BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-06-16-7A: – I got fired because BLANK.

Wednesday, July 6th

Beat MIgs. A man calls 911 because he thinks he’s been in a plane crash after taking Ambien. On last night At Midnight, they had a Hash Tag War about #GotFiredBecause. Luke Warm Topic.

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Sunday obviously for so white river amphitheater and we've got disturbed Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge anthrax. But he's a window panes to be held a show. And you know me and it's the summer event. A tradition and we want you there. And obesity at that too is we've got this kind of four packs a lot ticket so you get these are great price he was three your buds. And check out pain and address the all they show you more info you know what to do just go to KI SW dot com. Well it's until black makes it is it went back at Steve are you ready for black and can we give shout out for lacquer by the name who robbed from lake Stevens slacker he's like let me get a wacky guys. Wack at me show you got it notably rob you can't imagine. Now now. Too late then yeah I heard about. Out idea that this lack of give a whack at in the middle active with the Robin Robin lake Stevens now. Yet black cat as an interesting big fan of the lack. That's very interesting to Americans as they we've got race in Tacoma ray are you there. Yeah surrogate war in order and re out what is he playing boarded a Steve rabbit I'm prepared to get take out albeit at a lot movie theater on Monday September 5 courtesy of AEG live go to KI SW dot com from the they're available right now any acts ass dot com all right Steve. For those playing and don't ray will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions ray you can pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Yes sir what ST three lettered name of the red grim list act which originated in Morocco. Path which characters could talk to animals who could talk to animals with played by Eddie Murphy in the Middle East talkative little ads which famous piece which famous magician on Halloween in 1926. Terry who didn't ask in Star Wars what does the name of ponds so she gets. The morning call and ask what cartoons do locate let's be happy after joint choice song. Many tempting as what relation to scrutiny due to scrap the view. Total asked how many watts make it kilowatt. 1000 asked what suit traditionally contains plans as potatoes onions and celery. I'm Howard asked if he shades darker will be the sequel to which failed. This picture to be very acts in the nursery right who sat on a tough big eating Turks Kurds and act. Merry now. Yeah you're late there they have got eight correct. If Steve gets to that could be a deciding factor on how well he knows nursery rhymes he knows the mummy tell it. Yes yeah. I believe is the one thing it's like a Mike I don't know if Steve's gonna know that inane. He does yeah I was surprised at those I guarantee Steve's the king of its okay there I'm nervous I don't I'm thinking about. I think a whack and it's a matter of that argue that he. What is the three lettered name of the red river this act which originated in Morocco. Packed snow capped out. Visor and a couple totals which character who could pocket and apple. Laid off can't. Eddie Murphy isn't that he's not know which cal mr. Doolittle and doctors who have only adds to what famous magician on Halloween in 1926. David vines. Our old. Brought it no no Harry Houdini yes it's worse what is the need of console will shift our that the enterprise and out. Talk to cut and totaled. The landing about a huge role. What cartoons dueled it must be happy happy to actually saw threatens to beat you as relation to Scooby Doo it's crappy Q with his dogs you know top uncle ads company Watson making the world watched 1000 asks what's traditionally contains plans diced potatoes and onions and celery odds lately clam chowder adds fifty shades darker will be this. Which fills it right. Catch 234. 5678. It is I. Don't yell at each other black black at. Security and leave you to do I think I'm honored to be whacked by U. At a mutual there and I'm little back. You one question you didn't get to bed BJ thinks you'll totally yet. In the nursery rhyme Lucent on the topic her Kurds and away. Moments Moffett. Intelligent articulate. King of under severe for a and he knows what's but that would you know when if you would've gotten there but it works and you didn't. Hope you feel good about rolling about on solution there is worth it. Absolutely. Look at regulations to rate for Thai human deaths big surprise yeah about that buddy. You know like. You have a shot at being C later on this morning at 847 because we do beat makes twice each weekday morning 647 and 847 so tomorrow at this time given a shot as well. It don't get the online on them adversity makes you play that many times go to the beach Jamie spate of KI SW dot com ST recently talked about you know and we cannot tell you. It's it's a sell them. It is man embroidered with the technical some that this story. And warned people invest that Andy and I almost drove off a cliff. It's I love that line just because he just sounds like he's on it as he's telling us. I've never taken and yet but I never have either I've had friends that I've I've used Ambien and I have received. We your text messages and phone calls. That they don't remember. Which is. Freaky thing that I that's powerful stuff to sleeping pill. But it causes people like to stuff while they're asleep and I realized yeah it's that it is almost like sleepwalking pill it's just it's crazy because all the stories I hear you would think and I would want to try to sound like a blast threw up going on your whole fake world. How do what happens for people that don't need it Lago it would it does for them because for people it can't sleep ID. I think maybe that's what is happening is that like for people and media you there. They reminded. Taken on different wrote yes that's my ass. Is a 70 yeah now all right and I looked like somebody got I was about his or whatever you set I was about to do. A semi five year old man in Renton took Ambien last month to help me get to sleep in light like a lot of people do he ended up calling 911. Because he thought. He had been in a plane crash. And he had just taken Ambien that's it dated to his name in a plane no PF full on conversation with the operator never snapped out of it and we've got the nine home on call for. He labeled as easily get out. Not armed and yen are you able to look out the window are you able to her in a wing from where I know I can't I can't. How crazy is that. Wow. And so he's a local guy around here now Renton guy he's like a campaign and I can't about. Probably watched the loss marathon or something before going to benefit I don't even play I don't know where he's just got this in his brain reward people about it and had been watching lost you're I don't know bad on this and smoke monsters. Pleased that Ireland currently hitting all my talk like a dad again. Here's doctor from a sound sleep health and Seattle talking about the guy hallucinating and Ambien. It must have seemed really real to him for him to have Coleman want want it must have seemed like he was right in the middle of it so it must have been almost like a real hallucination forum. And that does speak to some of the a potency of Ambien it can cause people to have this kind of disorientation of its. It's given to me an appropriate patient. A lower the dosage just two behind. So again. How does that happen in appropriate pace and did it dosages to high holidays farm in this stuff out to somebody. With all the stories we keep we how is this still being prescribed. When Tyson Russa walked him my boyfriend who's on the rocking chair buck naked. He didn't remember that he did this he was on ambient am thanks to my boyfriend takes Ambien I don't normally but I'm gonna find out tonight what we'll do. Right now Karl but I think hearts and out of you would be what that doctor was talking about inappropriate probably wrong dosage patient that's you right there. Wow. Today that you were in a plane crash that. But you don't have to say some pretty good is so much younger than 75. You're right did you see ya imagine I forgot was that. Guy again. Right Steve host he's 75. You think he's got 75 and Hillis made that too I think that you do would be sort of figured out part. He labeled it safely get out. Not armed and yen are you able to look out the window are you able there either waiting for more Iraq you know I can't I can't. Sound 75 he's not here sounded a lucid. Yeah she's like he's answering her questions. The guy doesn't sound crazy at all he just sells they have got a problem might need some help. And he thinks he's in a plane crash about this text viewed. I've a friend and I've known for thirty years she sent me what we've makes an ambient she doesn't talk about that. I don't like friend and a well look like you need more sleep I've even taken your Ambien how do you feel about that you wake up and and I guess he had to show or right. Yet I have to go there are these your body your breasts and that's when you know for thirty years. And I could start on a start. Today taking everything you do on picks and how that's really that's where you go with the story and as an extra credit. I go I can't outlive and a my bad I don't know I'm gonna start taking Ambien and disseminate your mother about that out of my circle be complete until it's all about him you better take it off baggage so misses out. It but it is not my wife was on in Biamila Biden caved in and drove her car crash small tree not sure where she got the bunt cake pan. OK I like the fact that she least baked before she crashed the car. You now that this half of that story is really amazing because if you know my wife starts cook and argument around the enemy and I wanna give them. When thanks to my grandpa got up was cut and onions at 2 in the morning and Ambien. Another person drove El Paso, Texas to New Mexico while on and on. Ambien and remember. And they did their tour they're driving a car it's like you can like you can call 91 but now when you get your phone you can operate stuff right and don't remember it. This is the weird thing about being human because. Oh. It's just like being black out drunk it's like how how can you function and have no idea what you're doing it is the weirdest phenomenon being human being. Yeah I mean you know personally went to restore and went on a shopping spree while on Ambien. And you and your responsible right. For an stuff that you purchase you responsible for everything you do well on and worse how sad is that it takes you take a drug that's given to you by guy you know. And next thing you know you're doing something I mean what do you do something horrific you've got to pay the price of that and you like I have no idea what just happened. That's scares the crap bottoming out they'll ever take that stuff I woke up some days you guys should be Asia out of the latest but he have a job anymore and you're going to jail right as you did a bunch of horrible stuff and you said Don takes the boss well that probably would be the good part that might have been the only saving grace of what's needed right. That that I don't like that man. Guy and you have no memory of it like you go dude I don't know what to tell you lumps. Right god man that sucks yeah I'm taking Ambien I got the might possibly hide my car keys. Did it may not be enough who knows what you'll do O. I know you you break stuff when you're not on who you continue to drop would you do you Ambien that's fine ideal start building stuff maybe like the exact opposite in your more creative and destructive we're gonna work you mentioned Minnesota at all. You know anyone Adeline and Ambien and Minnesota cannot let's get weird Vijay on both do it and then we'll not know what happens yep that's not on the then in my life. Besides it's only blame me for all the bad stuff you did and I wouldn't know so I decided to take credit for the perfect fall guy for ambient absolutely. And last night there was a funny moment on comedy central's at midnight that involved reasons why people could get fired. We got Gaudio freedom here at 718. On the Iraq. And bigs mornings. On the next point nine K I guess tell you. 99.9 KIS up to the rock of Seattle. That's not a comedy central's at midnight Chris Hardwick had comedians Emily Fleming on John Ross Bali. And now he's guess they had it was reasons why they hash tag got fired because. Here's clip from it. And attach tag has got fired because got fired because and today I tried to seduce my boss I work for my dad I believe. Handling a case that technically I'm not a nurse. Today I can type 500 and words a minute I put. Oh you're you have the job of YouTube commented. That hospital very strict about it sure in choose policy. And that's a good show Chris are that minutes of fun show and I thought Trinidad this morning it's easy everybody that knows. Watching that show because everybody's put in their own two cents on the reasons some fake put a lot of you are turning real reasons why they've been fired which have been pretty entertaining to say. Which is it's it's a fun thing man because we don't have that story real and that one timers like yeah you know and I get fired because his release sometimes pretty stupid pretty epic. And topic. Of course that's who wanna ask you man it's pretty simple if you try to hash tag war hash tag got fired because well. What would your answer be what would the real reason why you got fired at some of those were fake but. It's pretty cool real reasons why you get fired for finished his sentence I've got fired because life. 206421 rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. Aces sentence I got fired because life. Because it's accepted Jimmy on Iraq. And pigs mornings. On the rocks and he now nine point nine K I guess doubles you. I had to wait I K I SW the rock of Seattle. On last night's episode of after midnight data hash tag war abouts hash tag got fired because. And audiences of course they do on the show for jokes and faith in nova for entertainment obviously but you know we thought. The good hash tag we want to hear your real reasons why you've got fired to finish his sentence. I got fired because blank 206421. Rock rocket 7625. You can also text is it 77999. Let's go to Jeff and Bonnie late jet fuel around the rock. Yeah you're a Tibet Jeff would you have forced anybody. I got tired we're flying into the shops are not a little fat in my flat bed one darn sure Iraq and to have. I ended there is you know the boxers window that faces directly out of that. Out of our night. City DA what ego fly in the port Iraq so that. And guys it's religious Leila you are not in either college yeah curtsy. And you know it. Firing Henri that you're gone. I'm back here again now and looking at it the same company I'm sentence they. Not hot out there again. Well. You know it's great yeah out there actually one of the best around I won't lie and that. Yet now we're actually better than we were before though so you'd so you've got fired and how long you off the gig. I'll look out for about six months you know what you're around other EU companies. And then you went back and is that I still there is he gone. All yeah. Big spots and he's still there he's still there it out and how does he know your back. Our Italian lawyer hired me back in where actually better than we ever learn very curious. Great idea yeah I can't even imagine that conversation when you first candidate could you had to go to him Bianca I like my job back. Oh yeah yeah yeah it is irritable argues it. Yeah it's I'd love that. And I wanted to back asking for your jobs and I as you walked in and what did you sit the guy because he was like you're out he carded he had you're like hey. And how did you approach and get the gig back I I don't I. I applaud you what did you say when you walked in the door. Well I realized after I like the sweat off my forehead you know we were just felt any around in the center area where we gathered in morning and that. Yes that overlap you know I had a bike I'm back to where. And how long you want ordered forward or I don't know 130 years yet and there are already well which backed alert. It's like that's all its face because. Let me ask a question do you go a little slower do you still put the putter put the hammer down a little bit and drive byes went. Our. Abide by the rules completely Jeff good for you man you know like in Rome and Essex not cool off period I think it's OK and six Hudson went back in outlook the fact that I argue back and I both ways I liked that story the currency go back and go all right. Maybe I was kind of a jerk a civilian job back in and you're going to get the day it. When things those are banging some strange from Craig's list on my on a desk. And what I thought was a deserted office it wasn't. You'll need. Little Craig the strange on the hills so called deserted office desk does that happen all of us they've. I'm Nina. There's if you see this video online of a woman named Jessica she's sharing her story of how she was once fired by rates OBI and I hear she is talking about the time she worked with prince at the grammys. I was blessed actually work what difference and I was out in LA. Working that Grammy. Awards I've got time difference so nobody differences before me. At the Grammy Awards salute smacks to keep it secret about her it's not going there and Jesse prince and his back out of found a way to get it states that. No one's supposed to know why I'm here. I don't OK he sees this little roller cart. And he's like hey give me on this front cart back closet don't wheels heat isn't Arnold's kind of let alone his little brother carts and how. And say it's any pizza out this Obama he wants me to push him. Now I can not see where we go way. And we try to navigate in traffic and I don't really know well one this is little all mean pushing his middle heavy metal carts with Britain's on. So printed out and sue them Lebanon as that may not get answers you get answers. Company like. OK if you love prints song prince gets man and he tells me to announce. Oh man and he passed well it isn't what could be good you don't like her. Obama content please let him know all six and single out. And that's. This and that left me I am looking stupid and down and I don't know how he softened those seats. But he sound it makes his way into this space. I love as he gullible man little man's six and a half. Is June. Everywhere you can really. Make the guy look bad. That's not. Just I was blessed or conference. Calls the way and this video you're supposed to think after he died instantly GAAP. The Fed he died on insurance during the time that he fired me now. I guess there is amazing it's an amazing story very touching. I think it's great that the fight you could that you got fired by prince. That's pretty awesome that is very very awesome and it's a way to honor his life I think that does not picturing prints an average is pretty. Extravagant fashion be imagined seeing in whatever he's wearing my this defeat in the of the bottom part of his widest gluten. We've with the with the the Raleigh car as she called it yeah that's awesome that's really funny that is really really funny. She sounds like she's you know it's such a great employee goes. No. Plea of the right. Let's go to poking Tacoma Paul here on the rock. Which got his body. All right so a look at rather expensive retirement home first job I ever had a look like between them you know what I'd been there two years. And that would certainly resident cake they would like birthday cake middle left over like two or three David you know I'm a mining kick myself but that they a lot of money and live there I think it should have stressed this search so. I and upset that flew by it and kinda wait it. The good amount of a cake. And that's it loosened up eaten you started a food fight as a sort of revolt the rebellion for the for the folks at the retirement home yeah. Pretty much out went down. Did they did their retirement home to retirees participate in the food fight what. It was mostly just myself ring co workers they could've gotten a lot better. But at the same job once week and me elderly woman. Draws on the salad bar and that we do know what to do with them that's we. We picked him with some salad on the for the moment bosses briefcase. The existence of that front that he beat the salad. I well we had to keep it under wraps and what I went on like where the plate we're on all actually on the salad. Sells out so the stealth to the still take this where you draw the line. The underwear and the salad bar that's okay we'll figure that level at that you know but the state okay you're like that's enough we've had it. Craig good money later than loser. Be a while you what you're saying is you need some fresh deserves is really Switzerland. What Kate bickered at mine now OK I'm not. What they pay good money with the house right now. I love the facility up by the food fight with a mile. I never thought about going out that way that's legalized our food and love to be a part of a food fight. It is something that I have to say that I wouldn't mind doing one time in my life. Again at the matron worrisome than now reminded stained. Well and also that the food and soft. I have to start throwing apples and you know in hot potatoes yes stuff like that where you're gonna get seriously injured and I've got a problem that yet here he's like put name yet steaming hot soup he had just like stuff but not people have done a senator from finality I want the Belushi food fight you know and look what I am now. With I don't know if you remembered you remembered when I remember anything what I thought of hours ago thirteen years Russell Wilson the quarterback. Prison thirteen years ago were gonna copy Stan I called into BJ in a bunch of listeners came through made mostly bad comments about past I fired the next day. You've got. Oh I got something fired yet because the show him unsolicited scheme through made some bad comments about them. OK so he worked at a place where. They worked at a place that where they worked then and listeners called and said that place stinks is that they came through and made bad comments about them and the person fired all metal helmet and what. Trouble that I clearly cards he's listening I cooler than this person was dispersant mean us. And a whole sorry frank call that person. It's the end doesn't sound right I mean I use my but I. Just randomly go anywhere anywhere okay everybody. Slapping his quality works over there at the retirement crisis on the net paste job yet you see that your that your whole army thing I did you call them probably like you know they already apply and slot for Stan and you army. If I got bigger the title I got there but what a great recreation and then all the people that you're you're you're your listeners. Yeah down there and meet on the person and that's right exactly that's exactly and I am there right now and they cut hired death. I feel really badly now you know I don't want anybody get fired but see. I want to know that this guy was jerk to me because I have a feeling if he was direct to me that battlefields of equity of bikini for me it was a nine as housing and why this guy because I said it yeah well I mean McMahon. Victim do you wanna read that. I've that is. There's. Lately and it moved up their body. Thank you Massachusetts. Hang. They're eighteen years ago I we're gonna copy and called in to beating up to the listeners came through and made mostly bad. Comments about us I got fired the next day if a female the south and again makes. Still think it's again the matter of fact now that Vicky readily more feels like to data. That we felt more penis in that second read. Being BJ would now. That's right speaking of Victoria vehement fire for the little truant. Canada haven't had too many jobs and eliminate any for a little while and the mom she never really set out right but I can tell she fired me because. The kids are liking me better than her like they weighed. Crying panel I would I would have to leave in the mom would come and take over in nursing them. Simple question. Ups and Eleanor to clean experiencing zero. Six year old A that would be fantastic. If you're out of milk. You want from me. Cannot imagine you know some and he's done that somebody all locked in our insurer that is a 100% is how how disturbing is that you walk in measured nanny nursing unit Syrian girl wants politics that witness now something. Hold look at this we have the we have the person for the companies to pass all right are you a man or woman. I want. I told you. ITunes and what I feel that this is and why does all go down to what they do I don't even remember. Well it would not your thoughts to come here. You used to do the same way back in the they were it was like copy and hotter not Curtis saying all right. We're not really really good coffee and we did you know brought a lot of clientele and at our regular and got all our work on well I'm very shortly. Yeah I get a turn it back in the great literary. Yeah and worked with me you would really good looking but it happened right here. So I'll record coming in they were like a copy it had like one of and the America that they would all know actor not a lot of hot girls pretty wanted to cut costs. Out. Who remember this now I do remember this is a huge controversy actually you guys should get its name in the stands tonight the junker and the pizza face yeah. Yeah. And I'm the bad guy. And most used I was really. Europe cool if you put out. Everybody's all spoke on its current pizza face. It's a place that she's all right off OK he's gotten everything's good now Suzanne you know might be covered shocker is that all right we put down your license now. Now backtracking Meyer I don't cock in either and I don't know if I'd been listening to not urging area code it is not realistic. Is that why I'm so prices and I sure as heck wouldn't want you guys have to go through that grief but it sounds like you're a better place. It got there are now current corporate and let it. I'll I'll filing a lawsuit against you. To stand do you ever have to go get coffee for anybody has apparently those that happened. Or are. Really great I love that because I mean of all things that he go look at this hasn't happened I didn't mind on the job done and I noticed Carol has got a piece of basic and the best copy perhaps get a record around me. Awesome I appreciate the calls is that they've set that straight you know right now Suzanne sounds like a woman unlike Vicki knew I tolls on the leg match I knew it was a chick yeah. And you know what I remember that do I remember that was a big thing like people go I go get coffee as a policy hot chicks and out and I don't want to let him and I remember them going. Will we should make good copy that's it was supposed to do partly acknowledge disposed behind the only copy I like him type a copy stands that news reporter once report on. Women exposed their breasts and genitals and licked whip cream off each other for money pizza. How about this Steve's that you bring that up in other people that would actually probably expose themselves and liquid cream mop themselves as a matter fact. 62% of Americans say they would do stuff like that pornographic acts for a certain reason at all and it has nothing to do with sex. What am I talking about college you know I don't know but hopefully we'll figure it out at 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's a question from a listener my house is currently in foreclosure I stop making payments what can I do to save my house security in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage. You can't stop the foreclosure by filing of bankruptcy there's different types of bankruptcy. 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