BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-16-18-7A: What do you do to treat yourself?

Monday, July 16th

Beat Migs. Americans spend $143,280 in a lifetime to treat themselves. Luke warm topic. 

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Yes closer and closer to pain in the grass this huge huge huge show this August. Friday August 24 Saturday August 25 Sunday 126. White river amphitheater that's right first time ever we've had a three day pain in the grass because what. Do the fans alliances saying you can't continue on to one night BJ's not even play ice house okay. Bush comments I've been told. Stone Temple Pilots still answer them guys do. Some of minivans all ya lots of great principal lives a KI SW dot com tickets also available there. And don't create these tickets sold that since two dollars the benefits of why don't you about psychology foundation. Supporting trojans after Dan homelessness right here in Seattle. Get your tickets get your info all things K McKay I SW dot com. AME. Yeah hey who's this random moment of Vermont today. Monday saw any energy left for him. I don't know if you guys do anything this weekend but it was a fine weekend you know what when you go outside you all of a sudden you see your man about town again. This is an attack doesn't usually go out about he goes saudis I I need to show root out earlier the bad guys I'm a man about town outside. I knew and when the old when the White House says drag me kicking and screaming outside and I still do it and I write about it exactly you have routs out with the old wife. It's so funny is they don't usually give you he's almost look yeah it's like if we didn't we're losers because that's -- -- -- their house a week and played four games not serious guy a guy you know you you know like everything stay in the house every weekend in your life except one and I'll listen every reels is maybe not this week and he was he was a man about town if I had my choice I would stay in my garage now forever and distribute games you have the old lies Mason and even to goad joins us in the man about town adventures and he's always looking like he's missed like look at I do this college I. I have to I have to document on FaceBook or no one believes that actually go out and do many things on blue green and actually do anything he just post these things that you are doing jagr did stuff you know what I did totally not lying and oh yeah. What are insisted today we got Brad in Renton Brad you there's sir. Yes excellent we're to blame for today's Steve and I tab be a man about town Maryland and radio I see Terry didn't see 21 pilots are red dot com dumb and November 16 go to KI SW dot com. Draw the details join us he's won hometowns tickets go on sale on Friday at 10 AM to Ticketmaster dot com feisty and I want to read instead of plus that. Yeah. I didn't even remnants of that we'll see how that words out of time. Don't play you know Brad will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions brag pass all you want but you'll only. We get three guesses to our question are you ready. I am I what is the third month in the year to have exactly 31 days. Marge now. And you ask him I says slogans ABC's Gormley did maybe it's water. And the four seasons which comes last alphabetically. Asked how many eyes are in the word Mississippi. Or you ask what do you want to add to espresso when milk to make gumbo yeah. Yeah ask what kind of animal as Boris in the movie Finding Nemo it's. Are you ask a famous lyrics from a different song is we're gonna party like Gibson's wines. And yeah asks what is the real first name of the actor Alpa chino. I what four letter word starting with key means to solve. How do you ask the university of Arizona's main campuses and which city. Are you asking is the slogan maybe it's maybe it's why it's. Alfredo throughout the yellow black. Ascent I'll give that he had not anchor Iraq's. Boom this car has a very very good source I using needles and Iowa many. Probably get a good Carlo but you know I don't know if you meet under read to remember is do you named Barack Welling it is a big news or anything. Stays in the room gets to use of their own he isn't any help. Yeah I'm a quick question yeah are those your socks and the other and no those are not my socks for my hawks Sox have you seen those socks no it was. What's going on. So please let's Sox another new news on this sand bar involve academic and a joint desire whatever their Barack masire. Yes I'm always up there bigs are guerrilla. It's around today on the front there's literally like rotten boring why. And then on the back of him on the bottom says all right. I love those socks I put. It goes away and like to be in that they have in the room and I get a text from my kid and now like on Friday it was like. Did you see the Romney sauce. And as again Adori not they're there they're put away their saves those are pretty sauce and they're pretty great it's. Theory you're ready. What is the third month in the years to have exactly 31 days. Don't know bombs. February no march and April and our little slogans may be she's bored with it may be it's why it remained a lean heads of the four seasons which comes last. Ask alphabetically. It's Monday and winter as ice how many eyes are in the he's heard Mississippi power. 64. Times yes what do you add to espresso when milk to make a multi tasks. Chocolate you asked what kind of animal as Bruce in the movie Finding Nemo. He's a girl lost the total opposite publicist Bashar has yet as our famous lyrics remain prints on this we're gonna party like it's wide 1999. As to what is the real first name an actor outlets chino. Alfred. Albert no. Also breaks now. Four letter word starting with a three means the slope. How is he as the university of Arizona's image and this is a good city Phoenix know. So I stop now know Scott nails it's I now know. All under is deem you lose diamond said not and you. Always just to bring and a job Brad what a great way to start my Monday morning Reza my heroes. Well dialogue feel on Thursday last week had to make. Don't for now I don't realize that in just two days later ERS our guys trying for seven months Brent you see two days later Brad hang on all I would say how to get surprised when he all the ones you may as he did get correct Tucson is the a city that has the main campus of the University of Arizona. The real first name an actor Alpa chino even you said Alfred twice if you have added to ease an old. Oh dot net and while I know Alfredo oh I'll. Oh while Fred just sit. And you know by the way on the godfather movies I heard Friedel and I didn't know why I thought that was a weird name didn't know we short for Alfredo Alfredo Alfredo afraid because they contrail cost stinks Prado was a guy that he has his brother has really yet millions number and I didn't know finalists who shot upon the freelance I was Rio. How angry dove that's just I had no idea for a short oil right I don't know what's the third month a year you have exactly 31 days that would be made the first two being January and march. Yeah Chris here and Texans are densities Durham has 28 days and it's only the second month compared to the third month. Transit yeah it's my name and that is very excited that answer and you showed the Monday with your loss of congrats to Brad unbeaten in this morning's job Brad. That's like at his tie or beat Steve that's I get the prize Sunday may simple as that. Well you know what Steve's DE uniter and a bad day not that bad of a big old guys we got. This woman who had a really bad day because it's working argument leads to one woman biting off another woman's finger that. That's a bad daughter how. Don't know I don't knows how to torque yeah. I mean look I've had some arguments and in my says America do we do enjoy d.'s we got him over a bloody game but I thought you fingers. Fool you guys thought I would he's never comes any Eliezer Iguodala might orgy parties reaching this one and it was awesome deal in the apple does not fall too far from the tree outside of that. Oh yet. But he came by my finger off so well until they were and it's working contest Sierra her name is Letitia she's from West Virginia she's 31 years old. She got very very upset on Wednesday when another woman started working on her. I feel like I mean it's where he's one thing but if you don't wanna be toward Don I can see how that would you know. That would delegates just obvious that Letitia I don't imagine so while she looks straight out of Orange is the new black she does not look like she's happy no she looks very obsessed war oh I know he's got arrested for British biting someone's finger off I don't think you'd be in the best mood but she's got one of those faces where you go just don't mess with that person you know I mean is she should know is that I never make a talk. Yeah I don't know man and you put makeup on her she still loosely she did that kind of mom style like you better not mess over here I doubt she just she looks intense. Well anyway Letitia a little downside let's hot shot let's Sasha very very intense. And well I don't know what happened. I'm Donald they knew each other but she did not like the fact that this is random woman started working on our. Don't know why the woman decided do that tunnels there was a song that pretty much is made in his own one of toward drama Sasha. Anyway let's Sasha got so upset that she bit the top of the woman's finger off. Wow how do you sees how do you miss that particular revivals get the F away from me. I mean can you say some Turkey AM EDT temperatures aggressively still trail I don't care what you salmon to keep working on you I hope you're winning is this and this happens I would she went from zero to sixty you know I'm seeing I got to believe there was a little bit hey get your hair out victories out of my face sometime. And Ireland was a song and did that a lady was Turkey trying to club. So there was a wiese and which one of what's. On it reds got it down. Why. Did you hit the club yeah I like my chemistry you know that's. Yeah. Well. Keep pushing keep there. I'm so bad. Seriously this song sucks so much none none none doesn't get his interest in July the worst I thought it saw as the best summertime song ever and I do anything written yet I feel good nothing bad guy to join a bites on singer Tom Vijay was exact number on there one day. All right so look Tosh is looking about to tune in ten years in prison for doing Matt. After a fast only a malicious wounding and everyone in the hospital was so bad how they got the finger back arms. There's a tip but I mean you know at Osaka. He's always had you lose a finger in your like I was charging unless our shop yeah we all lose our fingers hands and diesel that we bring in Simon I don't know what happened between you and your son just. Or did you really you really don't own no because this is going to be a lot of like them arguing about for gay I don't I wore everybody here's what I am saying. Let's talk about the actual board gambling news. The more you like DL you do toward trying to catch your ending find out nobody and I will tell you this he did put it serious dent in my Jack Daniels. I knew I had a lot of new gigantic file Jack Daniels usually lasts me a long time important parties and I went over there as an priorities and I already had some left in the previous bottle. Joey he's in drag I've never been around Joey he's destroyed that follow Jack I think my son's imagery can draw does your son usually drink like that or is a fact you are playing board games or your father allegedly drinking that party out I don't want. Hello we can where a lot of people over my house Steve we have two tables going I'm a popular board game hope I understand are believe the hype of the Kyoto at the end of the day you're still his dad and typically assigns get annoyed by their dads quickly and if it's a board game where I would imagine you guys. Are you a little bits and she's like you know what screw it I'm get drunk you know what I think is interesting I learn something was set I lows usually Caceres allowed one and I'm allowed one of the family and right after in your quiet. But I found out that Joseph has a lot more me and him and I thought because. He I mean it was like me watching me when I was in my twenties all you put a few drinks in your son you can get him to shut up how he knows everything he knows everything there is no there's no getting to back down and any argument and I was like. And I was a tight while I'm seeing me this is totally I mean no one I can't put my wife ever stay with me without additives. A half hour referenced as different set I was DJ number cereal yeah I just spitting image arm yelling I was yelling Steve's phone right now I was yelling right exactly heat for someone who aren't getting dumped on twos Steve Jimenez stupid friend isn't followed me around play the same boring is with me just beat me every game and told me I was bad Adam a well I do is terrible it was a dramatic match you're pulling your son. You know what once in particular when you look at it that way I look at is I'm just teach them I'm teaching his man how to lay it. Persons that I had a drinking problem I was your son to. How ideology is that that that there's some truth to that once knew there was almost tragic though because stood there he had handled Jack Daniels OK and your calls on about maybe two or three shots left and it and Danny was initialed a little late Tuesday in position to. So I polished up Jack Daniels figure while the Sox no more heart alcohol Denny cinema blues know. My dad breaks out another handle in general and handle. Yellow that's the hand that's why I thought that handle usually like might then lined a gigantic bottles they don't usually get dented the light in one sitting. That's us like who the hell was silent. I have a question yes sir Danny you showed up yes you bring me goose now. Well we do not position of late. You always bring alcohol and a house or bush if he showed Lenny we meant TO agreements religious we can stop bias I would tell you this in the months since house warming party I knew I was only those stay for an hour riding a lick out on I still brought in my case at Coors Light and bottled wine for his wife and I I you're married dying breed you. We I don't know if the younger generation does act as I would. It's because I have many different I demographics show to these parties that's very rare do the young people bring. Any thing I mean they did as some rooms start every Leeson snacks from before. Like the older than than we usually you're expecting you're gonna cater everything I even say and no gift for the towel so people on the board game message OK we'll have some snacks have some beverages or bring your favorite stuff I always say yeah the younger people very rarely bring anything down and they and I think they using skews. Hey man I'm pour. Danny knock him how boring man Dallara that. Yeah I know until we really are going to lose and we are just running away and I was like Julius I simulate over here and we're gonna suffer is expected beer but don't resist it gestation and a way to be just. So there's a look my house is so close to Mercer on downtown there's so many places there's also it's USC yeah exactly that every news. You're a young person zero we're gonna say we're gonna play imminent use. Buy you any over here. What do you what do you do you know you bring stuff like I Macs continue bringing their homemade stuff or you stop by the store and bring something else are highly Carlos what do you need to do that's the sad thing about Vicki now wanna do with the market she's a pretty good stuff I miss I don't see is she answers just nice random good stuff and you bring out call you bring food I or break a offering both. Yeah I mean the people who are the biggest drinkers and his dad he had to do the dealer of the biggest rigors of my party I know we'll never show up there except one person she does she brings her own line and she's good of she's good liked to do some very mean things. He's my son I don't 600 party attitude seems. That's where there he brought some noise he used his appetite for dads boos at sunrise. Genworth artists are actually had people downstairs to watching some TV and apparently they like hurt mean canvassers assuming all the commotion was about I didn't know what it was like gone on 1 in the morning or some faith now just screaming to solve my lungs the adjoining the console three. I kind of stayed arguing and as I thought I don't know how much he's drank drama make sure he stays there until he drives so I had RU them for two hours. What is made we saw a very nice. I know I I tell you said he got hammered isn't always say is just one of sleep I. Well he wasn't in any mood to do when he was wanted to do he wanted to I Lewis O'Reilly and that I got here as you look good I I had that's why I raise your confidence I want the argument to yeah. So you know I'd just like father like son. Amber's is on 31 I always bring alcohol at a party that a takes a white always mad men don't bring wind for the white what about some beer. Well look at the wisely is why I bring her wine yeah it's like tequila out of brought us some tequila yeah that's how it goes down. Yeah whatever you know but they're getting better but you know what there's still some people I know it shows Steve. Don't bring any alcohol I know they're gonna hit hard there was lured her friends at the line and I consider buying pizza I was. BJ you're never just like our broadcast this time so I can pay you money. Just us managers say nice you must not to pay like six times in her own like the way that guy also didn't say yeah. How can you cash of the image I catch the that doesn't mean he's continue to cash you know how I don't care because I'm hosting a party so I feel like I shot I added yeah but the thing is that he be you know it is funny somebody goes out of their way to say a bomb. To teach is in the house should eat the pizza. Never occurs series your talking go here here's the trash yeah yeah I don't know I I don't know if anybody pay me tonight and that's in the got a bunch of ungrateful gaming fans. Stereo. Well Manning Danny yeah yeah yeah and Danny and you know we have that pizza Danny Maloney did that it's a divided people Dicky Robinson I love pizza he came over to Joseph to tell me they love BC com or media meeting might get a visa but he did tell Joey loved it's they ordered a pineapple pizza I mean you'll pay for that. One person says my rules alcohol food Contra brands or at least helped set up and clean up after your excuses totally aria that was none of them. I would never go to somebody's house for house party without bringing something I can I get the list of all the people acumen rear plays BJ so I cannot invite them to my house Seattle we could more than happy do that is excellent for us what one analyst. Joseph Susan d.s. He's his home NIC guess what am I better buy French Open as possible Jack oral load so rich and the jacket you know as it happens. Just. Usually like to do Jack you do bring yours and unity to resolve. I'm excited. They tell you differently every after is a Jack of exhaustion he should take the bottle home with yet fallen out there who couldn't ball OK I'm glad we're on the same page it says at least some kind of guy. You don't agree I get a guy who's over chips he just saw all saw. Man hello tax amount from brings him back. Can you gotta be kidding me I am very surprised at that particular action and I know hard times as hard time IL IRA job but I did chips. Yep. As I caviar dip for some at least. How they're Italian I don't know what to say about it well Poole who raised these people I think there were raised by wolves I really do but I'm grateful wall snaked. That's a new movie. I over the course of your life you're spending nearly a 150000. Dollars to do something. Block some money to do something and I'll tell you what that is is 717. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. According to this new study you hear this hue. I'm gonna spend an average. Of a 143000. Dollars. And your lifetime. To treat yourself. That means we spent an average about 200 bucks a month every month on things. That are not essential at all in our lives fireworks for you treat you know. Athletes who GO cents. But these are items that we really really want so we do it anyway okay any injury Kenny borrow our new iPhone concert tickets Steve or a trip. Large T shirts my I don't know you guys talking about none of these things are things and I would do that as it's almost 2500 bucks a year and over approximately sixty years your adult life to comes out over a 142000 dollars and yeah all those candy bars. All those T shirts and concert tickets and only ends up and my Rickey Henderson and all mistress in McDonald's it's true yeah there's a paper record I know you guys talk about. The study also found stereo typically that women. Our three times more likely than men to spend money on massages and spot treatments. Which shows you that I'm the woman of this show you actually can I manage I think I got enormous size is I think an international so I know that had a positive yet who gets more massages and me could you not the others that. Men are more likely to spend money on cars and new technology. Gadgets gadgets yeah. Yes so there that's how that works out so how about that but it works out to on average. You know I love to see the high on that number because you know there's hire people you hire fields are lower but on average job well over a 143000. Dollars a year. Our job. I'm sorry in the lifetime that would be ridiculous incidents reported Zaire just show you who are you a ten point oh you are broke that's what you are says that Americans do in their lifetime they will spend over a 143000. Bucks just to treat themselves so. What about you what do you do to treat yourself to 06421 rock text is it 77999. So what do you do that is not necessary to all you just due to treat yourself he calls you to accept the Red Hot Chili Peppers. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW Morocco Seattle. The Americans and over a 143000. Dollars in their lifetime. Just a treat themselves these are things you do not need but you like I deserve it. What about you what do you see yourself. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. What do you do to treat yourself let's go to John in Seattle John you are on the Iraq. And prayer. Well the Smart ones. Osmond's son had to. Go to what I do they get into the buying that its wallet to get items what I. I like to do it if they might catch and then by a bigger ticket I don't doubt for instance last year iboxx. There a motorcycle on the night. Get paid about 6500 bucks cash or if I'm and they end this year I just bought a brand new car into the night ran down or. Damned good so that's all right so you are ahead of the curb my friend because they say over a 143 south. You key role like that that kind of spending in a year my friend and you're going to be mr. 200. And we announced a I liked it your life I work hard for the money every. Dilate Q Patrick what else. And I know what John I think that's a great thing you know you what's next on the docket we will be looking again next. I think and I tried chewed getting chew light water short maybe like a boat or jet ski or not. A lot of sports I was like oh man this little person leave. She's so just like any of that now that I mean do. Had to do the voting I know I know to be next for you you while we you will probably try to become a pilot is probably in your thirties authorities say if you do not already there you had that will be the next one. And I'm actually been playing around that idea occurred. Sort of a big monster. Outside transportation he wants to conquer everything enemy Hamas gets his rocket you know John's going on now rocket easily get his own rocket nice doesn't have a job appreciate the golf. Just cool you know man and I. Say that people have too much time on FaceBook being mean to people they're not treat themselves enough because every day you know they they can be doing some fun as opposed that's. Yeah I think impound themselves and a cucumber. I can't. Mean people on FaceBook bishop showed cucumbers are OK -- -- even -- some pretty good people -- things -- yes -- -- -- no I -- my controls -- Don Sawyer okay I'd like for them to hurt themselves to make -- -- in the cucumber yes -- specifics I mean I really was a -- -- let you know does that you -- usually get that specific MR -- and -- a picture of -- plenty here and how did you OK you guys really aren't legally in his yard your regular -- are -- go to my -- -- and I hope -- I think. If you are on the rock. The odds of them Mike how much you would you do to treat yourself. Where you'll exploited an aura among our shores. All he's done a good choice transformers. Our Omar is ME CI 400 bucks a month do the math that's even what's that a year is that it's a lot it's almost like Greg more than 8000. Dollars thanks buddy here. Wow mice and how do you go do you go troll around the garage sales you buy him new hobby hobby gets he's transformed. I do a ball boy David Stern's workers there are no. Why aren't. And how gracious wars figures are there in the united rules are he had been purchased them off. They're worried to me to. Quiet like. So are you planning on displaying them proudly in the case of something you already knew that's. Are there among blacks shoulda bought Wal-Mart Barnes wanted to hear they do miracle shoulder. I cure. They're going to be be cautious old. And they are white and women that go watch golf are held so long ones. And I'd you had you have a significant other in your life and if so how they feel and how does that person feel about the transfer collection. As soon as that's better than none too much on the so far have been good. Don't do no less and less a month. Yeah I'll say look just like look like to be spending on wars and I'm not so that's yeah solid. Yeah I can behind cucumbers honey I create their own people and I'm not doing. Remember to go bonds era Obama did clippings and go by hold off and I don't hold. Is sacrilege you know not you cannot go Spider-Man. I don't ever really aren't. Semi Luke Skywalker or just doesn't seem right go bust our awesome there're a lot of poor man's transformers and yet they weren't the appreciate the call my thanks. You know then that's why you know some people believe in the saying where you have played them three pots of money and then you have the money that pays the house and the money that saves. And then you have your pot and do whatever you wanna do an armed and then your significant other has their pot. That way no matter wins long measured taking from the pockets your pot moves they can never complained they know you spend so much money and I think as you know I'm not we we've got this deal. This is my money it's my money. And I think that's really good to do that way a significant other cannot give you a hard time about something and right portable and not affecting your income that sucks if your. Have been fun and somebody's on you not to spend money on it when it doesn't really impact your finance. It's Daffy and everything paid for Intel's current need you knew he got enough money savings and all that crap. Everybody should have a luxury cash is to be able to treat themselves to something corniche and beat jilted because you're doing. And then would EU RO rocks. Every dog at a sub sandwich outsourcing. Well I'm I'm a little minor league. Little quiet rebate thing that I did you get old I'd say yeah O yeah Larry you have leaders and I'm yeah that's a little guys. The movies yeah. All pulled every day I didn't. Outside is then if you can find something within your budget that you can do as much as you want and has no impact on your budget and it really puts a smile on your face it's the key to happiness is a lot of folks when they try to do is buy things. You know they can't afford a lot of those things and they can't get them it makes a miserable and so what's true tie dude I mean that's it's an almost anybody's budget. Or. Now I before after taxes. Yeah now now they really true. The only surprise and I know a lot of our hostess but there are other brands that you would recommend there is host is the one that saw she's really doing this. Good god inordinately good question yeah. I don't like snacks like streets that is not a doubt. Yeah I cannot live parents bred great grandmother crushed just greatness and brand little odd look back at the morgue. Yeah portion O'Donnell and I'll. Love the president's admirers. I just ran yes franciose has tried something crimes like star yeah all right are you saying the seven other brand is actually pretty legit yeah I saw. It is a bit more sugar you can eligible blood and I LD how he's got him. Taste more like actual mine. Yeah SE I liked and I like good taste morally and national pie and not so I noticed friends and you're talking about now those are good policy microwave from the get nice and warm. Oh man I doubt they never had a Franz troop Tyler looks at a comes in packaging very similar to what the host is fisons like I did and it's the same kind of delivery system tough to try friends out. I appreciate you rob thanks Ben that's awesome moves when did you go west. Which flavor are ya go apple because apple pie I mean that's. Okay did you ever have the apple for isn't Hawaii I forget who makes them they're napoleon's capital cost God's path on the apples they're called apple now I definitely did all dude they are so delay did you go to mile we find a place it's hippies but they have an honorary degree you know he didn't go very very nestled now I don't know who's got an apple and apple there's so ridiculously good there all right stick. OK okay shut. Your filthy cucumbers detail mouse not all right there with. Us this is a low UK sure yeah yeah. They've got more gray water restored tasty pastries I I think and I agree I think somebody's actually get that news somewhere else yeah that's because it gives please if you know it was a genius report you'd have thought of that one. Apple Apple's are so legit if you ever and in Mali on that island Aretha says as if he's in Hawaii I'm telling you all might well I didn't have a lot of great Hawaiian pastries and bakery stuff they're so damn good to expand on it soon or years did you have a spam don't know yeah I mean I wouldn't be surprising twist them and everything I can't really couldn't expand on and there will release but don't forget to tell Simon presents I might end up lady vice president from time to time ten dollars or coffee plus tips it adds up so. And harmless you know if you got people who like to not Wear a whole lot of clothes and serve you coffee and you like to watch those kind of people tribute to first yeah yes coffee and yet it's actually a three for three and I don't. Yeah so we've created this page elite elite at the Olympics grocer breasts and genitals. And licked whip cream off each other for money I nurtured understood her to emphasize that sensation. No I think your way I think you're cucumbers compelling idea is now a great idea I yeah that they can. All so I have to see rule one and I feel like is very a female attendants saying get my nails on yeah. Now all the very beginning he has kids now that's what I end of the day when I really needed like NLD many patties yeah. And so he's one of the things and details like does silicon iron really one that that are actually really bad for your emails and the slackers you mean like when he did he say he's. I don't know I don't know. Really that yes shellac it's. Black cat and that I'd like adding up if you wanna Manning can't you got to explain. He understands he plays snow yeah come out and say I really either London I'm sitting here like really these are the price is you can go to my my who'd uncle. You know crappy little one that's really cheap and the girls are also talking LOU I we're near Mercer around they charge you so much further and commercial I'm Bellevue it doesn't matter they just Judy just up the price for anything. Yes the same service that it's like. Twice as much yeah. But the other thing I do if I don't want us and how much money. Is I go to the star and I get a whole box and eat the entire thing of cheese that's. And I'm totally OK with that mentally prepare myself and I consume this entire Bob good for you. Aha I love it she should I noticed is it's delicious they're militias there my weakness is only have a mineral Manning machine I hear I can't get them on killing four bags. As she loves Jesus and on her birthday should get the biggest box in her from Cox Costco Karl. Our cost though it's headlines I don't know how obtaining Steve Roscoe. Save you said. We are accentuated I want to I did not literally all all. Thanks I need your help either it anyway they wish nice it's a whole lot contents are gonna leave people behind them and just you cucumbers are actually. Hello how many intrusive users don't know it did you know whole bushel. Orderly column the gaggle immune pay missions in wing toys France apple pies and implies for 58 cents. I'm that way when it comes to an end when to quit when hostess when out of business for awhile until again rebuffed by the new awesome people. That we had been fears that we we have we end up didn't mrs. fresh he's not and miss is fresh cheese has very similar products. And I really do and I he and I love my hostess but mrs. fresh cheese cupcakes you ought to give those a try if you ever get a chance to go some places sell some vending machine some. They are legitimate ALA because they have a you know shorter expiration date so they're fresher. And I really think they're good some misses fresh is is talent in the next level of confused. But so is eating an entire box and she's trying to I know so jealous. All right there's a big debate we've had for many many years Bruce Willis has just put an end to that debate. Whether or not die hard is a Christmas moves. We'll tell ya. His final verdict at 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know from one crime measures time by making your payments on time. John you're on your friends your mortgage I continue to make car payments and don't carnage you keep your your case. I'm you can also. They show her. You can almost always get a credit cards and almost you. Bankruptcy sometimes this is secured card you know almost always have a real. And high interest rates on energy you know small balance credit card in the treasury can gas shirt on dinner once a month I'm not miss a payment pay it off every month. And that'll help you don't credit history when I lose times. While he rebuilt your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.