BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-20-18-7A: Rich Vos joins us live in studio!

Friday, July 20th

Beat Migs. The house from The Brady Bunch is up for sale. Rich Vos joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at the Tacoma Comedy Club.

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This place loud global family his message thirteen. We'll family had a thirteen wanna find out how you can. Get their music through the season playing. World renminbis for the second. All the info you get into the PGA administration KI SW dot com don't forget. Blog local who's also a big show on Sunday night's two hours of all local music great fans from the Pacific northwest. Fans like message thirteen. Mean. Okay. News. You tell me. As we made an edge I. Yeah happy Friday everybody as I did everything familiar doing a sleep and double and it's ugly weekend W dot hotter then yeah what did you do end to dub sort of like. Sign language or something that's drives might say it's our my level always my mind he's making a W assist Indian burial Simon Says that's. Sideline we're just got to hire the Iranian terror related out of jail I got a WW. What else we got going on there assert that goes Georgian desert we got Jason intend to take on Steve Jason are you there's there will be let's just. C is that a word for me know all month on to your Laura Berry. It works. And Swedish newspaper definitely yeah justice wells is certain things by past. Do you feel like a seven these. I'm don't happy days came out I think he was jumped the shark communities and really yeah OK if it's at all I've been there was a seventy show that's when I was and it's paid AI I think told her that led the early eighties when possible I don't know and in syndication are going to be ASEAN have yeah. Certain sunny for engine before. The music and it was jump on the tragedies are getting literally a couple of what's the plan for today Steve pair of tickets to got 21 pilots are gonna be at home dome on November 16 go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you wanna get tickets go on sale today at 10 AM through Ticketmaster dot com Aristide mayor. Yeah yeah. Those playing you know Jason last sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jason and that's all you want but you'll only get three gets first question are you ready. And Canada are being captured in computing the term CD-ROM stands for compact disc read only why us. Or ask Tony which European country did deep chocolate hazelnut spread Nextel originates. Yeah what is the only bird in the Chinese zodiac. It. Yeah. Oh no it's. Which car manufacturer produces the core vast. Yeah aren't. And I always want to know eight. Ads which rapper has he clothing line title. JD no it's all a little late now to. Yeah. According to these same birds of a watch rock of flock together. Yeah as what is the largest internal organ in the human body. East. Food and dad Jason got to correct the pay. Yet found tuna Jerry Lewis and the ladies and wasn't now thinking anybody can bite you when I gonna get that one. Who ever since. Don't know the greats. Yeah yeah yeah. Ponzi relate and Jerry Lewis relay or not the eighties we are still Huckabee insists he's your employer annoyed everybody he wow hey let's say. Any good old guys on extra upon the their mind about these I don't know ignored error yeah. Steve. Plus I. There is of the ninety's Korean out of new literary editor Dan thanks writing hi can I dedicate my first female performance issue. And say can you dedicate your first remakes performance tomorrow to me and he said this to me yesterday Sosa dedicated to. Jeremy Kunis for. First inning in a message because while more. And I just stopped recently donated money to on my dad's kicks sort of funny that was part of the deal he's like I don't see why don't they will be NHL. Our cars yeah. I don't love it is Oslo I know you guys any kick start you know families pulling together because we just recorded and finish our record but we realize. We spent all of our money to record makes a master our record doesn't get some pretty awesome people helping us out indeed unmasked to the last it no more record mastered it and it was a pretty funny. So now we don't remain impressive. So and we're doing pre orders so anyone who buys government Benson helped achieve senator since super low goals look when I try not making a ton of money owning going to just generation I saw I just sort of game so doesn't even know the first non team stronger I am here. Yes there's a birdie every once daddy's name in the record nice I'm gonna make that happen and now very send about this will Steve various forms and sixteen dollars. It's about change body as EJ Dionne we weren't seventeen I'll ask. They're always there yeah five Phillies donates more dollars there man making it even for one. Yeah. I had yeah. Steve Berry you're ready. In computing the term CD-ROM stands for compact disc read only wide memory yes. In which European countries Disney chocolate hazelnut spread that's tell originating from Germany now yeah. France now Haley yes she's what is the only bird in the Chinese zodiac. Brewster as yet as I said it was Hudson Eric hello car manufacturer produces the core back. Several I ask which rapper has the clothing lines titled easy to. I yeah yeah us. According to these same birds of a and watch him walk Tyler could you ask what is the largest internal organ in the human body yeah. Love our guest Paul Minnesota is known as the land and how many lay one thousands knows it's. Hundreds now. You know aren't getting into the Wall Street's crash leaves is the Great Depression sixty snow accent and you know. Fifty snowboarding. I know some of the thirty snow bunnies and yet again on these and you just. Wish letter is silent in the wind Murr low. He has since Steve you win eight Doug Free hold move Goodman nine degrees this. Good job not giving you a clue I'm proud of you grab. Oh getting better fitness today is a weird day it's Friday. Yeah I'll just drop back down yankees or do you think about the French Fries I've McDonald's for their tried everything that's right now you have the app. I guess who's getting after you get free Fries you by some for a buck season back any McDonald's and let's for the rest of the year. Yes Minnesota is known as the land of two lakes Steve yeah let's say no it's 101000 lakes everybody. I. That's why they had a team called the lakers if you had to lay it probably wouldn't have been in match play between cities side dotted to. Okay all right and I can understand your methodology and carries that's yet not a it's it's terrible one now looking after but there really to try it and yeah congratulations and anyone with eight correct. That's right column outrageous what you're doing your checking out 21 pilots is gone and I'm. Caller number 8206421. Rock. So the break I shall we send a lot about what you do have produced and beat the league's peace police aren't Chiming in and they're saying out of General Motors says owned Chevrolet so in a way. You do the message remote I wondered about that I I I was thinking about that and I did I don't you know I wasn't sure and I thought well if you if it's a close game I'll say something. But he's right Demi General Motors just like Ford Lincoln Mercury it's it's a hard call could you say that Ford builds like the Lincoln Mercury's. I just like GM does she know Chevrolet vehicles and as wells cadillacs it's hard to say. Or certainly a win no matter no because a guy idea was it was a mix there was this market. So I think you that was close enough we probably would have to give it a little I I you know me I was due to the listener disclose enough ya I was given to the contestants. Hey Steve. Sign that the firm does for an you know for you and play you know three boys and three girls yes yes we have got a bunch. Sure she's really the ABC today we surely aren't necessarily seminaries Syria the bradys did Brady's bunch to Brady Bunch house is on sale and this is the house that they showed you know area Lichen and location shots it wasn't actually. What was inside the house because that was a studio so if you if you buy this house expecting to walk in and see the iconic Brady look. You're not gonna see because that house never had that luck. When you if you owned that house would you not do everything your power to could make it look almost as close to the Brady Bunch house is possible only inside the and I know structurally might not be possible but at least try the it would be great to have modern features would have an all decked out seventies style. Yes yes I would toll ever room with the beads for a door yeah oh definitely district are ready you can do that right now yeah John I'd probably every. Yeah yes it's ourselves so why ski my wife actually. Wanted us to do you as she suggested that for our closet we had that in I was like there's no way we're not turning our house into his seventies porn house all day I die my wife 'cause they're terrible there was also a new way gene hippies so we got to have an in house my wife really felt like hey man walking into officially joining. Yeah dual gas. So yeah I mean is silly and it was only outside of the house that was used for the shows are asking now almost a million bucks for this place. It's got more modern features it's in studio city California so. Is only 2400 square feet. It's got three bedrooms and three bathrooms and it is claimed according to the real estate listing as the second most photographed home in America is after the White House. I'm I was I was in a full house house yeah I know I would've thought so too but the White House. That shows you the power. Of that television show second most photographed home in the in the country what about the breaking bad house. It's getting there but apparently doesn't cut of the Brady Bunch got a lot of years you know before you catch or to the Brady Bunch I see the pictures they show the outside of the house to do not show any inside pictures yeah. Yes that's kind of I guess because the insides promises and like a house for it. They're really hoping that people who love the Brady Bunch wanna buy this house but the trouble is is it's the second most photographed and yet people taking pictures of the households. Dude I'm waiting amendment Selassie I want assess console you outside I'm you know. Hello I'm here man my previous lives here thousand named head a thousand neighbor I think I just by the house to knock it down as it was too busy like your State's history was always too packed. Also nice looking inside I didn't set out you know it doesn't look like Doug Brown went house. All CN not at all Seles is Arizona. That tells on unclear a lot of room thank wallpaper and matching pink comforter go oh that's child's right weird pattern yeah and my daughter would do reminds so they had a kid there. Yeah who who does nobody has rooms like I kids or people that wanted to acumen for their kids. Since some weird old stereo on the wall all man news households think it's not really much has been modernize insists. Some cards you would some parts still look like it's based added a seventy still do I remember of you know what am I rich friend's dad they had a TV and stereo like that in the law I thought oh my god these people were so cool. I wish I could do these people because of that stereo and a law so which has would you go. If you are going to TV house. Fool. You know why do the Brady Bunch was so Carlo was part of my life I think I would have to either go bad or one of the Hans from Gilligan's Island I think that's about. Seriously those that you show us I was watching or a park or genie is crib in the bottle for the actual mosque issue exactly the man and I think. As a dad did exactly that concrete house is pretty sick man I like those I grew up and kind of home gas now want to back Jason. Yeah that's what I wanted to welcome back she's yeah it was a cool. Then we're going manner to how about Wayne manor in addition the yeah I think you give the whole thing when you know just manner and may mile hike stately way and match. Niagara Senegalese house casinos Austria -- yes the they have it all covered up I'd been there yet sources of TARP over who's knowing many people taking pictures over yet there's kinda think that they will call the cops on him so I think they hit everything well yeah they're done damage how you and your house we have to have a TARP over it that's. That's got a real lovely experience I'd rather deal taken pictures of my house and having a giant oracle. My home that's a now tell house so I definitely would go filling the Addams Family dials are the ones are only. The monsters asks how's that was going to be mine thirteen thirteen mockingbird lane yeah honey and sunny you're a bit of information because of the way they filmed in black and white the rooms the walls were all people. Yes so it actually come out and be a little greater boon. Yep so it's hard task. Funny enough for any prank it is not just energy to paints it his interest in what they used to do for black and white television day you'd see some of the outfits of people wearing color and you go oh my god that is ugly but they said oh yeah ideally we would never have them Wear that color. I remember losses face a change doctor Smith's ousted because they were going to color because it looked good in black and white but it looks for a missing color so they have crazy stadium hold different shirts there British army BA BM and intolerant and black and white I would have never guess there was all that damage can can there. Obviously think he's just such a Honda love houses I hope so called Palo about you were saying on the home alone house a fresh prince house but I think this section has the best no way Magnum PI house seats in Hawaii. No brainer. Yeah there's a winner and that it has been. Car yeah car. It was a correct only eating soup and who would you rather have though I mean it's a tough call because I'd like to have a heart to heart house because and you have Max jaguar would those heart to heart the guys on the rides aren't air it was a good show in the eighties very where they'll like crime fighters there's an America they were rich they were a rich couple who were actually there were crime fighter -- there are expected to send -- couples do because there are super rich and they had there's so much money had nothing to do assist our lives you know him and a dog freeware that I you're free dog freeware. All I was gonna die hard. This text is got a good one out of the house and silver spoon instead I train yeah that's how sounds. Yeah. Yeah I yummy animation or Ricky Schroder side on you do that that's right Ricky Schroder was not nice to Europe now my brother punched him yeah that your brother's got a lot of people back in the day yes well I think he punched you re having you know we had to get it back. Yeah asleep by somebody else for a different strokes is that I got a Condo isn't it yeah it was more like a Condo sort of thing going on there so I would like to Jefferson's. That was nice choice to do Jefferson's that. Was you don't remember. No hollows it was a swanky joint for you know back in the day there's is there nobody remembers a massive house for eight is enough was an army times it was used in movies are oh yes forgot about that house. It's sad news supposedly they're going to either the party dinner they're going to demolish the Magnum PI house and the only thing that's their keep being is the turtle pond next to the property and his mustache. And the mustache and must ask him you know I. Dangerous it is going to be cool to have the bachelor house. But your watch seemingly one episode Troy yes three particular yeah you're right it's a nice and Gaza Sarah's excited you said that's an entirely different then again you got to really bring in Hazmat team there's sex so much DNA going on now. And so much bad vibes too I care about that incident taken just Seiji your fire and death. I'll never be the most by any hippie kind of person I saw wanna sit on somebody else's actions carry out well how commute looked around kimono -- pick if it didn't really an actual good family lives in the house and just nine months of the year they don't because of the shows how much money and they get. All of my are now great. But taken affords her rent and how sound they must have a lot of banks because they go out somewhere else would happen. Our he's that they called ice it just couldn't I can say it pulled I'm Tate who he is at the Tacoma comedy club this weekend yes. Learn. Rich Voss he's listened studio this time 717. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW. KI SW their Iraq Seattle. It's always great having her next destiny that the Tacoma comedy club all weekend long please welcome to the show rich Voss area that's me yeah. John Vaughan did one of the greatest sets from your car has ever been done in a car on a phone interview all I remember I was driving into New York. And I came on the plug the rose for us Roche dot com and assertions is seriously check it out you can get you can go there and you can see the trailer realize you need to get you need to watch that throws each murderer's row Colin Korean Bonnie Kelly Norton Florence and I loved that because today you did IAE all those people came together easy on the ground definitely raise realizes though we hate him and we're gonna come and really roast beef doesn't I don't think he gets I hate myself for doing that yeah. I mean myself first for Eric and everything in life this great new studio this is. In finally we were the island of misfit toys for such a long time he came here to steal fall apart final IE. I Asia yours yours your other shooting your wall maybe I'll I'll catch ever try this yeah flat. So it is show sanitized. Here and and and she and and new breed I don't know if he's an inter worker would that. Horrible hair that sticks straight up out of your life how damage your sheet hey mom and dad one more hug I wouldn't have to walk around. Looking like I'm in London in 1975. It's an enlightened. We were in prison because and a the first time we showed up like this yet today you what it means he's never looked like that today's ever I have for why I don't know what's. Why it happened she was a kid. Well I detach and attach obviously I'm damage yeah I am looking at me you know I fill the empty board you know I feel the infusion and declared Leary who wears 23 you know and I mean. How are you are yet to be rings on time it and you know. And that's ex ante here now. And and thank you Amazon for filling that void and I. I just one click an idea I think daily basis. But I listen I'm not gonna say anything freak are you look like. Elvis Costello. If he if he if he were sick. I. I. And I know Chris is got a Mohawk one of those old shouldn't rooster the rooster feather Mohawk let's purple yeah I just again they pay you know I. I don't know that Mohawk is gonna get the attention it needs. Maybe I need to dye it purple so I looked like a punk rock Barney. I don't know I. Watch a kid I can do to stop traffic. I looked okay my obviously my parents taking Iraq lies theory doughnut hole. Like punk rock varnish your taser reason I asked a you go only to see like you Johnny Rotten tribute band or something I'm going to see return of the living dead and all but so do you think you're a cast member that's the idea. Wish to return living guy member neither living Netanyahu and MM yeah Zach college yeah I was in college film it's the same dude right no no the. This is the enjoy some of the main characters are parts and talk to get my hair straight up like that I need to blue pills okay. I'm all out. So you as soon. He got Dell looked just to go to a movie so like help people address of the rocky horror picture show you can't understand yeah that's what he's doing are they still doing Iraqi armed pitcher going yeah yeah yeah now are you gonna keep your hair like that after tonight lord know. Don't actually you don't like yeah. How how love's got me know our ice has so much work. This took me half an hour this morning it's we have now. I'll put it to and you get them terrible how long did that take on that was sort of like the last 32 what does that spray paint or something like yourself kind of spray on yet. General girlfriend a life you have a wife. I don't know why if there was a show that's a good as shocked as any person I've resume look you don't have kids you both and you know I do not you don't want you she likes confidante on an island still remember that forever just no way he has gives you could not spend much time and look if you actually had a child and I'm talking the -- I'm glad I kid looks like daddy you think this is you know one day Chris Ware is apparently just insane in the dude Everest at everyone should resign actually yes yeah. Now shall we I was sure I thought in my life I'm not saying any until encouraged to show us your original notices and I'm not why would you chase someone's inventory and less genome they look like yeah. How long married. Four years coming up for you good Freel and and what does she do I she shot should be embarrassed. Besides. Deny everything that's happened in the last four years. I don't know what knowledge it's it showed thesis project yeah. People who don't fumble OK now I lost a bet you'd yeah. Sometimes like here illegally taking daring and then you wake up to me as straight up purple half you call your mom and say I'm moving match do you that's again that's that's tough for her to have a job with a husband like that again you just you know flew on a whole lot of snow and and your producer here yes. Good for you Helen your chair. Coming up on to their fears touring for years and he's never done anything like this you're four dollars in the first it's. It's not crazy like you. A bit like you're easy your time women endured Gerri good guy yeah yeah I usually do it's I'm finally know that there was a document all of us. Arise until it's like killing. Radio which and is broken toys I'm surrounded by so sure sound byte you just grab a bite. Big bird chemo and the these teams it's hello evening for playing well it's. He's got a volleys I don't know Orlando needed anything right picture for the audience or miss Steve. Okay it's. Which draws the studio and got a really reminds you before political correctness like with so much yeah. The greatest and most girls I've heard and one more thing is that I'm politically correct. The thing is nobody's pleased that nobody speaks like that anymore just because they're afraid heard anybody still is no matter what they say so you walk in being new it reminds me of a simpler happier time. All you know why it and to tell you your truth and that is serious note. My number one. Charity not only talk about sharing your peavy an hour. But it seems Utah hospital just colonized Syria the most honest. Yeah charity out of all of them that's hard to find an honest sharing what you look online dating give. Probably like 98%. To really watched as we know a lot knowing it was that hey you look at opted. Your wow you know and I have a lot of other quality things in life and I carry about but doubt one need always and I'm not trying to be like. A look at me I'm a good person because I'm not on the offer an adult I don't like we don't you wary none of us to really talk about joy daddy issue if if you're gonna go Paris to change and you're gonna donate change huge. Or wash roast dot com. Daschle has a great charity yeah just I shoot don't respond to your credit for the mistakes and she's majoring in Washington I'm trying to separate a I. While it's going to be and then who's this young guy. You know this is an idiot he's a relatively new addition and then you should come and where eagle and what the heck is going on here you're lipper's pierce and you got to singers were fingernail polish yeah. She wore come out of the closet we're ready choose what an Asian guy. Now nobody in. Do you wanna know why he does is he has an explanation because it's only one side of them that has the finger Bremen he is meantime Wesley damaged person then why do you only have fingerprints someone's hand. Because RA wasn't. I always play guitar and I was. Really use raised his hand and today it should help also to come off but when I was struggling with the other hand they would always cracking comeuppance. It was because you say you're too cited no let's see the light was about that detects use policy of tattoos on one side everybody act because once I've broken and no one's not yet. Uh huh from how are you the most normal person. Hey are you know I can tell how you ride your high Mikey. I feel like you know why you iron almost on a normal yeah I feel like security. Not only in all morning personality your counselor you don't see you know you're coming here. How old Tunisia. Mutant snot beaten down and tell. It is. Rumor just not overshadow you you are absolutely right I am surrounded by grew by gifted children she's gifted children age it's amazing hit one shot in his arms tattooed. Initially that is nice work thank you the other side in now. We're done with him. I really did you know I hit on Mohawk. I what I question about Danny that it has needed to happen testing why do you have bow ties with eyeliner and that's your question and I really thought that far into it. Well you have eyeliner until after the morning yeah you never know. Who's coming into studio gone look at his horrible lie ace how I wanted to eyeliner. I wanna look at free here you're not for me and I mean I do it every day senator Joseph yeah. How all Leo. 3131. How. And BO OK who's who as Marcos you're realize fair share and I just want you to come out there it and say listen it's lying and now. This is who I am so I don't know charities yes OK okay. In Texas only please do out transcription from everyone in the charade so we I don't know I. Oh hole before you do what I got to do my job Tacoma comedy club that's right yeah see Rich Ross tonight and tomorrow 8 PM 1030 shows. You listen you know us we always have comics command why because when they do you know you gonna have a great time Tacoma comedy club dot com and don't forget also other legendary roast of the legendary as legend Richard boss. Go to boss roast con that's VoS vause rose dot com I'm telling you that's not so do things get the rose and secondly go see one that shows Tacoma comical dot com. Great I now go ahead go go back out Richie and ray. I don't know wanted to shine I'm looking as easy topic the other room. I know. Girls are crazy you know he looks like your beard gave jelly fish in Anaheim where. I don't I don't like beard jelly fish or team all big bird this is yeah. He sees some good runs children's book where I'm really this very topic and it's tough to come over the top description today I think it's really as you you're really not here you're really are doing yourself I'm so I had a if I decided I thought OZ I remember the old days I go into real serious. And again nobody got used to work for yard play golf the once or trolley you got in this car yeah I was in mergers on yeah yeah you have. Yes we know it's just got to stink if you limit on your car and you get towed. President Eddie told your home you know I mean it's yeah I now hey I'm sleeping and hey it's it's weird when you when you common people you go really this is what you're doing. Because I've never known anybody live out of their car. But to me well guess comics had to do that. I guess when they go on the road firms like middle actually go just a road warriors may go from. Town the town and now maybe no fair play in the you know dish comic shouldn't do this forever. There are no family's religious. You know may go from town to town a party you know whatever something great life for a while that's my kind of my dream machine get like a small larvae real smooth out enough for my golf clubs. And all scrape my family are scared them once and awhile I just. Take off. June crappy one Nader's and play golf all around Cisco from place to place. I would like you do their fur a couple months you know what I mean I don't sound too horrible or. I have like all these survival. Back to actually put together. You know essential to watch in Macon and afraid. Oh that's right I forgot that when you want to show you go crazy mop up stuff that no human should lose I have more survival I put I just point gas masks. Why did you buy gas masks hawk battle knowledge throughout. I was bored one night and I figure what to hash every house at least for gas well I didn't order. Mean you Muslim no there chemical that's good I'm just one long for the New York he. The whole policy shop just like I so I would like to go to the woods and just hang out further light. And try to survive but I'm scared of ticks. You know most Jewelers. Here you won't make you think you know know how would you guys show but Nate gave. Like regular I'm like her. But. You know if I wish full leaf finished it I I looked each finish percent of all times I have to walker to the person. And I'm meeting no lady's life that I go listen it is shut simulate just the whole time I'm not need to bring cameras. You know Sony tournament and major fraiche and you're allowed to bring one thing from home. Bring an RV. Yeah a machete are hot bread and our big if you got to bring wanting. So no I would never judicial but I would like to go up into the woods for a week or two weeks you know bring maybe like five or six Kansas Sar Deans. My little fishing pole and dishes are these is what you bring that would be your food of choice for years you say laughs and you know they're healthy tea proteins. I'll OK yeah all right and I you know I haven't heard I mean I haven't heard of Sar he's as is my dad was a starting guy. I didn't realize it was because say they're like you said they last neo Geneva. I come down shares a mighty a storage unit of my fallout shelter do you have a font just why have a storage unit. You know why keep all my shirt heavy bearish wage might arch your reaction of archery I just more my wife. I want you to do you know any way for the Hunger Games happened young and archery and a follow all I was just I was playing surged bad golf last year rice I need to do some sort of debauchery are Cherie yeah you're the only guy named I know in my life it's like so you know I'm doing I'm going archery and anybody say hey I want taken up I don't go hunting or just ocean arranged yeah I hit the nail on the iron did you really good on the because she's she needed to nail head and that my second shot and is locked right. I'm Ian I'll look at you and they can you kind issue where you want to you know we Ayman pretty much. Yeah actually life. She can and can't drink water. Apparently. Hurt her what do you call. So in my fallout shelter. But there's not a fault it's my storage unit I I have life she's fifteen gallons a Warner. You know maybe forty cans of food isn't running. When Al Pacino is if it's if it's not ready to protect you from an attack are you going to be dead. In the last couple days I wish I get to eat well that's a good point yeah you and your. Five gallon bucket toilet paper plastic bags all your own yeah I got or whatever planet and they have been like yeah. Can we stuff to bond and fill the empty talking the. Don't you live in the New York area in Jersey and seller for me also you might be scared but I mean 'cause I'm back got to be thinking Europe's first lazier hit from by anybody who wants to be graduates right. Wall. By me I mean I live close enough to formed your words install the actions normally just grab people and there aren't you guys did. And I'm OK and I got portable toilet the world apocalyptic comedy show via the toilet of portable toilet ally and a five gallon bucket like he's plastic bags united. Another tie him up he's not an animal steely eyed dawn yeah. Figured out why your fox can't put into world coming to an excellent makes him I do go in the right spot. Fires heroin or not huh huh huh. You know okay station that was as she. That was that was a craftsman I don't know how about your little I don't remember they only are. You know Chris the only guys know what's now I know. Referenced sometimes I do since Spurrier now thanks very great people yeah. Appreciate that as I judged a slam a massive common hey you knew if you go to the toll did this weekend radio tonight tomorrow at 81030 show you gonna get that kind of personalized content yet I don't listen I'm like I don't fell on stage I do know what I'm doing on stage blessings don't let's compare this yeah well I don't know I. Don't know and I'm doing here thank god I'm so proud by the march and what your losers. Yeah. What you call last night show so much my number worked his club and it has agreed club to commanders and you know it was a lot of fun I had a good time. Dinner where job Wal-Mart are a third generation my Wal-Mart and I don't mind my supplies clothes. And and what can help you get over these like he gave some bad happens your supplies Mel I just got your food and start I'm an old golf balls. Oh OK and I go there. Because I I always I feel better nine point if you want your release embedded in you know. And I just prayer she might point back at me in Allen and he might he do it kind of feel superior when you walk around Wal-Mart. Feel like implants till you kidding me. Yeah this is I'm mentally honestly had yet to teeth and so you can walk in feeling proudly ticked Wal-Mart. Yeah. Yeah yeah game plan 2000. We are like killer out Wal-Mart. Yeah. We won I now on the golf course still are you looking at a more normal people look at Mike you as human golfer for a long time and and you know that had an armed guy wasn't always the guy you see at the golf course. Oh yeah I you can look at more more like if you blend. If ally who Wear nice clothes I look like a golfer. You know golfer there's just kind of version for just a I could have played chambers bay this week but Cameron a tournament there our email the guy he goes he shall I love that you magician tournament. Some of your replace Upton. Two coma. And I got some stuff lineup and I wanna play nice course in Tacoma email me at rich Irish moss dot com a few other nice place. Imus was to play golf as he goes on his backyard these well no I mean here's. Our course is Jewish public courses there's. You know chambers bay which is there was so pretty you'd love to do that I wouldn't and then the second now all you have to walk the course yet who wish I mean I'm born in all I'm healthy young guys that you might. 101000 steps today. At least and you look in LA last month I walked a 130 miles which is like. Ford peaches I got to walk from here to Spokane. Each and I surround our. I stepped thing but whatever you Shane that you go to your former I don't know how you do things share. Thought it was fine just you and I know I guess makes all of us I just come in and just ramble like as Euro. I've been on this long do you know what another show like carried. You don't have. I can't believe it's Vijay show in Boston now. Yeah. You know I mean Jimmy you've got a great track records are so if you can you hear how long have you got how long you been on radio now I'll go well you mean like guys is my nineteenth year here in Seattle. Fashion chain that is you know how is seen that is you know you know that and radio yeah compete. The nineteen year do. I'm really fortunate because I never could keep the job longer seem like things worked out well here in Seattle I like the people people like me and it's always nice and I can happen yeah it's it's it's just all morning Greg Jeanne good. You get health insurance is stuff we get health insurance yet dual channel we do I know it's hard to believe but they've they've I've had health insurance my entire career high my business as crazy I nearly 20000 a year moving Jersey for mile 20000. If I get the hang. Hang on getting an MRI I'm getting my money's worth your garden and a lot of Joan I saw a lot of money in Jersey it's so expensive to live there is just now in Alan I mean we got rid of our Governor Christie got. I yeah and then when you say guy rim some of the with the way he didn't visit you kind of wonder governor reminded the old fashioned way with you know merely the bottom of some river. He closed all that it made national news last fourth of July closed all the state martian beaches. Yet that marriage he laid on the beach Jeanne Andre Allen Shia harpoon financial component closed I don't need shoes anything you see him out there on a private big. He really had a lot of married exactly I'm dead that's amazing hey if there I think when there are jokes I'm not a political gods are a big jump. Here's the thing no your roast I'm telling you. You've got to check out rich Voss is roast it's the legendary rose to the legendary as legend Richard Haas. Todd great people and their Colin Quinn our buddy Jim Norton and they really do a man year old wife is a man I decide it is perfect opportunity to say what I think Libya. Joseph rodeo and northern your body Kelly asks you to bodies sure Europeans who have you wanna start walking now I told bodies skill which you know shat. Surely she's a great grossed more short and can't sugar Tacoma comical I don't. We're Seattle that often maybe once every cavaliers once you exactly yeah you know I shot fired also on my way or demand Hoover by. This guy or Chicago so I think our strong working here more often I loaded up here. Yeah and it until and you got a great show of Tacoma comical dot com to shows tonight to show tomorrow at 8 PM 1030 and again vause rose with that I VoS Foss Rostock can't get the rose Rick always good to see you thank you grabbed me by we had so but this guy quit his job because he accidentally sexting his boss bounce they all knotted at 747 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. How do I know of bankruptcy is going to provide me with really cool what are the steps for my situation. Under so much information out there about bankruptcy with the Internet do you don't want people heard from friends in the and other people lose their doctor about their financial issues are you are bankruptcy. There's also a lot of bad information out there are more of urban legends about bankruptcy. Turn to determine whether bankruptcy makes sense for you you need to talk to an attorney who's experienced through bankruptcy. So in order to determine whether bankruptcy makes sense creation cartoon experience and procedures. SpinRite my job was not your conventional file bankruptcy in my job is down due to do make that decision and have all the so that you can make an informed decision about whether bankruptcy makes sense for you what benefits is going to ask you what's the downside of bankruptcy is thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as I choose the right chapter dot com.