BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-20-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, July 20th

Beat Migs.  Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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Believe his message thirteen you'll find out what their plan how you get their music just go to the PGA needs agent KI SW dot com I'll tell you where they're playing tonight and -- geez guys. Second annual backyard for us so why your movie season five to CNET the thirteenth pick up their debut in futures came out last week so be available surf. There were able to have some peace into movies and only until. You said Matthew thirteen. You like local music how about two hours and every Sunday night that's we've got to allow local like two hour show starting at 10 o'clock. Great music from the Pacific northwest bands like message thirteen. Mean there. A game. Be an easy moon. Actually made it is. That. Yeah. These happy Friday every line gas could be a great weekend man is all day and this is gonna burn off an illicit it was just yesterday I was out. I know it did its day long and they thought they swear really good arm burn off by those late morning we were on wedding last night in the sun popped down and it was great last night really like Kelly farms in body -- Buckley PH area did burn off just a little later this customer this is the marine layer it will go away was bossi like get like high seventies low 80s like 5 o'clock and I gave up. Not qualified very sound enough now yes. City times then new dad they said look I don't give Jordan focus in. And Jordan steel over teams via their my car okay and they killer would know they're my people they sign what's up I believe I'm worried then well I'll take your word for it now everybody has a wonderful weekend. Out in the sun. You CNET and before we play our beat me three sound a birthday shout out to so many holes there are 779. Hello. Out okay say guys have money you give me a birthday shout out I just turned 25 now would be awesome and it's from Jacob Carr had a birthday broke our salary any chance. The late fall followed your sons are says he got to mobilize our our list right here so easy you know I'd parents who shocks number one the your parents always remember to the my son did something newsroom making Mac and cheese usually stop joy at this I don't know my parents outside so I just Jacob mom and dad take it away. I need married okay he can do is remove. Happy hour hey you're. Lou you move. Feedburner. Hey news seeing. I haven't you heard. What age you do you ou beat back here I'm I'm I'm okay. A little. Because parents see yours and tests weren't in the well no pressure as Steve may get a win for Jacob yes of course we have a contested who would your plan Astro buddy we've got David late tasked to do that debris of their sir. It happened prior to lawyer I had a dating what's to blame for today's Steve tickets they got the good guys car show at the Washington Steve Ference and senator and it's happening on Friday July 27 through this 29. Good KI SW dot com from the I can guys dot com Aristide out here. For those playing at home date will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions David when you pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Longer and longer. According to these saying early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise and line. As soon as he lead actor in the 1986 movie that's why. Army doesn't draft. Morris. The name of Paul Newman's brand of salad dressings. And Newman's Own yes and what decade was the Brooklyn Bridge designated as a national historic landmark. You know it's already is never easy now or who played more fears in the matrix movie was. Who aren't as host yeah as CSX's produced when sound is reflected back is known as why it's. So yeah adds it which century was Harvard university's founding isn't. 800 no this 17100 no. 19100 no in the terminator who was the terminator sent back to kill John Bonner no it. Ask what is the only major sports city in Alabama. Obama damn what is the only major port city and Alabama. Birmingham noon 1234. Corrects a low real. Well not right we're right down the middle gadget that's mercy if your body's. That is no mechanism I think I think that's where all maybe that is where it's. So I just thought that he required but I don't know I don't know why we did yeah I had no no rhyme or reason as to and I mean I mean the same answer I was because I don't know much about that area at all of them wonder like why we that in Kamal but all I remember hey we talked about something we did over the Internet you have to ask do we talk about that a little bit more once ST. Plays the game she conversations. On the camera. Yeah and Steve are your ready. According to police saying early to bed and early to rise may seem and healthy and wealthy and why it's wise yes yeah who would lead actor in the 86 including the why. It's always short lists in London now on just global view as to flash your experience. What is the name of Paul Newman's brand of salad dreams. Giants now Newman's Own Diaz actually what decade was the Brooklyn Bridge designated as a national historic landmark. Todd 1960s. Yes who played fortieth in the matrix movies. Yeah Samuel Jackson note. Tammy T Laurence Fishburne as I'm tough factor for colleges trying to be selling the effect produced when sound is reflected back is known as to why. Our dios and this is snow yeah. I tell yes OK and complained century it was Harvard University founded watched. In what century was harbored unit seems to know seventeenth tee as I didn't in the terminator who was the terminator sent back to kill. As our product yet as to what is the only major port city in Alabama. Alabama city now. Birmingham. Now it's possibly. He's a tough vote total proved it Steve you win eight south by Larry Davis are. Good games. Nice work and yeah there was energy and that's for sure I mean that's. Yes I am here to the World Series. And before the sixers get out there you said that I asked what century Harvard University was founded you said the seventeenth century which you are correct now. Dave said the seventeen hundreds and does not which is he's not dream match no it's the sixteen hundreds the seventeenth centuries centuries or weird like fans they are yet to tell us to do we're in the 2000 but it actually is the 21 century Ellis he will be the 22 century when we get to 2100 sedan which will nonetheless we'll see you well I mean science and technology may be will be like feature on our heads are in a jar heads in his Joseph you Ed. Just so. Interest in some merit well you know rather than by Dina beyond my heritage our officers based Arco and job oh in the same people's right just. The idea that these. I do you happen to know what the only major port city in Alabama is I don't stop mobile. Politic drinks mobile I could think of another city and I of course you are really happening he said Cleveland steamer and you can see some OM is so hot spot now Greg Ellis boxers Cleveland Alabama I hope not I hope there is our congratulations Stevie did wouldn't they correct caller great you know you're new and you go to the good guys car show live at the Washington state fair events senator. Good guys car show 206421. Rock and the there's a Cleveland Alabama dad every guy. It's only thirteen hundred people that live there but there's likely on Alabama and eyesight was a hot Lotto Lotto. Those are thirteen hundred of the hottest Albanians. Then you'll ever find I think this with a caller Alabama's. Alabama at Alabama's. Cleveland Alabama. That's where I want him. That's rob going Steve that's America dead all right you know what time it is a study to take over the show it's a listeners on the loose there. You pick a topic. You will guide the show 206421. Rock you can also Texas 77999. We got your calls and texts at 917. On the Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW don't. 99.9 KI SW Iraq. Seattle it's listeners on this proxy fight begins plumbing heating and mechanical stays up. Marchand. So here's how it works and I thank him. He's out works you want to talk about anything you wanna talk about on this show you wanted to guide the direction of what we do 206421 rock Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about but Steve does have a rules December rogue agents to show some energy and bring it otherwise it. And then say good bye good bowl turns. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Some real name Calvin decide treated at a saying out clone wars ask Vijay he's going to watch it. Clone wars is. Is it new. I don't always said Harris says clone wars as noted he's got to watch him know about this guy I know that there's been not a lot of clone wars he things done Norris something happened there rarely is gonna be a new run of the clone wars is coming to Disney streaming service job and it's all new episodes. Look at my kitten home yeah I guess it Disney's singing series does is he's gonna be going doing he's only thing away from Netflix you're gonna have to pay for net Disney streaming service I was not a fan of the animated series clone war now I tried I tried to watch it and it just wasn't my thing I am not saying it wasn't good. Just just didn't do anything forming. And I you know that's that's me so if this is another animated show which I think it is ready. Yeah I am undo it. Who heartache I know I I I why I wanna delighted and I tried twice to watch the the original column war's end. Yeah just not digging it. Yeah yeah I don't like I just don't like the animation night on the voice acting is bad but it just wasn't for me yeah I know it's hard to believe it. Yeah there's a there's a geeky thing I don't like. Yeah sorry about that bunny but you know I hope you let him down will now be on anybody's. Death. Series is that enthusiasts are found they are talking about worst summer jobs the other day I was wondering what was your worst summer job oh yeah I happen on Wednesday night and he read a bunch of tweets and yeah they were talking about their worst summer job. Spears was tremendous VI price he says they spent a summer working at Abercrombie and when asked my manager why was always scheduled for stocks fringe just isn't well. What I calling the front of the store okay. As well as for Matt Molly Gao says she says. I had a summer job where I wouldn't take it made in China stickers are the things from my grandma says she would resell them for more at their craft shows. It was a battle lure you rainy she says but first summer job is to dress as he Blimpie barren women traffic. And they competitor mask and a giant pancake. Came out bothering me is a bunch of people plus and bear in pancake. This one's from mobster lobster. He says when I was ten my grandfather gave me ten dollars to be human scarecrow on his farm. I think there in the sand and shouting embarrassed for an hour to my mom yelled and. That's awesome that's very very cool the I love that you would scarecrow that's awesome again that was a Jimmy Fallon do the summer jobs give memory remorse summer jobs for you just you know I and when I worked in the supermarket for very short time in fifteen years old may have reclined in the garbage Compaq took a clean it gos. Judy it was the most oh gusting thing ever seems dangerous. God and delight sometimes they you know they did they threw them meet all the dead meat things that weren't sunlight. It's in there was a book it was so disgusting there was a blue sludge and I'm like how does something become a blue sludge well I figure that out. Think the worst off horses it was a nice. Club firm. Teenagers. In Plattsburgh New York fallout Susan Collins and news summertime ages openness to establish a club DMZ. Yeah demilitarized zone you would think oh all right okay club. Dance mania is on talk yeah there's me in my but he we've neo realist you guys that work there and we either we have to switch off either one was the DJ and yet there was security. And we flip and flop so we always are you know we'd rather be the DJ did you get your boots there's a space station known to bother you visited toward doing it that's kind of we are real base. You just going there and stay what do you only had to play I think those stupid dance and I like dumb move it move down the exact track for a today he has got this year who do you got it. Odd but dude it was so depressing life you know anything that. Teenagers I wanna go to odd odd odd. Dance Mimi his own dance club there's like six or seven total all do you know god never mayors like oh my gosh this is so depressing she's. And you know what you have to be a bouncer of six people yeah you just stand there and yet this Iman talk I had a conversation and knowing teenagers you have this the worst that's right because there's no drinking because they're just know. Are all solid Dublin should there be. That's just delightful while listening Iran basin DJ easy rock gaffe they don't have to. Since I was stunned that was a good job. Good times and good times to dance to did you a summer job sites. Didn't really have too many jobs trying to decide to wait chasing but I did work for a couple months at a bridal store. Because the the owners are gonna go out of town for whatever reason they just needed to and they don't want the story and fancy stuff don't doesn't mix he's very awkward and in. For its end buying there's usually they came in and I had to help her try to fit into address since she did not have. An easy body type to dress and none and so I just had a very hard time luckily literal sleep in and took an hour to she'd like the other girls and like meaning that's just. After graduation just ask my friends out just goes to the waitress in things and uncle. I'll Manhattan if it somebody who's not that led led on to a tell me look good in something that it like it is our scenario. Yes that was a hardship that that would be hard Danny dairy queen actually but only because I disagree coach noticed a great job until it's. The middle of summer dog days or ninety degrees out and post so I can dip ice cream machines turn to just milk because there's so many people ordering just in time freeze. And he's had a line down the street and it was just like the most stressful you come home smelling like sour milk all day it was. You realize that pound guys. All while I've never vented their agree where they were so busy that they Jason turned to milk I get fired from dairy queen. So you're scaring us to try to do you really should acknowledge all of you have first thing in the morning is that a public copy item myself. Some sauce or you have all the time yeah. Isetan and a gorgeous trees during get could you don't just eat it might it was candy nicely as the best thing ever users is there DJ every sim lake city bad job really. Quote unquote socked okay America. Members as I was a plumbers assistant for a summer job in just a two Summers out during college I do all the dirty work on a plumber do all that clean installation he was a jerk. Or an ass hat as he almost. Yeah boy MMS so that's what you do in Europe form and you years you put in you don't even an apprentice putting your dues and get at a press make him do all the crappy literally putting in the deuce hey I get a fifty I didn't know I was doing there unless your gym that's for. All of those same lines as the guy who had a grandpa that made him go out be a scarecrow for my step dad is basically busy word for this summary is like don't move rocks so I moved rocks from one side of the yard to the other side of the art. And you know when I was done I moved in to the back to the other side of the yard sale is keeping busy he was absolutely doing that did you pay get paid at least yeah I do get paid but I mean it was like totally hourly wage is like ten bucks for like doing it for a day. CI have I would question everything at that point that's what I mean by yeah I'm moving these rocks what are we doing to promote him back yet I realize that he wanted just to keep me busy so I decided to make myself scarce for the rest of the summer I would go red flags still grab my friend's house do anything other than hang around so I didn't wanna move rocks. I really you know the one thing about my dad that was cool my dad is hard asses he was. He really did not want a cut into your play time because he knew that when you turn to an adult you never would get to play like that again yeah I he would be I mean he was one of the ultimate quit the job when I was working in the Sabrina fifteen and everybody is tellem. You're suns shouldn't do that yes you know has a responsibility in my fathers like now do you know always because my father and him when he 300 pound bags of sugar Fisher refinery. All day long and loaded them onto trains. He's like. Do you always gonna do for the rest of his life and he's like on the rest of us he's really doing this. You wanna start now it's fifteen I'm gonna have fun because you know what 120 years he's not and we haven't funds are we doing this. I wonder if you would have known that you're an event seems clear to not do what he was doing an excellent hour on she's proud if we do well then thank god remember a time machine you're right you're familiar do all that it could. It's this is all this you take the topic you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. We got Morgan calls mortgage sex at 933. And we've got these guys at pain in the grass three days of awesome music go to gasoline are coming your tickets. ST he'll be there and Iran Iraq. And they eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. That's good point nine KI SW Iraq I'm Seattle let's listen in areas on the news you pick that topic. You've got to show it to 06421 rock Texas it's 77999. Let's go to hunter and throughout hunter and you are on the Iraq. Stay workflow Vijay loved the show I'll say you're as good old so it's it's. Everybody's. There can't. He also are on twenty years old I go to school up North Dakota. On some home cooking now to our home for the summer working now I'm back with our parent I get to the physically and you're working so let's zoom that's not a bad idea how much more can make I make a lot more money in Washington believe it off. We are not been doing the college town in North Dakota. Download and listen to lose the fact you're gonna college you get summer often you're still working in the summer that's a cool thing 'cause like how a lot of people think hey don't just take some more often not doing anything but good for you. Yeah or that I had a paper it must yeah what are some of the giant is on the Obama got all yes I have a girlfriend iron everything that's so my parents so I thank you. My parents trying to illegally in the hammer down on relocating the home by. You girlfriend like she she can't be saying he had camping in the room upstairs you guys can't beat. Are alone don't Austrian girl with the guys at all times omelet but thankfully she can't say task at hand unlike. Wow I'm out there are grown man and post as it's hard core case that this you know why you moved to BJ's house is full of new guys that I know really I. You know hunter S as a parent's. I I went through this and the toughest thing for parents to do. Is to recognize how much leeway to give your kid when there you know 181920. Years old but they're still living at home at times. Andy is it's something that parents can go to classes for a take advice for because. You you you don't know how to be when your kid when they're adults anymore because there's still living with the U. And yeah there's an art to relaxing the rules. But also for the kids to know the respect of the rules. I'm the it's it's it's a tough 180 it's not easy for parents to figure out a lot of times they don't know what I would. Dad just I just got real with him and said look. Sun. Feel free to go hang out stamp all night but don't bang your woman in our house. You know I I learned that I learned that rule knows seventeen he walked in on me no work. Food. Yeah I was so light never again yes you dare I. Yeah since no no you saw he's so electric those like in our game room. Many like open up the door on the counter facing also led I would occasionally from an insurance facing toward them. All they had to make eye contact us all ma I try to get a stiff rolls yeah as we're torturous return. Who's a who's a bigger hard as onto your father your mother about this. Bomb I would go to my father growing up my dad was like really knew in my momma are fast. And now like my dad is like garrison players graduated high school teacher who are out my mom like doesn't care at all what. But I wonder what that's I wonder if that's the case if your mom said I'm tired of being a hard ass you need to be the hardest there's still wants to be our best but doesn't wanna look like that in your eyes. This Sony times like in my house I Joey had to get the hell out because my wife just couldn't tolerate. IIIER. Twenty year old man living and the way he wanted to live she just you know. Moms don't like to see how the sausage is made when it comes how their kids are going yeah he was like a slaughter some use up on nine he slept all day yeah that's what you Jolie was a gamer age is game that he didn't really take care of his room to the way she wandered into heating carries like a young dude what do I care I'm almost. And it's hard man because I also what's hard is. You when you have kids their little their Q it's one thing you don't ever think about your gonna have another adult that you never planned to live with who's really not compatible with you live in your house would you. That's another thing your parents don't think the data make eye contact with the girlfriend as his son is having his way you know what yeah if you really think your daddy is the new hard ass. I see how would your mom and see if you can say look mom I wanna be reasonable I do this I work I do whatever of course whenever girlfriend I don't have a place to stay right now. Can we be a little bit more reasonable than the twenty you help me out here. Because if she's really behind it hunter. She might be able to then tell your dad to back off a little because she might even the one who told me go full force in the first place it's hard to know moms and dads not really relates. Oh yeah. Did you tell he's just got married actually give one that is trying to get his son to decide for himself to not live with the parents don't know if that's decent college still. See I don't think it's fair to tell your kid to get the hell out until they're done gradually and race. And again DJ always has you assume I agree with you. Oh you do agree I go oh OK I knew exactly don't know I don't I don't disagree that's all they go to Jesse hunter. If you're over 21 years old and out of college and then I think may be sure that would be the thing but I appreciate the call but. I think especially now it's so hard for young people with college detonating in this guy's a police work and you know he's working in the summer and have a little fun intended to who sends to that. I am under my own roof I know that they may not deuce all the stuff they might do they were in a car hotel they might imagine though walking in there and make eye contact when Johnny robbers. Seats every parent knows make noise when you're walking around my house you have I mean you should never walk in on anybody that's ridiculous the awkward moment of the day or better I make so much noise everywhere I go that if I walked in on my daughter and Johnny rubber. It's because they want me to see it because I'm so noisy dude I have been so there are kind of relive my parents are about six ish months now I've not got to do it over to the house Smart at all Smart because I've been training my parents they are not really good at the knocking thing. And I don't think you should I think to do when you a favor because you're you know you're not Tony wanted to you're out of the house time yeah so I don't see a very decent and how we ever do that yeah yeah sure that's been my thing in my. Get a hotel at that point it's all right I do will go pay for a hotel -- the Indy yeah I guess I got a text messages they're banging and I never should pay his taxes and it's cleaning need to Reeves took in almost to hear from fans so it is Texas saying it took a roach and team Mexico last week. I made a point to go try Dion it's the best pizza I've ever had. Yeah. And their branches of yeah. Tells any yeah. Tell me text in the debt text while we may have to do this I don't know why we got a New Mexico I don't know why we never want to see the breaking bad house. All right well now I have two reasons yet. What is a pizza really is the best pizza out there and then how come Dion hasn't been noted in the country is like the top seats are all around the country then because they do pizza things someone's got to find out about this Danny Leo look at the numbers Danny's number attacks and end all. Ice don't do it. Church Jack now so this is always tells you pick a topic you guys to show but you know what we have a question he's been answered massive data that I'm sorry. This and I might be the biggest question ever asked to humanity. Could to Ryan castle and tortilla chips have in common. This important answer you'll find out at 949. On the wrong. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. He's the ground game yardage and now. Brian castle. Right castle and tortilla chips haven't come. Cheese sauce. Basic but delicious. Not so she's not so she's my she's Ezra don't touch is jays because Joseph. Well this is both good good good we can sell times OK younger I was so calm myself in case so you know I would want child. We know. Go ahead take you do. That's where it's CDC data and developed over its. Everybody everybody there is a lot. It's yet who calls you who knew him yeah emboldens officer sees no hope hello. You're looking for a fantastic yeah winner. Firefighters in Austin, Texas had to put on a player of the tortilla chip factory last week after bunch that should spontaneously come busted wow what. You know those things are mild ball you can. Yeah look there's just. I love the fact you're like yeah we're trying to find a way to make chips and yeah who gets away. Not much at night nobody was hurt that's a good thing now while when it comes listener Ryan you can give her just minutes while bad vivid. PAX. Text makes. Right Robin Williams was fantastic and so I. I think I remember in the documentary they're like Robin you need to open your eyes because he had the one I close and I like you look at weird he's like dude that's part. That's pop fly that's why they call him pop fly because she's only a one eye popping out. And you just blew. Steve's mind. In the days. Morning. Point nine KI ESW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are some people who saw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time. Not having good credit and I think election season there's very concerned because. I'm really concerned that you you won't be able to find out your creditors you're filed bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has my credit card Jo from ten years ago now. And that's just something return to keep track of because for every collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. The we will pull on your credit bureaus and I'm getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. I wish collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file your creditors when you find your bankruptcies so let's not. Nothing seems to the crash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if I was any time I had to choose the right chatter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.