BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-10-18-7A: Best of podcast part 2.

Friday, August 10th

BJ and MIGS Best of podcast part 2. 

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Play nice de ice the bureaucracy at all and yet you go to gasoline dot com as we can get the KIS the U snap back cat. Sweet looking black cap put on your head it. Look good. Protective dome from the raises the city got no hair up there like a certain couple people I know named reverend Steve yeah gas like Brothers let you Laden's and some without any sunscreen or had a Honda has I mow the lawn yesterday it didn't format like it down Mac. Asked she's is Steve just said yesterday are now home do you diver let's send I don't allow. You don't have to go through that if that's not back cat that's a good look good and not be stupid like Stephen revved up. NL KI SW dot com. Dean the man. I. It's. MV OK and NY UN day and I. Why exactly it man it's not then I didn't say wow yeah that's not how they junior it's actual home the day they each update junior makes you feel better because look now here is slightly closer to use the week and it makes you feel like it's not a Tuesday at that point but today gas Carl's Friday junior see all the sudden we have found a way to make we still alive and just refused to accept whatever David Barrett perfect. Well it's cute so heart contestant today elite guard Craig and literally drag you there. Pool here. What a lot of people call on midseason playing now did you macho man Randy savage hello awesome what he played boarded a Steve up for grabs apparent biggest check out the match. Go get them Seattle Mariners dot com. All right Steve I hear yeah. For those playing at home Craig will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Craig you can't that's all you want but you'll only get three guess is her question are you ready and I am 1 question how am I know Shiite now. Have a but under armed guard. Thanks Greg Carter. Or necessities is a song for the soundtrack of what Disney film. The books asked how many US states do not share a border with any other states. Perhaps it's in guardians of the galaxy like colors in his Gomorrah have. Dream yet as to what color is he bottle of Bombay sapphire. And it can't how many minutes is 75%. Of one hour. We can't ask to play and Jackie in the sitcom That '70s Show. Our pentagon more pressure can't someone youthful spirit is despite the dangers young adults why. Qatar's asks Kirby is the disease resulting from the lack tells you what's vitamins. Vitamin C to ask which band had a in the seventies had a hit songs hotel California. I'm Garrett interior and exterior LeBron can't. Morass wrapped. What is seen in the tea coffee shops in the east I'm brand. I don't know why do 345 or higher quality and anti could have been better cranks here and I around America or are yet you're absolutely correct did that disappoint you can get you could. This score. Okay thanks and you can lose doesn't end there Charles Barkley you are good and there is that slight slight chance I could be inside I think we're numbers are amateurs aren't and we'll thank you very much because Steve back here thinking Steve are you ready to play here deep bare necessities is a song from the sound track of what Disney. Found its I don't know armed air it's very consistent I noticed on the continent can cause sleeping beauty and I'm. The Wasilla Beauty and the Beast now narrowed problems with the animals somber jungle book. How many of you what states do not share its border with any other state that was pretty straight out to ask two games guardians of the galaxy what color skin does Gomorrah have greens adds to. What color he all of Bombay's SaaS via air yeah. Liked what color is he bottle of clothes yeah. Nobody is how many minutes is 75%. Of one hour yeah Mr. President. Oh hole craps out about 45 asks who plays Jackie and he sitcom That '70s Show the hottest on the world college remains. Our real Kunis yeah I cannot Zastudil OK so when you in spirit in spite of ages young and why it's part yet as. Scurry in the disease revolt there resulting from a lack of what vitamins and vitamin. Now not no woman you can read more 567. UN seven of my guys. Well I'll sign. That's a very real unity yeah I know you. I was stirring up in the middle of those guys just because a normal spring up because. Steve was literally doing a little dance after every correct answer there was an hump day dance they select. It's like if he and his wife for having a great day for vacating it was really really really ashtray and I literally was felt good because I don't do it on the jungle book he doesn't normally get Disney movies I know how that fire. Our secure memoir stratosphere I would try to that was when I was trying to guess at first I couldn't get a name I was trying to be warmer animals and I know you haven't seen the though the John several versions of jungle book to live action version yeah so damn good is really I'm not so mad I missed it on the big screen. All I've heard that that was an -- not to run and an American film to see on the big CI NN -- -- and I just do the same with a line change between now and into a live action thing front with this guy yeah I'd doesn't mean duty in the V you know Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella says they're taking all their old animations and putting in the live action and people or love and on the -- they really really are and jungle book Brock told Marie was a great pollute the bear he was really really good really use music from can be do Nablus the bears kinda like Castro calf high that's sign him so valuable early sort of roll yeah. Yeah I can win here it was dome where it was really good how does that affect our two one quick. She knew missed that actually Craig got corrects Kirby is a disease resulting from the lack of vitamin CC. Yes then there's two questions you didn't get to that Craig didn't get correct which band had a hit in the seventies called hotel California are Eagles yes of course and then now what was the name of the coffee shop in the sitcom friends. All on mom. Com central perks and central perk yes I'm jazz hey don't I don't know and it's but congratulations see you want it with seven correct gas so Steven nobody is beatable and you'll have another shot at BC tomorrow at this time as well as later on at 847 Pete makes twice each weekday morning don't forget the online on demand version. You've played any time go to the B Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com. Speaking if you heard this a dating app called happened VOA HA PP and happened I think so but I don't know I've heard of that but I haven't actually played that well it's time ha. At one point seven million users they got beat you need to be on there. Because they can tell you look at a job you should have if you wanna be considered dated six ahead. And I didn't find the people you've crossed as we asked who doesn't sound stalker issue at all non non. So they basically have seen as who they said they know who the most sexy job in what the most exe job is based on what the careers are the people who get the most dates. And the sexiest job for both men and women. Which is surprising to me and also hateful was then the baker of baker who good call but no harm or death. No that they they have the top on top fuel here. And out lawyer came in at number one for both men and women. Of course that's got to do with money. Because lawyers can get your money now don't. Finally a female lawyer sexy. Honestly she's rice and super like sexy like business attire could being Odierno a could be because she's a lawyer I don't think she's sexy. Another side to his eyes and only one and Maya now this is made a career out of arguing that whole last thing I want to know. But you know what she's powerful she's assertive. Nino for guys you know those are the group the masculine Tennessee which means she'll probably like the nose in there that can be sexy like should probably be one and have sex attack. Other sexy jobs for men doctor of course engineer. Investment analysts figure train engineer to Jew. I think it does a guy that makes things in yeah. Trader or banker and teacher I sign at the top five it's really tough I have to do money. Yeah losing money sex teacher teachers don't lumbered I would imagine that that that that is attractive because security nurturing new. Yeah you're you're you're good with kids yes I hope yes and doctors and engineers can make decent points I think are only now here's a sexy jobs for women. Marketing student okay throughout bikini very Steffi hubris is not India but do they realize what they do there the women exposed their breasts and genitals. And licked whip cream off each other for money I agree that would have been number one if they let them know exactly what happens. Our finance of your way if you're a woman in finance that's sexy these guys designer. I yeah I like that designers are sexy to me I have to agree with that predicament they out of your kitchen right it I do I do like two short of the stripper. Virginia Teresa and make a waitress at like this somewhere where kicks it to make Sharia earlier today you know OK now what do I make stilted to do until until so yeah I can I don't find I don't care what you do for a living it doesn't I don't find it sexy attractive are anything like. The door image she finds a one sexy attractive. Is if they're sexy and attractive yes for me I do like the profession might in nurses on here. The high and yeah no doubt about it floors ninety offices in full effect men when my mother in law was in hospital. There are some cuter nurses and then just them being cool amino have to mean that that it would have but what I can. Unattractive woman dresses in the hearse. Because it's your job Matthews going around just a nurse but I attractive woman that typically you would find unattractive as she dresses commercial that make her hotter. I think so OK guys I think did because some of these nurses are I you know kind of grew on me if you will lose. And also architect is it is a cool you know later Mason chief sexier recordings this thing so they go like to put their hands towards the other side. That's they're up at this hour in web site columns from this digging out the side does some very creepy. Have to find the people you crest passed with walking on the street at a cafe at work at a party discover the people you've crossed paths race. The people you like the people you would like to find again how many how he knew this at this app allows you to find somebody just sought out in the street everytime you addressed by another happened member and realized their profile shows up on your timeline our. Audience you number of times you've encountered this person. And if you don't wanna see that person anymore he's at the click on the cross button dude that's interesting so. They use your brain different music you know you have like you're near a bar and you keep seeing that same person so it's kinda like gum. Yeah I hum what was that app we could find we have friends were. Squarespace gray area you always Wear foursquare yeah yeah I don't like that but for dating where you're walking down the street you all he's cute she's cute. And then your song goes well just so happen to lose. I don't boo that's weird. Yeah that's that's a little weird they're using I did physique is cinema message hey I think we just walked past each other again smiley face. Personally I know I saw you look so we have four mutual friends do you live around here. Wow that's. Orderly and that's that's that's Carolinians I guess it's kind of cool tennis Dockery at the same time immunity has to be saying hi in introducing yourself yeah Allen wanted to see if I saw this person I like judges Mary hey I know what's up let's hope we happen. Bigs mornings. Yeah. I guess helps you. Y nine K and I SW the rock of Seattle. Tell us get a Florida story Steve it's good to go back to the great state of Florida for idiots. I was about to Sarah imagine this is not gonna reflect well on the fifth. The feisty that is Florida there's a deer in Florida he was burning books last Wednesday night you know because they lose in the fine tradition improved burning. Great just hasn't been happening all we get back to it. And this guy bring his books well fire get out control. Its spread. Anyone have torching 696. Agers. Down two houses. All because he was burning books through no books he was burning I won there. Can find that six other houses were damaged firefighters still working and contain the fire but fortunately. There were only a few minor injuries. In his dude rightly so will be on the hook for the entire cost of putting out the fire and he can also be liable for all the damage. It should cost him several thousand dollars minimum. All because he wanted to burn a couple books. As I don't understand why. To me why are you brown boys are apparently used China Burnham bunch of trash and his intention was to burn some trash shows just an accident it was like he was making any kind of book burning statement now. Again. In you insists can recycle that stuff. You got a fireplace may be I don't know you bring it to a U bookstore he cheese man on every level you're just an idiots. No doubt about it. A man sitting two houses on fire while he's burning books. I'm. It's as simple as that ball one of the books is called arson for dummies are bad redbook and break her book. Say a man sets two houses on fire while he's burning books based on this I destroyed blank by doing blank 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. Let's go to rocket in Tacoma racquet you are on the Iraq. Anybody Ritchie got for us. So all yes that's funny so here you go let it migrated a little car. And are they do not get he enjoyed gonna I don't know how we were outside street like it was a real car and I quit it. It is that we could be pretty evident we are gonna mine and unfortunately there we were at a street art. And somebody had a really nice camera that was really nice thing about throwing it back on goodwill and what we drove away at earnings. Didn't work out so well or below that our best bet. Followed damn dude so you're so you've got the rental car and you're the one that slipped it. Yeah very young guest country. Well that's the I don't know as you get around to argue that rocket drive it makes you get insurance on that Reynolds. A million terrorism this against would you want the insurance and make brutal why the insurance is just ridiculously good there's like 40 bucks a day am I. Please my own insurance and they say so directly now it's in the back of my head doing some of the day I get the insurance and. I'm what do they say they say look did you let rocket drive discard or to Hamas cannot remain he's gonna flip it yet they showed me pictures and videos of what rocky did. We saw Al Unser and I get no jury. Right you're at all what they did what happened man I mean so they had those pitchers they site you guys senate towards the car what happened you guys. Well we were we were I don't know I only found that clearly but they got back Thursday. Basically called us up a betting man you'd like Hillary don't bin bin Lou all right North Korea were all compressed a rescue you brought your prayer tonight it. We you know assure you it out and car smoke in July went on out and police stations. Did so well what would an ideal console like DNA yeah good guy. What is. This right you guys obviously we're newbies our or our young young adults it's a good test and am what did you end up having to do for a penalty just to pay any danger to serve any time. No we got no uncertain already. In the end inept our report card. I. How did your parents are activists. I area. Yeah I just. Ahead system that I would be as they rehearse him about the parents in the cops to Adam. Me and what he's. All right we we don't lump is still. I know it's gonna surprise you that a guy they were rocket does slip in rental cars might dropped an F bomb or nest bombed and it happens. Rocket plan yes bomb fly Cleo rock and everybody what a life. We had faces an. Tie it up becoming a professional NH RA driver at the age of twining. And I credit this event for all of it while man totaled my car. Larry I can't complain about my kids. You know nobody I put the car I know I will but it. Really they haven't really done anything to their level I don't know what I would do a child does stuff like that before you say you know you deal would that would your kids it's your your daughter necessary and as a good explain. I'll say. Some day. And no I didn't destroy anything in your filers. Actually how out of surprisingly guys to say that mama and my morale and spirit yeah. I'm willing to do it around Baghdad and my dvds go missing from time to time noticeably and your friends. Probably out of it if your car and accidentally Blake hit a biker kind of what set yeah that's that's not that. I am I destroyed my cell phone and I addicted law actually just can't put it in a glass of vodka. One night I thought at that looks thirsty and you exactly what I was doing to an all my friends watched me do it the dumbest thing. Well maybe you're drunk. Lies Giuliani leading the SS questions like Eileen I like how she's so I did this weird thing yeah because you were drunk were trying to stir the drink where your phone. I kept my my phone needed beverage to give us but then. Yeah after I got a new phone I flush out on the toilet. We drunk during that time all I was strong during that time I would also not toilet trying to save it Salem Denmark. This before or after he use the toilet. After. 00. No. Yeah I hear these stories moments like this and I'm very glad you're here so I. Any idea though because my age he was in my fountain I saw flip phone save Maggie but that's it but my phone has gone forever. And the data to buy you a new front yes I left him a nice little note the next morning dear dad come Massa don't try to contact me because again most. Foot pharmacies she uses cost like twenty boxing you have to you get used on Amazon because people left and anybody wants to bite them. Yeah yeah this kind of fancy phone yeah I don't trust myself. I don't blame yeah yes. So I was like yeah here between bush idiot. Thank you and congratulations. Let's go to Chris Chris in Seattle you are in Iraq sir. Good morning gentlemen good morning Chris finished his sentence I destroyed blank by doing blank. So are you destroy it. About a hundred acres of flat dead does it was not why would fire. About how did that happen. Well over our sport that would allow like eight years old I didn't really have a job that would. Really worth a drug dog got a broad wanted to celebrate fourth of July but I didn't really have a bunch of money to buyer but they're cool fireworks so. I want out he bought about. Six breaks of sparklers. And came back to go out there and figured out did you get big sport we're getting it from all together and they got my little Barbara ball. I don't really yeah yeah I don't know what you'd be you know get crusted over eighty villagers say they don't vote real big. So. We are we go out there are a local. I have a bearing area but it it this way it. There are pretty cool but I you can hear me like that sucker off and we we light I mean deploy your whole life how well bus bar where our. That take they've done you know device. Don't you have a real law you don't want it out there right away because I picked him boom media go boom and that we read about. Well I don't know about you ordered. To where did you view edit and blow up don't like Mike Tyson's punch you right the jets duck if you thought you meet with him corrective. Why don't wanna see you used far away as you were you still got here who is looking into hockey doesn't force. 00 yeah and well we earlier that we were kind of a little valley you can hear me you know with the initial. Boom and then. Four or five more boom Dow and the value added I don't doubt you've got apple did it go. Limited today you know it it was going to be shocked me I did you know a couple of them and they of course all of that would put big brick in the day so. It would give credit to David Wolf. So after the explosion we run out. You know where it was that I hear this huge crater easily in the dirt road we're all laughter. I have a very good start you know all of grade and we look over and quite a modern value all right he would but it did just dove valley on the other side really really get distorted and Iberia hours so. I if I could do or do together and realize look at her. Do you ways that are coming up from down down Dahlia I looked down and there's got to hear the fire already the side walk us. Omar alone stand houses until like the cops showed up after here now exclusion. Well it blew all wiped out of our ideals are a few thousand people mr. Martin yeah ha. They've done after the explosion we were able to jump in the group he would take off down hill yet and we've made it that's how it. And we could speed up fire front to count up on about and a fire trucks were. Pat that up on the way out going out. And bad guys. So why I'm sorry sorry they ever got that fire out I got within 200 yards to burn out doubts. And yeah I got real lucky I just heard about it I undertaker got burned up so. You don't via add that I hear nothing about you know that Internet so it's pretty much tell you why I left my memory at this point you know kind of swept it under the rug. That's how I mean price burning hundreds of acres of land all the time it's easy and when I don't know don't over a year later you say oh okay I guess they were good together well. I was brought bad house. One night I step mothers like guys like got a team building bear worker whenever I get it. Random phone golf broke up the federal Bureau of Land Management Sam. On myself book right now they don't vote not get a bite my cell phone at. Those are like guys. Mr. you know good Viola Davis clearly we do. We need to talk hear about it and let this happen you know it's like seven. Last year. Whoa they were investigating you for a whole year and they saw how would you say you're below any idea how they tell you know I have its own dime you out or night all. Here murder is what happened so they they don't look right we I don't doubt me just. A major and I got guys that played Gary you know Dottie yeah they show up at the white men in black pro life and I could get a new black diverted. You do it come out would do black Dunlap is like five dollars. You know we'll see if one of them yeah I really do better and while they were very few radio is they came out yeah I does. I got a huge heart and you eat diet all my friends they argue are out there are where it's made it pretty must polio like look man. You can tell me everything that happened from the time you woke up are you had a bad night or. You can say yeah these three felony charges dad figured you'd court process. And you know big old I'm not what I they get a lot. All it don't do well I did that day and I ended up was about 45 dollars and bite them. I never had to go to court litigant why exactly did they did find the crap out of me at all Brandon. I don't do that again. Did I do that he had not pay us that's insane yeah. Yeah 4500 box modest trailer that's on Tyson called appreciate that. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. 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