help review so when colors not rhyming with things yeah this orange. Mean door hinge orange okay no biggest outdoor hinge. I'm wound actually door hinge in Orange you know I'm gonna give that one cop death and I think Tory Jackson made the run with a violin only it's two words but still give it to you. One and I'm Dotson dictionary that's a dictionary memorize an urban dictionary. Opposed to playing on or her. But other stupid word in the dictionary OK this honestly this is why can't do this anymore there's quite stupid wars these wars did you lose Dan is now part I turn it not stem the name but they're saying had they emerge from Eminem song stand. When somebody's kind of weird and creepy. You know word on. Oh OK I think that that's that guy that's not right I still on I mean he's referring to Dagestan which is a verb that's me that they're now described as being an odd being an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity. You're standing somebody really yeah OK and stood there commemorating you gaffes didn't watch is now official. That's right we don't know what that is that's Mickey's life. And mine too. Had been watching TV show imposter syndrome I've never heard this where these new. Words in the Oxford English dictionary. Imposter syndrome don't you know that means decision I don't mean to who words mean I don't know what determines the persistent inability to believe that one success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts were skills. Imposter syndrome like the sole. In other words I can't believe that your on the radio and you have this job for twenty years now I canvas so that's an impostor syndrome that you I refuse to believe you're successful. I've never heard before all right and in micro aggression. We heard that that's mean to you or your Mac progress iMac progression you know where you stand let me. And of course that's a statement or action or aunts and regarded as an instance of indirect subtle or unintentional discrimination or prejudice. Wow even if it's unintentional. He still called a micro aggressions. Okay. And then finally spoiler alert is in there that's my favorite. It's for our Perez not an every weekend. The micro cream Murray last night what the hell is that this fancy way to say it into an ice cream place that they call it could bluebird in Fremont. They call a micro Kramer yeah. Obviously 'cause is a small place yes this is an Emmy small batch high quality ice cream in house. OK I like the fact. There is great what's called bluebird is right across the street frozen sushi place you went to last night and where was this. In Fremont. Already heard Fremont I think different Moscow articles Garros also known as snicker doodle ice cream. And it's been doing assaulted Carroll now. To ski spit me. Buzz like drug LT sentiment in the lawful conduct just put in the cup I have whiskey ice cream last night's. What's with you and housing you and me in the ice cream. That why some. And media hung over from your whiskey and maybe that's what it was he our bodies of the zulus board game cafe and bottled they have they started they started serving ice cream cheese those guys like John I'm trying to be good would you put good ice came on the menu. And with the Tennessee whiskey ice cream and you know what it did taste like whiskey unto the point where I might. You know I don't know if I want whisky and my ice cream like losing Garrett. Well if you like whiskey you're gonna like this ice cream. And I don't know if he'd get drawn from that we were just you know but it it did taste like whiskey in it wasn't even sweet picture it T so like whiskey and I might. OK I mean do I want this my buddy my buddy Sean he loved it when I was like how I'm not buying into his guest and I think him. I had a I had a mouthful on my daddy of them at this. I don't I don't want whiskey in my eyes he might this anorexic yeah. Well radio yeah I just had radar screen you know you're good ones salty caramel yeah you're the winner on that one. I started this is almost you know what it enough of Dickey and her causing problems on the show and you know Danny whining about things let's fix the ship Steve let's right the ship. Listeners all those were you picked that topic you guys to show that's right Danny we we see you 20642 Iraq. 77999. And we still have another hour we can save this and I doubt you know anything summer. An opinion Vicky my rhythm on. Your calls your text at 917. On the rock. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Had a nine point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle is listeners on the loose you pick the top if you guys who showed 206 point 21 Iraq. You can also text just 677999. Whatever you wanna talk about you pick the top making you guys to show but remember. Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose a simple role and that's to show some energy and bring it generalize. And then take your mind. Bold and. I think you know yet text message at 779 a nice is Dixie. That song now I did you ask him I'm getting back into the dating scene what dating at do you suggest I try to find women and bang I mean date LO well Altria looking just a bang I mean tender is the obvious choice. Well if there's ever given the pop off the play officially antenna. Play your best hard maybe PayPal all the different kind of I. Dating site. It grows wild. I think in late OK cupid better than at least play a fish is that pay one know they're all they did are free of never Danny that he once. Sitting there pay ones or else. She is okay farmers only and they apparently don't like doing your not a farmer too so I don't. I mean I know how to write a horse and a cowboy but. They don't count me as a camera. You're not ready nor is she asked for I didn't know that my aunt of our men Vienna I think this is he 200 or so probably like LA horse race because you know the jockeys assure them. You've got to be it might look when those guys now that OKQ did I got a lot of a lot of Taylor. Not only Q could do so that was better than Tinder for you OK cupid yeah I like that scene okay there was like actual deeds tender their Islamic you wanna come over right now. Guess well got a new study right when he affairs found the best men. PO ST eighty TOF. I did I didn't know that you're this asthma but you know we saw it on posh of those pos. China played fish. Yeah. He did get time you finish DNA did that it worked. Well they found the best things that men and women can add to their profiles are they wanna get more matches so this is for that text or this is important you might get more matches or more bangs I guess. For the man the best he can add is that you are a firefighter. Took issue 179%. More matches. Oh by the way and being over six foot two and making six figures are also great are you thank. Tall and rich okay. That's a shocker I heard that doesn't work actually fueling broke short people are this gotten our attention I am a shot of every young single women. But those three things aren't necessarily true for most people so the five best things to add that are a lot more common. Having a car. While. I didn't realize that in you know having a car's a status symbol that's not that you also breaking news that you know if I depends on where you are blamed for some people they know certain city we get by without a current lease on his views the manual cars that's all our. We did you guys are stolen. Go to a drive through I know some young people at dawn and I I really decide do look down on the what what age should you have a car by it I think easier rules. You should do you hate in you you should be in your twenties you should have a car. I think you live in the city you don't have puke like you know all of people that I know that don't have cars live in the city and they just rely on their bikes Serb public transportation yeah. And then what and then if you go hey we're gonna go do this what do they always need. Our Ryder they can't get there are the boss doesn't get there we have to wait hours for them because the bus route is so wrong and I do this is not a really had a lot of friends that had don't have cars and it's never been that's been doing this year by the count on them. I feel I have this one person in particular I'm going really. They don't have a dry that's the other thing I'm big and how to drive and I'm like come on. What I mean I've been the current U I don't know if necessarily you know did I read. And I passed its testing. I have to give me that license there's a limit their Wi-Fi plenty of fish have been married for four years now it's still going strong. So I wanna know though we did it start out as plenty of bang and then turn to our relationship because Vicky says that's where you go to get the action. She wanted to we need to really play a fish or okay QB you're gonna get some people like do you wanna do the relationship thing Tinder. There are some but it's a lot feeling tonight though from my surgeon might Obama embodies Lucy got divorced in name started going to dating scene and he was having a hard country out though some of the women would always come here for relationship only in and he realized another not division of banks yet an and then get a better Sosa you'd. Almost it's real wasn't alone not a horrible red hotter some some kind of distinguish and it's like yeah I'm saying is that owners are similar war. Guy or girl right. You know but I am only here to get laid. But I don't wanna say it until people always ignore you for relationships in the final familiar for a lot of relationships yes it's kind of a tricky think to some guys like well I really want a girl who's you know who knows what she's doing but then looked down girls who had plenty of partners those guys are you it's just like yeah ironic Elena you know look up I'll do the fun stuff and you're looking down on me because you like what I'm doing that the you don't. I do I had a friend like that and I look at him he is like you know on a girl that we do this particular activity Smith never Mary's liked it lately and like his old school Italian and I remember talking though. You moron she's doing something that you want that you liked. But you don't wanna from your wife's. So what do you. Do you now I don't remember from The Sopranos and I think he was uncle June had to admit that he did a certain activity was women but he money but you know 'cause it was considered like a bad thing that I am a man would do this salsa dance. That's it that's what they call it. And you know it's like so I don't know he dialing up an Italian culture has a grew up with but it's just so dumb that you were considered less of a man if you basically gave a woman a good time and a certain way and I remember uncle June gone don't tell anybody I did this Tony. And comes this place. Now if you lose the biggest win then my buddy who says. You know what I really like I like you wanna girl does this but I never marry her and I do like what is wrong with decent view of weird yeah Boehner. Sets of editors this coming from the I was very strange sense of roles for you'd think it's weird they should realize it's very weird what what saddens me is Vicky says she's still running into that like you know I get a when it was like 2030 years ago but Vicky still run into this like animal yeah do you get the guys that you know had you know. Thrown into their head like by their moms or their dad Demi noticed there's still an exact Islam faces MMI girlfriend unfunny efficient this Sunday we get married. And yes it started as a total banks that's all right sink. I think three years if you're a woman you should be an eighty should really just bang the guy because then. You'll then they'll whole idea of him like he knew based on one to bang you will be gone and you'll be able to see you for who you really are. I don't let that works. Good there's people out there are men and women into stolen just get looked just. Dang courtesy of banging it's something that's special to them to have sex at some resonant bass section the first personally on a date with. And then hope that in their relationship works out there are missionaries are gonna work out before they just give up their body. Mean some people are like me that just wants to have sex as many people as I can name you know gather is that connection and I can't really fault and they for having that I run into guys that don't like you know I have I wanna wait and get a romance me. Seattle Paterson soc place. I don't know if that's conditioning. Isn't you know what like what you guys are talking about or if that really is something that's inherent in us I just know was a guy. When I'm attracted to a woman. It's BI it's it's it's he knows my hormones and I don't really know if I'm attracted to her because I just wanna make a baby with her like in the no natural stuff or if it's because she's really cool person wanted to be with. And for me that's why it's like I'd like to get that out of the way and then let me see your friend she is get that hole put in her world. The person whoever it is you're demy react I think I like this guy I'm not 100% sure yet. So I don't ask such estimates on my hundred century now like this guy yet of how awful is it that that's usually the senate Steve you know it's like they've got it's a trick from god is like. One way words from one person like you said that one gender than the other way usually is the other gender. It is the ultimate trick of like I don't know dirty trick whenever you want a caucus you're right that's kind of how his most of the time. Did read disseminated some low listeners are texting this in there's a dating site called geek to geek in its semi other geeks just like you. I'm I have to drag ball dude. It's still isn't the least he is people and wearing glasses and geek. I wanna I wanna see some costly in the has been heard rich friends and then have sex yeah. And want. Well the you're on the right track Steve but you know it has merely an animated bit cooler dean may be and I don't have permanent sex but I'm with you just. She blocked a let me have sex appeal they kind of are wrestling version of the I figure four leg love. Oh yeah I'm why not. Seriously I mean we have we have our own channels on TV why not have our own specific dating sites feel bad for them woman that signs up for our wrestling dating site. I'm a wrestling fan is predominately dudes OK I can't even imagine. The amount of messages that poor woman did you go I go under the knees as I go to wrestle mania. And look there there's like attractive girls and there are girls that like wrestling are nice it's not like I know irony there are plenty okay. Bush compared to number of men and it's probably like twenty to one who. I know there's a dream come true for me man to your right it would be a nightmare for women but wouldn't it be great if it was twenty to one for guys going into a situation yeah sauce I would know that would just be so awkward man. Yeah out of terrible for that person because it would just be inundated with just all your rights for a woman it's a beating it's it's it's a sausage nightmare you're right. Yeah oh man that's why it's we should do it. And then made it and they have to compete for her like wrestling matches to get fair okay now working there could do a potter got kids. I wanted it looks really properly done on the website but it's called tags being deet yeah I used just looking at it as well you can create pro most. Are you brother this is what I wanted to do I when the largest arms laurels LO run wild new. You are seeing your prayers each of vitamins. Jason's Al tracks yeah. But you're gonna have to make another brilliant city Terry Boleyn you don't expect a well guys you have to do that futures and advertising hard to remember what a good tag lines on this is do you have the mics skills to compete. Find your tag team soul mate. This what is a handicap match does that get weird stuff O brother definitely knows that's a threesome then yeah I'll cross that nice. How about that battle Royale so George O'Grady energy and wrestle you censor the Internet and they're amazing we're joking about this somebody actually already has it is our Star Trek dating site. All I bet there has to be there has to be. But I did Charlotte dating site in the UV oh there is trek dating dot com all right off its final frontier that access content. Creamy opposition to your song now run here those are really then. All those just throws are trying to steal your money I I was and I happen to know one girl who is she's younger girl and she's a Star Trek fan and she is she is very very attractive and she's she's she wears the outfits and everything so. There's a lot of those girls around Seattle I would a Star Wars is there a Star Wars dating site now that would be bad if there wasn't because I mean the big trek vs wars how can they not have their own dating site. And then check clockwork orange always know exactly that I don't know if I'll find your force is dot com Mary lost last Star Wars yeah. How are crimes of them days is it system remove the Al ha now scanning tests. I just actually followed that flower hey here I Tyson could. This not. You know something for a four night there dating site. I've no idea I finally just a standard ask you one more organized at night I am yeah and it was to make a porn parity. There is an added there's an English element I was only those trees are. One bell brought pop punk. Now I looked down and there's all scene which is chemo for all the alternative gaining. Can you guys is the other and cry oh yeah I mean what's the point that's the police now that is the point that a 100% free Emo dating site. This ultimately does look like eating honey wanna light read the messages on that hey. Cut yourself today followed me while stereo type could stabilize. Is that bad. Dyed hair blue and moved who didn't. Quite drift off our backs. Here's who I think we should live today we should let them go and show anybody wanna guy this show anybody wanna Cohen tells what to do. 20642 on rock Texas 779. What you call it sex at 933. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I'd play nice KI SW derive from Seattle this is on the loose you pick the topics. You guys who shows 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. Specimens. And it's going to be at 32 embattled tonight yes absolutely I will be there to do another ring announcing tonight it's filling in an ordinary anyway so jones' come hang out watch some weird wrestling you've got to wrestling fan. We say it is great to be mean and I've had a few people don't think he's been there as well. You're on the like wrestling is just over the top punk rock vibe. You deleted some we years theatrical version of a fight club more of blood sport and it's a lot of fun and so intent of all fitness tonight starts at 9 o'clock. I'll come on down and watch some weird wrestling with the rest of us and drink some Beers and Yeltsin suffered wrestler it's really stress reliever drinking Beers and on stuff that's a good thing yes I'm behind this that's my that's my jam right there EC meetings a wrestler since a lot of fuss about that action. Some recent I had recently you've heard the new trend going around with my meals. These divvy kids or tattooing freckles on their faces no joke Google. Are they really I seen this it's it was a good scarring Assad did next there's scarring defaced to look like they're freckles. It is that interesting that people want something for years everybody complained about could we c.s make up these incredible wow. Yaks moment. I gotta think about tattooing airline polio docs out quite so I don't want freedom ball but I realize that style. I'll look at that you don't still big enough it just looks a yellow black head out. Oh there. Like a Lindsay Lohan look is that what they're going for it and make in for the princess Tomei and Marco. All I you know I didn't know she had she's got freckles showing us one that looks IC good though I mean historically it doesn't look like some weird Star Trek alien now. That's an eagle to consolation price I saw someone do Rijndael won on their face and it just. Did I how bad so we I mean we're we're getting into the land of face tattoos that people more more. Are you see is Seymour mourn neck tattoos which he used to be people were like OK that's where I'm not gonna get it is on my neck or my face. But I think we're seeing more more than I don't follow tattoos seen Steven is the do you see that trend has. Oh yeah I have few friends that face tattoos and they didn't. It depends I mean they want French as one might come siren and I deal looks awesome by the looks really good I might think about doing the post Malone had to. He's got under his eyes it has always tired. And passing me mammal is tired so I feel like I should do as well. Time yeah Osce I'm done I'm afraid yeah. I see I. I don't know why I don't why I wanted to does it stay away. But see here's the problem allies here and I don't want to stay away I mean we knew media guy. OK like are and I cannot look at your tattoos in maybe not bother you about the mikes as a disease or some people don't wanna have a conversation but I'm looking you in the face like the very place where to communicate. How do I not go what the hell's going on. I never ever. From what makes it does make. From people and civilian annoyed about talking to people about tattoos are much like a tattoos. It's it's gonna happen from if there are visible and someone's going to bring it up and I and the elevator. Nine times that and private conversations on the elevator it's because it I don't ever since the conversations because of just miserable I don't talk to anyone blessing that. Quote an episode like this lady uses like looking in my arms and it tells you don't listen as I do tattoos doesn't thanks in the middle conversation apaches. They always do it's we are those when somebody wants to show me their tattoo movie and it's in a spot on their body that's not easily show will you have car wasn't that PetSmart of all places in the sky as it well I get tattoos and I thank you guys had to Islamic awesome. And no point did I say what is your tattoo. What does it look like because I don't wanna know they know if I can't see it it's somewhere I don't need to see you. It's now or in the aisle where like you get leashes and he's taking his shirt off low just show me isn't being done. And thousands like people walking by looking over and uses to Matt and how might it. The guy taking your shirt on and I'm staring at his back because I don't be rude this is the starter grade video rallied this looks weird cleanup and I'll still. Yeah IA I I would kick Hanover when they grab you know what temptation router hander armored. Well I guess everybody yeah I didn't even just back touch you what. Everybody wants attention tattoo I don't miss and why it's not like it's feels any different. The baby belly who seek to put their hand and on the worthless comic like that today I never understood that clearly go to twister armor around to see what the rest of it looks like it's like OK please don't touch me like that's not cool that. The dude thought Steve or do you think that's worse. Bugle touching yeah yeah I don't touch yeah that's it's disrespectful casinos Imus I I'd be intelligent general fund. Don't touch me if you don't know me. Air quality here we should why shouldn't even have to have that standing is Jerry says that builds on Sunday if you don't know if you don't know me like what they dad doesn't die and yeah. I imagine a creep her mother think hey my name is Bob Lejeune NC okay and you you know Alan and they touch you that's only find. Okay that's all he's an introduction from the waist up its side. You know my last series you don't go we stamp forever yes I don't know how to pronounce it properly Korea. This for a little let's add this this post on tattoos stupid is they are a good tattoo you have got to Playboy bunny to Odyssey is sick. What does it matter because riches after. His idea to worry about getting a job you say oh how you what you do realize that these days Tatis. Well disguised he's fine he's set for life see he doesn't know that his future self right now is just his face calming that's the thing his future selves and make you know and I have to do to get rid of this because everybody grows up if you just black amount many can look at a baseball player. Dressed as I had thought that he's always ready for this caller I was ready today did it play softball all the time even now leaving the play of the little piece of tape over his face they're good. Ty is a question for Rick Israel away you know why people touchy why do get face tattoos but here's a bigger question. What to write in castle and why it happened common common Italians and 948. It on Iraq. And they ate some more news on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. He. Game jarring action. What do Ryan castle and why you have in common bonds got alcohol and it got guys now. Think so who's got the higher content and think a lot well I guess it depends on what's what's your life going to be like about 6% I had. I don't like about 42 that's how you say you bring Ryan castle out it's never clear I do like I do enjoy why I'm going into his stomach drinking enthusiast let's be honest I got a rose that's rose seasons Kodak rose Jesus brother you know you see we walked around castle compound. Think follow rules say well yeah yeah okay it was a rough day like the Bud Light wind you can have like twelve of those things. Bottles of champagne employment so that's the Joseph. What Texas is if you mix those together you probably will get late 67% at 66% and time it works every time Max to fight. Well hey guys I knew wine flavored water is coming from him until July it's water it's not alcoholic will be Donald just water it is like wind. Why penalize. Why them comes in both red white skull though so look right there. And that means it's gonna put on Tenet's that's a good idea if it goes great vodka right here on the arts. Right Cassel he's under through twelve pack. Inmates. Consumers not Texans saying hi Lisa Carey tell them come with me to arrange an event people always knew is I got the names and yummy. Receipts tax that better not in my summer do you wanna be if Vicki woods as he called gum he's dumber are young girl which one is really good for you like Amir gunned down. Dummies you. Thank you might re visiting my native would would have been searching you can stop pumping that stereo. Why am I not surprised that it's originating hunky Ponzi hey I am not a and made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. 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