BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-17-18-7A: Which TV character do you now hate that you used to love?

Tuesday, July 17th

Beat Migs. Buzz Feed just released a new list of TV and movie characters people used to love but now kind of hate. Luke warm topic. 

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Getting closer and closer pain and grass three big days first time ever. 3 big days or white or red deer and 24 the 26 of August. Fred miss Friday's second sending going to be an awesome show Alice in Chains have been seven fold. Slayer their final tour its own double file as profits rage is called free days I mean this is an amazing lineup. Get the full line of the KI SW dot com get your tickets. And KI SW dot com its own great matches Gary tuchman cap foment some of those tickets and go and tell you gotta gotta get your tickets now don't put it off yeah and when you do buy tickets many good causes and engage two bucks he should be sold benefiting. Divide solid foundation that's pushed for Tim's efforts. And Holmes is right here in Seattle all the info OK IE SW dot com. Mean. And he. May. Had turnovers and o.s charge. Out. All right it's our act yeah. Okay the pick and go via. Not very much excitement for tacos are against anything else and it's just a Tuesday it. OK but anything that did Hernandez and today we get Jennifer in Tacoma to take on Steve Jennifer are you there she would be if that thing work told honestly I'm things work better she said I hope I get a current mining and good morning Jennifer. Oh it's you blame British receive are tickets to see 21 pilots over at its common on Mon November 16 go to KI SW dot com for all the details USC 21 pilot she gave tickets this Friday the on sale at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide here. Though was playing at home Jennifer will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jennifer Egan. So you want but you'll only get three guesses and her question are you ready. I am starting with an animal what Ford model is also the name of the horse. Mountains Diaz how many seconds are in six minutes. 360. Gas what you're in the early two thousands did Kelly Clarkson when American Idol yeah. Have no idea oh dear old dads it's CDS is located in what European countries it's. Genuinely ask Malcolm to sue BS is located in which European countries and thank Italy and ask who plays Cherie Blair mr. on game looks drones it's no I desktops. Which NFL team plays its home games in the city of Arlington and yeah. All of its. Pastor and ask which guitar manufacturer. Is responsible for the Stratocaster. And there's yeah as to plays the title character in the movie magic might. No. Let's take as you might know he's he's now asked how tablets which nursery rhyme characters known for losing her she's. Little bogey. Need to ask 123456. Corrects. Well that's a shabby not to shabby at all but is not very NN gab but I think some of these Steve is again and again it's I think so she has chance to date all right stand back and are now. Like your credit gas sought to see us Steve can do well. Or better definitely can easily and it works all right well or better in the well or better. Whom and why you're ready. Starting with and what's. Ford model is also the name of won't force mustang to ask how many second third and six minutes. 600 no. Three times now are you OK okay. And now it's literally yeah I don't then I got out of strokes held past. What you're there early two thousands of Kelly Clarkson when American Idol but she doesn't seem as mountainous devious is located in which European countries. France no drilling as Joyce who placed Syrian plant mister and demons grosans. I'm Rob Schneider now to Africa. I don't know taxes which NFL team plays its home games in the city of Arlington and Todd Houston Texans know bombs. Dallas Cowboys you ads on its guitar manufacturer was responsible for the Stratocaster. Fender jazz 260 dot followed bucks yes for the six minutes I. What is the title character in the movie magic might try to maintain and you ask would you nursery rhyme characters are not releasing her she. Bill bogeyed Diaz 234567. Eight EU Leonid you. Sorry Jennifer. There are are you taking care as you're well. Like Jennifer. When you hear Steve that's right. Chad CDs and all the rest and take you to do well. No especially after. Really couldn't figure out seconds to minutes and then you figured it out sometime later that the entire game during Mac's. There's very hawk eye and answer questions while touring that it's a real wild and go to Syria and take it. That's amazing you've got the oil that you didn't get to which I thought everyone would just gave because its eyes like almost like name a character and game at drones. Our name and Akron game at drones Syrian Lester is UST he had taken anybody here rice harper he doesn't know maybe his no disguising game restaurants embrace our presiding demons from his baseball player fresh harbors that. No you know he could be a mound not present but the big man that English GAAP crap that's the only guy knowing that shelf an idea we were so I thought for sure you examine this like they might care to name an actor in demon drones and boom psyche is like Iranians for you and and with the galaxy so I was like dad make a well congratulations Steve you wanted to correct that's all takes may cause number eight you are gonna be a winner of those tours when Palestinians in Tacoma dome. Caller number 8206421. Rock. That's all he had a new baby. Davis. So we got a website just compiled some of the crazier things it's celebrities are rumored to have demanded that made them look like a diva. Our sun is yes you know easy things you get to a certain status in your life you know I think that's what happens I don't know if it's because you got to put up with crap when you're up and coming actor and then. When you get to a position where you're somebody like him now on I'm glad payback. Or you've always produce but you you can get away would be reduce until you finally came up big time star and then everybody has to kowtow to the fact that you're Jewish yeah Johnny Depp could be one of those who she you're talking about. I guess in pirates of the Caribbean he reportedly didn't want to memorize his lines anymore so you hired a sound engineer to read him his dialogue through a hidden earpiece that. That's pretty awesome that's sings very awesome I think I would do that it's seems to be a better way to go about it. Yeah MIB I have heard of like you do it well this new your listeners every night. Yes take the booty and put it in the bottom of the votes I select and their right amateur and I always say you're amazing thank you is that a line in the movie Philly yeah. And all movies every single movie and a guy in the bottom of the vote yes did you memorize that are somebody for that injury area really don't put it somewhere down they sure did it for the buddhism or an F. Robert Downey junior into the first iron men and some Jamont didn't wanna have to keep putting on very extremely uncomfortable Iron Man suit. So he made them and the suit dominant post production. Anderson he created a great deal of extra work the animation team. Probably extra money for the animation team that's cry a lot more hours I have to go back and look at that first movie to see it's an oh it's after the first Iron Man so Al condemn excessive became successful yeah I remains a huge hit. These guys are. I don't know that. Now if that's true well I I who I did get to see some green screen stuff Ian Elway and yeah it was surprising how much of the suit wasn't on him. And so I guess that's why I thought they did it because it's Ireland moralistic I didn't realize it was him not wanted to put the suit on. To go back to you the first home with Johnny Depp apparently a few people's Texans and Marlon Brando was known to do that is why when he got older. Yes see. You know this'll. It's to memorize lines from movies I think is dumb because they cut everything now they take multiple shots. It's not like it's a live play I don't see why you even have to memorize what a certain scenes where you you know that there's some scenes where they don't cut at all. You got to know the parts of that. I guess or at least have good cue cards CIA and so those who was AJ I know you're saying where it does nowadays everything's so frenetic if you watch TV show are. Count how many seconds before you see I should scene cut its like three seconds at most. But you're right there are some of those old school movies where there's a long piece of dialogue and the camera never chin switches and you've all watched remain. And the like the bird man movie with Michael Keaton the entire movie was basically it felt like one shot dad was a cool when they can pull out on like I love music videos where you can tells. They just started and I did okay goes and then a couple of times and how these are I think as well I love music videos where it is not a single edit because you know they had to do that on one take. Yeah I was thinking that one of them are less flaws he's on a couple of videos like where it feels like it's just 10 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah famous yes Democrats I guess so calm. Yes those are impressive when a guy can memorize is limelight that but I can understand Johnny Depp man you're wrong you're doing stuff feel like death a British army couple screen captures of what this is shot agent here is that something and yet he's our in this you know all these spring and Cheryl I. How weird have to ask Stan Saudi experimental suit on. Yeah surely is there and he was that would that somebody's sexson in their diva celebrities are just pretty interesting. While deployed in the Middle East with the army Jessica Simpson came to perform and demanded Fiji Water. An African desert seriously. Jessica. Now I game throws we're talking about that because the they will never be in the same scene together and it's not that I notice not because they got a hundred characters in my show. They data in real life and now he just has so much that they had this clause added to both of their contracts who awkward whoa. All right. Bill Murray would only being ghostbusters if they agreed also bankrolled another film Nicole Rowe called the razors edge. And how logos bus that was will be VAN dabbled of course goes bust and who knows a huge hit uses edge not such a huge goal. They say he was so disappointed the damn movie flops so badly he took four years off from acting because of the well you know you got to look at the merry go dude. As I guess you know what to do the movie business sometimes does what they're doing and wouldn't want to do movies like Dag as they know they gonna stink when you are you hold them hostage and in the movie stinks do you think you is out of embarrassment these similar looking beneath the exact for about four years I wouldn't be surprised how. George Clooney only had a small part of the movie gravity was Sandra Bullock. But still ask for a private beach type next to his trailer complete complete with a garden. A private hot tub and his own personal basketball court child soon yes. Also on. Why I YouTube as a resident as anyone over religious shoot hoops by himself and yeah like I liked him terribly not to replace a basketball to George but but but there's a lot of weight around in movies and when you get to be hits his place and somebody really wants and a movie. And when you don't have off I like a big big part but you gotta be narrow line. And makes sense to me that you need a basketball hoop at all yeah do. And yes there are let's say he had some satellite or something going to be an exercise you say Ramirez is gonna sit there and just a lump Steve you can get into basketball imprisoned Steve got caught what was he in the movie he just sat there and he was a damn long. Target toys loaded face. You shake this next one doesn't doesn't make me feel good it's about my hero William Shatner. Though I am I always heard these stories. He reportedly always wanted to make sure that the thought of any Star Trek original series always revolved around his character tab and her team. So he demanded that certain story lines and dialogues be altered in order to make sure that the captain was in fact the real focus of the scene. And it led to some serious classes with Leonard. I know this to be true this is what I love about JJ Abrams because he gave a nod to this one of the most famous. Was the first interracial kiss ever on television it was in between Shatner and I'm. I know or her Michelle Nichols character. That was supposed to be Leonard mean boy and Michelle Nichols but again why he's a guy wasn't supposed to be with current Wessels who is Kirk. Puck but he just said. I think it's had a big day it's the first time what I gotta put out there is good at it as I. Are long and prosper so I love that Indy Star Trek movies Spock in Aurora couple. It's JJ's nod to what it was supposed to be way back in the sixties and I know that yeah I love that and that's why do you get mad at those movies though sadly what I remember is like a lot of Easter eggs in there that are great loving Easter eggs for starters fans like myself which is why loves JJ what he's done. I thought that was a a cool sort of nod sued that whole drama about Shatner in the morning and Nat hole interracial kiss that's great idea at all that's funny yeah so that sound. Hey did that about mr. Shatner by I've heard real precise from almost every member of the cast. But I think I if I was a good on the level both Clooney when I am what would I want all you would be insufferable. You can follow column law and you don't think you'd be one of those guys get a lot are out. Drew I knew he'd won the hot tub to immediate 100% downtown you only get I'm I invite people on from the casts. To hang out with me in my hot tub all the that's shrieks yeah okay would you be naked or would you have clothes on. I'm bored shorts on now all right that's good then I'm familiar hot tub then I'll take you might see you were invited us. Well I don't like all of us what exactly does allow whenever I'm on the Vietnamese coast are you feel like Jelena patio where there's a game it's Ron Chicago wanna be with me. So you guys didn't want to eat and why did we jump to a dating time now we won't be a screen please I'm saying is an audience in with you I know from being a series I don't hot tub while. Now Danny I don't know because I don't know about once I Leonard leaking into my house and that's a thing are they got their product and tears yeah oh yeah Graham yeah sorry grass yeah are you O. Knew you couldn't say no you have he's all man on the drop aren't yet you'll know I'm gonna drop a baby Ruth and I think when you know what can you get in as little surprise everybody I'm sure I'll play for our security now are you sure I can make the cut now I do every day you're allowed in combat so I'll. I Barack. Nice for you improved my club now high well I will not go over your son I can promise you ask. We have a list that just came out about TV and movie characters that we used to love but now we hates. Made this list how so you're 717. On Iraq. And they X morning and now I'm going nine KI guess tell you. I don't point nine JISMU. Iraq. Com Seattle. 'cause it is remarkable listened TV and movie characters people used to love. But now it's kinda heat fool. Yeah is Ted goes beyond the slowest ten most he's not on the list and I is he the guy used to love and then you hated it DN yeah. He was awesome my first son not How I Met Your Mother and they slowly morphed into a more annoying version of Ross from friends and that's saying a lot yeah yeah that's a very good point. Yeah you're right it's a very very good point it's I'm fish yeah he got towards the annual candlelight I don't care how you make your mother. Larry I do wrong character died yeah it's it's. How can I make your father. Dude I mean it's so bad that I did congressman there was on television as sort of around like all man I love this episode I was trying to watch it. Not even though he was still in his likable formed. I knew would eventually he would turn into San turnoff wow. Yeah you know I'm 1010. Was the coolest dude. Yeah using real lovable dad do you. Right I mean and ended that when a show is on now along sometimes there's an evolution yep there's a lot of these that are on this list. Are that they've been around for a long time to characters and they've they were likable the beginning or at least tolerable. The big one here is for all you Harry Potter fans. The charger sever snake. Him and he's he he's wearing all black and he's got greasy hair and it. They say he's a creepy stalker who couldn't get over his childhood crush an emotionally abuses the majority of his students. Minus a greasy hair sounds like me death exactly. I expect that the fact. And well that's a great description of the guy it is it's still I you know he was he is a jerk through the entire movies still I don't agree with because he was jerks of the entire movies but then at the end. You realize that actually he was doing good work and he was sort of like him recovery from being a real eighth hole and the friend in the entire time. He was in recovery in doing doing basically a good word for people. Guys so much so that Harry and one of his kids after him. You know he's eating most Everest home yeah oil are our enemy and Harry didn't get along for pretty much like the entire movie franchise until the last movie. And then you get to see why he was doing was and they are at it down but some people still pay severance I actually like from high and then John request colorless he's a great actors so that was a he was a great actor. So that that's pretty much what Iraq and about. Yeah I think it was set to meet Alan recommend I am sure he was great actors are. I'd rather than masters tennis proves on this show and no it's Adam Richman tall yeah. Clothes so yeah very close aren't listening to I. Yeah I fired yeah. God yeah I mean the bad guy from diehard I yeah Hans Gruber yeah it was on man vs food no doesn't who would never think that out nobody would think that. So basin is this MTV movie characters who eat people used to love but now kind of hate what official charger would you put on this list 206421. Rocked Texas seven. 7999. What fictional character do you still love but now you kind an 82006. After three day on Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. I point nine KI SW Little Rock of Seattle. Has. Don't listen TV and movie characteristic used to love but now kinda hate Steve used to love Ted Mosley from How I Met Your Mother that character and now hates him I want to say this had always been a bridge Barney all the way. Well Barney is the great he had no doubt about it Barney was always continue to show as far as like just you know the rules and uses a play. But that being said. Started this like Barney towards the end as well because Cindy knows and he was in love. Yeah that was. See that also was the U turn I didn't like DR. And he was in love with the one that we got that would be ten dealing Ted's love interest to really our issue was Robin yeah probably I. Yeah Robin is the one maybe Robbins the one we should really be angry at C yeah I think you might be right about that huh. Wonder why yeah there you know that's that's a sign. 206421 rock Texas 77999. So bases listen TV movie carriages people used to love and outstanding paid. What facial character would you put on this list let's go to Ben in Lynnwood then you are on the rock. That's a bad damaging guzzlers bunny. Oh well I went out to dinner watched friends constantly. And I used to lower cost because you know the daily and just everybody knew it Smart but now does. Breaking hate them. I do not like the guy. Do IRA there with you know I freaking needs Ross in the later he didn't think Phoebe and Monica Monica just became. I could control lean whiny little bitch of a child. And he'll always being awesome Julie stay IC Browner I don't know. It's time to burn. Did you and I summer and doesn't mind you Joseph you're just chaos that was incredible and it check yet Joseph on this basis in the Robinson's to be made a great major west he is Greg Harbaugh IE was a great major class he was Jolie in space is what he what he really that's really isn't a bad now LeBlanc now there really isn't character yeah. Also duplicate controlling weirdo and his relationship is chemically react. And yet you know Ben he's actually lied to dig bones are we surprised by this crap yeah. He's actually on the list and I'm not surprised and people say quote he used to be funny and it was Sweden was trying to heal the racial in the early episodes and then. He started to get annoying selfish and cleaning that made him seem creepy. So as far as there was talk today that he summed that up yeah. It's it's safe generally harmless so like one they've got Janet put these new order roster be the number one. Yeah fictional character that people liked it first and then eventually he did. Yeah. He deathly right CVB he's Emmys in the top three on this one no doubt about it the the top to light as I told they're well one was of course avarice sister receives from Harry Potter. Also on the list number two is from Harry Potter. Hello I'm wondering if anybody can guess who that might be easier if you're Harry Potter for tiny. Fair enough. I need your heart and he's always been great no casualties okay. As soon as this is yeah this one is going to be challenging. I don't agree with this one neither Harry Potter because he's a dumb jock. You can discuss how they're anything out entitled rich dumb jock be as the worst the IE I'll tell you who I would actually more. Hi when I try to play scared because someone returns Leo yeah. They're saying hello Ron Weasley is actually. A guy that he ends up being adored it looked there was that side there was that time Iran wasn't talking Harry every which movie was when they were a tall teen and Steve. At each other and you do learn the and and it was just yes things can make. That fire together got all yeah that's right he was mad because Kerry was in the contest and didn't used you must have just put yourself there and Harry just. Roy talked about it. He's an hour you're H. Some went down debt it's pretty much Birmingham they're saying that hey that reason is is Ron is such a jerk he's very supportive of his friends. That's an added that mean there are a couple of moments where Ron is a jerk like I always Sully came back to the party. Course I don't know maybe they come when it was just a whole movement there Brennaman wasn't cried and yelled each other ormat he's on the was that was such a horrible hallows part one was so bad. It is a matter I don't know would stroll moving on they did you do so we are now Lord of the Rings we now that would take only daughter and everybody I don't like the show everybody agrees though the deathly hallows part one stinks I mean really it was like they really shouldn't try to put that book into two movies and they did it stunk whereas The Lord of the Rings that you don't like the second one The Two Towers. They're a lot of people like that you just don't funny you know how one person decisive and Sam inferno in order of the rings trilogy they were on its first. But I am not halfway through The Two Towers they all whiny and I was kind of cheering for Sarin. All Zora Zora Zora was a plus our raw and so our sour on that's because a couple of the bad guys had the same name sort of Saudia. I dismay some low Bernadette on the Big Bang theory but now she's kind of a pitched it. You know it is very true because well but see I think that was by design they really wanted her to become Howard's mother yeah you Howard all the time and again I wouldn't you she's supposed to really transition. Yeah I mean really music. Howard how it's the other way around he was creepy since. Reaching per V guy and he's become a lot more likable as the show's gone on but I don't like to deter enemy you're like. Hours mom because the whole fun of powers Moses like every once in awhile he'd get to meet you Mike for thirty seconds and an episode laugher. Different you know a major part of the show yeah I think what's his face who's a guided the body Raj rod yeah I don't I liked him better we know how to talk to women and. Yeah he's a and there are times he comes off from the I'll little unlikable I agree with your that are related there was a lot more fun when he was the early rods and sadly Rauch. Yeah meanwhile Sheldon is becoming a lot more likable. Ever seen our nurses got laid. Well there is that you know you find out that if a guy gets laid his muscles and better as shell and how many years the only on the action all on time. For Amy showed up this is just from Stanley I. All the L will. Sheriff Joseph this is run from intense status in a wheelchair to a whiny sacked dead they respect lesson meg. And meg always hunt. Like Jill better than Brian I think Brian is just gone down dog yeah. Just kind of hurt me in creep in not to go to way and he went whiny to you ask funny sort of surprise to doctor Stanley I sort of sunny and cool drug and that he wants a bank is best friend's wife and thinks he's smarter and everyone else I'd take that much to the pound. Wow. Yeah Ole. And but see I think it's because he's had to hang I was doing time travel agency did it rectum I'm curious your daughter necessarily along policy and I. I'll say. I may. I used to be a big fan of Austin Powers and now I can't stand how. Nothing has changed. Yeah I don't know I just kind of like. They really had a new Austin Powers can be you know a nice thing was so funny and light I don't know I think you're a movie and ends at the age he's got. Thank you movies I've been feeling good night. You're hey. You know what's. Funny Sarah because when those whose came out you were early teen and I think when you're young kid. I don't care we are here and teaming you're getting to go through puberty and seemed not he kind of stuff that you're not supposed to be even talking about yeah I think it's fun but then now here it is ten you know fifteen years later is so. And you know you're like oh hey he's he's just discuss. Yeah hey hey it's not obeying. If they do a mini me when I mean recipes by up. Score one for the home and exactly and I think gold members would do and you can't even watch like you can't even watch that anymore because of fat bastard because I think it's incredibly hurtful and not the damn movie. They nowadays with the way people are and weight issues and and sad shame I. I'm almost imovie can really be enjoy it anymore now you take a look at society and I mean seriously man. If I. I've never seen that side and you've never seen the third one I had in the second one for the first one up on. Like I was they may scare did I would like when asked why he was closing we had this conversation before boys girls I know. Still boggles the mind I think he's he's just we died I want to leave Ireland beat on the dvd player plugged and now. Yeah I like it and just watching I'm sure it's I'm not gonna be the reason why you. I now there's a few other films that are currently in cases that aren't really for those films senate prodded plug in first OK first I. What if I bring an animal with the movie without enticing of. No it's. Now you know what you're and a wide shot now live or something. Yeah Tony you can't give you are so far behind on movies that you should have watched the you have and I have to I am ticked off a lot of movies on my box I've done my homework and you haven't so you are way behind what homework you wonder why I sign my paper I didn't airheads I didn't princess pride outside and you've done nothing but fall asleep during Shawshank redemption I got. I look at the opening scene was pretty damn cool. If that doesn't mean you get this give the rest of the movie Steve I didn't I was physically there are a lot of will be played OK fine. You know I don't have fallen to anyone's rules I don't want to answer anyone and I'm school and no homework and I got all I need to watch Austin Powers I'm sure it's great I've seen some clips on Comedy Central and it looks like a fun little film I'm 62 hours and it. On camera you know oil money you dominant play that allows us just get an LS isolate that line. And many times he says I should watch something we'll just play his own words back to that okay that's Logan had a fine fine. All right so and this one is gonna (%expletive) off a lot of people I think because everybody loves the marvel universe. People are saying Tony Stark from the marlin movies. Is retrieve people used to love a man now they hate him he's a bit of a Dushanbe by and that's that that lovable charm I guess she gets a get away with being in. They always do staff as a whole idea yeah but he doesn't necessarily have any redeeming qualities I doesn't redeemed himself in ten years I want to say the last bottle watched. There was oil heat he seemed annoyed by far Spiderman yap. Absolutely and as one of those things is not a good manager to a guy and he should be a mentor tear. Well and that's one of these people say but if you IRU guys watch the same movies I'm watching. Because he was gonna make Spiderman and adventure and they had that planned any trends and then Peter turned it down which they worry. In a way kinda happy but Tony wasn't kidding he was in a welcome the kid into the group. So you that doesn't mean that he actually give the kid mentoring pays you to good advice he showed up every time Peter and unum but here a moment rip the don't have remember that like things are going downhill as. Only showed up and realizes. Yeah very serious I seriously it's always good I love Tony and I love his cockiness I think it's really hot and just imagining your honor him. Actually he does Sony asked I have one on this list and I I actually do agree with and I wonder what people think about how is attacks basically as possible from the Cosby Show I'm. Oh boy. I don't accept that couldn't take. Pool and do. You know this character here a very beloved character attacked. Jim how purged from the office I can see the office. I intimidated yeah. I don't think you. Act and right now I watch wrestling I yeah. I am helmet on Netflix. Now I want to save this salesmen vs screwed no she's not very well there's nobody unlikable in my match or is there I don't know if there's always in the new host is not very well I think he's great. So it does you. A gym and operatives because there was a wonderful love interest between him and Pam think about it he stole him away from her man. Any pranks a hell lot of Dwight and because he was charming and lob the ball and Dwight wasn't it didn't stop Jim from being a home wrecker. I mean which is really what he was if you analyze the show. He really was that just he was a likeable guys like James potter Harry's dad. Jim thought it was kind of an a hole but you know why we want him to be a nice guy because you know he's dead he's dead dead. But I think Jim is actually kind of a bully I do I I really do. And out towards why pork tornado Farber and they picked up a no show. In Irvine and always find the gyms in which one of the red say look I will even from office space aren't dummies and I came into the run it's already. Well I album gonna change the subject because I once seemed to be able to be on the show again soaring miss. If you saw my job is he might try to YC offices are rich. Parks in Iraq's pro life he's Christian Europe and look down my uncle Chris has got this what I hope chris' character that he so are okay what are you hill oh I forgot what I was. Tennessee Bora too just because he was he's a funny small doses on the LEG show it's funny you say that hours almost I was thinking the same thing. They just that type of character by Sacha Baron Cohen yeah this is obviously important order Bruno and Ali G and I try to watch some of that news show images like you know why. I seen this dossier and and it's just this type your. Exactly and it's I mean spirited thing to do I mean he's under a lot of allegations because a Sarah Palin is saying that he portrayed. A disabled. Veteran. Military veterans he did into the interview her and people like really you try to play the part of a disabled man he's saying no no I didn't but she is saying that he did. But he does Hamas mean spirited now I mean it's like you always mean spirited but CIA now it's definitely cool it feels like you're right Steve it's like what he did then. Culturally was an unacceptable but now I mean I don't I I don't how anybody thought this would be a good show CSI Miami Susan that he's mean spirited at all it's just. I've already seen this. Style that he's every done this so many times I thought immortality deceit it's kind of like the Tom Green effect might have been it was hysterical and then my camera laid out their luster did exactly. Comment so Steve you are going this when I just knows Obama Lister I hate this afternoon Meredith grey from Grey's Anatomy. I know what's your favorite joke you know I'm mom and witness until her office. I. Now and as an excuse myself ever been a fan and I character I know she's essential point of the whole show and she narrates and at times says but I yeah yeah I. I think else. She's the titular character you think you get behind her I loved or whether we are all less degrading to me until we know that this email was when he teams Vermont but her name's on the title. Jeweler calls always come on revenues that were drawn. Yeah they say she's just a sad sack and expects everyone else to drop everything and help on a fleeting women even though we all know she wouldn't do the same from them sound about right very good I. I went right back into the conversation. Usually Jackie and vice affairs appeals from ars good they are some Ellis I love that movie and they say that I see I don't understand. You know it's one thing when you see character over and over again for multiple years or multiple movies this is just one movie hot Interscope being the Dino likable guy or not likable guy from. He lies outlandish sleeve things that he's a very he had that that's the best whoever the big life. Well yeah I mean I think the way that he handled the stench of a camera was questionable at times. How can the defense can loan general deep but not okay bank characters cameras running a red wings Jersey Maryland sucks and I don't do a good point that's 'cause I thought about that actually is do you CNET it is it. I had more than one scrap its did you seek is that movies and old movie and as we age as a society and the ninety kids grow and you know our sensibilities change whereas you know we used to think Ferris is the coolest guy ever and years later now people bringing up now of those attributes are not cool. You know so it's really did the same thing what's ross' son Noah never complain about it when it was on. But and you know I mean I don't feel or getting annoyed process goes on a whit what were they really oh yeah by asset in fall shows so I I. Almighty god and I'll and you all want is Justice Scalia I did. Did you really watch friends my friends when it really isn't damage and I think I watched him coach. He just woke up thank you say it is the only song oh yeah. It doesn't suck yes she is called the warrior. Okay plus friends or yourself it's my belief really putting very happy with the red color and I had hired yeah they're all busy because I don't like Austin Powers in the office. 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