BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-18-18-8A: Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio.

Wednesday, July 18th

Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us. Facebook Drama. “All in the Family” – A woman goes on social media to tell people she was getting married to her daughters ex.

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're seeing them all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at Vijay deep nation dot com. The driver sizes is important city you've got to report to work get your kids to school and I can afford to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can get your tickets you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy. You may have heard that it is an army discharge but they can be jealous and jumped thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. Jack do you choose to make all the difference you're getting back the going on the road unless designer Planned Parenthood to restore your license and beyond. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me instead choose to write chapters on. Choose the right chapter dot com. Nine point nine KI SW the rocket on Seattle's easy is it that KI SW financial advisor appeared. Please welcome Todd I invented numbers so I know how this just words speech. Todd did and you know numbers. And now he helps you use them. And got a question for tied to a 6421 rock Texas it's. 7999. Time one of the five members of the EC dot org and I say members because it's a member own. Not for profit financial cooperative and this is why a TCU and a lot of credit unions are awesome because they do everything a bank does. Except may be put profit over you I think that's the difference between credit unions are CBC you get absolutely. Yeah it's it's about the member all the decisions go back to what's in the best interest of remember how did we save save them money or. From a financial education as we're doing here on the show we have for years. I'm you know how to make informed decisions meeting to get here to reach her goals does a lot of great resources at BC you offers you when it comes to managing your money in making sure things are cool taught themselves over 25 years of experience in the financial services and as he's done a lot of different positions and that is. Knows his stuff and if you have a question 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. And if you don't get through on the phone lines you can always email Todd you just go to be Jamie spate of curiously accomplice for the banner with ties filing face. Now does that better clicked into an email but also to a whole page of just great free resource that you didn't know existed to give you info that you need. Yeah thanks president Simpson a nice is how long that's a short stay short sale stay on your credit report before you can refinance. OK so a short sale is when an ending it's kind of dried up a little bit they were really popular several years ago pick between new essentially that the you the bank or their lender agrees to four give alone or let you sailed a property for less than what you owe on it. And that we'll stay on your credit report for seven years. On the good thing is as time goes by in Thailand's as you get your 234586. You know it becomes less and has less of an impact on your score. And boy it seemed like it happened so many people would have done the housing crisis anyway I mean as we realized that well some of those banks that weren't credit unions man. And they should give those laws on the first place very. Yep yep it was sit there was a hard time for many many many people but I have her really heard much activity in the short some market recently because you know the prices of homes there. Our way back up great guy would be surprises some guys were short sell these days spent because right now people are frightened to get out person's house a treehouse for a couple 100000 dollars again this is a so I had 206421 rock Texas 77999. That's not dead nothing is cool about BC UN again if you want more info you can do you do all you do is live worker attend school in Washington State and you can be remembered DE CU. BC dot org. You guys are doing some sort of thing people given back to people and then there's awards go to what is happening with that quote you mentioned them where you know where a member only owned the place right now all the members I guess I as a matter right di do and I love you do with the place about about 34 years ago we we have put together a program called people helping people award so we have over a million members that are doing an awesome things in our community volunteering for great nonprofits. And so we're giving way after a while I think just over 500000. That. But if you nominate if you volunteer in your member and a volunteer for a nonprofit. Submit your application and that nonprofit can win a grand up to 50000 dollars all that's cool so whatever you whatever you love doing OK you in the world the nonprofit whatever charity you're an analyst Andy no way I'll do those insisting there's so many great nonprofits that you don't even know about you know there in and we see he's come through neck and neck. The workday and our members are doing in the communities helping volunteering its its amazing so. I'd encourage you if you can just get spent a little bit at times. I'm go to our website you'll see the people helping people lords nominate your nonprofit and I can tell you kind DNA inside scoop would be to really make this story. You know how it impacts fall so how does that impact you know your work in the nonprofit. They impact they're making her community yes that's fantastic really need stuff so let's go to our Chris maples Alley Chris you are on the rock with Todd from BEC dot org go ahead. I had a morning so in the near future when they have the ability to purchase outright. They had channel sure side does it but it's pretty close to move the bottom about what would you be comfortable at but actually. I also heard that you could finance trailers out worked quite a few years. It is also true that you care and subtract interest. Every year when you're itemized deductions so that essentially asked. A 0% interest loans or finance your child are out there maybe eight years. I'm telling you say travel trailer area of the rewrite the manufactured home. I shall surely polled a hundred chart. Something he can go camping we're kind of like an ROK just. A regular army unit and you're not it's not it is hazard gives you an RV this event has its own motor as opposed to one can be dragged toddlers I know because they're both Saturday at their recreational vehicles or does one's a look like twinkies. Get the FAA having this over once merely gives us our schools are co. I can say something but I'm not good job buddy Doug Doug who don't sink to the level this type your mr. Bennett announced a I'm so I guess there's enough not a question dear Izzo thank you live in the travel trailer that does sound right. We wouldn't be living in early disputing every couple months I've heard a suburb. I we're hedged at understandably can. Deduct interest and now you are not a he had no BI AEA has to be that your primary or secondary residence and I don't think it travel trailer I mean I guess technically expose you could make the argument that your second residence back. Even men on its he had with attacks like changes the year India. I'd admit itemize you can deductions are going up to I think between 2.4 thousand so you have to have that kind of interest time on that transit Syria has to be a huge travel trailer. So we did needed it answered your short answer your questions you're probably not gonna have. Any tax deductions. Four at ten and then met most of us are going to be. Not in net in that vote either sows so when he says he's going to be the bottom what is comfortable financially would you reckon we've do you think it's a Smart idea than if they really really want this still like just basically. You don't have payment somehow he's I'd rather pay cash I better find a way to pay cash for even if you even if you have an emergency fund employee guy have an emergency if you don't have an emergency sang we shouldn't be talking about recreational vehicles and that's the thing Chris sanitary. What's when he was what should Chris have for an emergency funny so who starting out anybody everybody alexion memorize a thousand bucks so car breaks down whatever. I'm from there who like to see three to six months worth of expenses. So what he's fanned nine in a three to six month period have that in the bank. I'm as well so start with that. Thousand bucks and get all your debt paid off. Then let's go back and Abdullah little emergency finest are saying yeah it's not sexy unfortunately he looked when you want something new so wanted. And odd justices to go I can't help that's a soy can have our rainy days Singleton and I never happens by. This stuff you know Maria it's only gratification of clean like sacrifice today we can. We can handle all that later on right week we can get there but he's he's got to work at it that's tough because you know the younger you are the more you've grown up with the instant gratification and it's not your fault that she is when you've grown up with you haven't now. Who really delay pool that's gonna take some muscles yeah yeah I don't you do it's worth it. And then let's go to Taylor and I university plays until you are on the off on the rock actually. With such talk BCA. Yeah I guess three different credit cards right now there are all over fifteen dollars and turned it yeah. It been paid off I'm Obama archer played. A little my pickup or van. And know who I was wondering if I'll get there would be your junior and China you like if I don't know or loan. And then jammed my credit cards and gave us a better one hour cable I don't quite a better. Or it'll just better to just work on Victorino on our current parts of I get fifteen dollars and three of them hagee had youths racked up the balance. A move to appear a couple of years ago drug mart intelligent being would Mara girlfriend or not why patient and long. He didn't you will about furniture when he danger is real art. The Nuremberg where. What are Paul and a spin on it still Olsen. On the chair dreaded. And now we're stuck page though with three different Amy. Him Samsung and it AK SA eighteen we talked about emergency things happen right the pet in this KS and you know and and so that's why do wanna have that so we don't have to rely on credit to get there. I'm you know really it's ten. It can make sense that as a couple things you have to change your behavior you're gonna have to figure out a way to save. Get that emergency funds so if you were to get a consolidated loan get these pay nothing you don't end up there and same spot in three months six months from now. I'm but it as far as a consolidation can depend on what your income is and what your credit is and it's it is its unsecured so it's. It's a little bit more challenging to qualify for. Combat I would say it's not impossible you know as a singer I appreciate your comments your eyes age it's insane that people don't consider as we talk about it with children. But pets are now a legitimate costs I mean they really really are because of the medical bills the vet bills that can come up what Pat's. And that's another discussion to have when you're thinking about getting one I can we afford to do this. Hi how many people are doing that is so now we get a dog we get a cab what's the big deal right you think I'm a little food right. Yeah archery death NAFTA and now you're absolutely right inane and did that we have here. I'll let you know that shots that they have to get in and there's always it's always losing its own I don't obviously needs its poise and this is phones it's expensive yeah. 805 bucks apiece sending him some of those toys present Alan Graham and forget about your you know gosh I'm Ellen don't by the Hillenbrand is loser friends saw the cars are high. Doesn't know any OK just like her mother. I know they actually right DJ there they are expensive and we we don't often times recognize that so yeah and then them annexing you know you know 15100 yard sack did I would be so languages I'm not a pet person and then we had to pay some bills like that there. Always puts a wrist in the relationship was like you know we didn't have this damn dog we wouldn't have a damn dead cheese and we're very important question before we can -- here and it involves dogs okay important question is Todd put ketchup on his hot dogs hole yes and mustard yeah. Yeah club tiger. Asked about I don't know I can ever take Todd device was financials got generous do a lot of confidence I can't believe he is so condiments ignorant like that. So I just. Stimulus that's I guess I gotta say aid number one comment brought dogs in this country is catch up and does like a narrow it down nod my number three. You enduring champ without ever had any graduation on his number one in my heart I'm Sheila and I remember too that everywhere customer care are right. Well again that time is right now but if you have not even able to get through the full Liza Todd till freedom and email just go to the beach Jamie stage of gasoline dot com. You'll see the banner with Todd smiley face also great resource for Thomas stuff on as well on that webpage. And again Todd thank you buddy takes the yanks don't forget BC dot org great great place now here's a question Gloria. What happens when someone goes on social media to call out their mama it's for stealing their man. Full year it's another addition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hearing and he seventeen on the rocks. And made some good morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Love Seattle the Laura good. And there's been dominated by deacons plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out the media center on FaceBook keeps. Is national FaceBook post a drama unfolds because me and yet we're acting and out. This time around in the roll the original poster which is Dana Redd you'll be Dana street Biggio play the role of Joanna polarize -- Europe and G pat nice. And why is that it 'cause unlike any means and well Vicki your plan to roll on base in mind. I can see how. It than that and I'll be daily. I some disdain is also hard designated name all right so once again Jane any easier original posters so grand please take it away. No I think but I've messed up mind game if he's not believe the father of my four daughters now he's going to be my new step dad great choice mom. You. Yeah I'm my. Day yeah. Yeah Julianna had tried to explain to ease things happening not if Ichiro may he shares under it she got killed and I gotta tell for a little girls they're daddy's gonna be living grandma's house this is so messed it. It just another reason is it. And batteries in ten days Nadal maidan. Yeah. That's why does your brother big part of the real prodigy. Is I had stepped up. All you standings Joanna stand family business. And it's clearly family business as our current race aren't every wider ADR. I do these days and you only served he's. I need a drink after reading this. Jerry Jones. Reads standing up okay great. How can you Webb won. She's got four keys to four days by your daughter and you marry him. Why its enemies don't know where you can find the right person sometimes they're dating your daughter Skye and daddy grandpa and now we as day and you're cellular daddy grandma. Failure as a parents. You know I don't feel so bad about myself I really don't I I need to realize and I'm actually a pretty amazing parents. Our job me you double your son's girlfriend I try it I'm a pretty amazing parrot apparently I mean you know they know this by today's rules. The father of the year father of the year by today's rules I compare censure and I don't know anybody that has someone in their life who is dating now there. Asks you know I like I don't know anyway let's say mom is dating their acts or dad's email Max I vetoed. Now it is the you know you know NG and again I don't really know them closer look I if I'm. I don't know how I would be able to handle that mentally. So when average ninety around that person again it's awkward it's a back breaker I mean I move. A friend of mine who's dead didn't just that's really the and it was I mean it was ridiculous. And you know you can't do you like what do you what do what do you do and dad try to blame the girl and it's like I don't care if the girl do whatever the girl dead. You're the wanted to say narrow and need not be in vaults. Do you just. Do you swear off the your entire family if this happens they who's for real a bit necessary your mom steals your man I don't know are you victims right. Do you do you ever wanna be your on anyone in your family besides your dad obviously because he's not. I fall for IS. And I just moved to a different stage yeah Paula good restart my life I'm dead and multiple times yeah I'm OK yeah I don't is an ally you can come back from Matt that's a lot of therapy. So this is this is only sense why you never meet Joseph he's girls BJ hop. I ask is that's phenomenal and there that is here yeah I helped my nightlife somebody I would never oil in my life in fear that mighty might parent is going to steal my significant other around nobody should have to literally thinking about asset is crazy I know we've had people texting before this is happening and it's always. It's never gonna not be mind blowing to me. Yeah I'm I'm with here and yet I wonder how often it does happen Steve says you like you said none of us really know anybody though I guess I know my body where that happened and so yeah. He asks does closing jets that's not cost you the closest I know is I've. A girlfriend of mine her mom went nuts like wins after the two wars and they are Britney not shave their heads off and on my gratitude like. Almost since she started hooking up with all her friends from high school so like eighteen to twenty year olds all you know like all her mom was hooking up with your friends friends friends gasoline. Tell her boyfriend and all her frenzy that would be so wrong and if I started doing now and all Sarah's friends I was single that would this system would be the color running the gauntlet yeah. And I can totally see increases Cyrus friends I mean I could be a good thing. Now hole ended their that I knew the moment are a little girls seem weird to fight on all of a monster she's got some you never know are younger most of my known since they were really like on her friends and Karrie needs a new more friends that's what you do. Sarah also Cerro never forgive me if she would not be happy even if I was single seat mile what do you do amass some of my friends of his free Sarin Aliyev parachute he's issued regardless he has somebody in her world. Go as hotel polite. Somebody else is there close on a really. I don't know maybe I'm wrong but I just ungainly the real housewives of Mercer Island by Sarah says ask scientists guess some righteous friends and of course she's ratchet so who knows what happens do you have any of your friends and have like you know last somebody for that person's. Family member. Hey. You know I'm I'm really glad to say I got. She's got data ratchet I do have a lot of friends though who do the whole sugar baby thing yeah and they. Some of those oldies or curry believes they bring the old dudes around the hang our. There is this one yes he really wanted to meet all of her friends always personally one and a yeah. I got a well and really why she we were just all eating dinner and I won plain. Well first of all he had just previously stalked all of us he went door Facebook's like years using yeah. And and that as he would be like oh you you you lost a lot of we are you have way more freckles and person like that kind of say oh yeah that is already greedy and now you're eating a lot smoother looking in person yeah. Yeah and that she had told my friend that he always liked my mouth 8808 told us. Is there is already ideology and operated mountain. And no one else and we're eating dinner. And he had this young tried to kissing our old yeah. And my friend it'll clear. My friend little weird so I just stood there like shockwaves are friends there while he's trying to very different there yeah and I was like is this is before after dessert. Understood that there Steve costs inferno. Oh but it. No so I was like I don't know I should freaked out I don't know if she's an ominous because she's kind of weird I don't know if they're trying to have a threesome Audrey felt freaked out but she's started to freak out like okay god this is that this is not not okay not OK so then she is like a listen sorry but I just really wanted to see how they felt on my legs eyes this guy is. So weird though yeah. I'll call false and this guy like entitlement and a private company can feel something on his little smoky message do daddy's balls. Yeah I agree I really try to do that's the message you about your lips. I can listen to show he's a listener no longer I'll present you know like a year dead to me don't listen the show anymore. Gas so he didn't stop there he tried again read and I was over I don't you what is generally had second thoughts and yeah Paris is now they got older or a few minutes later you complete do what piece of crap. We ask that you. Which wasn't where I. No stat guy know that are easy he's actually message me on FaceBook him. You know what sir we have there's there's a lot of things that I wish would happen GO that I cancel on the there Shipley you would after doing that. Still trying to connect an anti tells you say he's a he's a weirdo he needs to go see if they're usually rich. No island so maybe but not only lives on the I win it all I know you're a stunning when you ride your bike so I can picture. A little extreme always really it not for any father and it's got some weirdo who's my age one here on his daughter asked that mean he did I'm from a lot of money first hour you know what I'm Emily you know why he's gonna get a lot of money for his medical bills gamble we all blossoms. So we actually daggers are tax I got a car. I am not happy to shedding I was him I'd solve our style nice smooth. Yes usually do the sorry I apologize jails not CIU five I mean jail but some guy trying to hit my daughter when he's got a days my age. Do not be a loser. Yeah we have watched him on every site so the only way he can try to contact was 30 seemingly weren't and so that's crazy -- some guy message being in a like food is that this guy and it was an owl yeah I know it's not curry thing I know we try to choose she wanted to Sharia what our party. I sure. Brady I'm the only almost like I don't know it's nice isn't biting a follower he wants to your friends he's really stand up guy are you a minute gullible out now pretty stupid wryly yeah. No amount happens to be. So no my friends. I haven't dated family members but definitely I want now. We are out of. Xerox there's no I'm I'm sorry if I if a guy my age wants to have dinner with a bunch of young girls it's not because he finds you entertaining and compelling he wants and sex and all of you. Because you guys are annoying younger girls are very annoying like that I mean I gotta give advice from this guy's dad and now he's like trying to match. Seriously now there was an eye view I don't and I'll let you out is normal tone taken by grannies Mercer way I Thomases to drive. At least word addresses outside wives on sidewalks and it's really narrow road any accident happened I mean sometimes you get distracted I yes. Winding road coming you know tell us what you say that don't cause as somebody that we know in the world radio that he's dating a younger person like super younger I almost sounds like almost yells yeah we had on the show is a no well there's. It but it is crazy because I saw a picture of him. We thank girl and all of our friends on a boat. And it certainly looks like he's dad taking you. Daughter okay. I saga and they. Good luck and did did you know I looked mental more power Tia if he can do it right. But I don't know if you should spend you should be only dude with a bunch of younger during a few of his friends. Some things answer probably all nursing home mess of problems. Now CNET lately and I would does it look better if you've got a vote of young women and all guys does that even mind I mean ICG sings Stevie and I just a little weird gas and that's where when there's a bunch of old guys and people who live locally heavier grand daughters or daughters it's tough. The average. Insulting old fund and funds. I'm yeah yeah weirder I takes are ready one who wears this like low. Oh yeah I mean it's it's a tough one. It is only had a great time so. Oh I'm sorry AOL is no knock them but I mean I'm I got to imagine he's even thinking now like while I just look like the chaperones for the simple. Yeah yeah. The only business and again though who everyone would love to be in that position so congratulations everybody. Every decision that's like to accept crackers and you hit by my car. Hello I kind of washed and I'll thrilling. I don't know I must say here that I institutionalized you're listening sir you are complete Jewish. I hope you don't have any kids I really do because didn't want to actual US. Soon. And he does. Is this what I do push the I don't guys to increase the number now go talk to a therapist. Talk truth seriously I mean you know it's one thing is somebody's off are all fourth but who does reaches over and kisses somebody is not his girlfriend who didn't ask for it I mean this is hash tag meet 200% with his Jewish. Honestly I would like to see him by name and I like to go to the same crap that army once he's gone through want who wants that their life that's commutations are areas that figure all right it's okay and then there's all the friends holy Moly they all look like there they do. It looks like dad took his daughter and all her friends yeah it does size I could see why wanna be out vote those girls but yet you look like the old guy on the bow with a bunch and you look like election. Yeah yeah. Well for him. See at the end of the day we're all jealous of army friend he's happy gas always goes yeah well I just random women you know I mean I can I I was. I'm very mistrust in cells can Cecil this girl so they go for some reason my friend's mom left their dad's dad's brother now brother is his uncle dad uncle. I did it for so I pulled my dad's sudden my friend so yeah. I'll see see more is happening more than we wanna know Memphis Kansas are very keep Jerry robbers and assure at least BJ's on the track. I apologize or hours now we'll take your business. Anybody wants a necessary ideal John Roberts John Roberson imposing gentlemen Kelly and out of Chile if he's left open and I France and I stayed out I mean yeah Steve's gonna he's got to grab for when he difference. Well I don't you think she's attractive design I don't got a bad for the purse well you just point out that she's hot. So. It's penalize South Africa yeah I don't yeah. That's for her value you do point her out all the time as we wanna seriously consider this an example that I can use she does stand out if she does rest of the cruise early yeah yeah she announced. Okay that sensation but if you think you got a bad for her yet well now we whatever you wanna say a veto Facebook's popular right now could. I don't you know I listen I know it would switch you down he did Arsenault has. Yeah that's exactly what I'll do I'll be an example of what I need and I know yeah. You know now that's how I do like to sponsor your wife while no problem models are identical to kill god Conor and yeah the single car I. On the then my daughter's car. All business cycle as an all expense guys. May have money. Your friends are doing in the sugar daddy thank. Yum you know backers some aides don't do anything sexual let them and you just and you just really go to dinner it's like arm candy. And I'll pay you hundreds of dollars to see. The arm candy hungry they're like legit escorts. My legit legit I guess towards what is not said Friday after they were you really can make the advertisements this is his companions down. You have friend there is finding a high sex with them at all I'm done now I will someday I knew I marital Lamar what a great deal for the girls it is an arm the arm candy NASA elementary don't have sex at the old wrinkled guy perfect place and using a circle of friends and our escorts. Sarah. That's sketch friends tell me. It's a cool cool gig is go to lunch you get a free email when he gives you X 500 dollars cashing go home. Photo is richer. Yeah as long process for them I think that's a great yeah. I can imagine I think guys expecting sex at some point. I knew I was lighting if you drop a coin on them well that's a ready but it's a legal so maybe this is the way that they had Dolly Needham life I don't know depending on where they find him if they go through the actual web sites until finally the sugardaddies and a few friends that also has dabbled in it. I you can talk about what you're wanting a look for how much she may. And and you sit down at lung issues Tommy with all the different guys she sits down and they say what are you looking for ways your financial situation and B -- its inner mean that's like any money for school or this and that and for the kind of sent out this is what I want this is what I don't want this is what I'm willing to do not blinded their own humbled and and so they kind of Havoc in any problems and so they've they've they get around the law by previously been boyfriend girlfriend. Dennis is not much you can do about that if it's a relationship it's hard to call it a prostitution if they continue to see each other stimulus how multiple relationships with multiple menu. New chassis that's from starts looking like it's prostitution and the guys multiple girlfriends sometimes it's so yeah again only relationship if your pants. The senior I was six of them at some points and who gets WB AU and that's why CMC 21 girl or is kind of like they set it up and again I know of course no sacks in this one really do you have gone a day would mean when they want that second date the guys again not really filling in anymore in the negro realizes all crap I'm gonna put out in order to get that second date. Sometimes a little bit too much about his business mobs doesn't seem like it's very difficult to figure out to eject. I don't know yeah daughter's pain I would escort sad sad that's a fact that you're actually right about that us how many Amare escorts. Three and I'm mad I'm you're different doesn't act I have you know on that untreated exam the hot for an escort. No but I honestly think she could get so much money if she did and to cheer and yell that out yet. Foley and a pitcher the hots for her. So yeah. I don't have the high energy when you've. I military is vibrant touch users face as it stands now. Feel uncomfortable talking about any Sarah's friends and that way because they were all little kids and I knew we talk some reason move one that DJ grew up knowing yeah. One thing you quote unquote don't have the hot slurred yeah so I know that. But I mean as the court so yeah totally Ali Aston is insane I know. I don't know who they are. I I I I mean I know I don't know that I mean I you've never said hey by the way aerogel is in the escort business so I don't know who your friends is doing this I am no idea but it's weird because there are a little kid. You wouldn't be surprised I'm funds as true you found a Verona and this fund. Boots Ryo and YRS if we figure out which ones and escorts. Are you. She's a snow. Okay ID well I guess they Steve's. He's got the hots for you in the right answer. I'm shocked but this one he didn't get right. What's the name of the signs of growing plans and liquid nutrients instead of soil. Fine it's no sun our water. You really sound like you were stone because it took so long to come from an answer. I don't know the answer and I and it c'mon I gave the clue oh I drew upon hey. I'm betting. See you do have a good shot at beating sees 206421. Rock before and beat migs age 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help we're back absolutely not one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. 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