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Monday, September 17th


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This is BJ specialist into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like a financial rack you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney Travis got yanked this talk about some legal options. If we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage consultation is free I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jackie chooses atone for the next chapter of quiet please contact me it did choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. W Iraq Seattle. Steve. I'm looking outside yeah. And so Saturdays and we have been crappy out there and I figured well it's it's Friday so it's not supposed to be so crappy in our brains so I fight a lot. The Democrat mere days than what might be looking outside including his guy who's a Cleveland cavalier fan. And I we literal about the Steve because. Crappy. I hope I was eating breakfast right now is not a great way to start enough by again if you figure Democrat today about the dude who's at the cavs victory parade. He was not that he was not said he was very happy matte of fact he was so happy. They picked up horse manure off the street. And eight hits. Yeah. For him. That's a fan right there is a fan right there man. Yeah is here's audio of other fans reacting to the spectacle. This guy's feeling the emotions. I'm watching the video all of bad and he's playing we'll toss up in the air that he. Is walking the streets where everybody is million over a million people. Turns around C some duke and his runs down and perhaps that disturbs the hell out of me as if very clear and that's why I am enjoying it even more and I thought Iowa look there's your face makes me that does disturb you you're not disturbed by. No I don't think easy dirt. I'll I wasn't bought me a solid on the Mitt and not damage the smell it. I I'd I I wish I had your ability to it just it just turns my stomach I'll allow. I mean that guys usually do a yen here and now I'm done I'm done see them thanks. What goes on a man I thought. Pop when the CR from the Super Bowl and I was their for the victory for granted. Amnesty any opportunities it would have been frozen duke because yeah so called as that belly and and as frozen treat. Why why did. We just have long suffering fans. But that's how you celebrate signaled that he was trashed him anyway though I think using a completely inebriated get I 'cause I think that has a lot to do that because I notice over family I've I was very excited when the teams I love won championships and dad never in my silverlight they say. Aggregates of duke got to wait as well. It is a big dearly you know it's easy you know yeah the gym. Maybe that's part of his workout plan at some extra protein like ally to say is I've been to Cleveland. There that they're differed over there. I'll say that's very different. Just different people in the folks out here in Seattle something to say and now me and him. Jared Allen some horse Don yeah I they kind of different just more. I wanna be mean but you know they just where you're called the difference hired right I guess that's I know it's not nice but only seven to say exactly but. I just don't think you see a lot of Seattle lights eaten duke but Cleveland there's. Granted he's the extreme it. Yeah doesn't surprise me it's ominous it does surprise some today would be surprised if you knew some from Cleveland decided shut out horse dung. Actually I wouldn't because I've been there and it's quite lovely place. I just love the fact that like he'd done a lot of like they did it but he does it ever want to react in the way they are and it kind of surrounding him. So what is suitable for you think the Gator or life. Are you not tell ended. Up in the air and catch is that it is now yeah that that's even on. And our next story of course is about this Ohio man who has been sentenced for multiple armed robberies. And so what does he do I throw feces in court. After you learn to be serving forty years in prison too bad the Cleveland Cavaliers there wasn't gonna catch the PC easy as he was the lawyer or is that shot does that get you at least as it's like cannibalism and away. Because it's not it's human feces as opposed in so you'll is liberalism now because I'm assuming any humans so you're not eating humans but it's ugly it's human on human TC interaction is a better view of its animal you know than ours at the same thing. As I I am trying to find your line Steve but where's your BC's line where a lot of feces consumption is there is no line ditto I answered a Nightline if it's humid and you have that. Right this guy wasn't happy for Regis tosses you out. Did the judge you as name is Ricky hand Disney's pirates he has names written hand. And he's four sutures old in the and yes there's quote it you just give me forty years sir because that was the sentencing laid down for all his crimes. He's you just gave me forty years we'll guess what and and reach for something under his arm. Well that's we restore in the field do cola and he had pill bottles filled with feces and urine in an arm sling who's wearing. Within seconds of the outburst at court from officials were able to restrain hand. When people. That premeditated. Reared in the Cleveland he had to committed thirty robberies was out on parole. How'd you do thirty robberies and you still get parole he clearly was. Anticipating that he was gonna get sentence you're still walk into that courthouse via. Confident in your lawyer and in yourself that you know I really you knew you gonna get off you probably wouldn't show up with a that the vials of experts. 46 years old EU had. Thirty operative and they give you thirty opportunities to figure it out and and finally go you're just in for forty years I loved. I loved that and I hired for forty years you don't give that cat parole again and you're surely don't let him have an arm's length right you know that. What do I love to be a jury on Niger and that's another trial. They just don't watch that unfold on men I know how accurate data on wild. Turkey treated with Austin what's a what one of the members of our show his wife is actually going to be a jury duty we don't know what kind of trial as well hopefully I'm close. Oh cool to figure out a way to get her off of the united we talk about it was she not be allowed to be a part of it I think she's excited to do it I don't know you know I don't I don't think she is well he's saying yes she most of after all okay because we are wondering if she loses to you know. Didn't wanted to do you know yuppie wanna get out of jury duty but they don't when I wanna be a jerk about it right turns out says she wants that you now it makes cents. While they go hopefully that Strauss entry. The trial of the century that be awesome. That would be crazy yeah I don't know is any happening around him that would be amazing but we have we have some in the audience that. You know and then if somebody throws duke she and yeah I was there. I saw the duke being tossed the minute we say we have some in the inside need we no longer have that person on the inside let associates. Bill sponsored cricket and I got ties that stop at the yeah jobs. Good point I ever mention any names yet. Could be anybody yet preserve it in their room who's not your kid and a is on Chris yes OK could be him. Could be Vicky. Add life arena. And Batman yeah. Track OK I track that you've done amount. Not off the juror well Iowa we'll see what happens buddy you know like she's she's she knows guilty people when she sees and so I'm sure they wanna keep around. It happens when man tries to stand as John Casilla grocery store what has happened today Friday is a great day. He's gonna tell you and Japanese get his for his sixth nineteen on Iraq. Bigs mornings. On the next point nine K I guess helps you. 99.9 KI as popular Seattle. Red dresses tomorrow. These are growing up airport way in Georgia got outdoor drinking great live music. The return to mens room cold case of a commemorative glass that's just for going to participate now you want the previous experience. There are still some tickets left but a I don't know how many so you you if you really wanna have a great time get early entry to drinks. A red -- teacher mentioned how amends real original red sauces lunch. And more we get those premium tickets get before they're gone. And a portion of the proceeds benefit Fisher house one all the info about men's room rates as well you know way to go OK ISW dot com. That's newscaster. Named steam yeah. In this world. Right now here's Steve made slit the news. But thank. Guys thanks to kill mortgage for giving us news and sports and got down over the trouble because well he was off. Feeling with the package. On one of those scanners at a grocery store there wasn't. Our package. It was his package. Because I decided that he would try and his genitals. At a Capitol Hill grocery store. To what happens when we try to do that let's you go to jail. So thick that the back your mind kids as much fun as it sounds like he would be out I've no idea what to run up for hold on a second this is not a nine cents. They don't care if that is false the one who brought the subject got to ask you write your own bag yup he brought to a home. Those happened Wednesday night. These are 31 year old guy at the self check out machine. He was laughing to himself as he put his genitals on the scanner according to reports yep U laughed. This is where things got worse because he came back five hours later got to a confrontation with the employees of rally came and can you guys scanning your employees. I don't know those engines you know you onetime. Okay now again and you have fun with that. Might wanna go to Kinko's and you photocopies of your spotlight that it. I total believe he refused got into a shoving match of the security that's a police arrested him for investigation of indecent exposure even we're confident that we'll. And ride the ducks. A couple of minutes and they've been in the news or something weird well they just dived onto a little bit of an accident. The driver for the ride that's position to take it over on Fifth Avenue priced at around 6 PM last night because well. It's just. Crunch the rear end of a car that was in front of now in all fairness I guess this car's small sedan. It parked right in front of it because in ambulances come by so the driver was attempting to get out of the way of the oncoming ambulance the right to dot driver did not see that car. Started moving forward and French the back of the car. That's that's that's all that's very ought to me quite an odd to you it's you know what you're just that you know what you're dot. Homer you know I am losing it was the band's fault or in front of the dock again fanfare and athletic. It doc has the right of way I always okay body. Fine you and he lives. That is why that's a but if if if speaking and dom at sea tac I decided I wanna make some extra money. And the best way that I can make the extra money hundreds of thousands of dollars over twenty years what does he do. He creates a twin brother to collect more than a 160000. Are on Social Security benefits. Thousand dollars in the event benefit from did that the Washington department of social and health services and doesn't Seattle housing authority how deep hole this dog was named Travis Edward Fisher he's 49 years old. He made a fake. Twin brother whose name was Edward Travis Fisher. And and went on for years they finally figured it out and he's now been sentenced to thirty months in prison and also ordered to pay. 466000. Dollars to the agency that he defrauded you that that's gonna happen. Hey if you're going to be in the Seattle area this afternoon you might not want to be. Because the president coming to town. I'm sorry five mess habitat. Think it's gonna be bad because you know that's an African president shows up right around this area down here in downtown Seattle. Some point in the afternoon never give an exact time but here for private fund raiser for. And he's gonna also cause some traffic issues tomorrow morning as well because he's going to wreck fest and I don't demand o.s that I don't know if you don't read fast. Again. If the parties with all the rockaholic delicacies. A tense met I made bad choices. I got hot yeah. Affiliates keep in the back in my community tonight around Seattle yeah and it's just lovely is an effort to is that you raise some money form because you know these politicians up enough money. Yeah you know. Mariners. Yeah I think it. Check out time could be a game under five on because they lost once again lost for the tigers got swept by them. Steve sees Jack he had a while it. With bases loaded. And that was denied that tend to believe on the blues in the game. For their sixth straight loss they had a chance to win that I mean act and the sentence that put around the board that a guy on third. No outs and or any other nation has egregious and you can't get a run with less than two outs like that there that's veteran guy Robby knows strikes out and bat and that was pretty rough so what happens now. They're taken on Saint Louis and Saint Louis is of for the plants and good ball lately is that this is ugly if USA taken on Columbia tomorrow at five yen it affects if you wanna watch that game. The finals on Sunday at 5 PM on fox sports one Argentina taken on Chile for tonight. And now the NBA draft via Philadelphia 76ers yesterday at the number one pick me to stand Simmons I was from Louisiana State. Far as whether 64 degrees and then this week it would be nice to 72 and 75 and high seventies on next week and thank you Taco Bell you're welcome to our go to on Mars well. In mean. Seat yes that is due in Rhode Island named Dillon. He went out to eat the other night and his server wrote the word fatty on his receipts. I mean outlook what are we gonna start doing this waiters and waitresses. Well noticed the owner found out about this of course he did the right thing fired the server. Who happen to be his own son. John I tell and I only owner this is did it sucks when you have children and the there's such losers that you have to employ them not that I'm Todd but anybody around him. But I seriously I mean because if they can't make their own way in life. 'cause they're losers you you kind of feel like you're on the hook in this guy's got his own business he's pro a bus disaster make it happen at a restaurant and he's got ABC's wife is like he. I don't like Janet. Did you get the job and the idiot Jimmy ruins your business by being more and you're right we and I think as that's the death blown cents you know I had that kind of negative publicity I mean everybody's his way to jump by and yelled to give. Negative reviews and they just made it easy for calm for this guy whose cause I karma fatty and you put on the receipt. Yeah what's the point of that happened Rhode Island and you know course knowing and everybody's very friendly you know after the all style as I. And grill in Rhode Island. And the more I lose weight while I do wind up being. Guided reversed it and go on. Our ticket against. I noticed two men and yet. Have thicker skin than it's like wait a second okay if you look. If somebody called you a fatty and maybe you might be the kind of guy that could be called that right did you like food I prefer because it junker John it's good. But would you Steve if I have. It's called me a fatty and then I got a gift card out of it I'm I'm gonna go back as I'm eight I don't get the B if I like well that's how I got to be a fatty. Right get them ahead of where it hurts. The best thing that wears his BIR I know I'm not stealing gift certificate I want like a private table from me and ten of my friends yet. And we do run of the bill. Animal forget now this never happened I like your plan a plan and not go back to that place is you realize it was the owners idiots on that did it yet and we came out fired. Empathize and would we go with a guy that has to employees on Sunday is a moron they elect and I have children. They're delightful I think they're great yeah they went on Friday. No they wouldn't now they had their own special gifts here's all stars owner Tony a pony is apologizing for his son wrote I don't receive. I wanna apologize to you Dillon from the bottom my hot I apologize that's not the type of person that I am my employees are. Or might my child that's on me. That's how I teach my children employees' or my kids are making more calm won't. I hazardous by the term person I am it then my employees' or my child. Well you're right on one of three this is clearly your child is that type of person and he's an employee so therefore he is also that type of. A person yet that I don't Sox by definitely part of that is I I wish you do more hardcourt and I like my kids and idiots. Now that's when I doubt that that that's the only way I would change it otherwise. I have to tell you some Stephen you know. It's something about that that the folks that do business in the northeast they just it's like pride with them they'd they do not want to let their bad people doing business at least my experience. And I can appreciate this guy because you know blood sweat and tears you can make a name for yourself in the neighborhood especially if your food joint I'll absolutely yeah live and die by your reputation of in the food industry mean you don't want to be known is that and and you especially don't like your own it. To be the person who's trying to screw your company over so you guy are like we would take to gift card and we go okay and accept the apology but Dylan now he won't do it. I think the gift card so I. That's like you know you only get. I know you're gonna get mad now than it did did did that it be guided dad called a fact. Because I think he's I think he might be younger guy because it's the younger generation. That doesn't have thick skin I get that it's not nice to call people names but you know what stuff happens in light that's not nice and you have to have a thick skin to be able to deal with some of this. There's my coming your way this freak coming your way because of a little adversity that thick I had to go to rule it out I'm too embarrassed to go back really. That's that's too embarrassing to go back that that's not to lock your game you're not able to get back on the horse really. And nobody Sidon than him I don't like it is thank I don't understand not I'm not saying that that doesn't hurt that doesn't. That win out I (%expletive) me off is while it's only taken a shot at him. On a receipt that they would dollar you don't know me. Go F yourself but. You mean like gift card yeah backing them and eat some input especially when they've been owner made it right he got rid of the guys like he's like hey come back. And I am gonna hand the guy who caught your fatty serve you some more food exactly I mean. You'll be thin skinned dramas to me songs how about we punish that he would. And you just keep force feeding him food until he gets it. That houses collegial with colleagues talking about digital Austin you wanna call people fatty what you're now fatty. Time to learn. I am so happy you're not in charge of government or any kind of organization why. Not make the same mistake. Let's send you call him a fatty are right. Here's some cows owns and until you Don listen Steve John Farrell and that's not how we do things in America young guys need a bunch of well. The Lincoln Navigator could go on you and your legislation could hit three bells. We did a good you can have your job back. And then you can lose the weight. Wow OK we regret I don't want this whole. What on all that midget or CNMR style what better way to have thick skinned and put a bunch extra pounds on honestly I have to do is Clinton Era of Adolf makes you done a great job with the way ahead of people. Confidence and a half lives top prize for and I I'll bet oh it's it's perfect obviously you know like. Don't like are gathering ideas that I have a guy know that you're right I really should do that more thought I'll tell you what I will consider this idea along with tarred feathered. We'll get back yeah how's that. It will deliberated over I love the city enemy the Republicans. Adore stars Tony junior look you did something stupid I'm not gonna fire you speak up for eight hours a day you no longer the serve people. The servers are gonna serve you food you just keep eaten into unit three bill that's an argument drones and it's really dramatically dilemma and foresee people's men and expo. Force feeding him body parts. Now all the alien and collegial they gave them outline to skip drank and drank and and and he blew up yeah actually pop like like a balloon. How out that's a movie gremlins get naked and having sex but the only thing I remember completely is a guy blew up from too much wine I don't remember that part you know what Steve you're not economists oriented state throughout the good scenes politics says that excuse kind of on the right track care about makers. Where that sued for a year. Oh that's a little better than force feeding him via the pantsuit. Was a hundred meters I. Arctic textiles and of course shall have your henchmen do it of course that yeah you're not going to be there for that good dictators never actually have to do the tough work they make there now. I. Know it and deserved all. So at least guidelines to follow you fall side Nellie went too far and Steve's world he's regime. Yesterday. The lion hearted over here's the problem he was against this one right. How many bowels are being worked microwave. Home thanks for yet she says that since. I don't know for our ports be impressed. 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And how bankruptcy could affect you let the process is thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time. At choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.