BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-16-18-8A: Comedy Central is airing a roast of Bruce Willis and in it he says Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.

Monday, July 16th

A woman is suing Alex Trebek because of a dog attack.  The new Rock movie “Skyscraper” isn’t doing well. Facebook Drama. 

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Bruce Willis is actually going to be roasted regarding has emotional get to see it on July 29 yeah central from actually excited about this one because I hear he's a dish so I think he's going to be funny year. He loses sight unloading on the guys you out and of course is suggest ross' roast and so anything Jeff Ross is and I'm you know what that guy's just a brilliant brilliant destroy earth people. And I love that so. The big surprise tires and spoiler alert if for some reason you just wanna watch this -- you don't wanna know what's gonna happen I'm gonna let you know right now I'm gonna spoil something always go yeah dominate at least you know I've got a good job this time for the first time you you're actually are doing a good job about that nobody cares of spoiled our eyes announcing as soon as it the united at a lab wildlife baby steps to yeah baby steps so yeah -- Demi Moore showed up to rose Bruce Willis which was a shock to a lot of people including him I guess they kept Tennessee because he had no idea. Because they really he had only did the best of friends you know I mean they used to be married and I don't know how it ended but it doesn't seem like they've been really very slow and that conversation was like what congress tonight if wishes on the noisy greet you you mean to tell me that you want to have me come and tell insulting things about a guy I don't like any more in front of him and he has no other choice but to listen. Where I need to be gap that's a great plan. So he SO the taping of the Bruce Willis rose happen on Saturday night and my guess since July 29 is when Comedy Central run that bad boy. And Bruce he used his time at the podium to clear up one of the most important controversies involving his career. And he said quote die hard it is not our Christmas movies. Yeah he's says. It's a GD. Bruce Willis movies now what is he now. I'll NASA they go. How about ask. Our Buddy Guy Jeremy I you know I do standard we got Twitter. He he had a funny comment about that is yet resources on Christmas movie and the guy who created begins also says it's called Jesse can be wrong yeah grant got each and Iran. Time and I Demi Moore of course some part of the rose one realizes she's colosio's. I would get our marriage like the sixth sense you were dead the holes increases. I don't know that I can't. She also busted him for as many failures and I didn't realize this did you realize that he was offered a role ocean's eleven I don't remember that no. He turned it down because. He wanted to focus on playing the harmonica and told George tell you know I don't want to roll. Wow we don't you tell George Clooney you know he's he turned on Clooney's role talk all we turn a usual let's even wore us yeah OK yeah. All white red dead wrong that's even worse I thought he glues or anyone remotely with me all that's worse because Clooney's draws so iconic. A star gas on TV the mood I don't know Bristol she's hot back then so I'd imagine not hot as it has and looks like it. Gas interests are successful yeah yeah yeah him. Look do some people believe that he you know there are movies and Bruce Willis is in that some people think aircraft but because he was in in the job he did he made him better the about group bonds on well how are grant the big one remembering opted there's a big argument about from young people as a movie called the fifth element which is a beloved site imovie. And I can see people's points I think Bruce Willis makes that movie and maybe it's not that good of a movie without him. And oh wow I wonder how he would have been as Danny Ocean in that movie that would have been really interesting to see. And so I've Bruce actually I guess closes up to show. We'll go out and love my. Our action so we get to hear him play the harmonica to see if in fact it was a worthless that's your cup really he is super into this 'cause I just found an old clip of him on Letterman playing now would you call that does the mouse hardly a mouse heart the mouth rpm the harmonica here. I love how you. So when you know you have all the money and now. You can do some like I'd give up her career role and say I don't care that's crazy we can all do that. Wait are you couldn't I think somehow Eminem and I'm value I think every deal gives me. I Dennis Rodman apparently was the only grocer who truly bond. He's being mentioned alongside me and called serve from the situation and I should say ankles and the situation from Jersey Shore. As one of the worst roasters ever our poured Dennis. Jeff Ross had some fun without Dennis Rodman by showing up for the red carpet is Kim John lone that was a that's sort. Being his body this one this is July 29 to July 29 and you've got Martha Stewart on the show. They Glazer Edward Norton Kevin Pollak Sybil shepherd. Low rate howry and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A lot of those folks of course have been involved with him and went the other acting on eleven and of course Sheppard. Edward Norton is done movies were them I get a Christmas it was about provides identity was in a Hudson hawk. Yes stuck through bonds iris system and get those two confused about the bus it was a good movie and you're right I was trying to and I didn't want to question because I was like I don't know what Hudson hawk I remember I like to bury died thank did not. CBS popular amongst a lot of people yeah. You like a lot of moves of people don't life. But you know I but he did turn he use common chemical or I'm forty sang I guess you really that took a while I did take awhile it is it is your reputation. As a movie loser that he's he's all about what it is. As Hamas certified movie reviewer okay says rabbi Harold. I don't know where someone Twitter okay Steve tomato students. Are you dating recently I always forget I'm not a very good movie career you're actually. Yeah I know how close the last time you see in a movie star a lot like last week and OK on TV he never I demands. Yeah he has a go to movies movies I don't know he's a movie no matter where you watch a pro he's right. The accept you know he's not very topical in on me because I join I enjoyed these are Garcia remember in the wash today. Very excited about that nice ice again another market here's a state. I don't know what people think it and man the first movie was okay Nazareth was all right but you know you've marble can't not make a hit it's getting great reviews. I mean it's unbelievable they put all three movies this year did had been reviewed so well how do you do that how they continue to put out just. Superhero movie after superhero movie and they getting great reviews it's insane that there and other success rate it really is. And so we'll see how good it is and does not go as I have to go anyway but an enemy here in the reviews are good for the movie. There who have the success that they do Pixar I guess is always usually it's not a part to its knots we watch blockers. All see blockers yes gas that was great. Johnson is awesome I heard Susan good movies really really get okay so see I saw some things. But again and again that movie was on the men's. Yes this is not a new movie. What's new to me yes it's evening does a lot of people like me they don't always go to theatres all the time and they probably are curious student nobody is like UP that I think almost everybody at least goes more than you do you don't ever go. We nearly three months late on it came on April the digestive. Jessica. I admit I look I don't have a problem people that waist moves among on demand because certainly you out whatever criteria I mean I I can wait on that. But then there are just some movies you know like. A superhero movies are science fiction movie or our fantasy movies it's just. I wanna see in the big screen I just feel like it was made for that with the cinematographer in everything. Understand that it takes a lot I mean now with a four DX is definitely been more willing to go check things out because older more immersive and you can't do that and almost received a guy snipes is free watermelon ice face. This is not really into that house and that we saw Tomb Raider. All that also is movie it was out I heard that was a bad movie as I. Okay and it was a bad move it's it's just basically if he Melanie since June it's no different than the other generator that's really where you are different as far as a story but at the end of the day you're watching a female version of Indiana Jones. She's like the bad guy 'cause I like Walton Calkins I haven't yet it was great yeah PI he makes your bag guy. Are we gonna woman oh more more news coming out from people loses. Or is suing Alastair back because his dog almost attacked her soul. At least decide Alex himself. What are you doing to me you know what he would do. What am I don't know me what what do you do on her. It's a he said to her now. And conclude that the woman's name is Hannah and she says she was walking her yellow lab pastor Rex LA home. When a big black dog on the property ran towards her. She turned to avoid it and sell onto the street and into oncoming traffic. There was a large suvs heading for but luckily some guy I was there to get her off and off the street. But the woman says she was injured in the fall and also suffered mental and emotional damages which have affected her ability to work. There's no word how much she wants from Alex stupid answers. Yeah I had say this could be the scale of the lifetime if you go to some like Beverly Hills Hollywood Hills homes and just are walking your Don wade and I just happened because. I mean really everybody who lives in where in any Alice is neighbor is probably enough money you can try to scam. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah. Which no way no way no way no way build. Yeah dad. And I got to wonder. Like. I mean. Like most those properties you really can't so I mean I privacy ouster nice place but I mean it's a dog is running towards you. I mean I that you think you could come after you I that's really surprising because they usually and hedges are gates. I hardly ever get to see if those proper easily some of mobile homes I've you know done tours as well into the double Decker buses. You don't want those tourists I have why because I think it's cool you mysterious someone's else's home congenital enterprise received well I wanna see just how good they have it is really and I'm so glad I must MTV cribs and and let those things are kind of weird man now I'm kind of weird songs they'll ball weird I understand that but you know and I star match she could find out where. Rose McGowan lives alone really want to Wear rose to download the CI and I think Israel's we've gone but I mean somebody who's really like to end the big wig and aren't honest Willis Bruce Willis I wouldn't I see in his crib yeah. Crowds are back. Who. I'm a rebel just for kicks now I've been feeling it since 1966. Now I know geez I say yes he's the guy who had. I'm too sexy for my shirt social sexy it hurts yeah buddy. Yeah obviously read or see about it and yes and it was good Downey kinda have great over the Cameron should behind me can we please and child free theaters already. So we'll see another reason why it is tough on Conan movies in this technically there's Cinemark. Yet to be 21 over I don't even policy cinema on us in the mono and all she's. There's certain movies now all of a sudden sense he Swedes felt like yes I know of are as fervently want any kids can get behind you and I know there are. Just myself about an hour and the other Jimmie gets the incumbent Conrad please I give him I don't error out these guys get something and Medimmune bunch junk people acting like children they keep us. Really had not happened and I'm gone flinty eyed in the drug one. Wesley you don't notice everyone deserves your the annoying wanna know duties kicked me out I think how many times do you think people's thoughts and Vicki was an unknown shot. Very high Kapalua real loud kids and it is yeah. That's awesome cause there's his mind does to a co. My fiance and I never go to movies are there's probably about four years is you see a movie in theaters I'd rather watch at home and the comforted him drink beer and avoid people. This I I do not I don't blame people for that doesn't nowadays for me was my Blatter. I mean I as to our two and a half our move guys together once I was yeah where is your rating of plus plus if you get a nice screen now anybody can get a big screen TV at a decent price. You said a nice system in your own home so I debt debt and for most movies that's how it is for me to. And Tom DeLay you know so but you'll. UST I don't blame and like you said forty brought you back forty days although I would say it would have been years for you as well before forty X. Quite honestly never again. I'm no interest solicited only available on the DMZ the movie theater popcorn and that's not good enough reason to go to a movie to drop you know it's not like he's dollars that's concession stand movie theater popcorn it's 67000 calories it's great. Chassis and as I cannot remember how serious is dear he's in the trailer for the new movie called skyscraper featuring the rock and rock Ron you regional wiry okay maybe it's easiest action movie trailer I've never seen. But you're on the Singapore men's first or die hard. Critics call yeah I've ever had or it his Mission Impossible coming out is getting rave reviews and that's exactly what this is a support man's Mission Impossible for this year. And it did not do well the box well skyscraper got beat by trans Transylvania whenever the new hope to NutraSweet hotel Transylvania three PI plus it's out already it's audio was out this weekend it got DH ID dies that's I don't know how much money the rock's movie made but and it doesn't matter how much money you made but with the but I would think die well I I I think they would hope who would have done better than the hotel transom thing you're three and look big budget. Yet made Taiwanese say about 46 yards and it and it being the third. Behind and man oh people don't want to rock now at one point it was it it was guaranteed you kind of hit and nowadays they kind of didn't miss a recently they watched you know what is with the rock. But it's got to be a good movie I mean he is if the movie's not that good deed or if he does have a good cast around him. I just think it's tough it's it is going to be an amazing movie if it's an action movie. Or even have a good just like Jumanji was good and I think 'cause he had a really good gas on Jack Black okay and Kevin hard and I Karen Dillon. And an and he was good at but the movie had a good cast is a good yeah and it looks like the production budget on there a skyscraper was a 125 million only 325. Domestic and forty million bedroom I mean it's that's less than half in the region using I don't know German chancellor last Wednesday skyscraper which are honestly I still wanna see I know it's stupid and it's gonna be dumb but I am excited to see Iraqis missing a lagging it's gonna be bad ass. Couldn't his Rampage where Colorado diggers there was a video game moving OK I guess in that I don't really have any interest to mod Jean. That that was good yeah genre. Oddly watch idle on fuel craft on that front goes pretty funny OK and I answered have you seen it now Tom and you listen now. Iverson Hercules Hercules Hercules pull out yeah I know we did Hercules central intelligence was really this is now okay. Crazies and he's in the fast and furious franchise LC is CI and that was into an essay was good yeah. I mean not everything can be the Tooth Fairy and I need to realize that. Just isn't there are okay. Here's a question for an. That was some of those on social media to complain about people that smell. Yeah another addition of FaceBook drama. You're gonna hear it today seventeen. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Yeah you nine point nine. W their Iraq. Seattle. Yeah. And these common front you might begin plumbing heating and mechanical and once again be dead is that. An opportunity to point out the idiots. Then on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posts the drama unfold because then of course we're gonna acted out so this time around playing the role of Claire will be UB JO nice grab you will be Christine sweet Micky urine tests on yeah aches and I'll play the role of general. All right so once again DJ you are the original posting your Claire so please take it away. And you're own DR is Ashley if you do your base and I'm. Yeah. And once every bit and John is snags due east. How and gee gas gas. Yes I would do think Jim last night and I had to leave at seven weeks so terribly hash tag I almost here. Some people can help police snell held little compassion. And go to. She works. And ice. There were 88. Years almost I can OK I'm going there is anyone needs some help. When you moods he smelly things rows of G. Oh yeah you should word your body urged parents to our standards that you are. I smell damn good. Ladies love the smell of Joe Brown. This sense of a dozen. Druse is. I think anyone who got thousands thousands show browse smells guided. Aren't as any guard qualities about them relay. Stand siren that was harsh no good qualities. Jo bro is full of true romance for the ladies off Adam Joseph broke that isn't the outer ring you really ruin this. Roaming for Jo bro I can't roll you won't. You'd pass up on me. To draw attention was limited is I just due to little mine I'll mouth Freddie Mac. Jo bro was he this thank you want it sounds like he was this thing you want to protect or so is limitless doesn't bruises you that's that I should. True romance of the ladies at the bureau attention well. They head off potential wow do reduce those of you promised it and really was not promised. Show thrill of carrying. Ma'am please do how do you tell somebody you stink. Well you know let me stick I get you to do it faster yeah and that's how I guess it doesn't. It is Emmy it's happened a couple times in my you know in my in my career aware. He now it's a mixed in bigger dudes. And for whatever reason I don't know what it is because sometimes people they say you can't help it. But I'm always a millionaire I'm always on the look out that I saw and everywhere just make sure I'm OK Larry and I'm hoping that you know I think he has Vicki understands what it's like to always wanted to be sure the she smells good procedures ever wanna not to smell good I'm so big keys on alert like I am so I hope they think he would tell me because I would tell her. Malia like that is our rule that you and I am flight we have agreements that you I still glad he just politely say hey man. The video Ringo gets on there and because your sink in like Sharon is this still as the DA knows this. You have to tell me so this here's a question though I hate the way Vick he's the last person and I would never even worry about because I had had never is Vicky ever smelled the Roman I try not to do overdue with perfume you actually feel like that's smelly and the other guy that played out but I can only give you a compliment you actually when it comes to the olfactory presentation you really do a good job. Mall cash I won console any action now on that same note if you got a friend or someone you know and they can never keep their pants up. I either they don't believe in bell so he had issues you tell them right away correct. Oh I don't have any friends on hard times even their chance so who do you know what does well the GOP has an issue we may wanna all the time yet he can't keep his stance out how cool. Where like whoa well what are you are you actually seen body parts oh yeah you see full crack. Why what is going on his laurels I don't know but he actually we will tell him. Light volume and such as pull your pants up he says it's now hole but I mean it basically but it is pretty Darnell ship but even still if you're trying to do alone do you see your boxers there you never GRC's practice now are you should be a plumber does point out that he's going for the look of the low pants writing down his but no I yeah. But they don't I'll surrender to this I went to a show this weekend did you man about town I am a man about how does that rallying outside I went to a show up and there was a dude like up in the front row of the show and it was almost like it was like a leg before I was on Friday and it was a comedy thing to see was going on because he was doing I think this style of keeping his pants down the no no boxers. It was just to. Crack. And how do you approach that with a live person at a show in which isn't there for 2007 tracks I say play isolation with Blake well with a friend I can do you know made out of a Mattel on something but when it's just they're. It is just a guy I don't know who we is what kind of you know what's going on but it was. There was there was a lot of realistic that you could see out he did say anything. See several women because women personal motto where the right clothes most of the time I've never you know I would love to see a woman in that situation is never happens always guys it's always guys buy crack I see. You know that's what I don't wanna say the matter is your guy you want to see that what I what I what I wonderland it is for you I still love the. Does the website and take I had really. So recurring theme of pictures of people at those magic the gathering turn and all yeah I don't know that it set the entire community unity got like listeners some silly like that she but he just took all these pictures of people want to tracks because apparently budget crisis very prevalent and a magic the gathering turn well really years it's unfortunate but it's true I mean it's just because the fact I didn't either there. And now wearing the pants this and I'm right or they're not they're wearing shorts and it's too short so don't. You don't cover enough lobbying and yes I'm super light I currency shared by showing up too much the Sean about crack its all CCR all right so he's always say I kind of I sit down I'd appreciate it sure is fully down there job buddy because number one time I die I showed some are ridiculous I'm about cracking a super embarrassed. Respondents who the members of blind ballot at all at all zero there are concerned that the timers and you can include unified theory at all not a god Krishna. I'm Diana Kerry Christopher Shinn and now a few 190 was an enzyme Armitage then it's two members guitars and the basis of love blind armory there. And Palestinian position performing acoustic songs ask this Demi awesome awesome pomp casinos. I sublime moments and then down removal wider. And I as I get back up might. Takes on from our cruises like Steve prowl. Gonna put your pants socks and look at the two guys and their faces or read that I mortified. I just saw a way to. Yeah how go today and thank you in the fleiss girl that you have got to look at it wasn't that bad it was pretty damn bad man it's almost like you moved him pretty much. A 100% it was voted to allow I saved it wasn't half moon but it was pretty dang close to asking us that's not good. On duty so embarrassed stereo C that is embarrassing when you know when you that happens yeah. Yeah dude I was like all right guys I'm so sorry you guys yet. And it just to know what to say they're so nice but they're just like. Visibly. Unnerved by it and as it is alike believe Brad Smith and Christopher thorn Sharon and games until I'm trying to forget yours. They're nice guys out there is component blinded my guys. Just. Slowly in Miami after a two seed implant a gorge on they did when they went off for some reason you're good mood to make it darker side of that I don't know. Yeah we want our we want our show them your majesty would you mind and your business hours. Our deed ever since standards I'm so worried Russia about crack but maybe that's what it takes for some people some people don't know but if you tell somebody and don't just like this stinky people. I I I. I don't know if they go to the doctor and find out is it me can I do something or is it just me or is it just myself for ores and I'm not cleaning wanna I would go to the doctor and look they're complaining about distinct in my kind of. I feel like a lot of it is healthier diet so if you're eating a lot of like really stinky through thing garlic and stuff that is kind of reeks sunnier course. Ha yeah CN really taking a question here in your diet is wealth can't see unease I don't know man I must make because Iran I would I group and its giant salmon so maybe garlic was everywhere I never know recess smell because it was just think everything. But to solve the contract thing just without having a sale or you can do my handed to me just take a couple of ice cubes in just drop on down like all right. You guys. I don't think that's led to an awfully good food I can't really do that at the show I mean I train MR yelled pull out a couple ice kids just like him yeah yeah I think that what might end about a fight of one due to store ice and our guys but I mean if you say you'll die again so your nasseria did that to you ends and now I know pull my pants up. Play when necessary mice as I am afraid to say cracked shells and happened so not to embarrass them into the point across all of our secret it doesn't and a dynamic know what that means. Yeah. Yeah I would imagine Sarah cracks l.'s all way we're gonna win and it's yeah I I am hypnotized by a good. Ass crack showing. They is that how what I that is not looking and a while I play our best I know why it's not you're not wrong though because it was the same thing this guy it was it was a running joke with the group of people is outlook and he couldn't and people would laugh at me because during a minute but is the same thing you're not wrong it is hit and enticing you to suddenly witnessing an out. But it is like I had. You did you think you like this you know there's each error. Well how would react if someone told him you certainly get an idea just watching yikes how soon until he's you know realize that he's but he's showing busy field three's against a track. Why you're really you're really going to model in place under. Assigned yeah to have. Yeah I I guy I see and I go okay how I ideally you're out of here. Because I don't want wanna see anymore are you know again I guess it was a wanna be all different sort of you know what that had never I never gets less what that. He had such a loss and knows you remind ourselves up like its invitation Wal-Mart but cracks people to pick who's who. Okay yes I absolutely feel they occur and why even just adding to your brain stops and in my and I don't think we can ask a certain couple members are sure to do that anyway you know and honestly my dad yeah I'm pretty soon revenue. And I mean I wouldn't be fair to my gases statutes of people would know it's made. Try to crack. Yes because this is a high with the way we do we ocean spray you'll definitely feel like tattoos up that high they think about yes I did my canceled on and I had people say yeah. And he got tattoos on your match. You've had your pants fall down and a horrible. I mean a little bit chance I'll download those and I lost some weight eat my shorts were a little known about how to look. C. I'm talking about the real people who advance compounds normally I didn't show off that much weight that fast and I gained it back so I mean the book was the plane by himself. They suspenders sir you marry act. I say I'm listening to everybody on this show and I'm thinking why and how much less come to this you started I'm losing to a bunch of idiots on this show thank god Danny isn't saving easy easily save. How much was on your videos on FaceBook government is not safe anymore. OK I had to make lasagna. IMAX I don't ask Zamora and over there while he was a lasagna video why would you ask the media watching those do you lie he's watching he's a good point because he's a moron they hear your job was supposedly running equipment there's no reason to watch lasagna he'll probably immunize compelling conversation apparently not the guy didn't lose. We are dailies. Did you Danny. See this question gets angry. When Texas and my dad to a Pina down some insight on an international flight. RC now then that is that is. That's got on the theater reaching their figured it out and highlights who's doing this to me unless you don't realize until like later on tonight you take your hands often managers drops it how did. And then there are CC I guess yeah. OK stay DC we set a rather I would turn around them for the little kid and then I would see no little kid I go. You need tell me adults on this flight just repeating in my butt crack some of them are you kidding me yet that's not the argument I really want to have as funny as that would be a throw peanuts in the somebody's butt crack if they realize that it happened I don't really wanna have that argument on an airplane yeah. And I'm mr. guy with the trajectory counting OK there's only a couple possible do you look at it done as. And I'm looking in and you look for the person is totally not want a look at your. Plus it fairly you know PS those impacted packages I'm gonna waste a single one of them all with you Matt. So I solidarity has gone talking about food yes that happened. At a lasagna or our captain RA German enemy. Well on Friday Steve not able to figure this one out in Star Wars what was the name of the bounty hunter who confront both Han Solo in the cantina and no goals. I'm a darn now that it's this kind of guy. I surely. Surely wasn't a bounty on earth from Hong come armed. We know all the great danger is greed though we're. That is not agree on that tells much about him that's a starting woman I really shouldn't place all. That is a very attractive woman trying to do you makah. Great news that's the marriage Julio not doing you know it's you wanna shut things seems. You got to do just what you want rock feet made it 847. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time maritime. 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