BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-19-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, July 19th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle and if you haven't seen him in Iraq drove photos they are here yes and looking good there and their swimsuits. Those great hey welcome back I'll take what it's good to see you again asking me about thirty dead. And I'm straight I'm back I've made in new rule my life. There is that I'm out the door every time a particular song comes on I get walked all take a break point though you do they're professional decision that I know I know none of you like the song that much just like getting under my skin so you'll stop playing if you have no reason to I'm not in the studio. There's no reason we have played that stupid songs so that's that's the new rule goes up and you'll play as much as you want now I have my email and then there's someone in the life and they as a walk on their job that's cool. Yeah because it's really not something that anybody like for you it's right none Texas. They all hated Texas are also idiots to have a lot more people listen and they tell your audience there are just as part of the audience just stupid part. Devastated they're just too good listeners that listen to your radio that says this duo is techsters who low light you those people also like you and now about those textures never get through I mean we all hear from them never yeah. He never read those just the ones of like the stupid donkey song. Not cool man I mean we're back to the school yard debris all your ball and you go home that's exactly now you know I'm not now I thought I was going our days we just like that he's a guy when you're right no one's ever learn that like once exercise you can make in front of me having sex and adopt for over 1210 years now that's right and Steve's never thrown a fit and walked out like that. That's right blah blah yeah. Are outside the city road on the screen detects an elitist audiences when you play it again you know you don't do much Texans knew every one of them it's a rock girl pictures. Oh yeah by the way I. Hi there and their swimsuits and you know what enough playing comic songs so that's a nice thing to hide plus or doing good. Mean okay. I mean OK and it turned down very fast. Hard yeah does get better it's like yes. Leo yeah yesterday I was surprised. A lot for gas and everything -- -- whether this is what's so sad I knew that sentiment today everything out okay yeah partly cloudy today and it cost us he would realize what you just yet between that match partly sunny -- sustained and focused glass half full glass half Sunday partly cloudy actually means it's a little less cloudy than if this is partly sunny which he's a little less sunny that's there is a difference really it was going to be in nice blue sky day with some clouds your nervous as it if I believe the weather people well I'll believe view because I don't take a weather and so you don't want to doesn't yeah I must say I like fissile mine a marine -- starting out and then later you know all sorts of murals total return sorry yeah I think we will West Coast to get a marine -- and even hearing the fine status -- well we also have a game to place -- -- -- -- -- got Mike in Auburn to take on Steve. My carried assert. I and there are certain excellent what is playing for today to distancing of the good guys car should the Washington state fair events center which is happening Friday July 27 through the 29 go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you want to can she get Matt good guys dot com Aristide. I hear. That. For those playing at home Mike will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions like you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guess is her question. Are you ready. You know what term is used to describe the Japanese art of folding paper sculptures are. Origami can you adds great Combs was one of the many hosts of which game show. Here's to you as blood relatives does he Russian culture revolution gas. Until you know. Daughter is now. You know over. Who is Charlie I'll what is Charlie Brown's sisters names. Oh Alex Diaz which mid west city is the setting for the six Bob family matters. Philadelphia now. Yeah former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was once governor of which state. Problem and you know it's sort of you ask what does this nicknames for the astronaut Edwin Aldrin and I'll load the ads which and released the song proud Mary in 1969. Well and it's. Two yards. Ask what does a hard part for me. Actually let alone our group of. In. Our. Let's make that call I don't know dad give it to a good maybe Steve little 12345678. Currently I want CDO Los seemingly once he did not only to us. How am I wanna fight I I lo this and paper Colorado had a solid guy a what I want so much anger in here yes that's right putting the forces not with me and I don't it's not about me today it's kind of nice. I can only mean OK on the outside of the one does say they yup it's. Steve yes our you're ready. What determines used to describe the Japanese art of folding paper first gold sure got me yet as ray Combs is one of the many hosts of which game show family feud yeah adds to. What's relative disease Russian called smush gaps. But what relatives does a Russian called on bush got no grandfather no child. Learn what his Charlie Brown sisters named Lucy is now. Sally yeah as which Midwest City was the setting for the sitcom family matters time. She conned out of you as former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura was once governor of which Minnesota he asks. What is the nickname for the astronaut Edwin Aldrin and cause you can't as a way to band released the song proud Mary in 1960 nines it's. Credence Clearwater revival you ask what does a cart Todd referred me. Column on stamps now. It's hard to know. Italian Christmas donkeys no voice. Shows starring Andy Samberg takes place and in New York police precinct for the 99 Yasin Steve you and you might I. Me out for rent a piece do and you don't have to sign and no songs whatsoever. But my congratulations to you buddy. Are you hang up mostly how to get surprised that he spent a lot of time on that cart hunger for one. Mike got direct address that question before a slam match yeah and Mike gotta correct or is it really listens maps. The makes maps. He's never gonna remember you can ask a question about three months there was really god dang it you could tell me a life to me it's different and given them an hour for high happens on the game went on does anybody knows that what relative does a Russian called that bush got. Is that a gram that ASEAN opt. Yeah yeah phone you know expression it's. It's full complete their phone lines congratulations demy Don tying Steve would that be correct Jesse tiger or beat Steve that's how are you surprised just like that's. All right Jim Carrey. Dire is not want to do another race insurer movie. Sorry I didn't know lose the demand for experience I'm victim's response I guess there was. I there's a demand from me I want she'll want to. I'd love to really tell us what did you say movies that you go back and watch a marriage as good as they were when you first watched him I feel like any Jim Carrey movie from those days it wasn't somewhat serious like a mask. Asian tour I don't feel like those old Billy it's sometimes like the mask made by masked man. Staff yes Massa master may hold because it's got a lot of good special effects. It was silly movies or great battle with my childhood and like I I bought too recently the ace and turn us on Blu-ray. So I actually own it yeah I recently yeah well within the last like six months. Okay Passat yeah recently yeah yeah I I was never a huge fan based insurance so it's news I'm not missing much there. But I really like the mask I think it's for the wants all the movies in Spanish as a kid with my dad and so growing up now I get to see many English and so it's like watching it. For the first time all over again Ali yeah terminology and phrases such kind of fun plus you really get Jim Carrey movie which is you know I mean it's it's a translator Wright does something to do him justice for Kenya Jim Carey really pull off being magnate Jim Carrey again. I don't know if he's really that guy anymore yeah he's become so. Oh unlikable as a human being I mean they hit it I don't really like him anymore I don't know what's happened in his life. And I am and maybe said tragedy maybe he's had a little Tiffany I don't know what the hell he's like has had tragedy the his ex girlfriend committed suicide yeah oh that's right I forgot all but that's was definitely had tragedy. And see he just hasn't come out on the on the on the positive end this in my mind he's come off a little arrogance and therefore it's like you I'm not I'm not chomping at the bit to try to go see any hints from Chris is a way to maintain your own absolutely love these inter great kid movies. Oh okay the first is firewire and I still dead. And what's liar liar Trevor. Yeah and show them runup to the Truman show I don't feel like Bridget typical Jim Carrey movie now so. It was a great movie when we take a look at what we are today. I like dad also the something spun the eternal sunshine of the spotless are brightly as were arrests colonized BI he I like him inactives would you stunts and stuff. It's just out of moon still I think is best. Yeah you can argue that any costly idea can argue that at all. But Tommy Davidson who is in the second aluminum also worked with Jim in living color which we forget for generations he started on that show fire Marshall bill. I'm pieces called Jim doesn't wanna do it now but he's one of those kind of art is that you know he does what he feels he does what he believes and I asked him about it I told him hey man it'd be nice in Jamaica and he said no I'm not doing knows now. Well. Yeah I you know it's eight I just add at least some demand is Tommy Davidson went to mowers Tommy Davis just look at the into the barrier against the full faith in us and let them having an item on my insurance is running up on sag any a movie Korea is have you seen the Jimmie any documentary yet. The great beyond I haven't seen that. Arm and you need to see that the guy a that's an excellent that's where is that on his nose and Netflix OK I think I'll have to watch that. Bomb because I just I just got done watching the Robin Williams documentary HBO I heard that's awesome it is really powerful it is sad com. And I mean spoiler alert because we've not had maybe you heard about it. What may have led up to his suicide I always that was well parkinson's. Yeah I mean it's not that's. No no it's not they do have and so if you really want don't wanna spoil the Alsace spoiler alert but I think a lot of us don't wanna have to sit through the whole documentary. Bob tackle weight of all people shed some light on so what else was going on. While most surprising all people those guys are tight and means there's a recent fights Robin Williams isn't seeks a clown it wasn't because it was a great role play a mime in a movie about an alcoholic clown they were good friends so he did as a favor. It's funny he was really tight with a lot of people and yet. All the folks that he was really good friends with said that you know he was just different I knew it was a different human being. Tom and it's those doors close friends like that like bobcat like Billy Crystal he was really really good friends and Billy Crystal. And Billy and even said he said you know I was one of the only people on Robbins life that really didn't want leasing from him and so we became good friends because I just liked him as a friend not for anything else. And dom. Gets a bobcat. Said that he had dementia. They found out they as a Louie how Luisa I can remember the name of it but he had a particular form of dementia and Bob and the reason I'm saying is the reason I wanna be in this is a lot of people don't know really what happened towards the end of Robbins life. His mind was giving him misinformation here he says his mind was not telling him what would reality was. And I believe that was bobcats way of saying that his mind told them probably. To make a decision to end his life was the right thing to do and bobcat was like yeah he had dementia his might just wasn't working right. And if it was Robin Williams don't we know without that dementia. Even with parkinson's Robin would never have done that then I think at least that was what I think was the inference from bobcat statements and it was right at the end of the documentary that he said this. Wow yes that was really about powerful epiphany that I got from watching I. It's everywhere it's a really great documentary because. How much you it was a huge Robin Williams fan because it was him he always in my teens and early twenties when he was you know he was trying to come along in the home market Mindy thing when he started. I know a lot I didn't know about his life a lot I didn't know about his life here from his his son's actions. On the other. Who really had a kid he's got three kids and I. I know nothing about Robin Williams and personal life yeah I probably rattle cocaine issues like when I was younger I remember that was a big thing Diaz and so I don't remember yes suppose that he kicked that in supposedly. I don't know man because he was really high energy. And they say he didn't really do cocaine console like Morton may be time and he was super high crazy zany you know frenetic or even before more committees so. Tom as a great story about how the more character even got involved and why it happened. And I'll let you watch that and it's amazing just how much Sam Lee influences television decisions. Like his career happened at all because of a kid. And that's all gonna say which I'm like why are all if if this kid wasn't it this kid didn't go see a certain movie Robin Williams is an on TV pop I. No no no no notice before this is that this is rob Roy is big break Vizio is the best movie yes we know Ali you know they talk about that they go through that dark time when he did pop always had a negative things to say about pop I. Well it was not received very well and he thought he was his movie career was over once he gets off license I really liked it when I was a kid here how we found that it turned into an actual real life guy yeah I think a lot of people were fresh and as pop I yeah he did a great job they are sources are Louis body's disease got there they take you mentally body ZZR and that's what was revealed at the end of thank you man. I didn't know we had that. And Bob chemicals they want and everybody know that because. You know suicide is definitely Tom. A tough subject can we talk about a lot on the show and of course we do all world suicide prevention broadcast every year. And Tom. You know I think it's important for people to know that a lot of times these decisions are made it either eight under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in this case podcast saying. He was not in his right mind because of the dementia tour is has parkinson's causes dementia which is a little different than regular dementia. It increases paranoia in my father has it. C and I know that about parkinson's I just knew that it had a physical aspect and got no way to the holy body disease. I I'm happy to bobcat did what they did did that man com great system great conversations. So great behind the scenes stuff and I'd never seen before where. People just man. I mean it's a whole different insight into. He really was the sad he was the sad clown I have no idea how much of it was really true but then. You know people don't talk you know his generation nobody talked out of out of school if you will but everybody's talking now because they feel like it's just a way to honor the man's life disable here's what was going on. Our beautiful stuff from his win his first wife. It really really interesting stuff and they they they divorced but she still seems to have a hat and had to have a lot of love for him. Great he's great document generation we often curious several wanna run things on the sound good morning Vietnam I think was best movie news one point texture says what do you think is Robin Williams best movie. That's a good one. No doubt about a good morning outside of Popeye. Tom. It was a cart media markets that's dead poet's society that was great yeah he was going to apologize and I put to good morning Vietnam over that yeah I ate the reason being is. He's a lot like himself and good morning Vietnam like he's the manic Robin Williams what he's don't do something different. Like in dead poet's society or even one hour photo hour photo was like sorry world's greatest dad was good as well yeah down. Also some funny scenes is bobcat and and and Robin Williams are talking about world's greatest dad. You may not remember that moving in are so that's seen him we've Iran ones decided to go completely nude for a shot. And they have a funny conversation about that in his documentary. Really really good this is well worth the watch a few even care slightly about Robin Williams on HBO. I it is titlist is on the loose you picked that topic you guide to show. 20642 rock Texas 77999. It's cause texting 917. These guys we got damage pain in the grass. It's Ellison chains on Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW their rock out Sierra power Seattle. The rock of Sierra Sierra on his. You know that prevents drug Seattle that's right. This is all those you've picked a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. This is on the front you buy deacon plumbing heating and mechanical Steve's free it's called because. Well it's. Hey good this is what it's all about you get to run the show whenever you wanna talk about whatever the case may be. As. Weather alert if you somehow request Dominique the donkey and then you know what Steve's hosting lessons from those vibes off pulse greats had to say that writes. Weeks Issa made some new life I had to be entertaining me out of my take an extra time off I tell me I like vacation you know it's not a mood bowel movement to kick out that you Wear what I knew somebody walking around I enjoyed a 5510 minutes I had office grace this kind of break and they thought that was a good thing. So young whatever you wanna talk about but dusty does have a rule about listeners on the loose and NASA shows some energy and bring it otherwise. And then say goodbye good bar old turned let's start with oh DJ it's another BJ if you want higher thanks Vijay welcome to the show you are on the Iraq. Morning guys Daria I'm too bad Vijay was Shia for a so hey look you guys a little in the podcast every morning on the way to work every day SW apps I don't resent that. Steve don't mess me up and bring up the Don DR Wright and I got a quote the super BJ okay donkeys free zone. As saying you. Luckily BJ yes sir you ear make room for Johnny rivers right. Us right Sarah's boyfriend hole well did I know you know we're talking about for people don't know and I DJ yes. Johnny Roberts is my daughter's boyfriend who is basically enemy moving into my house and that is first given name yeah has his birth given name Johnny robbers and saw a clearance stuff yes. Right and my bird given name is Brad junior so. My mom after meet her my dad divorced and I was or refused to come meet Brad so I grew out of BJ. And last week I aid dot I remember you saying he had AS signed Mike McCready Pearl Jam bloke yeah only gift to somebody may BJ. Suzanne. Oh yeah and you know what that would work out really well for you because that your your your recall BJ people think it was actually given the new. Absolutely and I would be totally OK with that. It's. I. Well you know I as Steve here's and I'm gonna ask you Steve okay. Is it that I loved it is on my shelf I don't have a I don't I'm not he's not going to use our anime on any matches I would rather have under my body personally for you yeah I I appreciate and I've kept it all these years because look I mean. Mike is 10 you're the greatest guitarists ever to be. And and in no way he's always been great was on the show and so I don't wanna disrespect them but at the same time sent this that there are Pearl Jam fans out there that would love this book it's it's a tremendous coffee table book what did you yeah absolutely. Your top three Pearl Jam songs BJ. Other Vijay from Puyallup. And I can OK so I gotta go black. And then followed by age. Old lady behind counters small town. And then probably. And I hate to say it led never retired life. All right. I do have to question you can't believe I did five point under attack happened at the elderly woman but that's cool enough all right such an amazing woman drowned. No I noticed when you called the old ladies. Danielle I know I had a bad day and I don't Damien. Three in a brand. Sorry unless he's he recovered on that one. You know I I am I am oh yeah okay that's all I wanted to ask my kids not gonna care yeah I mean I am more art uncle Chris what I wanna do is on the put this dude on hold. An uncle Chris will get this book to you somehow some way. And I won't touch it villages in a look like that day he gave it to you. You know it latitude BJ Olivia I really really well if you wanted to sign and I'll sign but I think it's cool it's it's just sits well let me kind of funny if on the back of the book pioli would go by the way check this out. And now I'm right there are so Chris how science entertainment. Yeah yeah yeah what did any if you love the DJ I'd be glad to have it go to home because my eye that's encouraged all my stuff and I'll put John hold and that way I. Chris can only guess a small talk that's a big book it's a huge book down and Ivan purge a lot of stuff and stuff since I feel badly because I know people gave it to me but. It's like you've been in a box all these years I've rather have someone love the stuff rather than just being a box what's the hardest thing for you to get rid of right now I have some Red Sox paraphernalia that people gave me that I know they thought all this be great like you know. China and all books and basically the same size books about Fenway Park and Red Sox history. But I haven't been looking at them so I gave that was really tough to let go 'cause I know people gave them to me especially you know they signed them. I let go Harry Potter book that was given to my son but I'm one and and the breeding all the Harry Potter book so. It is some it's got a nice Harry Potter book from Nana I hope he appreciate Manning gave it to your size and Anna it is such manner she sucks yeah I think uncle Chris kept that. Let me he'd he'd Joey never read the books I was the one and ended up becoming Harry Potter fans thanks now get around to it yet he's made his first gonna finish make an amateur in she's residencies as dormant bat out. NASA never married I had to get rid of my mind magic might and magic trick my magic tricks and stuff by the way Chris got a whole big box a garage I forgot you give you have to tricks. Now accusing him disappear men's. But even cast because she was my assistant and I used to do kids parties. And my told right general there's always there's video wow man right no it was my assistant for Sarah's for money when you god. Can you just at least one last magic trick before you get rid of everything I saw gone bunny it's a day I saw gone its prisoners and a back. Yeah it's it's been years stone dude seriously decades ever since I moved here I have not opened those tricks Susan aren't they know please take you can't get rid of his daughter. That's very true. Since they Biggio any signs for Jason because I like free stuff do you. I know you just were lucky enough to be you have to have Vijay is your initials who says do not give dad died the book those are not clear signs of our real fan. While people are just Madison must get sometime I aide I would agree. I think those germ. Very safe answers to say but if you talk to any like super hardcore Pearl Jam cam I'd say he's not a problem to our continuing gimme a couple of gimme three hard cores that you would know the guy's life I mean for me that the ones I love present tense. Ports glorified gee those are all songs are okay nearly you know you are going foul pole you know with its eleven trusts or you're going to be you know it would have been better Francis PT gonna set any of those you're right they're willing to singles I need so. Among them going to be grow as a man they mean you know you know you got a taste yet on any music muscles likes pro am I gonna says is very difficult thing to find a narrow focus for your for your buck yeah I'm glad I cannot say a hardcore pro Jim Talent probably not list those as their favorite buddy list I say I agree with yet he listens to the show yet. Then he had the motivation to call them. And he had a good story about BJ which is mom would never call my Israel named because the dad divorced and those are things I think Dave. You know for me I think Yahoo! more deserving at this point where you know with the criteria that we have got to be BJ right. And now holds the old lady inside joke things as a quick thinking yeah I was make him up in my opinion that's like him we don't given the book are right it tell you how Stoudemire house and no way to tell Mike McCree you give it to a non yeah. I just I know I don't believe me I feel that's why held onto it all these years I thought I'd Mike McCready refined and you always autograph book you'll be mad at me he's not going to be men are you gonna be mad at any gym it's not that I don't appreciate it this is I think somebody would appreciate it even more I'm I I'm not insulate hanging onto a lot of material things anymore. And also mean from smaller board game so that's a good idea for the best are its us is on the loose you pick the topics. You guys kill. Joseph 6421 rock Texas 77999. We'll take more recalls and sex midnight 33. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the. I had some you know rock of Seattle it's. Listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show let's go to Sean Tacoma Sean. You are on your honor guard failed unwelcome news for Shia or spite. So I went to the concert last week united saw cleaned dried clay great white and orange blonde and a lucky eagle casino I guess Mitch Malloy extending entry like an I was on center stage for an entire show queen drag angry why and I mean Najibullah who enters from I think it was phenomenal. Which show version of queen's Reich was suggest version of the other version I do Todd version yeah yeah. I don't think just cause a clean straight anymore probably doesn't always lost Jesse Jesse solace in mind crime or something along those lines solidarity all right don't Wear like iron analysts say yeah. I don't know why they shot I had to ask the person sing for -- touch screens right because I have not heard is he able to pull off suggest locals have been worse he yeah. I can I apply Todd is an incredible vocal since I teach you seeing years from what I've heard and I don't know the truth and then didn't just an invoice amount to graduate Jeff but apparently he's able to sing certain songs or just really can't. Boston from your early days wow how long time the man makes foresight years at all I didn't have a little while now I'm Marion shot what that's telling you I'm with some links. All I'm unaware Laporte let's run down below guys who Zamboni man okay. Ceaselessly as necessary. I had taught me is I mean also taught this in just a legitimate I was trying to center stage or just sitting woman and that was the song I really wanted to see if he's able an incredible and they'll. There's the generational and tactically and anatomy. They're the crowd revenue is old and young wanna look how old are you show on. 120 got a call. Some dues say. You can speak generally showing a generational intact because you are young dude where you know arguably goes and should not be appealing TU. But they are and and why is that what is it what is it about those bands you go yeah they resonate would make. You know I grew oh it goes on endlessly into with my parent I have just finished. You know whenever there's always a big part of my life and they always tell a story entirely and now hello. This man yeah Steve I appreciate the call Sean thanks for your isn't really noisy place I was enjoying listening to what was going on behind the scenes. I just love because when I was growing up there was no way in my dad and I would ever see eye to eye on music and Steve you've talked about the similar situation with your father. And now man these parents are raising their kids on music and kids are digging and I really really love that because. I don't know you know I I. I do now have an appreciation for the Dallas the crews and some of the old big dance in Moab but I did at the time I just because my dad hated the music I like souls are able screw you then your music sucks to win. I like that we don't have to have that anymore that parents are really bringing their kids along. Just material things when you run into Sony nearly a rocker Vanessa she always shows up so unconscious and she's error pops. And her dad's sister what's her rocker and I think it's so awesome that they're both bonding over rock music you know I mean I catalyst and I really cool could say you know I love that when dads and daughters get to do that that's awesome stadium music fewest accident we haven't done yet did you guys do song we make battle yet that's decent run 918. I missed odds Def leopard version and so we were talking earlier about Def leopard ten. I'm not gonna Dominique the donkey punch you the exact site I I really happy sometimes I RER of Tanzania I don't know are as easy as it fans are from my shoot and fight so we did we we were talking a. Out. Covers. And well under the demands on my shoulder as you have to keep neverland cost I don't trust is an editor and president Gillibrand I got trust usually use any of my right hand down all right I did. I'm good now now that's a good him though isn't it. So you kind of let that yeah yeah I not every way that he's told us. All right so movie all right righty he would take the Houston right fine but anyway. Who would actually don't have a right left yeah I talk I I I I know I know you met with your right hand and I don't know. I prom so yes so early this morning we played me a cover. Odds Depeche Mode by a bowl bans Def Leppard personal Jesus C and it's we were talking about okay the you know. That's one song according to Steve you know why did you. Can't to a cover up. Haven't heard of a good version of the closest is cash Johnny Cash or that I'm not gonna heat on Johnny cash's version down to dance is best cover obviously so we thought we did four main versions of course than than the version that Depeche Mode did there in the original. And then we get Johnny Cash. We also give you a little Def Leppard and then who's the Alabama and Marilyn Manson and an event called Gravity Kills stimulus goes reload the four outside of Def Leppard and have. Then a big enough names that have covered personal Jesus died attachments or should we play out of the original before after. I felt like after which original and especially on DL he had not won yet and I'll take you out guys obviously that after you think you know let's let's start off our original yeah there's the original Depeche modes personal Jesus a little bit of that. I know I know you face. I hate has told fellow that's well you hate to production in the eighties music anyway I guess I love us. That's I would never Dennis. That debt version of alternative rock stake in the new Levy was so new wave in order all those mean and I I can respect like you'll like them. But it wasn't anything now or never go out of my way to listen to Tapia Danny was easy up and she is love those sure are easy. To be proud anybody because in my favorite guy was Gary Newman and he wears much make up as you do now. Exactly and a camera in my car on an iron marijuana director awhile closed the business on sacks. Around mile and cars do now Tony missed earlier Zenyatta you know isn't the he's going to be you'll have your supporters and cars. All right so that's the original Depeche most personal Jesus. And got great great grameen green first because it's their own of course is you have this is a collector sold at a government at the Neptune a couple years ago. Pool 00. I was there. But I nor was there for that show. I I in LA it must not impressed me. I buzzed it's the little I've got every collection show host doing that here so yeah I don't know oh there will cool. He down okay oh yeah all right so what are we had access to Gravity Kills. I. It's more up tempo but it still is got deck then that's sort of I don't know that blade runner fields wouldn't doubt it seriously weird futuristic version of that now saw like that how can browse through who's next. I think we see men since the last what's on Johnny Cash. I don't listen Johnny Cash say the old country crooner his version there's. No I'm. These. Okay. Tylenol to Johnny Cash. American record and authorities and delivery route in which said he usually resolve part of it is some of my favorite stuff as far as what Johnny Cash did I look you'll love the old Johnny Cash I really do like when he. Work with Rick Rubin and I was on my least favorite of all yeah he did I'm not a fan of that version yeah so now immense which a lot of people of Texas senate's hands down deep as cover of the past Murray acted say. Manson always not senator parkway discovers that this is never was one that really dug. To hear it over another one now so I'll just. Pass I was gonna say he's. It's better. The other one half I didn't tell him I had that in my because those is anti anyone covering that song. Yeah that's a good version Marilyn Manson's hazard risks and take it back here is some of his comers are some of the most fantastic and easily trees made this is one of deem best comers even better than original -- yeah well it's really good sales. Yeah you're right what's new and they just recently covered. He just recently covered something else like a soundtrack. I can't Deirdre Imus returns only because any Linux is voice is amazing. You know that's the only reason I knew I just felt surf. Know who he does a version of that sight and smell Manson Rob Zombie covered Beatles helter skelter oh I bet that some casino I'm gonna I gonna get into these covers man. 'cause it's you know I I'm not a huge Marilyn Manson fans for those who lost voice cry little sister I'll move. And that's really well done all right so now we've forgotten the most important cover. All that's left her death led to rehab. Asked to I think we have to because you do you think Marilyn Manson's versions better I'm sorry but this one here is probably the best version of a personal Jesus every time. She's taken you okay I think this is my favorite. So I I'm sorry. Oh off. I can understand why I don't like this one you ask it sounds so yeah. I factory made gas and I mean take a look at the music that he's just like today and Jeff Flock. First well C just this is the thing. This is Soliai notes you because you see usually it's ours yeah I would never guess this was Def Leppard I would never emily's dad when I figured it out see it sounds more modern than anything I know from Def Leppard. But you know see you got a good ear for music as you kind of know and I wish I would never guess that. So I. Yeah I guess he widely million kids dig down version but I think Marilyn Manson is it's a winter kids these days kids with their body of actor musicians best Depeche Mode song none Dail soccer Depeche Mode Sox are there except perhaps to car. I gotta I gotta frontrunner now who if you heard that he would probably go just don't ballistic communities like he's he's outta make him more sad it would make you whole yes you might even turn to love like making good become happy because he be that senate chooses Manson due out put a spell on you also Barbara and I am you add that's an old one can. And I am. I have to say man I area I'm Marilyn Manson he knocked it out of the party was a good update you know I mean it really felt good it's all modern but did not like betrayed then the sound of the song. Well Manson does a great job of making it sound commands and soft again I had no idea that that song ever exists and you just heard on like a CD. And you are hit so whatever happened you know that in yesteryear when he came to music you get to see a really cool Marilyn Manson saw. I'll sell he ought to let the near Maryland I let him do version about. AA but it's about what he's an army danger back in the day they do one day did one I really they were in them. There's some movie they did god song save for later. I was on a movie soundtrack that was on a popular movie determine the name of the movie but I'm. A reason we're asked to subdue an old song has a cover an originated did people people by a deal. I'll before us an idea for a love that song and I doubt if it was them with a label decided that wasn't. The right direction that they wanted to do and went back in the series for later dancers also great cover but there. I have to find it somewhere honesty most analysts say they'll say whatever I say you know for me yeah I seriously examiners has cigarettes yes yeah. Price all right here's the big question and he's been answered not release. Ask the question exceptionally. Def Leppard is the best come Saturday we answer that question of bizarre world sure yet. There's another question what are far. Think that's I yeah. What to Ryan castle and potato chip seven common outside at 949 on Iraq. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. He. Game jarring action. Castle and potato chips and become one of the accused of having one on my shoulder. Oh yeah I get a kick by usually. Oh. Yeah ever I was gonna say something about starts with them then I just I stopped trying to mix. Guys I feel like you've on the one hand yeah I don't presume that both he Steve's hands greasy salty donuts I'm on our Ricky Henderson once a salty taste of both. The whole bag itself. Should old friend of both covered in oil and give me heartburn measure you can eat whole sack 'cause yes. Yeah terrible show. Knew I knew we'd get back Delhi where there's plus and I'll pass. They'll speed finishes lays. Just announced eight new flavors between those eight bags just you have to try and only ask about the struggle Dell will only get through today how he was shot. I'll I'll I'll take a bullet for golf I appreciate it features are a part of taste of America line each once those trips and a slave from different parts of the country we get deep dish for Chicago. Lobster roll from the Blue States. Pacific northwest tie sweet chili. OK Allan sounds like the best of all thought smoked salmon and smoked salmon would have been good or do we dock that is okay yeah yeah we don't Chechnya this greedy off you is there. Speaking to yuk hey you're right I actually went into OPEC. And made some. Those early childhood memories are probably. Sure yeah my first memory as a kid who's getting punched in the face my brother he claims it was because there's a beyond my face. You might be one of those 60% were it's true okay to say answers on why wish it was tricky little Euro is remembering. But he is remembering the memories well we should go listen I remember Larry. Memory I Cyberworks yeah I done that in the morning yeah you just get fired any shots. Point nine KI guess stuff. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney secures another question from a listener. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. She usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to cortisol before and judges actually with the trustees are the trustee's attorney. Wanted to do is one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is that she's here here attorney in the horn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for your discharges your true and honest. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given the sport than yours truly. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime at choose the right chapter dot com. That's just choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.