BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-11-18-8A: – Daniel Cormier broke Conan’s curse by winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Wednesday, July 11th

Facebook Drama. “Baby Time” – A woman goes on social media to announce to all friends that she is trying to have a baby. A man in Florida tried to rob a house with a gun but ended up getting his eye’s gouged out.

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're seeing them all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at Vijay deep nation dot com. The driver sizes is important city get back and forth to work OK get your kids to school and I can afford to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy. You may have heard that it is an army discharge but they can be jealous and jumped thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back the going on the road unless designer Planned Parenthood to restore your license immediately. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose to write chapters on. Choose the right chapter dot com. Nine point nine day. I SW derived from Seattle. Did you Cormier is a new TU FC. Heavyweight champion. Any thought to be okay. About that I don't even know that it's good premiums at the Virginia Cormier but here's the thing he was on Conan last night and was talking about how hey he's got to break the Conan. MMA curse apparently MMA fighters tend to lose. After they appear on Conan show and Cormier was on for weeks ago. But he's still one on Saturday night and Halsey yeah I do to somebody superstitions this thing I would not go. I have no idea there was you know curse really came to colonel Bryan shelf so here's DC uncommon talk about it last night. On Saturday night he broke the current please welcome you have seen new. After you won this match did you think about the tone and curse immediately when I got some facts. The SEC are came over and he said. Great job he's gonna get crazy I said. Nothing screen here in the fact that I just won this fight even though I went to cold. Other people that warns you don't do Conan show is that right NEC and don't do it the betting line. I was like a minus 160 underdog the day after Alessio I was up at 240 yeah plus two plus and corn effect. I thought it was crazy down like everybody met their money on season. That's amazing all because of the Conan funerals because of the Conan curse isn't superstitious a big thing and enjoy especially with people betting. Feel like I'm not going against that he broke the curse. Thank you may miss a thing about curses eventually they will be broken but when will that happen. I want to say it's in the back there and I guess if at some point during a fight you began calmly extended a lot of all college show. Yeah well and is deeply Conan and not always right. That's what you would say if you're that guy. That's a good idea how many fighters have lost have to be on Conan show again here's Korea talking economy last month about the curse you almost canceled. On us yes that is why we got a bit of a bad reputation and MMA community. As I dated back to Watson. MA fighters have yet and yet it's just before I think about Ron the Rossi came and she got the grasp Daniel even double local media has come records yes O'Connor came before the first fight and you're supposed to be an eighty. And then he lost right. Just after being and I just have to be don't you show yes they had it and committee came in the second bite. For his belief Connor. And then he law yes. So up until yesterday yeah I wasn't cub yeah yeah. This is the death see where you're sitting in right now it's very big news and it feels hot yeah. Day out and he beat he'd be a curse that's awesome. Sentimentality because I'm the kind of guy were I think I want agreed to curry sigh I mean. This cycle both places superstition sometimes I believe it and then otherwise might not know. Against and I don't care I'm I'm gonna be different so now what happens is I think what the next excitedly says we this seems like when we asked to the site dead he called out Brock Lesnar Barack -- and rain and it became a hit WW we momentous do you have Conan does Conan have died Daniel 10 Brock Lesnar on Brock has brought gone because you hate Russell I hate Brock Lesnar out. Gas is the problem is this though the problem is is it now a reverse curse and now you ask Conan if you wanna win. Where you see the whole world imploded and have both of them on. Well that's what you see that that's the thing it's what I think when a bunch of people don't wanna you'll want to say I am now gone on and that Rudy fighter who Cormier psych I Stevie your check and heeding the one right I don't police I guess so it's well that that's one thing because when there's a current cigar you can do it I'm not gonna do it but yeah I if it's the other way around they're both going to be that easy now doubled to guess every tennis championship vice. Theories for this did you think they're really the manager of the agents for whatever fighters site hey arm. Conan you should book jobs Daniel Cormier yeah Joseph I've thought about that here's a great gesture really entertaining. Yeah tomorrow before that fight against my guys yeah that's a great idea that's funny I had no idea until this morning I don't watch Conan. I'm just I'm disarming radar and you realize that there is this curse it's phenomenon for the songs. I wonder if Conan was aware of it I mean I mean until it's until Daniel hit into it you know like he was yeah I did feel like yeah kinda knew that OK hey you we have this thing. That's great man I mean it's it's it's it's it's great to be known for some secure the kiss of death for you have seen partners like that's that's that's all out for baby. I love this story this is a guy I mean I I. I love the beginning of the story I hate the end of the story I wanna be there all day and he's young and any worries about the story yet the beginning of the story you know for a guy like me I think this is the way life should be you know but then how it ended is really bad. Com because when you have a hit here the headline a woman trades sex for car repairs. It's she likes it seems like that's a win win because I would trade sex for car repairs jets got the bill my wife has some car worked on I have such a mechanic in a heartbeat yeah and those repairs crisis yeah I did consider what is in his speech should be illegal you're right did your car fixed is expensive. Seats just I mean labor costs a lot of time I think I might even allow my wife to have sex with the mechanics is because honey. I I know I did the ABM assists on the mimic gosh I don't like the idea of paying his big cars really there we go back to go barter days yes you know. But here's the problem it ended badly for tires. Oh yeah. As for harsh. So a woman trade sex for car repairs that's the first part of the headline. The second part and her husband finds her and the mechanic dead in the garage from carbon monoxide poisoning. Is that story. Or do you love me I said no word on tour but it's easy not regressed and why I did well that's what happens you read a story you go hey this is a hole. It all starts off well yes you and yeah oh yeah it's a guy New Jersey got home on Monday any fun is 39 year old wife dead in the garage. With their 56 year old mechanic. So we only use a little LaMont dissect. Look there's a lot that's messed up for the sport man like I can understand him he needs own therapy in Iran today he finds out that his wife was having an affair. Yes that's going to be a devastating thing can be he just found out that his wife is now dead yes and a double whammy here and see now got to find a new mechanic it's very hard to find a good McCann. There is still several lined up with sap he may not have to pay for the repairs I think that's really. Yeah besides. It's like Dell was side which means he at least does not to pay us because. Well Fredricka we're gonna be that awful human being and he also the Oregon. The divorce settlement hobby Gerri well that's another good thing here you know I'd like. Always bright side if your wife is cheating on you or your husband is cheating on you. You know what I mean they are out of your life is it cheating or just finding a good deal I depends on again what your perspective as I would be happy that we don't have to pay the big Carville yeah this season that would be bittersweet for me. I know why he's on my wife is involved but she did save us money to see how how do so would they be have we have a six in the garage and they opened the garage or in his car. The car was running while they decided they saw must have been cold I don't know when this happened but. And then why not human too and they can you be keeping them rather quickly as an implied. Probably trying to keep it on the down low keep everything you know shuttered CDC. In NC would go one on instant I was seeing happen like he can't be running your car in the garage every moron knows that don't they don't wondering if they're trying to keep the music on. But he's into your car on its not Smart people clearly. Do you teach you what we have established that yet shale joint breakthrough that the car was running. And ordered to get all services are good well it's like you know what if this car keeps going as long as you can now I know you did a good job may access. All I serious saying yeah our businesses and cars working and because you know what some see how it is he gets something face than embrace like five minutes later you're already out of the shop and meals that I'd like yeah. This seems like the plot. A television or movie seem to Obey the most unbelievable no way does that ever happen in real life kind of things this'll be on his lawn order suvs on TV. Or as ESP here you know whatever the shadow on ISO is a special utility vehicles and so on because you know that will be a story there will be a story they'll based on this because they base on stuff on something happens in real life. That is going to be on a future episode. So this is also don't forget about life insurance disguised probably make him bank from it. Yeah how people say it this is a sing. I mean I don't know you know in my day you didn't take out wife's life insurance on your wife because normally you more than one that was the primary breadwinner so if he's a primary breadwinner chances are the life insurance is only on him but. I think it's a great idea to have life insurance on both people these days yeah I thought let's say you did justice to cover seen our clock. Funeral costs just in case yeah I think the big policy though I try to I want to do she won't do it. DBS are you asking her if I'm saying I wanna get my guys and education guide me. Larry as bad verio now how did the policy does she have a new Busch got a big coliseum here Gary if I go spend a good life and tell us arsenal there's a warranty for the work. Yeah this is their own shopping tends and I had been paid for car repair work sacks. Really yeah. I wish you can say that where this place is located or how many car repair shops are also others aren't so darn I was only one there's only one who had saved all of a sudden there's this thing happening by. I guess I don't have a problem with that look I understand that in society. Look we have horrible people. That are involved in human trafficking and I don't think that is the same thing is a guy that wants to partner with somebody who wants to offer what they have to offer I night. And I wish we could separate the two so that you know while we did not have the cops involved and consensual crimes I just wish we could. Go back in this didn't win for everybody disagrees Dirk broke with nation super hot in this is Matt in my twenties and she had all these touchy every trip every weeks in new tattoo. And SI saw enough from a friend. You can issues is trading sex for tattoos. And N'sync who want a world we live in the barter system is still going strong well it's look. This going to be a big shock but I think a lot of women Knoll that men value sex very highly in life whereas. You know a lot of women don't value sex is highly as men do not saying all women don't play a lot of women have other things they value higher than sex guys we have a pretty high on our list is how things are better than sex and life freely in the for a lot of guys not a lot. Idea Crabbe says yes either I mean Greg and it's not a lot but that's up there right there yeah. And what is so I don't know why we can't be adult about this in life who's it hurting is both people are like yes I am I open I'm ready to rock. Then then we get to have you know you should go throughout populist who has Kansas City Council at that one did it yesterday I know you and I knew he was pretty creepy about it just outside so much of his time that had a happy you'll never be able to garner the two never had that conversation recently is people just stay there it's too emotionally yeah you know but some day I think it's gonna happen I mean we. You know even though the trying to repeal it Nevada but I mean I was hoping we go on the other direction. Oliver's is that why you got a lot of TN TC's top Hodge hey my mom absolutely I totally. Do my body to Tony Mitchell. Anyway there you go let's usually tell if somebody that I wanted to have sex with was willing to light let me use sex as a way to pay for stuff. Like yeah. Khamenei I happen and I just not happening look at me you know there's some it was an ugly guy his death I look at some woman was an ugly guys and said look here's what I'm willing to give you. I realize first of all while I can't believe this has happened and I can't believe it happened to me. But you know I was ever gonna happen I'm me now from prisons drive sesame once for Burger King. Wow. Out of her fingers could run while I hope you got a full meal deal. I we had the whopper and don't pretzel crusted chicken Fries. Yeah plus you better you drank right. Drink going to be shrunken court again combo meal a problem I had doctors under the unspoken it's just I hope so. I. All right Jake. So easy you do you know if it's sexy but again everything you want on the mend. All right what happens when someone goes on social media to brag that they're going to try and have a baby boom and tell you the sticker price but it's another great addition FaceBook drama and you're gonna hear it in a seventeen. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI SW. When night came flying fast W Iraq. Seattle. And the Madonna is our opportunity when I'm the idiot senator on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook posted John sold because of it and of course we're going to acted out. This around BJ he'll play the role he original poster you'll be Ana Paula nice view he'll be Britain and I'll I'll read it you will be playing the role of frank street all the general George. And Daniel he'll play the role of Jean. Hey can you go down I'll detainees at all since maximum name called Daniel yeah serious reacts to it's. All right. So once again and is the original posters of Regis please. Take it away. It's that. Think it would just didn't just. They don't I don't get excited yeah so it. She yeah. Excited for you guys he would make Terry big hairy and makes it sure I doggy style with you facing north on time. I thought I needed just seconds with and that thing. Oh yeah. Deeds you really just announced that you're going to start writing to have a baby another juror. Actually pregnant yet why. In the world would you. Is this what our frank. Eyes. Until my irons. I. Didn't have kids since I was 22 but he didn't so. In this so no it's yeah it does. Did you sometimes. Just. Comment on following you on the journey for you guys gonna stay smooth glide to conception processed cash tax free amateur porn. Blue. Storage. And following. So you now say you are going to start having sex and I took. No frank you went crazy when I'm baffled by this post is well. Now we only have to Cigna I'll only do against it you're pregnancy speeds she posts about how they are trying in so over the Internet. Are you are such. I don't. Out. It was just. It's her yeah inspire your ego stop being so self important. And milk and make sure you get on top of each time did you wanna Merrill. But rich in need did you not see that this post two good sir. She knows how it's. Grizzlies are focused. She knows all the F. I think yes I tested positive pregnancy part yes there is not you know why call wow all that yeah basically that's what it is it's as we're having sex announcement. Yes. People I did this is a moment where I sit on follow on that person's. Gosh she's so ask I do all the time now I'm doing it again multiple anytime some put some Steve Jobs on follow I think you're getting tired destitute actually as I was the president roll free I I I disagree here I don't know why you guys and you kinda creepy dude yeah I don't understand that and also the and falling during his only without port security around yeah. How is she thinks she's an inspiration to people got people are just diluted. It really is so True Blue. I mean I know she's firing I don't know anymore Amanda maybe she is inspiring is someone got idiots I don't know who's pumping her tires or somebody must be excuse me yeah well listen I'm not saying she's not worth having sex and I'm just saying she's not inspiring anybody is set to be a moron. Okay they know how to take. Put it does do in Florida he tried to rob a house at gunpoint but the owner took the gun away. And then this is right on the game a throngs doubted his eyes out to blow. Out I and the owner's name is Richard golden. And since it happened. He started calling himself the beast. The beat us here to beast. Yeah fear community Taylor arrival they invite him on this haven't you come over this right arm was driving when these tragedies. I made my mood. I grabbed me laundry done and thought nuclear flotilla. Had training in those are trying to. And then nine there's still wanted to chamber Larry. They went off I don't know Lendale and I Nolan shot and now just military during third Realogy news I thought those. Bernice Scott Haas Salomon's fourth gouging is dollars till the top guy here. You're holding him like that's all gone yeah and beating his own god that you don't go away from noon dean list he said he Galveston in his eyes toll could feel his own congress go like I'm going when all gas oh. Hard drive deer at a we will see in us was accused of a nickname but if anyone deserves to get themselves and make me let me name as the beast since the beast gas and accept that the job and he'll probably make me use of the beast while any guy's crazy. You know sons and look I mean look he's he's crazy. And he's had military training. And frankly I am happy that the bad guy with the gun visited him because that's all I mean I want to have to be on the other and that's take care of bad guy with the gun. Wow. Good for him man. Why this is just all of my predecessor atrium just holding on two fingers in like a bowling ball through he's dangerous weapon on his own name in need to have many weapons because he is a weapon he's the beast. And when I said I'd get the bad guys and see that coming. She soon. I know from Chris don't you why you match married. Dude that's just why our guy is hard core. There is talking not so I'm not exist so I doubt these guys until I saw his brain yeah I do with the increased primarily look at them any assists. He doesn't you know he doesn't look. How do you respond to that story and a grand Adobe media activities summoned survived and its own shake his hand. Yeah fast track is trying to watch them but goddamn I'm. I wow. But then again military training he knew what to do good for him new Mac dude I almost feel like him and I wanna get some military jobs and do you like movies you mentioned for many years now. It's like the the three series I was really thinking game this drones yeah. And sons with over and Martell in the mountain just boom right there is dominant or you can go on the in the eyes you don't watch that show sea but that was an epic moment all of us usually wo hard CNN now and I and I see my heart broke overly conscious to a little yeah yeah this VCR this guy was a pretty boy and I'm he didn't die and he didn't look to see it either as soon as awareness yeah he didn't live long after that. Now that he's Steelers weren't around them don't watch you watching you or I can watch that what boiler his head just. Spots after what are known to conceal his brain dead just freaks me out I think I would have been freaked out and all I gotta fill them out. But you know you led then I would be dead because he didn't give you the list okay. That's reason. I'd we got a grocery about a burglar breaks into an escape room. Because I'm I'm one when he can't get out I heard it got this tax. Here in Washington. All yeah Vancouver. Yeah is a forty year old dude is he was right. And he broke into a business in a strip mall late on Saturday night that business happens to be at the northwest escaped experience. Always one of those escape from side. I was thinking about panic from all of this is awesome as always did. Unruly guy or some other one I went to Indy car release these harmless and our all of that is sit there all Ramirez wants a really cool ones and how popular veterans like listeners recently invited us they just opened up one in the south end. I'm there over now all of us who are making out some time this is really cool. So it's it's one has escaped Bruce where you have to solve the puzzles he really at all as a group figure out how to get the hell out of there yeah this guy breaks in and can't break outs. That is so fantastic. It's a great endorsed her for the business think about that they can't get out there. Yeah he could not figure out how to get out the escape from so we want them calling 911. And of course the cops came and arrested him for second degree burglary C allele what I had to do is wait an hour and they let him out. Well the problem is is nobody was running the John yeah it was an open at that time yeah around he was gonna be there till they got back in the next stayed open it. And but that is a hell of an endorsement the criminal breaks and can't figure his way out isn't that insane. Play on the senate to Adam there one night in Stanley called puzzle masters. Puzzle last stops on religious opened it up and understandably area invited us all to come taken out and out. Yeah I guess is so ironic and awesome. For coincidental I what do what does it do for the Vancouver Washington business I got everything we knew if you're anywhere in the area your I got to go check out this escape from to see if I'm better than the criminal. How stupid are you he well it's a tough dude I'm sure I mean I broke one because. I didn't realize I wrote I did yeah course she did well there was a wire attached to the book and an all useless dues is move the book. But I was awed I think we I think we should take out. And program at the wire and I read the wire out and they tell you a case things don't really give right away that means it's not meant to be ready tomorrow I did but I kind bad but by the time I realize how old you are a couple from port Elaine India yeah going in there was a sledgehammer to take out. Balls you see every movie and you told us that you be fully told a book out to have the secret Carl lives not a movie BJ ally Saudi allies and then a Stanley literally couldn't get out it's like well I'm way out. We broke the way out and so are banging on the door. We brought OK okay widget and I'll. Better and they came and they go now do you didn't break him and they said oh why you really did Brady chewy it's. They just thought we couldn't get out you're crying and I doubt that's why don't proceeds from this you Golar signs is a loser the I know Dave Dave really demand my wife was embarrassed as it was Hawaii's. And India and she there was just like this you really has since this is like why is everything we do you ruin. Ohio eighth sorry. Yeah. So I don't think your friends and American down their escape yeah holes to go without you gets to talk. I love to say the best person did an escape from whence uncle uncle Chris Harris oh yeah I learned about it yeah yeah I did on one thing I think they only had like a fifteen or 716%. Success rate in week one and not so I was very proud of them and they had doctors in dire you problems and his uncle Chris and Al Gore. All the words used Harvard team yeah. He I I now besides a senator it's my very he had 95 personnel and some others Marty's team. Obviously one puzzle solved and I'm like I'm good guys that's all you get them out. I'm here for the rise again I'm good for the inspiration sounds oh little b.'s Moran and Patricia you wanna get out a lot quicker I'll hold the flashlight that's about it nice I like to think he's promising we worried we were part of a trivia contests uncle Chris. We were number one in the trivia contest is not a priceless totally welcome crew after they get to your and it seemed too often attribute how proud of that because I thought Chris did all the work. I I tried I felt like it it's. That I guess one thing you do in gat. Like I got some right then other people didn't and that you guys want feeling that I had the right answer not everybody can be Wayne Gretzky on the ten. Not at this guy any time. Brady on the team you need a place kicker. You need him. An enforcer. You need corps members of the team you need people everybody together collectively we're making great of course is going to be one star but that doesn't mean you can do it on his own yes that's the thing besides this guy I am not taking credit for what Tom Brady didn't say oh incorrect guide tackle once it sounds like we knew either which one when I through the fourth Forsythe touchdown passes on my audience I doubt that anyone's even talk like that they believe in the team mentality. ICI and unable to pass it if like somebody tackle him. Yeah lean aggressive team. I can't get these young offensive line but I'm not proud of my I'm not proud when I realized that I really didn't do you should never be proud of time yeah. I'm not you know it's it's that's why I left to go I was so browsing what do you do why now know them gasoline you know by crystal and Steve gases none of you to you tune just decorating you wouldn't as I would any stock in the room for way too long. I don't know why did he stays quiet he won't saying every Danny c.s I can do any. And Percy want the attention to aim. So you don't bring Vicky there asses are doing right now is now you need to bring Danny and our brand is gonna start yeah I'm familiar Dhahran all you do is bring Chris. And he's happy to do all the work and if you don't have anything to contribute he's really does it doesn't bother him because he's gonna do it all aren't best attorneys say for you. I just like going in those rooms and feel like I'm in a movie. And you saw. Yeah hey Steve you wonderfully deems the onetime indicate our rule one there we did this keep our and then banks are critical of the cabin or something like that and then make us a character that would pop up out of nowhere near take a scary killer guy all right no doubt and let. We're gonna take one of you. And hosts like standard that it would take an active dictated he take somebody out almost. Some months and there have been it's funny of course that's an easy because it's eight months a month it was announced. Know months and upon other woman how much. Are trying to lobby if that's amazing but I highlighted some of those games it's gotta be me doubts yeah. While. There's also though its citizens and another room did you find him it was great yeah it's cool Steve Rogers didn't do not got a partner that's a good luck. Yeah bring out Christa balance she served this. The tiebreak when you guys I know would volunteer you guys ought to be the first to go because I know I'm useless I would say I take me take me Afghan exit guys if you figure this out just remember you have to figure out a way to get out of that room as well. Yeah there may take me yeah solid and I'm dead you know what that points is society no and so now I'm not you know I myself. Unless I break her own high heels that's how I would do have to start chicken and waffles and man if this morning. It's I think I would and terrible rumors as I did the escape our deep harbor cabin one as well how we make out in time dial. Yeah first time we did it it is a but it was awesome the first to do one we didn't make it out alive either real life. Second time we did we succeeded now is incredible CI very exhilarating. Ended the trouble is is I'm also a guy I'm too much of me because in gaming there are cooperative games CD can play competitive board games for their cooperative games were you trying to beat the game itself right and I'm just too also for that and and I ended its ends up like you said big arguments. Like he knows akin I would do we go head to head. So it's like we are useless data how on CR so implode it would be high because Dickey was say something stupid and I do like I can't let this parents would literally be the end of the shouted what are you can sticky sticky thinks I mean sometimes big keys logic I don't understand it doesn't mean she's wrong but I think it's a site. How does any human being think this way and then it's a big site I suggest. That we do this with all due respect uncle Chris. Born productive over his mouth yeah you can't help although he'll explode. I know he will you'll probably have a mannerisms. Oh really see them outside because he knows how stupid I am therefore he's just like you can't send him in by himself it's just not the right to some and another video camera so they really should you're not gonna break anything Vijay yes we you have sitting out there with the actual employees watching almost trying to figure it out it would drive him not city could help us. Well just music indiscriminate each other yen and Danny crying red stress starting it just wouldn't be a good time Regis enjoying the show Daria you would love to show us our in my life all your knees popcorn make surely bring popcorn and probably some gummy bears are fair. Should we look at this aprons and Chicago's now we have to get kicked out of one we can so go to him here in Washington. Could call ya now I don't know if I'm drunk maybe I would mind don't. Dave Dave they recommend you not getting tuition free going yeah. I said hey guys immediately wasted there are a couple Beers made a couple of drinks is got a TV ads are all right fair enough now you are simply going into these X hammered yeah. Yes I'd. A lot of video games and a lot of the old school video gamers remember him called missed. And basically I think escape rooms are very much like the game missed. And a lot of us were like we knew it was such a hard game because it was all puzzled face it was there is a beautiful game first time but he was basically you are in a virtual escape from a almost everything you have to do and in order to get to the next scene. In this game a graphic adventure you had to salted just these ridiculous puzzles. And a lot of us were like you know I'd. We are so done this game is so damn hard and they're doing kick starter where they're re releasing it for everybody in you have. And I looked at Rego I love Japan for a little bit and then all wanted to do was throw my computer out they got Dana window because it was and that's what the way I am of the state rooms it's like it's like I'm reliving missed all over again citizens so go get my company do it on the air. That's a great idea members is at the studio brilliant idea for escape room once a bar. Or sewing your drinking while doing it. We have padded walls. Data grid departure into buckets and me getting my gun and you're an all. This idea you're at it like it's a bar scene but then it turns into an escape from my Collison you can't get out of the bar he stuck I don't like it don't zombies come to me it was obvious gave her getting condoms aren't a marvelous plan IRA steely edge in foreign that's sort of like this. Okay tired Koreans are not really. Now you know. Again shocker. It's either a would you deny it turns to food in the Vicki in terms of more understandable. You're going to be going to save room with us why you even thinking porn scenario. Toll wanted to BJ there. I mean there's you'll want to stay drew you're the ones that are arguing and yes senators that that action going but I got news for you who I am and I'm the last person she's gonna do porn what's okay and that's a fact. I mean I I'm the first person shall wanna murder but the last horse and so on have such as ice is an escape from Marysville called on top Immersion big game. And it appeared. OK I like this Aussie guys to their garden hope you make it difficult. I was pleased to meet hope you make it I miss you guys. I guess they Steve he was able to get this one ride it's. Yeah only a three guesses in this game. What planet has the shortest day at ten dollars of planets beyond our rearranged so that's now martyrs no. Venus and now are there or via an I don't I don't know. Always guess Jupiter. The issue yes Jupiter. You know as you do when you go to Uranus Jupiter and then you have that ray is it time for this time I'm now I hear you telling yourself down and I feel bad for you. He's now I've yet mentally I feel bad you're such a disappointment to you but you know thanks but for anybody trying to win the game I think you're not a disappointment so you wanna shot at beating Steve. Let's hope he continues to disappoint himself and you get a prize to a 6421 rock. Collins played teammates would do an update 847. On the rocket. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for. I'm suing when you're coming to see in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you review any basic questions that should have. I don't know I can give your call back numbers don't schedule usually spread a schedule you for. Free consultation with me because the attorney. I don't mean would you personally we'll talk about true. Basically the occasional thank you for your question and answer session they usually rely on your view they usually last about thirty minutes. I'll we'll get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about whether bankruptcy makes sense you're just under your non bankruptcy option. I am now bankruptcies could affect you processors. Thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime I had to choose the right chapters dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.