BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-19-18-6A: Def Leppard just released a cover of Depeche mode’s Own Personal Jesus.

Thursday, July 19th

News and sports. Today is National Daiquiri Day. A couple shot fireworks off at their gender reveal party and things did not go as planned.

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Def Leppard and just released a cover of Depeche modes personal Jesus. I I know you don't eat (%expletive) on this no you sure. I guess I'll wait to be the judge let's see if you need this. Come around DNA then no I never need to hear that again memory and learning and always is sounds like some might cheesy music and version of the song that's. Typically dark and kind of ominous like an amount of cash on samba that song is kinda like a cool. Kelly you revive tweet the original and he's turned into some kind of candy coating crap. Aware that I feel kind of liked it. Well I mean. Also I would you like to get I mean you've you aren't I getting hurt for fun so I can understand why you want to hurt your years at ten it still could be generational man. You like that I was like he did laid out their lives unbeaten in his thinking how great song is supposed to be maudlin grades it undermined Jimmy all the remixes they did in the movie atomic launder our guys they like if they took a bunch of songs and kind of made it around which kind of gain the live atomic blonde I do respect that they at least try to make it their own gas yeah into a note for note version of the original I just I'm. It was well known that was death left a 2% yes. You would've oh yeah yes I don't know if I wanna I'm a photo picked amount and they got a certain style are sounds of their production so Yahoo! II. Vote early it definitely is a little bit different than what you to expect from them typically but I did the guitar sounded like he does celebrity top okay. Yeah I was always is a sounds better than they thought maybe this is really I wasn't Dylan now one. I mean you know I don't know I mean it's okay and and it's very poppy and Nina therefore I would probably think I would like eczema pop kind. I don't know if I need done you know is a lot of other stuff out there that I think probably he's the winds may not hear anything brown. He is because you really like your original that's how my dad is is really like if any covers and any songs he's doled out the original. I've sentiments that because I don't know how does pumping up the Elvis Costello thing we put money honey you are in my money's pumped it up I like a lot. Hi dad. And granted that doesn't sound too far off from the red jolly really that's tomorrow from the original yeah it's a woman more energy to witness the Omar Ross sounding but it's pretty close the original yeah embassy that's the thing I thought somehow they would make it their own but still make it sound like the original 'cause my body made that their own but it still isn't that far off in the originally descendant they did enough to updating it yeah ideas owned in no Leo discuss also and they would think that some money song. Yeah I'm really not surprised and this. I don't know man man man and cover personal Jesus tale yes yes yes your own version did you like it. That's one of the few mincing covers I didn't like typically men saw knocks it out of the park when it comes to covering songs in keys one indeed pass from tainted love to obviously. Our sweet dreams and guess what indeed. The men's and does it usually disappoint me but I did not I could maybe it's just personal Jesus is just for some reason I just don't want to hear someone else do without even like did Johnny Cash version two. The reality check and cash in a really good job of of making it sound like so it could be then it's just leave personal Jesus alone and should never recover maybe it sounds like this is almost Jerry York hotel California. Like you don't really care about that song mellow night oddly enough thought I'd like the original it's OK I wanna listen to the show read we just said it's a personal seizes. You said so it's like it hotel California you don't care about the need is gonna say Donna no business saw not only us you know it's one of the few that I love songs that I do much because I'm not a good test motel but I got his personal view is a great song its personal. You don't like Danny or drinking that's another reason I out of this tournament eyeball conversation myself yeah I display clippers this senate Steve a little while while I don't you think senator about the cash version or the the desktop version and good obviously says hurts Johnny Cash percent sales I think John do way better I would agree to that. And I loved and I'm in sales version of then Nigel version of hurt and their song hurt yeah. I hate it when I angels cover that song because it really it's a Johnny Cash song I don't know they were doing but I think Johnny Cash did it matter and that's saying a lot because they leave your original was great as it was that something about Johnny's voice I think lawyer uncovers that is better than the original hung like I get a life because I think Pearl Jam last kisses better. Then the original Westchester high tolerance Alaska yeah now like gaffe so but again a lot of heat from it from like my dad he loved the original well see that's that's. I think I mean last kiss that's an old song is meant and most Super Bowl. Yeah I think in the fifties right so you know you gotta yeah I mean there's a genre that that whole style of music in the fifties. You gotta kinda like her and our if you don't then you're gonna love any new version many songs from the fifties. And down the floor. All right are the sixty's touch early sixties still. Ended. There's I say Steve I know maybe later on the show. We get all the verses of personal Jesus and put them side by side all there's like 700 of them do OK the main street the main ones and ice so we get Johnny Cash out. Did Marilyn Manson. Yeah I'm now in death flapper and we play the original to the big four and then somebody said. I. If. Perhaps a Los attacks on Gravity Kills uses a very good and as well they're not obvious and love love. Johnny Cash short. Or or Marilyn Manson there are popular band apparently some is is that their version is the best REIT is holes arm and we could add Gravity Kills yes. Slay a little bit of everything. I will set this up maybe a little bit later on the show will see which is the best Jesus. Yeah actually today nines seventies and personal Jesus smackdown all you need tickets. Personal Jesus smackdown how we should we do this if you really don't care about the song no I don't personally see I don't want the revenue imploded fear region until 970 amendment here OK welcome have. Yeah even a aided. Hobson isn't there one thing audio you and Vicki both for crying out loud and you know who pay attention the show I can understand their ears are hurting from listening to that stupid Def Leppard cover. A move now Danny has a tier. Kind of doubt if it's him make a mistake over and unless you're sure yeah okay but I you know. I would get a genius and a little. Yeah I. We have please. We have a cigarette real party. Has turned into a massive scare. All because of fireworks choose. He'll tell nobody's got good news story at 617. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. And nine point nine KI ES and Iraq. Seattle. Only he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe can't even announced bullets and this is news wins Steve mix. Thanks guys basically help you all for giving us news and sports and happy new national. Factory today although it's right. The grand daddy from cocktails the juices on the Internet I don't know if it really is but they've got to have an attorney Jack threes but they got my favorite shirt and that's pure ground. So enjoy that free safety Jack national Jack credentials on national new friends days and get drunk and make some new friends. See that's the way you make new friends who factories yes. Why did god isn't a bunch of people Pennsylvania prey and wanted beyond new friend somebody other than this one couple. We decided to one of those gender revealed parties. For awhile now they decide that you let this be a fun one we'll go live outside of our house. We'll sell some fireworks. And in the color of the fireworks let everybody know what. Jed mortality we're gonna pads so that's some some good idea gets a pink fireworks went off spoiler alert they're having a girl. Here's the problem where they set the fireworks was on some. Clothes drying rack so little of the fireworks stuff going in the air and started shooting from people saying here's audio what I. That is it's insane the baby crying at the end of the highlight man. It's. A cameraman yeah I did do one person so the fires are set up on a flimsy clothing drying rack. Which was not stable he could tell immediately that this was a bad idea. Just tell your friends what kind of kidnapping Cheney's chest girls yeah. Really that's LA got a new memoir reveals party suddenly noticed but for indicate still want the kid I mean shout outs and you guys who did the licensed trainer thing. Wow dude she's pregnant and while you can you tell. Well I know that's probably because she's a great you know relatively early along by our guys say she's a smoke yourself. So awesome fireworks I don't know if somebody's mommy now. Indoor mommy Mimi field. All I may just feel we now okay if you are really weird right now why a lot of we're I'm not some lusting after her I'm safe spot. Everything looks and I say she's somebody's mother in law everybody somebody some one. But here we go fast and it is and they got to send us an economy and I everybody somebody some. I know are and I. I just talked about some that's happening in Auburn very exciting news we're gonna have our first drive through marijuana shops here and wash and got a place called. Detroit River. And they're going to be the first mistake to give it offered tried to service people Michael how are they able to pull that off the reason being that there are. Located right across the muscles you casino being on a tribal land plows and operate a little bit differently than other dispensaries customers whose drive off. Cigarette and alcohol shops and things like that. That's who they're going to be doing and now look you can make your order online become due to drive there without anyone even knowing that you were on their premises and they think it's good for people have won enough. Can it be discreet about their marijuana purchase. I've got to get a DNA test because if I am a native American blood in me I get to play by my own room. I love this plan Obama go check got them now I get a DNA test is I don't know what I am I'm a doctor I could very well be native Americans irritability casino. Yeah right here in the studio yes. So as you know what I want to do it isn't a native American I could go to a golf ball you know if you build a new casino you'll find you some trains and once again Seattle. The city with the most trains in the entire United States we doubled the other like cities is that still the case one says we have 65 strange right now I don't know exactly how many edits compared to other states but I'm sure it's a lot more. Hobbs the third straight year. We have the most trains in the entire yeah Aladdin and I should solicit other cities I think like the next city down we were like we had twice as many greens as the next city in this country so I wouldn't be surprising we still have that become passive congratulations yeah 65. Desk I. Teeing ground. We are you seriously do we are grown city yeah it's awesome. Feel as you look excited about the economy out old guys play and Sox. Did not know what I make. Welcome to every time Seattle had a growth spurt seriously nobody ever liked that there was from there nobody ever well maybe we should go move to London because some stuff. Happening over in London that is quite possibly the coolest thing ever I don't know if you've seen this in the news BJ but there's a giant. Open shirt statue. Jeff Goldblum of course they're here I think darkest days of his character got fifteen outcome of course I've seen it's. To celebrate have you seen it all you students all some big things it's a me me is that it is amazing really really is near the bridge right yeah that's right by parades and insist. I mean it's 35030. Pound statue 25 feet long by some Olympics is people are taking next to its annual profit their dog on his lap. Other people's standard that I can sell fees it's huge and it's amazing yeah. And it's a celebrate 25 years and Steven Spielberg's treat pain at first when I came on the big screen. But people are likable when not exactly sure what London that's doing Jurassic Park. There it's just an awesome well can stature because we had one here it's a physical great gas works park I agree. And they must love the movie or what I did Diane let's try to data received JP but still. I don't know just open wheel like feeling his shirt open look like Palin is just looking just can't stand deluxe on now only golf. You guys one. It's a brilliant idea people gonna come and posed by that's that's I wanna go to London and that's the team. It's just cool looking shot like just it would include the bridge behind it. Yeah yeah let's go do that that's a really good look and censored if you Jeff Goldblum you not book a flight to London to get a picture in front of that. The U2 and you've got to Wear the exact same outfit shirtless. Flying on. Okay well listen you know when I'm not I'm not Jeff Goldblum as an unofficial representative will get that done I said he doesn't do that just proves you guys know something. I feel like he has a sense of you know I'm I'm not saying if he doesn't doesn't but if we don't do it your rich Sears celebrity you can afford to fight someone you would do. Are you there are ready now you've been there are. Mostly down like to have my MySpace or fresh on the out of my card and you are. It's going to be cool we get that done you know I know we really get that done I know guys. How do I actually yeah we do a very nice clip it's good to say neck I'll do it. I might even know for a couple months and if you want your face under cardiac contribute to that you'll find me while I really don't read as good Max why I was asked how much rather than I have fiber. Yeah that's crazy that's a lot of money for Danny and I followers thanks guys and bus accidents pizza money their most sacrifices will present gentlemen citizen dinosaurs and aliens. He needs more statues. You guys. You guys as far as whether 73 degrees and partly cloudy today and thank you Washington's lottery for news and. Fourth and you know what did they it's one of those slow sports day is the year designs that you did sports right now I mean nothing going on and married tomorrow. Against the Chicago White Sox home yeah yeah as we get into the nitty gritty time. Very exciting time for baseball because last couple weeks of July I mean there was RD giant trade many shadow is going to Dallas and saw that Yahoo! says so we got to act on on and dom we'll see we'll see when the Mariners go to gonna be buyers sellers stand Paterson. He does great shot come out who they yahweh as our own songs that usually come out who he should try to macho man. Focus on many mature out of though Machado and since. The L and I met some I talked to Manny LC is in fact that's something like. Today he doesn't do it at him and just over me now out of Cincinnati NT oh yes now. The other was a spears song if you're going to be baseball players and you grew up wanting to be a baseball player on the stepping up to the plate what's going to be your songs similar to wrestling or boxing or MMA where you have an intro song. I I like enter sandman. Yeah I really really do imagine. It's just it's ominous and as I say either I always thought of myself being a closer. That was always my dream because that's a guy comes and saves the day. The new and I just love all the great clean a wild things I've received on all yeah it is funny guy and I didn't. Did one thing I'm Mitch what's his face he was a crazy reliever for the Phillies I think Tony's call wild thing as a receiver Tim I was remember. I can't think of his name Mitch Williams actually essays and it was a comes up to Philly why do you wanna play until he did he did yeah it for the Rangers cubs Phillies Astros and angels then royal policies he plays a lot of teams yeah I'm told he was good. I mean I want I don't know if you average amount allowed thanks to my happen I'm not positive yet when you Vicki. I announced. Fat bottom girls like green not east. It's really an epic song and you know it shows a night and I think prince Steelers are using that yeah that's I was saying he's got to be Prince Fielder can't do anything girls just wanna have fun. The highest yeah. I DR and log on some technical. Brad. I would go a blinded by corn just for that all are you. Okay yeah. Says he's so cool. I reminds no brainer of course and a. God. We never really talk about music I'm. Why don't you know nobody had a word Allison are gonna love god what I did who reminds. Better price check out all the time. Genuinely claim the sun Myung. We realize what he's very honorably and gather again. Batting one. Fifty it's clearly not the very struck out more than he's than any length and he sees coming out this stupid song it would be great if in fact because there are some players on the team and our you know just not hitting I mean it's it's it. They're saying in baseball these days it's all about the strikeout on a home run you saw that obviously in the all star game. So there are guys dinner that limits 200 such as some there it was one dude from Gloria Jackie Bradley guy was he was back in the 19 he's won eighty cents for awhile. Com and you know that we greatest ages as a joke it wasn't his song but the guy can play tennis competes act makes it now but he's of course they take and it's. As untested Stephen baseball tomorrow night Mariner's game is pro Jim fireworks night. Oh worse girls on not only have music you have fireworks and music and Pearl Jam there are given a way that's sweet mariners in our. OJ Searle. We know so we'd lost that there and tried in style get it looks didn't trojans have a show like that for a while or just a cap. When they had lived I thought could've sworn there was a tried and style Pearl Jam cap they've done some different things so I wouldn't I can't remember exactly Costello analysts familiar I'm Pearl Jam Seahawks team shirt yeah arm shock when they have pros im sure. But I'm not positive but yet it's it's a cool looking it's. Very cool looking Jeff I really want that and I won't be looking on line they did have a McCready fifty eyes mariners cap okay divided on eBay Baghdad looks like beyond that that's finally get Iran now. Plus a really Smart idea because you know it yet you had licensing laws and some prozac can do whatever they want for the most part now the anybody say anything and then I'm somebody probably the Mariners say hey we should. We should sometimes have a night and make a whole sure look a like that yeah yeah great idea that's assess this we cherish death tomorrow night will rock approach fireworks night all pros M fireworks but I would go first fireworks night it was off some big dude up real well they do a great job like a couple minutes just fireworks or Eagles. They give you the good it's well worth it yeah you really really is well worth it. I mean only some might yell stupid gender real fireworks show no but then again though no way you know I think there is there and they and that one summoned a shot that so I think that's kind of Sox. I SA Steve he did get this one rice. What actress struggle outside the arteries in the nineties almost beat Julia Roberts snow until there was Sandra boss us. And the other one I gotta love the other one. You want a shot at really steamy new guys into 06421 rock. When player B may say it's 647. Bond. 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