BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-10-18-8A: Best of podcast part 3.

Friday, August 10th

BJ and MIGS best of podcast part 3.

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Point nine KI SW the rock god Seattle. I am so happy that this New York City club but wasn't existence and I was always in a comedy all those years ago. They're making news because that they are putting together a very bizarre show where they. They have the audience throwing things at the comics I experienced that in a show where that wasn't encouraged and it still happened. And more is that object PM hot dogs that's right yeah. Delicious hot dogs they show is called mob rule. And a comic subject themselves to an audience that's encouraged not only heckled. But also our hurl stuff while they perform. Poses like the oldies from tomatoes man. There must time feels like he's so whoever came up with this it was the rocky horror picture show it does. Yeah they've they have been on his resignation yeah throw my bread and things like that it almost feels like that make you Wear the inspiration came from. Yeah compassion audience members received bags full of projectiles. Including slippers nerve falls toy soldiers. Oversized plastic crayons and more now so it was a classic cranes and then today they hit the wrong way not that I want to be good or tone of the late one inch to inch tall green toy sold those guys are hard plastic baby I thought I could give an. I I'll come on route anything in the hour you'll put your IRL thing. Damn there's funny com. We we had those guys are my podcast on Ronald McConnell and anything glam from. Country to a battle and wrestling going wrestling and eighties we are part of SSP which is Seattle semi pro I don't know if you add attention to watch that movie. Haven't seen the odds do you got to check it out it's a body slam revenge a banana and is a part in a movie you knew we talked to him on the podcast about how. Originally when they were doing Seattle semi pro wrestling as a good theater meets wrestling. Is that we would reveal over the top ridiculous characters and it was happening over at the rebar and part of the that do shtick of the show was. You come you've you've seen it when you finish your Rainier beer and it can. You have the right to throw that the wrestler saw Helio isolate you a while they're wrestling as part of the fun be more discretion Beers and throwing these empty cans of their wrestler of other wrestling and that I think added tonight the whole. Just craziness of the event. Well then eventually got a point where. Some of the people were not finishing the Beers yeah like OK we got to put a stop to this yeah you can receive and this via this web from you know. Our newly dangerous stuff now people are just shocking Kansas you're out of Seattle. And then they wanna get like I did I am buying all these eggs laid the ball ceiling and a ball pitch and don't bring those simply retirement. I guess this is think. People throw things do you take that people love to vet like Telluride man I mean it's it it's interesting. That's the way it used to be and that's still inside of us to do is give us an opportunity to throw something in our will do it. John. And assistance remiss Mercury Jody. And we're doing is staged announcement and all we're doing this is us I see is water bottle just flying in the air is linked students think slow motion like that's not going to hit hallway. Hit her good friend I had foe. This whose rhetoric as couldn't stop laughing oh my god. I know what I thought our guys realized that Sox. They are not funny you're within your tenure laughing that's not good and I didn't say I can hit an amateur water bottles you did and I assistants are right of passage it's one thing though when you're when you're laughing and a woman who got hurt we know why you out had said they did in retrospect I probably shouldn't chuckled yet they never date that they never do. Damn PSI Lagos that's called mob rules it's in it's a kind of comedy show in New York if you're there you're checking them you gotta be a special kind of comic. To be able to put up with that I think can I wonder like what level comic they have like they had they had anybody who ever heard of are just guys trying to make their name. Because I probably would have done it you know I did stand up I give it right could to get the open my time whatever I could so I probably would ask me chuck McRae and in my head. If it meant I he devastation Dusan time yeah I think what would those kind of comments it's probably a part of the year you know it takes almost are seeing their you know. But I'm not I'm not picturing. Bill Burr and you're going to do an asset at this comedy club hornets Apollo could you know he'll throw something back on its Apollo I was crazy things that he got into a fist fight it out at. The comical here in Seattle because some you're tackling I did I did open mice and there's a lot of Michelle yeah includes. I do my tune into Paula and he says you know it's he's of these is elevated his game every time with what he'll tolerate constant page. Good idea that the comic of embracing death heckled me hey you wanna tackle this is the club for you to have collapsed. Yeah why not I mean you know people are doing it Diebler decision that they they've lost the boundaries like the safety well the fourth wall has been broken between with the entertainers space. And then the entertained space. You know people just to give these are living room and you do they want to say what they want and media you read these guys said well all right then how about it. Let's make it participatory. Nothing means he won only use a comedy club quicker than a phone with somebody who does trying to tackle all gone and I've done that before where Ike. I was would someone this chick and it was nice girl girls or dating as a friend M we got drowned her giggles and can't there's an open Mike night and she just to tackling the comics and unlike. Let's go more we at a big show a taping of somebody I know he's so let's Kyle sees it made an honest special and your idea you are your ex girlfriend more than like we're like who's that any Danny this is funny also worst sites we got to introduce Kyle cease. And go up on stage at the more theater before his peacock special that was on not Comedy Central. A who's doing two shows and so my ex is there with her friends and they got drunk but Vijay and I would not with them. We recite stage and backstage preparing his cigarette to see them. Wallace I stayed up watching how do is commonly. I hear someone yelling any ideas. And he's goes on a big. Of these children very funny that's why stayed in the special because it was a defining moment and animal going to be like it's always going to be that one person it's always somebody. I just open their mouth and you know worry him and are just like getting a new wave like this originally trying to steal the spotlight for a show ends meet up. And like all oh yeah. OC has. She was always delightful and Steve will tell you how much I love somebody to Michael's spouse. Tires as he wasn't find out that one show weary eyes she's ACC yelled at me for talking to listeners. Who where they are more important to remember she was trash you weren't there from now when I remember that no you're Iraq I mean you're you weren't actually in the space and she said that I don't know I was the first I heard it all you how well you that we must have kept them away from you that was a breeding. I was just like I forget who was with me that was our insurance and no it was my exercise analysis examined pot and a guy that's coming I heard this before yeah I don't know why you don't know this maybe I was like really cool and didn't you didn't tell you throughout our studs and but idea but I just sort of had to get on in my day but I was talking as a people and yeah I. Yeah. I think I think you're told that she was misbehave county were told exactly was going on. And dads and at all yeah on alcohol until last section that. While you don't relationship and I early for a little bit closer I LE event this thing about Steve this is why they his current wife. I could I could like I got mad at him straight because he really had ended up taking a -- current wife not too long after these it is the last exterior rebounds got you glad I hadn't met his current wife but I admit it every other would like to those last two women everywhere it. And they were just ask shows and my good. I can't trust yourself to think just go with somebody else you don't know the right good for you Heath. Cause and a national I com entertainment yes the fabric on his I like watching the world implode around me Jon EI it was you I had some accident did a good job. Mike in the spark and then also just completely exploded Steelers invite me over and I could and I guess who can it was just like the guy like chaos I enjoyed being a seamless system open tonight you know and I don't know and I don't know tolerance for idiots and so is she just was one of the biggest Indian summer. And they you know and and entitled extra mile wide bottom Michelle smiled wiseguy you all of that was that was like early in our. RR RR RRR right here at auto show us I band my wife's from ever coming out to a show again because I'm working. And one of the Indians that were tear decided to get my wife drunk one of the people in the you know another department got thought it would be obtained apartments yeah. And I'm not working and does what a mess I am anyway and you know I'm a bundle of nerves my wife and I have a semi fight before the events. And then she just gets trashed. And I'm just and I and I'm like I gotta go home I can take her home early entrants on to listeners. And then I just I took the which you sober opposite you were no longer allowed ever again my guard and other people's lives so now your brand. And she was not a suspect you can't get an annual and all I did you know what you wanna get money you don't work did you fat ass off the customer your grade and one of the oaks. And made some good morning. Rock 99.9. KI guess W all. I'm not quite nice day high SW the rock. On Seattle yeah. Laura. And name a dominant right give my heritage distilling companies brown sugar bear ran Vijay once again here's our chance to play at the dumb people on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds and yup we're acting it out. Change needs to protect innocent and the stupid and this time around kinda roll on the original poster will be you Vijay. You will be married oh yeah that's right you be bugging that you will be marked car. Our office rolled gem read you'll play the role of neat sweet all right so DJ once again you were the original poster so Mary take it away. I'm getting married and next year and I'm saying that's not ours so let me I'll get there again. Companies now cast is so you pay attention. How little hang and is no I mean. Jerry had. Yeah. On stem cell Lou we clear out about it. It's still no stitch. Mets Mimi Clean Air Act. Yeah. No age. Should and to me. Existing cash you had your share of meat already years. I'm Janet Murray she is making good deed joke maybe. And now. Like usage not. You aren't just it and because I didn't invites you look I'm not bitter at all. What I wanna watch my former boyfriend marry my former vegetarian fast friend who had no problem enjoying a serving in his brief while I was still wetlands. I'm a legend I'd jealous that he got and I went head came running till about attitude it's never right. Hash tag yeah I do agree with you you're very skilled at training and add rice. Cool what does he seriously. Is staying out of this time as they sell your married he should go down wearing a red dress instead of whites you pretty much better and all the grooms men in your weddings and I wouldn't be surprised if you sit well a couple of them bridesmaids no X. I have and. No around moral of the story I don't know why you want to meet list wedding. There's still full from other grim men's sausage made you taking applications for another grooms men passing and one moyers sausage maybe I. He just we go Ur Facebook and start deleting people. Let Mac man I am met him I've never met a vegetarian I sampled all of these like she has asked for half FFF. It's been stolen and sets of data put sausage and you don't sausages on the books today you little Bo needs not a problem I don't wanna hung up on all I know you have a vegetarian why yes we did and I was a big source injuries you saw there it was a bad thing with my dad mania. And it wasn't me it was captain of one of the legendary money I mean I didn't care. I know you yeah you're saying whatever it's I don't and so you marry that yeah do whatever I'm glad my wife like you know obviously being begin on and before that vegetarian like. If she would have said hey. There is not going to be any meat and our wedding that would have been a source of contention for me I got involved I put down anything when he came to adding chair like you know I mean I did. Sounds bad and I did there this do you kind of did ginger about marrying the woman you love the credit. It didn't matter to me if we did it at this time of the year if we had this kind of lighting I was excited to get married. Amanda I couldn't have like some food like beaten some meat and already out of test. It was it was to. I've played a tough time I mean at that point Jesse was really into the hole Hari Krishna thing and they were pure vegetarianism. Based on her special situation at the time and we couldn't get married the way she wanted to get married because the Catholic Church would marry where her where she wanted to they symbol he unmarried and married and are sanctioned areas as I can understand I mean that's today if you wanna Catholic priests to marry out of kind of go their rules. Suggest it was just like cause some problems everywhere how she wanted to do it. And eventually it was a simple wedding and her mom mostly it was I gotta you're among a lot of credit because she knew her mom wasn't so happy with the vegetarianism either but she is like like I. My daughter's getting matter got to get what she wants. Yeah I guess I was this time in my mind set who is the idea knows who did the wedding is for ousted the party in that way to receptionist for all of our friends and family like I want them to have a good time as well one. And almost my friends are carnivores. So I agree with an app prime rib. And his regular all you can he kind of things that we can get seconds because a lot of my friends are still owners and I know that one meal is not enough for them. I'm with you Steve I think the wedding is indeed it here when it comes to what you're offering. It's for the gas because there also you know they're brighten your big checks for your wedding present yeah you gotta give my good meal. It doesn't Cassie was just like an ally I don't care if anybody comes so we really. It went from a hundred people who like twenty people while Danica is utterly and Kathy sound cares and it becomes how we're married to a I want to. And I was like wells is what she wants summer husband this is the first thing you do is a husband you let her have a wedding. And I think a lot of women on my side of the Stanley got that they were mad at my father going dude you understand your son. Every see every man has no say in the way and it just sent my father you understand he has no say in this so it's that's what she wants that's what she wants you tactic to quit giving your son a hard time goes she's recognized and they didn't and fortunate. You know the my dad was a kind of guy where you know conceding go to weddings can also boycott that's not slowed my dad never apologize with words if he took you out to a nice dinner or bought you something nice. That was his way of apologizing because there's nude at that dinner there was so this is that you know it's. He let me you really likes Cassie so that's where he realized while I really asked out yet so we've got us a mobile home and I thought geez that is actually I'm that was a good deal for us. I mean Sawyer okay you want us apology ever yeah at first I was I was mad at a mama I'm not taking MOF viewing thank Gavin bogeys I got to do on our knows who's a really good deal for us he's gotten checked the price tag I'm mobile home is what we're making right now this is a crowded as it were no little crappy apartment he's gonna buy you some is like you know good good coin at the time you you've got to make it happen we bought us and as mobile homes sell for prism driver ran a full vegetarian menu and our wedding and all of our friends ever since the best thing they ever had Aaron not upset. I don't think they're gonna go to guy you know was awful but also there are very good vegetarian meals yet did you know now yes more so now in 1985. Mitt know what was ranked. Steamed broccoli I will tell you the Hari Krishna is on 95 Demi dig dig dig cooked to a great Indian meal see I think that's the funny part of it is is that folks didn't know much from Indian cuisine. But now you know Indian food socially so you're having a wedding is in the Indian food do Tom QB Tom DI lead but see an 85. People just didn't know from Indian food a whole lot back then and they were like what the hell is this going to be and thought it was I mean I thought was so it was. Great I would still this is like at a garage at a great meal while he's my only suggestion in my wedding anointing I was like really like very adamant that I won it at our wedding with having limited magician. And it worked out awesome to be such a chuckles. The magician was great I'm not saying he wasn't ready to stardom though I'm not saying what a great wife of course yeah I think I'm my own sins and yeah I like about zero stars of the wedding my wife. Magicians. How are the ice sculpture and guys get depth that was so yes that was a big one right yeah this is the guy's got a rally US for some stupid things don't usually got done well he had a magician was great usually what does David Blaine ten magicians who I share a copy didn't magic on the size good dude I enjoyed him. So at element of security as well how did that could disguise the magician I saw lower your wife's shoes like al-Qaeda media wants a resistant nice culture as long as I remember there are sure. The best part was as the night went on in the drinks started flowing one of my friends realize and let him know and then have the magician slash top recognized him. He was once arrested by that additional how funds that seek to there you go bringing people together Steve good bad just drinking in public car saw Edwards aren't always can do right now Dow Clara I got some very your resume Bedard and the relay remembered is that it to do cop would when he was like you know detaining people he did you know. You because would be ridiculous yet magic trick putt it waiting and that's how I'd like to. Let's cobbled. Great idea that I mean you know if you (%expletive) off while getting arrested and oppose you go out of my eyeball yeah yeah at that point Obama amass of that company's one deals are designed ball like you know I was gonna shatter like get out there I'm amnesty are ready or Muir crazy man. The Dow is awesome and a different kind of disappear I do what magician why it's the first summer solid weddings and a two week cancel yet that he was good is your ass that's the tough case. The ad companies are always cupcakes I never had people serve tough case when there was wedding cake and so in both and you think would that be overkill and my answer to that is no. My favorite memory of your mother was like I normally have county high value alike and cupcakes TJ here a year ago ally you the best ball. That's also. It goes I got a similar got a taste of BJ you know what I said when your mother if we come case don't know senator comes just our dollar jokes there's there's a real sad Amare didn't make it's in a wise I can't believe was easier fodder I mean your biological father we haven't had a DNA test but if you do a test you are marvell whose kids in the middle basketball season he could get time off. Steve doesn't like the idea that we bring up that his mom due date you know legendary broadcaster Marv Albert won dates she says one day you're around a solid twenty maybe even thirty years before the allegations of him fighting women and wearing their underwear came out. But all I have to say is is that he you're creed yes Marv Albert's accretive. He did your mom that's why I believe that he is your real father. Well in my can use an MR Al. Some. Of us. How will I be willing to acknowledge it and entertain the idea if you did that jazz are probably gimme some of that tax on inheritance is Susan. W a madman from outside I would let him that's going to be my dad. And they eggs morning. Rock and 99.9. KI SW home. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are. I'm people who saw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time of not having good credit and having collections each other's very concerned because. You may be concerned that you you won't be able to find out your creditors or your file bankruptcy oh I know which collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something return to keep track program. Because credit collection agencies transfer your shots all over the place. But we will pull on your credit bureaus in front of getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. I wish collection agencies have had a you know how. Campbell make sure that we file all your creditors only find your bankruptcies so let's not intrusive crash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if there was any time. I had to choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.