BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-20-18-6A: Jack White is part owner of a baseball company that makes bats for the MLB called “Warstic”

Wednesday, June 20th

News and sports. Today is National American Eagle day and Vanilla Milkshake day. A man pulled over a woman for driving to slow in the passing lane.

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Tonight on the big baseball fan but they're actually might be somebody out there will figure that maybe that I had to that I would not need even. Remotely. Clooney about okay. Jack White of The White Stripes had no idea he was a baseball fan. There you have the Diamondbacks and angels play on ESPN last night and announces one off on an increasing tension about how Jack. Actually I remember you drive a first pitch satellite at Detroit Tigers in Detroit guy so he's big oh right yeah I think you mean I think he's done punches over the tigers in the past I had no idea about that haven't been following Jack very closely on Larry remember there's also great picture of him looking miserable on a Chicago Cubs jerseys. Call you allies he do was he wearing a cubs Jersey reasons tiger's family makes a baseball fan deck could be. Well you know what I can understand why Jackie Mason investments he owns so he's a part owner of a baseball back company. Which. I did which is a very existing venture he's he's he's done it with Ian Kinsler who plays for the angels. It didn't use is right here he's one of the main owners it's a company called war stick. And the two main investors are Ian Kinsler and Jack White. From The White Stripes. Musician not familiar with the you know the song but he is most famous for. Seven nation army. You don't do it. Yeah there's another big Jack White it's red and White Stripes. So only they know each other yet from these big time. I was reasonably acts. Lucy here. Most Miguel Cabrera. At least when you don't know. We go get food or. Boom boom folks. Home home we. Awesome this is so much you guys don't there's a dorm room just talked about cool stuff you're absolutely right at guys forgot there's even a baseball game going on the that's fantastic that's cool look and yet they are and that's how could see uses one yeah I didn't see how all this we so there's a commissioners Seattle. And Jack White spats. I had a buddy that made him for college and it's a cool thing you know created and and boy the guys do demand that they really are is it's like a wine you know they really really wanna make a good bad the best that they believe it's only difference in. A mom how cool is that it Jack White Ian Kinsler and our own Kyle seeger uses their mats. It's funny you say that about wind because Saddam just reading the press release about them working with this company war stick with the founder Ben Jenkins now they've they've created this back. And Jack White said I'd quote I DA can make a beautiful object not for only professionals but also young children just beginning to understand how important the tools of the trade are to the passion for competition. Yeah and then our kids are says it. It's more than just about it could be at school and attitude and at the same town on top dog as if it's per. I have a punk you know I don't personalize representation of who you are as an athlete. Want to stick seahorse stay cool now listen to keep his Coca. Contacts yeah I like dental echo effect Steve stick. And that's that's a little design myself now yeah. War stick them on by itself it's cool man it's very cool and I think. Assert BA what's what's interesting about the sport is in college. You know you've got to give you got all like a college football and college basketball you know they have some slight rules changes. But in College Baseball they used metal bats which have a distinct difference in. I you know in the game I just summit's close to those aluminum bats yeah. And I don't know why they still do that like why they use that and then he then you go to majors and you go to the minors and you got to hold different tool you use because they don't allow that the major leagues or in the mine released. So as far as I can tell. College doozy so using worst act yes it's cool stuff. Stay out there is interesting and I'm true and other suns is while that. People do that with two bullet. How often is it that somebody when they're talking about a certain signing a house I go you typically sing the hawks current of course right rights which seven nation army. Everybody know it is did you dissemination react I don't know and if you had depth and part you really down now run but everybody knows that oh. You do to stay tuned into it too yeah junior right. Yeah yeah. Yeah there was I don't know who did is a Chicago redundant and been done to. Denton and they're done that was in my time as you all are all okay that's on I think it was Chicago did that song and they visited Green Day song to him. Yeah it's it's just started off that our guys around him eight ounce yeah I saw on the you know by the opening riffs more so than the rest of the song yeah yeah. Plus under just recent enemies guest last week we had a that it makes fart sounds of the sand all you had a guy yeah yeah guy friends I don't know who got first. And he did DI a seven nation army could hook for us Paul that's awesome I actually did see it here into. Cook for peace attracted to happen if the Red Bull we'll check it down and beyond them most recently civilians and an icebreaker nothing but highbrow entertainment on the enemy's yes which you can get on iTunes are not regular dot com you get everywhere it was fancy man the guys and Israel so was highbrow all well and Israel ordinary did you Skype and everything wow. Let it meant high attacked a little life and Israel's as far as way to freedom sort of put his hands so video. Okay why is a state trooper being called a hero by people including many NFL hall of Famer Nissan's us millions and on the song has all because he pulled someone over for not obeying the speed limit he's a hero. Seasons they all about this is 617. On Barack. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all. The ninth day I asked them to Iraq it's Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language and unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys thanks to GM job previous seasons course and happy national American Eagle day. Well yeah also it's also off even more important outside Brad actually can you name it. That's right this national snow melt. It's an un under appreciated flavor because this is so the now. Nelson looks a served trendy in and out Vanilla milk shake is liquid crack prudent yeah he's really Jack in the Box Mo cheeks and while you know I'm I've I I've put side by side it's been a while senator Jack shake. As a war vet and the DNL shape I was in that movie. My favorite thing get in and out hamburgers is the shake him which a lot of people go oh really I go I now it's her record I get tickets now. First he's got a salted caramel shaped hole I am sad I guess maybe they're even having a jolly rancher shaped. Salty caramel shake the pretzel chicken Fries and water. Why are headed up maybe I have and I got in the murder commitment what they'll probably McCain cannot sit here right aren't as title of this Indiana State Police you're providing someone who anointed as the saying. Because of a patient and retreated. Because he stopped the vehicle from going too slow in the left lane and the response is just hilarious because the best. So the guy's name is sergeant Stephen wheels which is a perfect name for all trooper Bob that guy's name you stop the driver on Saturday. Because this woman was driving so slow that there's about twenty vehicles that was slowed down behind her. It's never data Natalie shoes in the passing. The hell was she thinking she's driving us is old dust from the Jauron himself on it's it's one of the Q always. We're either older or you're on a cell phone then you just not paying attention if I do you slowing everybody down there was yours traveling wall 170 miles per hours the speed limit. And Indiana lost emerging here in Washington. They require slower drivers to move in the right lane to allow faster traffic to task. I'd never seen anyone get pulled over for this I wish I would because it's so infuriating. When somebody just taking their sweet time now claims while you senate moreover. President picture saying hey this is why this person was pulled over retreated by tens of thousands of people including IndyCar driver Graham rock and re all full Rahal who said quote disguise my hero. And also calling me euros fox NFL announcer and hall of fame quarterback Troy eight really. And he lives of people suggest that usually the Nobel Prize. Oracle and you were saying they can move to my state down men would be nice is it just goes to show you how much are problems irritant it is that good I'd like to see that more. Get out of the left lane to friends. Stop slowing everything down. That is supposedly a passing lane and so would not say I'm gonna go thirty Elaine good sources when you stuff we like six cars are behind this person. The five in front of you worked your way around that person and I'm thinking. They had. I don't got nicknames at this point you would think I mean come on at this point you can add to that won't have that same mentality because there's like almost a a pregnant pause before they decide to go around that car. There was thinking OK you just saw somebody go around you maybe should get over some fun in my spirit. Hi Laura that cartoon. And then that's and they decide to get overestimate your an update so I hope I'm next. Steve Mason's Pascual Imus really nice appreciable wheels in Washington State dammit I agree. I do talk to be happy to hear about is that part of your daughter and I saw this story. Cop because up plastic straws utensils and cocktail pigs are now going to be banned at all Seattle businesses. They sell food or drinks under a new law takes effect on July 1 so they're going to be banned since he's got all those she's. She keeps a mall so we need plastic spoons and forks and strong as your daughter's the person we need to go to why are they doing this cause all part of their whole plastic pollution positive trying to stop happening now. Because surgery that did the CD as efforts to. Reduce waste from bend petroleum based track classics from contaminating compost including marine waters always opposed to joining current strengths. Bob because they've got these two possible peace for secret sauce all they have all okay well lately they have a replacement for my question. I value substantive motion with the couple's home plug his first outing is an eminent power you're gonna decide coral hard. Don't have that kind of power to keep you teach me I don't teach you to communicate come like young had a long you grasshopper. In Iraq. We have the city's exclusive that this guy everyone's going to be treating him like a feisty yeah I listened as long as I get a strong I don't care what that was just made out of as long as it works. I have been happy about that I thought I thought I take an extra always get I need a strong. What you have to ask for them tonight because I've I've been some places where I get my drink gallons where that's kind of silly after a brutal. Like where's my straws kind sir. And I at all. All you want astronomy guilty yeah it says and I was there it was explained and bigger yeah that's a thing we got in through Kansas tantamount. Costs mariners down I think it's ever happened the Yankees their backs were alive four home runs crushing the Mariners seventy twos. Play again today down in new York and Gillis is on the council please fix as well as in the last few million win against. It's a really good day guys that I would like to see the same kind of effort from those those yankees are bothering. Yeah on the Yankees. His father in the Mariners as well now that James has been yet for a sighting whatsoever exports ESPN the magazine just rolled out their annual body issue us a growing up this week. And they just released a 28 teams line up so there's I am there. No unfortunately did not take this kind some people on a lady it's gonna be as these comic con this weekend. Charlotte's Larry W we saw a lot of really good at the top part of the issue also couple laws Seattle storm players are going to be an issue Rihanna Stewart and Sue Bird. Because sue per hour girlfriend Canadian rapper now from a woman soccer star she's also going to be in this issue. He got god Dallas cycle for Monday he snatched her and I wanted to more interesting ones will be 63 year old golf legend red fish shark Norman. No logos may keep on NC Graham last year so I hope we will get that same kind of awesome this summer break. High end image and in the south by the issue also wanted to Gracie opposites ever played the game Jerry Rice. Cardiac news or use one of our great great player now. There's talent and it's driven soldiers 55 years old OK the knowing the more interesting ones a guy named chuck who plays on the coed softball team and Olympia he's also on the line. Oh really can without piazza called us and exits through the pros and its own life here's a guy who played rec league hockey. Nearly hockey team he's got to shape the yeah he gave. And why are doing this this is are they naked in the or at least let them. It's strategically covered as I have no clothes and write this picture like him like he's. Protecting you from seeing their dog maverick title and why we need to see this play while wise every year to see the beautiful strong bodies that athletes have. I've not known that they've been doing this no I know I know they do and I'm just I I know I know I'm familiar body issue but every year right I'm like why are they doing so what's left the show just how beautiful love it's athletic body is Vijay. Who do like making up my clothes he could soon and I know everybody looks like. Do it now that I failure at. Other career high after back pull on the lines let's go but yeah as far as whether 85 degrees and cloudy a perfect didian need to yeah did they edit audio CIA up. Under the bond issue because there are great shape that's just gonna make me feel worse about myself what I wanted to see did different shapes of different sports have different stake here isn't especially for females get like really show on females to get really slender ones they showed different types of bodies but the real reason they started it was because of declining an advertisement spending back in the exact prices Otis Moss C Sue Bird may I tell you just brought that up like him if you knew that and I know it's so obvious Serena and often and yeah. We introduce I. I don't is because there is deep climbing stuff which advertisers. If you've never settled and the financial crisis of 20072010. In late two thousands recession. That's a result 24% in decline Batman music no thank you for bringing it down wow that's really yeah it's amazing because you speak like that all the time Vicki I know yeah you sort of listed but let's not say it's always athletic. In great shape bodies remember I was a Prince Fielder that was imparted a body mission that was one of the greatest pitchers. Soledad that's stress forgot about that. Yeah I see you see it's did you see thing though I mean Prince Fielder is still you know able to really you know you're at a time able to hit a baseball. And I remembered not heed the guys still simply does get dad's got Doug doesn't mean what it makes you feel good about life. I you have those arms. For those legs and a bum. Accord that Baum OK yeah so why did you notice of the glass is so this is facing a porn issue for Richie I know why Vicky likes it one. What's the difference and Arizona likes who go to like those wait I did the work out magazines it is that they appreciate the body and previously inspiration for some people for some people like you do in recent currency Sarah father actually yeah but for others it's an inspiration. Yeah I guess see you know you know you didn't you buy one of those muscle magazines that's why I'll avoid them but a boasts an agreement Sports Illustrated which normally use Wii Sports x.s and there's a make you do gonna cover. In the looking better than however look is like the Marshawn Lynch on the suit yup yes users. And that's thank you Marchand. Thank you so much old Omar yeah that's. Is near where I am used to get this issue don't. So this issue reared him well we are and that also is for is and I mean I know what that was for and it's for the same damn reason when they first started bad is because a declining sales and wanted to hear more you know I mean everybody wants to see hot chicks. And I'm sure a lot of you wanna see high beat Ohio male and female athletes yeah they and that's that's and I'm thinking. Was Apollo Anton Ohno in this tube the only other areas. Yeah I guess I I I don't know what to make of that issue except I look at them and go US army that sucks current. Possession Khatami or just a maniac mean these are all these magazines should not put out if she's as attractive people see don't feel insecure closes at their clothes on I could make up that they're you know that they don't look better than me I think Australia I guess you probably these funds sat under that there was a naked board gaming and magazine and should be he would be down for a solidly in the back on the cover exactly nobody wants to see me in a mega Borg in a magazine that's you know that would be distractions and uncle's well. As they go I think we have a name pro. Magic the clamor. Yeah. Clamoring and that's just happened yeah Alice you know for both sexes are thanks buddy and I are all right. Well you said today was bald eagle today yes and I'm about to burst everybody's bubble because I'm we all think we know what a bald eagle sounds like from the movies. However. You know like a lot of things in life what we hear is actually not the sound of an eagle well he doesn't. Now done do. And sound the sound that we hear that and say it's a higher yeah you know. That's sound is actually from the red tailed hawk and for years and like every movie and television we watched them make it sound like it's an eagle. You know because that's the sound when the eagle flies by but exceed our real eagle the ball legal doesn't it then that's you lightning doesn't tell you it's it's amazing impression. I guess a bald eagle sounds kind of wimpy in real life. So here's the red tell us yet here's the is so here's what the red tailed hawk sounds like who we've always thought was the eagle. That is not a bald eagle. That's a bald eagle that's a. And that is I can't tell where the Yahoo! isn't that in my radius that is my radio cohost losing his mind. I sounds good to see what are you a dog or neagle I don't know anymore. Had a bald eagle. Yet so that's that's that's what a bald eagle sounds like to hear those two again dasher thank. Wow stuff Ferris is on the eagles' leading. That's what these sounds like that's that that they don't make that don't make a great sound that's the red tailed hawk buddy. It's a free us. It just means that their barker there there what are their squawk is worse thereby because the Eagles did their ferocious bald Eagles I mean delta delta to dog away. Yeah yes sought out the they don't need to have a great sound like factors they'd just come in the OK you're going to forget this guy how it has never knew that's how they go on how real our whole lives aren't questioning if that was an. Eagle sounds is pretty amazing isn't it you know it's just like I Natalie now we have these sound effect Fox's. I love that when I hear the same suffer from my box on a TV show you yes I'm like OK I know that's not real because I have a parent. Yeah I did so all these years the sound effects we hear like they're just too lazy to make anymore seeking here in the same ones for every TV show like when it's thundering audio. Okay Astaro thunder that's not what that is that's that I know that sound effects is this do you so that you just had his true while Justin castrated. Absolutely yeah the red tailed hawk against him because we have the hawks preached that we used yeah we talk about the CI sonus exam on. Shia Michelle talk. That's Anil what he really should. Even though they use the red tail hawks for the bald eagle now here's what we have for the hawks reached for the Seahawks. Shame what some red tell hope that's the red cell Loc is not even I see hawk faces a hawk. That's a good point I wonder how I wonder what I Seahawks sounds like Waco and a Seahawks sounds like. Although I if you guy and I think we know he's a good sounds like aria. Reminding me. It was not hesitant Seahawks sounds like yeah. Pretty much just before half. Guess there is not assume that. That's what bikinis secede Marshawn Lynch naked eating Skittles that that's the body issue we need to have broken dream I I will be the photographer. I've I've had an experience I can do this not an audio though if somebody it's an issue with Seubert and there this the latest issue I will I will flip through those pages. Plus now you wanna check also Burgess. Soon honestly though she's always been amazing as far as I could services there's a legal mess that their cabin it's super cool it down their loud. Ali and their land they make that noise this they make their regular noise priority hearing red tailed hawks there's always a red tells fox next nearest capital we have no idea I did find data on YouTube there is a what is. Considered a Seahawks the oss spray does not really as C hot right so this is as you knew they delight. You did know about you are all along I really didn't know that really I just figured there was a real seahawk I don't know there was an spray now now there's not act is sick and well you guys jokers your front here but I mean I moved here I just assume there's a bird good to see how do now was that stood out did you know just. Someone told me once OK now because you in the sniper here that's the first on her and got him as he sounds like and here's the sound. Let's see aren't yet that's why we're using the other hawks. She's ever tell harder access is like if you want bird sunny ferocious you go to the red tail. Thoughts. I'm very touchy Seahawks since like tennis you know lots CEOs here. Since your thoughts. It's not extend my very first assignment now man and how much does the us today and the eagle are kind of wimpy. Nursing I had no idea all right. Here's a go hawks is like Google claims whose houses are. Sox. Home all our office you know you don't my animal sounds now you're just so little. Legacies are breaking. A nice exactly that's exactly that it was going to be terrible animal impression around you know and I cannot promise and he's good visual and those they Steve. Are you say mr. animal over here he took some time. This one writes for. Company mugs are in five years. Two teams mapped. Sixty yes and may got it right look at that but it did take isn't time so hopefully this in math questions that are slow Steve down. Critics say you've got to a 6421 rock you played beat me 647. On Iraq hawks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy what's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. I'm gonna counseling music it's a useful processor in some circumstances. 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