BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-11-17-6A: . A man took out a craigslist ad to conceive a child during the upcoming solar eclipse.

Friday, August 11th

There is a new song explaining how to be OK if there is a nuclear attack. News and sports. Krispy Kreme is releasing a special chocolate donut for the eclipse.


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Since I got the song stuck in my head and be another song to his purchase. What's on your second had Billy Idol stands in the myself. Why I don't know why I don't know how to get in there. I mean again in there and it's now just it's it's warned its way and I got to get it out. Is that the one that was in the one that had beyond awesome music video with a girl dancing on the bed was it. I think Eminem and is it guys got to face or why winning I had forget those rock the cradle of love all okay oil boy I was at a fantastic video today in my head Billy Idol I don't know that yeah rocked a corridor hall of how loud and minerals is like riding on the bed damning I checked and now Simon and he's like he's performing in picture frames. All lol I don't wanna check that Vila all right I'm sure that's a one of the best music videos of all time you know I I either don't forget girlfriend and another teenager always she really. Ice I need a new girlfriend so do well with myself yeah say yes would. There's a euphemism. I -- I think so it's definitely euphemism and by the way I know his generation exe was still with that and when that's on came out but you know it's still pretty much Billy Idol growing still plays it yes yes and am I guess song the might get out of my head okay three years ago richer county California put out a PSA about being ready for a nuclear attack. And because a deal three years ago as a unit we were you there must have known about Kim Jong-un over there in North Korea. They were ahead of the curve so they made a song about it so we're already for nuclear attack over there. All why we need a song to prepare ourselves for a nuclear attack let's go to the bunker. Let's go to the bunker I mean that would be the song I would make. This is all part of a whole series of public service thousands they did. But this song it's it's for the rod owns or. Sue me. Gotta do what I say. And so game. Stay tuned. If you want to beat OK okay got the last. Anybody so get. Six it's a dollars in Cowell wow that would die you did that that was a that was in the song. Yeah how is it me hall while these are college the end. It's got to be a million music video that goes along within a Mabry to see that there Nightline is still writing songs come hot pants at all. And as soon as her funny. I love the line why don't cry don't be loud you can survive a mushroom cloud yes and Elliott does go inside you'll be okay up. I don't think you'll be okay if I say you know I really don't think there's much against him I think what they're banking on is that there are wrong nobody is gonna call amount and it because we're all dead or your point. I guess that's the idea is a young guy anyways so just be cool I guess it's true there's a song for everything. That is so I still like let's go to dug bunker I feel like that's a better one. You know instead of the movies we go to the bunker we just have another sign that in case there's a nuclear attack a really. I have these folder on my wall I have these phones for a restart. I keep these bone in my dead so I had made bold are mine is. That makes about as much sense it is you know don't cry don't be loud. You can drive mushroom cloud frankly baseball Betty over there she signed peace already yeah I think that's a much better song all right so plated baseball song if ever we think we're gonna die nuclear attack. I love that. Good call Steve when Texas since simply WT ass was that. All we're not sure either UEEEO. If you wanna hear it again is that what you said oh okay all. To me. Got to do. Well that's really okay. If you assume we. So okay. Six and alone. God. All right well we're going to be okay we and our cows and our pigs and are lose and our bears and our lambs gimme five were like no Obey me. To give my house though your animals a meal be saved. Just remember don't be scared don't be loud you can survive the mushrooms host. While. That's a song writers do and they can actually make it in the music biz that's what they do they write awful songs. Tell us feel better about nuclear attacks I wanna I you know I let that one lyric I was isolate is that's going to be in my much of everything and Simmons nervous a bit like. Hey don't be scared don't be loud you could survive a mushroom cloud then say oh see that's poetic right there. Why now. Well I have a question why is an Oregon man posting a Craig's a sad looking for a woman to conceive a child on August 21. Oh okay yeah. Very specific I need Emanuel so we can make your job well August 21 to Steve's gonna tell you what this is about how he's got news for you at 617. On the Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all the. A nine point nine KI SW Iraq come Seattle. S newscaster. Nicknamed steam yeah. In this room. Right now do you Steen made slid news. Thank you guys next hour relief for giving us news and sports is a big day today what's that Steve Hadley national coal a day. And all time high school he had used for awhile now let's get some of that red drank. I just say we all run through walls were missing when disarmament through my two walls with schooling I don't plan. For the movie. I think we all tried that at some point where kids right yeah we did OK good I was wonder how little members and I said that your they'll look we like honesty stupid again I should say young people in my crew did that there was a Stephen everybody's her yes yes I try I doubt but I you know. Taught us what this guy in Oregon to decide to put a Craig's list and out there and of course on Craig's list you'll always find strange at some people wind do strange things but this. They're deadly one of the more odder ones he wants to conceive his child. On August 21. Because that is today of the solar eclipse. Oh okay he output and he had quote. I am forty years of age Caucasian male from Europe. My heritage is strong and pure my looks instincts knowledge and strength and a 100% pure and Audrey sadly soul. Just that works can ladies yes your honor people I'm looking for worthy female which strong genius beauty and smarts to join me. To experience the totality of Clinton and four against. If we have chemistry I would like for us to make love on the eclipse is happening. We will conceive a child they'll be on the next level of human evolution. I don't know brief moment of Ecstasy we will understand everything and together create a new universe full of love. Moll. Black guy is out there scary don't you resign from any us carrier off sounds like a perfect guy for drinking some figured he'd. Fed eclipse is bringing up the strange and everybody says there's a science museum in Dallas they're gonna have a solar eclipse viewing party. On the 21. And a woman who wrote a comment on the school's FaceBook page that everybody is proof and on her now for. She said they can be rescheduled list since it's on a school might that's hysterical. Can be rescheduled the eclipse one path Christ reacted by saying. Did this lady disaster rescheduled assigned to. Not the present I like to reschedule the clips to my cat is getting married that day. We paid deposits. Yeah. Dan August when he first system happened I'd like to move into the weekend because that's what I am my best lethal sex might create the whole universe Sadr is a better day from 100% at least a 100%. I knew he had a Krispy creams doing something really you're in all of this tomorrow I am ready to celebrate the solar eclipse on August 21. They're releasing a very special never before seen doughnut. It's a chocolate version of their original ladies. Well and I. Shot they haven't done that I guess it's it's similar to it but it's not it's not. Basically the original glazed with a chocolate donuts yeah there's opt. Don't you be available on that day felt they are gonna have a preview though so a couple of days before the nineteenth and twentieth. During some certain time I don't know because they're hot light hours. Does anyone know that I don't know what that means in our new segment that guy in Oregon he okay right hunter eight Y guess during the hotline hours you can dot. Check out sneak peek of this stuff quickly automated since they've never done the right had a chocolate glaze but this is a day visit different kind of wanna see. Yeah I would like you say dad my chocolate ice variation of their donuts yeah but nothing like the original glazed chocolate style I agree that that that that original glaze is amazing so face amount chocolate ties that advertising boom yeah they'll be a 100% lethal hunter knew these. Mickey stress don't forget we have a news on cream here downtown Seattle somewhere Griffin stadium style perfect yeah. Well maybe you AMA the seventh we're not too far from there. I don't know if you're reschedule the clips are not really sure about this yeah that's a good point we made as a more from me you rewrite history sketch of the clubs in Spokane matter or rest a couple of wedding crash years. Drove bunch idiots. They crash the wedding which OK go do it enjoy the free drinks enjoy them enjoy some food gas enjoy the opportunity to advance. Claire without a permit then bands that don't steal people's gifts on all day yeah that's that's wrong I guess a wedding couple how to sell the stations set up where guests can take pictures. And they review their pictures and found the crashes because of this. It's crashes even took pictures out there this LC station on a bunch of they were arrested because well. The wedding cards and cash inside those cars are missing but fortunately when they were arrested and everything was recovered so everything is cool. And how about the woman that was involved with this so Sierra and Josh Davies they were at a wedding thrashers. She got the idea by watching the movie when you crash or Seattle with a Stephen part squarely to get that idea students. All right well let's have another mariners and fortunately they were not all in all there is close to the ad is 33 and now fall apart again and they lost six to three. Bob but that's the scary part is I that I didn't catch enough to leave the game early because pectoral injury. Hopefully he's going to be fine just mariners need that guy ploy guys is if there's no Paxson that's not bad yeah. Karzai's team is now 59582. Place I play into an idea seeing angels and that is at 7 PM this weekend maybe a great time to go to Safeco Field. Because it's Edgar Martinez weekend lot of love for Edgar so I'll be really in schools might not be the national hall of fame. But he's gonna be commemorated every time and mariners hall of fame is his Jersey is gonna be retired and all that cool stuff self. That's gonna happen on Saturday whereas the retirement of dangers Jersey half tonight eleven. As far as the Seahawks advancement. It's weird watching football last night with a lot of you guys watching any game tape I heard that bears quarterback was amazing yeah I looked pretty good. Preceded him you look at goodies now. It's Seahawks to start everything up on Sunday yeah and feel like it's time yet it's been in his time as an Sunday against and also sounds weird to say it is the Los Angeles chargers had anywhere in Los Angeles had a five game reports on Q thirteen. Sound or play tomorrow century link field begun sporting KC and that's at 1 PM if you go and essentially the first you're watching there but if not you watch on geo TV. As far as whether this week and 82 degrees today 76 tomorrow looks like some are rain on Sunday in a high of 67 yeah. Stars and thank you Matt and industrial crescent forgiveness nuisance for a hearing in the following clear out some of this. Hayes. And that'd be nice to us soil and Bob walk again. Without the cost of my ass off nice yeah I had to go back in Somalia music that's that's reserved for and you know the winter my mall walking. All I made scooters are staying at home Gary can handle some go back to a mall Yahoo! side years it'll senior this summer the mall people but they had to see me because the air quality. Spotlight ours is when they had a fresh donuts for a could really relied on a all that's awesome and apparently they even have an apt. So we will tell you when a nearby location has just pulled out doughnuts out of love and hope. Rolls on over here needs a download an app and make sure that I'm on the solar eclipse day we we take care that's where you had done we really do we have do well to send uncle Chris to the Krispy Kreme. Or something and Krispy Kreme I don't Krispy Kreme I love the site. I mean normally they only in your uncle Krispy Kreme you gotta guess that chocolate glaze I wanna soup that tastes like. I hear the reverend employee or as an update for us here oh super no that was exactly what I was gonna say it's all right there regardless staff. I got JPMCC Palin techsters wow. Making it happen to look at that all right well you know what that's fine because that money here from that Justin I get another Justin it's only about who's just he's from DC and made his name is Justin and he became notorious because. Well. I guess a woman that he met for drinks realize that she was one of six women that he raised to meet that night. Staggered in half hour segments and here's just in talking about what happened. I'm looking for love never send what's Conan data so lets me I always say let's meet for drinks tidy one day you know today they'll be flowers and dinner and some other cooling off it was a new station. And I'm not gonna deny who I am and I'm not gonna deny. You know I want me want people when I approach is wrong and I I'm sorry yeah. I mean it would be to count I'm so glad I'm not there's. Dating world because it seems like it just hurt my brain I mean so you go out for drinks should somebody that's not a date. But in order for it to be dating this guy as well yes I show with flowers and take your dinner what do you constitute indeed these days like meeting helpless somebody I thought I had the chance of possible romantic interest. Now Wallace's words became friends that night they were all surprised to have been treated that way and here's some of these woman talking about it Tennessee right. It's. Ridiculous. Really. You know it sounds like to me a little show the watch on ABC. Called the bachelor I mean what I. I don't understand why is that your ridiculous and all that is not a ridiculous because camera crews are there man all that's right if if you wanna date multiple people you need to have a camera crew and a producer and writer telling you what the same deal in console mapping out your dates otherwise you shouldn't do that. Yeah I I I I it is it is fascinating to me. SC I thought it was crazy that people would watch the bachelor and bachelorette and think that they and not have a you know not be out of their mind or the fact that this guy or this girl. Every season is just basically having dates with a bunch of people. Air right in a row sometimes you know I mean that's the show sometimes at the same time did you do is double date yeah where one won't stay at the other one leaves and we're told it's reality television people believe it's real and people except that this is what goes on. So I don't understand why it was a senate this guy he's just doing the bachelor and may but they know. Oh what they're getting into when they show for the back collar that since they are aware that there is. RO 29 or however many starts off with other people timing for that the love of that person who. These six women had no idea that he was dating all them that and I guess you stagger in the thirty minute increments and which is hilarious. OK a six speed dating but they don't know. So I think it's interesting it's a very popular show a lot of people watch the bachelor bachelorette that would let Melanie let me watching top chef and then mutated to a restaurants like I don't want this good food I watch TV shows about good food otherwise disturbing crash. I would think that this isn't isn't this an expectation what reality is now is that if you really wanna find love and I don't think you're making any sense I have immigrants is still good television showed people are trying to be on TV. I know people think it's real I agree with you but everybody believes he real low it's really won't really do well also gets married and they stay together you you just assume OK well then they'd Israel at that point but it but it doesn't happen on that show and yet people watch it all the time thinking that this time they're going to be together and they're gonna find true love him. And they have no problem with the bachelor or bachelorette they think it's okay that this process happens to be gay because they feel like other trying to find true love otherwise I don't quite a show. Okay. I think you'll enjoy the show because it's entertainment. I don't know if they necessarily wanna live a life like a bachelor bachelor and I mean I you all watched that show window point 21 a date to when he went. I just enjoy watching the show only until my wife. Hassan on a senior logic on this one well I have six women don't know that this guy is trying to go I dig with all of them on the same night. And now they're upset that he is I can understand that now they knew that he was going out with six women on the same night and then they get upset and yet it seems a little weird. So so you're saying that you can watch the bachelor bachelor because they know what they're getting into an even though that pretty much almost all this wouldn't have that kind of a dating experience. We allow these idiots want to let's watch it and have fun watch these idiots try to find love and as weird way to date that's what we do I like watching wrestling but I know swimming in a shopper you're working my underwear hit you over the head with a chair as much of that likes it. It's a very you know I tried watching survivor. Are you like watching survivor do you wanna just like to live off the grid right now I mean just because you enjoy it showed that doesn't mean you wanna live your life that way yeah I guess those things you know better than they make more sense to me because it's just about you you go Bolivian jungle but I guess when it comes to dating. I I don't know why more people don't have a problem the fact that she's basically. It or he's basically whatever they're just involve an all these people kissing romantic all the same time and that's not something that's acceptable in society as we see with this guy yet we watch TV show where people are willing to do it and were OK with it. That's what I don't I just shows that doesn't mean that you wanted to doesn't know you're all fake the people think the bachelor is real I are these people I think most people will walk away knowing that it's just entertainment the guys in my daughter thinks it's real do you use your daughter has the standard well there's a lot of our defense our. Saturday your friends think Israel I mean he would. They all think it's really I think that there's producers or writers behind the scenes making this is not getting here I can't intimidated all these reality shows people think they're reality they think they are there and and I am and I and a fight with a 47 year old very intelligent woman about the fact that the show was not real. As she says yes it is. That that's my point there are people who think it's real I'm with you Steve obviously it's not but people think it is. Hey. Still ahead though there allow I think it is parts of it of course are scripted there are producers are camera crews and whatnot but I do think some of them. Do you actually get married and that. Lauren model horse I've had a life after it so in a way they do build this connection to where it is real fur entire lifetime. They're one of them are married now the owners that have kids and all of the whole thing. More often than not it doesn't last a lifetime because I think once he realizes there's no producers or writers scripting married there adventures in their dates and almost on the relationship goes stale rather quickly. Yeah because they're non helicopters are. Whatever doing something magic. Did you go out with a guy are in the back to army did you like the backs are you thinking was a very good chance that he's dating style of other people tonight as well and well like a regular day knowledge enough men like it's that she gets you can separate the reality of reality television reality of your life. Yeah like what I audition for the bachelor I knew I was gonna be with 20/20 five other females competing for this guy's heart you know. Would be a promise there was like you went on a day in the morning with a guy had like a lunch stay in and the guy went out how to deal with one other person that night. Like a would you get upset for that I'm oddly that's stating yeah so like it I kinda get all of BJ say like OK six women like if I'm not if you're not my boyfriend I don't I don't really care or know what you're doing so but that's your business until your my boyfriend and I do feel really help Tony Simon I guess I'm Mormon it's a few. That's like angle like as a wasn't interesting enough to panic keeping going freed again slid it out. Some pretty awesome and discuss what I haven't heard that's easy that's. What I would expect will be the attitude of women because of a show like the brass on Basilan is Vicky that it was like all right well wasn't meant for me. It's like if a deal why be mad if they guy is doing what he's doing if he's right freely isn't he isn't he isn't who cares if he's dating you or six other people. I just think it's 117 I think these women are silly to complain because you're trying to find true love. It is root of the dude to be like hey here's one OK I five minutes last I got to go to another one at least like awaited day aired the weight. Five hours of the chick does run I noticed the bachelor you had true love you wouldn't care dec Irish had all that stuff is on as he picked you if the diet that I was going on a date with had said hey. I'm gonna ask you out and there's five other chicks and I agree to it okay cool I I I can't get mad at. I fairness that for the bachelor bachelorette that's what you're getting into you know you can't do math. So as long as you know so this guy should just let everybody know Benny and nobody -- probably an alum probably yeah that's why didn't tell anybody yeah and that's why they're upset gather upset then you know I guess I guess they have a point I just looking like I think this is this is 2017 baby. You know I date is much you can speed dating do whatever you can't lie because lying is a part of relationships why get lied dates post is great to have wonderful yeah. I'm fat I. Friday we had the most dumb conversation known to man. I I just I I am irritated with the gender for liking the Basilan bachelor I think it's the dumbed show ever. And I think people who watch are morons as opposed to wrestle in many people some people always say if you like washing ashore zombies or tie probably more that hasn't done it's a 100% fake where my daughter as she says I believe it's real I'm I think my I'm an idiot actually an anonymous real. It's hard or real Lavinia parts are fake doctor and another little light after the show and after the nobody does that that is not just exaggerating like all the success rate is how many people decide there it'll success rates. Like 2% but there's still that 2% are calculated as as these people are holding on hope for all. God. The chick just got engaged on Monday yeah holding hope that it'll last for your daughter and cash you know we all think she should should I chose the. Other guy at any real overall I'd given up on that show so long ago although I keep arm again DVR to stop recording and if you still ordinaries recording I don't understand what it's all I'm watching you crazy that's stupid I hate takes so much space to those of us that their long hate that you heard the -- that's really what that's my irritation if I get to the core of this zone data show because thousands of your DVR yeah it does it you know you kidding me all the stupid shows their watch now my friends come over and lots -- look at all the parties all hello guys. And I and I want you guys aren't women are drunk friends reality and on the go you know you guys are dumber he does come down and they were dumb idea and her ratchet pose for watching this now I can say that yeah I guess I did yeah yeah. Not right well you know and I gotta do this on behalf of all the listeners. This isn't really have a ten minute conversation with the stupid bachelor gong Vijay please tell. 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