BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-18-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, July 18th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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So they obviously sixth that's one of the days how about Friday August Playboy senator played this well three big day today. It's going to be a great time and we can't slayer on Friday night when celebrated fans got. Towels and season but senator that's on Saturday night events unfold. And yep you guessed it a bunch of other great antenna on Sunday and dad someday yes. But there's also front and center for exclusive to great lineup to match second full lineup KI SW dot com get your tickets and KI SW dot com. Too much we'd see console benefiting the psychology foundation that's of course trojans Evers and homelessness right here in the Seattle. Mean we're. Intel. Me. And normally we can whack him instead oh yeah black it's why do Wednesday it is surveyed Jeremiah is mr. Lackey. We do yeah. Yeah. There is gonna happen and I wondered why they notice that amount of lewd and allows can be reduced is really be very honest with Syria's and includes Georgia does do we Michael and Parkland Michael are you there sir do you. It going great let's play forty days Steve practice time for parity is to have the good guys car show at the Washington state fair and senator that's happening Friday July 27 through the 29 go to KI SW dot com from the deeds doesn't if you wanna go to the good guys. Car show do you tickets now do you guys dot com Aristide got here. Back. Those playing at home Michael will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Michael you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Beer and which comedian provided the voice for the AFLAC duck in to TV commercials until he was like go and ardent. What year did Christopher Columbus discovered America. Ordinary Serbs you asked which elements of the periodic table is named after the seventh planet from the sun's. Would you west Stevie is nicknamed the cornhuskers state it's extraordinary notes. Are regarded now yeah. Belong to know who played Axel Foley in the eighties don't Beverly Hills cop yeah. And during what war was deconstruction of the Pentagon completed. Our world war two and ask who was known as the U Long Island will lead out. What is this last name in the back to the future movies. What city do this Simpson's list. Oh yeah as how does Jackson died in the movie the shining it's. Alone hurt like going back to moon three drafts. So who are not as good as one would like no I don't think I don't think since the last day now. Coming up we've had two losers songs this week yeah I was over for another. A spectacular from Steve in order for that to happen something's stupid act killer yes and just telling downward distress machine and action alerts. That receives all business until serious yet you don't voice our right to him are you ready. What comedian provided the voice for the app. AFLAC duck in the TV commercial until he was like go over and got freaked out as to what are your big Christopher Columbus discovered America asks. Fourteen meetings. Allergy medicine as a choice which television deep periodic table is named after he severance plans from the sun Mercury to know. Crap Saturday. And oh win unless Dane is nicknamed the cornhuskers are seeing Nebraska as. Who played Axel Foley in the eighties and Murphy yes during the what was what was he construction of the Pentagon's completed do. War. It's. World war Washington. It's more army team twelve no Vietnam now what brought you yeah this is just received a lot of these Long Island Lolita topics. Sexy musician so yes well hey is this last name in the backs in the future movies and it's Rodgers now. Dad wow now did that well that's a tough old bird text now. NBA is still managed to win five to three congratulate you as a sign my golf but a but yeah this guy might Michael they tell us. Hey if my desk it's. He's a dollar a new idea is Steve's answers for the fifth when just because this is wrestling thing but it is bad you know policies that well yeah buff Bagwell was it was a wrestler. Six if it's. A fellow that's actually funny if beefing. Does the bit beef skate Canada. You know does anybody know what his last and actually as I should I tax can't remember it's ten and all sources Seattle and remember our future three because of mad dog ten and we while wise is of course cannon because I remember the name this tan nice and I just really and that's what's that all course there's ten in business and everybody says what are you understand. Did well they did to me back and you know I was in my twenties working out really bad jokes what are your terra insight a bully pleasure Canada yeah them. Oh yeah yeah that was up from back to the future to test after year's race she's messy gassed on the scene three really SII. And I saw my dog and I know I don't include owning you have to watch I can't bring myself to put an end I know I. Because I just don't have a desire to the white divide it. I thought I knew the three that I thought abide by the Blu-ray and three tax gap that I want all our car wash all three of them yeah I remember that I remember picking it up because it was a three pack guess the cowboy western ones yes. You know I thought all he won't 85 no it's fine it's it's definitely not on par with one hurts you but it's not awful I agree would help us anything it's on par with Cyril because. Maurice was okay who is really good ones with small. So lightning round and Steve are both Stewart Pete once Britain. Two is pretty damn good I didn't read and threes OK yes. I love three because of the steam on divide up and events that can give you a western stuff through and it was really cool from anybody out I mean. It's it's decent enough to worry about west split Jessica how Legos. The only other one that you missed that we haven't figured out yet which elements of the periodic table is named after the seventh planet of the scientists are we offering this up hmm he really did and I was still gone I understand they whole uranium. Uranium. Carrier Iranians the end yes. In you know your guess Davis got uranium to us. Mean anything. Triple -- says doctor -- threes better than back to the future to who I wouldn't go so far is to say is that CIA if you look at my tomatoes it says there and I heard that three source of you don't look at rotten tomatoes on those ones earlier rounds risk for anything he shouldn't know it Los ST should because he lies bad movies so I wanna hear what Stevie tomatoes says about a fellow funny enough back to feature three scored better than maxis teacher two hello we jetBlue I'm not surprised just who will you guys I was there wasn't that good so his threes a little better that makes me at least kind of believe only two. Two was good for a couple seconds but it's just couldn't it just wasn't as good as I'm vs what is worth on the third more than the second realm I gotta talk we can be friends pretty easy and that's in a mall. That's easy to lose his chance I can even sorry Chris. If you can't even announced he now you've got required and viewing this weekend I know Steve is I know Steve has a washed the damn things so I'm not wanting to lead I've watched a lot of things. Just answer. I will do nothing for you know. We are if you ever watch and it either won't let posters on some fetus would be wrong with you three is the best of the so it's okay this first of all text there's nobody thinks that but you look at on the second of all I had to listen you artists is totally wrong I'm sorry yeah I congratulations Steve you were totally Rodney got five current in the wind stays are suspected of digit three's battered infinity war she. Or. Dare shots fired not. I stand. All right well you know what this is the thing you get to say whatever you want does is your part of the show if you wanna take shots a receiver movies wanting shots Stephen Mayne. This is tied good listeners owes you pick the top big. You guide to show to us exports are rock Texas 77999. We'll take your calls and text after the best. And ever created in the IA's top. Yeah. And they X morning. Rock 99.9 KI DSW. Point nine KI SW Iraq come Seattle. Listeners on the loose. You picked a topic you guys to show. This is a lose trust you by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical stays up pretty bad. Call begins its there's gonna. We simply make 206421. Rock that's the number called Texas 77999. Anything you wanna talk about it's fair game but he remembers he has one rule. Endesa shares some energy and bring it otherwise we're going to have to. The prime borrowers turned its gonna Jacob lake Stevens Jake you are on the rock. Once a guy who was subject which got forced to anybody. I had a couple days ago you guys are talking about strong purchases and everything like that well I think child became Canada's entire radio station. All right you were drunk what did you buy. Our daughter our tax day wow. Does that set you back. Actually it was it was timer starts he at this time out that are yet what I college friend's house you eat we told British stars whatever apps on we like him and I got Judy Patrick start dominate and you love the guy we feature a panel we'll stay out of luck here Alan Light you know I it's tax time I haven't actually turn our at all put down in the darn much. And during my hang over and every Kennedy and Jimmy Carter like so what do you come and take up your car like. My car he's like yeah you are Karl you know last I saw shell out. It's it's YouTube chats you whatever good race car and then our popped the hood and there's not a no I think Jay Leno chair and the old enough stick. So. I'll like are you freaking kidding me and he'd like yeah you all realize right here title so. Still sitting behind my shop I'm I'm still mad about it I'll do Hamdoon and continue to cost you get that the rays ready. Well Election Day you're looking at about did you try a hundred turn and and needs seven per transmission axle of their product out UT I don't know wire need seats this steering column today it's gonna take. 1215 pound and again they're assured. Our own damn dude it's chase that's that was a hell of a drug purchases that's what that was. Yeah. Well it's inherent to assess the you know how can people do that you know you gotta be done until give back on mad as pursue your goals treat him realize OK we were drawn to see you don't wanna do this slowly realize and commit assault anybody else you probably don't have. Am 20642 in rock Texas 77999. Its listeners on the loose and Holler you are on the rockets they are everybody. BJJ. Hey I know I can sort of bubble is still a lot of power. It's. Sorry I didn't I didn't I hate to be an eye on road side you know I'm not a day period yet so I knew like the Muster however small dog. Must learn. Where to maintain its act Ahmad the. Army cents a Mickey said that people domain is hot does today's national hot dog day yes and most of America pretty much agrees a chance of someone economy but we may be Washington State or just our listeners nobody's goma to catch up and that's impressive. Well I know import you'll get a kick out of your home your tiger I'm proud yeah I loads ducks. Marilyn Manson and stop the concert you're talking about her the guy wearing I am wrong key issues like none that I. This dude take it off a man that man and they show any stop the show just say yeah and again and as he was an and other countries of the guy in understand English very well and it was we thought that was weird then you know he was wearing a different Kiley was wearing the data that was their eyes a little simpler less headlines to show that you mentioned resigned yeah I so it's the headliners surety and Nancy still didn't want to guy wearing a while I was on stage during his performance and a. Always a little blogs were about Jim you don't Murray splitting I would challenge or are we actually went and saw you on the got to you know bought at Bailey all that Metallica. Served well my body you're wearing a Motley crew shirt and during the war in the drums all. All of ready commute. Large stops in the drums Lowell walked up that spare you the microphone. And go to our crude ends meet keyword. Weariness. Pizza crap Motley Crue insured doling. Kick the damn thing off where he sure I'll made a real band width eight who real drummer. And now in college but nobody knew that he turned thing up there Lars actually gave him making sure moniker teacher. It's bad the crew shirt on fire audience big Long Island burning. Web backed the grounds deck chairs the drum solo number it crowds you know why did you mind doing now and about accused on the later. Cobbled road he walked out everybody on the shoulder and the M three here per mile lakers sure that in the journal argued and for now are where real anti sure. Oh real meaning you mean you can bring out its New Jersey outlook Audrey are out and Belarus and there are sure sure where certain real bad order realtor heard I'm like yeah can. I you sure that was a mile and I'm telling you show. Yes sir. I know I'm yeah I had never heard this before you'd think someone down the spread beyond that I don't know my doesn't burden on end Marcello here in the third. I'm yeah. So weird I mean there's stress this time he's a great summer I think Lars is out of his mind if you think she's not a good drummer. Yeah that's and that's a very interesting story and like you said we've never heard that before so. We would like to reserve judgment on whether or not that happens is people have a beverage into and there are a concerts flurry of strong we know their right to be at the time I don't know I guess this. Yeah but I never heard that story either yeah and that's I mean large I think loud and 1011 years ago the Internet wasn't around when. If you do that today he's surely some is gonna have video viewing lighting on opera and other bands you know shirt on fire true true fairness or I it's funny idea bring it ever has long had treated us back we're having that congress romance and we were odd debating on whether you can Wear a. Advanced T shirts when you're seeing the band perform life yes Anderson drew heavily that you can lead the day he was one decision can't go to a concert while wearing that day. And T shirt I was always that guy that listens I got there are abolish their shirts I could put it on the B at the show so I didn't know I was I was so tying the whole time we person I don't think there's any rules that need to be applied at a concert where whatever you want songs were assured I'm happy. Because sometimes I concerts and guys take off their shirts in China might walk by you and just sliding your past life you know what PSA or for the trailer park Randi we don't you shirtless yeah how odd some Mason I hope I would dinner from weaned on last Friday and he was wearing his own band certainty symbols are Domenici posted a picture it was Jean queen from demand weaned. Rocking his own band servers and that was hilarious. I was trying to figure out what to do because that would because of pain in the grass because we always you're cool shirts for the show Neuheisel to Iraq one of our own show surest and where we you want to Wear what I want to ask you sure I don't that you need to follow anybody's rules BJR I like that because I think we have some cool church of BJ may examine my whole career all in one it was a good shirt. And real KIS the news made some really really good choice for us. Thus we wanted to say maybe Dave Tim he says FaceBook message because you guys mentioned sound card forces secondly though because or Randy was his shirt off yeah pop because you guys admitted to the first she sees the Trailer Park Boys thank you for bringing this into my life I know it's a mixing we've heard so much talk about it. How many years I finally got on the bandwagon after Allison and almost through season two. There are other voices besides your saying how good the show was that's what I banging a drum before any IR is but I you write I need a couple other people tell me sums worth my time and yet showed cardboard is no doubt about it posits is zero the passing of goaltender ray. Maria I did it it's awful news maybe like 35 years old goalies is well that's one Stanley Cup I as a backup will be an incredible year with the Chicago Blackhawks try to give it lost once when he was backing and the team won like seventeen or eighteen games and when the cops up there with the senators out of the flyers are also just kind of adopt a guy has one site as a goalie that he would get into fights and fighters he was that. He was the guy I was very polarizing views on your team. That's Emmys loved him if he wasn't a cynic people hated him he would drown the other day you don't suspect foul prone to ham players is how the ballot and now they found dead just terrible news this horrible news man it's hard to think I had. I have taught myself to not read the comments on any story do you not read the comments how more people really trolling. Bet the way they did good news is came out minutes later people because it like him as a goalie. They're taking shots on my game everything you like we talk about how people we've we've become desensitized just based human life stated that the that yeah it's like. Whatever your feeling is that him as a goaltender. How about you just table that. Because the man is now dead in his family's grieving in your posting stupid crap about how you did like him because of this stat the other on managers and it. May we just feel like you know what I discussing with the Internet I just can't deal with this is that. I don't know when we're gonna finally say enough is enough for me freedom of speech is a beautiful thing that my god these trolls make you almost want to roll that back and it's interesting that you read people their just like dude seriously not funny wouldn't be funny in a week from now won't be a fun deal. And then some music is. They got so desensitized people aren't they just don't care that decompose have been so hurtful on the Internet because they feel like you see Internet does is what we do now that's a place your misery I'd love to be able to see no go visit these people. Because again. He just like death South Park episode. Where was that caution free and whose data was who was posing as a horrible troll he was the father if I was some kid. It was one of the fathers Kyle's dad I'll say I guess you yeah I mean it was still it was such a great episode because of that. Because Kyle's that was the most horrific troll ever. And these are gonna I just Duca was flown since. That's what these people are ya say you but if you really got to confront them. David they would they would never wanna admit to that kind of got out what you post a picture of where you live in your house. And then make your post about you do that mr. brave trawler. I now is a bomber to see is this is just a bomber story 35 years old that is truly sad and with water man. You know we we take for granted and having fun outs on the water but immediately something horrific can happen when you're in the water main. Anything and it's off it's so that's that is set your rights to have set for Sam lane and your parents everything man 35. It's this is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. Army calls Jackson a 933. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the nine point nine KI NW the rock club Seattle as listeners on the loose you picked a topic. You guys showed 206 ports one rock Texas is 77999. Go to Jackson 95 Jackson you are on the rock. See mark and everybody is paying you more money which yeah. Got a shocking camera moment I think that my brother went through my brother mark up I guess to I don't want to say thanks again to the fighting their dad are sickened I got Hispanic and speak out. Show. Did it was so awesome though I think you've got a great show but breaking them didn't really really good place. Those guys are great I did see a video clip of Fatah for your death punch blessing into Nirvana is not in Iran it's mostly teen spirit oh nice. The other it was Breaking Benjamin good did it they have the ten minute instrumental. That started off. I'll slip this behold agent guard then that would go light Saber being invited sounds and then there was this slight. Art Deco drum kit there's an age we live light Saber Colorado and they started playing musically. The march in this since on the and then they busted him to look. Tool at our hours and then and I felt like he's very. Can Terrell walked and I'm Metallica out today. There was such a good sobero. So does that shock to Sam. So let my brother mark uncle and West Virginia into an X shirt and a cool walk us there need so late this hate mongering again. But here's the story arc so. Just sighed and looked football player is gay and he doesn't know it. And his daughter is doing what an addiction issue the oldest daughter still just checks and goes speeding up and Carla husband at. He's follows her daughter I'll cross state to some house. Ego gold doll away style that do. Dixon led Norwalk and and Peter's daughter and has so I'm assuming the position let they 300 pound black bodybuilder bind them. Well so what I saw the daughter and son were having sex with his other dude. Yeah I need the yeah. And none are better than Ottawa city in the parking lot knowing what was going off. So is this the sun that's gay and he's having sex with a sister. All he would have contractual a bodybuilder and a system that it settled a bodybuilder. So there revenue three some call but they really weren't having sex for each other would still be in the same room as creepy is all well. Yeah out. Exactly thank you it's Virginia yeah Hamas to hand yeah. Stand by what the hell is Thanksgiving dinner like the next time they'll wow and of course I don't know allowed a little bit of space given that this happened two months ago. Old boy oh see that's the thing Mandy it's a guy is racist homophobic and all that and he actually walks in on his son who's. Who's having sex with a another man to man happens to be African Americans also having sex whose daughter. And she's in there I mean that yes that's the worst thing and happened to that divers that guy's brain. Jane Harman and Carlo you're absolutely right karma is wow I. Did not expect out of phones so I didn't appreciate the call I'm right here breaking imagine ever really get. Doll IE I any idea idea idea I I just that there I think honey okay. I thought I'd be rebellious I listen to Metallica I CI you know your your kids you actually good kids that. I am wow. That's that's insanity right there pays somebody wants to know what's your favorite installed in movies and after re watching it was terrible. Well airplane I dot that was going to be the guy area where it was not as good and I loved that movie so much and it was not that good for me I can't deal movie. I don't really go back to watch a lot of movies like old ones so I don't really have. I'm on a point of reference for that happened television shows him ever being really senator went to bass I did the box set for the greatest American hero welcome hospital I impulsively bought it BS I just remember how awesome that show was went back and watch it and I gave a couple of episodes in season one I just fine said you know what. This is just never going to be once again you know it's not as good as I wanted it to be now. It's funny because like the old console show which is still slow but I appreciate all fights and I was a kid. Re watching and I appreciate the wisdom there's a lot of great Asian wisdom in that. And calm me you know it's it's hitting me at the right time in my life I love that show I'm watching my wife and I'm digging the hell out of an even though I hate it when they were all talking in my when they shot up just articulate people I remember that escrow unfortunate itself now zero whereas like you know the fight scenes are kind of lame compared to what we are used to now but the what. The wisdom on that show and no limit teachings street and Suisham I wished that they would redo grace American hero. Yeah you know and I mean I don't know if I want to. Know enough young man I feel like mystery men the movie is just is going to is because he's kind of a clumsy hero and if I remember correctly he was yet yeah you could sway just realise it these skills but he wasn't very good at them yes I think it to a good. All right what size remembered when I was trying to find it is con doorman error because I Z model or mail to hell is that villains I would imagine. Why there was a movie about a guy that decided that he was going to be here's a comic book writer and decided he was going to be his own comic always this is a movie about a guy yeah you've ever sought condor man I never did. There's maybe one looks kind of silly oh yeah I mean Cisco in the current year or two thumbs down as a result wrap up rotten tomatoes there's a shocker. Com doorman who lives like yeah. Yeah he was thank you ray Mears superhero comic base and I'm going to be that guy and it's really cheesy yeah looks like it but it was good ten. All right here's a question for him but to Ryan castle and Crocs this past Thomas. Outside at 949. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. But he does her own game jarring action. What do Ryan castle. And Crocs 7 common I am now. She says they both look stupid with or without socks that's just yeah. How come on man I'm losing Antonio right now he's right is recruiting and follow what I jog in front of them some of the things you do when you're running shoes. Well lessons series is the picky so there you wanna see it now now and I don't wanna run and you give me another reason to not run smell it. And that tasty meat right Steve. Castro. Assaulted. Is that we're going to now. Well you know like high heels Crocs they are now I think that exist ladies and gentlemen brave the to a she'll souls made the robbery spongy material may cry extremists to colors gray and purple and all black. Fred you got to carry out. The course. My ill once again no one would deny the very small about fashion and high heels given that apple bottom yeah and we love that's sexier thanks. Speaking gravel bottom ranked just is up next the morning's rob thank. Inmates. She's making a sea lion noise yeah. I hear it again all right sure college. Just things are trying to impersonate us tonight. Blues. To wow you know that was weird Momo I'm sorry. No the digital age and normalcy I was freaking do not know and it was like Granada hormle. And made some. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers have a question from a listener. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only have to attend one hearing at the courthouse. 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