BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-20-18-7A: What is something childish that you still enjoy doing?

Wednesday, June 20th

Beat Migs. A new Reddit thread asked users what childish thing they still enjoy. Luke warm topic. 

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Com that I might not AI SW the rock of Seattle presenting pain in the grass 118 three big days in August man. Biggest pain we've ever had the 24 226 white river amphitheater. What a lineup he will you go to this full of the giants the lead our country and your money's worth the biggest bands in Iraq coming to the Wye River amphitheater. Including Steve bags that's right it's gonna be their final bruiser Brody on Saturday and and then later on the night. The guys don't have a pilot's body myself and Glen from window philosophers are ready to jump up on stage and perform sex type thing was done which is going to be hot sauce. Saying man so yeah still until clouds will be their lowered Alice in Chains Slater and their final tour event seven Fultz. Three Days Grace the cult profits of rage. So many great fans you've got to get the full lineup for KI SW dot com. And of course tickets are on sale there as well two bucks we've tickets sold benefiting invites all to foundation that's trojans efforts and homelessness and Seattle. All the info OK I SW dot com. Mean. Time. Games. We need. But it's Wednesdays and would you like him instead oh yeah blackout game exterior ravens why didn't I read your money is mister Lackey with the black and I'm gonna. Lack kept a low that the limits so much. Are you lose an organ dozens they we are Brad and Renton to date on Steve are you there sir. I answer excellent what's playing for an easy means burdening your buddy whack give. I'm glad I'm not I. Yes I will but he lack it why do the theme song for her that I renewed. It has been hell Sam Carter has a standardized and everybody Lackey has pretty awesome are nobody liked it as an opportunity to crack down. Robert Plant in the sensational stage sisters. All right murmur park on June 27. Good KI SW dot com from the. For those playing you know buddy Lackey will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Everybody you can pass all you want but you'll only get three dozen or question are your dessert and what discount retail chain is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas. Wal-Mart you ask which actress' character was killed in the opening scene of screen yeah. How many months in the year ended the letter. Very low about like to ask. I want to know. Till now yeah it's great to know what is 50% of one point five million. He's. Our similarity doesn't ask what color is he crossed on the Swedish flags. Yellow you ask how many Great Lakes are there. Or its roots Todd ads from what language did the English borrow the words sole agent. Latin Nelson's. Japanese and asked how many ghosts appear to Scrooge and Dickens a Christmas we herald know. Or if you ask San Salvador is the capital which country its tails Obama don't ask. Eight correct. And it's a good score there for buddy black kitten and a buddy whacked it flat at fifty there may be AF slacken of everybody in this room here. Thought I so I know I regret and Chris Farley a nice. I mean I realize that. So what movie was read back from Brandon. Black sheep. Are known I don't know why the other one the other main engines on and Tommy Boy I'll Tommy noises. But he waxed Tommy boy's that's definitely why did when he walks in on game day in the girl with. That's how Riley could well so you have all those decimal terms that the Yankees yeah. See who's your favorite little Randle El Salvador is that the Yankees have. Massacre I forgot I'll go to best scenes. I'm Chris goes on how Brad I know the Buddy Hackett but now I get here knows that something good. We are here any time poll. What discount retail chain is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas once. What discount retail chain is head our did Bentonville Arkansas yes which actress is character was killed in the opening scene on screen. On. Jamie Lee Curtis now Drew Barrymore Arabs how many months of the year and in the letter are. Most wanted to now to nod no it's. You know Aaron I don't know 15% doesn't play one point over five million pets. I'd what is 50% of one point five million I 75 no reasons. It's all it's now senators say yeah okay. Protrude across on the Swedish flags yellow Diaz I don't Great Lakes are there. I said there's no need to know I know from what language English tomorrow and word solely. Top Japanese yes how many doses appearance to Scrooge and Dickens a Christmas carols. For us as San Salvador is the capital of which countries Mexico now. True no bond narrowed 134. Fives. Do you give laughs well yeah. And do you acted like regulation read one way and eight top spot I damn good. Great content. That's great he's a man you are my hero when he eats he needs some of them we can actually be there yes while watching Robert Plant the law and and black anything better. I can't think of anything better. Sounds like romance and haven't analyzed things like momentarily and haven't yet here it is OK well anyway I'm gonna realize about you is another somber and don't go incidental backdoor part so now Obama brattle Sierra. Brad did know that the capital of El Salvador is San Salvador soul so. That's not that's kind of a lucky when I saw him and identity didn't do it I he got yes Steve didn't get that you're right but fortunately have but he did there have there are five Great Lakes mom. Kind of the wrong direction you did 50% of one point five million is 750000. It's not thought about and how many months of the year ended the letter are another room and I want her for gas for September October November December. Thanks mr. smarty pants well hey you know I know McAllen remember I guess that's on his no under the new really but we October 5 but a couple of months I was born and they've got a good job but it really you maybe brown congratulations to Brad AKA buddy black and unbeaten Steve today yeah is seen as this kind of performances and it's easy for anybody to win the prize that's lay and do I'm deeply execute or beat or tie Steve actually. Della the sex line and always brings out dom. Heard the words of encouragement when I do well yes when I got my do poorly dentists and Texas threesome Boortz Steve you suck wow OK okay. It's like great day to really listen like one day because an in your record is pretty amazing considering it's hey man it's what have you done for us lately that's your that's right. Sorry may be no home on the little kids are not that I brought the sock. How is akin Philadelphia while he didn't bring the psyche just graduated high school with a perfect attendance record. And that is for all the school he's ever done fourteen years straight he's never missed today that's why. How is that possible ending catch cold or something and finally maybe you do I mean maybe current goal is powered through it. Gosh what kind of person and when you think about it that you don't wanna stay home when you have a legitimate reason to stay home. Dude do you have to be a legitimate read any reason to stay home and school half. Which is funny there's now. The only school I look for any reason to stay home should probably wise I know so much stupid random stuff about pop culture because his watch television I would say homesick and watch television all day that was. Some of the elementary school and high school but now in the work world like I never won a call in sick to think it's just it's funny how I would do it all went kind of full circle. Everywhere I mean I know there are people that are professional students that I am so happy not to be in school. Yes I am I I mean who amend this kid love that I guess. People are now raising money online for him to go to culinary school because he's gonna name is Frist restaurants. All my goodness. After his grandmother who used to call Omaha. Oh my goodness SS Titanic. And screening passengers and big rumor everyday morning so. Campaign. The same religious militias from close you know it's my right leg and we just gave my true. To ask you. Schooling is it's. Kind you know appreciating my name game don't need help me and in my did not release it. Oh my goodness for longer it's going to continue. Suzuki kids he really doesn't mean he definitely was inspired by his families were Catholic dude he dislocated his shoulder playing football last year and still showed up the next day for class. It actually easier to buy a spider you're done for three so soon do so true north from my back out yeah yeah as kids a much better man and I am. As I thought that's called a people's make this is teachers started to go finally pays to raise money for him to create this restaurant are good colder schools are you create this restaurant almost goodness. And there he has around 20000 dollars raised for. Am and I guess there openly gay 25000. So he's pretty much on his way to getting the amount that they wanted to get him for a culinary school we got really cool that's great and any other five grand opening get a college live they don't raise and putting gets some sort alone but at this point you're right he's on his way. I don't know be weird awful irony thank you just pocketed the money in and just never showed up school yeah that would be an. Funny that's wired that's why nobody will ever do go pharmacies now because we know exactly what you do. Let a kid man and every day that's a guy you know 'cause but glad Jolie diss thought he wanted to go to culinary school when he went Finley go he went for a couple months of memory they threw him out there like dude you really did you learn anything. He actually know what he's a pretty good cook but you need to be better than just a good cook and I did the you have to do things the right way it's us it's a grueling industry. I mean this kid you know he has at least the work ethic I think to be able to tough it out Joey he's that. Yeah they they they knew it was great his own guy said dump. Yeah okay out they is that businesses realize just don't waste your parents money again and it took we've challenges so on the comment you make a tradition like no let's suited signature -- is the harassing me to this earlier question I don't have it here first he could still Irish friends I know whenever there's a holidays and their friends giving out Joey actually gets Rolen he cooks really good stuff Fries Thanksgiving. I'm curious zoo's big dishes yet he's walking and there can be solved all of them so you actually done it how about that criticized. Read the storm well I was an experiment. There yet. Hi CU as the match jeez if you're dead solid make American Jesus my favorite is like a special kind of Mac and cheese yeah I mean doesn't he isn't there are cool no law a little bacon. Now a little mustard in the cheese sauce oh yeah. Can op Ed it's good to put in a skillet with Simone song goes are not found it's not pay go to out breading on top if you include some of the country's heartland of the cosponsored a touching my coach told us we cannot be good enough broomstick yeah Laura Mars or John McCain did you have never made the Mac and cheese straws let's do it this Thanksgiving I don't think your magazine lol lol lol let's do it this week. Are you Uggla who won or your ticket. At home bring an end you want cold man she's going to be fresh for the various skill then. Well god sounds difficult. How is in the microwave dessert tastes if you microwave your your career your MacBook I talk can I do it what you can have it reviewed here now we can't but you're I think it's mediocre doctor to tell I can see notice you. Fully yeah. You're bringing in food are going to love what every yeah all I had on there and I don't I don't I think he's enchiladas for goods and now knocks now and I mean my buffalo chicken if it did you know should make everyone happy and free food is delicious how should I bring up like one skillet. No all listened jealous enough for all of us to eat at least one or two cervix can help I don't know anybody who whoa that's a lot now under region movie deal man. We almost got this going on and I it's kind of like castle well what do I get if you like it. You get just get a high five but I thought NCAA passion about the season getting smaller place but something did go on and I was not that it's not that good assistant Joey. We giving him a job assignment and he's now I'm the manager expectations on a way to display this is. Time for him to learn how to over deliver the this is your opportunity to over the liver at the workplace okay I'll bring his Mac and cheese although I feel likes to use as try to give Hillary a free food now. I was I don't know oh he's not representing our ally and I don't know him but if you wanted to bring some pulled pork with all I would not complain shells and they don't really good crowds doctor Lou. Who are what am I that now be Friday's yeah. Tomorrow's matches she's it's already done not what other you know it is please don't show you kind of resent you go shopping on my dimes who go down look right and into lawless and it's okay I thought that was implied yeah. I have a problem when there's an easy to envision dotted I he's a good cook. Yeah that's okay yeah that's the best praise you can get to appreciates most hooters is vegetarian and miss Joey I tell you right I've got to make so it begins for years her vegetarian for your sister. She's a good thing in our dads out because I'm never disappointed but I did I never had your Mac and cheese so. I K I just wanted to Thanksgiving to throw was a good for a new day a new thing let's do it our high expectations that have been doing on Thanksgiving. Now PG that's all oppression of congress on you know you know what goes on your hopes for four isn't to perform for a formal fuss and then three helpings a priest Jesus fine. He's cooked and also give each have a school. We're gonna want more than once I ST I feel like I was really hello Nancy or judge to hand it's been playing she just really to say making it simple for him aren't you BJ that's how I do. That's side hill making good we'll bring them to be nice. Every effort everybody you know so yeah. And you with us if you ride and crash macaroni cheese I'd be happy to. Turns out only on what do you think he's doing and it's sorry I don't beat yeah he had me convinced yeah. Kraft macaroni and cheese yeah I just bring an end I don't really care and cultural mustard and there is so yeah there's Waziristan this threesome and I'm not that great coupon yeah I saw in our history of the French's do resign he remembered to prove like even during a yellow that's on your diamond and euthanize all these I think. Yeah and again with the flu talk now. Ha yeah you write your leaders are doing a story that's true that search lists I bring you pizza to make pretty if it's a why oh why you're going on inside here. I can middle guy hey yeah bring in and your dad knew who snow through I don't know it's a word no this time I'm with you forgot about this pizza you're right Joseph bring bring the streets. Him and his mom make good pizza do what makes your pizza some bad guys huh homemade until May fresh del yeah T do it all it's like to Kansas athletic front. I don't know I mean that's. Yeah. Steve yeah they have actually doesn't have his hands or did you just say you know what I mean I'm not sure I do they do a good two. In essence. Yes he's out yeah he sounds like Yogi Bear in recent hey ya gotta do. The big yeah yeah true. Members of the region there what is her new show ideas Jim we tease kitchen the I don't know that. Oh man this Derrick catch finance or like welcome to these tomatoes or something. OK you just had a passport. Catch phrase after a well I didn't know luckily that's good for it's just a student worst. Hi we got to grin on my god thank you we'll get all crazy by I he's not love my. Okay and that's how I feel like as a Leslie reasonably easy yeah dismiss. So it's he's all right yeah and he loves love my food. I hey I. I'm not. Tennis you know these are not nice yeah and they're crazy I'm studying than not whereas now seen in the food yes we love a movie government doesn't. He yeah I was saying I love this mood. I just realized just how much of a genius both do you in my scenario you guys that are there are no Americans he's a Vijay and Steve he gets there are hoping now maybe kids. OK now I still love your solution. Yeah. It's not that funny Danny's. That's kind of fun and fit yeah America. Hey island and save this great online chat where someone asks what shy this thing do you still enjoy. And what are some of the answers well we're talking trampoline is bubble bath so. Lego is. Oh yeah we'll tell you all about it at 717. And these guys you can catch them attain and grass three big days it's Stone Temple Pilots on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. That's what ninety AI as the you know Iraq does Seattle. It's pretty cool mind Chad I'm ready where user asked this question what childish things do you still enjoy. And that's of course wiser men went for some I bought a new house in the previous owners look to trampoline in the backyard I jump on that thing almost every day hell yeah. How he definitely keep got around. Yeah man trip. Believe I think. We're I think for a generation. Out of doing childish things are really really think that's we found it's really cool to just keep energy out of work and my friends I we like to do adult stuff we've been talking about potentially going to learn a trampoline got into our parks and they don't. It lets her all the best. Osama you guys have been efforts here are. Yeah Desmond stolen goods jumped around and bounce up and down. Did we know early in last ten minutes you're writing a workout Dinara she's right so much fun now let's do it. Yeah I'd I'd have to make sure that there because I had so you know my dive team myself up so I don't get hurt bones between here and there has its himself up. TV solicited your seed on center I those damn weak ankles C don't mean anything you ankle braces like first thought the guys what I need to. Damn I took my daughter of one run as an out of Turkey and have a dodge ball. Like course inside is a trampoline place outside Morse and she lets doubly so much fun Tommy. Let's go oh she must have been terrified because she's a little kid there you all how big are the people and there was isn't your size mostly know it's all it's from all. My kids from three all the way till like mine he's my age if that's it that's she's had to take down with the ball a lot nice yes she's got a few Touche as an arm on her I was like wow. I heard man. Nice it to well see I think you know we just you know we like doing chow does things is 1% resident holly bones strong rappers of people I'm done with. Guys like crazy this from because she isn't as good as I am I still do that to my wife as she gets pissed every single time but I do it every single time we go out here and I do so than the straws I'll I'll do you bunch of mocked and then there's still punch somebody just portrait of water you know the top and I don't yeah. Now that it has. That's awesome I've never even seen that happen. All of your name them all I only takes science. Data are as it got to check that I don't like she's up like a little learn with super cute ban them. It's fun. I really tried that talk to a next time you know destroy your room the straws in Seattle dinner and they're doing next we have a limited time and my first I think SeaWorld see where we are we're all children we really really are. Alarmed topic. Doesn't wanna ask you today base in this red thread where users and hey man what childish thing do you still enjoy what about you. 206421. Rocky can also text as it's 77999. What childish thing do you still enjoyed. You call your texts after Nirvana. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I don't quite IK ISW the rock of Seattle. Sybase and the threat thread where I user asked this question. What childish thing do you still enjoy. How about you what's something child is that your like yeah I love doing is still love doing it 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Jake giving JJ could you are on the Iraq. They yard scoring pay more money which Shia force today. But so are still enjoy. Playing it strong hiding to seek advocate it and I wouldn't drugs now or. Now this is sound and this is something I am not aware of is this thing that a lot of people do drunk high and go seek visits I was actually kind of fun. It is that is verifiably and that it is that there are nice and do you each group that's great about or are the moment of start to see absolutely. Until you doubt he looked so well record even though you don't hunt it's a little bit key person. If I don't have to take a shot. That's I don't have to shut out two more shots. Over the night and then data and it would either I order a purple shorts. Ali and I definitely kitty on our virtual sports for sure how many time has is that how that is the seeker so drunk that he basically fall asleep or passes out nobody ever find anybody or just a guess and a bar. I've actually got out of her mind. Although click or sober and every bill. And they had a firmer and do some truck that he actually closely from one angle right here it doubles people dugout like Ike's. I'm sleeping at the. That's awesome I say you know what does it buys time he plays drums how to go seek instant Cambodian know we're playing against our friend Josh always get stronger we lose him yeah. Extra holes and one guy aerial I think radio yeah I had done about that that's pretty much everybody's night isn't it if you go with a group of guys is always a drunk I'd go seek game. Boston out I notice one of dear ones that keeps coming in his eyes Lagos. Won't present Sandra claim would later that over 600 members many figures over 101000. Dollars invested in sets. That's and Jason in Marysville and and data Joseph appreciate this one Disneyland. Might be in my adult friends go at least every ten months no kids stay Roenick Bruce in Tacoma. You know it's mixing thing because you know Legos are you brought up people finally have the income when they're older to consider not cheap right so they can really get some of those expensive sets and it is. It is funny about dizzy Randy you know because adults to lover. She I would think that there would you mind except I consider Disneyland and it's all thing I don't considered a kid doing so. But I know mine is out of building Fortson the living room with blankets and chairs and stuff like that. Now you know you do I would doubt your daughter yes they're our own but I mean yeah. In the living room and you have movie that popcorn and you awesome to see what it is appointed your girlfriend realizes she's is babysitting union I seen it really solve long time ago have you improved during this essentially that section for you have unless it's. Pretty awesome why I sexson forty building human terms now. Oh me oh OK no you know again another place I didn't realize tricky but yes there she sees deep in their tone and when he chair falls down and he's just think she's getting even dirtier it's awesome. Found yeah to see here's the thing being a parent is that. You really get to be a child and blame it on the kid that's that's the beauty of it are never did that's really I think my dad was the same thing you gotta train set he said it was for me and I'm like. I never asked for trains and what is happening what do you any spent all this time down there like okay you're using me as an excuse are today. Do another one when Texas and lose around 25 and a six year old that's awesome because they get to enjoy every again with my little command him my fears probably writing to razor scooter as an adult. They merited student. There's going to be a ridiculous amount of wrestling action figures out. I always knew I see them sometimes the two restorers are see them on line there and say. Yeah I really don't have any need for that. The one day yeah yeah boy or girl they love wrestling. That's the one thing I still do as a it is very childish probably is in the eyes of some. I hope I hope that happened where wrestle I hope that happens we're because there was some things that I had that I thought my kids would love and neither one of marijuana like sexy right where are you where all my comic books I thought for sure they dig a nice save the same for them. And both of them have no interest now finally these kids all want to make your license dungeons and track all Brimelow in my ignores her. I don't know why they say this generation your dad was his size I got a problem is a generational Seattle and you say you're the local balls. Now that's good yeah OK yeah hold let's go to the hauler intercede hauler Lacey you are on the Iraq. Anybody who's young Forrest the boy don't beat. We are. You hearing about it from what I'm not sorry. So hauler what about you listening John does he still enjoyed doing. Yes definitely and cart IQ because you're you're you're in the sense that that's nice. I virtue I know there are still you Al-Megrahi all our people all the big blow out you all beat period alone there are there at the end yes how many perhaps but the 01 way IQ are certainly aware of your lower debt UGU bags several big blow up literally each I don't mirror banning all and yet. Lucky Canada oh yeah the doctor Larry I'm we hear that I blocked umpires Cutera like our DR Oscar it took a look like I'd go go grass court seat ideal bite your elbow my dad don't you have major hurdle that was bloody. Did. You have guys out of those ghost again the weapons that they used to let us play with his kids when we were earlier we we are younger logs are says he's clearly it is. One or I don't look there we could lose our knowledge is very. Right now. Those are they again it's it surprises some of those made it analyzed really really is. They were imprisoned I stumbled fortune teller I'm 28 year old male. We'll have doubts they can afford I Danny so we can coloring his back I mean we know you adult coloring books it is it's fascinating. Where we just you know want to be that these it is what does one guy credits is in love jumping on a shopping cart rolling halfway across Oklahoma is that kids are childish. Yeah that's that's what we do is JURS are everybody. Yeah I only do and so I can't walk anymore. Capital yeah I'm telling you man it's. I think it it's more embraced that we have that we you know we we need to do we need to smile he'd laugh and and really go back to being more childish it was something that was. You know frowned upon in my dad's generation and people made and how I -- can't you read those damn funny but solitary might announce like dude county know this but people are like Al a lot of adults who don't this condition dotted and are. I'll sit. Again this is childish thing honey so itself. Okay. This is China's version of trivia I was sent here I totally. Still ground on someone's balls now. Hey not what we had the one jewels of the old office with a even though market that we had on our us all out and every day almost every day out grab it. But I know that it's just so fun and make you would get the cracker ones he stack them at pizza on the right favorite east for the saw it or go to cheesy here a little crunch bar kind missile launch involves paying their soap star I think it's just I'm now on the dole and now they're like you're willing to use Loney with little pieces. No I don't want any hi I'm Don Blake but he had this makes it more fun adult like to have you know he's jerky I shot a fireball. Now would be awesome Stephen Moore I think you've come up with a product animal heads it's receivable soccer putting. I mean a day when area and Tim. Yeah I still consoles rock much good call somebody here says they just love starting in bubble bass then oh hell yeah I can't make your own bubbles. On old she's runs double bass forget about it for quite a link theory moved. Not as if imprisons and I I'm 42 now fart right Steve that's into Port Orchard yes I still love Harding she does because during the break she accidentally let when squeak out an accident yeah. It was it was a match I'm holding it managers decided to leave on on police acted like an old ladylike. Yeah he has to look up in my era million each and just couldn't tell fund lap fell over laughing of course she did because she's also a child won't tell us it's. About drawing on foggy car windows people still do that. You do that don't know what did you just the other day were poignant toward development. And somebody's back when there was really dusty into somebody wrote something on it move I was with my wife and steady she realized right then numbed stolen. I'm still very juvenile decision ridiculous said angels and I just started tying. I and I doubt guys like really yeah. The authorities and you're still laughing and words like that only got Larry it's clear which one of our neighbors did that I wanna be their friend ha ha I think. That's also put his grave giant letters to an age and everything else. Seth you tell her child. Well I should take a picture that I do this man because we're we're talking about how the fusion but now we got to go to adult issues because everybody's gonna adult and it's not easy. Adam I Tyler. I'm mining and the good news is is in his own show on the way to adulthood money issues. We've got help from Kelly has some news financial advisor yet Todd teach your questions call 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Todd preach good answer your questions at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. 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