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Monday, September 17th


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This is BJ specialist into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like a financial rack you don't know where to turn for accurate information and bankruptcy attorney Travis Daniels and there's talk about some legal options. If we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage for consultation is free I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jeff do you choose says atone for the next chapter of your mind please contact me it did choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. At WA rod got Seattle. A fair when I first read this story when I saw the headline I thought. I didn't know Steve was a street magician. On down excited to hear it I love street magicians man but yours. And I I don't know Vietnamese and it is a street magician is arrested a when his trek. Just pulling off a woman's bikini. Well I've got this guys they're actually willing to let him do that yeah I'm not too sure about that we'll probably not a because he was arrested yesterday. I'll bring it. The unity closure Isiah and magic trick in the polls on the string. I'm telling you something entered again why. And this is gonna shock a lot of people but this took place in the great state of Florida are now is it. But we have other states. We do try to get the dumbest idiots in the in the country to report on I just I don't know why after all of Florida. Unless of course the you know these do these per capita the highest concentration of morons are right there I've. But he's a 51 year old magician of the name of Richard and he was out in a big tourist area. In Florida this weekend who say outlook magic tricks also watch Isolde is like I. And I he said he was gonna make a start disappear so he told the want to put both her arms on front ever. And once she did he pulled off for bikini bottoms. Her bottoms yeah I'll doctors god is the top I don't know why but the bottom seems even creepy kind of ranking amateur do you think this guy hey he's the David Blaine a pervert out she managed to grab them keep in closer bodies and nothing was exposed. And Richard try to grab them again saying. He was arrested for felony battery. And this turns out. Does not really the issue and just about this while calling this guy magician at this point he has done nothing magical yes I guess you know real street performers in that area are you know required have a license. Richard of course wasn't. You know he does license the Tonight Show your tricks and get approved it. The tried and a commuter not a restrictive I would. Are the good and it found that like the station that gives up the licenses anybody. They received some of your tricks Jones somebody come back to me were you ever did trick him like an annual license and then when you that your pants down by your ankles like yeah anybody that's a great threat. So you got turns out our boy Richard doesn't have a license but you know he's got to have Richard of course it is he does have a long history though of a criminal activity. It has an effect down. Again this is gonna shock you but he's been imprisoned not once not twice six times before. So I'd be saying man did this guy does he get the go audience right he's done on the judgment I've magic trick it's called you're not gonna see. Yeah regular society for a long time and we're also gonna have somebody hi there. Meet their faucets are always all halted its sausage trick. There. That's punishment for everybody boys Steve and Steve says judges yeah you get violated. Sentiment about himself why our whole bubble keeps it that's all fastened just frontier justice right there. I'm about economic how hard is it to get a life that you on how difficult visit to get a license as a magician but apparently they go through quite an extensive background checks we have yet to be a street performer and in the great state of Florida yet beaten it makes cents stickers are out on this month on the streets but you know here. You're around a lot of people at the exit these people religion you Rodham Florida Straits. Which is really holder for placements it was a high concentration morons in that area unfortunately does seem that way yeah. Well I'm happy to hear that they have a strict policy to make sure not any unique emblem street trouble is is that still there are idiots think a lot mystery and them. That's because you know what people like magic tricks I loved so yeah I realized I hope I really hope that doesn't really room that woman's life too much because. You know what I wanna train my kids and everything is there idiots everywhere please do not let them ruin your life. Because that's just that we we will we will do the best we can the police against these idiots but you know what there are idiots. That's you know and have a good life anyway I hope that's the case for that person and for it and yeah he's gonna have a sausage trick for. How long a judge Steve. Long as it takes a toll rehabilitated as its ethics laws that man. That's that's the trick right there Miley and I enjoyed watching it to David Blaine specials are a a case on. The deal like you know my favorite show and you gotta hope you watch it you should start watching I don't know what you feared shows it's dimensional lot of different chairs wallets this is in the world of magic Penn and teller's folding. I have full us it's fool us and that if you when you get the F few award which is really kind of fun because there their little Mahdi as and if the magic dragon yes. I love that child act news now. Off it's awesome and that is a new season gonna start up this month or icing next month of July dependents or less I think on the honesty don't watch it yeah now do you love that show you love magic so much you love it I especially of the street magic stuff but it did that god couldn't walk up to you in to blow your mind. You know. Not come back to the story of course Medina Mina. That when I had a few magician in my wedding it was like the my favorite part of our wedding besides you know of course marrying the woman I love yeah Thomas decided that. The favorite car. Iowa I caught myself well we know actually the number two thing wasn't your lights it was the cupcakes. Cut your white freedom like comes in it I think that public there was the ice Alter the guys sculpture you're like why should the top five with a favorite things Euro went as she didn't look at what which you five. She was number one man. And location but try to make this wedding ring actually disappear anyway listens. Less is a great show here at the the concept is is that magicians try to fool Penn and teller a day they've been around so they know all the secrets. And they'll give a little code to tell a guy like we know high did the trick and and really it's teller that really is that you're the expert magician and a two of them right but do would somebody pulls them. It's really awesome because Penn gets pissed and teller you know you can see tell them that. I mean there it like to full Penn and teller ago I'd done something that you never seen before. Is pretty amazing thing and they got this British dude Jonathan Ross is famous in England but he tells a lot alike old school corny jokes before they begin the show and it's it's actually I love the show so it's it's a great summer show on the seat dubbed they're showing reruns now but they'll have a new ones and address aria Summers here. The great summer so let's wait starts in July and that means they know goes from the late July and August and move on here now. You we've ever seen reruns are watching now buddy and she's let them make you. Here's a passage. A woman that worked at western state hospital. And she just quit her job and rather odd away. They should quit this bitch and a very bizarre wasted to tell you how she did that he's got the news for his sixth nineteen. On the rocks. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. A quick IKI has come in Iraq of Seattle celebrate 45 years of rock with guys w.s. 45 years or rock box that from heritage distilling. Is an awesome limited edition box at 21 bottles of whiskey and burdens from heritage is so yeah that's that's a collective thing that you want right in the wrong. And there's other stuff in there that really you wanna collect as well 45 years of rock retro shirt that's only available in the box at. A pair of rock shock glasses and a portion of the proceeds benefits Motley zoos so man out there right now this is what you gotta get for you or someone you love. Go to KI SW dot com to get one. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news with Steve mix but thanks guys. Thank you subway for giving us news and sports is just gotta love the creative ways that some people quit their jobs of course we always loved playing decides sound drop. Of our radio DJ is adequate while they were on the air weekdays at the age which is still the greatest way to quit ever. But I gotta give props this hour trial there's. From the Lakewood area as well as she used. A Vanilla cake from Wal-Mart as the way that she quit her job at western state hospital really she's now a foreigners and western state hospital. To dedicate delivered to the forensics ward. Now the top of the cake. It's that swing shift I heart you so okay nice dedicate for the swing shift happened and there's a line. Then all the negativity shows up underneath that it says western state hospital I quit. Weekdays at the age. And then says this is my official notice. The date on it movements are sincerely severance. There's a child there's and then big letters I quit as well it's. It's a very I don't know at the Wal-Mart made the cake for her she bought the Kagan and Bernard herself but whoever did it has awful. That means at all I think yes or do I think it hurts their idea I think she went out goggles gritty situation that came out that'd be like Tina. Like cupcake wars over here it just shows how talented people who do do the right thing for you big on techniques because it is says the red rotten job we have the picture of the cake on the BJ league's. Page a KI FING she's she's no Duff. That's no maybe doubt after a few drinks and blindfolded yeah. I love that that fact that that's because if I worked there somebody quits in the delivered on a cake I get to eat the cake right at it I mean maybe your bomb that Sarah's gone itself but. That that's the case and it's awesome now why did she quit yet allow bond to be very clear it's just one of the worst places right now. That's not currently are supported by quality training and now they focus too much time I'm writing up mistakes and punishment low pay long hours. And that's what's driven away some employees including Sarah and her case I I I wouldn't be surprised if we can hear that from a lot of people in the allotted for medical facilities around our our area. Medical industries. Not that good right now now I'm not hoping that somebody's gonna call of the day today at our fine radio station company but maybe if they do. Bring in the pastry Obama make that happens I think that's the that's the best we went out top pot for everybody I think listed that today's breakfast day three turnovers today. I forgot about them myself I want records Vicki get on that aspect. On this very interesting piece of technology in nineteen year old Stanford student and I don't know if he's gonna Daryn I have to worry about working again he just created. The world's first robot lawyer. Call do not pay Knoll. And it's as successfully appealed. All 160000. Parking tickets in London and New York I bring it up because hollow what's the next city to show up. He's expanding to Seattle course. Now what if robot cuts to guide people through the appealing ticket process would simple questions. Asking about like parking signs that they were visible and things like that. And I yeah it apparently is both people beat their tickets and this is so scifi a lot of movies I love men have virtual lawyers. Yeah where basically you don't have a real lawyer that for you just got home like like a picture on the wall of video I am here to represent you. He's got a coveted better name and do not pay because provides got to have cooler but a lawyer. Tuna he's like a famous lawyer. I mean he called. Cochran 2.0 cool I like that I like that yeah our fault 2.0 Visio like that aren't let's work on that. Hey wallet hub dot com to put together a hundred. Biggest cities in the country from best to worst as far as the place to celebrate the fourth of July today that based on things that the weather forecast parts. Where the fireworks are illegal and the number of fireworks shows and also beer prices could that is important for. Now do you think Seattle. Cracked the top ten for the best or the worse wow you know it's obviously I would say we be the worst as the weather is always bad. Well you're correct one congratulations Seattle you are the number one place. The celebrate the fourth of July yeah yes. We came home on beating Minneapolis Minnesota. On New Orleans Washington DC and Portland Oregon I was the top 512 I would be Portland they get they other stuff happening on their Portland area tempers little upstarts. Worst. The rate of Texas. I haven't heard one of them. And then on North Las Vegas and yet on whether or trying Irving Texas. Odd Gilbert Arizona. Alternate Bernadie you know California Gilbert's also not exactly a net income growth and come could have for the fourth of July stay here in north. Love that about human errors in the world of sports very exciting news for you see op fans. The Seahawks have locked up Doug Baldwin dog will be here for a little while longer. Reportedly worth 46 million dollar deal over four years. About 24 point 25 million of it is guaranteed that's a good deal. For an undrafted guy who a lot of people were annoyed with it you know outside of Seattle some people like you did today communities as this but the UST. Fiat proved everybody wrong it's coming up one of his voice coming up his best seasons 78 receptions and over a thousand yards fourteen touchdowns which tied the league lead. And also broke the previous franchise record so a great season and it couldn't happen to a better guy we've had great conversations with him in the past. And not what would agree what a great deal for him. I am happy they made this move because I feel like boy you know him as he and Russell are in sync and you just can't. You can't buy that anywhere else for somebody his talent to be that much in sync with how they do things around him the quarterback I think that's a Smart move. He's looking broad area you know of course Russell Wilson block images from Hearst Tyler Lockett. Brawls Jimmy Graham these are all guys that. Under contract for the next couple seasons. Next up who knows I mean I was I never heard of that guy no I mean that rumor has it has been trying to work on a deal for our buddy Luke Wilson so there's really no more hair then. It that would suck to keep him. He ever done this is an awesome. Yeah I'd Luke well he's you know what you know its biggest problem is dunked yet but that he's Canadian he now murkier. It's awesome though very cool offers the docs. Nelson Cruz had his twentieth home run Robby Cano had three hits including an RBI single in the Seattle Mariners won yesterday what's that again. Seattle Mariners won one game yet they want to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates five detail they've won our game against Pittsburgh for to take on Baltimore for the weekends and Baltimore's do going on Sunday I can't wait on to hopefully bring some luck to those parallels I mean the Indians are really on fire but the Orioles nude. And the sound is one yesterday as well maybe we Al Salt Lake over you talk to advance to the quarterfinals of the US open cup deleted face the Los Angeles Galaxy. Or those dreaded Portland Timbers on July 20 so this isn't like for the kids it is very different is the US open cup which happens in the middle of the analysts these gotcha is not the Copa America knows a whole different thing. Real weird and sad news happened at the NFL former NFL running back guys are lawn tipped him accidentally shot and killed themselves yesterday. And a car dealership he pulled into the dealership Vienna a duffel bags which had two guns from its trunk. One of those guns went off hit him in the stomach. He was conscious at first talking to people at the scene but later on unfortunately passed away. Again I don't know why you got bullets in the chamber in the gun hunting again the I mean I get with people think is labeled notables in the chamber Eminem fan myself as like a who's who defend Oregon and trot I know so it's like it's such a horrible thing that now. He obviously got them I would imagine protect himself and those of the things have resigned doing. And as far as weather 81 degrees and thank you Alaska Airlines for youth and sports. But I'll tell you it really does highlight. The pro gun folks the argument that you know guns don't kill people people kill people in that particular instance I mean that was completely his fault. Oh yeah so. Just unfortunately you know when I hear those kind of stories you don't need stupidity your not need it if you're being stupid you'd get get injured. You know learn from your mistakes but the guy. It sucks well yeah man I mean you know it's it just goes to show you know you gotta just be careful in general because like he has got an issue as they get those cabinets and tip them over on kids and they had to do voluntary recall and on and yeah dude I mean it's you know they just it world's top heavy and and they just come right over and they now now you see a lot of people they sell that thing they give the kid to attack shifting to the wall now because you just can't take that chance with a with a lot of these. His furniture things I don't I can't. Remember exactly but I I've got a lot of furniture from IQ and a I'm pretty sure most of the stuff I've ever purchased from there has degraded I just. Am I talking up the things I'm not gonna actually attached to the furniture and I'm like. And decades to worry about and what actually less one less step in building antique furniture I'm OK with can I get so frustrated by the time of the building that Pittsburgh. Answer -- regulate really got attached to a wall mount Arafat yeah I mean you know for an adult yet whatever you know you might you might hurt yourself whatever orbit you can stop that put the Boston hanging off furniture isn't the and ten or yacht and also when those drawers were open all of a sudden that that the weight with all the clothes all the sudden that's where it goes even the kids aren't hanging it is open that top drawer and then the if if they open all the drawers the same time for some reason that's when it's all those boom it's just you don't think about that you never we never thought about those things. Because usually the cabinet itself is heavy enough to support that. You know I mean when you go to IKEA. You get a good price for a reason you know it's not always going to be you know what you expect perhaps maybe if you go to a higher in store where they're gonna. They were gonna make sure this parts this way. I mean value in the dire producers there on those you get those pieces to me I think it's just. If European think like that yet they kind of went out this is closely you know so it doesn't follow our tip from the well I'll tell you this I mean it sounds crazy but growing up. Never was an issue because of the fact the way the furniture was made on him yet back yet date furniture just like to so's you know I hundred pounds. Do honestly we didn't have a refer to the attached to the wall when joints are growing up. Again because we just bought furniture that was Mary that way and we were not rich people we were we were starting out is you know my wife tonight. I've unfortunately. Things in me being me cheaper and cheaper and not pointing any particular store there's a lot of stores have furniture made this way. It's just something that. Mean I didn't know could happen because it never ever happen because the ways of the way effort has been made is changed. And people aren't aware of it until now now like you go all you have to attach the law everywhere. Never had to do that forecast for two was never made weak enough to have to do that yeah yes so let's say you're right it's a phenomenon that we now have to be aware of it's just the sign of how things are made these days it's if you. Aaron can admirable. Old child confusing to some the nightmare it is. And I don't get rid of furniture and just you know orca pods are ever going to plugs now what is you know I was going to live and attend. Go back to our ticket get there may tenth won't hurt that is outside the world this is no cougars know bears and now nut than the average year it's. Only a kid now excited and decide that it. And arming them were helmet. Off. But with his Family. Guy executed while our common error the Rangers tomorrow today is world. I answer voice Steve safety Steve. Wasn't even close to get this one right. I wasn't first boys got to become a US president George Washington know what's what's what's. Arsenio Hall oh. That we give Steve credit because you did eventually get it you said it was John F. Kennedy is way after the fact way. Every shot beat Steve does it only gets the right answer instantly to a 6421 rock rock is 7625. Played beat bigs at 648. On the right. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a lesser. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help what back absolutely one of the big reasons people file bankruptcies because they have a judgment or a lawsuit against them. Further wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their bills other regulars are going jolts. People sometimes think that you can't file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against them or want to garnish the stock has started and that's not true. 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