BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-23-18-6A: A woman at a drive thru accidentally left her mic on while talking to a coworker.

Monday, July 23rd

News and sports. Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream day. There is a list of the weirdest ice cream flavors in each state.

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And he went on a great debt to a McDonald's drive through and caught the worker talking on the phone inside. And she didn't realize that the drive through speaker is on this is how he could basically hear her whole conversation. Yeah I was easy to video he's he's seeing in his car. Mazes video calling the speaker box says he's seeing his car waiting for them to say would would you like for McDonald's but instead he's just hearing her talking talking talking. Yeah she was doing a lot of gossiping about a friend who borrowed money. And then try to front assumed we'd without paying back the money which I think you know look if you don't of the cash for you guys it's like a fair trade. Right now. Clean out my dad. Mean you're home. I want to hear me not finally come back and harmony and why aren't right now we get there. Lamar you played are you are here I'm now. Well I don't mean. Then you're okay Amy and I don't even know. Look like he's on your hand. Why our economy future. Two for 41 sauce I love and and one bacon egg and cheese in the group police. I'm not think this is like game army colonel Al hungry but I had a good conversation today and noon. This awesome when you know you go ga people giving their customer service sort of like a presentation. Hello how are you and you don't know what to say before you get there except in this case we do I have one please just let me take this guys ordered the first time about that basically do our money back. Sorry Anna oh yeah I you know. Hysterical. Men love that's. Hot damn now I wonder what's gonna happen who I am I mean we did we don't know which we Donaldson is but I imagine. As someone figures this out this off and they edit letters today I think this story Tom destroy my pay extra. That's from blood disease or her gossip I agree do you write it's why now what does she do an tonight that's a good free entertainment right there and then you get an asthma grilled. Dike and the patience and a seatbelt yeah I think it won't put a guy hello. Yeah. I never think it's taken my phone off herself like that I just I think in that way. Because you're right yeah I I would be angry guy but look at the funny game everybody who isn't you know. As she's like I also zest to the wee bit for us if she's gonna you me the money. Luckily he regularly attend our bag and we've got hey you know nowadays yeah I don't know likes the probably not a whole lot. I we I'd say about this guy who tried by the late gotta check out the video on the B Jamie's face of terrorism you're gonna dot com to the video is. We have a man who tries and fails and giving the dumbest excuse to get out of a ticket. Yet and you hear this guy plus the rest of the news Steve's got 4 AM and 67. Team on the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. 99.9 JISW. Don't Barack hub Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are. Any available this early in the morning this is news tweets emails. Thanks guys things. Our joys of getting this news sports since it is very important to me it's national Vanilla ice cream day. Yes nights and underrated briefly your essay underrated prison when injuries though but no one ever says all of their favorite player. I do. Do you you have to know is number one for you as my number one foot Maria. I respect that death is number two from the deep south of the gadgets yeah. I hope all the charm I'll always wins yeah I'd no doubt about it when I go for soft serve for a base and Vanilla is using the base and isn't it kind of the basis Oslo care now good. All cleverness of an oh sure sure hey dad first and I was gonna Marlins are the ones who know once you soda salty caramel on the ice that. We don't need to know in this scenario you went full time to move on to ask troops assaulted her mom yeah awesome web takes to together a list of the strangest. Ice cream flavors and every state. And I hear some examples like in New York it's horseradish ice cream oh yeah I ten no I don't think so come on I'm lost rice in the main. Yeah I don't think it was that either I like lobster I actually love lobster I don't know how one as an ice cream flavor Hamlet from all the oil ice cream in New Jersey. I nor can he get to keep GM rice. Played he screamed yeah. And he gets in the way you need to hottest flavor in Washington keep honest flavor yes I love loosens. Joey yeah yeah I dug ice cream and really it's the that we disgusting hold on it's pros yeah. Being sick and I thank my dream yeah examination they yeah you know and to get some fishy no no it was obvious now. I was thinking who greets students yeah let's look oddly enough tomato ice cream for me. Oh yeah and ask you where we'll put ketchup on everything. Realized my BA you do make up routier's local for a bloody Mary Curtis to the tomato as human a bloody Mary parent. Tank doesn't sound and I was I got this. This is some good in all types thought these are weird flavors of course are gonna say you know I just we know what I just recently had done what so calm these guys stand. Key lime pies with the pieces of break I crushed inside the suspects it is still gonna got a number and doesn't lose more Dan cafe also the speaking of ice cream are icy streets I have to retract the statements and now apologized to BJ Shea was fluid I win my wife and I recently went back to let that fresh juice replace yes and I got a different flavor. And it was stands out are there you go like take back. Some shockwaves are very deep. All of those guys that that's the only do you get as the chocolate abhorrent and they're yes I didn't see signs of things other than chocolate on his semi at the chocolate and it was fantastic. I take it back. Please check and it's not high street no. Did something else it's yes it's something tells you something else it's some BL US a check up Preston street gets a chocolate flavor anything you'll be you'll be very sad news is good men have to say it was really good. Facilities guys who decided. He came up with the greatest excuse why the cops pull them over for doing 99 miles per hour. Happening California you are doing and he's doing nine million miles per hour and a 65. He told the cops that he was positive he wasn't going met Jessica I think well no look we generate are you went 99 miles per hour. And then he decided to say I think you're wrong. You're probably looking at the temperature not the radar screen. That's awesome. Well speaking get a lot done in California trying to cops they're in the actual quote awkward silence. And then you said you know what I'm giving this guy Jason and I immensely do you have to have fine I guess they deserve it. Bob for the freedom of decent attempt to turn the screen along with the speed there's only eighty degrees out not 1990 clubs. That didn't help his cause I know. This is crazy what would you do a guy. I think all of us and probably go down that did the right side is an intelligent and they were wrong but for a few minutes a woman was a millionaires thanks to a banking error. Full lives in Boston her name's Alan she's industry receive voicemail from a financial consultant. Same as the positive had been made it toward town. Now see she's replacing Charles woman she was already she's expecting fifty dollars to come back into her account for some reason. Please check your consummation of the fifty dollars and put back into our talent she noticed there was one point one million dollars. Oh includes a screen shot. Great I would tell them that it was wrong. But I would definitely screen shot that take a look at it has placed a goal for life definitely right. Plus she said it. Data should be nice and the other half I loans and quit my job and all that fun stuff but she called the console back instead needing to be fifty Bosnian one point one million dollars. Apparently there's another woman by the same name. In Florida who's expecting one point one imagines she got all of man's dog contest. Plus Ahmanson was actually did connect cashed up right what else was going on without warming and what does she news probably contacted Baghdad Nigeria yes she did see we should've done that's. Violence in court you need to take every opportunity at hand it to you but does she make an opportunity to lead me to federal prison so it didn't seem worth it. Hello Brian really picked a good time does it come back alive again how many was slumping midnight yesterday now there are three run home run for. I six RBIs and fight on the merits AM no. I know I'm mr. out god knows coming back from. Forget about me and mariners actually because the white side agency winning next series sounds pretty cool by the Mariners up next. The giants are at home against San Francisco Giants she's tax will be on the mound and starts tomorrow night. It's really chicken on the Mariners still in second place so twenty games over 560. And forty record but they're five games back from. Continue to play decent price if I'm tired and last time but still play better and embarrass the other team we watch out for the games. Because they're trying to catch act allows the athletics are playing some good ball to us absolutely looking really good Derek they're 5743. All right let's get cozy sounded got a big win three day shoot nothing over Vancouver white caps on Saturday. John is now unbeaten in the last four matches and are playing some of the best soccer this season for them. This is a good time as a trying to make a push for the postseason of course as far as right as far as whether 86 degrees sun and thank you Bernard more longer previous seasons. Or so it's only got to do you just got to get the post season you've got to play great soccer just good enough soccer and menus in the great soccer for the policies yeah they got to prove that a couple years ago yes so I'm mom all about that. You know why you maybe don't amount this is a company making sex toys. And they're releasing an app that lets you control amusing Amazon's Alexa. Boy yeah of course yes side is she's got. She's gonna have mad skills with the situation. Welcomes any lesser skills. That this is fun. Let's play because Lula. She's now want and oh yeah please. With a muscle media. It hurt less snow Honolulu. Wow that. Is probably the most un sexy thing I've ever heard Seattle how is that gonna get anybody and I'm now okay Alexa. Yeah dude that's kind of technological. Okay. How can TI if you if you say it that way I didn't meet him dude. Well you know I don't know many would you like by yourself would you ever enlists the help them laxatives help take care of things that feels so. Robotic student even when I lived on my own I wouldn't you madly and thinking of an element of my parents who played Alexa and then it'll here in the know exactly. I'm confident that I really Celestica seem like nodding things do you while instilling. Yeah exactly I I and that that's very descends very un sexy to have Alexa yeah yeah we do I want to does she say not he thinks if we asked her I am I I I generally ask a lot of nutty things start is she Jerry young yeah. A lot except to say something naughty. A tree not also known as a girl is a trip to bring some treatment on my brain has proven deformed manner. Not trees are valued highly by furniture makers and was shot just back because while girls are difficult. Community a little extra well played out there doesn't shut up she says something not me oh my god yeah our outlook this. Well let's not say something dirty yeah. Sorry. I don't. Own our passion and play a dirty joke maybe time. Alexa and tell me dirty joke. Excuse me waiter does coffee tastes like my. Sir it's fresh ground. I like reverend very lasting through this slide you her tour and the united I'll sell. Talk to me like did dirty girl you are well. Sorry I don't know that she you know she's purist who I'm not here or maybe I try it lights up. Talk to me not a hero. Sorry I don't know that. My heart gets Steve O access say something sexy. Hope you should just turn off. Well that's a very well and good job. It's an. Are there are. I had that's really like real life right okay now. So reasons I'd just say oh let's say in fart. Have you had a like so far for you yet. She says sounds really. You know that takes Arianna and just say what elects and if farms that citizens Syria allowed so far I came Lex up aren't. Okay and now she's just an I think she's children don't silent but deadly follow stuff couldn't Faris. Yet. Actress Alexa. Bush you can do that don't yeah right yeah. Is this only think she can't do but she can do that sort of stop saying a life sucks and I think you know for a driving people's Alexis Chris aren't a bad idea. They go. Well now learn that she's. Can start. But as easily turned off for you Vijay that's him pretty much the story in my life is just turned off yeah she turned right officers stunned if you could tell. I'm. Tidy I think it might have been new I think you realize you're you're ruined the moves he kept going with me she entertained my stuff. Yes and no you know this is just or me or she just she Mason he's human hand and I want wow you have done. While I'm I don't know if that's something that's really gonna do well. Of hello I sub. Infused. Yeah. Yeah I think that would history I know they you know when you had the app that was kind of cool people have a map that can control. You know their their their partners adult toy that's. That seemed kind of cool you know you need to go over a web then you know at some point you say okay. You're there and she's there. They know they'll let me just you know why you take care visits yourself maybe you can help. With her whether or toys or whatever and I there's some things don't like some of the need to be involved when out on the season beyond that I want. On Friday Steve he took way too many guests is to get this one right. Aren't are getting into the Wall Street crash lead to the Great Depression sixty snow seventies now. Fifty snowboarding. I know some of the thirty snow bunnies and Erica gets one it's. Death good job you know as this one out. It's purely guess is to get that knowledge malice or keep it real yeah you know I'm I'm Great Depression in the sixties I remember I lived a brushed off there was really really tell. If you wanna shot afridi Steve I think he got a good 1206421. Rock yeah hopefully feet made at 647. On Iraq today's podcast is brought to you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne and he's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy. Travis is it true that you filed for bankruptcy once you can't file again. Even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again different types of bankruptcies have different time limits between five. In chapter seven fold bankruptcy. You can only found shelter several once every eight years. However you can always almost always file a chapter thirteen case doctors through Jeanne cases can be filed. I immediately following this chapter seven. 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