BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-20-18-8A: – A man has to quit his job after he thinks a text from his boss is someone sexting him.

Friday, July 20th

Facebook Drama. “Ditched Again” – An overly hairy woman goes on social media to complain about a guy ditching her again. The guys talk about proper grooming etiquette.

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And guys got to quit his job after he thinks attacks from his boss was someone sexting him. Hi this is bad news for this nineteen year old man Kory. This is awesome he worked there as a receptionist at a small web design company in Chicago. It on Monday he got a text from an unknown number and the text I I'm pretty sure meant to say I make you committed twelve on Friday but they forgot the word in in the text. So it sounds like they were gonna make him do something else to twelve on Friday. That's why aren't we so slow on Friday like Jeremy you have right now to so because. Between the word come of the word at yes it definitely sounds like that is that they're gonna make him have a good time on Friday and I'm looking at the tax almighty god and so he was like this is totally attacks from Iran and girl I met and so he responded first off. You're not make any new S second off I don't remember scarcely any rhymes with Rick appointments and internal sat face him OG. This guy must be just getting hollered I'll watch because honestly. Mean my single days I get that tax yeah a nice new phone was this the one you want a piece. I. Yeah so. So he basically after he gives that response saying you know I mean US and I remember sizzling Iran's three deployments the person responded and said hey. I am not some crazy lady looking via some action I'm your boss. Is this is your across America now I got a new numbers old sorry Mary Ralph. And yes she definitely meant to say she's gonna make him come in at a noon on Friday and. Oh so as a boss. I mean that's a rather than make I'm making you community and to thank god makes you boss. Guy DNA is an odd way to textiles I make you commitment to be out I don't I it. Hey this guy and she's got the word in and I don't know what the hell's going on there. I don't know I've BI asks have you scheduled I guess maybe I'll do you have sugar coating when I'm telling people when they're coming in but maybe this faucets some type person that they are. Yeah and if you have a new phone don't you tell people like he's a young you sign your name or something and he Johnny did dubbed our people forgetting that they have new phones and communicating with folks. Do I don't even know anymore yeah one body he keeps texting me and every time you test trees from a new number and I'm like who is this I'm sorry I don't on this number and it's the same guy like. You just texted me last month from a different numbers in the witness protection program for some dude I. He might be a storm if you guys on ten about the ZAG may be years ago Bernard phony just doesn't or nearly have an actual phone plan so we always getting these new phones that's all I can take him is that from a financial stood stamp points no way they can have cellphones they gonna have these I don't understand I've noticed six months years I know for six months this dude. And he has had new numbers four times. See that I I don't get that unless it makes you look shady is all off he's also the guy let me up asking you to buy him pizza for him and his kids. When times for us on historically. He's your friend. Not not so much in my opinion yeah do you how do you give that guy or number see I'm all night long as I'm sorry I don't honestly. I never gave him my number he's a breeze in the world wrestling world and a pretty big name wrestling did and I'm friends list. Messing given him my number because Jeter reached out to me. Because we met every headed off but ask nesting you know we sit Miette paying Heyman I was hoping that you could I am tough money's tight. Low can you help pay for pizza for me in my kids spouse and your money later. What are you Siri you see here it's so it's so it's totally did it right of course it's. More shots I know lol sorry man I help you pay. I don't even know what to say about a person that would reach out for pizza money like that. Why I don't even know what to say about that there's a debt from instantly made me think this guy is destined not different. They how do you have so you just don't and I don't ever give out anybody's number you know somebody asked I always ask first yeah I that's that's so that the guy that did that I think guys have a conversation with because you know my rules I have a lot of rules for communication. Anybody that we give out my number without my permission is dead to me. This is a text I lost my credit card won an order pizza from me in my son's if you can help me and I'll pay you back when I get it back PayPal. Okay. That's a scare some say no. And how long known you at this point. We. And probably he's. A month before that okay no well yeah I mean everything we've talked on social media for awhile but that was the First Amendment all you don't know me for a month and then hit me up for money for food that thanks for your kids you know it was very odd and I and I agree I ask all these questions I just had no. But as I do you want me to hand over my credit cards do you. Or do you want me don't ordered online from my home could easily here in Washington State all man that's another great thing but it's this guy is a genius hog dude it was this guy is a real genius and I got a great shot go out of it almost is like what's going on your world that your hit not a random dudes you you barely know how things go we sat. That's usually something that's gonna do nose and some drugging I'm telling you people that are sketch Mo it's drugs yeah it's I mean maybe people are always getting in trouble losing their stuff happening go through phones needing money. I mean it's an addiction it's going to be I mean let's say NL I mean hey it's it's night against 118 we kind of what's going up. Yeah I just wonder man and edit it these are you not fooling anybody you really not fooling anybody I know your fool yourself. And that's part of the denial but we're pretty savvy now society. Yes super sketch stuff that you know happens to you and your hit enough people you read just a month ago for food. Yeah I year on drug. Spitzer says the pizza sounds good salons can you spot me Steve numbers is already a thread for asking for pizza. What's the threat about. I think he's asking for protesting imager which is an extension and racket I don't know maybe it is like some kind of a weird joked that people play like about John friend test or something you know it's like sometimes and people either are doing well like hey you know what I have a little extra money I would like to help somebody that's in need or vice Versa hey I need help can someone you know and keep an easy thing he could send to somebody. I just found its it's it's why it's is celebrating and it's just slash are slash random underscore packs underscore of underscore pizza. And it's just sometimes people want each. Deliver other people pizza all OK without but don't get me out for it right. Yeah see I feel like we and somebody pizza today what are the requests just finish my last final for summer semester would enjoy some dominoes to celebrate will gladly pay it forward next time I get paid. Yeah CN until I dance that I feel like that's a young person thing and that makes sense to me. But when your hand up middle these guys that's the not the terminal it sees. SRC community pool we don't matter who we talking about you know what I'm almost middle English tone but when his own terms when I'm dying I guess it does yeah. So I have a question if your friend of some reason it makes any gas can you buy new tank yacht Allison my credit card info from body still look out for us embraces them. I've a friend who was new number every two months they always taxed hey this is insert name my new number. He sells things and questionable legality hero's new number that office trying to avoid having their calls or text tracing them exactly pool and I don't be friends with that person. No I ask. Yeah I'm a person in my life that I really did they have to be in my life and there are always getting new phones and I'm just like god I don't wanna talk to your new phone who dissed him down. Do you at least tell you a damning new phone every time sometimes what you sometimes they don't is just so I didn't see. Cities here's the thing they tell me this story I don't believe it's an hookers. You know what at this point Steve that's as good as guess is anybody else but whatever the story they tell me is I aria I know I dropped that they're always dropping it. Yeah I normally don't fold new phone number if you drop your Sino I don't you're absolutely right grab which is why don't believe their stories what's the. A justifiable reason for changing your phone number. I say new relationship. Is the other person is just kind driving your daddy can't you block come home. We outraged yes yes let's Larry no if there's ever really anymore I was about to change my number meet someone put my number on a dating sites and message dudes with our. I'll call you chick Paula that's like requesting dirty things that's so beating you don't do that you idea beauty you do friends pretended their checks because it's funny. You do international female I don't know who did it either I I does that that if I was no hole. I think it was a disgruntled guy I met on glossy that sucks. In then that that's that's an expert guess probably only reason and a town changed mine when I moved so Washington DC 206 at June 6. Yeah you don't know officials still doesn't matter anymore dear yeah yeah and all night I was like yeah I went to a 600 done with the Albuquerque final five martian advancing now. Nice present at the same some numbers for nineteen years I guess so I go people know my numbers that's madam and Everett my parents have the same phone number. Since that didn't until they finally moved got a house so firm I would imagine for at least thirty years at the same phone number. Yeah. I mean as sometimes you had to if you moved to a new place they didn't have a cellphone carrier that you had ten year old place and yet to get a new number but a lot of times they can to do new places say they can switch this they give the same number. So you really don't ever have to change if you don't want to. See I'm I changed mine. While hosts may be over fifteen years gone now army over ten years I don't know Larry's wise is just too many people I didn't want halving the number. Kept bugging me. Yeah this is before the ability to block numbers guy in ten years gone degree of Smartphones that don't Wear like this amendment had blackberries you now I remember that the iPhone is not ten years old is it well I think it is time now all okay so it's why we got from ten. She know what you might be a brilliant man guy that may be exactly what. But it wasn't available on my network and our scam Iowa does weird night. Verizon and flip. I'll screen and a dream girls. Still think emerald everything in reality there's for the virus and they are also grateful yet the iPhone came out June 29 20070. Yes so yeah it's ten years old this eleven years on the Syria probably never change again now because not to block people's numbers yeah. And it's just too much work as liking my singing melodies it's a it's a it's an MSN dot com we noticed people give me a hard time for all time ago. Although you know I wanted to send out email messages every here's my new email what's the point when you can seize this email works doesn't work anymore I know some people who have I still have the AOL had email addresses I don't worry I used to. And people drop Beattie media real well I was like god that's residents in low class how are you guys are stupid that is really wish I had this comeback it's like mint danger retro or something examples like final. Yeah sure I'm that I edited my Yahoo! one to a Gmail just because it was didn't and indeed it would stance. Who's getting to the point where I couldn't keep up with the spam filter and didn't you know what else. I'm just are fresh now. I have a question Torre and what happens when someone goes on social media. Complained. About getting stood up on that date so clear evidence and other nations face pajama you can hear it in a seventeen. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. Point nine KI SW barrage of Seattle. You definitely want to put a smile on your face but shaking up the brand new rock girl photos because they are here. They're in their summer Wear swimsuits galore and oh yeah. Steve has given him his two thumbs up is still brutal cold on his way out. Check on their senses the rock girls right now KI ESW. Dot com. Laura. And David Drummond right give I begin plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to announce the tedious and Iran's peaceful. He's the national FaceBook posted drama unfolds because it and of course we're going to acted out. This around playing the role the original poster Jenny will you BJ all right sorry you'll play the role. Addie Hank this you will be any day. I'll play the role straining. And read to you will be having their series. My commission recently told her. How I got a hooker it is nice yeah I can verify I'm very good return branding aren't we original poster once again he's Jenny so Vijay please. Take it away. Shirley told again ditched. I'm not home. Turn yeah. I don't. Know what he just humid day. The worst. Shaped. Everything yeah yeah. I wish. Them highlighted. How Larry you last. Being black and hairy and man now hello Al. She is there. Freddie and employs close did you see your legs Leslie you're only Washington. Do like this huge huge edge Caterpillar's. I can imagine what you're downstairs looks like Lindsay yeah. Well who wants it and Freddie. And spread added provides us. Am I wrong. Not a good to me two hours to shake everything. So yeah. Don't feel bad and it takes me like double that time tennis same every tank and I'll I'll jam. Yeah I wanna get that checked out. That sounds like a problem a very scary problem thanks Friday night and hide. No problems Ibaka. Big question. Why are these women friends and Freddie all. You don't you know you dab positive life affirmation I mean wow hey why any easier some of them I have a theory okay. Freddy's a one and owns the most. Losing all. Six cases of votes and I'm talking did you dudes are women. The right dude and everybody loves somebody who has a vote and Freddie you mean they hold and because he's got about a guy you're probably right there's no other reason I hang out with Freddie. I mean especially when the weather's nice. Yeah all the son that died and a newly delivered Nath fatty enthusiasm boat. These are right yeah you know you tolerate Freddie. Say it does suck for some reason I don't know when it happened I don't know when it started happening in our culture where women had to start shaving because I mean obviously they weren't shooting before and lies and we were attracted to them back in the day right when they were just your run around like we were I don't know I don't know yes so it sucks that they do you know that. It would they do it for us anyway and then to sit down be ridiculed by Freddie. I think I'd be like you know have you. It's weird because then so yeah at some point they decided we need to remove Darren armpit hair on her legs terror wherever else and that's a point Imus entitled to have a surprise to now when he sees own as hairy armpits it's a female hairy legs. Your first instance like lol gonna say anything insults anyone and I was just a shock to us because we never seen it right whenever I've seen some nice lift her arms up and Mike. Halt okay well you know I shaving armpits and harmonizing policies to do that was really really weird I still think it's a little bit like off putting for a second but now not to the thoracic. It is what it is you're so happy and then finally got I don't care. Yeah I growth at a time where the old downstairs action was really. You know did trying all they need did do was really make sure that nothing was peeking out of there of any anything TD that was that's all you had to worry about as well when you changes in one inning peeking out of the bikini. Otherwise you could have would every want Johnny got a full blown forest and nobody ever batted an eye at that point in my generation. Apparently women didn't start shaving her arm to controlling the 195215. Excuse me because. Apparently under armour even the word with scandalous. So when there was a sleeveless dress in Harper's bazaar they. Wow so article in magazine you know there were culture and seeing if there were cultures that the used to. Well when they wanted to get busy and you wanna get a woman pregnant they would use as an alternative beyond Iran is that why it was considered scandalous he'll reveal it. Like arm is in lake ladies were scandalous back and only women more than a long dresses up like up to their necks and downs there we've seen an army to get people who email me. Deere classic armpit right there why there's such thing as bad spirits because the the idea of having the late show on a bed with scandalous concerns me. Leo well. Human sexuality class because if he thought of lay eggs on a bad Nissan and women lay eggs in the didn't whine your sexual appetite to kind of go. You know wired basically I rural weird place by younger children to get around 300 and you see your delays on the bad I guess back in the day they did most of this day I do you wanna know something else and mr. you know what is very odd to drink he knows all this stuff there's tell us more Micky DS deal why they invented corn flakes and Graham cracker. My because they believe that food analysts spice and cleaver Islam when you know Rouse a sexual appetite still in the eighties for children to keep them basically not a forty. Dude I mean that's not getting that's why these that's why as arduous circumcision. Because they thought if they basically chopped up a duty would make him wanna have sex less which of course that's not ever get good luck yeah. I mean now people Ian Pearson out there and still wanna go you know since this is why I think as a society we've got to give previous societies like in a previous generations of break. We really really do because we're all we know it's almost always gonna think we're stupid. In fifty years is cool do you think you are now summer's gonna tell you are stupid for thinking the way you do when you hit your sixties and seventies sums gonna tell you manually go. Aren't in my time that wasn't stupid. I'm gonna do that right now where people it's army you know what you can't say that can't do that might really that's a problem now let's. Never a problem yeah nearly always evolving and adjusting. Because interestingly run told me about those muted the women back in the day when they had done. The forest going on down there with all you had to be sure was to hide any error when you're wearing a subsidiary and nothing was taken out of bikini and you remember The Black Crowes record of more cuts are contract and then the album eventually became. About a black background. And a triangle the American flag and it looks town like what's going on with an American flag yes slow regionally it was the bottom of a woman's bikini. Tho when the resolve Omar which is fantastic. It's it's the same picture but all of a sudden you're seeing some pew bees gone up above seniority flags yeah. And then I was too scandalous dude yeah because if you saw. Female pubic hair that was the promised land you will like almighty god would that that was like seeing the little of them went to bed her legs. How crazy is that the dad that was like you couldn't see any bit of it which is your right remember that album yeah that was scandalous is all hacked and I you can see some he's full blood. Yeah yeah. I've slowly and a chiropractor and warning that copies of the one with a few bees yeah they couldn't get because all the stories in my neighborhood all they carried was a woman the black background instead. Yeah I I'll tell you something dude I miss it it was a thing for me. I remember fibrosis around Manuel there's no right now I'm now a lot does that battle look they did did the Georgian Barbara look. Yes you know what they're there we there were always magazines where he is like if you've got to see somebody that I hear you back going on especially blondes. You know or sandy haired girls that was a sing dude you've that was considered super sexy. And now you're considered to be Archie Barca. This this is not sometimes there's the. Yeah and for me though Chris the world I grew upon it was deals in the videos in magazines have we had now. Dat dat dat dat style was gone I was you know I'm yeah hindsight basically now. Hire Aaron we're doing a radio show in the eighties and we were laying we're rock show and people were calling you calling people ped files if they wanted to woman that had a Brazilian. Right they called you a pet a fire they say you know life. You do come policing be called you right now if that's the kind of woman you want and now. Disaster standard you you know now you're called I don't know what you bock enthusiastic view people want to give I think it's kind of come back to a little bit coming back as it's a little bit of both a big event it's almost like off. It's like a mullet stylus I seriously again and I mean yeah exactly be edited you got downstairs and upstairs yeah Sears has carpet downstairs hardwood floors yes yeah. Telling my house death and you know what I think everybody loves EST start in the downstairs and I thought I was a that was a happy that was the best way to do your house right upstairs carpet downstairs to get shag carpet. There is only goes to all you like the burger. Yeah. I don't mind SL minus shag if it even upstairs shag carpet was always schools. I'm telling the upstairs shag carpet. Yeah. So when you're doing your house of course yes they Stevie he was stumped on this one what does think cart Todd preferred. Crawl on stamps now it's hard to know. The tiny Christmas donkeys no. Really in front. Last time there's an honest question. And none had a not so on dancer actually. The correct answer which Steve never gets improbably we ask him again today and won't know it's you know that you do remember. Maps ever for total. I actually your question dad get a shot at BC 20642 on rock to play beat makes an 847. On the. Right today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for. I'm suing when you come in to see my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. Where there were any basic questions that should have. How I can get your car back. I've been dealt schedule usually screws schedule you for a free consultation with me because the attorney. I don't mean would you personally we'll talk about surely there are basics in your case and I'll pay you your question. 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