BJ & MIGS Podcast 06-21-18-7A: What is a piece of Seattle history that you would like to own?

Thursday, June 21st

Beat Migs. A piece of Mariner’s history is up for sale today as ken Griffey Jr’s first Kingdome grand slam is being auctioned off. Luke warm topic. 

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Especially Dice-K I asked you the rock of Seattle this Saturday it's sad red decimal all you have to be clean and quiet both senator. Tickets just twenty bucks and what an awesome day of entertainment news I mean you got everything from the weird to the cool to be awesome. The and you got that that's the important part. It's a big fan practice Jesse with a new originals and still pretty good very exciting giving it Iraq got a red festival prisons or protest and B songs the case of his worst. Cover that there's a problem though how sober we you guys who practice last. I was sober. That's the thing okay as long is because we know what I mean like there's a lot of corps' fighting in Baghdad see when you get the red crescent when you get all that great good men's room some rail is available so you guys to practice mistake you're gonna be in this Saturday by defense that they were doing hey Leo yeah profession I was staying sober and somebody asked do. Live music freestyle moto cross airless belly dancers. Like Steve said lots of great live music why don't you directive wreckage going to be there are some woodshed I am very very very time and I've never seen them I've always wanted to the trojans should you get washed in black are going to be performing units to get great day for it because the weather's gonna be awesome. Yeah seventies and sunny. The students so again you want info about red festival is Saturday he implies we'll sir how you get tickets just go to K I SW dot com. Mean there. Okay. And the man. And it turned out board's third and ask our house. Well my Brothers come and it's when my sister Lotta Marlins come watch the show first time in his life he's ever seen you do radio. Oh no pressure no pressure dollars and cents. Yeah I I. Besides you know what man. I'm so happy to be able to give him a good time and his wife because you know I'm Michelle gets and a well. And those movies I thought I Don lemon in the you know I I I you know are you ready to have them come into this and deal with Steve. I what I did I know Steve is the problem I'm a Little Rock everybody's nice in the show except Steve will be the church alumni I've never been adjourned to a guest now Niger but Jeremy Hanley memorized series and my son my daughter you want you've their coworkers are really are also you know and yeah always been nice your wife. A Julia you've been trying to do is simply not nicer husband. Well that's because he's my co worker OK so we all bets are off so you're not gonna bother my brother in in any embarrassment anyway how would I embarrass your brother while using a million rather than men are more worried about him embarrassing you. On my brother and dad my brother's got a good story and wanna do you do do who do well I. I do you or hear her pregnancy induced and I think there's you just dealt and I'll damage tradable. Sorry it's just too short consisted we've got. Tiger Solomon reds and tigers and our reserves. Here I am buddy it's an idea to name tiger at all. China or sorry did you write. Started calling it. Eric all of that isn't you know the short version that is gonna run around telling agreements tiger Tom asked why didn't we are rabid rivalry here yeah. Donkey Danny yeah otherwise I'm sorry I and in solid company and people they're calling it actually. That are accompanying him it's. Salamander species says this is how I still don't understand him again well I don't know I don't need or not. Yeah honesty what is tires up flavored and well rounded rabbi he's played for parity is CR Robert Plant in the sensational spacious there's a wreck merry Moore park on June 27. Good KI SW TomTom throw the deep south's joint ticket SuSE there are available now at any access dot com great Steve did I hear about tiger Tom. It's very. Yeah those play you know dire job we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten question is. Tom you'll have three guesses per question and now all that's as a free ready searched. Yeah definitely and you're already don't this. And a each pac man Mays features 240 regular dodge and how many larger power Palance who. And now. It's all now it's thirteen X now what is. The real first name of the singer Boy George. Which French art museum has a glass pyramid in its courtyard. Why gas is the main component in natural gas. As it motor racing what color flag is used to communicate stopping dogs the racing session to read to you as I see in modern badminton how many. Point statistically winning singles games. Once it's dealt. To know how many candles are on the menorah. I also know it's can now. Sides not to you as only some black horn and was first used during which war. To our little or no. The key question all kinds of ways does the term black market was first used during which she wore her. Or making all yeah. I three true. Cochran I got tiger comes around he he was her a couple questions asked. You know that black market question is fascinating is it yeah I always and that was a wave what I mean maybe it is way old but I thought he's Wiki way you'll wait did Lille I mean outside and go back to like you know well all I won't say Pakistan. All all they ask. Well I've well you know we'll be and I lookalike and a room the guy who received his summit ST now the oldest person in the room now yes. Tonight he gets his own leisure and here you never believe he'll never be shields for water I want got a rooms he's the old man. Gosh you are Steve Graham RNC came refineries and I know I lost my boss says yeah you close your blinders. Czar anybody. How does that do covering almost got to almost meat packages you've immediate season I don't want me. He's a man and I cinema this class OK okay. Good somebody else. It's big guy somebody stole your thing man you know what amount to do Saddam blindfolds on my gosh I'm let me get to a site in you I think he I think he won't he'll play this scene if he can see I know this is going to be weird and ask you this is the last thing it. Unity yes to fifth. He's pac man Mays features 240 regular Dotson how many larger power. Well it's yeah as it. What is your real first name of the singer Boy George George asks what did you French art museum has a glass pyramid did its courtyard. Who don't use yes no place like das is the main component in the natural gas. Methane gas motor racing what color slide is used to communicate stopping of the entire racing sessions to our red flagged as it's in modern badminton how many points typically when a singles game two seconds now six. Now not now or how many candles are on a menorah. I guess the term black market was first used during which war. The word meetings well now. Top us. World War I as what's key is to you right outlets to be on a standard keyboards are close my eyes now thanks held. Snow tomorrow now to Trenton is he capital of what's statewide. Nose to New Jersey to ask okay 12345678. You win 8% three EIM sorry Tom. I. Then he got through its and it's our you next time tiger tunnels. Next time we collender. I have a better story he's all right he's gonna. Salamanders Steve the world's greatest salamander gas still confers blindfolds. I really thought for some reason black market was something that happened Mike you know during the bizarre as you know in the Arabian nights time but I DN. There's an English is that why is there anything so that's probably why one of those things. Death I didn't really put that much research into another World War I is more recent than I expected that term. I'd does anybody know how many points to glee when they singles. But didn't get 21 yeah. Now then you should sit Toney one he should have but didn't. You're going with this newsroom I'm happy he is triple now because he can't find his wife and over Greenland that go I don't know usually you bring all of your stuff and did you leave it not hurt myself if every shell. Sometimes I use use me things are loose in his act that's my my ball up the gap. Tenth SARS news. There consulting that you knew blindfold loses she wore one you do you yelled out you're occur right well I said no Michael look look there right now I would assume I was three Jack yard I guess three and I I don't know forward and I was canning that as an answer for our New Jersey question statute that the equipment is still like rats all fairness. OK it was well yes sir lusted after literally knows where he was today. Chris says I didn't see it I go well is black and they and they and the constant and I'd like the tables Glaxo sometimes things are visible and when you're an Ari man. That's what happens in a hurry you just don't see stuff. I'll invited all's right with all worked out everything has worked out and Steve you still managed to win with the current congratulation. Act tolerate you also congratulations because you're gonna see Robert Plant a sensational space sisters caller number 8206421. Rock just like that not a you're Tyson does take you mentioned your brother's coming to guests watched the show and everybody's saying Steve are you going to ask about what what is the middle name is. Steve yet and LB news middle Brothers middle name is I estimate is milanese daddy or hey you see you'll you'll embarrass us if you do that had a why do this sentence. I don't know I do you not be a jerk maybe just don't be a jerk unless he had jerk at me saying you don't know your Brothers middle name is not mean being interviewed you being a jerk for not know that's starting drama you ought to bring it up he doesn't know I don't know his middle name oh he knows. See that's why C again this is the problem that's why I am not excited for this visit to Gerdes do Jewish. Another dude you are. I'm just trying to hold you now you that I don't need any help I don't need to know his middle name and I don't need we're gonna go out to breakfast that I needed to be on mad at me because I don't know is Mel makes a good or bad if you don't know his real name little how would you be mad if you're Barry if your brother didn't know you're god laugh. Now that's funny I don't know maybe my brother would laugh I have no idea because a million that is my dad's name Sophie is a moment only and it's silly. Unless he just doesn't hold the mean sometimes you start to actually in yeah but he knew he may forget that you were named after your dad I know my Brothers and only needs named after my brother has my dad real well I'm sure he know my brother is I'm a name you know some people most dozen other people don't stick out you know. I know it's crazy it's going to be awkward no it's home you're gonna make an awkward you can just let alone I can tax. I kind of stupid text your fans over there can leave it alone until these are your fans know they're not they are concerned they're concerned about it you don't know your brother's snowman all textures for the most part of your troll fans they are and that you started with your Titanic do issues with your podcast you can get our people techsters. And they're all just a bunch of trolls and haters of me I help him as I have one fan. I don't know areas because it is not use a computer you know he's musicals. And so he says had the middle name via beat me this question. Oh that's a good one ration ask me what is PJ Brothers middle name. And how would you know you have how anybody knows that and I'll go man Vijay always says this and I can't thank god and right and we have a whole plant senate and then we can bring him up on the air and say it's always like not that he's not guys that. Why always and he doesn't lie you look a lot of people don't like his intention yes and you know putting him on the radio he might trip I don't think he's expecting them so I should just reasons why a one of the Stanley easy exact opposite of me announcing he would going on on the violence yeah I would want to be and how does that mean. Well I mean you look like a serial killers totally citizenry as both of you are deuces I wish my family wasn't coming. We're going to move them into I don't. Oh that was a bad idea and I wasn't good humor and he said hey I like to see your radio show and I'm like really issue you wanna see that because I know you two idiots are here and outsource I love BJ for hearts. All right BJ TDs for lice. What does that mean touchdown Vijay take tank Duchamp. Always. He's got I've never met somebody who's a Titanic deuce and a friend of mine that's I I I don't know how that exists. Got a Cadillac. Idea. How we do lists we're not you if you ask your mask. You don't ask so fast we just go for the restaurant I I don't know guys are gonna come up with some good you guys your A holes no I'm going to put you in a weird spot you have a nice day all really. I'm an LA guy and your failure are really let you look about my family. This is my daughter works here you put me in a weird awkward spot almost every day what is we shift the blame to leave your kids and we see I can't believe your daughter doesn't know her uncle's little mayhem remembering out and I your Aussie or find new ways of bringing up a time of hope and I know you and reveling at the other end Danny probably will too because Danny. Reduced to a happily sign an article or something that talks about weird celebrity middle names and then they're like hey what's your middle name what I see I see you talk to more than Duchamp new to us trying to be helpful yeah I did and when you study shows what what type of person your based on your middle name off it every nor other big Gary what's your middle they've paid. DJ brother yeah ditto for me. Apparently your jumped of course I don't I'm not related to and I'm not a tigers first then maybe you'll talk to you don't know his name. That's a poker. Under the hug when he comes in the studio and I'll ask him to be like hey I'm Danny hug what's your middle name I mean if you wanna get steals wall and just check out of eighty whether we all introduce ourselves by U hi I'm Stephen Williams nice to meet yeah. Yeah nobody does that what is wrong with fuel. I know Danny don't hug people ask him a mania free and Graham Rahal well yeah that's they've got a great idea now Vicki watching yet to block any other embraces him very tightly Gil can score squeeze the Biden while he does that I will grab the law and he'll think it's just any chance and users -- any minute you wanna you wanna squeeze my brother's ass is that what it really is what's happened to squeeze him ended. It's gonna put all the doors Malan it is in the front pocket just is reached on his campaign that part out yet that's perfect with his wife they're sure you know that's and that's great says selling Danny Seattle things that's it or yes a Seattle and yet that's what we'll say some is a great idea I don't care anymore. Tell me to fill the form to be in studio that requires his full name yeah. We could create a waiver. You know it's okay her point to come and see you moron yes yeah and we'll have heart attacks and say why. I I don't I don't hear if I know he should care I care family man so I know his name what I. I ladies come here and I'm not I'm I'm gonna gash on the nice time. Got to the edge water that's a nice hotel has a great hotel I know you know really busy in recent group reasons and removed plus IC I did tell my area that's where it's lets the rock and fees so tournament is that Bloomberg. I didn't I just tournament remind ornaments and then. How Terri until badly and we all kind of guessing they'll name and whoever is the closest like if and his milling is William and someone guesses you know Willard they win it. We can make a bet for breakfast BJ you could wind Brad Pitt for you mom are you pregnant. I always hear yes sorry I think the waiver might be your best bet the waiver is nobody's best bet I don't even know his middle name is to a study that says that and bring your middle name dictates what I artists doing this. Why because. A mile wide. Because demand a listeners one day so listeners you know the listeners can do. What are listeners do and ask mighty that's for the listeners who you know why how now OK I was a little extreme thank you stop my do. That's a big I mean that just seems low excessive well you know what they one of them Amanda got the word for it about that. Let's next. See unlike other radio programs are about the listeners. They go that's my Christie gets my brand. Person's name shake hands. And end buttons. And welcome just and don't look over as chancellor response from the man. Coaches think there ought yeah that's great. That is fantastic. Why is this thing than anybody by anybody need to know me you know it's probably some you know regular middle lane. It was a new one or maybe he's listening right now he meticulous just check out what this show is all about before we get there yet I got that I I believe me that I focused they're flying into town today animals are already here is a come from these coast. And then it's already an embarrassment he couldn't listen online the whole time I have no idea who did the author of the first he says is hey just so you know my middle name is. I hope he says yeah a little noisy scene that remote there with the kids he's not coming in here. All of them joy or sorrow ask Joseph Serra will not ask him anything serie a forbidden to talk to our family. There we don't I'm done with this. It's he camping on and I don't know his middle name that Sid did that that's gonna cause drama when there's an all right here's Peter's using loser and help from friendly and loving co workers and current Seattle Chris you know what I hear I hear someone is not on the style might do that's what I hear about somebody in her own. On FaceBook says don't worry about to be generally no one in my siblings middle names and the two of them it doesn't matter and they don't care. Full support of BJ there we go finally. Sanity in amongst the listeners is that person doesn't to style your do you yeah they don't have to. Hey today is a pretty big day as you have a chance of owning a piece of Seattle Mariners history how about this one of ten to street Jude is false. Now I was noncommittal or. Particularly hit just unfortunate for the details about it 770. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. You nine point nine K guys don't give Iraq from Seattle. Well later on this morning had a chance to buy a piece of Seattle Mariners history. The baseball that was using Ken Griffey junior's first Kingdome Grand Slam. Is up for sale and can more food. Wallace also autographed by a junior that's cool yeah they grab somebody that's awesome but like it's more exciting if you actually caught it. Yeah you know. But if it is the autographed ball first Grand Slam hit by kangaroo viewing area that is until it that's yeah. If you want a shot at getting this finger for junior ball autographed auctioned starts at 9 o'clock this morning. You can bid in person or you go to Murphy auction dot com to bid on it only I denounce or indeed the option voice guy. I again and aviator and how much fur Kerry calls I got 500 congress you malls tax exemption he secret he's balls all the time. I tell you to the production there and you know David David you're the guys fight for mother manager Mike hawk he. He's not here yeah Mike you know he did that in an auctioneer family. All dude it's a legacy yeah he's a legacy auctioneer her. Eight exclude animals just a third person that I know who's an auctioneer may be because it in auctioneers and radio broadcasters really go hand in hand makes sense chemical laser ECB radio and then transition into being a generator there ahead. Good to an extent I don't know if you're really doing them justice let's say the other day they were everywhere from Internet and how much and everyday everyday at the I'd still like the auction go well if you're in charge. Yes so if you like Ken Griffey junior's autograph to Grand Slam ball first one that was hit in the Kingdome. And again I left by Griffey 9 o'clock this morning Murphy auction dot com or you be there if not it's as you can get on person but I have no idea where they knew he had. Com so yeah I knew this place again more that. They're doing the auction arrow nice I'm sure if you go to Murphy's auction it figured that out I guess you're right about your favorite editor editor at a red. Our topic. So some Pia you know what you got some big command I mean if you're I have if you're wrong like Paul Allen or somewhere in the vicinity you might want a piece this mariners history. As Ken Griffey junior's first Kingdome Grand Slam autographed balls being auctioned off. And based on this doesn't have to be sports related we wanna know what is a piece of Seattle history that you would like to own. It's just nasty sports related to 06421 rock Texas 77999. What does a piece of Seattle history that you would love to own. You call your text after Weezer. On the rock. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Nice KI SW Iraq come Seattle owns a piece of Mary's history up for sale today Ken Griffey junior's first Kingdome Grand Slam. This being auctioned off base on this doesn't have to be sports related what does a piece of Seattle history that you would like to own. 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. Co Zack and some are you Iran Iraq. Good morning KI SW according to Zacks. It's just I don't know if it's I don't know it's Seattle history but since Jimmy Hendrix is number Seattle. The guitar and he's that umpire Gary would start I'd love that. And that would be cool. Yeah that I had yeah he's got iconic you know that's just. Gap ISI think that's a reason Seattle history because he's you know he's the guy. These are exactly yeah I that's over right now about Lyndon Johnson I did but he and the great listener of the Sony Sony game media conglomerate of. They're my guys write those that don't breathe and your phone so much designs are greater. Sorry there tech it's a phone go top of Jimi Hendrix with a flaming guitar you have that is cool sizzle to peace there. Yeah I physical thing a good call goes act that's a good one to have. When that was a. What do we need to look neutral yeah. I just takes the team on trolls dowdy cool that differential in your basement. Obviously given your yard but okay can you are Rea out then people gonna come overtaken pictures all the time employee you wanna try that yeah see debates and that's a BS troll you have a BS based do you fit in there hopefully yeah I don't know why we awkward. Yeah that would be good that would that Wembley and just think he's walking now and go dude is that the troll you can't control your house percentile semi nude because that like. A piece from my old cloud that's no longer around like Marky you're that assigns a rock candy. I don't know where hello yeah I don't the room for a meeting in the garage but it would be really cool just to have that just because of the memories yeah I'm with you on that one man that would that. That that would be cool to have permanent select the pipes are organs from pizza and pipes all yeah. Really surely don't think of these things and see if they would I think they were given to what's it like when about the knocked these buildings down or some my dad was like women with David Letterman when you don't the Letterman show. You're just tossing a bunch of the stuff from the sat there are people outside like I'll take this spike. Yeah that's a piece of history if not isn't that bizarre that it won't just throw stuff away when you like. We don't to a place shall put this because some don't wanna displayed this on texture as the best suggestion ever. The paint tow truck Isa sit on Mercer. I'll I told yeah. To date so yeah I there's Honduras there's a Clementine toe to toe truck they hooked up to a news and you know I forgot that wasn't even there anymore cause it then Paul I don't even know song yes that was a cool truck. I want that plug the lusty lady marquee. W plus. You know the saying is is that they were so clever but yeah I I would I that would be great and the marquee these two year old Croat clever science yet that's what I was gonna think gene not dead stabbed at the marquis from the Rainier brewery just the date are highlighted like original one like that in my in my house yeah it's a serious as I want to be Arthur Rainier version gets stuck being on it I wonder where that is. Because I them DR they have now I don't think it's a sea are down and out the same yes definitely not the same. Hey would you like to tee they put up they're for tell is that was a move that could just tell. Yeah I'm visiting Moran thinks always done. Yeah I've seen it's always and forever now I think about it. I'm on the lookout for them yeah David good coffee I feel badly about it actually kind of preferred to all these other brands in the hunt down but now another guy proposed fine and no I did or aren't well I know gun on the 11 round is gone the one of them don't is where most guys I haven't seen him around anywhere I think they are officially gone. And NBC it's always Lily thought it was Seattle close. Okay do there than back then they're done Steve would you do I do anything to us from mining goes there sounds like it's easy Mattel is not a big about it I want those green teas. As a word let's go to Soviet Tacoma Sylvia you are on the rock. AB JK. Some of these so I Don I'm doing well hey sweetie. I'm so glad because. I worry about air I don't call really we worry about an idea or you. You've got to get some extra quality I may need somebody they're extraordinary saying your right hand I didn't choked an hour South Korea announces okay. It's an order out Soviets micro U I it's my coworkers they make you stressed also be the only guys that we don't I wanna get Sid hey it is I end my dad's. Yeah I understand your quick speed you look at meg yeah you know sugar shack. Sureshot maybe yes salamander mass. Yes shares shot shouting and that is sure shot yeah you're zero and I'll until I am amazed Paul yeah now Eisenhower right. I'm on its own and even check my nieces and it's not that he's well that's yeah. Armstrong and they need to major remind you of anyway yes I have a gargoyles name Romulus. I'd like ordered. Does Fremont street troll eagle attempt would you call the shall remiss. Yeah agreement agreement and I mean I know I. Am glad I did not and I got hit I have to go to other light gas. Tracking and heard some really you eat Greek name has cost you your gargoyles. The first month and a he. About it harder you see. Terry Gregory yeah see that's a little smaller than the true yes I know I'd. Yeah thank you know I we can take the launch drag it out from. Hello. And everybody and it's not a question of mood this morning. We now well. They Sylvie just entered the shipping business you know why she's shipping a lot of things out and ask her questions. Wells how do we have the power coming everybody power we have we're safe tubular quarterbacks are quick one when I. They are right Sylvia watch your mouth earlier on knowing you don't want our children today dirty Bernard. Dan internal yeah I do I not be I mean I came colleague you're off to I don't know why citrix. Let me amend your. I share Coburn that's over I always allowed to enter NASCAR races. So he's basically release and now they're in the morning you woke up decided to crack open a saint Pauli girl. I just short supply. These. I'm that's my second question I guess so yeah you'll wake up we get to our continued aero kit who write in the hole you. Is that true. All it can be your mother dared that's supposed dance. Are you sure you're all of the things like seasonal guy you see how I would say I shot sixty. She sees is a little read my mother and she knows I'm ancient kind Danish. Gonzales actually air actually cares so they are you retired. Yeah out. You bad. Well I wake up on some odd reason seasons all he's girl what's. I'm glad. I got amazed blind side no word again and that's why I go I get a stretch you try to do I get every day ally and I Nantucket and discuss their own. Islands enhancements the latest magazine. Such delays to mention I know I got didn't they all baggage he'd only taken out of gratitude around these indoor Nidal and you haven't. I edit mode and a thousand milligrams. Okay yeah I don't know much about that is not a lot of milligrams that is yeah. Yes we have seen so we would be up and for the rest yes. Actually you got planned to address today is Jay DeBoer yelling at day MSNBC news all right. Listening and then listen you guys tell what you charge you can maybe lab itself. A slightly better. They don't why would I watch MS NB news if you really wanna have a good life why would you watch any news or mean I would think that scene is the exact opposite in the wake him make him feel good. Well I'll tell yeah. Because all of a sudden I got some curry yes good could possibly destroy my whole life and majority started and he has. Stopping his dog destroy Sylvia's lives Estonia the you know I haven't won Morse in Paula these girls and had a good consumer. How close this is like a train wreck I can't stop listening. She's my spirit animal. And Sylvia. Trouble in my inch. She's sixteen it. Is she says she's sixty yeah Paul I didn't hear that part yet it is totally underage she injury I think she's she's due in three years Vijay and his arm inside him three years I can't get lucky and a ham. How did you some of those animals and see what happens I I need to do some from the in my life and I cannot. I mean so that was a wonderful woman government managers and at the Rainier are is that a museum it's of the most high museums and people said not after this weekend. Yeah. Well I'd like every parent out via us. I'll take a tele T and and nobody wants that that I dated February through the trash right here if I didn't keep it see that I sort of taking because that's one of the most infamous things that ever happened when they replaced the Rainier are with the tele T. Even make dreamy from both knew he'd be he ducked under the deal after that. Well person says I want to nonesuch have Bruce Lee used quite matches and played ping pong pool. Okay hey let's go to ease would. He's put him until you are on the Iraq. Extraordinarily are in my. Maybe. Trust that's shows some great calls really yeah I think he's alienated materially music all the minister on the in miles he's got some news to me on the chemical on little news slow and so now so slow you go to Germany or most. I don't really know how well this happened saint Pauli girl's and you have this morning's to a stereo now. I just been very exciting dual mode here are so proud of battery operated born son. We told you don't my you know you came bubble really start tomorrow meanwhile local blue ice ice donor essentials this morning this is fantastic I created and last. Before you can share in years so. And really the guy like minds and you I. William Taylor a mental game on down Obama different local personality a little much you can't Moody's criteria as you know yours cut down my lord there are. And so are our friends and and we talked me Aggies tied to meet again I started you there is a long time he's Internet have a cut down leaner and I'm niceties as long time I haven't had done Loren want to learn I've become friends acts and we made a deal audio channel I don't plan on everything so I'm being honest or no I didn't know that they're trying to come on the ground there is no among them just their unlimited you know small pyramid example I hope you get until that. There's 100 hey when she's not drop you know everything yeah well he knows he nearly you should talk to Bob listen you know I did this attention to ansari is so obviously a very good question luge all of this thing I'd like to is in perpetuity are admittedly are bad couple of Drury yeah Abbott is not the old arms it's a new union new include include improved improved on how to send them are like the old are. Yeah ever rendered any mention Palin and you realize you're when you're ready Virginia Mason immune hos hospital raised to. I guess leash leisure between shuttle service latest news and beyond don't kill I was a lot of hospitals are you gonna go to overlay can read my hero and I don't think can you probably can't relax a little cocktail hour. Or do that almost done in my patrol they got to show that once upon a time date here are this reality show that whole time out of your current chaos species true once upon his recent Seattle. Kaczynski's yeah. You're still shot three mile down there and Immelt. Puget Sound. And any any channel actually shown they are doing the right points on its high. Once front turned their shows hotel called lawyer and see I think maybe I used to condition our chronicles does that does take place this song on the current time is in Seattle and they are Seattle these deep innocent lives got to people who watch the show that say no you're not Smart. Oh that's right this was no Israeli smarter should be allowed just shows that he's Lloyd. Don't like them. Our mile and are now. Takes what are your plans for the rest of snow yeah. Yeah he's Motorola can't control about fours and it usually send a mom I can't feel. And in or there was some coordinated. So relaxing now that we're going on the Sylvia construct a day what do you do what he's so what are you building you do as a result of someone else. Now a hundred Timberlake they know he's very so. Closed are Mitchell. And we are trailers on there we keep my little bit me until you can't be so we'll have somebody forward are camped first. You know on the old guy is getting on Amazon and outside NASCAR drive to meet them yeah You should learn how to tell you are get a piece. Yeah now you know what I don't think we've got an answer from this we don't have we do we know what they aren't. We means committee said. My answer rancher soda both a leader Mohamed had a double figures or else senator John Mason. These candidates did go to big bubbles and as you know miracles. And big round ocean floor one floor. Oh really don't have what what are they give critics that that's sounds cool. You scroll. Yeah I share. Relevant science in the Jan and the science and I think he really you know used donor day and you say a senator Oppenheim boxer salsa there. Do you are a global leader that's a great idea. Yes I'm glad you are sharp you laid out torture she will be. You know stars and thus far might actually try and there. Meadowlands Sosa had a miles for us yeah I definitely and I hope we showed you some good respect I feel like it. So this is good god Eastwood is now calling you guys allow. I miss those days we UCL I did the mid day shows a deal raises the buzz ma'am we we get people like keys would bet. You know they don't get up in the morning so that I miss says it's nice now some getting up earlier apparently awakened big now I say okay. Consistent and absolute literal hell is going on with the callebs is there are no matter how everybody you know do you get a little viable what the old show in the mid day shows like results of people are always on my show back then. L is these crazy but he was right it was the last season. Seattle but it's such an awful show I could watch last season. And oh yeah. Like it was critics that the tire does do is once upon a time that's done is once upon a time it's like athletes say it's what do you tell him that in fact this chick is the scene here and her parents are you know it's no lie in prince charming in there and some sort of curse it's real and what's that causes guys you're watching Michelle Tapia all the Disney characters like else shows up in the season a lad and umbrella balloon you'd love red riding hoods. Hug and we'll Chris you want to insulate and most of the girls are really really hot. I think any more from Asia there's bitterness of that I don't need to watch a Disney show I gonna talk Charleston street yeah. But that's really all it has gone for it that's it then yeah. And you know and it's so this is a horrible so easily yeah are talking about our show or okay yeah. This is horrible shot out of the crowd hey policy I I think that's a fair assessment it's all the above yeah if it. Hey how about this I can't tell you what this popular actor who was once an easy easy top cover band. And him talking about it the Simmons 47. On Barack. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy costs usually with my office we we do flashy. It includes all your court costs firing these credit counseling credit reports. 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