BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-19-18-8A: Conan did his show live from San Diego Comicon Con and had the cast of Breaking Bad on.

Thursday, July 19th

A new study out of London says that 40% of our childhood memories are fake. Magic Johnson was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and talked about being fined $500,000 for talking about basketball trades the last time he was on.

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Well comic cons going on San Diego and less like Conan did he show from there. And he had to Cass from breaking bad on and Brian Cranston who played Walter White. Told Conan about the time that he did go to comic con and he was actually wearing a Walter White mask he did this back and Tony sixteen. We've been coming June comic con for awhile and and we've never been able to really walk the floor and and enjoy the atmosphere of it. And so then I thought blood cells in this economy this wonderful mask and I thought. We have if I Wear the mask. And I can't walk the floor so I just got the mask. I got real Walter White wardrobe young and I walked through enough people were saying hey isn't really new and I go yeah. And I have to accept every week Mickey Mouse and the unknown Michael Jackson yeah. That's also. Yeah we've heard people doing this Larry I know that I'm gonna ask. It looks just like him yeah it's weird dude all I can see why people would feel because it's not an exaggerated masculine nose like a guy. Yes it's easily is a bigger head. Whoa. That's supposedly a fun co toppled some substance yeah. The you did Daniel Radcliffe CCA has done that I know Simon peg I think he's done that and when they just want comic con but they had to Wear an outfit I. I think he and Justin Timberlake didn't. I end amazing Williams from a game threatens she died put a Spiderman mask on and walked around -- gone and no and I'm wrestling is a shimmer mention David Macaulay Culkin who is a big wrestling fan is that wrestle me he was doing a podcast dot interviewed wrestlers but Waller wrestling at first he tried to walk to the concession stand. And Macaulay Culkin but I watched him get stopped every couple feet for pictures and handshakes and David that's a finally. He was brilliant yet I'll put the on. And we use it all the way up in the C a cartoon version of macho man Randy savage second how costumes yeah and as I go to the mash part off on the hood so you can see through it. So every time we would go to concessions relieve his seat he deserves that no the only way I appeal to walk around freely you get stops. Though because people thought that the does he was cool now because they don't McCauley call. Plus you can you can't get a brig calling. So your your stocks like Bryan Cranston man that he had a good idea but he also dearly and look so good and people are gonna stop you kinda wanna costume. That doesn't look great is just a cost him a normal volume right. And in this clip prime crease and talked about how he always tries to freak out fans. If he sees them wearing breaking bad tee shirts when you see fans worldwide wearing a breaking bad teacher any. Kind of memorabilia you don't shrink. From approaching them do you know I'm I'm attracted to them in the very quiet way yeah I like to walk up to them it's saddle up next to them and just say. I like your tee. Walk away as quickly as upon. I have this fantasy in my mind that they go to their friends and you'll inevitably what does that was running as the new and then Nana yeah. That's awesome Conan also chatted about Aaron Paul on how because it was Jesse character everyone's still calls him ditched that I have a daughter. And I don't like it here with your daughter for so I'm hoping he'll be just like it may be tapering off a little bit not really know now. I guess I did call the bids every day now. And he's so many times today and now it's like three defied. The latest from his wife. You'll you'll have me as an a little girl as a downhill a little five month old little girl I mean I'm. Feel about the fact that you might be watching now as you sound choose three years from now and give her gonna go you didn't check you. Khalil ditches for your daughter how are you preparing for this I mean I'm just afraid it may be her first word yeah I. I think that's fair. That's because I mean I mean that's such an iconic phrase from his territory makes much sense since it's fair that this these kids for as far as their yo bitch yeah that's horrible but man I knew he was on point because people do I mean they just I mean it's that it probably even IE when we had a studio took me like gaga I can't say hey Mitch I just can't do I watched the interview and it was funny in thousands billion also on the guy that ball yeah bonds told the writer one enemy guys from from Birdie Kim Betty says the only thing they look back and regrets that. He's like hey Daryn smile and years and I smile to we should have done a better job of making their little run ragged but she's. Because you know he's always getting punched he's unmasked he probably should add mass mouse. All righty. That's a good point you know I and thought about that either hit as he does have a good smile often. The nicest smile. Oh Greenwich. Well at the yeah she's got a new study out of the University of London and then. And for about 40% of us. Those early childhood memories are probably. Shake. We have talked about this so many times about our brains in memories and science are coming out more more than what we remember. Is not true more and more science come and I'll say and that I composite. My first memories true do you picture and I wish I had depiction approve it but. My first memory as a kid was doing punch in the faced my brother. Why punish us curry he claims it was because there's a beyond my face. And he was trying to swat the beat but I remember as a kid getting tons desire and a little little bloody nose. And to my mom has a picture of me in my crib with a little bloody nose. And it's it's hilarious followed. Am how old were you. I know you really Shiite funeral crib yeah you have you might remember maybe younger and bad dude and you remember that that's the first thing I remember a fake. It's a weakness and there's a brother really punch in the face wells that you might be one of those 60% or it's true okay to say I'd sets and it's why I wish it was crazy is very early is remembering. My hero is remembering the memories slow meticulous if I remember Harry Harry Hughes. I read the same memory and I saw the words yeah I 80 gunmen in the morning yeah just to get by in the shadow I don't blame him. Yeah I remember being locked it downstairs at five years old when my older brother and sister. She's trying to scare me to causes these traumatic things or remember taking your or your first memory. I think remember like I was two or three and I was trying to push a pumpkin across the whatever. Is Halloween why can't I am a nice memory like that's that's awesome night and oh yeah well I young and radios four and I remember eating she knows earlier in the day in and keeping them out my literally in nineteen. Well thank you teaching as well they're orange based yeah yeah. It's enigma color orange Bradley. Now mind sat edges is good like the last time that I saw my real dad. Oh damn yeah I just remember his kneecap and I was playing freer for. Wise yeah I know literally like I just remember him and his sons she it's just sad story when Carl Tyson there's death. That's a good start of the Disney movie yet he came over we when we cause he was easy no we walked to a store and then we came back in and I never saw him again. Jam when he gives you know it during the morning got to the store now not and I'll play remembers is recasts yes Stevie and determine if you saw lose these taxis hasn't did you make a comment I actually talked to him in the last couple of years. But I don't necessarily need to have him in my life for anything about that sound it was just one of those things where that it's okay. Oh you did any Disneyland. That's your first number my first memory I remember going to Disneyland for a moment I was three and I remember being scared of pirates of the Caribbean. Yeah yeah. Seat those are there I'm like you were scared so it's kind of a happy. As true traumatic memory will clearly Vicky as the best memory as a cash cushion pumpkins and seeking orange thing I know. Stand up for my first various Christmas I was Syria and orange and blue Playskool slice from albino Matt. She's mad that's a good memory to a two years so I can't remember anything like from those days there was this is only a happy things now I wanna drive off a bridge and iron to spread out. Yeah her. Only is he camps embers that are appropriate in the taught him playing with him and I was too. OK okay yeah I. Aren't I need to hear that I'm doing that's that was fantastic it's not fantastic to say don't need the bigger story this early in the morning. Damn. While these researchers say it is a good chance that you think you remember something from your early childhood. But you've just really pieced together fake memories through pictures and stories you've heard all that maybe that is mind. Because I pictured a premier and somebody said like do you remember because your picture of it yeah some may even be an actuary but I do remember seeing my Brothers sister and me in the face. Dude I'll tell you this IA. I have a look at pictures and a long time but I look at some pictures there's a picture my wife and I. We're together early in our our relationship grammys I might have been twenty she was eighteen. I don't remember I'm looking at pictures and I go I know that's me but I have no idea what the hell was happening that picture I am forgetting so many things yeah. Like I don't even know what the hell's going on that picture like what the hell happened here. Do that's a scary when did you run into somebody you haven't seen in forever. Aaron Gray tunnel co worker and they're telling me indeed tell all the things that we used to do together I think now or an under is looking at them smiling and nodding to register now and the heart. To say I don't remember a single thing of what you're saying I don't even know your knee this horrible thanks that's terrible man pets have. Happens I know I've had the same thing happened to me going back to the old neighborhood in. One of these kids who was a younger kid looked up to me and we used to do all stuff together you wanted to do he wanted to be mean. I'm looks just chase shot I could cloak or Alter any of these memories you're talking about. We've been high school libraries there's a threat like on I'm on FaceBook a group chat where they're talking about something that happened at lunch. And I call on members Stevie did this and either that. And I'm just like how. I don't even remember you guys honestly like I barely remember hanging how does that happen you guys did Danny Vicky are you guys too young for that to be happened you pretty much remember everything you remember. I remember most things but actually she's somebody might point something out and then I. Kind of oblivious let me me comes a guy I dated like oh yeah I didn't hook up with Al London knights. She I am pretty like steel trap memory and terms are just like details but I can't remember people's names for anything. So I observed and ask it's just terrible beyond my means thanks at all times. Hi here this acutely in the top five things that are memories that you claim to have you don't riding in a stroller. Being with your family. Playing with a toy or pumpkin from a knee cap space tourism and he's feeling sad so revved stinks he felt sad over the kneecap guys her. The kneecap and as my act. Scott you know is not yeah cap guy could have been a guy and we acknowledge your dad know why is actually might know I'd like to see your guy from as the X-Files except I used the I series is you can't you guys have guy. I turned out we can't guy who was the father of Mulder so may be spoiler brow boasts are gonna have nine million she sees its oil needs Anglia server on that picket also the birth of a sibling you think you remember that. Sponsors that are my mother baiting me in the kitchen sink and adding food car into the water washing the colors change that's Christian gay harbor. There your mom was doing us a while you were you about our Chris Wallace she's ansari. That they that that could not be a thing might not be real memory according to this 40% of us don't have real memories like that. So just remember that Steve. Also one of my early memories too was on the walking around. And I and I got one of those big wheels and those watching just reached a phantom of the park. You remember that yes how old were you. I don't know big wheels just one he shares I. But that's about right that is back when that movie was on around Christmas time so that have been like the late seventies I would imagine OKC could have been much much more than a toddler 567. Most yeah yeah okay wow I guess there's a picture of that so maybe that's why I remember it. That's sad that could very well be because I mean I got a picture of me claim upon my toys about the same age. And honestly I don't remember that picture I don't I don't remember what was going on and I do remember it was part of why should I do remember major Matt Mason I just already Jeremy says he is a space toys. I just remember because I'm thinking about it right now but I don't remember when I took that picture of me. And I am a little goofy glasses on and I was like six I probably was adorable but look I thought it was like a goof ball. From purses as that it's easy that is your first memory because a punch so you don't previously memories yeah from Chris yeah that's why you remember your memories did you punch in memory CF. I have a question four how is it possible that a late night talk show. Ended up costing one of their guests by half a million dollars us I'll tell you at 817. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. I'd quite like KI SW Barack got Seattle. Magic Johnson former basketball great was on Kimmel last night. And he reminded Jimmy got the NBA find him I half a million dollars for discussing free agent rumors the last time he was on Jimmy show. It was actually the lakers who had to pay the Simon magic children out to those who have helped out too. Now that's some lousy I got in trouble. They just yeah. I don't get in trouble today if you know I got in trouble to be more mad at me because there was a fine assessed because the league takes these freeagent conversations very series 500000 dollars 500000. Dollars as a result of you're appearance on this and we'll have a good time soon. Everybody out here I thought it. Do we didn't call me to say hey I'm mode though in hunted. Yes. Wow I didn't really since I didn't realize that you know AA if you go a little too far and interview that you did find out remember that story. I don't remember mystery item and I know I've heard that. You have to be very cautious of how you talk about certain things whether it be dressed up for trade stuff because a temporary. Yeah yeah there's and the 500 grand worth of problems right there. I guess the lakers paid so wasn't really Magic Johnson himself I mean it's not as Susan said it's tough for them because there's nothing coming franchise that probably on net discrete I. Yeah you're right they don't I mean they've they've really never had thing going for melt down. I get recycled louder sound dot com put out a list of the best fifteen. Classic rob rock albums you wanna own on vinyl so these are fifteen best classic rock albums one alone on vinyl. This is cool cause I mean a vinyl is super popular and suggesting it I'm a bird the past decade I feel like it's really had a resurgence and and it saves did the livelihood of some record stores I think like easy street records. And other places around town that. Maybe wouldn't be around had not been for the fact that people love their final. I mean you know even like high voltage records in Tacoma and a few other ones as well like Al popping all those because I'm just. Not via CD I remember Osama CR you care about CDs dongle on their my final. It's so weird that people got into vinyl because. I would and I gave away all my vinyl I just gave it all away and I bet some of that is worth some good show that I just threw away because our game away because I. Some think anybody cared who wants as well above final is that it as a music fans sometimes. Music becomes background sounds and whenever I'm doing some doing the dishes are for doing whatever vacuuming the house have music playing like I iPhone or on late John as you know. Some way you should perform decent streaming site I'm not really paying attention to opponent wanna listen to Saddam final. I'm way more invested in listening to a because they don't fifteen minutes after slipped a final and I to do we'll sit there look at the art work it's like I've become a kid again so when. Muir a lot more attached to the music when you listen to final at least for me and I join my buddies do the same way. And I wonder if the if they if younger kids are doing the same thing because they're a lot a lot of younger people getting into the final. And value right that was our experience in grower six trees growing up. And I wonder if it's a nostalgic way for them to really enjoy music the way they never got too because of CDs and streaming. Yeah you can rewrite this whole process and an opening enough putting him on there. You now. And just sit back and enjoying the sounds so I've got to fifteen the best classic rock albums to own on vinyl so Steve what would you what would you put it's a classic rock album was sale can you got donut appetite for destruction. Advertisers notion reissue right I gotta get my hands on that. Yes number twelve unless the numbers wild. There's eleven other records that put added that. Well you know it's oh well you're talking classic rock Aris Crist first record Eros for his first record and see if I can locate that while it's not gonna hear like gosh you know it's weird to hear Aerosmith and and big Guns 'N Roses called classic rock because classic rock was created when those bans were new. Yeah yeah that's what my brain is a hard time com put the odds are in 1987 is enough time to be classic dupe people view browse and change is classic rock the early stuff on their promise to you here that are zero via your stations. C then my branches radio even I don't like the music choices are like your television set. I'm looking at this by the way. And actually the newest album on here is indeed. Guns 'N Roses is the newest one wool so and I'll tell you this is a life too I just alive to let's see if there on the list. Near our again this this is bonds again I don't think of kiss is classic rock they are classic rock everybody else in this band I say in this list. Everybody on this list I would call classic rock except. Guns 'N Roses for you I and my brain you can kiss classic rock I don't know why don't I seventies when they really were big but they weren't. You know just like bussing thing where race. See add those guys were and where like they were the cool rock band and classic rock so it feels like you know they were his coolest kissing cools Aerosmith in my brain. When you bring an end though I mean look we got number two on the list I'll tell you this one's black Savvis paranoid OK I mean that's like Sam is obviously was really cool to. Time dad you know wide as I look at all these pretty much most of them were really great rockers at the time. How about an and the clash lending colleagues. That's a yes but no. Yeah no old display eagle I send us out paranoid because I would go with master reality over apparently that's just me. Yeah not. Not a hot take where you know I. Religion like that album more all I misspoke by the way there is another ninety it is another 1980s band that was number six that they feel like this is a classic rock album you should own. Todd Winger. And now we need your your release only says you're an all time he poison. You're in the ballpark Motley crew year and all our journey. I think I'm not ballpark. I have never ask the same sport IC CI this is in the ballpark maybe I got clobbered yet you go yeah that's the one so old. I would I go pyro mania but I know it's gonna be hysteria you're absolutely right layers hysteria CI. Hysteria is now lit candles apparently the interest thing and yet there's an easy polished and produced in my opinion I'll. Well missing that's number six a classic right Denish amounted to losses army if he's on trying to stuff I understand that does the issue. I just missed the Ron listen. Just opera all right I read about you and millions from a list had a depression routed. Depeche Mode not on the list I'm let me funny here on vinyl actually violator would be great. I'm a little sad that one of the MD album but I feel should be on the list is not on here sometimes it takes is front and a great one dark side of the moon Pink Floyd yeah. There is actually number thirteen okay got it under these appetite for destruction. What about some Columbus somebody wanted to catch number one I can't believe it makes us specifics on the list it's just wrong and I agree yeah IA. Again because of how Britney I just feel like. This was an iconic album for me and Tom I'm surprised anomalous again it's probably in the top thirty or top series in the worst joke everybody and look what has nine arms and socks stuffed leopard Kiki. Thought its that's just. Too soon to assume that. I think did look an iconic band. That we play here on the roc is he's he yeah you got it back and box that's the London yeah number one classic rock album you should own. I really can't believe Boston's first albums not on the list. Now you guys see you on the Boston sandman I guess I'm hopeful that you know what yes I saw it you know what everybody knows AC DC so. Boston's Jimmy Graham may be because I just grew up in the area maybe was a homer thing but it was huge they were clearly popular for a reason just never she never really tickled my fancy ad man and just on a validity of the way that shall for the Euro us up all by himself but yeah. But for the first four records what does that buys out when basically on this list well these zeppelin is on the list and I'm looking down a list where he's at takes a while before it is up on the number nine. Actually and Led Zeppelin three is the one thing is that you don't okay death tab other most. A Mozilla Melissa come as well again Danny wood to the top fifteen and when you see when you hear that they're never in the the only one that somebody might disagree with by the name of Danny only because you know there are people that love these guys know them but others don't number three is tin Lizzie. Live indeed I can't argue it out on yeah I'm so I'm crazy fan but I respect to how a buried their. Very influence and respect unpopular anywhere yeah I did they or I I know they were good but I'm with you Steve I would put other people at number three but I you know music purist would say no they believe they belong in numbers it's what about Twisted Sister. Yeah. They weren't contemplation be on this track. Now here it's not enough. But again you guided number four and this is a classic and take of just some classic bands that have been around Danielle in 1984 Van Halen Hamas if they're on the list they are not on the list cool to see you guys are missing the classes out of the devil Motley Crue. Again no Molly truth I'm really upset about this. Yeah but you're not going back far enough I guess are icy and Richard talking about since the Eagles. Eagles are on their throats all Californians. Yeah it's. Unfortunate these boys and they're all these I don't think they're considered classic rock plummeted good vibrations stuff could sort of slipped in there. But they're too they're they're definitely all these and not classic rock you pet sounds there's a good argument for not being you cons on this but I agree but it's when you see the rest on your steam it's kind of hard to argue that the Beach Boys should be taught in the top fifty couples who have enticing about this one and I had agreed to this one make a list. You know. On human life day. Hey we're. The. All the. Now as a one. Totally nonetheless I we know AC DC's number I I I I Simon yeah I do hope god damn Dominique the donkey every time we do music subject here's who's gonna happen are you ready. It was I was gonna happen did you happen. No more just list I'm done I'm not gonna let usually John has not done the world it's over what this one. Not bad but it's great praised Eric is a great thing everybody looks god gives oddly lusty lady yeah let's just play all. I'll ask him to play again I know I usually what we call it right yeah yeah we hung out. Now in his song is torn right now aren't fine hey I saw her again it. Love this month. Now. He's taken Weiner yeah. Scheme to sack him. Gotta hydrate. Political outlook does not only a walk out walk I don't know miners say if you don't want canister news watch got to know it's a blessing to the Olympics BJ it's a girl thing. I hate that song stopped playing it. My dad. Go ahead. You go ahead Steve because I'll walk right out. Now he's got. It's really mean. All. Right there to about and I think that's big news right now on. The Beatles coming strength again. So so play it Mubarak. Nobody got any more courage and I wish I could go up. Of course is on the list where the list got married and how does Wayne already did it together athletes guys together. That's it. Okay Jimi Hendrix in May the last of its cover a Beatles. Of course on this I really know they're actually out Sargent Pepper's now lives okay yeah that makes cents on the island but I think that the is it meets next on money is coming back and it was as somebody else welcome to the re branded my vagina hurts in migs. Okay. Excised yeah wow oh yeah. So when we didn't swap out. La La La La La La La La. It's Acer's. So this is played through these cable box that inventions music. This. He might implode pretty good luck to you my feelings never go back well I mean. He can only be about him for so long. Since you re armament too and cavaliers mean you know being not go to Machiavellian minimal. Permits unfortunate. Also on the lips. Of harvest by Neil Young missed a number seven offense we rumors Cleveland. Especially when Matthew why don't we would I know I know people like Fleetwood Mac man but I'm just never been a big fan of theirs. I don't know that you sit for an hour listening to Fleetwood Mac. Yeah SharePoint seuss' damage Steve did you shut Diet Coke got to tell us. I I. This is you comb in the bathroom with a song playing on the phone. We have the technology. Feel like a down and then punched. I can do it if you play the 400 I don't really answer Mina he's. Hi nice answer I can try and now he's not that I find summits is now my new favorite song. If if if if if. Today homemade green demon number fifteen I the hot breath I. Since you have to play when he comes back into the studio that would actually be funny Delhi on video. She's gonna have to go knew I'd like your son does the textures is once seemed slow or not they don't god show where an update. Yes do you purity OK. He's definitely in about their own Chris Gabriel he might be thrown through like a monkey you guys committed here so little all of the bar the door for him. Laurie it's not bad out there. Total wash his hands and says. He and look at these. Well you know sometimes you. Some touches he'll Dominique the donkey in the morning he ran into someone in the hallway there are some yelling. OK okay everything's gonna be our right just as you breed Dell Marines thought oh god yeah. Put yourself. Okay. I don't know what's worse as the Dominique de cure bird urge you don't tending to be scared about tighter and only yeah only that's the MacBook. Because he needs his inhaler are while we take a break up maybe BJ you'll come back. Maybe he won't. May god do you Dominique the donkey as a victory song loosely be amazed no no yesterday particularly I guess is they did get this one right but I took too many guesses during the what was what was he construction of the Pentagon's completed do. Laura. It's. World war ones I know it's more meetings well now Vietnam now what brought true yeah this is just received this rightness of Vijay Singh in the bathroom right now. Colin now port side he 06141. Rob. Freer place he maids at age 47. We'll Vijay return. We shall find out plus. Iraq today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help put back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regular ongoing bills. 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