BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-16-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, July 16th

Beat Migs.Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Here we get going I'm and I guess it's a little show he might hurt by the name and address this is your vision and just. Friday August 24 go into Sunday obviously six. You know small lineup of bands now. The best news I haven't heard many of these guys know the call thousand chain's Three Days Grace I guess as translators they say. An error that's no salesman social pilots say yes and do we really really bad for you Michelle but if you wanna go down. He's got a chance on the dot com I suppose you can buy tickets coming into parts store album for quite tall foundation that's just you know. Pros and trying to stop almost as the Seattle could not much of a big deal. So I would you know we're about. Jerry espionage constant. No I think you guys. Will reluctantly be there again. Mean me. Yeah. Games on. Earlier today. Contestant was pumped up and we've seen us a great way to start the minded man who was you gotta loser son. Few and far between on those I know it's a good way to start the wig bra and maybe will get another one made me more maybe Steve was pumped up by as Los now we'll get an end. Whoa what are I. Well parrot. I'm pumped up yeah Sorkin doesn't today we get Jeff and every Jeffrey their search. Yes sir I am excel aid what is playing for an tastiest. Every time Burberry suit is just the good guys car show would seven the Washington state fair and senator. I think Friday July 27 through the 29 but he KI SW dot com from the details your tickets are grown now a good guys dot com Aristide out eight. Those playing in home Jeff will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff. You can pass all you want but you'll only get free as is her question are you ready. Yeah putter which actor played these leading role in the good the bad and the ugly. Any sport to you as Robert Patrick played which terminator in T two judgment day heat. I says yeah he's 102000. In the Bible who killed able to. Changed Diaz Juli why is the national mostly what colorful bear eats its. Our starts now. Lyrics yeah ads which New England state does not have any ocean coastline. How do you answer no to. Well I yeah act which Pacific northwest city is known as the city of rose's yeah. Or against you ask who directed the 1979. Movie Apocalypse Now. It's really deliberate no. It's it's just opt out which cable channel has more than thirty shows with what's been their titles. Nickelodeon. 012345. Corrects. Whom manager if I'm dynamic upon us now I can't get his name on and I know his name really I know who it is it's national porn goes got a killer Scott but I can't think it was man no you're wrong it's not him either is not what's a better about that okay. Oh and you need a medal of the middle iron 13 guests don't say anything. In the room and he doesn't need your help guys thought it was needs is somebody I should know writes yes OK good I absolutely not yet decisive match or just might get it done Lowell find out now and maybe Steve we'll get a and you won't even getting gas you ask Steve Wilkins he's just. I only did he tell us it's. Steve Hariri yeah. This would actor played the leading role of the good the bad the ugly. Please let me ask Robert Patrick please which terminator in T two judgment day it was 21 thousands as in the Bible who killed evils. McCain's ads. Joseph why is the national muscle which colorful buried. And Barry's now a blueberry asks what's New England state does not have any Kiki ocean coastline. I mean Boston's now Massachusetts now. New Hampshire now which Pacific northwest city is put into the city of rose's yeah. I'll Portland Oregon he adds directed the 1979. Movie Apocalypse Now. Call it off Francis Ford Coppola yeah as Coppola yes which cable channel has more than thirty shows with what is their title. HGM. Now it's home and garden network know it. Channels channels and there are all things. What's at 656. Bell at big starred Charlton Heston as Moses. How are the ten commandments you had a nice 1234567. New wins seven style. Sorry I guess. That's all right good games they've. Sir I do want to just coming us. So let's see now from this guy Steve those guys tumble wins out it's on the World Trade Center. It's Vicky it's not doing good things shake that you can attribute it to hurry and I happened this week OK okay yeah well it's Monday so. The New England state that doesn't have any ocean coastline just got correct out Vermont got casino that Cape Cod there's no ocean around that snow melt melt I took a ferry to get to Vermont. How do you think inserted into Vermont and have like us an inevitable ocean Steve. I guess your reality is other Bostonians. And Simon Perez compass good news gracious how do you win I don't think too many people are taking ferries across the ocean probably they're really coming in my guess a little different match. Other cable channel has more than thirty children flipping their titles you were on the right are wrong on TV and ask you TV am I saying very close. Because it's a big thing and themselves in those houses and their I know there is funny isn't even like the flea market slipped while I really fun game show kind of things we. Really socially black gay you have to buy certain items inflict on the international for more money. That's a lot of work initiatives out OK first off I wanna say you can always tell who's in the markets wanna buy a house because all the knowledge dollars and they all go to HGTV we know the same thing from Jeff and I were younger we don't assimilate music he did you know our friends are gone. Why would I want to super networking site. Because you wanna buy you think maybe that we would be on another we have the house but no it's I just get a billion emails from my wife and all of her interest pins now I'll address on trying to find all the reclaimed. Would not stuff like that I disagree thank bush for F don't want them there's disaster on. We are now regulations Steve you won a seven correct call every seven guessing you're doing your checking out the good guys our show to wash is say yes there have been similar color number seven. 206421. Rock collar seven. Well looks like toward Jim Brady might not even be in existence and America's middle children are going east extinct according to this new data no more middle kids. No one wants to have three or more kids anymore I'm serious you asked them a surprise bat. It's money yup it's a funny thing because. You know he did talk about how society is changed you know. A hundred years ago 150 years ago you need a lot of kids number one because if you wanted to make money you needy kids to go work the farmer do stuff for you remember during your senior editor Gloria a lot of kids and kids are dying off because you know sometimes or diseases that we didn't have the medicine man for a so it's the exact opposite you had to have a lot of kids if you wanted to make money. And meal has to commend the house and now it's the other way around people don't think they can afford to have a lot of kids. I you know and also consult and move beyond new entitlement to hopefully have any kid I. One or two talks I don't want that many death and so is it a pain in the ass yeah in 1960 the year I was born they cost a but a 198000. Dollars raise a child until age eighteen. In 2013 he was up to 245000. Dollars or his child. Which I don't know what is seen unreasonable. In fifty years and just I mean it's it's it's a lot of money but I would not I thought that would be double. They Nuba people living check to check gas there a couple of did you screwed you and that's a saying it's a lot. And so old yep it's in many sports. And I comes around a corner and there's a lot of that might my parents did not have to be. As helicopter re an eyes and have that high maintenance activities and be involved in with us lose you know it's more a more parents have to be everywhere and it wasn't that way when I was don't itemize them know nobody's parents had to do that you. He 1000 year old things we didn't do it. Or they got you know what they did. You've got your siblings because there were more kids in the family so the brother sister would drive the younger kids around you they had to do stuff that was sort of like to deal my dad or mom would make my brother and sister all you want a card do you O. Well all right but here's what's gonna happen next thing you know my brother and sister taken me where I needed to go because my president wanna do it anymore. But if you only have two kids in if they're close to the same age. That really doesn't have a whole lot we couldn't get joint these take Sarah anywhere I mean when his car he was done this. So no one middle got a whole family is is telling everybody I saw this news came out which. Please is a tough one for us because of the fact that we had a great working relationship with Chris Hardwicke but of course the news came out. About abuse claims from his ex girlfriend. And the network that he works for AMC has temporarily replaced him as host of the Walking Dead companion show the talking dead heat and com. So it's a I wondered you know bad good because I think they were there was nothing going on is too while walking dead like shows but none of them are on right now but they are one arms about a comeback OK so they had to see your role are we gonna do. So they got is that Nicole Brown from community and you might be thinking if you don't know like wow wonder why her she's a huge Walking Dead fan and was that says frequent guess on the talking dead so I think dead. That's pretty cool that she's doing it because I can't think of anybody else it should and like she's the one who would show up back as a guest panelist with like just pages and pages of notes yeah super thorough she's moderated panels before like she's probably the best person I can imagine to do I take over that Scotty and from anthrax he loves I showed he is greatest while they are so many people you found out why why by watching a companion show the Chris host of all the fans of the show from all walks of life you're very surprising hole that person's a huge fan that show. So yeah anything that Chris is going to be doing she's going to be doing for awhile until they get this all sorted out I don't know about his podcasts Ernie Els is involved with fight. Both sick man to death gas so. As is happening and that front's hit this time now for listeners on the loose you pick the topics you guide to show 206. Fortune one rock Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about it's your choice. You called your checks at 917. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq Tauziat own listeners on the lose Raja like he can volley he materials he's got great. You can call us if you just don't you wanna say call me. Here's the situation. If you got something new you wanna talk about somebody told you once I about any topic you wanna bring to the table. You get to do right now 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Dusty does have one rule for listeners on the loose is a Peruvian justice system energy and bring it otherwise we're. Pentagon knew and they say goodbye. Borrowings and 204204. Is not the number 206. Schwartz who are not rocky is the number you don't to solicit support for Saturday and are now while I'm sorry it's Monday each and we sort out the door and are they going to agree on going Gutierrez components to a foreign sugar 204 is the Canadian province of Manitoba. I think this is the second time you've even got everything current and until I was only on the Manitoba I swear you know let's rumble. I don't even know or Manitoba is it's in Canada why don't. How does he need to now. All right autopsies were to rock and Texas it's 77999. Somebody wants to know what's the best drunken purchase you guys that are made. Cool. Low low drunken purchase. I'm I'm embarrassed at my drunken purchase. Laws it get would you verify this or do you really well you might have heard about it I remember the drug can almost purchase had I not stabbed him was that you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars. To get 3-D. Opt for years myself Chris and yet yet that was that whenever veterans day she should you do I adamant about DJ why why you do this. It's cool man. We know and don't waste your money on this yeah you're right yeah I don't redo the whole show got a little silly idea right now that was the promise that plan. Even though we have all we have I should feel almost like you have each one until we got to get one for every one he had that would an expensive yeah that would have been bad so what was it. Allow me it was it's I'm more I gave stripper my ATM card but that was before my time yeah I was totally out of him I would ride I would have wrote those hotels are saying god has grown mine on his as well. Dion that's such immense. Yeah dude I seem like the greatest idea ever think I think I was the ATM card because that's limit usually say so much out of that but I 300 and I saw a sign regularly all right and ever my credit currently present that's. I should charge him and she wanted. That you give your ATM card said. Did you where you can. You know you're in uniting is charging Hollywood an Karl okay yeah but take it I guess that thing goes it was the ATM card you charge so yeah why. All the is that she does not take their story out here AJ you. Yeah dumbest thing I've ever done because that was there was a general Mosley and he said. Silent you know I mean I knew I in the weird world of I imagine a gentlemen's club that's prime not to dumb as it's ever been done yeah I mean I die he is still it was a dance ever probably should cost like twenty bucks there's and I paid on CBS through our dance. So stupid that is awesome out. It's a Yale that's the dumbest thing I don't know about you sending NBA hubris that. Let me see me a lot of drunk in some courage is back and ending queen and noses who comment and her first couple years. And the one that was still the dumbest is but I bought that three foot tall doll. That you would use to play Heidi go sequined he had no friends. Why the commercial. Yes there's still like hiding now like to hide away Euro or hide and seek Carroll does not sound. Good for you and all and all commercial is like BCA Jimmy's got no friends but he wasn't what I negotiate. So what do you do you buy this doll and then you put it in the corner and it's got its like little bold faced all hands covering it sol. It's meant for a child is now. Yeah now. So I called. Mad because I don't businesses is stupid either possess and Alan Russian thank Tom call the number and it is dom does got to be a prank. I'm yelling at the lady like why would you sell some ideas losers who are all man still exert its dome this isn't a joke like we really do so list. All all of take one of these guys. Yeah I'm delighted. Yeah. I spotted it showed up. Then mixing you know. Yeah grand am your doll on the corner of our apartment also you were living with somebody so they saw they show up and they were like what will you do know he was with me on the phone call is all care and I wasn't drinking our own. Oh I wasn't sure this was like why you Rhode Island with a sugar Sunday and she really well what are you order is what it would free keep your people out when they came over to our house need to see this random but look like a child in the corner staring at the wall like the Blair witch see that's the best thing. About living with like your buddies reaches you will do student that had that would never make the cut if you're living with a check yeah I doubt things would never make a cut it would never even see delivery room. When you Vicki I did purchase many dumb things on while intoxicated and the reason I don't have the group bon app anymore is because they kept he leaned. That I kept buying adults always follow on well yeah I noticed a lot of one other bells and whistles and just like a fancy Owens led. You never buy at the regular start zero is too expensive the thereon Groupon and I wake up a couple plays later and I get notification your grip on packages being delivered. Congress what the hell did I buy and then. Hey Eric comes against me it's like Christmas you. Chainsaw slash bomb right yeah fifty or some crazy one standard. And well what's do you spend like. Some of those things luckily he's the group unless they think the most and spend like forty bucks fifty bucks to 60% savings yeah I stand sit in on that and it's almost the sex toys and I'm something fun group on on Misha and all the deals or 69% off. Yeah hills yes I I I only because you say if Imus extreme precisely company. Because yeah I'm a sex toy tiger I Eckstein just start every sentence let's say some sex toys. I'm really trying to follow you today but it's really been tough have a good two year wait. I know it's fuel for us. You guys are what my friends I'll join us actually rather than trying to intimidate consultancy. If you could be any sex toy once thanks to a would you be there are the exact rather clear or you know here most popular one man. My Persia is probably the be out four foot tall you Otis statue I'd buy at a house party 450 bucks. Do you still rural I still actually it's up my buddies games store about downright I don't know why he had a bullet now that I have more brutal home yeah I it's it's coming home is a real soon he alone is gonna be standing right in front of the door aren't enamored Diaz the pizza delivery person or The Who breached driver comes via audio knows it isn't a minimum greeting nice. Well it's I'm a drunken purchases because today is Amazon prime days and still don't drink today yeah divine everything all that tries so it's twelve noon now. Linda deals that they tell you used to wait. Yard sale date but you know what Amazon is really good they've been sending me emails going hey buddy I didn't as if I buy anything goes here's more or whatever you gotten yet you'll start at noon today according to the site the and NBA just said that a Tony Snow yes well I mean yeah but it started you know but they do started Newser if you wanna get Steve or sex stories where you can get in my prime then the Vanessa they go which is today. So good discounts I'm excited I'm biased there where Mac because I don't anymore board games just don't. I you pick a topic you guide to show listeners on a lose 206421 rock text does at 77999. Posting more recalls Texan 933. And you can be seen these guys obtain or grass and August 25 is Stone Temple Pilots on a rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I ask don't give Iraq from Seattle is listeners don't lose you fix itself I think you guys who showed 206. Four to a rock Texas it's 77999. So a decision for the love of god nobody listening to a radio show. Please do not order from Amazon I drive to numbing area towards 66 hours this week. Yeah I'd say he's going to be not I hadn't thought about how primary impacts them yeah moments of such numbers is us and adds to previous conversation I deliver Travers on I say. Keep becomes something guide tip that comes up get hammered by stuff keeps seventy hour work weeks college. While there's two different the schools that followed those emails normal work point nine guys are gonna guess Adam. Makes sense some people love to work and some people are like me and dealt deuce tripping over the weekend and actually yesterday as well run and our development and some cars pulls up. I get sound is gonna put Amazon boxes those as economists that Europe is strong tomorrow. There's there's cars on the couple's house is down more Amazon packages I realize that centered there I know they had people outside invite your postal delivery people dropping all yeah. All that's how they get these things you're so quickly it sounds. It's going over for mail we felt that way yeah yeah. I had some won't end and they don't all do at the same way. There is there is a woman I rang the doorbell she kept ringing the doorbell. And I'm like OK I don't know and I looked out there like I don't know who this is and we were having a beware a board game parties like I was some news they're going to be got a must be some giggles again bright and I'm looking out the window I I don't know who this is. And I didn't see that she's holding a package because it was that was that small breasts like golf and that's mission to bring up her song William. And usually they just leave your door. But she was is like ring ring ring and wanna make an issue maybe sign anything. Usually they don't do that well maybe this is our first rodeo she doesn't know yeah house of course support exactly you know I'm like okay thanks miss Bennet how Grunin and it was important that showed up on your board game night. I'm gonna tell you this that has happened before. Multiple times of course thank you to the world of kick starter I'm telling you there's always a little Christmas present that comes almost every month out of here. Quarks are at a lower body do you think that was like a while you're having a party. Few moreover playing board games I just showed up with a board games yeah yeah plus it out and play all went well yeah there's a lot of little busting he had depends on where we are because I'm sure the guys have also gotten a kick starter two syllable of hey Gary is I don't mind is gonna moral like yours they look at their phones even tags and delivered a go no does that and I know I got tied and then you know yeah you're the boss and outlook and it. We may not play believe me ogle over the components and things and you know then plays all the time so just a little tease there yeah if it does reveled sell you some of the games. You're really just can't bust him out and start reading the rules it's if you're a good good post. You know how to play the games are bringing them to do because it's not these they're not simple games to learn on the fly as there's a judge read the directions you clicked. Yeah I'm not at all and if you're a good host shall teach people the right way so they can understand it is quickly spiked bat Sosa teaching the wrong way so I win every time gather at the beach is actually a really good host sometimes a little too good of our host I would have to say. Just because the simple fact fuel save you some going to be playing game that no let's play before you want but a couple of times she'll send video after video after video is so it was kind of endless when it comes to museums do I work in order to show to his party yes absolutely. This idea. Pointing out there video how to take a shot here this is this is our data argues and that going out had that call rob people were taken shots at my parties to nice it was people get after. Tasty and abort its own way and lomb are you a member of any board game. Meet up groups. I join one that meets every Wednesday at a pizza place in Tacoma and it's a blast the other reason I'm not a member on I mean numerous amounts FaceBook groups trouble is is that. My hours are not conducive to that it's just and Steve you know it's like. Regular people get to stay up and that's really using me to do anything Boston a nighttime thing he had they're all yeah I mean and that's what it is whereas I found some thought trolls folks that have flexible hours or hours like mine so that's my little mini group because we can all get together as we ought to go to bed about the same time. Regular human beings they get to do these need us because you know what they go to bed and a normal time and not us Jerel did a group policy. I do have a day group posse out and you play games and I I play games in the day like us CF Thursday's and Friday's after the show it's game time. It's go to this go to every week you some pop in right before we got us started our listeners on the loosening ideas an incredible story. About a friend and they're drunk and purchases as we inside now that I texture ass about what was is the most expensive dumbest joke as persons who purchased river made. And yeah Joey. We fees nuggets. I have one of the most epic once again here OK so you remember a couple of years ago there was that fad of soaking tampons and alcohol to get drunk quicker yeah Paul yeah. Players are sad anymore until it's over I. Don't want to if you look at you we're just we can't yeah yeah and people I mean they had both genders when use it and put and is certain plays so let us depository basically so are we were all drunk rural here out in a huge group right. My friend's girlfriend stands up in this almost like moment of clarity. And those guys. I need to buy every camp on possible right now they're gonna skyrocket in price. She was convinced of because you're gonna use the more the some other B a lack of them like they were hard to make or something. She goes on her phone and tries to buy ten. Thousands of dollars worth of Tampa. As hell. 101000 dollars a person's gonna get 101000 dollar purchase yes and her and her boyfriend time was not. There he was downstairs and consumer credit card gets declined in were all like faith god your credit card doc gets departures. This is all that reasonable. Storms downstairs. Who runs up to her husband and goes. I need every credit card we have now. And you know he goes what are you knew full well what's country is we need every tampons you have gone up. And you heads or goes how. Bad you since. I try and stand honey and no joke she would have gotten 101000 dollars. Worth a tampons in the mail for Amazon. Had a the credit card on its own occasionally be there in the next to do that at all shows up all in all to this stage still always ordered and a good idea also losers just being selling drugs just off this is just don't. Yeah nevermind that he had you know he had a back up fast story you got to know you can't say 101000 dollars for the tampons is a good idea but somebody won't back off the story now I still don't understand how. Oh very few you can even think that. How did you make money is it or don't have have you tried to get drunk that way. I put some of the old the only that I jug and oversee yeah I've never I that I am we do it all the time. Really every weekend man to do us I don't lose up in an old. No I I don't I don't much mind most say that it does get you drunk. Yeah I yarmulke would do the journey not the destination yeah I mean like I like hanging out in a couple drinks. He knows precious some Beers does it hurt. I would think that the that leave the alcohol and now I'm very sensitive Mary would also Hirsch well this is actually covered in that movie boss course. All is well business model on Sina. Of course it's just seems like an Alderman since it's his weight ice that is awesome yeah I don't I don't ever have an interest. In doing that I'm also a fan like doing thank you like the fun homeless it's. That was called 100 on gearbox GAAP as his son mine and I thanked yeah ally on a regular swallowing that quickly things. We'll open the throats Steve then yeah you know how to improve. My answer that question city. After what he did that follow Jack using my son anything involving alcohol is probably it's we it's his passport but yeah I don't hold your bonding thing is is never mighty I'm not good that it is that I'm really don't really need to get trumped up fast. That's the other thing unless you're trying to avoid calories Agassi maybe some one a puts on them up there and you know I can get the terrorism and I guess how it. Business of going into your system and the current item of similar networks I don't understand either but I'm assuming if you do your voice the stomach to she's got serious and I suggest that if you go get hammered as well. Cameras will be drawn as far as an Australia and you can work the same and I can't taste in Najaf harmony there is not honestly I'm camps. I guess he's not your religion that's. Our business like real burden I don't really you're really sites as I orgies and it was over a six don't want the Allen. Hi is a question for you know I. This one year we gonna answer the deepest question of the universe and what do Ryan castle and chocolate milk coming coming out. I'll tell you 940 eighths on Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. He. Games yard short. What's your Ryan castle and chocolate milk Kevin come out good for recovery. Yeah. This. I'm ready for you knew nobody. Chuckle moon come if chuckled and Castro's call it. Six I'm probably picked it up yeah exactly that sounds like a little kids aren't you got through Osama count them. You make a boom boom here in my junior and then there's you know. Making an iPod hi this is that both come from Brown's house. ATP. Steve has Boson is let's move. It's unacceptable for our got castle. Castle. Those are pro team tactics freely hello we school. Well turns out that chocolate milk they say is in fact a better post workout freak and Gatorade for sure. According to the European journal of clinical nutrition back down and play around chocolate. For real shock from the hotel it's an amazing let me see it's Giacomo cousin rob for so long. Well that's funny you know hopefully he you know that's right castles and that's similar to a customer comes to move out of that it would. And made some. You just said they are thinking I wanna do rumor that she's a pretty good stuff I miss I don't think it's easy answers I don't know I random good stuff then you bring out call you bring food items or wherever both. The people who are the biggest triggers my party I know members show about their except one person she does she brings her own wine and she's good she's good life and do some really good. He's my son I don't truck driver party attitude it's. And made some. Nine point nine KI guess W. 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