BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-18-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, June 18th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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This is BJ faceless into our shows digest if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out as BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack I don't know where to turn for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney Travis Daniel Hernandez talked about some legal options everywhere quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is freeing ourselves hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter in my it's contact news day choose the right shot for. Choose the right chapter dot com. I'd like nine KI SW Iraq from Seattle read fast simple it's this Saturday team and fly expo senator. Tickets starting at just twenty bucks got a live music freestyle moto cross Gary goes belly dancers and other weird stuff man car. Dad always got that too. So much fun but Detroit last year with the black must your brain at the end and if Obama gets cold weather. Georgetown about mid seventies Sunday had a great day beating them off. I was still originals are we playing Wyoming look like kids what kind of squeeze Treo phone can be a great time until the end well it's going to be awesome. Get tickets are just twenty bucks. Lots of Boston Suffolk read fast we'll check it out money goes toward KI SW dot com. Mean man. Wow. A team so I'm. CIA. Is dynamo go from one day. So right now you've logged up for that. Definitely mound low eighty's today B hall David that. Dave bad news there's news this week and others is the weather is looking nice of the white is coming up she's meg UMO full. Can't believe we dragged her out of California were solved sun opened up for her. Cuts to my brother's coming to town there was no middle name well he has a middleman and just. If he's going to be here Friday he's be on the show watching the show oh really all I ask you to try to get Steve hero his middle name there. Well yeah I dynasty Steve's a wing and a good army. Hey man. I just like asking people about what they're middle name isn't a back story behind what she reminds minds William Smith was furious after saving things I got to see that I perfect acids and study out back. Origin says that the day we got Marshall and an accord is Marshall argued they're sir. I am not harsh ask him what he what is PGA's colonial it's easy I was only half well it's kind of in the name. Well ya know yeah. You don't know he no less than Vijay Singh has reserved for some middle name yeah O usability Jay is. I think he said I think it knowing who our father is our was I think we need probably his first guess would be that I'm I will have to release. It's even easier do you meditate and yet you have. I know it's on my father's middle name that he has that I know I don't know what's he doing sports it tasty. Think he's got a taste comic college is happening this weekend in passing some punches celebrity's going to be a lot of fun over the while moved here and century link field events center. Happening on Friday 22 through Sunday June 24 featuring a few of the avengers like Tom hills and on top Holland's. Also Kevin Smith is gonna be there and I press wrestling fans of UW did you superstars like thank you Linux. She's not a moron Julien Garcia and Charlotte flare saw a lot of cool stuff happening when Haley had a well I saw on the sidewalk see ya she's going to be here as I was walking into the under the Safeco Field nine he cited Benson there's like well your Saber marvel heroes name's Zach has. Panels I topped comic creators and other stuff to you gotta talk con dot com I thought I promise on. Guys do you get out they did. Those play you know Marshall we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Marshall you can't that's all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready I'm ready. Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor both have played would Star Wars character. More blunt and at least you add some movie best in show it was a documentary that examines what kind of event. Dobbs show you ask what name did weird Al Yankee big give to his version of neediest. Yeah didn't you ask which you west state is home to the north cascades national park. Washington you ask who played Willis on the sitcom different strokes to. Look Todd Bridges yes which company's products and we are mobile advertised. It's not hard times now. Oh our old. It against what company's products are there Meyer you ask Triton is a mood of which plan. Mars now it's Saturday to oust Jupiter narrow one type of creature isn't for Weaver. This fighter do you ask you did which decade was Anthony Hopkins born yeah. Just 52 now it's 42 now it's sixty to now turn would stage is known as the land a big chance to mean. Of the. Mississippi you here I don't around noon and Jennifer once you guys more size 67 current and solve lands pretty historically close one it will be yeah absolutely yours either some of them that I don't think because he's gonna get title saying I'm I'm lower blood can take my seven year old opponent so I. I was like him the prize. He's got to win its first time now aren't we got some integrity maintain what this game solve all religions and maybe I'll get a little bit. Then parish. Even the are you ready yes. Yeah sir Alec Guinness in Ewan McGregor have both played which Star Wars character all we want to know yes. Indeed the movie best in show it was a documentary that examines what kind of advanced dogs shall ask. What name did we are now you can make it gives to his version of deviant. He can he has asked what is the US state is home to the north cascades national park. Now Washington say yes and as an actor who played Willis on this sitcom different strategies yes. Which company's products did the Wiener mobile advertises. Oscar Meyer Wiener ask strange things I don't know what planet why can't I read this you know car Hamid. Every hearing this right now. Include our narrow come Mars now and every injury isn't for Weaver. That's fighter yes. A decade was Anthony Hopkins born. Twenties and thirties you ask here. What state is known as you can play division champions plus which state is known as the lead a good chance I mean I that's beyond Pennsylvania now okay. I'm. Ole. Georgia mirror 1234567. Days you squeak by what are able to Austin match today and yes. Side by means simply that they think they like I say easy man. You know they don't comment on Taylor's new design yeah. Great time. Does anybody know the state that the guys normally I'd surely knowing Denny's there right now I'll move to match to go yeah. I know I know I don't know why I know that I feel bad nice to know these things but I didn't. Well it's good to know stuff I know a good way you know how does that concern me analyze how we doing in a number of pitchers used any person's social media Jimenez. I spent so many especially since it was Father's Day there's like pictures and M in the pool. And I like dead ahead just pitchers in part to yours I love my daughter's she's my everything. It's. That's that's the damning thing in my area scurrilous yeah and it's like why did we sure it was might put a shirt idea to take pictures any New Mexico it's almost summer is hot you know I will only get that the kid is a cute kids I mean that's the thing it's like to know she's very photogenic and then there's any with no shirt and just like guys are not among them you know I think it was a good cricket and you should look Danny. How does anybody know deem the planet that Triton is a moon I honestly can't believe it's not Saturn or Jupiter so I was in the neck and neck do dog hall paradox of course it was designed as Chinese and there deaths now I don't I don't good job taking. Read until these since the Stevie Wonder were they correct and I know no two men moon. Parents I. I was DNA they would say yeah I caught a break guess what your check out these comic con this weekend call number 8206421. Rock just like that. Well of course yesterday was Father's Day and we know if your celebrity yourself father right hope you had a great day Tommy lead. He's a dad yes and now boy that guy he he course has a great relation with his kids. Yeah it's a little bit ago they got into an altercation where he had knocked out by his own son wells that if I bomb bedroom is why a woman or some type that you bring that up the mess out Tommy Lee's son celebrated Father's Day by posting video of that time. Hope all the knock out all. And here's the problem. It was instigated by Tommy leave the fact that he posted a video does Tommy Lee he posted an old picture of himself with his dad. But in the cash in most just talked about how awful his own two sub Sahara. That you don't do you don't put a picture of you and the kid's grandfather and then go violin my kids so I happy Father's Day yeah com now Tommy says hey I know why wasn't always the best dad but that Andy complained about how they're spoiled how they don't know the value of things. And of course how their mom Pamela Anderson has something to do this whole thing. He had a quote I love my boys but they can be a holes to and that's the truth. Q honest guy music and course. Gosh how do you expect that not to go over well I mean I still social media time in my Tommy just you know she's she's on those guys are deceased is post pictures of his food. May taste of his legs on a beach and that's about it yet that's got to really shut up he needs to speak softly and carry a big stick and he's got past events yes. I received a radio. Well com some secret so Brandon of course Tommy's kid was like. Yeah now. He said quote remember what happened the last time you said this at this. You've got to show up to be a dad big guy Todd twice the man you'll ever be just move on Twitter and I don't know we haven't seen videos of him I really don't at least twice to land pesticides and he's that's awesome a reason you registered as a wife did did you write. Yeah and a baseball game as a back. Then Brandon post that video was dead unconscious on the for us you don't bring him not to amount bracken are sure you just stop doing this on social media which you missed the best part he would go to the video and then he post the quote look a little sleeping there Tommy. So I guess he's not gone dead and he's talked. Make it entertaining for us on the flip the due date such a family and see what they're doing social media is it'll take a trip I don't even know it is and I'm not sure that I literally and it was like Stanley I mean Syria on paper it's a family sing it well. You gotta say this and I hear a whole lot from Pamela. To see a lot from Tommy Lee and of course Agassi boys kids appears. But Tommy video of the drama guy maybe you yet you continue to throws drama out there and analyses say you got a day after the guy in. With a little sleeping they're talking. That's a favorite of hopefully with Tommy knocked out its children whose own father you on father's days is Ohio police are having on Father's Day. I really can't complain about I know this point I really jam my sons never knock me out yes he's not posting pictures of me when he did not mean I got still pretty good with my kids. They think I got a pretty good Chris is a different point can you imagine being Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's kids everybody is senior parents porn movie. That is a good point as we years and then you're right C what do you got like do you take after like a lot of times take after the mother's father no one of them as father and I was so much hassle. No I got my dad's this guy and I had nothing that's right docs allow guests could be. All right well you know what it's time to turn this whole thing or video time for listeners on the loose where you pick a topic you guys to show. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Get calls from your checks in at 917. Rock. In the eggs in the morning. Rock 99.9 KI guess W all. I don't point nine KI SW Barack Seattle's listen fellows you picked desktop makes you guys show a 206 fortune one rock and also Texas 77999. It doesn't matter what you wanna talk about something new something oldest. Let's just follow when rules to you as a symbol will be just showed some energy Embree and otherwise. And I are old friends. Just like that you OC sports when rock Texas is 77999. Go to John Manley Stephens John you are on the Iraq. You're sure who it's. Everybody it's hard public to demand that's truth. Is money. Earlier you guys are real important topic of the day kind of you know what he would do you know you're gonna be big dance and when I was about and I would don't eat out. And now all outweighed pretty school bus. In the morning and I'm at a neighbor's mom never lets keep the nine kids equally well. You look at how they're here we next see an abandoned house but you rarely hear breakout or acted it out all the way they've been abandoned. Are you that's what you do have been in house users they don't lose there's we have directed joint. It will clearly you know nobody they're there to eat out and tell them to go didn't you knowledge it itself. Well I am the judge obviously don't like no expert in the morning you know if it populated never quits. My mom's definitely bought by black. Around inside I don't you know having to pay court I don't know exactly what happened you know at that point right I don't know packed yeah I think work but that's. Yeah I did they get back again like chicken I'm a mom and I got grounded for a lot. Yes it's a ten you know about the content of homeowners insurance and things okay. I know it at that point it's really like this yeah I know man that's say any end. You know that's the old school way you grounded that you get a 1000000 but what am I I don't even know what you do a child today and they do that you know I don't know what. Considered bad times that was our stuff out upon us and I don't know what to do it is an analyst with kids would like to just throw things to break because we did that Tebow we did to our old elementary school so my buddy Chris and I like we would just during the summer. Have rocks and we Roman break the windows at elementary school we'll not abandoned I don't destroy enemy rise you know I think that's wonderful thing if you get to distrust of sometimes of remodeling your house you get to go when there and Rex now first. I think there's just something primal about it but then also on somebody found out and they should be his problem. My buddy Chris of across the street from the elementary school so we ran away. We ran ran into his house which who wasn't very far Reiner also is very obvious where you went so of course in the cops knocked on the door. I don't want trouble he had he really don't want the live in the same neighborhood like that's right you don't go to the house credit crisis chief and don't have just keep running kind of random place to go hide that's also. Get a Texas has migs you hear noise about the NHL's Seattle team getting Dave Tippett awesome news I did see this this is very exciting so they just hired Dave Tippett who used to go to the coyotes it was a far higher. They hired him as a senior advisors whose gonna help. Find IN HL team practice facility be a part of the management team right OK but he's also not. Ruling out the idea of maybe being a coach again now he stopped being a cause there's just one religion makes. Bounce around travel Hawaii just live retired life because you know he earned it. But if that works out where he does become a coach that's great news because he was the coach of the Arizona coyotes. For a little brief period of time where they were actually good they were even a greater Mateen you are pretty good at the end of went like fifty games with him he was coach of the year. The guy is the ice he's he's a great coach OK I'll take it yeah I mean it's it's it's another great person to have as part of this future fingers crossed Seattle team which means the more hires they make. The more likely it's happening at this point there any of you I'm pit I find the owner is on this the initial report not a lot of money to hire people for something we better get. Well I'll be dead guy have any reason to be pissed I think it's just a matter of time otherwise would be doing all this great stuff you write that says it's let's go it's pretty damn awesome that's a very exciting news and apparently on his daughter goes to U -- so it's it's pretty makes sense for him to come to Washington Seattle. See that's it's all come together solve common gathered all the pieces sorry Texas saying hey BJ what was the complaint that you had all yeah alone as funny as it happened at a bus stop. So you know I enjoy these and I we're gonna help nice Father's Day yesterday so we go to the bus stop a lot of families there are a lot of dads and their little kids. They're all there and you know there is some people weren't you know Mariner's so some good morn Red Sox stuff whatever but it was a beautiful day. And it was a you know you it was all that was really really awesome. And more at the bus stop and then there's lady shows up. And this lady by the way not young she's in my demographic look like I was released in her fifties. Did she shows up then also she was a bigger woman so this was just a bigger canvas for her lovely message. Again they're toddlers little kids and well I mean really all ages. And she shows up when that big blue shirt. Giant white letters on her giant body that said asks trump but he was the whole F word a hole. And being. It's so. Being boom right under the toilet. You know how it is eighty yeah I look at all the fathers there's all the fathers bring their kids are kids going today the moms and everything and you see the dads just looking at this woman. And their she is. And I'm like why. Why would you Wear a shirt like that in public. Especially going to a ball game where it's Father's Day and there are a little kids there are now in all fairness on Saturdays Mariner's game now is to give away all sell out our best out of your data out yet the first 101000 fans got my miss out on it but yes so why I. I I don't think. And I was ready to go and so I you know what common go talk to this woman mrs. Williams noted there's your clothes off constantly to allies they were there stupid shirts yeah it's like oh look I it is not a new politics is that I am terrible to try to afford. Yes the F word the is like. I mean what. Yeah I was I was shocked because I could see some dude doing this I just don't think women are this clueless but apparently she was that clueless MIA it's. On. BJ is gonna quit the shouts and argued. I think there's a time and place where any shirt that has the F word and then even include site. The F cancer surgeons I understand the sentiment and I think it's cool same thing but I think if you're gonna be somewhere where there's a bunch of kids I don't think it's necessary to go down that road you have lots of search I'm sure somebody can Wear a different shirt. General rock show and a 21 and a bar show. I think that's fine doesn't bother me because it's a bunch of adult. Say exactly I mean we're not allowed to say that word because the community standards set by the ER and by the people that live in this country safe. We don't want you put an award in the Airways because we know our kids hearing that word and so it's the people of America that don't want their kids hearing that word. She is a person of America what is she can get the message should I think everybody knows she can't use that word on television and gracious to us is art and radio television doesn't matter to her what are you know should gospels say that word gets bleeped out I mean we don't know that is human beings right you don't hit you don't hear the F word on national TV. Behavior and yes she's wearing in front of kids. Yeah I try to kind of live by that rule as well trigger didn't look what's the point. The and I found out my favorite Shura which is a band sure I did not notice had DF four and on and then why don't we address. Yeah and it should be allowed to figure out talk crap I took pictures with us. And it's Hillary is it's probably not a scholar flaws in our film this only two words on the shirt and his first one is the F forward. I don't really have many shirts and have. Bad language and so I realize I have assured for what amateur wrestler she wrestles Upton in income residents have to do each one battle in dresses -- ready CCW initiatives Cat Power. And she's got this awesome there's a bunch a word missing written kind of almost like Mortal Kombat style. But one of the word's the F word I you realize yeah I went there and just like. All men I don't I methods were intentional as they get mad but you know I don't wanna be and that is why I have poured must leave you really have to look at it's no decision yet so. Yeah so I still we all have SE all of us are limited to you gave a great example how you gonna wanna be that person and yet she wanted to be that person it's just. Bobby L and I says some people don't care if some people don't see that as being a big deal. Finish should be a big deal because you live in a country where we all old wanna get along and we all wanna compromise and this is what's wrong with people in this country and their political beliefs. It's like why do you have to be a jerk because people don't agree with you. You know better what if you don't like don't appreciate that trumped visit him run the C were there as a trump kind of do I almost wanna Wear one. I I thought I really wish it's like you know what I wish I had a sure worship Tennessee word mannequins have the arrow instead next door. Oh yeah. Nice sustained attention that's part resilient to David's point in your son Joseph so it all works out well nerves and yeah yeah. I'm and I almost want I but you know what I didn't want to give dads Father's Day I was child about Jolie diss it take identify you know be frugal majorities and go this is not what I want her father's a slight bit my tongue yeah. Please people where the F Ford out front a little kids yeah they're wants Saturday can they can read. I'm only doing you. Wait till you have a child you're not a whole different guy Tim golden from world you have all different guys are useless is on the loose. You have is just a little tougher and the other was an Arab well yes you could aggravate an upset that that's again they'll remember for the united Hampshire slowly where that news. Let's is always you pick that topic you guys showed 206421. Rocked text us. 77999. More recalls morbid sex at 933. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I've point nine KI SW the rock comes Seattle listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys who shows 206421 rock Texas is 77999. Let's go to just an MP. Loud Justin you are on the rocks. Kitty good morning everybody tomorrow just welcomed the show which you guys were buddies. So why did he does it in line with tier discussion earlier when every dog barking at. I called the damage the guys are would you do so on the need poster also built in Jersey. The we went to release Franklin institute when I was twelve or thirteen. Bill until belt yet. And they have a giant and the moment things are not forced to worry that the very bottom it perpetually swing and it just down these little. In and that's how it tells time and it runs in 2 o'clock. And then we saw labels jewelry set themselves. So buddy of mine and I don't pay that kind of cool would that check it out so we actually went through this security barricade. All the way down to restore you took steps. And we started moving pieces around. And through November and I'm it's 42 years to actually at a shut down that party who did it because we screwed up. Send. It's a live with a little big hit anything that stops so we kept snack in in this stuff and all so love. We're the portrait so I got suspended he got suspended and our parents had to come get us. We are in need security off at the Franklin institute would hurt history teacher. And our parent said he got about two and a half hours. Well rule that I moved down there and I'll put them is that why did you do it and leave my absolute. How old were you. Or they're seeing. See because you could you have you know it's just like we do this. DJ it really you know you can't at least a flight data around kids because you know there are certain kids and I'd probably diamonds and got a guy. Do what do we tried this that's just when you do was a kid I had a nickname my family gave me a comic consoles for a long time is up from icons on everything. OK I get it. You're gonna restore and in time they always bring up losing my touch my dad for an extended period of time at some point though the story will come up of the Tom winters some place and I like those. Since he played to make the crystals or whatever that brand is now the nice stuff. And I walked I allows what to do so I wanna touch them also resembled my hands on just touching touching on knocking things over old wanted to place broken made to take a six dollar plate I'm data was not at. That beat. We've paid for an of course yes there's an actor that I'm not even kidding Tatum went to a store you know I still had. You and your pockets. Yes and add to walk in the stories. For the entire time you're in a store didn't matter what store once and for in my pocket because you trust president in my hands I'm not over yeah you can't blame them Hansel yeah. Because console console the I had a Seles and my dad he's accomplished console because I would go into the store and for my response and it. Wow I. All. You Scottish console now. Apparently my mingling he had text message at 7799. CN assaults on some console in the morning a better job halo I doubt it's my arm my first gotten here some things couples OK okay I. BJ first time. Longtime listener first and communicate their next week and I heard a short song for you in the rest of the crew and it's called migs tae song. There's also assure YouTube video complete with poppy wrestling for Steve of course it's okay oddity years down modem media reverb nation slash Han Solo HJH. And as OLOW. It's part of my Han Solo test screamer out mom please enjoy it so we grabbed it. OK so this is that was a lot of words ever this is is on about us as a lot of words and Harrison songs do you can play when I Thai anti makes always it's always had tied Pete migs Simon asks a top oh. Beat me it's all because we have with songs we play when you when we as Ozzy so you don't lose all right now I'm following along and breezy keep posted guys into the video so it didn't really dirty uniforms on the FaceBook page two as well so people could say I can see these days but so every time you tied it means we can play this song what we should determine if we want Syria are all at all terrorists are represented zVue rabbit as I do all right so this is our Han Solo okay we migs tie song for be makes. Yeah. Okay that's that is edit put a lot of pressure me to never tie you ask that. That's definitely think I need I mean Miette Dramamine or summon us and got a downer. Yeah. That was up very proud very intense stagger us now yeah. Imagine your radio edit version and shorter thanks I do like it yeah. You don't like get out I. This and know hey I appreciate the effort as well I think it's nice effort you know I did a nice assist young mice every genre. And what John would you call that. I feel like that's really heavy is that laser MBA in regrets and it was pomp and I don't know I'm pumped yeah does that pump you pulled up well you know what I like punk pop. Yeah that's not good news Charlie ground and that's not real hung near you and Dana so I guess that I guess that would be punk. Yeah yeah punt and the Phillies against almost like pop punk thrash. Or is that the same thing I don't send them. Aaron. I appreciated new bother trying to rhyme on some of the starts this place here at camp. Well I was reading the Micah listened to words this could be pretty cool yet or I mean I got a couple the words I did get somebody get a mall it's another person to say can he please playoffs Friday night fur on them pinned aggressive slayer and testament. Cink I don't know if we could pull that off okay. Don't do what would you call slayer and testament this fresh battle that's I think it's us late summer and more thrashing in punt duties Neitzel bit of both possible punk you and trashy okay. She should call it trashing the morning and right after console and responsible for I. Well I really don't see it's clear what was his name Han Solo Hans solo. I you know it does dad thank you for doing that do and I mean I know a lot of wars can't do that they do we cannot play it solo we can't cure it. God I don't know I always tended to viewers just go away all over I am not a fan I didn't look I'm not being disrespectful I can tell you don't like something religious and that sucked out loud. That's 'cause I grabbed that said that actually I think you guys used yellow too harsh. How I died I was kind of just sing and so Zell likes and doesn't mean that is bad. Seriously I mean I am that guy I guy I don't say somebody's ideas and all like Larry this is art and art is subject yeah now revenue has some tables are is worth a 132000. Dollars as we learned earlier we surely did yeah. Make a birdcage negotiable when you're down thirty grand in Kansas yes. Why there's a big question for you why do one time. Ryan castle and a flat tire I have in common. I'm gonna tell you at 949. On Iraq. In case mornings. On. The next 49 KI DS don't you. He. Gained yardage. What do you Ryan castle and a flat Tyre have in common I smell of burnt rubber yeah. Bad for your programs. The tastiest dealers like changing either yeah. It's kind of have to change Ryan it's very clear we do that entire. Just try it both include Jack did not smoke around boom okay. You didn't love this scenario. Yeah and both have lusty stranded on the side of the road that's your dad is actually true do you not change time. What I yeah. And NG it's little more complicated. So fast hardest part we're just finding where and then Jack was in my. OK okay. Does 60% of us can't fix a flat tire. Good news survey that's pretty sad this commercial Geico insurance commercial on TV right now let's get straight and on the side of the road it's catching. Guess that's a life skills and you get you should know how to swim and you should not change tire the Jonas TJ. Don't you possess evidence dirty also you get your hands dirty. It's always does consider at least ten plus that's why yeah I always have Christmas trump can break you ran out of gas your stack. Right Cassel he's got a morning twelve pass Jack's. Next today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy gives you almost. Always can keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy you file. I would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on the spill. You can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home uniform bankruptcy. Can chapter thirteen. I'm you can also keep those items. If you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen take a second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. Just keeping your your primary assets like all. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks travelers are still more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.