BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-19-18-7A: What completely crazy thing happened to you while on a date?

Thursday, July 19th

Beat Migs.A guy steals his date’s car then uses it for another date. Luke warm topic. 

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If you want values party was plans a minute ago nominee goes to a game store on Sunday and all ended Claire gets hot and no way do. I I'm cancerous cells and that's clearing Baghdad dads as you'd be really fun and you leaving house and saying yeah I mean. Mostly go into another dark place and it's going to be you know they're nice sunny weekend and I'm not going to be outside. You walk out of the sort once in awhile that's a lot of work to two point Georgia doesn't today we've got Brandon in Bremerton Brandon you there's certain. Good morning to go Barney Barney and what's he played forty days. Eve tickets got 21 pilots union to Tacoma dome on November 16. Go to KI SW dot com Brody tells you want to get seed 21 pilots still tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM through Ticketmaster dot com. I Steve out of here. For those playing in home Branyan will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions brand and you can pass all you want. Jewel only three s.'s first question. Are you ready along the search came in The Wizard of Oz which character reveals the man behind the curtain in the emerald city. You ask the flag of the netherlands' blue white and what other color it's far and no. Now I'm. Not many these cards are there any standard deck of cards. You ask according to these saying there's no time like the one. Yeah. As a what color are these circles on pick and choose things. He knows it looked no. No in her arms to the hip hop group what does ICP stands for it's. It would you west Steve would you find four knock. Yeah as to start Robin Hood in Robin Hood prince of thieves. Yet as to when Simpson's character was a spokesperson for the butter finger candy bars yeah. What movie did he Millen Norman Bates a period. I don't you ask the slide in the Netherlands is blue. Color. Brad at 1834567. Career. Correct so Carl how is helping the go for the primaries he asked his go red yellow blue you might get lucky you might get lucky yeah in the you have to hope that still. So we need a loser son and branding can get a win I go for this new app. I mean listen I know Steve I think you try one wondering you know read only tennis today he's he's due for somebody who's anyway stories like. Inevitable and there's a big elusive for little Jimmy let Jim Campbell loses one for use. Exterior ready yes. Yeah in the wizard of laws which character reveals the man behind the curtain in the emerald city. Dogs. So don't ask these flags of the netherlands' blue white and what other color Rex yeah as it. Companies face cards are there any standard deck of cards yeah. Todd twelfth or some ask can I call. According to this saying there's no time like the wind and now I'm no good presence adds. What colors are these circles on you can choose faced. Read the gas column in regards to these hip hop group what does I ACP and stay informed in seeing clown posse you ask in which UST would you find Fort Knox. All. It's. Not as easy to Kentucky's yet as to who started Robin Hood in Robin Hood prince of thieves and Kevin Costner who you ask what Simpson's character was a spokesperson for butter fingers candy bars. Oh walk off homer notes. Parts you ask what movie did the villain Norman Bates of pier and it's. So I got a gas and steam didn't need to lie did you got a perfect and and you win. Thank you my man have a great day sportsmanship there always. When he idealism beats of personality and their dad who put your hands up. Ford again their memory drew appreciate each other's games. Yeah war and have you entered our headquarters to unreleased right trivial warm. Sometimes you know I think you'll be okay. The war for instance you see you in that professional wrestling mentality and what are some cash right rather. Red carpet towel heads. I doubt that the oh congratulations many got a perfect ten. Yeah man you know some then that means converts and you're our winner Asarco is 21 pilots colored tents common don't you're gonna go see those voice. 206421. Rock that's all you gotta do caller number Euro winner caller tenth. New study out of John Hopkins medicine in Baltimore I'm not like in this fellow has seen eating too many cured meat products like hot dog salami bacon and beef jerky. Can make you develop mania. But I explains the rep that he lost three kids yeah and this sounds like now I've watched me. I'm perfectly normal well adjusted human beings like we said you're gonna you're gonna like rev. I was trees of heightened mood Haydn energy heighten arousal hello what's it's most likely to happen when people bipolar disorder or schizophrenia rev. An idea both I don't think I had I her death. The researchers studied about 11100 hostile cases on the people who were admitted with mania with three and a half times more likely will be insured meet the forehand than the average person. Well geez I mean how much Jordan media gonna have a mid day. And you walk across Romeo and page have cured meat that's how they know even ask that question protests and comrades. Wow. Planet they say now give cured meats occasionally it shouldn't trigger any mental illness so these people must have just a steady diet. We get to the but didn't you sinister in house with a arousal right now so the disease some base Kinsler Viagra. Yeah but the new to me crazy well you know I'm good thank you very decent bad yeah I gotta think if you have enough they can aren't these cured meats treated really you know who get three G two by four and then you're also any of the mania. There now and I decided today I was reading a story about how if you have out kinda hassle Vieira de otros help with your fertility well. So I guess DOE so they can get excited drink a beer make a baby. It does seem like a good combo your bacon beer may take. Hmmm and I love my dream can I know breaking the secured meet SI forget how would have cured medias like your today if obscure and therefore doesn't even cooked I don't understand what that is. You're asking me I am asking you the guy who lives in the vision house I don't need to tell you all about dusty can you the thing against it. Well this is big news if you're talking food. Every Friday for the rest of the year. McDonnell's will be giving away free medium size orders are French Fries oh boy every Friday for the rest of the year end while. Why our. So to receive these free Fries you must download the mcdonalds app and making minimum one dollar purchase that's easy for me to do. Time to read download every Donald's sacks. And you can only redeem the deal one time each Friday but you need the app you need to spend a buck still though he. Spend a buck and that's final days of an ice cream cone. And then some French Fries or a cheeseburger and Fries eight you do now Q that's your opinion on who spent more than a block. But absent that they know that. You know and they're just bombing somebody might put him. More people are probably going to get a bunch of stuff and then also take advantage of tightly and exercise price ought to say this in other places they say you get free Fries I wouldn't care I wouldn't care go. But McDonald's Fries are so good. That yes I think this is a great deal every Friday. Oh if I wasn't watching my card is I would be there every Friday. Our sixty day consider Friday it is. And I understand I win Friday's cheap debt every time Bellevue square I want pass at McDonald's and I'm like oh I've just got to keep walking I gonna keep walk Jason just one Friday Biggio had I need one Friday is the problem it's a guy that's my second go every Friday because I do French fry it and he. IE not that we won't have diabetes like he was at the editing yeah join the club yeah sorry Israel's companies fear diabetics count who wants to be you know what I'd be miserable and his miserable company not be fun you know that. So they don't guys just get them mcdonalds app free Fries for the rest of the year that's tax cuts a lot of time. Yeah I mean it's a great idea there and then people are talking about I'm sure we're not the only one song MS Lee a mixture of you know extra hype about McDonald's system people talking about sports talking and. On I mean when I -- changed their name what do I get from that I don't even nobody had any free right. They've got enough and and we talked about Demi does actually give me something that's straight down yeah so you know what country you McDonald's you know I cannot think about that next time. So if you drink up kinda half of beer. Have some begins OK and then some French Fries on a French I know French Fries and with the solar now now all of a sudden I don't know if it is so. It was awesome and I salute you say the and I thought about making babies anymore. This time what can be tasty on my in my tummy is what you're saying. OK so I also have a survey that looked at a bunch of weird relationship milestones. They asked a thousand people how long it took to reach these milestones OK and here's the average time I'm looks like. And mandates are doing almost all of these things before women do 00 now I'm curious to see if I've done it before after. This is when you know woman you've had a that you guys are in a relationship they say it's like 89 months whenever and this is when you're locked in this is YouTube. And again men do these usually before women do OK here we go kiss the other person when you have morning breast. And start doing it at the five month mark women waited eight months. Some women wait more than seven years and I still seek faster I think pressure do you think the deodorant EC nations about a bad brush and Louisiana. Also who's going to be a make out session personally we are making on the morning thank you saw my first thing in the morning and since case. Yeah early idea before Irsay has no idea what the hell's gonna kiss on the lips it's what they kisses somebody in the cheaper on the lips and slight right near the nose you can you can smell what's going on yet I mean if it. Yes on the weekends is again in the best of chips and put me I don't care. Yeah I don't care either but yeah I can see which is sandman has. My wife doesn't tell you do that anymore I can't I used to do think OK this is what I've got to do because you heard about morning breath for them I don't know if it was nine months or whatever when I stopped by. You're still get trying to bass from I love that cl yes. That's awesome bush got more of a heightened sense of smell. And I am rather stinky mess in many ways I census you can say US and I don't have a lot in common but I also buy here we go out and just like your wife's wish I was married you Steve. Well hold on sir I. Our flight time and I can just like July well I and here's the thing I issued just like your belief that you know like when we're gonna have a while though we've gone without curly blond hair you know I when I say this. Damage but I tell you motivation behind that and you only when I say this because debris at the age difference. True wife is young enough to be my kid she's only a year older than my son okay soul I did I know you secretly wish I was dating your kids. No I I just like it when I meet people who are my kids age who have a lot of attributes that I have a consulate there my kid is like dollars and that you you take all this is nice William McDonough DNA yet. I'm pretty positive around. Debbie Jordanian how soon be weird if we were relate because on adoption would be weird somehow Sally he's fantastic I mean what if what if either because they look I leave my marriage and I show. So awesome I. I don't be so awesome though. So be awesome because I like your wife and immigration is part of the family having some music tomorrow for Thanksgiving melodies I. With Thanksgiving you don't need to be part of the family were more than happy to have you over a good idea Steve you would have led you to have a place to stay yeah is no issue with Stanley's OK now as she doesn't want your Thanksgiving when I go or not he's giving anyway. Now. I'm now I don't think of a marine received an M by John says hi while possibly invite you I'm saying he needed replacing Tom. If you had no other place he's gone low I've gotta gotta gotta be like a sad sack to get an invite absolutely law see that's a nice and I gotta I gotta throw that hint doubt. I outside now thanks you're not me I'm not just couldn't throw out invitations so people to come or you did you know that I'm people's faces with a guy got an environment on my. But he said nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. You bet your ass I say you should come over our place you think yeah that's awfully nice yeah. Now a day in and now now Clarence Sargent ideally Turkey if you threw it exactly call here's one for Dante's his guys this is weird. All right how about this one again the milestones that we do win it after like 89 months in relationship. I Danny's I think Danny did this after day 10 boy being okay was crying in front of them on the average person who yeah. Afternoon away did that's an even like to take countdown for me if this eleven months for men which is okay. And our five months for women. While women wait five months for the crime from a do their date and is there anyway cents a made it. Took forever reform I have my wife should any tears wow yeah. I think it's well for normal women because I just only crying in general Kazan I feel weak. Play it I think for a normal girl they don't wanna be looked at as hysterical or emotional and just. Eat yellow Syrian ties you really want to avoid being NASCAR that's I think he does like to go to lunch and because I make all the women crying because I do not condone it once this is even said. Mutinies and in my DJ you're inviting him to me more women cry. Yet only a bunch of people crying at Thanksgiving. Our come on let's thinks you're a few tears. C'mon it's not a real things you review my young screaming crying her okay. How about this start being honest about your finances how soon we want us about your finances Steve I started really talked about my finance is no matter what congratulations. She fear and as we go along dec eight months for both. They're really like sit down about finances they is just kind of once we got married and started sharing account she figured out what was going on. And she figured out while. You have a real serious teacher yet she gets she she saved hockey fans and T shirts this is creates. And how about this passing gas openly while the other ones in the room. Still hasn't happened on her end day one for me. Oh gosh that's why your wife's amazing read because she knew what she was getting in their here damn news. Nine months is at the average for both who I don't remember when I first off the ball I was holding it for a long time now I can't remember either. Sure battle is about six to nine months when my act like the way different I had knee be doing it. Q English on my stomach ZG that I was uncomfortable you can like not I'm my stomach hurts and you got far don't you might now I don't punish your doctor about. Annie don't wish on my stomach Italy didn't follow tam. Well that's a lovely relationship. And then you know he's he's afraid you just do. It is very uncomfortable and I eventually was okay with doing it but it was still very serious editorialists to light up and laughed no home play we didn't even long after class so that's why you really enjoy it because it makes you feel better about youth for you see if it's like Steve's is dropping a moral place I think I just can't delay. Yeah I'm with the un magic I am I am I am I mean granted. You know it's it's a little easier now that I'm married but still it's just not something I I don't know if I was just artist child but he was. Console them and I think he knew like I've been around you guys for nine years current as a child starts I don't know mobile wireless what I know wanna do in front of people or don't like I'm a savage that's why false and policies that held up my things I've been Randy has for nine years and I've never intentionally started around yet. Then you have no liking a little final India I'll really fully yeah university and around here and now and the guy going to be on the alert for everything. Like if I know like it's gonna be and I'm not gonna do it on I was speaking usually dad do a lot of snow globe. And like yeah. And just generally part anyone Stephens and he's like our. And why rim why do you want people far what is wrong with you because it hurts if you don't you gotta let it free why 'cause they're so fed discomfort are you kidding when he got a nice letting go out that's a guy that we have bathrooms in the place I mean I don't mind people doing the go to the bathroom and I do like frozen just letting go. There's a number of take you go back to the crying thing I feel weak and crime 45 film has been since I was sixteen he would see me cry less than a dozen times of Christie beat. Now that's something I wondered if it's got to keep an end. You know I don't know I mean then not agree with the stereo typically women are more emotional and men so I don't know if it's a good idea to keep an EnerNOC. And even as the dude every once a while many good cried does help out maybe and maybe she doesn't keep an embassy keeps in and around him good and goes often. You know. CI a to me as a guy I don't think that's tunnels she's trying to maybe you guys drive through. Every French Fries and French and he doesn't need that these guys are really is getting old girl's runner some don't go don't go to the drive through guy he doesn't need that sari give you freeze dries. All right I'm. So it's not from our relations let me tell you about the worst date ever could be indeed the worst date ever as a man stole his State's car. You know why I mean how he knew he wanted to wanna be able someone else so we need a car and women and yeah oh Massa and even the worst part he must say what happened 717 yeah on the Iraq. And they X mornings and now point nine KI SW. White Knight came ISW derived from Seattle. As a woman and that is her name is safe sand on Saturday night she's sitting up on the wall this dude named children you know back in high school fall lineup. So he showed up without a car so she's like I guess I'll drive us. And when they stop for gas. He stole her car should listen guys there's a guy. Yeah didn't go there why do you do this well because he was like glengarry guy I am I gonna do with someone else peace. I'm in America. His straight talk about the whole thing. He Exley good I'm gonna guess basically have to give a cigar he's strong multi chem Panama now. Okay yeah I mean I just where you live now O'Malley a chance to come home beating their cards right and so she drove him slid drag and being eating even having the money she exhibit eight. The airwaves giving the drag means yes I can you mark her name I'll be in jail for allows her on their own speed and we have very little. How do you SATA sounds like she has kids you think he read in notion kids and uses I am out. Well they know each other since high school I imagine he knows little about her as she norm back try and agonized about holidays he's 21 years old so. All are now and I like 1020 years I know you're right this is home. He takes good mug shot I am in France this guy pulls up to date no car convinced her to go into the gas station to get the cigar. Bones out on her tour is with her car to go on a deal would someone else. Skies winner from all the way around now since is that close to high school do you think that may be Kelton was like a guy a catch. And she is an opportunity for her it's like oh man I never got finally get the start yeah iron exactly and then also until no impact on the guy just DG car I'm gonna take you manage this situation is I know you've been kind of sweet army but. I'm all for somebody or maybe he's over the start cheerleader and that was the date that really wanted to get I'm out I'm not positive but I'd imagine that there's something special about Carlton. Yeah we can't really speak of does get worse I do have more information. Does that personally kilt and and I'm going on the day with was faiths god sister okay. He's got a sister this. I just to godfathers. Daughter on merit oh I didn't know and it's connected like down all of I know I'm going to godfathers I didn't know like everybody met him I was like my god brother got sister who sounds like a stretch in. I well I don't know may be there and don't call my god father's wife my godmother. But made in some places some religious maybe they do that. Let's I think he's kind of a cool million Hogan's family I mean why not yeah like an idea. Here is this mafia. On the name and oh my daughter's days. You'll still have come. Oh good show good morning. Line. So faith in the cops they were able to use GPS tracker cargo drive in movie dearly she says that's how she knows all about this. I got sister even call Sergio all the god sister called Ross is Alan that's a true guys here are. Yeah and like she said doubt he did Shelton made the cut sister. Pay for the tickets who drive and it seems like Shelton is is all about getting that free they you know I mean it's all luggage that free. Wow cal who's got some balls on him. So hey I gotta imagine. He just wanted to go out and deal with that other chick is a good drive through hoping to maybe do some stuff that people do it tried to realize how to like it or drive do. That always call rising movie dude this is a drive and outside interests at all yet you know they're gonna drive and moved to my dad yet at the end of fuel people to a drive in movie today make out. Oh yeah so he's like OK but I new car right so I'm gonna die hard always alone in a car. All hip this girl that I know has a hot for me wow instill her car DM news. I just say this to us face to face god sister you need a better class of man and your life okay. You really nice on the problem solver I outlets had planned thought about that. Just. How parasites first arrests always know it's shocker okay. Maybe eight out and we for robbing a restaurant that they that this has got to they keep everything I'll figure out. I don't Klan yeah. I'd play and you know what it's not about gauges free this guys act he's maximizing every free opportunities. Hey it finally get free food was better Max assure his lawyer's going to be Saul Goodman yeah oh definitely look so good man I think it's for a this guy idea Greg Stevenson problem software and I'd say he's solving these problems in the best way the surely solving problems yeah. Well this guy he's those days card that he uses for another day based on this well we just wanna know what's completely crazy thing happened to you while you were on it takes to. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. What completely crazy thing happened to you. While you're on a day. Your calls your checks. After rage. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's. Guys knows his days. Cars and he uses it for another day based on this. We want to know what completely crazy thing happens you while you were on a date. 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. Let's go Allison to mourns Alex you are on the rock. Good morning gentlemen what let me which got forests. Absolute so it's a couple years back Glen. The Dark Knight rice's came out to end I was on this day which are very nice lovely woman our eighth. Complete hot church well I was so strange is such a stupid teenager. In the Dark Knight wasn't losing Verizon's. Yeah. I. Handouts to. During the movie I got so much anxiety. Eight jet skiing on the popcorn. Well you know who won the large shuttle popcorn so when we came out I had a little too much. So that we were exiting the Jeter. I end up shooting all over it I always. Alone on the data trail into the into the bathroom alone. Dude how all this is the first days. Our man. Does she ever tell you and it did how did that evening to Jim we were able LaSalle was that he may or she just done. Well how she should she was trying to understanding and we talked for a little while afterwards and I went to school they're rare trounced the might. Especially and also how much church I let him out outlets. Off while you're just like legitimate. I can't show my face you might as well because I just hope you all over the place I think that's weird three on that popcorn you would have to puke like I can lead to tubs of popcorn no problem whatsoever while he had the nerves so dude I'll be OK we just point you know I again I don't know on point I don't you guys can remember I can distant nervousness you feel on your first date every night as I mean. He just a diet in general like he goes to a lot of people's stomachs and it's just not a fun time yeah. I and that's first time I mean he got a little better with I'm not that I had a lot of girlfriends are human on a lot of dates but only sixty get a little better. But man that first time yeah oh man EI and even all that pomp karma at all and embed whenever that but there is it's not butter cost. I can't do that that can't be good for your sister you Ramirez equity thing is not about her I don't think it's a fire that it was butter because I was better hold on guys these parts are. Hide 20642 and rock Texas and Simmons. A 999 let's go to co second Sumner because Zach do you Iran Iraq. Lawyer Juan Monaco Zach how much you well look crazy thing happens you on a date. All right well and they are pulled on you die your song come out but right now we got you. And my dad and I you know even here in the front and on our youth to its exact start over hello. Start over cello. Okay. And that I got a double date with the Euro where missionaries and the girl about it. Yes she did six. It's just like listen. Cool. That's Jose call back when Bono work Seattle. Please suggest that tell you is that there was a weird things she said this dude had a phone isn't working I couldn't be with them on this on my dad's got Tex at Simmons and I don't know what the smoking hot little blind and we decided that after hanging out there we go by her house okay prove their fur probably half hour when all this on the cops busted in the door. And arrested her on some more slow. This is our first nine Susan basically dragged away crying and screaming I love you. Oh OK year. I don't think that's a good first day when you're girl was dragged away by the cops and she says she loves you. This is the best first date ever plays H yeah I'll know he stands IE Dahlia every universally right I still wait for me. Probably for amateurs how that works onus is on the mug shot days on Twitter handle all we best for her page ever move. So is the feud back want to see the conjuring part to put it tender date she screamed like a complete maniac in the theater I thought it was a joke at first but an hour into a movie I left for the bathroom. And didn't come back all Diego. On that hole ghosting thing I would feel bad but people just can do that is get up and leave. Yeah here's an am done with this I said I would feel so badly about that but I didn't really say hey. He said screaming status I'd say is I hey dude can you cut that out. Mr. CME movies aren't cheap I don't see the home yeah yeah before I I bells on the ship like the movie there. Am I am my my wife is not a screamer but she elusive Michelle's thoughts personally yeah I did an Alabama so grab your hand and she'll go I mean she won't scream machine. She still gets scared by stuff money. My wife is a tad nervous laugher ball so when we went to gussy paranormal activity in its theater full of people there's a wind slows salad bar where the woman is just gonna stand in their late blade between Jane and my wife starts cracking up. In a dead silent theater I loved it because it really annoyed everybody else and actually one person show rushed her and I thought it was fantastic. The recession summon a movie theater and it's like they're not talking elaborate gay bullying I think you get to be however you wanna be in a movie. If they have a sign of another nervous last first. My son is in here and I don't know if that's couldn of these dating people yeah I know. We tease that is there's no I never get any information about his life. I'll maronite you forgot about this story but I a couple of years ago I was tiny orders attractive blonde chick pass finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Garner an extra ticket to Barbara shoot were walking around downtown Seattle. She sees her ex boyfriend. Those sort of my head on the McDermott artist is great all all Xerox's sidewall general turnaround we rules are sure to be fine. She looks issue is just my ex boyfriend it's totally cool were on good terms let's just walked by and say okay. We all know I don't. Why in my hand I said yes consumers said no that's a terrible idea what am I doing. Well twenty minutes later she invites and hang out with us no harm no. That's Diaz. He paid for the you've got to take or how many don't know what is wrong with women and they're open here. Hold on I nobody was fireman's. That is just bullets as he did that TO that's a terrible I don't know and here you don't do that Denny ran so how did they go that with a guy how much time minutes later I knew one of the OK guys and gals are veiled. Do you drive the out since she got a good generosity I'd ride home team on the rise later if you are out you know what I got nothing neither senate. Yeah Yeltsin years nobody gets anything man call. Do you like died I didn't and they they get those television business stuff he'd balls and a blue collar yet CSF I call it's alcohol Zach I guess. I don't terrorist named best of the animals are food they look like balls they you know it's. A post staff. I think I got to. That say you know I. I I'm sorry I you know woman takes us a free ticket to a thing and Allison and that's is wrong. We'll ship type too because it was another got to kind of look like me but here's Louis short journal Mattel Beers such triggered our kids to go right problems. Well now didn't have turns out. Not that sad that that's hot chocolate to know what their conversation was like when you just bail money anyway I knew it Steve five minutes and she was like smiling just a little too much you know whereas I assure yourself feel now Lori are you were basically look how good I look to my boyfriend is what you were yeah yeah I'm going to ask that you hear from her after that I did talk to once or twice not this next MSR she poured a shot on amount that I daughter on the table. And that was supposed to talk enough for the homey yeah I guess. She was mad at me over it while she was mad euros yeah why did you leave us so we were having a good time well we words this is her. You just get your father stepping because I'd love to have a conversation there should be crying in ten seconds and she'd not wanna actually ever and that's from the Watson stated and as such an opening round why bullying I finally got the big blue balls thing going on anything else. Yeah wild thing is is I anybody that runs my boy didn't hear from me if daddy that's right. I think your vocal kids sounds great yeah yes sir he's gonna want that they have you talked to the woman that us and if you're not gonna get anywhere that you tell you want someone to get revenge for an. Not at. I was crazy enough without a conversation with you who's so great I love talking to women that are jerks I love because they don't think they are jerks and I dodges bore right through that BS that's ahead Josh avoid. She hasn't heard about it how she is now she still would like I Holler no she's not she's pregnant she sold all her possessions to buy advanced. OK state thank god you're not act crazy and maybe that. Seems totally normal now now we should go around from convention convention to sell Meyerson like you wanna do you ask you serial murderer I. That's what you are you you're you're gonna get there is this any serial killings ever happened rev I'm gonna go Antar your van with your Nuys is a man who looks like Gary Ridgway and I know cereal goes listen want to criticize in the mirror every day he Joey that's a bitchy woman you're better than that yeah you. That was an Obama. I don't know six month back. Chiefs. Were you doing the sun. All right the start a popular show judge shared that he had a tough time going on public. Because people just wanna call him bitch how who. You may hear from the 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. How much as bankruptcy cost usually with my office we we do have flashy it includes all your court costs firing these credit counseling credit reports. Anyone crossing chapter thirteen cases say usually starts in about 900 dollars. 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