BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-21-18-6A: A woman got hit right between the eyes by a flying hot-dog at a baseball

Thursday, June 21st

News and sports. Today is National Selfie Day. A man accidentally set his house on fire while trying to get rid of a snake.

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We'll probably Stephen McGee's favorite story of the day so I have to say Tom Tom TF thrown in half and so's this girl named jazzy. Well and she wasn't Tom what it was something that pump that really made her life reducing. She was at Philadelphia Phillies game oh against San Louis cardinals on Monday she's a Philly fan. And is she got hits at this game she got hit right between the eyes bias flying hot dog that we shots. That's right I'm hot dog Canon. Via one of the most famous mascot you every hit by the Philly fanatic or famous famous mascot the world mascots foam my death toll in my hands and hot dog Canon Fata and in any business. How is she yeah. Well I'm exempt status similar ladies as they say about made. What will part of that today said millions of consumes half Duncan moms and that's how it's a little smokey yeah. Think if it does not talk. Yes her face got Brit messed up pretty good fighters by the way should go to hostile get checked out to talk emotion as he would this case. That's a really good question I mean man and he slander without hot dog cannon. So my comments I never thought I'd Douglas could third state just came out of nowhere it was late. I heart and in my idea and then let me I know he she knew that he shot it in our direction and here. And dam in late hit me like yeah. A ton of bricks. My glasses flew nothing's broken thank god they know it's going to be. It's solaris it's very Sawyer they gives people a good laugh and if that makes so many chuckled and that's fine if I understand baseball. But not talk. Dan did see a black guy from this thing is she's not young woman either she's this she's an older woman and Shia she's got a shiner and it does not look good at all. Thank goodness she's wearing glasses because I wonder what that would have done if it's hit her square in the guy. I just on the person in the background on areas hard. Yeah I thank you needed that it's. I can't talk so Kathy. She's not suing them. Yes she's not soon she says she's okay not suing. But she doesn't want fans to be aware of how dangerous flying hot dogs can be. Yeah you don't expect it CEO email foul ball sure you know and at Safeco Field again and I every seat that's an area as there may be careful yeah you're on heightened alert you don't know when that god damn baseball is gonna commit your face they have to put little signs in Philadelphia on the cease you're flying hot dogs now I mean that's I hope so that's just I mean I have that's an area. Good point. My question now is NL YE books I don't know what the fanatic and he he shot a hot dog it's always faced up close I can imagine she was a ten rows back when he shot this hot III. That's a really good question Tom. I would love to know where she was in relations act as your right Steve that's because you gotta be thinking that. If she was far away it should've done that much damage but that wrecked her face how to get their hands on a hot dogs and all once for a tussle this Saturday and even do this this is that he or she nations hostile I think that you know that you found out that Jude I am looking at this stating there's some videos online and it's on the back of like one of those kind of golf trucks sort of things and it's like a T shirt candy and it looks like a giant hot dog and he's down on the field shooting it like deep into the stands. Oh yeah and also a must still be going pretty fast and benefit goes yeah it's one GH just like what does T shirt cannons now that I half foot long hot dogs and god does is issued doll I can't tell but the add the cannon itself which is it looks like god dog is a couple feet in length and our looks at the hot dogs wrapped well that would make sausage can enjoy the hot dog that's the idea I'll catch yeah it's got this yeah every odd jobs for everyone and it's true I guess not I get a weapon he's just trying to shoot you've always still a couple of my god that things fly in did their debts and yet he soon if we can make it to the upper decks it's gonna have some speed on it I remember having potato cannons back in the day but nothing like this yet this thing looks like it shoots those things pretty fast and hard. Yeah well you know like that's what you need sometimes do the accidentally was pointing and didn't realize maybe maybe values out of hot dogs and it just went off I am now more palatable to the fanatic does he talked wife Stacy CO far away he is he's I don't think he's targeting people like in the front row sorrow. How does he know always gonna hit if he's aiming likening it way back or in the upper levels and maybe just shoot that thing and BI she says something mean to him all I noticed a city of brotherly love that's a good point. Damn dude and their offering her free tickets and she's ready to come back. That's nice I think she needs Mort Mac yeah maybe like you know couple free hot dogs to put an end and we say just tired yes we think is better being the nice part of ballpark because frankly. And you are listening to sit here and hey hey hey it's. So yeah I mean you got to shoot earlier queen because she is she's no lady of the black guy. Old so as you may rewrite your age man team. I really think she's my. Him pick what you think. Tim I'm tired I'm gonna say maybe sixties early sixty lady I'm not like holding you here aside here's a way BJ you know I don't know I already had a BSE to supermarket. Dude you're discount and Larry looked and you said. Do you do you how did you would you like you discount and I thought she said and because you're single you get a discount because my hearings not so good and I was my discount for being single I know my wife is with me too I might I mean you know there's no I'm Irish news from the moves us goes would you like your senior discount. And lies how Warsaw ass right all okay cassette like AARP some things like early for you 55 you get it. And I'm 57 so it's like all right that's cool Sosa how although I got a big. All you got to be 65 I go there are real. He's older than me. That's just checked out holding coupled recognizes old yeah I guess so. I was always so she says she's price six Selig all our battle just three years away from sixty don't pulling U six is Jack just like you wanna be in the forties when you were forty you know how it is yes a good point yeah I don't fully sixty jets I sit up late fifties so mean as well she's in her sixties that balance. Why owl. I'm don't want their hater that I. Anger and added LA now we're warming the hot dog in the I know you Tynes is a bad idea and well we actually didn't all know you look cool she looked my agent she's not my age she should be look you know she's in her sixties LAB clearly you're talking you recently she was a hundred years old she looks like I was gonna guess who's 58 and he's got a lady again. You any issues 58 F you Steve she's in her sixties trying to hold the slowness. That is what does the stories they say they say and of a woman at the old lady death the only he's 72 now. All right. Some reason that they once odds shot. Got some would have potato gun accident broke four ribs and punctured a long list of John and you're all a lesson potato I mean most things are hard compared to a hot dog you know expect I don't know how how over cooked hot dog could be a good point I searched and the odds are tending to doesn't seem to compile and and you can't mylan but I did did you have a Topps baseball cards featuring the wind. Are there it's taken with the fanatics and yeah. Unless there is well I guess maybe thanks for looking good as any easier clearly I don't and. Her age on the stats because she's way older yes I'm dining at I have such as well they may duh she's probably fifty law in no way what's her name Cathy McVeigh look at that that's going to FaceBook season shows just find it she's in her sixties and a lady she's for close to 78 element. So is my dye got to ask if you wanted to senior discount at 48. I'll man that's even worse he's got me I've got nine years on that poor guy. Well so did you see your discount of 5055. That's always sinks I would reminded that but there's is 65. Caught Mong. Even now Damascus I mean if you should publish the disk and you get into that Sosa do you wanna senior discount to me. As though is that this kind of sit like 20% off right Kelly I do yup you got eggs sunny they wanna see your idea though boss ever got to mold and it's happens no way I gonna remember that one that actually is a good one annuity and did it in a field academic all my idea I'll I had a hair sunny. Don't I can sign. I just think you know what man people who are old enough to get a discount will always ask for their discounts so don't ask them if they're true some people are married it's not maybe the we are mad it'll offer to TO. They are magnets and he's always 65 not that they Auburn because if they gave it to really so be nice consolation machine give it to me is only off by eight years. Now we all accidental like that man Ali going you know I don't hold your interest in seventies he's got no empathy and Eliot young people have no empathy for me nobody cares about me here I am only dead. And he didn't you include this kid might dig deep yeah. I did you get you can not say Evan yes we are right T gotten it. He has or are you aware of forewoman RI because the hot dog to have taste humor something. Why are you mad and her I don't know why but she should people she shouldn't be she's my age now I hate that woman now people is commanded everything is right they should double fisted at hot dog barrage. Yeah X that's right. I want to toss her ego about her FaceBook page but surprise surprise she does not host her you know ask how old she is well received yeah. How are you I guess we have a better. She looks like a mock how old you think that. She might they beginner lake early sixties she saw you she 67 that woman that's a put around 67 she's old she's ten years older and I think she's younger in mass looks or she want anti glare option to stay here. I'll bet she's in motion like Todd talks to the face I think. So we welcome on the wrong senator geriatric bad. Okay. Is it crashed manic adjustable that Steve Martin right dad is forced to sleep number. How can useless sixty for your age CNET. Adding Jason marina community. I would get some others do who accidentally said fire. To his own house and a snake is to blame well first we have pot does causing problems now snakes. Seems they all bodies at the news for you at 617. And they X morning. Rock 99.9 KI guess W all. And I point nine KI SW Iraq on Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe I can't even announced bullets and this is news wins teammates. Thanks guys basically a job getting this news and sports and now while crap beat the red headed. So hey maybe. Whether it be a picture personally do myself resolving guys cash now. I know some things you do by yourself. I'm also a national day of yoga that's why hello you okay wow after massive gear downward dog. In the child's pose yeah things isn't this great to go to the should be a food day every day you kind of understand that I. Uri flaw I had breaking news right if anything. I get to the idiot that said his house on fire and snake who's to blame okay we're got earlier this point replying I have a woman who got a flat diving and hot dog dinner in the face and you're like this old hag gets old news. His old back in can talk my oldest woman was. I don't. This just in her age okay 67. Our kids create we have conflicting reports so my uncle Krejci found on the web site. Another person went on white pages made thanks Cathy McVeigh from Pennsylvania it's 5850 to 57 of 58 to the woman. He's in your age the lady and I'm referring to is an old hat all know now I really thought journal thanks you forwarded to the hot dogs and eEye yeah. But for some reason seat because she's your agent as of hatred towards the hot dog tags. We'll didn't seem huge I know this is bad no. Also catch the second hole lady I am so done offensive people my eyes look like hi guys. That's not right man to feel good no and you aware of old age while. Now I don't really know I am just don't really bad day all clear eyed Steve from here to help. Happy so few days to Gasol called John who. Let me. Thank you all you can. Sexy dancing you young people a break and have. Carlos I want this guy owns an 88. I'll throw when he decided to do trying to get up at a sneak out of his house he lives and our southern Finland and apparently is sneak was in his garden. So if you decide I need to get rid of this nature. She sprayed it with gasoline and allow gays kicked off a chain reaction that ended up sending his house on fire. Not very bright so apparently does the fire and flames spread very quickly because is extremely dry conditions in that area yet. And is houses and wooden home of course so let's whose house team. Set on fire the outside part of it and the ad against wild damages were about 171000. Dollars that was an expensive snake Paul because of the snake. And an assessor what I think it was but there's some huge crowd expressing their parents and yeah exactly and he's nicely on their Jimmy. We genius I tell you this nice follow authority is an ark Arkansas just busted somebody because well you try to pay for a meal. Using the waitresses own stolen credit cards yeah. I don't happen when he it is it's. Eat in a little here's my credit card. And the way Jesus the cars lately it's much credit cards. Of all the things that have are you kidding me so he would still on her card somehow and dues in her purse he stole from her car. A little bit earlier kind of on the same day or a couple days later OK at a gas station while she was inside so that that also hatter Social Security cards. And also her driver's license and so when she goes to purchase some really think here's my cards make no dummy. That's my card that is just so he had no clue that that was her obviously frightened all the talk about the coincidence of that. Now seems. Somebody in the senate put together a list of the most unique slang terms from all fifty states O yeah so odds for instance in Hawaii Sharpton just turn the locals used to tourists are so now that there's an attractive shark if they get in the water currents are referred that's an Arkansas it's obviously when they call somebody that he had or moron. You're referring both passengers and take your dad's here in Colorado you're known as they did work. Oh I heard that term used for different reasons that's a fact. Hot and in Florida they're called no museums please. That's another small bugs and hard to see yeah and there's no C alms we have couples around here. A pigeon today in Nevada. Your son might know about this again routines are more money in a bad back collar godaddy domain ears are also with the you're picky eater Pennsylvania here Snooki and home prices what do you think might be the type action this term has a connection to our show. From Washington hello really hi I'm clueless things between 5:36 in the morning call. Yeah. Free free free fun how about that BJ yeah. Okay even your old crystal tough things. Pretty fun brilliant free funk is the most popular and you need slang in Washington which means drinking before an event. Dude what does that say about our state we've party I I got a young. I never thought Imus is a party state but if free funk tees are slang word we parties I know it's pretty. That is pretty sweet. And then not this is very exciting for all of us and on Monday marijuana OK time to go to Canada at least in October October 17. Marijuana is legal golf Canada big news dude and I give thanks this is I mean he's just goes to show you does it should be that way in this country we should just relax the federal laws and make it happen look at Canada segment tonight. Thanks mommy and damaged a way to get away from I mean it did seem to tell a lot of candidates run by organized crime. And obviously drug dealing very positive thing in the world of organized crimes are hoping that by taking that power back. I kind of found tell tail off some of that stuff I think nice and organized crime problem that for your video from Canada call from what I hear so why can't somebody. Angels hundreds of other types of thing that silly idea that this great stuff going on damned. Obviously must force I want to mental Manning's. Met a good job DO new originally Dan practice last night and met up Kyle's big mariners standings and the bad guy that's a professional since our flies. And we're just about how tall man they're up 52 this is great he did his walkway with one win that in this series I'll be very you know W concise. And it looks like you're giving thanks Casey was at 53 in the eighth and then Maxine I took my phone again. And it's 705 Damn Yankees won screw you. John Carlos standard time now he finally did we supposed to do that to me actually had a big heads. Excuse. Huge two run home run out the Yankees beat the Mariners 75 you gonna watch the game today will you got the break from work because the game such as 10 in the morning yet pop mariners now three games back into first place south east masters and first. There's never 46 and 28 record and now again they're playing the Yankees again today as far as where there's a need for degrees and cloudy. So outside are now looks like the Mariners Red Sox may be in competition more than many expected because the Red Sox are also taken a look like they can't beat. That's wins or an under 500 teams so the Mariners and the Red Sox are both fighting for the wild card. Hot right now I mean well there's two wild card spot Souza if it ended today they play each other that one game playoff Hu who dad. Only a little interest and I would be awesome I get tired it's god dang those yankees I hate them I just wanted to say how much I hate them. Finally mariners in the Red Sox fans can united on one thing that's a fact. It just is disappointing when you see your team and alms and go what happened guys why can't you do this fit in yet again yeah Gillis and not look past the I now sophisticated game and yet again the team ends up pleasing yeah it's like. This is a black cloud over act I even if he pitches while the team doesn't win. You know there's always like that one pitcher on the team that has the economy don't get in the run support like a guy throws jams. And they're like. You know what a matter what I do you guys can't seem to score enough runs MW five runs in just a pretty decent amount of runs try our I know they lead over the in the bullpen comes in for some reason they can't figure it out and it always seems to happen on days where that one guy goes go to was last night it was like last year's mariners day that's what it was I. I can't expect to last year's mariners turned back the crap. Well you know what that's what it's like a 162 games Steve we've got a lot more games and us today thank you don't talk this morning. RBI saw this thing trending on Twitter pretty funny is people are reworking the titles of classic rock songs from Lenny else. And they used an hash tag millennial classic rock. And I hear some of the best ones this is awesome we are the champions is now we are the champions don't we deserve a trophy. I'm a mistress is perfect. That's right guys I love the Denny's Levin because this is huge and we had Vicky yeah it's just so that's clever by a joy d.s that is your teams on the aren't the champions. Here truly deserving trophies. The editor in every breath you take. Colonel police song is now every click you make. Include humidity both could be stalker chubby launching new what you've got to this you don't know what you're girl guys doing I'll be FaceBook watching you yeah exactly. Cold as ice I like this one is now cold AFC. News poll doesn't death. That's gonna. Do you like this the beginning really really bad some parodies dad I think we should do them no I it's some really bad she's cold is if yeah how about this I can't get no satisfaction classic stones song is now I can't get no satisfactory living wage confirmed Hamas. All right Erica. That's fact I like this once sweet emotion by Aerosmith even now as sweet MOG. Celine. Don't modes EU border. Actually she took some songs like this we should Elena okay. Got my body Barbara receive he's doing he's got an Alitalia ice we don't vote G to about an hour we got it that's there's always made unloaded and got a minute press it. Smoke and the boys' rooms at tin Lizzie. Then did that I remember the Motley Crue version oh yes that's right they did to a cover that smoke and the boys and is now the vapor and in the boys room. I okay sir and this is why keeping in mind yell death. This one here Dick hotel California by the Eagles now they're being beat California yeah that's a I did find a way some every NBA's make you feel is spooky as that song is supposed to be yes the access to the one for your sharing son Justin Herman somebody's house yet that's so weird. U two's I still haven't found what I'm looking for is now I still haven't found what I Google for failure Yahoo!. Can't believe by the way that any U2 song is now considered like classic rock song. I mean I know they've been around a long time but it is so weird. The emphasis do you your intentions as clear make some meat on neo classic rock sound you guys did some any worse anyway I six seconds slower on that how about this one here this one here's where is my favorite indefinitely due in Seattle we hear this a lot free bird. By Leonard Skinner now is going to be gluten free verse. I don't feel like. Thank you would do like Seattle and it's so I both men in the box to be gender neutral person in the park hotel you're right I did you actually. Yes but yeah I am. Core sort of outside and outraged outraged. I'm offenders that's right. Yeah they try to gender neutral person in the box and out six assists. Our congratulations millennial you guys got a great track. At a very young fish trophy dented it yes radio while. I guess say Steve. I should I got a trophy because he couldn't figure this one out. Hi what is 50% of one point five million chance I was only five literally. It's always announce that I'd say hello. You did really good but that's why the seven and five you really really did you should create bad nowadays did that well that's a great performance in baseball did is your ride menu and then over 600 my friend maybe do something amazing but we're looking for 750000. That was the answer. Which means if it's Matthew immigration out of beating Steve. 20642 iiroc and they beat me 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask you how many times a bankruptcy lawyers that. How my going to tell these fees and costs because she knows I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand that in me being in seeing him in the bankruptcy field. 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