BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-11-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, July 11th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're seeing them all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at Vijay deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where return for accurate information from bankruptcy attorneys are genuine news talk about some legal options and I knew we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage consultation is freeing ourselves hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether this syndrome or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right shot for. Choose the right chapter dot com Santa. Point nine KI SW Iraq don't Seattle. Presenting a pain in the grass when he 183. Big days of Wye River if the theater in August 24 226. A Friday Saturday and Sunday man it is the biggest pain in the grass you've ever had and there's a reason for that we have got a ton of great fans this year on the lineup. So he did dance can't wait. Death Steve was literally on NBC's studio. She can't win. As TV that's cool and Kenny Steve nervous because I've they're performing and Steve is going to be also on stage with. One tomb yeah performing with John temple pilots if we do six I think myself England Canada. From window pane and invited and we take them up on the offer reluctantly of course Mariano. It's going to be insane news that C on that is so many and she's so much going on Alice in Chains. Three Days Grace profits of rage slayer of course their final tour I'm big. You check out the lineup it's insane. Tickets are on so right now and tuba suite tickets sold benefiting by policy foundation that supports pro Tim's efforts. And homelessness here in Seattle KI SW dot com. Being. And so me and I. Stormy yeah I didn't instead blackout it's wacky Wednesday black CNN. Who lack in steam you were mister Lackey earlier today yeah. Dominant performance side dominated with three Ryan animals that study it was three times the score of our other gov but they're contestants so dominant now you guys some 300%. 31 ball game is considered a close game I'm stars dominant well when the wind we've always said that I yeah I'm not saying he's not aware I'm just saying it's. Not to come we'll see if we can get Steve lost we've got a brand and a Seattle to take him on Brad are you there sir. Yes I am excellent with 2.4 today Steve signed downing gods I tickets are right angel's wings arena in Everett on October 10 gonna KI SW dot com from the US he shined downing gods shined down and God's man I know those guys. Do you tickets at Angel the winds arena dot com Aristide out here to have. I'd rather it feels Madonna well you stinks our season by the end dominance. Did you just jinxed a lack of and we'll have to see listening for those play you know Brad will house sixty seconds to answer ten questions Brad you brass all you want you'll only get three Gazprom. Question are ready and I am which movie starring Robin Williams was set during the Vietnam War. Good morning Vietnam ads and what film does Jack Nicholson famously say here's Johnny. Makes you ask what is the capital of Greece. Atoms yet as to who wrote the novel 1984. George Orwell yet as Algeria is a country located on which continental. Zero no it's Asia now. What is you can literary term for race play on words. You lose the chemical symbol for went all the ads which nutrients is required by the body in order to build up muscles. Protein yeah ads which character is known as the boy who wouldn't grow a lot. Drop your chance to ask what State's National Guard still call themselves the green mountain boy he's. West Virginians know next. I don't know I don't know it's eight. New rules for what he's literary term for a play on words. Gotcha and you certainly don't you ask you got that right 12345678. Corrects. School is me good luck you said that that was he was gonna dominate I was afraid you're gonna jinx and his dominated. Aaron odd sounding Steve's gonna know Darren Manning. Do we had only negative players always. I said there was going to be domination and ref just says he got on the season give me an. Our county community I don't lose Steve he knows the questions anything you know Lou we shall see Iran is exactly easy president why are almost an image challenge him right there and better bring your a game yeah. Movie gamer and get you ready. The it's which movie starring Robin Williams is set during the Vietnam War tune morning Vietnam yet as in what films as Jack Nicholson famously say here's signings as it's Johnny what is the capital of Greece. I am now Atkins. Yes TJ who wrote the novel 1984. George Orwell yet as Algeria is a country locate I don't which continent. Africa. You ask what is the U literary term free play on words. Iron now. Coincidence. Now we are using chemical symbol for what precious metals gold yet know what nutrient is required causing body in order to build up muscles. To proceed as wished character is known as the boy who wouldn't grow lots. That we've been Limbaugh and now follow up here and you ask which states National Guard still calls itself the green mountain boys. And New York no cost. New Hampshire snow Vermont. Wow can sniff out Steve difference maker if you win nine to eighty oh my goodness you have Brad and I yeah. Is yeah LeRoy yes. Grab you grew up in the northeast. A lot of people don't know where the green mouse. From that area right brother. I felt rather read. One assembly deadly day of the U dominating. Thank you I had so thanks to clamp went into effect and you stub my I didn't think you would give. Boy everyone and she got really do would you get piazza is zero no I doubt you're gonna get like maybe five or six yeah I was wondering the green Mountain State was the one I think would be a difference maker once I heard the questions but no one would get that one at all yes I wasn't safe question the because he's from New York he was lucky I mean he's he may you know could have been Vermont and I want to let you hit it could have been Maine but he. I was Smart the assi here's a thing BJ had told you're gonna jinx them I don't send guys my thought here. Does anybody know do you literary term free play on words I know I should know and I can't think of it pundits. Upon as a planned words yes. You know that's funny I just never put those two together and course uncle christened the king of that so story of our driver original problem it's the fifth. Well you didn't know that with Steve but she knew enough to win you lacked it. I got my correct lack good job Stevie. Thank you yeah caller number nine you're checking out shined on and got smacked an Angel the winds arena color number 9206421. Rock. Well today is not the listeners David maybe tomorrow hunter senior blank in chief Steve. Now I just went. Yeah you're sitting you know I mean you play the game enough your luck bomber to could use it could you guess I mean you all skill he's as I was Elin and myself in the right place can to have these opportunities happen it is I mean you know he is a luck on the busy you know you grew up where you grew up because there is there are states to you and I know nothing about 'cause we were no we didn't rob anywhere near them and so we would be like I don't know you know not a dobbs I was yeah. Vermont was moss the it was a hell married yet and I know because I mean I know Vermont's agreement on stage because I used to go there a few times back in the day when most most of Sam. My dad loves Vermont as a matter of fact it's awesome man out that's a pretty place Burlington yeah I think that's horrible Barbara resented up I think he's bad he's a good honey. I think he says I tell Mosley second honey out of a tree so his wife feel about background you know hey let's see how he got to take a living somehow. Got a new survey here ask the people the key things to do to be an active part of their community. Well this is interesting because you know I don't know also an active part of my community always an active part of their community as a sign on FaceBook is our very on the revenue Fuego who apparently went to a neighborhood watch meeting you ally. Yeah yeah they have them the first Tuesday of every month and so. Since we've been there for about two weeks now I decided that we need to do and we raise the elderly neighbors together neighborhood watchers yeah and I mean it was just immediate need everybody did get a walk the streets I mean I can if I want to you guys he would certainly and I'll give him power restaurant is going to be the HO AA hole and hours and I'm going to first I don't have an H away says all the neighbors looking out for one another and you're going to be a guy and he'll be like oh it's pretty cool the CI here all the -- the end of the neighborhood watchdog yeah. Actors there's one guy who will go around it was really funny because he's a really nice old guy but it is actually had did you see red truck driving around real slowly don't worry it's just him enough to worry about these cells math nobody DL that's all that was just keeping an eye for the bad guys yes his name is Ricky don't worry it's open still tremendous majority saw him. So you're gonna refer to the neighborhood watch absolutely I wanted to you know meet all the neighbors I'm going to be either for a long time you know in a knock on wood and everything but I wanted to meet all of the neighbors. Be cordial with people be a member of my community I really liked it so far it's cool. Leggett is actually really cool just to see all these edited the different people and just to figure out what. What is boss her eighteen people let this play with a little meeting that we had this is an opponent this is great because as you know I didn't watch the trailer park boys and I get and I mean Ricky reference but really the guy the red the red pickup truck does your Leahy. He's your. Here's shirtless guy next to him that's what we need to know no shirtless here yet everyone had their shirts on a dangerous game and just as guys who are could be you can either Randy duke that would be so awesome you need to be shirtless in the neighborhood is Rezko you all part of his neighborhood TSE was scary guy before I nod to observe and report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got a neighbor behind me kind of an invite him to the jets on the takes a while he gets only even though is next storm here but I got to walk always do assess a separate suit gas you should do like us from Lowe's and home improvement yes. Yeah I just tussle over the fence yeah. My name president did today it was awesome. Really top annual defense is solid guys on the TV shows and I saw like Tim Allen's yeah besides salsa night lose out there and she hears anything sister's party in any case Steve as. It's where I've never Italian jail and do other hot and important hot sauce and I actually pulled up what is nice top. I am a neighbor who I've never met. I yet we know each other and we've only texted he somehow got my number new war it was a really creepy thing. He got my numbers and I'm your neighbor and told me to house he's living and and I'm like OK and he'll text me from time to time and you know we I never mats was he Texans knew him well we have a we have a possibility of homes being built in a place that doesn't have a home that would affect me now might you in his view hot so but it's likely a treehouse he well I did it's it we say give basically it was a place we thought was part of somebody's yard turns out it's a whole other plot that somebody boxes and never won as many to build but then they sold off so now something's gonna build there. But dude it's weird he looked me up knew what I was and city. And man it's me I'll grab my heart Vietnam I am fine area Maggie you and it is day I've never even met the guy. So I'm a little legs sound pictured on the on the car yeah icing might have to do you think you have to meet somebody before you start texting them. I don't even know anymore man you know I honestly don't know I I I never gave him my number that's a thing if I did you need to yeah. Yeah 600 text anyone disk do you never gives that person can give you the number Christiane years it really is yeah. Would you rather than call industry and I can't help number from this I'd rather them not communicate with me at all I. As dale and the only numbers for reasons I think give it to them. So stop texting me that's my opinion are calling and we have big trees and big sand sign into FaceBook if you really wanna talk he's not like he's not in my cul-de-sac he just happens to be like a house on it like I'm the last house in my cul-de-sac and if you went across back in my yard you can get to his chart. But he can't get too many only to get on literally issue got a base and drive down the street take a let's go up a block another big street actually get to his house so it's not easy to actually that's why I like how did you find me how do you even. And then you know it's what I just he's weird this weird yeah. Okay I'm glad you me I'm glad you with you on this because I just you know how I'm like I'm hi I'd like to have my privacy now I didn't understand why you and Ellis is six of them where he's like hey I checked and you America's your house is on fire. Yeah I can understand that they try to tell me well let me tell you what I do for a living now will make you feel better. And if all I can think because torture he's our editor you know he hasn't butcher this is serious he has a position of authority and it's like. Well that doesn't lately Hillary trigger that's our top of that and we know what she's doing that yeah. Everybody's number and then loses those other quit when he does isn't isn't a bad I don't think. Dude from good to my energies don't about this your neighbor's bad man I still like your position of authority and you tracked me down do you not see how this isn't a few. So your power I mean I was watching frenzy of the day and I totally forgot all do we all based on lies off the television show yeah. I I realized. We used he's phone box and if you needed someone's phone number that's clean you look up they're naming you could call anybody unless you were on the list in which is are always roll right to charge Judah be on listen which was such a BS think there's I think it takes less ink to put my name America. What are you charging guys made up a name. Yeah I did that do now whenever sole caught maybe like hey is this is Matthew McGill a coyote in my. Collier clearly yes stammer we don't talk that tricked because that's when I started doing down maybe Dick is that stats and you want to pay for unlisted number now. Yes great so brilliant idea I just think it's funny that we used to have like all the access. Yeah it's right there for you right like it's just this is saying yeah says Steve on your neighbor islands in the bushes behind the back window can you please keep your curtains open so I don't watch in the morning it's hard to see them. See you with a closed. Why doesn't live there because I don't have any curtains. For blind side OK if you miss you very honestly that's the first sore I don't think that's should be you should get the lines. The lines are not cheap. The kind that I won't ever Steve I understand that cheap ones achieve but I don't want the cheap woozy at the ones they just pulled down and they're just do it by themselves. We talked about blocking city. All right so we are doing this survey about the things you need to do be an active part of your community has a moral failing us or for other revenues to him on neighborhood so ads supporting local businesses why did that yeah. Even though it's a change I mean I'll go to a particular restaurant and our total size of our local business is totally Derrick changed but I mean. They're all the they're Mercer Island but I think it's and other locations are good out and about birders from Ricky does the Iraq. And saw it means a Rick is agree it's a lower business. How about you don't Ozzie just inside the dream girls of Fox's through as a medical establishment okay. Yes he did say he's he's a fan and athletes. This this is a very bizarre thing. 50% of the people think that in order be enacted party community you don't cause trouble. That only half the people so that I have goes you cause trouble you're still doing active part of the community to a 100% of the people think you should not cause trouble. Well a smooth sand again I'm sorry says. A new survey asked people to key things to do to be an active part of the community. Don't cause trouble only half the people thinks that's a safe time yeah. I don't understand how the other half go because Joseph you're great partnership and this is what it's the Batman kind of tremble your being image Lanny you're stopping all the crime in a year like you're a neighbor. I I I don't what do you see if you taking this survey and you talk to also assert. Do you think if you cause trouble or don't cause trouble and make sure we're gonna find trouble. Yes that's desperate to stay exactly a dislike travel you mean like yeah they'll baby steel and some people stays out of just borrow it I don't cause you trouble saw my act the part of my community. Yeah you don't basically have our local businesses do you volunteer or donate to charities. Me now yeah. There's going to goodwill account is a donated chair I just got a lot of joining us Arizona really I got back to volunteer more. Oh yeah I don't do any volunteer yeah. And it'll get ready we've done some stuff sometimes I mean couple times a year but you know now when you say is trying to enough. Do you allow people hate non folks that is give money have you heard I've seen a growing trend of people going you know what this person doesn't just write a check this person gets out there and gets their hands dirty and I like. If some writes a big check isn't that a good thing. I think everything's a good thing and it takes you know a little bit of that a person is over their wallet person can open up their free time I don't think you should guilt anybody because we do one or the other yeah I've seen that so I've seen that was some people with charities and I'm like why would you like asked why would you do you hate on somebody who does something in support of your call it superiority complex it was wanna feel like they're pattern and you. So I can stay put in the time they wanna make you feel that he's not putting in the times I would say look man don't people us what's against the whole charitable mentality exactly. If you put in the time it's like you'd probably you don't have a lot of money for you wanna help but I think that's great whereas other people they usually have a lot of money because they don't have a lot of time. So they're going you know what I can give you time but here I'll give is don't give him money seems like it works out why do I hate look. How about our regularly I helping people out like in a neighborhood that are out by. Help anybody who they say swisher woman could get some of the top shelf ouster did you really yeah I. Initial reaction was I don't work here. I think that's not a nice thing to say so nice change from what's up and she's like I can't read that and I thought it was hilarious and maybe they can they keep their eyes went over there I'm a yeah I've learned via spider monkey I will climb on anything you now that's than that that's what they get ice breaker which some dude CNET. Does spider monkey for all my you ask them to help you get up I. BC showed today and the terrorists trying to write my and I'm all right a call on you I think we've got out there I'm a spider monkey drawing you we've figured out I got a little link doesn't have a boyfriend because shifts. She's just. It's just eluded her what you read Steve just totally went right over and it's understandable. A lot of action though I'm actually trying to flirt I am horrible that you are. I I I I guess awkward yet you you know how to get action but just how to be like yeah flirtatious in India I have seen you have time when when you do an interest in inside the and I've seen in my my god she is crashing and burning oil they're awesome yeah it is actually is fun to watch is like. Hope we can really cares about this guy all of this is going to be fun to watch I. I just under Jackie car crash it is pretty amazing yeah yeah briefly back to my days. All right it is time for listeners on the loose you know you get the deals you get to pick a topic being neighborly you know be a good volunteer. You guys to show you don't cause trouble so 'cause shuffle. 2642 rock Texas 77999. You call your checks at 917. On the rocks. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle as listeners on the loose youth tickets are very few guys to show at 206421. Rock. You can also Texas 77999. And I do remember him listeners on the loose it's your choice you get to talk about whatever you wanna talk about. But do you have Steve has a real simple world we do this is just an energy and bring it alive. Borrowed from 206421 rock Texas 779990. Look it's our old buddy the interstate dollars these. Yeah eight. What are you know there was a bunny they're much more general. So parents. This is little wonder Sheryl greater all my daughter's shy and you look into Ontario lottery and Cassie yeah. Yeah boy Steve man street clerk read today they know it doesn't make you think crime. Very slurping is now available from what I understand my body I don't like you said his son just try to today and I and it eases main reason he loved it. Wow okay the second LT gen. All right I I'm still launch song offensive like whether I need that puts you know it's sort three day today's new draft. I would Shia force all. Well no while you're you're you're tyra out you have to our Australian born to their credit here are the jets bombed there may outlaw collateral are never gonna bonfire yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that was very that was not really. I'll I'll hear about fifteen more years your party are not -- acknowledge empire and the whole nine yards on the fast you're in my buddy and I got a bright idea to grab the girl you're gonna give out all the talk Lee Oakland post there you know they don't tell you don't ever mention your crops you gut tell post you know one rarely -- you can do a quick. But I don't want a better idea how are you don't want to end all of our other and do you look to the middle. And this is it this is on a channel since they cannot help you out an electric panel that us. Well why I'm not allergic you are rappers or column Bob are. Oh lord. Annual you do you really can win big week in Europe where you're aren't we get a job knocked out what do you do it but he'd split stalled. Add onion Bob wire around while wired yeah. I had yeah you need your boy they're right at our girl. Flawed by burlap hard now I went down and out though yeah yeah that's right not opened fire. Are you are you all right so Bo you guys basically just say. You're roasted and barred the old boys. Oh yeah now why don't you are we took two other guys actually. They're my buddy up story he didn't you cannot be or blog Bob Blair from the other. Oh boy hello yeah our school had come that's not a job might want to the only real way. Any permanent damage either one you guys well you got daughters apparently not. No doubt you know you can now you are you dubbed blah. You know what kind of Russian army the long hair cut or barely moved and didn't really know they're they're under the never broke our morneau and you know. We just got out relate. You remember why or why might not come or why don't you realize. Gas yeah they are very. I was fortunate in the bottom of the boys. Sorry that ulyetza sons and ever said to myself wow I'm covered in blood Galileo I appreciate the call hauler yup that's. That rivals that's up there with John jump and you know chest bumping into a forest fire. Our chancellor it's a good Texas 77909. C guy's name is Travis and it's my birthday is my last year in my twenties I was wondering if Steve's parents can call leave me a message. Thanks guys you rock can you make my morning to you way better that was so weird they called and they just said just put us on hold we know what to do. I'll start there's a psychic nowadays you try to spread they were saved this city to nine paragon dad take it away. I need Aaron hey you're mu. These are very okay here. You move. We turn OK news. It's not a news. How active you are very few days here to do you mean looking back now. That's very nice Joey. Today yeah probably eight years. The I think we we have to do a family birthday party does all of the big birthdays we say Joseph or all due to family birthday party just 30 PM we guys so this is another milestone birthday Alec has joy usually has been miserable and his friends milestone birthday as they used to vacation yes with the chase. I actually would dig that I don't know my wife received actors I think Vegas is not a Shay guess vacation yes does that do it yeah. I like the name. Why now why only wanna I wanna do it my wife doesn't like to lead the energy of Vegas it's too fast and too crazy far he's slow down how can slowed down its Vegas sexy music queen needs. Yeah that's that's I don't think my left side of the spectrum there got my wife's not doing the drugs these days and are you sorry. Nice teach the oh nice team calling T calming tea. That's troubling days is a great place but if you really don't like crowds it's hard because you're trying to go from one place the other and you're just. He's a sea of people the last time we went to me it's MLS doesn't drink for no reason and then she just doesn't. It's been my weak and tired or put noted that extra calories and she's not Janet drinking for we went to Vegas to see Britney Spears. And just get through the crowd at the hotel and only to see nor ever was. To get into the venue was such a cluster afternoon so stressful there's only really ten minutes of our time and rouge is so overwhelming if you're going to scan a water on my I'm gonna get a drink and suit OJ says. I need one to. Yeah I heard tag yeah and season to immunity for a stiff 100 she's pretty drunk after that one yeah there's a it is that you grew like five drinks. Daily ice sheet does and she doesn't drink and she's also Susan weigh much yes that probably smokes he was like just thought that we had a blast yeah oh yeah I was under Britney Spears yeah I think Iran you're right biggest enemy you really you got to take you deep brassy got to be used today because it's just it's it's it assaults all your senses it's a just a mass of people. Yeah I hate you got to be prepared for that yet. Can't find it very entertaining it is and people watched the I have to I have beverages before I go for that reason just because I it just takes the edge off a little bit song yeah it doesn't do dozen assault me. How we have to Texas in the late eighties they went to an arias who has gone back to crazy things you see live concert hall Ariel okay I went to an aria speed wagon Cheap Trick concert to Dan asked everybody in the audience applause there right shoe. And holed up in the air for a picture of for an upcoming album cover for a put your best foot forward an album I was in development. We're all really excited about the chance you know an album cover the side years later and it was just a debt between the two band members to see who we get the audience do the dumbest thing. I'll that sucks man I'm racy love Cheap Trick in RE ST right in your more that is I mean it you know those fans do that they do the prank stuff put your best for Florida to. Cover. I mean Susan I I is much does frank I think that's a negative zero got a better name might not amnesty for an album cover I could see areas to learn unit. Now let's say I can see them doing it out to be a great album cover. Yeah you're holding a shoo in their hands and well how about intensity in ten cities you know they had that is an album cover that was like a live thing they did. And it was clever. It was an album cover look like well it was a live show them playing and everything but the thing was intensity in tent cities and that was. That was the singers like they're all the songs and it was ten songs on there but there are different cities oh gosh that yes he remained. I think the best foot forward would have been right behind us round par fast some idea yeah RE SP wagon baby living the dream. Our. It is listeners on the loose you know you get to do. You get to pick a topic. You get to guide to show 206421. Rock Texas at 77999. More viewer calls and texts at 933. And paying the grass she knows some big show. These guys you know be there August 25. Stone Temple Pilots on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I had somebody in Iraq Seattle listed on the loose you picked a topic you guys did show. Joseph Schwartz one rock Texas a 77999. Jay came Kirkland you are on the rock. OK guys what's left a huge source Jake's. I did so on behalf of the Florida man who called himself impeached. I got some three guys club one night dew and AM guy breaks into my house. And I hear and I dog shouted get up and I'm one of those guys like he just touched you watched so many videos he's seen a movie like our it's my timing I it's my turn to shine and sell. Tell my girlfriend he immediately called god somebody's in the house tiger and my pistol I walked downstairs and I am trying to be streaky is gospel I see a guy in my living your army is holding up looks like it's de corps that now like a candidate shouldn't spare you know I potentially had the interstate so tight finish closer like king and T it's right in front might cap bunch per overlook at our front yards and kicking in this part of liked him in the chest he comes out the front window. So called on the ground. And maybe. Just the journal and I jump out after I cut myself all the pizza it's just all the glass everywhere spent start. Russia cannot and yell and yeah. And the neighbors come out nation are yelling today don't know there's going on. The club actually called sheer where basically our whole blood to she got caught up I guard never read me. They arrest me put me in the back in the cart they don't know what's going on Larry. Finally my girlfriend come out he goes no he broke into our house mark or French just decided to eat cake and through the front window so if you can look on board Brownback and cars it's that guy you want. Want. Wow dude you you kicked into the window like in the movies that's insane. Do all it should be best part of my entire life to be able. Zacks. Better enemy because out here he's got to stick that's why I have the gun because I want superior technology on my side that guy. I know you're not into this this is what irritates me is that. You are not supposed to shoot people in your own home when there intruding my dad like you get in trouble and I don't understand how you can because you never know what those people introduced us as their popped up on drugs. Stats guy I'm sorry I I'm don't I'm the lead he's led does your in my house illegally you probably got your goddamn mind who knows what you're on the I had yeah you got more restraint and I do desire I would have been firing near an I would have been like a first person shooter. Ascertain BJ Kiki I think anybody want you to concussion in a room is going to Kurt your ear and two you don't want blood on your own floor rather take it out tonight and spewed out. You know we are where Immelt writes so if a person you're actually right you're right here is Smart hard and he's clean blood out of MacArthur Vijay right I've seen the movie yet again bleach and everything is it's says Jay John tell you that that's that's that's amazing how old are you. Until age you want out of life. Why are. Clearly he's got a relatively high you know I am relatively recent in your life that's nuts. Gloria I know why I still thought about it all trying to enjoy a lot of bark. Should call Jason the beast I mean is he Washington's v.s because those who knows only one BC news gadget guy's eyes out until brains all right do we know at audio guy because I we got to play the audio jays referring to appreciate the call Jake. The reason Jaycee was talking about this is there was a dude that's man oh man the same thing there was an intruder and heat. Matt who he is this an intruder had the gun. And Jake was able to disarm him and named gouge his eyes out and he gave himself his own nickname because there's. And he's idea I am now there's a beast the beat us. Here at least. Yeah fear community Taylor arrival and by him on this haven't you come over this dries on this driving when needed distracting. I made my mother's fight grab me a lot of young and thought the cliff. Magellan had training and those are trying to and then nine there's still wanted to chamber alert. They went off I don't know what day ends I Nolan shot and now just military during the third Realogy news I thought Phil's brain. So yeah ha Haas that aren't. Gouging is not a fill the college guys here. You're holding in my capital Baghdad and beating his own guys that you don't go away from them being live they kind of insult to injury. Now that's used and he's. Pretty say OK that's of these residents this yeah. I don't know I I I just it he's in my neighborhood. I highly he's different neighbor to me. You mean yeah I just look at him differently he's the beast now. You definitely im sure he not seeded Oregon you give many humble worried about the priest I'm I'm I'm almost like I. I don't know why am afraid of more than the intruder or the decency can hurt you unless you're trying to hurt him I hope that's the way it is it is mental what does the peace all of a sudden finds new threat you know I'm saying that a belittling way you know I get a little wary because the beast is the least. I assume it's no -- subject to the hash tag famous delete on read it sand no Seattle I don't know that means. So what happened was is that there was a sub Braden still is a red called diets. It was vandals did nothing wrong and what they said was they declared that I think on Monday. That they were going to ban. House of the members of that sub ready to maintain perfect balance if you CNET infinity ward you know we're talking about well Monday they carried through with its. And band half of their members that's just a day that's what Redick didn't. I GU moderator is of this sub Brad and I are going just does little segment. Sealed bunch of people goes subscribe and a half of them where automatically bad so it's just this sub ready category which is basically category based on what those channels did nothing wrong and so that that's created like a big controversy really. Away was Mimi it was a thing that everyone went to go and say I'll either got banned Wright made eight yeah and it was a thing where you they actually they say just banned the message and then if you were banned if you could did subscribe to the these souls stone. Some bread and nice yeah and you can stay there Intel you get unmanned which may or may not ever happen so did you participate I did not participate because I don't want any bugs happen or anything like that where maybe Aaron actually give banned from rent it I'd like to apologize for everybody for reading that text yes that's O Steve. I thought it was Jack last I thought it was a big controversy but it just seems like a clip right ICS total fund penguins exist however I got to end my eyes. It's I mean it's a clever idea and we do have to say spoiler alert and able to welcome we tell people always been like two months. You resell them Harrison Ford's. No he's enjoy Harrison Ford but I mean that the demand character in the avengers because of people don't know about why it was a thing was is that basically. The idea that didn't Santos wants to basically to make the world and universe a better place he thinks you need to kill half of all life in the universe that was his basic goal threw out the entire movie. And spoiler alert it happens and so that's why this thing's a thing. They yes and not only people animals as well. Yeah everything has everything how small I Steve which means you could've lost Lulu we don't know. We'll lose weight too strong for this she's a worry your princess really suggest I'm so Dario if you answer grammar and now you've still warrior princess all one word now you'll see that she's still there and taking great pictures it's fabulous creatures possess and I'm I can tell happy New Hampshire Manhattan. Yeah because maple leaf. This whole thing you know stay you know S Santos Stephen it's real media I mean there's a site that did danys killed Don. Where has your magic Greg there you go as your magic video that we gusty very alive or dead busy. US plane might get us an intelligent you anger goodness but it's for the good of the universe you know I cast aside. He got rid of the Bane of my life past and knows mine as I was you know slain Tamil talking I'm not talking a dead yeah. How serious. Steve was this stuff. I should not have been Jones and I don't survive do you know an avenue you know what I MM mortar pit. I won't even touch it because I know and I can't I can't I know there are over me BJ is it close and if I don't say if I don't play. I hate it when it click that yes our kid. Now your party pooper I am I'm a winner when he isn't articles you sure you felt that tennis is planned I don't click it I don't tonight. Can't. You can't see these guys are dead now I don't diagnose your dad ya gonna seeming anywhere you're did you ads. Nuggets enjoyed Steve. For some reason you do you get irritated the most bizarre things. Danny clay kicked it. I don't understand instead O'Malley and carry out Danny boy I see the nice knowing them on a file on him by Danny and I are you being down. And he's dead I don't like here's what we know OK so I think everybody implicit dies that's what I think over her life. What LA I can I got killed soon joke so I don't you understand it there click and yet the I guess. Good bye clearly gain your dad yeah. Not so bad fill us. That's how many best and bro don't you understand what our everybody dice. Canada's that moment worry realize that we do Smart and in the rest of you don't click it that's how you live crap I have seen people wait a little now live everyone usually I use nothing for it because your dad's. I'll use the browser time I have a question Torre well the keys clothes and it. I was scared the charity day she has just do anything now because messing with you Dennis knows you've deserted me did. Here's a question Gloria. We'll. Derived castle in a bed didn't have in common. We'll tell you know fifteen because I'm still alive dead on the rocks. In an extra mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Eat. A game jarring action. You Ryan castle and a big day. Haven't come up I hear they're better for your back if they're from. Hey you knew. It's both can be found cheap often Craig's list yeah. Can often be found on most street corners in Seattle selling some new city ordinance that you just read through your mattress on yet on the street corner what would you outfitted. And desks and are missing a leg fighting house to someone through on top of caught fire hydrant across the street from my house a few weeks. Well he added that way you keep the coach clearly a great place Florida. They don't want a touchdown passes sentences. You forget the slip by there one after a long you spent. Down here Lou here. Got new studies say almost half people say they secretly wish. Today could sleep in separate beds it's just to get a better night's sleep secretly. I think it's real well I mean I do and it's the greatest thing ever do for the most does this week it's best to yeah oh yeah. Make sure they're really separate a couple of states away very rich frank castle. He is right here he's up next the morning. And eggs and. President Bernie no one was a Halloween very nice guy we wanted us to show the jury now everybody loves Bernie Elmo like you have. Greatest night ever one point we're like yeah. Can somebody sweep right behind the banners are playing and we're just continuing the situation all you know you kind of have a good time. We don't realize they've put the spotlight. Those lighting guy and now everybody is watching very merry dance behind. They're playing. A point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I always figure out who my creditors are some people who saw a lot of times I'm I want a long time. Not having good credit and having collections each other's very concerned because. On May be concerned that you you won't be able to find out your creditors of your file bankruptcy hell I know what collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something in return to keep track her. Because credit and collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. But we will pull on your credit bureaus and they're getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. I wish collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file your creditors only find bankruptcies so it's nothing seems to crash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if there was any time I had to choose the right chapters dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.