BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-10-18-9A: Best of podcast part 4.

Friday, August 10th

BJ and MIGS best of podcast part 4.

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Names we may not name is lacking lands days so we're playing Y may step yeah. Even though Steve handily wax is appalling lack earlier today that this will be different. Absolutely we've got a whole new contestants it's a brand new to me for the isn't that will never mind we'll move on from went we see Steve isn't. Do we each get back we've gotten dominate to take us Stephen olympiad nominee guardian there. Our excellent what does she play for. Our program's biggest check out all man is there a great show it is not a great you record royal blood and that's going to be happening August 9 over at the show box go to KI SW dot com. For all the and if you want tickets they showed their available now at a access dot com. Alright Steve did I think I had. Yeah. For those playing at home Domenici will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Domenici can that's all you want but you only get three guesses per question. Are you ready. What is a Turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed what they chicken called. It turned back as Adam Lambert rose to fame after being on what's Alex Cheryl it's. American Idol as Kenan Thompson is currently the longest tenured actor on what a weekly show. How I eight book by Dr. Seuss is there's a walk gets in my watched. Are scared you as how does James Bond like his martini east. Q are there as what is the largest key Yani standard computer keyboards. There are asked which US scene is nicknamed the hawk eye stays. Tell us what name is given to male rhinoceros is still. Or current gas is what kind of animal was rockets in guardians of the galaxies was. Tomorrow as what is east sixth commandment in the Bible. Lou. What does that. Not permit all no 1234567. Correctly moves and good answer there. Dominic may very well dominate Steve will say man he will say that your degree there. This game has. Biblical proportions a testament and. All right Susan mcginnis. And Steve are you ready. I. I don't know if they got to the as the what is a Turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken called a trap bombs but hurt. Insurgent and oust the student to charge him no. Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt and there are no YO and Adam Weber rows of Spain after being on what talent but yet I don't see ads are Sonnanstine didn't Thompson is currently the longest tenured actor on what we decided life is yes. Aids looks like doctor Zeus is there's a walk it in my why talk pigs yes. How does James Bond like his Martinis. Detergents. No I Ticketmaster is yet as to what is the largest key on a standard computer keyboard it's based Smart guest. Which you west ate his nickname the Hawkeye State east. Small arms and Iowa asks what name is given you mail rhinoceros is right now note. All the crap from I docile raw all know her game. Hello yes what kind of animal was rocketing guardians of the galaxy to a CR restaurant you asked what is being. The man in the Bible. Don't kill people man. How shall not kill you ask 12345678. You would indicate to us god damn I dominate I'm sorry look. Lou. And I. So why did it TO. Can work out a little bit okay that's right. And we usually WW retaking their point guard dominate. You know I always forget to that is not the First Amendment. Now should not kill and that kind of like that surprised me as well why would you be the first one right. Well I think we talked about it before back in those days they had other things that were worse than killing people again fraudulently lying and so was actually a lot worse than anything violent. Yes which is so bizarre that you know being a fraud was worse than actually taking a life that's that was our culture than camp. Crazy father we're nitpicking the order of the tenth amendment specifically that's awesome. I have a few things you did miss Steve actually Dominique got correct it is a turn doc gets her second. The nice introduction inter Durkin turner and that's not introductions my accent brown thumb you know and I are you a fortune I'm sorry H at least you have a new rules take effect and then Miller and all the services are called bulls. Out. I don't know last night you know something yeah buddy fit well Jackie knew enough to win today correct and congratulations. Here are sent. Arch Pete nasal do it again tomorrow at this time as well as 647. Twice we each weekday morning and don't forget the online on demand version played at any time just go to the BJ and makes page of KI SW dot com. All right the connoisseur there there there there's big manhunt going on for car couple who had sex. In a McDonald's during lunch. I need to stop going to drive through yeah you gotta go he's outside the establishment. And we have got a sense of things through that severe than that as well as to why it happened memory yeah it was yesterday refer to would have started the couple intense you know doing an outside of our restaurant. Fourth and then here in the northwest right yeah these guys are going to drive through trip to sit and enjoy the ride. And this actually yeah you have to be inside the restaurant because. This couple actually started getting in on right there inside the dining room at the Mickey d.'s. He got a big Mac but actually she got the big Mac yes she sure did he get the fish rich yeah. An employee saw them doing it Malia added a college gobs. Now again if they are super attractive what you call the cops would you go not my economy but it's a great show I got a comes after I finished watching yeah I mean if it's Brad did Scarlett Johansson email you back on account I wouldn't call the cops are even if it was an unattractive couple. At all. This is a lot of effort the issue but it has the drama music and I got a call people ought to do that on touches us and also bothered LB don't know leads someone else's problem punishment beyond leaves. Apparently is counts as a major crime in the in Pennsylvania because the cops have been trying to track them down ever since. Oh really so this is like a big deal I'm like oh what the cost of waste of time with this Obama Koppel might don't we have better reason we're. For in Philadelphia there's a lot of issues in Philadelphia do I need to worry about the couple legend banged up at a McDonald's yeah. They've entered a dead event today at the man extra number for a number of people certified organic azureus serves and then she served one yes. They identified the guy is a thirty year old William Conrad and boy his name is very close to that he would not name. No it's not PI is his that his name is a comrade Joseph bloke he's. Not and I'm just like oh come on why could they just call them Conrad. You know Joseph blow just blow this thing not to blow cute it's JB LO CK IE chip cookies to pokey yeah. They're still trying to figure out oh the woman whose policies are obvious in the BC's Jim DelHomme. Both of them are looking at charges for indecent exposure open lewdness all right and disorderly conduct. IA I just don't I just I I I want the police to do something that really is like stops real crime. I mean they did they do it again okay fine Ernie you know I mean if you know the guy isn't there on the run and all right then you know what they're on the run could night. Play like what they've -- those kids they don't take like they they wanted to Ludlow police officers or guards heard it when that program called out and how the little police officer of whoever it is written pages junior officer junior yeah I think junior cops say this is your job or this is the information you sign these guys are fines and has a better shot at becoming a police officer I think they get intern or something deck Gideon Sergio and I don't wanna waste my money fine these idiots. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. Very. It's okay. This day. Or is on the loose. Blisters on a list where you picked the top fifteen guys to show it to 06421 rock rocky is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Doesn't matter which one to talk about you get the ticket you get to guide it that's how the show works. Seen as just one rule for listeners on the loose dresses as a manager every and otherwise for. Bowl trip and that's gonna Josh and Bremer. Josh you are on the Iraq good morning gentlemen Marty Josh was somebody which got. If our leaders who PP burnished when Mary yeah someplace and throughout the doesn't right Steve Williams yeah wicked pizza yes. They're liquids are here in Bremerton embark on the garage they they're putting very well they're very shares are a bit more than at the white feet tall really what do they got a and I had a thin air am I mean they're they do they hold bouquets of like fried foods. If you yours like your FaceBook page load them up on FaceBook or some like you conceive without what it's like twelve or so. Afraid. Bloody marys but played it encourages just like grow and try. I don't know I can appreciate I didn't do a garage and I've been very deep now I really wanna go back last summer I was there I got so drunk I was too I was on the dance floor rest too drunk to move my arms blown to Bobby into the within minutes I'll. Ha ha listen I mean I seem like girl she gamut shares. Ron Dayne already added viewers upon viewers of of food you lusty he's yeah he's just doesn't matter if he did Danny against an area I harmlessly and maybe again but I liked I liked the TI like that she's gunners with their with the bloody Mary. The grilled cheese sandwiches and we go really well the bloody Mary and there was a bar. It's so long there unfortunately it was a great bars and they can station right by victim ran in trappers all those cases coach Cal's. And they had a bloody Mary that had a grilled cheese sandwich Johnny and it was. Not only was it great bloody Mary but it was awesome just awesome and had a snack. While drinking. Our law item whose. Did the forum until you drop also does something where it's like a just a ridiculous amount of stuff on top of the bloody Mary gets it it's it's getting out of control on a good wife is an out of control I live vicariously through all the people who get to enjoy that man you know you have to order anything like full use did you bloody Mary you read it. Hey guys if that's the case that's a that's you know what the heck that's a that's a fun little if a little meals that really started with a drink but one start that they don't hole. This is throw everything in the kitchen sink on top of your bloody Mary yeah I think I that's a really good question I mean I don't know when the celery started because you know your EST they used to put olives and drinks and through the bloody element the Silas celery stick in the bloody Mary. And then I don't want to escalate him I remember that that was pretty revolutionary has escalated as and it's it's awesome. Was is that this is why America's great I do they say make America great again my I hated Jesus you know girl she's blaming everything America's degree or nobody police on dissent they'd take up a former job Steve of the bloody marys have a whole chicken. And sliders and Pete's on it. That's also. 20642 or rock rock is 7625 Texas 77999. Its listeners on a loose you pick a topic you guide shows go to Geovany in Seattle give money you Iran Iraq. There kgo so are you aware of family series we talk of that early do like what makes your family crazy about you. You all made life very and a lot of trauma celebrated well I'm actually the youngest one of my family I Brett out of brotherhood I get older. Back here and I want to play out owed. They're actually decided to get what did grow look sixteen you play one of the time to move and we had been and they should have been Washington when he moved to Washington for Iraq eight. And that put him having that sixty year old I had a few years later decided to go out there and given him. And I ended up hooking up with older sister who would eighteen men on the younger ones. How old were you. Tell what you think they. Are you anyway so he's he's 21 hooking up with a sixteen year old of the same family and you are sixteen hooking up with the eighteen year old of the same her family. No sir that is stripped you guys still together any America. Well accused the funny car my brother ended up bleeding on the content but there are no longer to get an iron and up marrying the other typical. For you GO so some co okay did you meet the older sister because of your brother and other girl. Yes because there's good younger sister hey you just because you're related to heed the demands huge honor. Are beyond good and they're actually doesn't need me but I kind of funny that I knew my sister are now three years before I admit my actual like I. Content that's dress present Christian ecology don't I have a question. Is it's easy it's yeah it sounds like it's considered scandalous and maybe I'm reading into what he was saying for a 21 year old to be with a sixteen year old is that scandalous. Yeah some people's mind are fueling is so bizarre and that's considered scandalous there are only five years apart. And we know 21 year old Serb are really just as dumb and immature as you have so I'm biased I think we're still unemployed where it's at it's it's and I get what you're saying logically speaking but it's like sixteen units and you're still on high school I know he's hanging out dude if you go to a bar and drink and it never used to be that way in in this country you know that kind of a 21 year old dating a sixty year old was never considered. Really bad or crazy he really just wasn't you know in your day's death could look at the last twenty plus hours earlier that that's happened you know because I putted twelve year olds are really dumb they are but I think six years probably a little bummer. I think they're closer than you think they'll. Heidi and I especially girls because girls just a mature faster than boys anyway I bet they're on the same damn maturation level if you think about it really and again how you say it's weird that it's changed from maybe it changed because well it was weird. Fury after awhile people sort of realizing this is not this is not working this is not good try I. You know it may not be working for today's society may have a point there but it worked back then I mean they're. Because I think that I I think as a society I think our young people. Are less able to take care of themselves and are not as developed as they used to be and I don't think that's a good thing. You know they say the 26 is a new 21 which means. You can't expect a young person be autonomous and be able to support themselves on their own until they're 26 he used to be people to be on the wrong it's sixteen back in I mean. They really a hundred years ago you were sixteen years old you are you were kicked out of the house you were ready to go one year old you could take care of yourself. I'm not sure it's a good thing in our societies children aren't is able is they weren't a hundred years ago to take care of themselves that's all I'm saying not talk about sex and just talking in general they're not able to take care of themselves and not a self sufficient. As they used to be I act and is psychologically like that you know 21 years old used to be cool. And now they're not saying they still need their parents help when they still really can't function very well like they used to twenty years ago thirty years ago according to psychologists. Yeah I don't know how it there was a hundred years ago you obviously I still it was variance argues it goes all it was very differences you know I yeah I'd imagine that diamond bit. I mean is that a parenting to parents is tied into this is much guys helicopter parenting I think you're right you know a lot of times in Syria and there was once a time where it's like okay you're eighteen get after. Yeah get out of house and that was a ball and you kind of little loser if you were living in your home at eighteen years old I remember when I was going up. My brother and his friends they used to make fun of each other if they were still home after eighteen years old you were in high school you've got now he's got the hell out somehow either job and get your own place or you're in college did you worried at home console try to drown I can move back and my parents couldn't ask me how they are yes I I I don't understand him and now. You're as they affect your wife. Very atypical. And in what way well I mean she got married at a relatively young age and she's she's she can function really well. She's not like people of her generation she's a lot more autonomous and more advanced. Then the average person her age when she was an early twenties returns me a minute that's us and I mean she's she's an old soil anomaly young idiots and most people didn't mentality anonymity and also primary there there are there are grade schoolers and toddlers arrests in more mature than you really I wish I could disagree with yeah. Yes that's you know that's the thing I wonder as a parent they created this generation of kids that have to be 26 of funding get their act together and I don't know if it's. I don't know just getting better or worse I don't think that's a good thing. You know I'm I don't I think we're stunted as an almost that's good. I have no idea yeah man I don't know I Everyman I know it is a stone a conversation for sure yeah because I don't know what it was like then word were the 161718. Euros back then. Living a quality life. You know we can romanticize and say oh yes back in the old days look what they did but we don't know I mean maybe they were more miserable because of that. And while there were rain now is a direct result of the fact. That they were some measurable and some people would argue that how all the minimum wage is now in like the minimum wage was back then in the price cost of living in everything is. The huge huge gap so you can't work full time minimum wage now and live comfortably and it is a chance after dark closet and somebody's house. Nine point nine KI DSW. BJ in May exit mornings on the Iraq. I play nice day. I had come get her out of Seattle listeners on the loose you think the topic you guys to show let's go to Jack in Q Allen Jack you are on the rock. I think again Jack on the line hello Jack yeah yeah did it and other matters. And so everybody we're back hopefully your bad guys are ready I hope you guys are ready for this all right look out after four years old my mom decides to remarried. As he married a preacher with six kids. Ha glow and a new. Bill that's not alphabet she is so. 383 older brother stepbrother to. Step sisters won my age why they're older and them together they have. Another one I've shortly after they got married who would that stepbrother stepsister and knows or sees him videos than. Yeah I thought oh let's go oh yeah the whole bit. Was okay and sleeping with the oldest sister are so bay at a bingo and. So you say the oldest do you like that wave. The what was who was your older sister from the previous sleeping with the new sisters are you saying. No no no ma I want an only child. My mom remarried a guy with six kids. And what is so wait the guy with a seeing his kids were sleeping with each other as always thank you. Yeah Paul chance so was incest when they are he had some by itself like when you were explaining it like some of the kids that he had more necessarily. Boom. A hundred semblance that are all steps they were stepdaughter so was stabbed it was step siblings. Yeah well while this guy do this preacher got around do was shot candidate. That's good yeah that's OK no I'm. My oldest brother my older sister and I Kynan Forney my oldest sister despite the third parent. Day and Mary I guided 32. Well that's not the crazy are they crazy part is that they're sisters a brother and a new husband are all sleeping together. Yeah it's it and his sister and brother they're not related they're just step. No doubt there's a term broader toll related Alter and why their mind what now her brother wall and so they weren't didn't do well with each other where there are they just taken turns at the new guy. Spirited economic future where they're there. Hey and I'm sure many Saturday in his own house he is not yet you don't I'm holly get going get on the pulpit saying hey buddy. David and particularly accurate there's no it. I'll figure to wait aren't. I start I must Broadway veteran I need to call my stamina just thanked him for bringing me up and I'm relatively normal household contacts and sings so we got to step sisters again and I'm each other we've got the blood brother blood sister yet about the new dude who's the goes up by two years older than sister what else is going on. OK so. About. Six months into my oldest sister being married for good guys older guy after all big effect together. My older stepbrother did aid. O'Leary would blow so is because of essential it was a dozen sexual habits now because of needle stuff. Yeah yeah because effects are okay. So my older sisters heard band I would expect good demo program that I doubt. They're good too much I don't wanna be there you go to get divorced from her. Oh no I did it because we do what does that have to do it because colon or did was he involved with them and got aids. Well the oldest. Stepbrother woodgate and you would navigate back outside. Well so he wasn't a guy with the idea wasn't involved with the three some people. Yeah humans involved but now we got elsewhere and indicated I think that hey look I got eight so my so he was so so it was a foursome sometimes. I have no idea what all new strain on their earnings. But but they weren't bay but this other but III I'm I'm so confused with the story I know that there was a brother a sister. Bang in the guy she married Brenda and and then it was a different brother that that was game got aids but it sounds like no benefit that they paint them all on the same brother are right down oh yeah yeah I was OK so after she gets divorced. Yeah I have a step sister that might be an age where vote speak you know but I. C. 32 year old now he's like 34. Decides to start banging my big hero there. Since this is this is insanity. And what are Pritchard is the preacher still preaching. At this all. You know you want you all. One year later merlot goes happening what would town. I just couldn't Sacramento California all never knows exactly. So usually it's her weird. Here is gonna rear door is this on the list to grow up and all this this is just nuts while Iowa Christians are called broad idea that was says she's nuts while staying yeah I feel he had more stories from my brain can only handle so you just want to get part two later on I don't know we need her to read in part won't wait to have such as nuts wow. It's how you expect kids suits alike in a lifestyle like that with all that going on ice for two Judith Light even try to have a chance of not being crazy in his head I would just. That I don't even know a lot like how you can Grubman and households go to Gary Gary ICL you're on the rock. They're clearly going to badly which he lost. And I don't go back to your kids certain that a lady miss out on Manhattan hotel to send my kids aren't they yeah sorry hill there there but it society. Don't care what Societe de and they they re ask you for didn't it jobs pay you know kids don't go to the newspaper route anymore. Nearly got people who are they they live on delivered newspapers. Yeah yeah. You know that it didn't there restrictions on the kids and then there's there's there's there's this that it'll they have superior parallel extricate stay higher. You know it's just sing sing Gary I have I was houses into another radio show and may have somebody who I think is a millennial on the show. And as she was lamenting the fact that they couldn't get a house to Seattle because the prices so high and so I a lot of people a lot of noises saying I got to Seattle. As she was lamenting the fact you know what I think I should never shot a getting these houses and they should be that expensive instead rich people coming to Seattle and buy an expensive houses because well. That's how the market works there there are less houses the people who wanna Bynum. And that she's lamenting the fact that he I should be able to get it. And it was brought up double maybe because you were part of the entitlement generation and Indy it's our fault we may do believe you can get anything when in reality he got to work to get some of the big things in life. But the but they don't bad camino real Gary that's my fault as a parent because I train our kids that way I I and and I really shouldn't have because that's not how life works. Changed that today it all and so are your allies and a house in general. If I do I read I don't know I don't know. Like I don't know what Joseph does it anywhere but don't know who's doing what you're doing because it's not getting in the way yes. 12 year old daughter that's it now Eric didn't and I clear get out of house said he deeply he got a job and she's live inaugural. Go with the white Gary 'cause I'll be honest with you. And a lot of man was and so a lot of men listening to me in Seattle we defaulted to our wives. And these are wives who bow and I would say in their fifties. And they said this is how we're gonna raise our kids I wanted to be different in the way I was raised and this is what we this is what the result is how did you because you're white. It was my wife I don't think doing the mail a check out of the house and did you guys to be divorce because my wife was not gonna let me treat my kids that like. You know we're always good kicker kicker we get older that this all the way it is my wife was on board with this yeah see that's that's in God's got a border right now he's kind of in college you were gone you on Monday at great now I mean I'm borderline. She can hang it on a little bit later because it straighten out he's going to be out the door do. So you cutting costs is taking class there is hanging out in the dorms and drum grows. Sorry guys aren't good either do at a local stuff feel okay he's he's he's struggling but he is trying to you know I do given up but. He did it finally get a job the only work tonight sitting just a couple hours outside Gary. I think you've got a good attitude the trouble is is that. You know look it's my fault I I I raise this generation and a lot of parents like us have to look in the mirror and go week Todd on this now they're gonna have to find their own way out of that if they can't so bold idea at this that the kids down to look I cannot. Not fail to sound that's a fair term to use an ideal direct I zero I I still do guys. And this is this is how it's going to be from here without light or is it too late for you yeah I think it's a philosophy it's gonna have to be on their own time they're gonna have to realize the world's Sox. And if they really won anything they're gonna have to work for no one's gonna hand him a damn thing and I think you have to find out on their own and are gonna be pissed at us parents going. You don't want. You told him you're better than we can't have everything we really really hit this sucks we got to work for stuff gets Anelka is. No hopefully I'll be so lucky I am sorry I'm hopefully everyone in this world we launched an effort to bring a child into it. And when that child is able to fully understand me every day and reduce some the world sucks now given some don't take it away from the next city. You know what it is visible as much you joke it'll be you to see because you two are from different generations. So when you're trying to parent your kid. It'll be really interesting how you try to do it. And how your wife tries to do because you guys are generation at least so far apart that he you will have different philosophies all I I I've I are under sunny Greek and I do think though do we we talk about my personal soul and so many other ways. She also from the conversation we had when we've like you know romanticism out hey what if it does attacked him. It sounds like as if she's going to be old school yeah when it comes a pair what is a little Stevie what if you have a little Indian disappointments just like you. Vince that's unfortunate for her she now stuck with two moron. That's nonsense. And you're gonna religion actually had more around Thanksgiving and you can already have flashbacks to all of her child and she's gonna go what are you still a year ago. You can't say that is you look there's a great yellow she is so screwed every little boy answered this had does happen and we are located in there because then she's stuck with two kids. And house addressing the same did you Norman addressed the sound just like I guess our being and I am doing the same stupid things watching wrestling all the time my buddy's wife has four boys yeah I like they had dot or maybe five I think they've got five kids they kept trying trying trying. And and all she could to cruise was the boys and I look at her and I go how. How do you do it because the husbands as big of a kid is anybody who knows nothing and there's got to crew this sixty. And house right in saying. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener and I believe things also for bankruptcy like my car you have to list all your assets and creditors are your file bankruptcy. 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