BJ & MIGS Podcast 08-11-17-7A: What is that one job that you wish you still had and why?

Friday, August 11th

Beat Migs. A new survey reveals that 23% of people regret leaving a job. Luke warm topic.


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This man and lob over. Event of the week banner ads. What more info about a pretty simple is going to be Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com we love these guys veterans recently had them on the big catch you look back a couple episodes they came and patients on the open their new record which comes out today. And they had a big CD release show today as well tonight for what the puck out great live show. Abandons a young man that he had several hundred down live in new you get your when he outside may well. Ten miles wide army is going to be great men and music again without the crocodile to a takeover NN. And don't forget Sunday night's two hours of all local music sunny nice at 10 o'clock of course the show's called now mogul we hear bands like. Mean we're. A games he. And as we have made it is pride. Oh yeah. As Helio led a parade version of that son Leo it's amazing I'm so glad that we're using it now as opposed to the old ones there. RS. Aren't so adored him just today we've got buried in Arlington to take on Steve Eric are you there sir. Actually what's playing Puerto based. On Saturday September 16 and unit KI SW dot com for all the details also if you wanna get tickets again now at Ticketmaster dot com. He got to hear it here and there you have. Value needs an irate Eric and yes Tom we're getting construction away renewed yes sounds good now. No now it's still here Eric so Eric can you turn off the radio sir you won't be able to play. I don't think that's the radio adding that the gun is found. I don't doubt Larry that very honored. So let's hope well for those playing at home air glad sixty seconds to answer ten questions aired you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three as is her question are you ready. I am ready what number does Roman numerals XXX represents. Thirty yet as what is the name of these families can meet new gig drives around and. I didn't. Want. And let it not that you meet near lake and the mystery stands now. We'll now move now to what you're in the early nineties to Disneyland Paris open and I 91 to know study in ninety days or ninety do yet as John McEnroe was famous for playing what sport it is. The next. Yeah as well also what actor played Carl in the eighties comedy caddie shack yeah. Most vaccines. An innocent adult now what actor played Karla in the eighties comedy caddie shack. You know it. What is a date no what is it quarter of seven of forty hates it's it's. I heard 48 is well yeah as and that is for current somehow we managed my crew yet net parent your song was giving a hard time I think is really. I love love to limit them lamb punishing day it's. Well you know I'd tell the good news is you probably gonna win. So I. Yeah. But I mean you know I good how can never I never do and I don't think it's pretty limited to. You hang on because well I don't know I don't know I don't know it's gonna happen marathoner is irritating the crap out of me. It's a Friday and I Jimmy so irritated by your your table and water adding words was that whole bachelor house is on irritates me guns undergo an area and content irritated all our audience to well you know what misery loves company Steve Burton to their mineral we constantly you know not because they do that there my company now all that's great just misery company US today. Steve are you ready here how. What number does he Roman numerals XXX represent thirty ask what is the name of the Mandy Scooby Doo game drives around and it's also agreed to and from Vancouver mr. machines really are one all time favorite friends correct what do you know what year in the early nineties did Disneyland Paris open ends to. It's during 992 Diaz and John McEnroe was famous for playing what sports tennis yes. What actor played Carolina eighty's comedy caddie shack. Bob bill Murray's yet as to what is a quarter of 48. Twelve yeah that may step spared phones keep happy letters TUV corresponds with what number eight. You would really broke now vertigo now. Cameras aren't. No Carl Taylor and he's no Tom what color is the star on Captain America shield -- know quite yet as what three letter abbreviation is the international Morse code distress signal SOS gas and steam he almost got a perfect and you got now. I ain't it. Wind kind of core us. Yeah I look at Eric. And I don't hold your hand up yes. All of his back. I've got some moves so this week damn smooth red arrows man we're gonna my waigel wow that's disturbing to pick up for the weekend we go for the weekend and over the weekend and go to summer melt down. Wow are already some big music festival that is one of the Darington there. There's other legal always and good for you little man now I'm glad I don't have to watch that so look for me it's around down wiggling you know he's had Smith it's a little weird because I 'cause the new studio I can see is full body now because police have stuff on the way they like you don't just pennies wearing shorts and that's disturbing is he wiggles like that is why why is what are the short had to do in the wake I'm nice to senior legs opinions they accentuate your you don't condone that's that's a link to oil oil oil yeah how we don't matter OK I'm still too late and did it the old people like you ms. -- if you're for a Halloween would zodiac sign are real time an argument Danny -- Costs. Were real and thought. Look at that if the welcome home. Congratulations Steve you won with nine correct gone ever and I guess what you are check in out nitro circus call an overnight 206421. Rock. Caller number nine. The dog not to semi think about the fact that I guess tell us what is in saint castle lot in her court trials all that hot yeah it's -- me it's unfortunate the way she's got to say it but yes she's just she's just drawn on ass out there and she's kind of amazed she really is semi it's it's insane how much C you know you have. You know that's all she's time as the guy grabbed my admit my bare ass and then she's just saying that a lot so for those that don't know the dude just is. Some Jews doing a meet and greet with people and she was taking a picture with the radio guy yeah. And it during the picture apparently allegedly. The radio guy ran his head up her skirt and grabbed her bare at. Yes that is exactly what she's saying I'm in which just happened to me and a lot of our radio events have people already appears skirts are really disrespectful. I'm his name is David Mueller heat and I the whole thing and he actually started a lawsuit to her because I got fired I was like you know you gotta be wrongfully terminated. May with your allegations and she turnarounds and oh yeah how well you know what I'm gonna sue you because it happened. And here's what she said quote she says he had a handful of my ace he grabbed my bare race under my skirt. He stayed attached to my bare as each cheek as I lurched away from him he was a definite grab a very long grab. So I'm EL I don't know how old. You know it's like they're there are two slate that they're both saying opposite things yeah and and you've you've got the picture up there from the right there. And I believe the pictures payments Heath yeah I always just seems that. But I don't understand why Taylor Swift would just from single one picture unless. You know I really don't know how to do. It doesn't seem to make any sense that she was just out loud just target one guy and have a witch hunt for this guy if he didn't do it. And shares a long scar on a separate long security you know it's it's it's like Mayo had bad about a half way. Two in the knees so you know yell yeah it's not quite at the knees but it's a you know maybe a few inches up from the knees. And she in and in so they asked who they say well if he actually had his hand on your backside your bare backside wise in the strip lifted up. And her line must 'cause my ass is on the back to my body that's why you can't you screw with them up on the front. At which you know every she's really quite defiant and people saying excellent for the same time of the fuels and she's really strong Wheldon. As a person has been accosted she's not backing down and she's actually rather forceful. I think is what the book is gonna change things and they know we have to make adjustments now on the future whenever any kind of league we tapping into a photographer on the backside stick in the pictures of the back end as well it's good golf just the recent it's. But back camps why I mean. Why if the guy did it. Yeah what's the hole is you can't I know my wife's right there he's Robin Taylor suspects I would busy and idiots. And halo super happy in this in his hand is wade out and I attended the pictures taken as he's moving his hand up. To put it around her back you know like custody at puberty a paid our random maybe a small the person's back or every decide to put it did now. I mean I am wrong we had to mean a study from the Seahawks and I grabbed his ass and his team battled all yeah of course I mean enamored mean guys big. I and it is I mean I don't know what's I don't know what to make him any of this am because he's suing Taylor surprised what from the three million dollars of course so she obviously is like after that and they know with a countersuit. She's only suing him for a buck but assistant you know a symbolic dollar just to be able to say look people shouldn't do this to people always says that's all she's suing him for just for a block. Wow now this is fascinating yes she just wants the judgments that he was held responsible yeah actions that's her whole idea that could have been if it's true again. I don't know it's nerve of him doing that with his wife on the other side will come weird though is this deal and if it's not true. Then what is going on with her because she vividly believes it happened. So if it's not true it's either true or not true. But why would she pick of all things one guy I know I talk to me seems very weird that she takes you tries taking him. An upwards of 100000. Pictures with fans singing and of course of her career and on the other side Steve there's that guy there's his wife there's your smile it doesn't look like that's what happened it's we're on both sides like why would she make this up why would he do that what is white text on. When she's right I may eighth British sort of a ghost. Follow old handout about the whole gaullist thing ghost booty grabber now you know I don't believe in ghosts but there are people at duke. It's a very bizarre case I hate to be a jury how we get it looking at that picture and they get to he said she said how would you determine if it happened it's impossible they're like yeah I would I and I get it I don't even know however it how I would do that is juror. I guess and have to just go to testimony and see if maybe I did. Believe one over the other. But man it's just it's just it's just a bizarre trial. Got a new survey that says that when people Susan when it comes to working. When it comes to working people regret a certain some things and you might be one of them. I'll say what that is 717. On Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. This helps you. Point nine KI SW Iraq comes Seattle. New survey reveals that a lot of this man on man almost one inform us we regret leaving a job. That's a lot of people one out of every four people regret leaving their job semi leaving not. Being fired yeah could argue I would imagine a bomb that they get fired they've got a job that they really dug it yeah. But you made the decision to leave and then in retrospect the grass was greener. He down as a matter of fact pretty much says the same number of people you know a little over one and fought for people believe that's. They miss their friends and colleagues when they leave a job caught one in five people say that they miss their boss or mentor pigment they left the job more missiles are reasons why they regret leaving their game there. Interesting yeah that's pretty that's pretty wild. Civil we're really making bad decisions people. I'm still bomb LS sand castle smacks that was a fun job got the deep -- a lot of stuff now at a soft serve ice cream machine that was at my disposal and help you leave that dude I know what's wrong with you got bills to pay our soft serve wasn't paying them that's usually the problem is and then I mean if you could somehow it's just not a story about your bills you haven't -- in the -- it was great if I felt like having one mozzarella stick I have to cook a whole order but is there one in the deep Fryer holed it out made it you know what I regret that you left that job I don't candidates I know with him. I'm. All right so I dom I throw this out to you because that's a lot of people one for people regret leaving their job what about you. What's the one job that you wish you still had and why. 20642 Iraqi can also Texas 77999. But their job that he regretted leaving us what's that one job you wish you still had and why eight. Your calls your tax after AC DC. On the Iraq. Yeah. I guess just. Hi guys point nine KI SW Rocco Seattle's. Got news survey says yeah pretty much one in four of us regret leaving our job. How about you what is that one job you wish you still had and why 206421. Rock. He also Texas 77999. Let's go to Eric in Seattle Eric you are on the Iraq. Hey guys what happened there will Schuster which your body. Adult I've regret getting out of the military. Paul why does that. Hundred tempered that because you know these days there is no love for your paycheck. And go yeah I got up they get okay. Guild like get a job and then go back to school to everything you know it blow harder than one would think especially when you take it. A pay cut didn't other military. Know why I'm doing my job so I got a great novel. Dancer why did you get out. I don't know I got out you good to go back to school forbid them. And that's out there it goes the main the main thing. Dan do mean it sounds like it hasn't worked out resumes. No idea how the integrity and I just. I kind of regret having Madeleine job. It you know you dad. And that I don't know how works in the leg if you get out they continue go back him. Well so I. Because I couldn't. I'd very special job and I didn't wanna give up everything network sport so great during the Aaron and Eric. Now he wants his resiliency that is very special set of skills that's it's god. I sit. The exact. It you know I I I got out and die you know. I didn't do it once a year and did not exhilarating anymore and not not you know keep it that small connection wait. That part of my life and now I'm quite well. Kind of wish I would date and it's very difficult to go from the reserves back to back. Gotcha and dude I mean yeah I was thinking about the pension to double the money was the money that much different much are doing right now. When you when you get to go places all the time I mean how they. How the airport though I wasn't begging god played a book without wade they didn't marry our. And big like yeah and I got paid I got paid really well. You Eric seals like. Yeah well do I carry it could very high stress job that's it David. But hey guys I didn't wanna do it and I. It's like you're seeing the show and yeah I. Yeah that would fit guy air. It's all right I finally heard a reason why did you say it was a fine job out of ten it was the same hotel well everywhere Amos Hokkaido on call I really hate that I left the job of free chicken way out my gap closing at NetSuite pension plan B Stanford's twenty years and I think in my how it really but now at least I'm distress was little zoom which as immune to unload the job -- regret leaving behind what I'll probably due to add more regret to the fire I mean at a mere reason finally we got -- because he was you know he was saws everything great about the job and there was no it -- reason and like you should molest some viewer doesn't look there's -- a team when a lot of protection I regret leaving the navy nothing like the camaraderie that a person I was medically retired from the army due to injuries like I and I Iraq. Every day which are still in the army banning Gig Harbor. Yeah that sucks when you have when it's not your choice it's the you know the body says yes what you can't do this anymore. And he a man in other military if you can deal with that it's the great I mean you get that pension that it single women you're 18 am when you're 38 you can get twenty you get a pension get a check for the rest of your life yep. And so a lot of time. He retired in my Brothers and David Justice in Europe too I think maybe three years away from retiring and he's. Going to be 45 when you retire. How insane is now a grim is always going to be super rich but. Denny can gloating get any job he really wants will be imperfect are they more men are TSA images are and he's already been taken and he says if I and it. I hit they are the problems going might work somewhere and a cashier somewhere. You know get some extra money because the pensions gonna be really good friend yeah. I've been for as long as he has to hand man and some guys you know I think you stay even longer fades in it's not a problem go away tension gets even matter does it does does he could have already retired and had a pension but he wanted to work you way up to Cheney a little bit more because it was up a huge bump if you just stay for a couple more years. So at that point it's like. Yeah I you know. Yeah Stanley got. We've wise and everyone's saying hey I'd like for you to be done traveling and all this is a ball for just a couple more years. Does the blood that this did the positive all outweighed that. Plus if you know if you kind of person doesn't like your family whole lightly and I have to stand honey. I he's got to do that I mean I know my wife we do that a little Jesse or know him he should be like our minister April and I know he was like partially joking about remember when he first got back from I think it was maybe it is either second or territory you did like Iraq a couple of times in Afghanistan I'm talking on the phone with him in just catching up because then talked him forever. His many years ago and he's he's now they kids have grown up obviously because that's what children do they grow up but at the time you're very young and are very loud and screaming all all all things I'm he had sounds like a war zone in the background while talking to him. And MI payments how's everything gone over there they are as good then. I can tell like earlier door Shania like was freed us managed wishing you go back to Afghanistan. I think I'm so much more quiet there you realize what you're saying and I know kind of joking but I'm kind of. Yeah. Yeah that's got to be a shock to the census coming home to that lifestyle and your via home man. Follow man Skoda Indy 20642 and rocky and also Texas 77999. What is that one job you wish you still haven't why Andy in Seattle you're on the rock. Maybe do a good morning what somebody would if your Rhode Island DJ serve over a year. And I loved my job I absolutely loved what kind of DJ like obsolete like a little military adjust to all consumers like no sorry I can't say. Yeah Steve would clearly sees I have a conversation and now you're here. I wanna talk I north of how things work how are you hearing Stephen you're gonna get their money it's. Okay congratulations well there. It's. Your call. What's going on I'm telling I'm not like let's send. Yeah I regret that phone call I just wanted to know what kind of DJ is a want to kind of TJ scenario which he Wiki DJ Williams talking on the radio DJ played junior strip club DJ I mean. Tell me what's going on man whose goons have and there and karaoke Friday. Karen did. I how about Scott you think Scott Talbott so this lets those suits Augusta are right now Scott. It's important Steve I several conversations so she knew if I may not only talking news Steve you know that I like hearing some stories. Actually traumatic can't let her back and forth right Iowa learning a little bit more gas Scotty woody of course but you're in our senior on the Iraq. Hey guys I'm McCarron regrets. No longer being an Zamboni driver. Sleeps that's a great day. You think it's great gig. It means. I heard. I kind of like export fight generator so let's pop it leaked the actual cutting the ice art blend. The most relaxing and that's part of the entire shift every single day so loud when you do what would you work force gun. I would that Olympic Purina and I'll attack. OK okay and now Olympic size ice he's got to do more work out there. And about half that much time to her so so what do you think he did normal janitorial sub like getting to the toilets deflated now around doing the Zamboni work. Yeah I didn't play my norm like my actual position would just like building so I had six I had it. I cleaned up to about normal government. I would have a schedule I cut. Throughout the morning curves like you're scared and then on the weekend that would help between Jane and her stuff. Yes or and I wanted to figure skaters are on the Zamboni with Jeff. Actually it's now a few time sure like Bert hey oh nice and I think they gave you a Zamboni. Still don't know about that while they were like twelve whoa she's a. Well we went about my coach. Waiters hitting coaches are populated and they're there to where we where we really didn't we can't get enrolled her figure skater it felt like what we see on the TV we are now that's twelve year olds. Well I'm glad I no way I'm glad you that went from a pentagon wanted to catch a predator real quick yeah. Crying out loud wisely keep bringing in lemonade I wanted to laminate it damn well. Well Scott's. Congratulations. On whatever the hell it is you're doing right now Karzai this this this this this got mr. very quickly got to go. Tanking it. Make sure I wanted to ride on the Zamboni die you know anybody you know trying to figure that figure skating is just like the hot chicks to come I was at a hockey game for the Dallas the Dallas Stars figure skating team that came out I cheerleaders so I know the. Chicago Blackhawks crew because on the ice crew yeah police say fast I screw okay yeah I don't know that was intentional by kind of Helio was it is a Pataki guys that are coming up with these names I don't remember that embossed and it was so great seeing that lake in the had a little Willie between periods they bring out these hot figure skating chicks yeah I always had something there between stoppage of play they go around to scrape up the ice around the net Pollyanna with the shovels and every so often you can see the goalie checking out their asses yeah so awesome I could tell it's like so pronounced deceased Chris. Goalie mask moving. And just going down and staring right at their backside and the great thing is they're all over eighteen. Yes that's it's really an awesome about that story they're all eighteen or older. So nobody's going to jail. Our eyes on the airline industry hours in the best shape from lifting luggage and I got great flight and other travel benefits. Nice pun of the guys who he was a DJ had a a booby bar in Columbus, Ohio made so much money free booze. Not to get up to do nine to five thing in the office environment one of them I again I'm amazed I don't know why people give these jobs up there are working on the strip club industry from the bouncers at a DJ's it's fun for awhile because obviously. Yes when you to watch continue to see the other side to darker side yeah negroes are nodding off herded to wasted our. You got to carry them home or the cat fights and had done the job gets old quick. Now I guess so that's too bad man all right. Just perfect jobs going crazy I. Got a man was busted for cheating. Paul because of McDonald's. Sale ending his sweatpants. Play as they held a story I will tell you what happened at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. 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