BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-16-18-6A: A news reporter got caught in a rain storm during a live broadcast in phoenix.

Monday, July 16th

News and sports. Today is National Corn Fritter day. A couple of police officers flipped a coin to decide whether or not they should arrest a woman.

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Elijah got the videos on the Vijay administrative KI SW dot com is really cool one of this reporter in Phoenix her name is. Crystal Henderson and she spells facility K so you know she not a rational. His excellence in broadcasting writing your vitamin BK was professional and loyalty here you are not. Well she could be and not a professional and crystals she she got caught in the middle of a huge downpour last week in Phoenix which is unusual for Phoenix is they don't get a lot of rain. And she spent the entire time fighting her on her own umbrella during this report. You couldn't tell you umbrellas are going up pretty steady as it did yeah. Friends not more that my friends. Yeah and DC. Yeah the hurricane. Oh my goodness this thing. Looks like our dry streak of 190. Days and now comes to an end I mean for this. Our yeah it I mean look you know this storm approaching me so I didn't. Oh yeah I don't really let. Slain crystal out of Matt's dad doesn't like safe. Are you then I guess she. Let it go on and on and on I mean it's downpours and all that electrical equipment. And there goes your hands and gun my hat you have worked personally glad you finally study and it doesn't look save other to a woman's looks likes it's a fly away BI it's. And it's it's funny what's big news rain there of course is big news to them like snow is when marina area usually in really. It's just Lorraine who win their reality is that very low winds get blowing there try to remain. Al Roker we are very now broker a boy. Is getting flown on the Outer Banks of North Carolina Allen morning. Morning Allah had gone the way resolution gesture at a later time it seems like that sometimes you get your wares crystal where crystal or crystal I like the Morrison like I think this ends our car whatever hundred some steady streak of dry weather now want to check with the officials. You're getting soaked and I and we know for sure that the dry streak is over I don't think if this is gonna go am I don't know is that real precipitation. Yet the the drives seagate the streak is over they parliament to turn into a white T shirt contest yeah well you know Kristol of the K makes you wonder as the main stage now is that. Is that when they threw her out there is that they're open for anonymous hack came up he's like you know why nevermind it. It's kinda dangerous yeah but I always say if you silly you show me a picture that I would've thought that was Phoenix though because there I know I I'm not only their couple years our memory in rain like that so it's monsoon season now America if I had same thing happens in Albuquerque it'll rain for really hard for like 25 minutes and then on some sun comes back probably did have a I was down there but my memories failing. And I don't Toyota and happy and Chris I don't remember anybody knew of them look like Chris elected him in the case you images hit the ball around rely on what her parents are. Pardon me. Yeah you're right I mean Joseph I thought those were they look like leather pants because there's so whack I thought they were leather pants those are jeans no wow all that soaked yet that's not comfortable on all down. Yeah okay I guess is renovating the dry streak is over let's check with the officials to see that. And I did this is a great story by the way you can see the video wanna be Jamie's days of Kerry has so we dot com it's it's it's it's fun to watch somebody. Who's not used a bunch of rain look at like us we're not used to a bunch of snow. Cops they decided to arrest a woman why. Because of a coin flip of course they Hasselbeck did she would say I'll bodies at the news four at 617. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Not nine point nine. I'll Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys they said Kia Johnson giving us news and sports in some very exciting day today is day to celebrate. The delicious treat known as accord trigger happy national corn Saturday. And no I I. Think one of corn for her is what is a corporate it's. Been just corn kernels inside of my girlfriend of all wow I don't know if I've ever had many of those you have them. Ask Buffy the flag pretty much. Oh wow I didn't know what I don't think I had a lot of those losses and a nice deep fried all of a bunch of corn inside all that sounds delicious OK really delicious now. Hi I am I barbecue places that happened before. Maybe I have to Pedroia wasn't all it was a plane had a lot of so today I think today's the day toes and a Mac and cheese ball but as a Mac and cheese inside of it. Scorer and yeah Stephen Matthews she's Joseph where's our Mac and cheese and oh yeah hey I am making it known he's. Low simmer low simmer I got you kind of sand maybe about three months now get it let's go. Osama someone who's actually like your son yeah it's a woman who's driving she's doing eighty miles per hour and a 45 miles per hour zone and well of course the cops pulled her over of course it is I would only do which is it only four worked like when you just call your work. It's only going to be running late and then things go how weird is happening in Georgia. So it's a police officers they decided let's say now whether or not we want more rest this woman so these two are police officers were in the police car. Pulled out a coin toss out on their phone. And I flipped a coin to decide whether or not they were going to arrest this women's. Right. Here's the thing is to offer you realize stop the body cam recorded the entire thing. And when surveillance resides Jackson and then maybe you know people look at the footage you realize oh my god she's two police officer. More on not only do it to claim ended up being so that they would not arrest her serve let you know whatever they decide that it's safe to own a restaurant and they still arrested are. Any lessons in a damn point four dollar busy arrested for back. So here's audio from the body can you hear them say I number 23. And jail like Michael Jordan. Apparently that's code to arrest the person so here's the job body cam idea that you police officers determining if they're gonna arrest the speeding driver. Do you think. Yeah. Really went for my children. Yep that's it's got it right there are now their police chief when he found out about it wasn't very happy yes the greatest remember prestige brands. So I love rusty grand and he talks about it while also giving a nod to our state Washington. I was appalled reality is it is. This some normalcy this story in the in the state of Washington and in this weekend someone's gonna get stopped by Washington state police officer. And someone's gonna make a comment about hey did you feel going to decide whether running a citation. That's why he knows where he's a little saucer while yeah. This is George and he decided Washington saves kind of random Oslo that it's about like wait this out there was no matter Washington needs is so fixated on. I here's a woman the 24 year old hairdresser by the name of us are what what no idea that is senator arrest us. Based on the coin flip back until she heard about it on the news and this is how she felt when she found out that point five determine their fate. I was very angry and upset gone. Just heard it's now okay me it was easy you know create your own and my own gains yeah. Okay this is the lady your 845. I was basically the type of thing you say well enough. I didn't hear what she said exactly I just heard I'm planning on suing news that you police officers at the my mom dad dad you know I was coerced. Yeah if you told me and so okay here's the story one person is an idiot who's driving Nady and then into Indian officers the three point. And he said pick the gender. I would not gone clean on this all female gallery golf enormous at all ladies night off Kerry yeah it was ladies' night for stupidity right there. He's speaking to student assembly in Montreal they're realizing that something was going on with their produced CD plant tomatoes and Summers and a garden in new all disappearances dot. I'll maybe there's a a scoreless eating our our our Summers and our tomatoes now turns out in San mailman. From Ramallah. She decided that you ought to scan security camera let's figure out what's going on here maybe it's just borrow maybe some other animal know it's the mail carrier. The postman is stealing a Mano Blake what's going on its plate something of post mentioned be doing is sad. Taking people's tomatoes and strawberries it's rude he never. Told us he never. Came to adorns the most disappointing news tomatoes are really dead made a joke about is this just like she felt Blake. Accuses doing it and it. Couldn't parallel. How very hungry media but here's an important things he always sort of coined before its existence. Those men taken out to me goes yeah I know I love you access to tools. The accent makes its. Car draft weekend for the Mariners yeah I I think I yes they just left my car and Iraqis and Iraqis Jack I'll say. Think those rocky. They lost 43 yesterday there rob. Didn't get ahead in the lead and then of course mention them with the big loss. Mariners are now 58 in 39 they've dropped four straight in seven of their last nine. To give time for an all star break again reset regrouped must get things going after the all star break captains. Hot tonight's home run derby horse at 5 PM on ESPN tomorrow. It's the All Star Games and there's a chance of rain so if you get rained out. Can be weird how that is there in Washington DC. Oh whoa. I remember the last time we got rained out. There why now that's that's weird contracts of France won the the World Cup over the weekend beating Croatia fortitude yesterday. Also speaking to sound a soccer this founders say to a 11 tie with the Atlantic united yesterday. So are weather 87 degrees and sunny and thank you Washington State lottery for news and Sports Radio. That's nice. Man. That's I know that that police are discipline in the corner really fascinates me because I think she should have been arrested so they flipped a coin. But HD still arrest are anyway another quite jobs and don't arrest her own right so I'm not sure why they're in trouble Amir was a little joke they were doing with themselves but they did the right thing she was on eighty in a 45 I feel like that you you should be arrested for that. Yeah it is not like you are a couple miles over the speed limit you were double the speed limit. Doubt it was a big draining your armor correctly yeah sorry so I I don't know because the coin flip winds. Saying basically you shouldn't arrestor but they did it anyway because that's the right thing to do. I guess is someone that out in the news that they're playing and dean when he comes deciding whether or not Torres someone I mean I understand that like. They did would they were supposed to do but they were you know I guess in the eyes of so many Woodman when there's a certain stigma against police officers and people I'm all these issues with the police the police chief pride doesn't want that on his plate that. His two. Employees are are playing a game before they arrest somebody. Yeah I am I I understand that I'm gonna say this we have body cams because we wanna make sure that the police are not really really hurting people and doing these are not supposed to. But at the same time. You need time to have funny your job and lost steam especially when it's really really a job that has a ridiculous amount of stress and negativity involved and and feel gallows humor and sir. You know I yelled we don't wanna see how the sausage is made and this is kind of how the sausage is made they're gonna goof around a little bit to try to keep themselves. You know stable when all they do all day long is doing any its that are going to loose did it or worse than the woman go on double the speed limit some reasonable person. You know they did the right thing there were just joking around as how I look at I don't think they ever intended to let her off. Why did you using these aside your reasonable person there's a lot of unreasonable people out there had to turn this into a huge story it's negative publicity to please do not need that and I understand why did the police chief site blocked you know you have a body cam on you yeah should be Smart enough not to do something stupid like that when you're discern determining where and you know arrest someone when Jimmy ever sit around a full Roger Clemens officers I'm guessing John this hosted. I mean I hated Sox but you've got to keep and the back your mind you're representing your your county your present your Sydney came to playing stupid show site. So you can never blow off steam does that cameras on all the time he made the choice to be the cop yeah that's I'll tell you I wonder how many people gonna wanna be cops if and if it's in fact. We are unreasonable as a society don't understand the importance of blowing up stuff and mess and he should be fired but daddy daddy don't police chief has the right to be appalled by it I he idea he dies because it's out there he's appalled by 'cause itself they're not because it happened. They can lost steam you know when there you know at the bar hang out with the friends when they're not on duty is one of those things ordered US is not a thing we are because you seemed while they're just DS singing while they're waiting for the next call to handle a situation again and how long I don't know how but all hands I don't know how body cans work suggests that they generals it's on all the time religious switches on once they do that that that I don't know but I do this would be an issue there are just a plain stupid games while they're waiting for a call but because there are some he had there were resting and then all of a sudden you checked the body cam footage and you realize that it is playing a coin flip game. Please she's gonna tell you just like I decided I didn't I was reading a quote I beat neutralized. The whole idea of arresting somebody yeah I I get he has to say that you're right Steve he's got to do that. I just feel like I I just know so many people that are in trauma business you know hospitals police officers. And it is a brutal job on your own mindset as you're just you're exposed to misery more than the average human being and and you have to balance that out somehow side I aimed. I'm frustrated that people are just you know we're not not reasonable about that but they don't know because they don't do that you attach a brilliant when I was really more about the story and in and it's it's a solid points day admitted on on the idea that they did you have there our radar detector on. When he came on in here that so did you apparently had that been in another clip they did say something along those lines uh oh the last bad yeah. Yeah that's bad. Gotta have that reg NM I think on I guess they still sorry I guess they can somehow figure out Schuessel going fast and how they determine the exact speeds and everything on. Yeah I mean you take a pride I would imagine you do not long enough to get a vibe of how fast and he's got on astronomy and what's up. All right well I think they should restaurants so I can say why yeah UN take tough guy she yeah. Here's a little looser about a couple that got busted for having sex in a courthouse stairwell this is a good idea I like that. Scottie cam footage in this region that's what I yeah. Some toys at a courthouse in Louisiana her quote it. A commotion coming from a stairwell on Wednesday morning. And one of them went to check out. Check on it they found the source of the noise it's one year old by the name of Miguel and nineteen year old by the name of Jamie Lee they are having a sex act. Legality jemile. That I see this is this is which I love the fact if you are you can find love anyway there was a courthouse this is a courthouse in the Louisiana. Turns Al Michaels an inmate who was cleaning the courthouse is part of his work release of many got to work crews are. Nice and Jamie man they're getting not all I love this. So he's in jail and he's no easy gets a get out of jail wants on this and cleaning and that was the only time they probably have a conjugal visit you know outside of the normal time hole. And I. That. I look at their mug shot she looks very hot we saw apparently he must have done the job a job he doesn't look happy maybe is that usually and he really does not look at him as she looks fantastic. Well you know somebody just let's tired yeah he needs a map. He's back in jail now and you know I'm a soccer game and she got arrested they're both facing obscenity charges. I'm romance she's I shouldn't say that the heaviest. That's to have his mug shot my scene and on time. I after I like her. You know I've. She's okay what she's okay remained so they're both facing obscenity charges because well there and a stairwell tyrants times. Then again some kind of penal code pay you cash. All right. Speaking appealed to go on Friday payroll was no matter you know a year and so on Friday Steve. He got his talking about the penal I I must address the flip the coin I'll tell as they aren't you nice looking ladies they are there do. He got this one run on Friday I don't largest living land animals. Rhinoceros no it's on. A draft no. It was and asks you know in Utah he said longest living animal that yeah. I don't remember what I thought to be honest and I'm. No I'm sorry I couldn't read the time. All right good I'm black yes I I I agree with Steve from Friday shirt he's doing a great job today but he thanks muscle the currency yesterday. We're looking for elephant that's really what it was you want a shot at beating Steve is OK you got it 206421. Rock proclaimed beat Mason 647 mom on the Iraq. 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