BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-20-18-6A: Adrian Cronauer has passed away.

Friday, July 20th

News and sports. Today is National Lollipop Day. A man is attempting to visit every Starbucks on the planet.

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This recently we were talking about Robin Williams in the documentary I watched on HBO on him. I'm just yesterday yeah and we were as we're yapping about how long was his best movie and you think it's good morning Vietnam yeah I'm torn between dead poet's society Popeye. And good morning did. I'm still standing by pop I you know I don't the only one I know there was one techsters to a lot I think even Robin Williams is like yeah I guess every on this. Yeah how well the former deejay did inspire Robin Williams in the movie good morning Vietnam he has passed away. AG crone our died at 79 years soul yeah. That's a good long life and of course he was made famous. Because of that movie goes to show called on buster during his service says an air force sergeant in Saigon. In the mid sixties and that was based on the true story yeah call yeah. Now the movie didn't deviate from his actual story but they did destitute the facts on certain details. Robbins once or quote he did play a rock and roll he did do characters two introduced standard army announcements. And good and martyred in town was really his signature line cool. You know what I mean at that that is kind of cool and I I you know I don't know it's like Adrian inspired a lot of people or not to be honesty because you know that that's it was the kind of radio but I grew up listening to in the seventies was you know people don't charges on the air fuel religious you know going nuts aren't Sacramento gas and that. The major in that year catch phrase became the name of a very successful movie well how cool is it if you get a little bit of a kick out. The videotape that's not a imagines actual I hope so there was get residuals match so I I would be so pissed yeah. Bad but he was yeah Emma and does so we know Robin Williams sound like here's what he sounded like Adrian for an hour doing his own radio show. The. Marty good. Just could invest fired after a serious then here we go live another day version of the onlookers though Vermont border radio. And Adrian crone our pen for the next four hours we've gone to bed and on your beautiful ears so let's get started. So he really did sound a lot more like an all time we DJ's and rob rulings made him sound like Lisa mappings of its do we do that for now I'm not even sing his songs are played. It's also then there's thousands is so that here's. Music yeah. He hears that wow that it must have been a novel idea everywhere you go. Here's something you now urban for a meal and rice why I have no idea what's up next here is a song yeah I think I decided to fire also I think I remember Lawrence Welk and I don't know maybe he's got lawyers and he was an all time he TV host them. Big band music in my parents shoe yeah and he always had bubbles playing in the background and he was a say he was really the tail end of the big and generation my my general my age my production and the bubble machine they got bubble machine and as I have read about it this is a nice some music authority or when that was how he would just go president music. Clarence thanks okay. And that's that he doesn't tell you was playing really care is like it's just a music guy you just like I mean I imagine when the situation and on these guys are in the united and that's a decade and we need to know the name of that salt. I think we agree at least it's only that piece of audio I have we don't have a lot of aliens in our audio player again Adrian crone our. The disc jockey that Robin Williams is territory and an army via a good morning Vietnam I he's passed away at the age of 79 he was a real guy. But Robin made him somewhat cooler. Well yeah. Of course are users a heightened version of them hey we got a text migs is right Robin Williams was fantastic and pop I know. Now the pop group. Trash I'll. Robin Williams is incredible as a cartoon seller. Yeah on. And my memory was that I like the movie I didn't hated. But I I didn't think it was amazing I thought he was really a good pop I yeah I mean project I've lately I think is one of those things where maybe it would have been good is a sketch. You add they did what they did his arms actually look like the cartoon Popeye arms. If legitimately freaked me out they were weird looking it would really frightening. I think I remember in the documentary here like Robin you need to open your eyes because he had the one I close. And like you looking weird he's like dude that's part that's pop why it's why they call him pop eye because he's going on iPod and out. And yeah. Yeah. You just lose Steve's mind. Okay. Brad. Yeah only good clarity and your fears is priceless. Understand our. Our mind blown Steve's never thought about it because he calls impulse buy into I was a dog that was involved strategy and agenda that I miss you understand why yeah. My problems never pronounce the guys did in the first place Kyle finally gone read it on that today I learned dredge up. Well I'll now go fact today I learned yeah. So again Robin Williams played a guy named Adrian crone our in the movie good morning Vietnam those are real dude who was a disc jockey back and Saigon and he gathered the real guy Adrian has passed away at 79 years old. I have a question for you why as a man spent more than a 150000. Dollars. At Starbucks mom. I mean I know that's then that's inexpensive for Starbucks high seas and tell you why he's got the news for you at 617. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI SW. I've played nine KAISW. Iraq. Bob Seattle. S news Caster name's dean. And we miss. Right now on New Year's team may have slid the news. But they sky's basic give you all for giving us news and sports are very special day it's. National lollipop day. That sucker in your mouth after I mean great night. I Dei in honor of Joey Ryan who does your stuff in the world wrestling with his wallet pop people's enemy strong solid enough sans mouse. He's going to be in Portland tonight and then down to Portland for defied for a more. You are actually on the road on the road after the show go and Hawthorne theater in Portland for DiMarco oh I wrestling dot com mobile and now they're. Jury Ryan's going to be there and it's going to be awesome awesome Aries a bunch of the great wrestling Sam do you are you you're now you're nationwide us right. Yes you're taking it on the road B I'll before island battle. Portland I don't and that's fun to be a blast I'm looking forward to it's going to be a lot of fun I was so what this guy I need is a 46 year old man minimum Rafael. And he is a very interesting manned mission. He wants to visit every single Starbucks location on the plaque. Wow. Here's things like he just came out with a say wow things doing it since 1997. OK that's a let's twenty years right. So far yeah yeah over twenty years he's hit. 141400. In three of their locations. That's over 111000 America. 3000 more in fifty other countries as well to hand and he spends more than 150000. Dollars. Why our. 40000 times forum and he strategy now. There are some really cool McDonald's we see like not all of them look alikes alone has some really cool looks I don't know Starbucks has got the same thing going performance from. When I'm really heard that I mean isn't one that serves the wine making in Capitol Hill yet that's coming up far also. Which is kind of cool but I don't know how many are very unique and they're always popping up new ones there's a never ending quest for this guy I. Good thing is it's just travel the whole world. Let's that is it's as true now Detroit how the hell is he able to pull this off the computer programmer he takes a contract work. Teddy could do anywhere so he could travel go to Starbucks to get his work done there. Follow wow so you never know who you're seeing sit at the Starbucks doing their jobs could be this dude and I might have seen a onetime now as of right now there's more than 27000. Starbucks locations worldwide whose only halfway through visiting them all so he's got a lot of power. Work to do that's up from twenty years to do down which means he's got another twenty years ago brought us and here's the kicker. He says you mean like the taste of their coffee that much. Where they're slow roasted ham and Swiss sandwich clearly. The best thing ever I I had breakfast lunch and dinner know whose debts I'm sure is not wise to create it's obvious why he's doing and it's for those tasty little Vanilla stones come on everybody knows guys yeah come on. I'm gonna lots of great options besides coffee at Starbucks. That's what this woman she's a waitress and if you saw this in the news I guess it was all over the news where form by the name of a million Holden she's 21 years old. She's a waitress over had any game go goes in Savannah Georgia home to some creepy dude as she's walking as he's walking by her she's they get to register. He's walking by and he just decides yeah I'm gonna grab you bomb blow and she's like I'm. And having bad throws in June down oh I love that and ask extends over Mike harboring overnight about the ZDF socket shop. It's great dude he and he is such as do push such a deuce he's a guy's name is Ryan he's 31 yet he's shown grabbing her backside as she walks past them. Slams and it's an encounter. Good co worker cause the police Chief Justice parading to do here she is talking about what I. I honestly didn't even get it much thought I just sign I didn't. I anything I can do happen. Yeah I didn't even realize on I took him down in no way I did until I saw the video afterwards. When you say it won't. A lot of things I can't earlier tee and. Man is that her right there those pictures of sir. She's you know what she packs a punch in straight up bad bad yeah and she's yeah. I don't like dude isn't good enough that these girls are gonna dress and a way to get to see some beauty you gotta be that guy. How do you view act. Do you think Washington by somebody out that's just coming that piece of crap that really is used to say again is why we can't have nice things alum as stationary just looks good until. Yeah of course he does yeah how good for her man and you know what I'm good I'm glad she was able intimidate and to the point did he just basically stayed down that was. Grayson and Jordan speed on the recall most often do you got guys get hit a bad round yesterday at the open in Scotland prior and I only reason why bring this helps us. They ask you about it is responsible I had a bad outings pretty awesome and I also sent shock and I just play hard. Stick so what is the one adult. Then that's nice to grow surmise EST I'm doing now caddie shack line is not familiar with that line here's a scene from caddie shack where Rodney Dangerfield. Asked that very question. So we are as high as 100. Online that is so awesome. Mariners are playing tonight Safeco Field taking on the White Sox back yet to be also break hopefully that will rest helped the Mariners in May go back to their winning ways yes I kind of second half of the season even though we're much more than halfway through but yeah. Well who's counting yeah. You watch him towards go to Safeco Field and also they've just done studies displayed good news. Ken Griffey fund go pockets could be available on September 29 and look easy then why haven't mellowed at all void suited. Freaky and incredible Darren. I can't pull the hat on backwards it's everybody stands after home run OK I kind of want to I'll trade my I'll trade my boom 61. Anybody wants attributed to low you can do wanted to first 20000 fans to go to their home game on September 29. And that's how you get to Ken Griffey junior fund soap opera has to go to mariners on Twitter page at mariners you can see I'm also retreated it's. It's a close whenever I'm down an easier looks good it's sending king Felix always pretty awesome but Allen's next round. Yeah it's pretty damn awesome as far as whether Sydney four degrees and sunny thank you Washington's lottery Virginia seasons. That would be exciting game seven Griffey pop. Get excited for apostle playoff appearance. Knock knock knock on it. Knock on substance and it's happening now we're going to knock on wood or knock on your mind or are you calling it is happening public. Whenever you make my track record hasn't been the best nose and that would go and as it send if your wondering I James a Saturday night. Griffey junior's uncle pop Knight somehow managed the Texas Rangers public for the Yankees saw it and that monster well that sucks. Man we get some tough games and I am all right well keeping on keep an eye on keeping a positive Steve. So the Hollywood reporter they recently conducted. With the entertainment industry. They Gregg did a survey and what they wanted deal as they at the end of the movie people's. And say hey we want a list of Hollywood's favorite villains of all time all this should be good. And what the industry people this is just moviegoers yet and excited industry people they they they obviously they go to the folks who make movies say what do you think when we find the initiative they talk to the people like a movie theater missile your popcorn. Military and industry down that's a good boy I sure would like to hear let's from the people that work at a movie theater. No refund yeah I'm like any did. Well actually think Quentin Tarantino were to the video story easily Kevin Smith did me. I item he had to visit kind of clerk why I think Clark is bin styrofoam like you know his life yes so Sasha perform a social so people really dedicate their lives. Just love and movies on me and out to the put it to the point where Quentin Tarantino I mean that guy was watching everything. On the idly why not why not touch some of those guys who were in the movie theaters as they did get to watch all the movies. That's kind of fun. So I think you know it's industry people because of number three and I only an end and I have no problem with the number three. He said I just don't know how many people watching this movie anymore which is is an iconic movie. It used to always is you must watch for me growing up like it's so old. Guy that I don't know but I'll dvi I won't tell you number three is but I'll let you hear the number three villain. Oh yeah yeah. I'm 101 dalmatians first. Did you know I now Vicki I I know Vicki says her parents inducement to watch lot of style social I never seen the whole movie only allowed I don't want to a dark side of the moon yeah exactly and always has been dis anybody in my mind the same idea in this signed a radio program not know who that was. Okay yeah I think you feel better. Add movies still gives me nightmares in this day. Please god yes it's the scariest movie I can't watch that's why monkeys. I now back to you aren't all that's that is scary seeing what I think it is is the plan monkeys the would you wage and then actually elated the protagonist Selig do lion looks so much like a real person like when as a kid he's just gimme nightmares he was like in my room does a great make up job on. And finally a real person cousin is a real person why nobody was like I usually get this thing this is my mind at lake was a scary man. So I don't know why even though he was a few good guys still gave me nightmares and to this day really Jim why I like your scared of the cowardly lions. Methods well at the beginning he's really trying to move he's bad ass and then Dougherty shows you what's up if you remember so he did look like he was a little scary right of them are. The suit well I'll end and it's only made in 1930 and I know we judge and Margaret Hamilton who did played a wicked witch she was good. Because she really is still kind of a scary villain which. You know and number three a moratorium all time. Yeah that's pretty awesome here's here's the number two villain of all time. Since this thing you want to try to tell. It ties yet he's number two guy. That's right. Hot and dusty and his drive ins and it's. Yeah. So that is of course Hannibal Lecter for silence of the lambs mental and psychological scary zoom yeah and I talked like. It's interesting that day and did stuff Freddy Krueger or it's not Jason boards these are your typical Mike Myers yeah. Yeah I'm number one. I think number one. This just goes to show Ewing and it shows you the power my friends and this shows you the power. We told him. I asked inducements are there and where it's we have Alexa on his years. I love this was her all right she's not on our series is beyond this is us always on for you I didn't mean Alexa I am your father. Yeah. Yeah what do you see a lights up. I hear daddy. Sorry I'm not sure about that yet. Yeah you know her daddy Steve OK okay yeah all right so I am your father. All. That's not true that's impossible. Yeah five dollars and Symbian no one off yeah so is that it was good to know participants are you about but I salute exactly said. I don't my mouth well. Pose no reason yes and all lies is everywhere yeah you'll hear time and a banner morning all I'm sorry to see you sound like. He's you know he's good as I do Lego go to loot you there so I call 800 C I think they're missing their the best villain an all time playoff yes. I had stand arrows loves it annoys you would know this is your client and we. Just came out Steve come I asked me a break. Yeah. Maybe you should know this yeah USA today Ellis and I'll step definitely needs to have but pretty much how many movies is Darth Vader in gosh 67. 'cause he was also in narrow ones are you counting him as little ours so little artist there. That's and it can and he is just a whiny bitch and hand it land and made it doesn't count so yeah I he's Heath ledgers Joker Chaman a number four. That was a great role yet daddy I did as well deserved to be a top 5 AM com I love Norman base from Psycho it's easier draws one know everything. And I he's in a number seven. Jesse comes in you. Yeah she's number eight student no I don't watch for misery. Is she was insanely awesome in that movie that movie is one of the best movies it just because how great she was seen yeah another job and that scene where he's in bed and if you've never seen the movie won't spoil too little spoiled but it is an iconic scene if you don't like what's the whole release YouTube the scene with her it was him in bed I feel you got to watch a whole movie because there's just it's just a build and build and build a press constantly popping are heading like Karl. Yeah almost I don't Iranian I hope it holds up Steve it's one of those movies that I remember was amazing but again the pace seeing that we have today but I agree with you I hope it holds up. I hope so yeah I really really do. I'm. Let's CI hons from from diehard Allen recommend that seems fair yeah and I love Allen Edmonds mention because he was also another great franchise that gave his laudable lord Baltimore from Harry Potter played by ray Fiennes. Any signs was really. Arnold Schwarzenegger from the terminator but the first one yes it wasn't a villain in the Latin. Steel yeah absolutely but the first one he was. Awesome. And and terminator one bettered in terminator two now you stop that. Wow yeah I know we can this talks if somebody wants to say how come mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger as mr. freeze is not on the list. Carrey's riddler I'll toss from Chris Terry chills are. That's why are right there that's why. We should try the I am your father is going to Siri bouquets Dinara is indeed do that parent. Series I am your father. Now. Yeah. While I found its delicate bad acting in all fairness in the text of the answers she has a lot of o.s eyes so big she can go me. Move. We now why does somebody tells you try that allow Lex is so much more superior than the next section says apple falls short. All right I got two more I wanna give honorable mentions to wanna because I'm laughing my ass off but I love that it's the most iconic villain. Obviously my favorite actor of all time they would never do is a line for me Hugo Weaving his agent Smith and matrix yeah he can soon 125. I am the shark from Josh comes in at number 21. There are self doubt but there's still there and take sharks mainly in the Bruce I still need a name that had to be from Monty Python I'd guarantee they were Monty Python fans saw what Texas is Steve I simply Britain didn't bring this one out fellow out. Your 100% right Ivan Drago was a -- incredible villain in the closing is a good villain but I mean easy you gotta be iconic which means animal feed gets until he did talk to the Apollo creed he might be a top fifty he was a major part of the Cold War. Wasn't really the major part of the Cold War was Emma yes. And I found alive they means a shark and Bruce from Johns it's because it was the name of Steven Spielberg's lawyer pot Kramer damn Mets I figured Jack thank you think that's the idea that's a very America's I was an eye out for those who died Bruce and that's when Johns is run around San times Monty Python. Number 2122. On the list YLEE coyote that's on chaser on the road runner. Princess enough misery still holds up I just watched it the other day class outside normal couple days later they don't puts ketchup on hot dog is an animal every time part time. The text of the day and is there I would love to know if it's just our listeners are Washington State just does not like ketchup on a hot dog which is the number one common for the rest of America on hot docs I don't understand this who some incredible good debate press rocky says Mr. T bettors on the drive on those movies oh yeah he's tough I know I know mr. Obama Lang is the guy message you know roundabout way did kill me keys. But at the end of the day yeah. Iraq. Yeah I mean Iraq I don't. And. In a way that you can kind of view Mr. T as the underdog. He wasn't misses and yet you've got angry man yeah. But rocky kind of got cocky in a rocky cocky and Rockies have any idea didn't cash back. My impressions and I was. Out on yeah thank you use REIT pardon me and that is. Yeah excuse to go into work look at us for that yeah I'm on the low point that's a whole different movies. I don't believe doesn't limited in the deleted scene. Arad and specifically ask why didn't wanna come to defy if you remember. Semester did do some soft core so yeah hey did you say it. All right yeah well I knew if I TSA Steve. He did get this one right companies face cards are there any standard deck of cards. Not while some ask and I. Yeah good show somebody that they nice going. I shot a pretty safe pod OK you've got a 206421. Rock and replace Steve Mason 647. 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