BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-17-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, July 17th

Beat Migs. Aaron Salmom and Kevin Pearson joins us live in studio talking about the Miss Rock hydroplane.  Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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And we're presenting pain in the grass 2018 if you haven't heard the number one not two but three. D.s of alive also miss. Folio one a lineup of musical this is the biggest thing aggressive brand. Steve yes you know is going to be there Allison seems a review there. Stone Temple Pilots push the call that's all Saturday gas guarantee a song like crazy so it's it's really soft and of course on Friday you guys. And tax testament lamb of god napalm death and all the band called slayer. Final tour. This is an amazing amazing lineup you wanna see the full lineup you know where to go wait there's more Bill Maher on Sunday morning. Then several phone creates great still panther. Every night. Down Dylan my message doesn't change there's still even more than Mac yes check on the full lineup to KI SW dot com get your tickets at KI SW dot com two bucks. From east to get sold benefiting the fight technology foundation that's supporting pro Jim Jeffords and homelessness and Seattle's. Saying it. OK it's only. Teens and then. And it turned around towards my house. I know. But Steve didn't turn it down he turned up things right yeah eight and so the winner earlier today that yeah but that was luck. Well I mean most the time for him it is distract those lucky guesses did you those wins. So maybe it'll happen for our contestants today I hope so we just in pure honesty gone Steve Jeffrey there's sir. But the content is what's it like forty days Steve just I'm prepared to guess the good guys car show and it's happening in the Washington State's Sarah event senator. Friday July 27 during the 29 thirty KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets are available now on good guys dot com RE ST it out. Those playing in home Jeff will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff. And that's all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you were writing me. I'm ready if what's the name of these signs of growing plants in liquid nutrients instead of soil. Ice. Nice to at all I don't comics yeah who is Fred Flintstones best friends. He thought he asked who played doctor frank didn't murder in the rocky horror picture show. And expect or encourage you add ice and what decade we're seeing donkeys first marketed as. They keep at least now things. Eighties now I like comes into what country was composer Ludwig Von Beethoven born. Mean you ask what you west president putting twinkies in the country's millennium time capsule. Nixon now that's. I hold no. We lose. Took her know what you think they'll Goosen called. I'm flowers Utah until I so I don't know loans to ask what is the capital Louisiana. All boil them down through here and it's lines and or five Greg succeed guessing Orix. Yeah yes you know what's good for the goose right. Our car. Slow I didn't I didn't do there that I know. I'm on an island doesn't yeah. I did they beat goes first name yeah. And I realize that's where that comes from is like no yes okay. Well don't say anything tie it stays back he's back Beers. He's ready to crush his opponent helps you know see what happens when Steve Hariri. What's the name of the signs of growing plants and liquid nutrients instead of soy don't. I'm sorry to see their son I want her to. The TV yeah. So who is Fred Flintstones best friend Barney Rubble again as I played doctor Franken for her in the rocky horror picture show drew. Our. America I don't know this past. What decade we're seeing monkeys first marketed as easy as it what country was composer Ludwig Von Beethoven born to Germany as to what he was president putting twinkies in the country's millennium time capsule. I got Jimmy Carter now I'll Ron Reagan and now. I'm gonna go we news you do it. Fast no so I know what is Emil Jones whose calls EC now. Goggles I know talks now. That's just horrible movie he and that was Birmingham's now. Alabama and in its New Orleans snow that's six. Julio. Wow no holes. The more you lose five to three. And a good Christiane jabs and Steve you get this. And each doesn't seem to try to that we have to pay Steve yes you know what's good for the goose right. Dan there then it's automotive X. Yeah same response that Jeff did you can you missed it here he did did the exact same line and boom figured out. And I know bags used at tech C Steve did you Denny TP makes cannot. It's her birthday myself and our own newscast. Power couple while an all. In Iraq so. See Amazon awesome awesome person and I shout like to let her down I usually did to you were not to baby bombing and Hanna is such a nice person and you sailed her did you did thankfully my parents are missile wanted to wish her happy for our last night. Are you married hey you're mu. I don't know Larry hey you. Lou you move. People are OK news. Okay. I mean I don't know early age you do. Do you who'll be back here. The end apparently your parents man. Every day they really dedicate themselves of people's joy they know for assistance M Pacific time to be ready. At any given moment to wish a listener and happy birthday at least in Montana town of TE. Route out of a cup all the ones that you missed it Jeff got corrected back home rouge is the catalyst we would you fancy now miss about Paul roach nagged I took French her own and ask and I told you. Hi drew upon ex yeah is he signs of growing plants is Juli can nutrients. Yeah I knew he would hate himself for doctor frank confer was played by Tim Curry McDowell I condemn anyone else or if fassel won't have been. I had said Laverne Cox awarded the accepted that one because she did that India live action version of our costing r.s and a black person I'm okay Colin. And in one that you both missed the US president that put a twenty in the country's millennium time capsule did not obligatory key and that's I've cast a CNN IE don't I guess Clinton guess Clinton elect is no way Clinton couldn't get the data don't millennium time capsule was the guy hit their house because you know if you think about it put us why he every Reza you have the senate when it's going to entice us. How well relations Jeff on winning I'm leaving the term yet you aren't all right well Steve is a big loser earlier was Tice Stephen you can win no you don't have the freedom. That's our son he makes well in the middle prime today below prime couple days you think about it did you buy anything spicy. Did you know what I didn't try it's good thing I didn't try. Because I wanted to buy something I might have been like a lot of folks that know what the site was down. Lots of people were complaining I'm on FaceBook about how they couldn't get on. Do he allies seems weird when you have a company like that that's. Been doing this forever yeah I dust and popular did they not have to anticipate the amount of money they'd be making they thought it would make our 3.4 billion in sales. Do you think they would have been might OK we go we we can handle that kind of traffic they couldn't. And a lot of folks it was just an error every time to try to buy something. Nothing showed up for me you know I was afraid they send me emails show me all the board game deal. But they do I saw I was like I don't stay away. Because I would have bought stuff you test series incarnate one article bomb there's sin the best deals for laptops and not chrome books tablets. Monitors and printers. If that's all sort of like the ills operating system that they might be involved with two are there certain yet they had a great deals on in the dots in the echoes all that stuff for the obviously. So here gaming laptop was understood about SARS and asked him. I'm only gaming laptop and again I'm not all right fine so be out there it's gone on again today. And their hopefully. Anticipating fewer glitches. While even though they had that problem their stocks still went nuts yesterday wherever the record high. You know Amazon right now can't do any wrong to remind you Microsoft back in a day like Microsoft could do no wrong now I Amazon's vast. Museum is on a good docs also go on for free cheap price staff. Just days those men I guess they say is like they're richest guy now yes and this is man oh man why conniving his body. Won't seizures friendly and easy money. Well George Clooney did you see George Clinton wrote a bunch of money is old buddies and everybody is cool as George Clooney well I think Jeff Bezos has a chance I'd give him a chance to be called as every I would drop they had Jeff. I'm nobody including I'd say no I'd say Jeff you're sick this article about George Clooney and it's always sent its own. Owns and not so subtle you look at this story Roger is yes all his friends money what do you think about Najaf a senate once a month so go ahead you see this article on cookie. It's every month. You said that. I was a come billionaire all right guys I would be that guy. You have give people money we've always some abide by as we've all thoughts and in my in my hockey but he's a I would love to Jews agree like if one of us won the lottery just by housing development. They knew bill making new development as being filmed in new homes. And all of us as we move into that development making gave it that way you know we can lock it won't always wanted to tell you what when a dump. Frame didn't gay community that would be I think we did it just is so that we keep you win yeah that's really what we dated for would be to keep us out and got out one and house's New York couple hours. Tournaments a hockey rink so we can always tight that's fun. And then just like golf carts soldiers are around this golf cart revenues greater. Yeah yes good golf Carlin and his dad bless you said bless you my son. Yeah. Yeah millions if you know I think as we hear my son in Gaza as a day higher turnout you go. They got Martha money out. So they go Amazon prime days still going on and it doesn't matter if they so it's not their stock price goes up. I can't figure out the stock mark you think that would remain until you hit. Now did may have take you know. So I will see if today goes easier. It is time now for listeners on the loose this is where you get to pick the topics. You get to guide to show. I'm gonna start things off by chatting with a man racing miss rockets C chair yeah Aaron sammon joins us at 917. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Any nine point nine KI SW Iraq now Seattle. Did you and so we ended guys putting his rod back got only Washington received fair driving miss rice is Aaron salmon and from cars guards can impart some Seattle. Welcome guys they thanks for it to be Rodriguez both Kevin we of course we we owe you guys are cars are great Ted because you know why you resurrected his rock and she's not. Smash she's looking pretty whenever we weren't we we weren't sure where we're gonna see here this year because man what a spill. That was a doozy and she's sexy skewed screech how does new color scheme Aaron. My I think the votes to harness the commode on them on the circuit right now so but most of it is fair and your music on the putting those month after month kidnapped and ready after its flip last year in Detroit. And luckily got it ready for us and run up and we shot it out of the car star and a Briton. Big thank you tomorrow guys coming on the weekend to bang now bowed out but she's she's sexy it's going to be a great great doesn't need. As he looks really cool because it was and while I've read really pops and and Aaronson just a rookie endeavor. When driving miss Roch yeah yeah it is the reason for ten years whose cancers you step into big boots and I couldn't be happier. I get that we had a taxes can I know Aaron very well for mr. or ms. Peters may everybody calls him finish. Yeah and that's June the last name's Sam and it kind of goes hand in hand saw that excesses of the would you millionaire it was dark. And of too early for this dealer you're shooting just fish where does that come room. Com mail yes so you're you're a local boy and we were talking off fair. You know it's what did you get up to the big boats but then your drive and an iconic I drove from the. Syria only adds this incredible coming grown up reason not once in Seattle trans Sunnis. Knowing the history that our new Leland team assist amazing to have an opportunity you can't your own. As so yeah this this is very it is because you you're also mean you spend most of the time put his bowl back together. And now you can be reviewed me right now is don't how how. Yeah how common is that and is that a guy who's gonna debate basically is the captain of the ship is also basically glue on this maybe you wouldn't you gotta get him back. Another very often come into its request journalist and its horn to work on top new full time job. And it's well worth it and say how much after him and in night Indiana and Alabama I'm in history. Yeah he had no sorry I diocese qualifying laps and Indiana tobacco. It was great doesn't cool course your own on the shrill title naral now pretty rough. The no it is awesome we had minor mishaps and interest he now. Almost an electrical fire blew real bush. Yeah did somebody put a curse a woman's risk for I don't understand is no matter what we do Hershey just wants to make itself on the hot. I'll grant she's fighting pretty did you do it's it's a good water any real sure dresses and young boys she isn't she is a feisty finicky lady amid Aaron Aaron Murray's yeah I'm hoping and hot as we did talk to sweet nothings in her because man and we would we want us to be a good one little boy image and I don't know as a hobby Hydro claim we don't want to I cannot. Where are fires are clear no we didn't do it won't Northampton just how far we've seen this happen in terms Boris is before and do we want and ensure that I think stays in the race and you know I think it's going to be competitive this year amused and a lot of things about. Bode canceled a lighter than I was before and I think he's you don't wanna go from harm drivers so he's emotional totally be in the mix and. I was I was hearing you get to jump into the world I proclaimed races and this year they're gonna actually be back on television hall yeah nice and showed that those terror and that's great news. Shall know him well it's big for me and I think. Does it as grown up on Mercer Island Indian courtesy fairer for all these years I mean it he is the pinnacle event for for Seattle. And I don't think there's a sporting event and has more kick to the locals from this one and if you talk about it in other markets they don't know what I do is see our end here and so really Madison Indiana. Champions seafaring tri cities are really kind of view races for this whole deal also. I'm it's going to be really really farmers were really excited and it. You're teaming up with chest W womb passionate about our customers are car star you guys are really passionate about the rockaholics and and your listeners and sunscreen. It's agreed or. Partnership. You know between the two salt and Emily when teams are like I said the model. Effort and work she's put into it whether it's just simply because Dow's there are I don't know how many other family members are working on now both for the last five months but. You know he's earned everything. Karen I'm and Mina and Aaron how did you. Even get to a point where you could drive adopt it in this rock like rule book what is the process to really get to that point a man. Asserted Friesen and our sister union and I know my first go to the kind of thing museum and then a program called home projects order. Your whole family comes down builds moody goes from there. And while Dan is still won't be just don't cook dinner what is kids out thousand dollars you don't really get you get him go the goalie for kids cheese and you yes yes no Bob that's that's that's very impressed that's called programs are guys treat them. Motorists is not only Justus former us Mosley Stanley sport and I'm closer most closely would most of them received Hamlin came in actual fact most down. You see him every week and throughout the summer this is a great time. And again if you wanna see ms. Rocca and and she's she's spanking new and grab a great awesome paint job check out this Saturday constitution is why senator. Our Ryan castle returns for the bar well tourism right now she's really got there of course rock girls are gonna be there as well. And don't forget C chair again this truck will be that Friday August 3 through Sunday August 5 all the info OK I asked on a W dot com and a bit up in the grass capsule was always gonna have been there on display Pendergraph. Yeah on the drug did you issues men's going to be great we've got a bunch far closer employees coming down there are kind of celebrating the heart grow and we're gonna how are idiots ruler gray Jane's Addiction tribute band and urban shooters is our own government. And they are really really good if you haven't seen him to come down you're gonna enjoy it not be in some great barbecue on the drug users but probably one of the best barbecue places them in the state yourself. And I need prayers are true there is great guy impairment on these embraced the boat as well we. There are jubilee days. Dwight synergy believe days going to the same time. So if you're coming down on my own amber has our community a lot of great looking Meryl realism some people down there for another offense but come on now in London. And the cool thing about Aaron who are Guinness is busy with the Helm from his rock. Aaron who we hear all would you a lot of diluted lines what are your rocket scientists and actually Aaron might actually be working with a rocket science and you want himself. Do you so you were gonna blue origin where object Asus is I want I want you should pump. Brochure from space are you you're working with those guys did yet that is current work organ engines apartments and the need for engine can we get mistrust the space. We did John. That's how did it last year in Detroit's yeah. The way it's a Hydro playing not a play gas. We you took on the water got to get a better booster since my car yeah the atmosphere. The only race and do their actually worsen lords and I was gonna say what could be cool if you the first guy to be a great you know great boat racer in the UB a guy out in space but you're not the all think neither race is both so worst lords and none Elliott Jimmy Sheehan and I guarantee you one -- street he actually he's down there also he is actually a boss for a month and a half. And then the previous John or John Zimmerman geez these generals on passing on some good trash talking going on leading up to see Sarah oh yeah yeah I don't believe that breaker and its previously. Man that is I mean so yeah I mean do you think in your lifetime you might be hop on a rocket I mean I mean aren't always do because they need an engineer I think you guys are six things and how mean would I let you go to space do you think. Hope so then I'd be all about going to be pretty fun match you need to know I see Serafin everybody willing to let you excel yeah. Those drivers are great camaraderie I mean I think everybody that's in this industry now is trying to boost up the other teams to keep this thing going yeah are you keep seed Ferrer going and and I keep the blue angels fly in some. We had sex marriage my cousin and it's awesome watching him that's got to be fun I'm all your Stanley in the C you have this opportunity. Not only to see fair but also on television just stood but what a great story and it's a good time now how about on the moon she can come on even down there and almost time. Seemed like you said man that debt to start when you go to the museum until the voting you guys have just stuck together like that and I mean how cool is I mean like every you know every parent goes and does all sorts of activities and a little kid that you know Ireland whenever maybe you never think you're kid's going to be a star whatever he's doing and he's a little. So that is going to be a big throw Sunday on Monday does that mean we helped them build a boat was a little shaver now he's really seizing seafaring yet be kidding me lol my dad's recent and so actually easily emerge avenue Moses Lake now nationals follows all the apple didn't fall too far now you started after I didn't hit the ball really salute the apple basically try to go back up the tree is what you're saying to children must also dads like noise and a lot of little tired of the fact that you're doing and all that I heard. He's going no that's exactly I went so and I sent us some guys were a kid learns how to play document dads is their first I got a lot I should do not giving seclusion surrounded it's like your world all of a sudden see that you know what mine is it's one they want my kids tell me gimme point is doesn't seem right path that's the big. IO UR I mean I would think you're the expert does he take direction very well as it he's got to go his own way when it comes or somebody goes on oil very. Other Atlantans. It's obvious expressed in this race a Mormon as is always funny here's how how fast these high new planes go and what does it feel like to go that fast food Assad and loves you already is not a 180. I'm looking for around a 19095. Intricacies of Seattle on. It's great gonna ask honestly everything kind of slows down when you get to that moment. And a wise that is because there are so focused early or you just Tina and in those first time in the mode avenue of course I was doing a 130 and didn't realize it. Citizen wow becomes natural do most people who do it and after you do that you do in your car what does that feel like do you dislike the visiting glue guns and go carting and I'm I'm sorry as far as they can also on my staffing and think you are merely a weird mindset of Colin go as fast as humanly possible as an -- to slow it down and we need your car I really assuming you're looked you're looking really criticize your traffic. I just I'm insular and just. I exposure that makes sense CI everyday if if everything's erased united that you know ideally I can get through there again Fred I can thread that needle not a problem 180 miles 109 years welcoming out Desormeaux he's wow. Well Aaron ware is where we're excited to have somebody who heads at such young age had such a love for Hydro is in racing that you're they. You're in the boat it seems like you should be the city driver for miss rock. And of course Kevin thank you so much man dragged into cars are just a for bringing her back because it was say it's a fun part of KI SW's history and we're happy that she's back and she's. And you guys have made her look so beautiful shoot that paint job is great. There are turned out awesome when we're looking forward to your improved this next month is just it's all she fair all the time and then just were excited and I'm moving forward. Yes and check her out if you wanna see how pretty mistrust levee looks you can go check her out this Saturday 22 shoes white senator right SaaS is gonna veto the rocker was going to be there of course miss rock will be there. It's it's an awesome thing and they don't forget seizure Friday August 3 through Sunday August 5. More info just go to KI SW dot com guys thanks so much for coming in this morning's ravenous for use our cars it is this is almost six. Go to a 6421 rock Texas 77999. Your calls your checks at 933. On Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle. Listeners on the loose do you think this topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999. This is on the lose rusty by deacons plumbing heating and mechanical to remember Steve he does have a little Mississippi parole Vijay let's just show us some energy and bring it. And then say you guys the ball low trojans topple Rabbani Joseph dread Joseph asks you are on the rock. To go to all year assorted Joseph just forcing anybody. Well I'm a little ball just won't sit total count it well. Followed LTE. And you've already each swallow noticing your songs and one. Although it certainly it's a certain how are now and then Meriden. No no cheese it's a bummer dude is I think I think you talk about the new. It's just a little man aren't even try Jim suicide. Don't Omar little ought pilgrim Milwaukee local purity it a still no harm no light at the end it every veteran. Okay solid state Debra or paraplegic when you don't do teach about its. I was like I just didn't see your Serbian attack closer look here. Some I surprise everybody I mean I remember when I surprised that he's veteran I told my denial Los and he was triggered Michael what are you kidding me and I do I ever saw I surprised the people. Well it it made me wanna share on most resilient each forward you know I thought that both dole and a good speech or socialist or it's not a shocker for you Joseph that does not that does not surprise you. The other picture you last early last year more I hear the Mediterranean cruise. Didn't do what that they live below. And I initiatives could there be turned darker stories about the speeches and you have all that movie with Michael Cain believes Alitalia won't recruit experience. Sure I thought we saw leadership that knows about it when users click OK oracle or are you just saw a lot on the best when you go to a special and I even went online addiction so and so okay. Let's go. Some you know my wife and another woman that we were obviously. We get a cab out of this this speech and it's awesome and it's it's simple security even though lifeguards. It was really cool. So we can upload or an area where there's there's such all are at a restaurant. Which is launching who are insulin don't go so close. And I Trout Trout don't live there in the small and simple do little dirt stopped and looked around election so called foursquare and I'm watching it. Clinton didn't. Sports talk about third where it's just like hey you know. I had all the security here at school and I don't speak Spanish but I did understand the order and thelonious. It's. And so it was a bottle must slow it was just a topless beach no. What does not hold my fair article on our. Future our secure at this turn of the century there. The people who worked there is this could potentially take yes it is a standout in Europe your mute feature and you don't know this week. Although I knew this is nude just the word new means topless and nudist means everything he. Yeah that's all they know. We've been ordered so efficiently down there's probably got it checked out. Yes it's remarkable I sold through their culture and I just got to. And elsewhere I had all the tools just off all oil. Saw people already know all nice of you to put your fruit I gimmick. That's an area. That's awesome job to ice the call and company they're from my injuries industry like current and all that sing a song is Italian but there's nothing worse when you are in you when you just realize I'm the only guy looking like Hamlin like a car. Yeah yeah I want to make sure as weird as this is going zone I'd want me Tracy and other Don we've prime comb my dad's. I assume it's increased the night does that sound I wanna make sure I'm not the only one I I did do that check before I did yeah MM and I Sai okay toys and berries OK you know I was I am OK they I wanna be diluted the dude he's the way for everybody else yeah. The trail blazers their rights. Yeah truly is a road here comes IT can't blame him he said nude beach sure oh yeah. That's horrible feeling. See now what are that would kill me I Jolie Joe's probably stronger tonight that they were sent put those away I would of assumed they were thought. Really high that ugly I would never thought it was because it was a new new wasn't nude beach. Did you leaving a bad Yelp review they know it is -- there and let me show my sausage Shia I'm sad I believe that I'm not even good enough in the nude beach. Am may have find out exactly what's going on. Yeah neutered nudist newness congress is hey guys thanks recommending their friends apple pie and semis first want for breakfast. It's a dream on toast. Yes that is the way to start us today. Tim do we have you had friends apple pie before we yes you have friends that applies again I only ever half. This is it as a memorizing the greens. Are packaging and white green and I had the hostess pies and look it is their they're there they're good but. You know enough and it goes yeah I had a friend I haven't had France version I think I'd like to see David's real fruit fillings. Well that's the only kind of filling out like Israel fruits. Okay so some of the nude beaches today whereas your real fruit filling c'mon Joseph tonight. Yeah those are pretty damn good men who should I get some because I've never had one yeah I think you're right yeah okay. So yeah and those should be easily gotten anywhere minutes to find peace while maybe not today I mean Friday we'll have like we'll have we'll get a friends you know something to go into the weekend. Thanks Dan Brown book libraries actually play it Blackberry cherry chocolate lemon hollow chocolate. The guy who doesn't like chocolate cream time it's chocolate greens who asked yeah. All that's insanity just this is tree tyrant to apologize I can't read that far did. I saw the problem I saw a brown wrapper on it better be shocked and we the other flavor brown what does each time meet a guy who advise that you know. This is on the list you pick the topics you've got to show 20642. Iraq text is it 77999. Because X or they were talking about how it's cool when beat him music videos or television shows or movies you do like a single shot when it don't edit also it's an extended. Long shot where you're like lol. Data do that on one take her you know these reality T couldn't edit spiced things around. Quarters in front of a great example that I totally forgot about it ponds to detective season one. There's six mid single take tracking shot no edits no cuts to scene where he's running through the apartments. All right guys with all our marriage make it all ended in the decent I remember watching that thinking. Wall it to somebody even said hey you know him and really enjoyed this one scene because of this I remember seeing that thinking that was really well done. Yeah I imagine that just goes to show us from acting chops and ability when they can get that done and the like you said the one shot and it all stems from the fact it. We had heard rumors. That Johnny Depp in one of the parts of the Caribbean movies. Basically had somebody just a new era through and your device ear piece just tell him his line says he wanted to memorized them. No wait she NL nowadays on the is that big deals is to do so many shots but then you guys run of the fact well know sometimes they do these amazing one camera. No cut shots twenty shots and that is impressive super impressive yeah stressing that scene that was a really loans on team. I'm there I didn't really get into the whole second season two detectives. I don't think I did either now you mentioned tried in his decision to cement that says he is on the rise yet a second season has different in the first I didn't watch yes. Yeah I heard so many people say wasn't as good as the Matthew McConaughey hey. Woody Harrelson season saws like pass. I had to them so much that I MM Fargo guy and so far end and far always change of seasons but boy I'd like every season that they've had. Yeah I gal did just wasn't my thanks now I can appreciate that. Our boys don't back sauls coming back in August I don't know if you're off the train Sierra and back on the trail that winds you up that your season Leon now this is 44 yen this will be season four but gusts looks like he's rampant opposites like it's gonna have a much more breaking bad feel to this season and what we've seen around like two and a half for tunes recorded seasons behind now daddy's got season won a little bit to season two and gave up honestly I don't do it you know what though to see is he missing much because it is missing all of it but if he Weis and Brady chunk if he wants the breaking bad feel I think you can just get a summary. And join this season well I mean I gas by about socks I mean I had this good stuff Dick Osama better call Saul but there are moments of that show it's a great show. But it's not breaking back you know I mean it doesn't feel like it's breaking bad it's more you know. It's going to. But I think if you love breaking bad legacy why you kind it would sort of falloff after awhile it just took forever yeah it has. That's the problem here you might call them could that's why you know it's just he does mark Marron I was losing one is podcast and he always. He says he's not gonna stop being condescending to superhero movie actors because he just can't stand superhero movies and on. And I guess he had Paul run in recently and I'm two people were complaining about it. And marketplace does not enough good stuff out there where is good dialogue and remains just like explosions and action and and I went back I kill what mark is talking about but then there's so many stings like we just talked to so many great shows so many great things. There's plenty of great dialogue great writing in the television and movies. He you know than they do let me in my superheroes do is on saint largest are treated army saying you get those are friends ties that the French outlets or Parkland so good. The present and migrate 1520 seconds read your not far away from Parkland area. No okay then you have a job you'll Christie get them and bring him in Monday did the tussle Pacific avenue inside twelve in Tacoma Franz outlet they carry oh yeah and or that is maybe it's a Friday guy's just a little taste test from a guy who's never had friends guys I mean. Friday you I think Wednesday night calm day okay over the hump are really good cream pie and he's got to do it tonight. Thought to go to magnet on their way home loan it's up to them and Owens twisting their arm but he actually arrest raised here and wanna do and just sort of put Chris sign a man about town you should go out and Santana and now an injury he's praying he's like they enjoy you'll do nothing gal married as soon as an American G shows I can't go crazy or UNESCO is crystals on the comatose son who get it done. I here's a big question needs to be answered. What's awry and castle and a grocery store haven't Thomas somebody's idea at 949. News on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW on the he. Games yard shot. Lesser rank castle and a grocery store have in common miles don't have any section. The dairy section. You Osama trash chute. Interest is whether an impressive meat department late. To say hey hey it's O seven nicer to ams and. Do you double bags are full. But yeah yeah yeah that's called safety season responsible adults was excellent candidates I don't want to miss bell yeah you can. The fruit juice section yeah. You also have nine items or less. Expressway that you do that's what I really should listen as I'd like them I'm self check out your best fit that's better than what I. We had a guy that hides the silly or grocery store because he wanted to escape the cops turns out they were even looking for here. OK okay we'll be paranoid much at all yet do they face first at a bank sees Acosta coming at him and he runs a grocery store but again they weren't even looking for him they just for the goose is over another reason and he hides in the ceiling is he's got reason to think they come true at all and he's got stuff yeah any fell through the meat department so let's have plenty sees I'm in does seem like he's a genius nice. Streak continues this. What does sound so check their right just suddenly some twelve back. Cases. It's remarkable list of TV and movie characters people use so long now kinda hates who. Number two is from Harry Potter I'm wondering if anybody can guess who that might be easier if you're Harry Potter for a tiny turn not a I need your heart and he's always been great and always will be okay. I'll tell you who I would actually work. I'm trying to play so yeah as someone who aren't you know you can. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost twelve million vigorously constant course vary depending what kind of drug issue finally there's a certain amount of drugs. Ports costs and other out of pocket costs that you're going to have in any case. I think it goes for filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the final chapter seven justices Jeanne. I'm one of those things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are. Cost options. There's been a lot of times especially the release chief places don't value upfront about all the court costs and one mouth fishermen out of pain in addition to be introducing. So make sure that you get very powerful pitcher when you're talking. When you're comparing prices for bankruptcy lawyers on what you attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so that you can really make it. Kirsten thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com slash.