BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-29-16-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, July 29th

Beat Migs.  Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Well you know over a decade ago man this rock was ruled the waves. Do in the Hydro planting a late Washington apparently it was it was an umpire. You know it. Distraught when she's going to be back C it's C fear August 5 through the seventh. This drug pot by car star auto body to a more info you know you go OK I SW dot com. Yeah. Happy made these guys made it it's Friday it's. And why. It it just for a food. That as little movie kind of movie trailers are to be right there get excited 'cause embassy a starter again this time in the IMAX a little later on today but he doesn't strategy Brady but I don't hang out with you ever seen the movie and I don't just. It's a meeting with you could not during the show OK well let's let the best talent and invited him on that's. Yeah. Lights are. It when he Il Wendy black man when he into a goal and a falsely in the movie Star Trek Gwendolyn is when it's available on the grant gigahertz. I think it's going to be a wonderful movie to sleep like as you falsely but it. Ivan fun and I've enjoyed all of the new starter well you should love this man I've enjoyed the new Star Wars movie. Yeah one gavel I only really my only beef is with Superman. Him and I just do not get along well you falsely put a lot of movies that's why I was joking because I mean it's different but you know what that says a lot. Because if you haven't falls asleep for the Star Trek movies I predict than the third one you will not policy as a lot of action lot of fun and I love the character development which is why I've seen it again man. But I've tried to watch every single member and that's how we went and saw Superman I think the first of all get along without Kevin Spacey and Superman returns I don't know which ever one but I policy before the credit Stephen started I mean they started but I do think some kind of action on monetary policy different there was a scene where Superman is taking a Gatling gun to the chest. Yet you're snoring as loud as the seed are listening out there anything that has Superman and it is a great record tonight move that stuff. It is brown. You did it as a treatment dart contest and today we got Jacob in Bremerton Jacob Carr and Mercer. Yes sir what 2.4 today Steve great these fine for a great spirits it's an oddball comedy tour which is gonna featured Dane Cook ice at the white river amphitheater on September 18 courtesy of live nation. Go to KI SW dot com probably details and enjoy get tickets additional cannot live nation dot com our eyes. For those playing you don't Jacob will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jacob you can pass so you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready served. Yet certain what basketball players are alongside Sean Claude van dam in the movie double team. Well yeah. In what decade was the very first test tube baby born. Chart. Note what decade. I would get into a white rabbit out. Did you oh in the game of checkers how many pieces does each player again when it. It now. Well ask what is the center of an Adam cult. You jobs won't know. While you'll act laughed what baseball position goes by these two letters ask ask. Although. Are tough ads which Disney cartoon characters love interest is named John smacked. Lot of ads Peter the Great it's considered the founding father of what country. Didn't out. Predict now it. Well he didn't drop reduce at least you know it's definitely because they you know what they did is looking up Jacob. Can happen on Friday headed thinking that on Friday Steve could Evan and terrorism and just pass out yeah. Your economic and Tuesday he shouldn't let that happen. It's the lawyer Eddie. What basketball players start alongside Sean Claude van dam in the movie double team. Charles Barkley note Michael Jordan is now. Kareem Abdul Jabbar oh in what decade was the very first test tube baby born. That would be the eighties note that these ads in the game of checkers how many pieces does each player caddie it would not. Twelve yes what does the center of an Adam calls. It's apple. I nucleus. Hi you guys becomes his side and it's. What baseball does she goes by these two letters as ass shortstop ads which Disney cartoon characters love interest whose name John Smith. The Little Mermaid you know. Yeah. You. And coupled. I got. No history. Of the greatest considered the founding father of what country sadly died. Oh yeah I thank genetic test hurried to Al Britain's. Germany so I had a relief to know. Land snow what is the molten rock map magma call once it flows from a dollar bailout. Yep 123 fourths it's 66. Sorry Jacob. But we knew this is the go to to unite both new and better. You. Bet quite a and I got a right you're not a project you Reynolds now. As noted ticket was a sewing and all the blame game into society and wiley and you knew it's gonna happen at that point three correct so we. When you just get one of the of the deuce. Yeah you probably not only does a philosophy when you just get one member of the dues you know. Thanks the basketball players start alongside Jeanne Claude van dam in the movie double team okay we got what when where we can't think about this is it going to be somebody we know Larry Bird no think the ninety's so we grind. Who was big in the nineteen Jordan. Well he was but a team it is. Picked him note all the that'd be other evidence rod has been a Rodman his flamboyant and have been crazy not to actually be a movie was on cloud and a judge of that. And arguments in talking to be flamboyant or crazy Libyan leader John club and Dan. I would love to be in the movie which club and when you are quite crazy. And I noticed you know what I noticed you got a lot of flair for the as a dramatic well thank you this idea that. And that the great is considered the founding father of what country you hit most of Europe what's your guess is it an I or is it not is it mother Russia yeah. Russia. She's really bad Russian impression that was a pretty bad but and what we're trying to a museum calls us to collect my. I root out graduates. Steve it was extra echo. 6206421. Rock. Rockets have a 625 don't forget beat me to do it Monday morning at this time twice each weekday morning. 647 and 847. But you play anytime anytime you want and the kids luckily his game to check it out just go to the beach Jamie's page of KI NSW dot com. New survey team. I don't know what's happening in our country OK now really care. Or ask they'd rather have sex more eat dinner at an incredible restaurants. Well and the division dinner for. The relief I I don't know. Let's say it is okay yeah you and Angela and Matt and I in the middle of a leader. I knew in the middle of the heat like him I guess and actually for a solidly you know three or four days straight you know Steve I don't know why they didn't address this in the news story that had nothing to do with you they should really figure that out on if they want an answer. These stipulations this is your choice you just have a choice and life. The wanna have sex or have dinner at a great restaurant. What do you think once dinner over the restaurant or I think anybody. I definitely people picked an alliance of which gender do you think once dinner over the restaurant speed and didn't over the sex and you're absolutely right almost half of women that. A great dinner. Now I. Where is a quarter of men say they'd rather have the rate dinner and Seve pepper cinnamon on pretty much yeah I won perhaps as good of the ones it's it rather agree dinner either. Numbers you can centuries. You right. Or they're getting it a lot already. They can get it up from one at get a anti dinner very often and right Vicki I hope you're right about that because traditionally. Over the years it's just either women a sex is an enjoyable for them because it's hard for them to get where they wanna go or be they have a bad partner. So I would like to believe your right that would be held and a social logical evolution is in fact women are just haven't so much fun. That you know I die don't get to have a great dinner more than I have great sex a let me do the thing I'll get to do. I would definitely err on the side of sex. But with. I mean there are times for a move now view greet you eat. What is at the net and like you got everything up the soup and salad dessert he's going to the Mets how about scandalous I have never been there myself. That's like that that's another amazing joint. You've never been there sex or Khamis and yeah and it's free. Yes it's. Well it's expensive death. Yes it's very tight right there at go red lobster. I don't Gabriella that's enough for you but yet pavement. You know pay for an not that I know what's at admiral's that's not going to be free red lobster and captains. Survey also found out there pretty much half of men and women say eating can be just as pleasurable is six. Now that's interest thing really has to do nowadays. Believe that advertisement you have had such a mile of this is sex. Five had amazing sex and an amazing you know the amazing sense when all dobbs but I'm not every time means not a onetime enemies and sex all the time really have been made but it will never well my wife doesn't like work for I like never goes advantages in native yeah me as sources. Chris just don't have an amazing thing I found violent weather should be. An idea she just could edit that it is like I but my mind would physically be dual audience seemed like a vegetable. That's. And there. I Aaliyah this sorry about that prodigy your mouse if you had to pick one player I get that will be the ultimate meal for. The ultimate mean things. I yet if it's if it's like my last meal I love Indian food sub wanna go to like amazing Indian restaurant but I do want to go to catalyst Sunday but. I feel intimidated as well. No it's a fancy place. Have you sold I don't feel fancy I feel like you know I don't fit into fancy places I would love to go there and sweat pants. Out of luck I could go there and sweatpants and a grip I think cameras because Seattle the cool thing about this place. Is that you can be casual and almost every restaurant you go to it doesn't matter you never to worry about how you look. When I got on that Orange County visit my wife it's different it's a different story IO is honey we just go to a place where right. Because I was always in jackets it doesn't matter where it is to be a fast food restaurant people seem to always be dressed up down in Orange County California. He sold comfortable moving on to campuses Websense has since 1950. Countless has lived up to its reputation as a swanky it's rescues restaurant in Seattle through today we maintain that tradition by requesting them and Wear a suit. Our sport coat message that we are required in many areas in the dining room casual attire not appropriate the bottom line. Everyone likes to look good 1950. People in fashion and love to show this is on accounts website. Stealing. Okay William again into again no problem that is a bit there that I. I'd like that I like that they tell you what you're getting into some restaurants don't do that annual locking you feel uncomfortable at least campuses like look this is what we're about. I appreciate that this people like to dress up their locals can advocates argue would love Disco and we think that's an undertaker he should react and you shocks you know somebody that the trouble is around Seattle. This people that got a ton of money address like you. Right it used to be you knew the respect Brodeur but in Seattle you don't know who's Richie got to be careful you never know who's who you know. I think sometimes we like to go to those on like that it it is open houses to house is that we will never be able to afford hauling him on hold zero guy and I did and not all dressed like a slob like I always do. And walked in home hoping I am trying to think this idiot things that we think that he's now. Hillary is yeah but I don't think you'll maybe you picnic and some like rock star and you know he knows. It's interesting guys I think John you're right I don't know where I've got it on than me shall have been around go into an open house here now I've done that down beach house is done in California. I'll walk in slob and around right now and they don't really humid time. Today Leo anybody either you can't afford this city goes a couple of streets over. And as a whole you can live and we get that for about 400000 dollars. What Texas haven't been to campus it's amazing seriously if you get the chance to go go. I think goal is you can go as a group and get the company to pay for myself. They have not going to expense a meal can look it there's it's not look there's a look let our general manager he's a great guy here is Jackson great guy. Never taken us to cameras while we about a to the menu item all right. I think it's time Russian or thought exactly why. But check the hardware. We. We will tell us we have guys prices on the menu that scares whenever things about price of rice on a whole Havana have dubbed it the traditional three course meal is ninety dollars a four course meal. Is a 110 dollars that's not I mean I mean for a place that's that's swanky yeah we. Elect. We're going to we're going that you and I together we gotta be solidarity acting going Jack's office along I need I need to know that your on the same page right uterus you were the only acting we shouldn't we see we should tell our daddy we should tell Jack we mean business account what we're going today. What we are. Lot more rotted out. Jack. Power. It's. A long time we ever put on Alabama join alignments and right we've been all compliant and nice we do a nice job brownie let's. When there will be big timers and he's attacked Steve I'll take you to the fancy dinner and I'll give you sex or even let you order of the main menu instead of the dollar menu. Cybercrime task. Thanks Ryan our great guy I have this what I wanna do this guy is Chicago disc jockey did this one time when Atlanta mayor's office. Will win the fancy suits. And then on the bottom of my shoes if I don't get ES from Jack. Celebrate the F word and the U word on and chew and out just kick my feet up on his table yeah I was asking go. I think you know who you're dealing with nobody. We think and hope put a student with him on the bottom of one of his feet or so your nose for the safe fires could face. That's why you're doing their Steve because you might be the first ago you know eight on the old one he'll play army for an announcement that's nice BJ I have a message for you here. And Steve any solidarity what do we bring Vicky and he won't fire her. Willie we're processor to read every generic cameras and you rocky year and a lot into question you don't don't don't ask me like a shopping spree at mock boarding house note because of that board game amid a B average take the more games over that new hockey gear sex. Hockey gear. Well I just want to sax yeah we just got sick. Take like one of my evenings session again that blog is you want to look at whatever you want I just don't want to say 1 is that what am I locked out for the rest of my life no following. Here I think my waffle on this at I'll pick out pick the right time of the month that's a note and you know what it's like to do sex only sex who would you guys go back to me they're on the third week of fun. I'm just I'm proud wanna sex you. I'd it is also time for listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock. Rock is 762 by Texas 77999. You're calls and text at 918 on the rock. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. You picked that topic you've got to show listeners on the news brought you like taco Del Mar. And that's not works man you know it to a 6421 rock rock is 765. In Austin, Texas 77999. Doesn't matter this topic we've discussed before or brand new one you wanna bring to the table etiquette it's not discussed today yesterday a year ago that matter. You pick that topic you guys to show Steve has just one rule though for listeners on the loose so. Managing and bring it otherwise. John you and say it could blow a little. Let's go to Brad the meat man Brad Inman would you are rock. In my Barbara what you got force buddy. Lot you're brilliant you're going Eric wondered Iraq also hurt by. Workers stayed real money and is it sort bite out of its stake to go out to summer. Yeah what the heck man if you're the meat and you must know so I don't know what kind of state shall we look at four wish that we go how to reduce. However I mean and state Robertson state governor of the state in the rib. And the bad part of the required it's not and the rabbi that's where much bigger and it's just the most flavorful. Standards got everything you say. So little known fact it was like back civic stuck into the red is it's not. Okay so the front end of the almost. Is essentially just to revive but it you know four hours of eight dollars a pound. Who. And so and so you know about the art you know what's you know what in the Pulitzer I'm pretty. I'm not last mile of the ports or local if you want government out here. And you're familiar orchard. So you say you go to the supermarket and you just say aspect is strike at the conversation with the meat dude yeah you know and and most community let's talk about your me. Quicker worker saw they're gonna there and I appreciate you want in your sock them around. As I don't know what is flaming you'll come from running an ad for a dollar at the underlying. And out so that are currently you know on the boards where we call that well. Optional and only got as the group of them have been good very very hamburger that it would no man that's what I mean I have a ground aren't I anyway. Yeah yeah it's a white supremacist who he had no idea so so is my academy crabs and lobsters are bottom feeders all that. I saw primarily I see I enjoy things and involve out of power. Conservatives really does mean basically gone down in the depths of this is great I'm not EST this weekend you know. About the about the artwork so. Especially during summer constructive and embracing these so people don't usually fire sort of on or about 1991 low note. You don't hear butcher and say you cannot get parts for answers that match up well. And their relatives you and I think that's sucker on cut it in the three states and you drop you know eight box. I'm really beautiful revised its essential Brad thank you very much I appreciate his. Rose and that's good stuff. I should she tied the front four inches of the chuck Aussie to savvy Davies looks at me like you though you know is oh victory saying tonight I don't want communique Manning needs to me I want the front four inches but that might. See you pulling brighter and that four inch high just on the front force or that saw all that you have as for our lumps and other tournament likened it. So this is on the loose you pick that topic you've got to show it to 06421 rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. Jeff insulting you. Are on camera. Good morning PGA and crew was somebody. And Steve union was enough. Of course but. You all worked for me too fast track. Authority Jeff you what do you wanna talk about today's that are. I had about yeah that's what I don't like I hear a lot of are my neighbor about it. And it didn't he would exit. Ed boy apparently. They had put out a policy that no Pokemon go to B play our purposes because. People are is so focused on their ball. That the people walking into 88 be restricted area where they are doing all welding lingering deep overhead overhead eat out art at. Eight lead lap with its stock wow that court it's. It is amazing to think that that people that distracted and maybe two days ms. two kids ended up in a different country meaning they want to cross the border and right. Your right to you and Jeff you're right that's that's pretty does. Our man I know you know I guess. I you know I I want to the age groups of the people running and if his if you're over 35 years old and you're not aware of your surroundings while you're playing the game. That's pretty lame I can see young kids not know what the hell's going on so but then again going how many young workers they have that are I mean yeah. People are just obsessed with this game yeah really we appreciate our guard Jeff thank him and we got to Texas has guys have you heard of people are actually being directed at kids after Pokemon characters yes do I I I highs this story is not according to big league puffs is the name of someone them. Tragically puffy and cars are that once she edging goes on them. This is according to baby center dot com your right people are naming your babies have to Pokemon characters. I huge jump this month of this which. But I social and there's going to be peca peca I was already got a boost you know he's I just PS2 yeah. Antique issue is one of them. Gently puff like you said is another one doll. The. Now they're the girls' names this mine not rose alias. I say that right picking as it Brasilia I think that's one of the new regenerate a broad Rosa wrote a Rosalia maybe yet. And -- onyx that's not horrible as opposed to but the big brooding and for Nikko rock monster that's kind of weird but onyx is also jewelry sounding name so I guess you can get away with it in and agree rap group from the ninety's yeah I think I should Vick is an important woes he not wanna name economics because it's too many references that are not good. Doesn't make as it doesn't make assessment that daddy's little girl. Easy is kind of nice and that's who zVue zVue girl looking at it they can be any of them at that little kind of fairy dog look and one it's Q. I'd star IV and Shea they're going we'll have this shape poke. That I wish I gotta put money in that nice. All right. OK all I see why it's star IV Shea and they're saying they figure named after characters starve me. EV sore and Xiamen and that's why I yeah. I'd be sores I incident. That's one. So you MTV's an ivy sewer okay. How about that. It's gonna and it's an out of mom's by the way bigs and outcomes and now the moms that are on the web site they poke mongo. But you have to explain your child at some point that that's what you mean intricate. And very unhealthy obsession with his game. But it's no different than naming you know my sister. Named her daughter after a soap opera character and you know MI my daughter my my my you know my grand my knees she is she she didn't. She's like I don't know the soap opera is really stupid really that's what I'm and actress sort of yeah. Was is on the loose you pick that topic you'd guide to show 206421. Rock. Rockets 7625 Texas 77999. You pick that topic you've got to show because in Texas 933. And bigs mornings. On. I mean yeah I guess helps you. Studied it quite IK ISW the rock of Seattle as listeners on the loose you picked that topic. You guys Visio 206421. Rock rock is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Let's go to I'd Josh in Bremerton Josh you are on the rock. Meet attic aren't I today just which affords budding. Are basically just wanted Derek in a quick thank you idiot it's a and working for the black if he years. I'm really you know working for the anymore your done. I am basically gonna go do my own being its let's start well. I it was a party started to serve stack Altria or act because or I know what so what you've been doing before you Jack on your trades. While business and we understand why are so short in Bremerton. I wanted to say ran good company really did people think customers and just kind of wanted to. It is shout out to them a lot of our employees it stuck with ears shows I wanted to say thank your hand and that's pretty much there. Out well good for you Josh felt I appreciate the comment congratulations and face tells you gonna go to work pays for it a bunch of free food for everybody and that was the last hour yeah so are there be prepared he's coming with some fruit of that's right yeah. Yeah they like they're like top out over there as soon he's bringing canvas all breach analysts wow Josh you really are appreciative of unless it's easier though there are here the nice our arrival cold just you know you never know some leases at wanna talk about the place and grinning as I said there are leaving behind yeah. Very quickly I wanted to be able to talk about I don't know far folks about the massive fire. That happened I think last Friday that guided the historic mercantile building and awful destroyed fifteen neighboring businesses and one of the this is that were affected was our buddies over at those who lose games man. Salute for game cafe they are still open though they were able to. Survive most of that fire and so they are open for businesses and their their great place in bottles receive your board game eulogy at chow plays games. Go support those guys as they got go little roof working got to get done. For imagine sport in some places don't give a shout out to be angry beavers side department is Seattle hot Harlem. I can't Greenwood area they were one of those thousands of that was affected by that green would explosion all rights of many months ago and have been closed since then. It is soft reopened last weekend but they're reopening. As of now so if anyone is in that area go showed some support. Help put some money in the pockets of all the people that worked there because that was a tough time for an aegis of the angry be reduce pre opening and so area. Major props to those Boise goes over there are very nice man Peter yet tasty that's how you pick which John Schneider what was it like to meet the architect behind the Seahawks and did you run the interview because I missed. Oh yeah man. Yeah less than a course where there was the premiere of that movie Gleason which is about Steve Creason who's battling an LS which is just an awful disease that just makes it's that you can't walk and talk anymore and dot it was there. And talk to mean it was it was awesome to get to talk about the police movie. You're John Snyder John what first attracted you to this project how did you find out about what was going on to such an incredible set sorry yeah very random. Very good very much from high school agree invade. Help produce the movie Indian policy reach out a weird like this I didn't know what was going on so yeah I'm really excited about you know help out. Anyway we can say see they're trying to do whatever we can help out the community and it's. I'm sure involved with a offices community that payless very special bars is that Derek Jensen who played for the raiders and then played for the Seahawks on my staff for several years and he has sale last had to return because we talk about a long time in which I Cisco's it was possibly can so Bush's worst fears of us can and then the whole loyalist community have you seen the movie yet I have not and undergoing a hundred miles an hour about 7 o'clock this morning and so. I guess the latest sit downs tell you about kicked a little bit watch the trailer I watched in the morning and I was like. I don't just go home and hug my wife but it seems like such an incredible love story between. In addition to and uplifting story of what he's battling but I love story not only would his wife but also these kids kiwi every it's tough in their everyday world right but let what does that all about right they growing here on this earth for so long and and how do you how do you love as strong as you possibly can support everything else all your fellow man himself. And how do you inspire where do you find your inspiration like what their minds wishes my family you know my boy's life chase is so strong and do whatever I can like we said we've got some community. Now my son be the best you possibly be but also this community in the twelve to being able to get back as best we can now known over a beer for a little while. Think everybody sells very happy to hear you're going to be here for a little bit we're rates one quick question fanatically one didn't see your personal longer on the team who would have paid Canty. And so any. But I would have to say Marcus Trufant despair uncertainty hovering over yeah. Well John I demand an answer to either. As you said of course he's well loved having Jimmy Graham you said release came up in big bear that that was pretty close to Jimmy jumped behind guide to John Schneider and and data no idea what I was the items they do Jimmy you to and a person Cilic while it just. Just give my hard times can adequacy a lot of laden Pearl Jam guys today that community battered that was pretty damn awesome Steve Gleason was there to his wife skated. There's just a special night and get more information that Gleason movie dot com in the movies now showing it's out the landmark guild and also at Cinemark Lincoln square. Nice and. There's a big question. But do Ryan canceled. And doughnuts have in common. You're gonna find out at 948. On the wrong. In the exact morning. Rock 99.9 KI ESW. And gain yardage. Mr. Ryan castle and doughnut seven comment why you think their faith but they're actually fried. It's gonna be a bad ones today because every donut sounds. Like it could be euphemism for sack. I did say that team from attacks are polls in boxes holes and holes and cream filled and yet the ladies. Defense in his mouth Corel. But hopefully I think he's he's out that's the thing you know it's nice. Please announce the appreciate these boxes. And boxes industry sprinkles. How about this man other both legendary. School local time to a Greek government shocked. So do for my phone number. In the got arrested by cops because they thought that his icing for the donut that he to have. Was met they tested its crispy queen plays it hard Nino you don't car falls off the seat. They check Paloma over the to see you see all the delays droppings they go this is Matt they tested it twice he came back positive for meth even though it's just a Krispy. To those things are so. They want to wipe that stuff that's around with cops doughnuts and get an attorney and everything man and they were just like no that's not crispy cream that's math and I'll go right UT. Two men write cancel your routes UT's and that's why OPEC. And made some of this day. I would go to bed and output of VHS tape in my head and hit record and I do like the long play version biggies big easily noses you know those ideas but it VHS tapes you have the option of either having it use iTunes to be higher quality a slap stick his VH one telling the young ones around the fire. Ugly out I thought I thought OK okay. Are you tired I don't know I'm not my wife decided to just Texas and I don't even know what you're talking. Rock 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. Totally rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. You rebuild it you know one creditors time by making your payments on time. Show on your on your friends your mortgage by continue to make car payments instead of a crime that you keep during his case. You can also. They sent her cards you can almost always get a credit card almost immediately after filing bankruptcy. Sometimes this is secured card you know almost always have a really high interest rates on his. Did you get a small balance credit current and you know charges changing gas or our dinner once a month on the I made the payment paid off every month. And that'll help you build a credit history when creditors time. We'll help you rebuild your credit overtime. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to trust any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.