BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-10-18-6A: Best of podcast part 1.

Friday, August 10th

BJ and MIGS best of podcast part 1.

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A lot every day it's part of your life and you wonder hey I am no idea where that came from and then somebody shares would view. I here's the origins of that. Anti age sometimes he's there and immediately to mind blown icon Manny get the MOG. And for me it's the jeopardy theme I've heard it I mean ever in my entire life I don't know the songs are you know yeah not familiar with Ted what's this is a show you need some time to think about it. I don't know man. All okay you don't. So it turns out the scene was originally made it written by Merv Griffin and an end. Some of the big keys of the world younger folks at big east and Danny's probably really may be might know the name and have no clue that Merv Griffin was just I mean a mega star also make your program creator I guess they think of every iconic game show and I think he's had his hand on all yup and of course was a great talk show host as well. And sold. I you know I didn't know Merv new music. Turns out he wrote the song he wrote the theme to jeopardy any actually wrote it not for anything but just. Get this kid to go to bed. It was a lullaby he wrote a lullabies for his kid a lullaby for his kid that turns into. Pena knows muted the theme of a mega successful game show wow. You ready for this this is what's more irritating than anything. He says it only took them less than a minute to write this damn song. The song that can made made and skill eons. That's a little bit different than Mike. Bands but this year these stories from bands that say some of their most popular songs their biggest hits for written like in five minutes but he just during a practice basic came up with the basic structure in the skeleton of the song in minutes. That minutes. Less than a minute. Got Merv over seventy million dollars in royalties expense of that song life best method of his life. In the bed sheets yeah exactly. Wow. Yeah I am committed to come up with and he's made that much money from here in here and here is set here's the seventy million dollars all right guy. And how do. A total and nobody saw the yeah I never thought about it. Never thought about it either and I'm still so dumb why now why would be everything that. The Baxter is there was physically kids to sleep but you know what I'd like game I think we all like did. It's interesting to me I like to sleep in on me because I'm getting older and it's it's just like old people just throwing the human sunblock and you'd like to nurse. I do like scenarios for different reasons I surely do. Boy oh boy he I would be easy to disloyal people like this show it's a solo by puts loosely. Yesterday I was at I didn't I'm you don't pass so I guess originally got you back mustache was supposed to help with our tile dysfunction and oh I. All just aren't okay well I had no idea when she shaved it all this defeat runaway. Four and their ads that's another well known fact about jeopardy I don't know I had no idea first the lullaby in the mood there the shaven this dizzy up the mustache that was that's what did it right there. So that's just blew my mind this morning. And seventy million dollars man how do we try all of us try to do that we need to make some cash. Work hard and then he just in a minute goes I think in my gym to go to sleep on it and man and now take my seven million please. Here's a kid don't you like I mean an armor is no longer with us I would imagine that's easy enough money any alien one kid by and Tony being Tony say yo what's up from Tony. To me some cash you wrote this for me. Yes I'm Tony I'd better get some though I mean seriously you know knows Merv was like other Gates's and they gave the kids nothing gonna wanna grow and I do like. Hey hello our second mr. seventy million I want I want my own bedroom cut blocks. Or you that you like never told his kid that because he didn't want to give America an admonition. First allowance yeah I did give me ten bucks a week yeah. This song may you seventy million dollars to reopen up to like fifteen week have got to admit that that's just amazing just amazing but NL. I rewrite it Ryan Seacrest said that he went me he basically took on Merv Griffin is a mentor and that Merv was kind enough to actually. Help this young doing and and give him any advice he would need back before we New Delhi is. Fairway and and now Ryan Seacrest is I think becoming the Merv Griffin of of power generation right now because of all the stuff he's involved with the he's created some great businesses and stuff. Do communion only Japanese and will fortune. It was also his thing she's wheel of fortune jeopardy to the biggest game shows and into the ailing prime time game shows that are pretty much going on forever. Yeah this is an Iraq is some Wikipedia but I would imagine they don't think he came from I had an article in the Associated Press. Art from behind Japanese also gonna blow your mind it was his wife's idea. They were on a plane. Going over some game show ideas and she noted that there hadn't been a successful question and answer game in the years since all those quiz show scandals which. Was a big deal about oh right yeah so she said when I do was switch give the answers to the contestant and let them come up with the questions. Come on. First of all. Why Ulysses was wife most men don't it's so that give him credit for that I can juice if you're on a plane comes just like John no really I got really young dynamic area and so giving could give him credit for listening to his wife. Because I you know most men don't and then she started throwing out so much answers yet to come up with the questions bands coming off the plane went straight to MBC with the idea and they love their without even looking at a pilot show. Well now as you're the wife you're like god so the wife and son now pretty much still I'm imagining they were doing okay thanks to calculate the hobby in Dagestan. I don't know she still win this is wise but that's amazing. You know massive thing it's people listen that's really what I'm getting out of this the you know they divorced in 1976. I have them all about money and I like her idea. That's the last time he listens or who's not playing. Love your idea Kate you know how our host a good twenty year round and a bad yet you rest. OK so that is interesting and another hole Baxter and this documentary I may not may be it's not worthy of an hourlong documentary or maybe this. But tell us origin behind all of jeopardy they do have been eight. The become surge already out there you probably needs to an idea had Missouri been done. I gotta say though I mean. I only was it me because mr. loyal but if your wife comes up with jeopardy. I don't think you can divorce or. I just I mean I Audi a divorce somebody came up with the one of the biggest cash success cows on that course I did that they're probably a little kid. Them because they you know I mean if he's got over the favored jet remained bone graft I mean is she was responsible for a seven million dollar theme song concealed to make the kid. More than she do after that unfair expectation how did she do it every time there on the plane is a date ideas yeah it's a golf America CNBC credit I get the plane then she had nothing he's like I'm done with you stupid kids falling asleep very time jeopardy goes on yeah Hollywood marriage you're right he's just so hell what have you done really link that's why then did. And they X morning. Rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Point nine KI SW Iran does Seattle. Fight I was so survey online got a bunch who would you rather is. Love these kind of questions these side this time they're about food and sex I got the six best questions for you right here cowboys. That's a little insects they bury the memories so basically this is would you rather have food or would you rather sex but there's different yes. Okay you've suss it out Budinger and I'm I'm the owner did anybody. So Steve yes would you rather never be able to. Enjoy yourself again okay or never eat pizza again I think we know Denny would say. I don't know what was Danielle this adjustment. The stimulus streets. And I would never want you enjoy myself again. You know there's bathtub. I love pizza I don't know it's so much. I love me some more hotel and go home. IPSec and yet you are already how Sony's yeah Africa. You have got to says data are you are in the minority audience that pockets gonna keep the pizza files that you could put me and I just. Yeah I think that it'll bites I think we've got to get rid of pizza money they with Ortiz and it. If you can't guarantee one which is going to see you you know get the task completed every single time so I. I know I college days. And I have seen at the pizza. Yeah I never thought I'd love something more than piece of an apparent love myself yeah so yeah I don't blame I'm on the same way and yet more than half must we give up. Self action. Did he say that the really figured out I mean Arnold and I love pizza too but there's other food. Right you know and there's only one who use our own there's only one video while about to put them where it. Would you rather only be able to hook up with your clothes on. Or always have to eat with no clothes on. What I read a hook up with clothes on I no problem with that CI don't know what that means so does that mean that you can never expose anything I automatic entries on zip. So I don't know lap I if it yeah I fight it's I if I get to. I was I get to at least in the you know have things that I get to touch new things that's fine you know like that you can't touch me so yeah if that's the case and yeah I'm with -- and I see your pride via pay it be a bonus from my wife and I don't be admitted into and to see this I have to agree that my wife also probably the Doby grey thing. I would stay for guys because we're visual creatures and you know the women were with wouldn't we we like to see him out because on some tough has become BF my wife who like to keep her clothes on Danny. God close on sex or close off eating. Clothes off eating ice like to be native. I don't like eating make it. Well when you read make it. Never okay. How do you know you don't get songs are outright today. And ice cream cone naked now facetime you BJ all that's a dress a brilliant idea alumna plan Vicki eight naked or close sex I. Think he may get a vehicle as he made real one that's surprised by that it's also the long 'cause you don't really have as much fun if you're not making when you're doing and do day. If you eat naked and you'll probably make healthier can't you know decisions and many are gonna I wanna go to the pressure on meet some wings and you're not going to get naked is sold as ours are a place to put our brand stressing my you know yeah so they say I don't think you're I think yeah I don't there's not enough friends in the world that village then that's your -- on my body shot is a mental thing a swimming pool shot is like big Bertha visited my stomach out low. They get you thinking about the fact that every time you eat you have to be naked which means new goal while we ever got to close on yeah make plays when I go well and I told really go either die ever do you believe that I would I mean I am now there's no way ammonium nowadays everybody had. At some point out at a breaking point and then next you know the cops are called to trapper sushi because Steve is naked at all you do need bar. Would you rather never have sex again. Or eat lunch in the grossest bathroom on earth. All of finally went to the horse's death from America my curious have you bend the growth has been tomorrow I don't know what I mean I've I've visited rev once it was. Yeah I replied yeah yeah content that are better here and it comes CIO's one of egress is best things on earth OK so yes. So. Is it not so good and I did not yet I I think I read this wrong would you rather have sex in or eat lunch in the grosses staff tomorrow. That's what I think the questions because I look at the rest of it in the rest of it says that's a lot of us would actually rather do one of the other you know from having sex and it grows faster. Okay yeah I would rather have sex and grows government each negros yeah that's the problem Harry had sex and the grass is Yasser yeah. Honestly GAAP and all the accolades you must listen I ask you out to yet there is getting but I love the way I read it because Sid and atrocity cement I was gonna have Sachs yeah. But it is fascinating to know that most if it and I just I had to give up sex or even grosses governments nice and that we want our sick so bad that we will eat the gross is wrong or right in the world. While well that says a lot how about this would you rather have an eight hour food marathon where you could be eating as much as you wanted without feeling full. Or have an eight hour six marathon with any one on Burris through marathon day retreat. Who really yeah pay hours having sex doesn't seem very fun. After a volumes you know. Are amazing thing. This move pretty much I don't know man I can take some people that I would love to just hang out with for eight hours and just have that nice lol who build. I think I'd rather do that the need for Iran I don't issued a few legs a little unless there are little tummy think about it they demolish discard Joseph Zend matter manatee Emma still all all the food and the you know the Jennifer Lawrence's main draw as soon as the official frosty I could go hurry and over get a blizzard. And I go get mcdonalds Sunday I can I'll eat I could be even ice cream and eat my way out of it. For eight hours wow yeah I'm I'm not I'm Rosie on this ways is this also not being not feeling full and also not Keeney weight because if I'm not gaining many free Dallas I'm assuming yeah. I even still even if that's the case yeah I I I I guess I'm at odds with you guys on this one. File and finally would you hook up with your celebrity crush. Anytime you wanted to catch on fourth and steal diagnoses mistake or gets your favorite food for free for the rest of July's. Ya I know what she's gonna break I've yet. Food no repercussions with a favorite crush like the Weis wouldn't mind or ignore and I don't know repercussions of my favorite food that's a good point your wife might be more upset just improved and bridle pretty crushed. Yeah yeah you're right they were you aren't in a captain splattered red lobster or yen to know that it's free. All are. Our me and RJ and I was almost as awesome as the captain's daughter and I know yeah. I don't know what the red lobster catch is flattered. I admiral's feast I can remember which one it is it is delicious I got a tip for you don't win if we ever have the fortune good fortune of of interviewing Jennifer Jennifer Lopez yes please don't tell her she's almost as good as the captain's play her friend laughs I don't think I'm an award she'd understand I don't think she'll understand how much she really love it I think she will take that as an insult and is just a just approach it if you ever in your career you dinner you're. I. And now I'm looking images of the captain's father. I don't go to jail allies it tells us I'm scanned be. This is the breaded Schramm the crap and I guess I agree it looks good and you're done unlimited cheesy bread. Seattle a jail as much as you do but if you would have but I love her a lot but it was BI or I would have to pick your block. Yeah I would have to pick Jude Law over the captain's flatter he's gigolo Joseph you know knows how to get it done of course I got to pick Jude Law that you will be the food. He would go with. I'm really into the toothless lately about apartments are ads and not what I read has to deal with everybody who just can't possibly some pepto without Tom who suffered what Lucia. Get stuck I don't know Latin America and I don't really are really a form of not Mexicana OK I had no idea was Latin America and we don't have listened Mexico bought really ugly. Similar to like the real Mexican tortilla dough and then they put selling Tennessee valley meter. Teens and she always had different in the gun more than tortilla and then it's all wrapped like its inside of it so it's almost Kennelly. The breed is rap like this is like axle mustang and almost looks like a pancake. I don't know yeah already alienated. Have been chronic goes tacos poop poop through Syria now so it's nothing I know I go to Chico regal on my housing mindlessly calories you go it is. Freaking yeah this Tarzan yell I had history evict you got so Danny's new Nancy garrido. I intimacy we always love any song they need to do your own version t.'s go here you go hey here is as honest and I wanna go I wanted to boost athletes I actually didn't like data on the date day because I like we always does and in the end it is that Mossad the in the Indian one or because the because Indian how did you. Think the tamale masa. Yeah yeah after well any any eastern Indians have something where they have the hole stuffed Brady sort of thing like that where it's all inside of it like that I know you're tied for doing 100 of them from Syria though we go to. Tacos idols are so I think we go anywhere so you district supposed to Regis sounds like something you might have to go get some medicine for a long ago. What's wrong we can't fly and I got to it was Syria since solvent during diction and easily Sarah with like this long. And links also has an sour cream like a really thin tired I mean are your heart muscles are zero through sucks it's. So good soccer who knows captains moderate red lobster but it looks really good okay. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I know of bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief what are the steps for my situation. 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